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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 810 Full Free Reading ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 810 Without you

His eyes seemed darker than ever, flaring with desire as he pinned her down with his body and heavy gaze. The soft sounds of the falling rain could hardly be heard because of the harshness of the pounding their heartbeats and breaths filling the small cabin illuminated just by light from the candles.

Then he took her mouth again with a searing intensity, immediately resuming the increasing pressure that was building and rising inside of her. She felt like she was a balloon that was being filled with hot air and expanding to almost full capacity that she was on the verge of bursting.

She could feel the unleashing of his desire as he kissed her hard and his hands were wandering all over, touching her body everywhere. His sinfully clever fingers stroked her without hesitation while his mouth continued devouring hers hungrily with an intensity that she could hardly keep up with. He kissed her like he had even wanted to devour her breath, her life, and soul. She could only give up wrestling for control and allow herself to be caught up in the maelstrom that he had triggered between them and just enjoy the ride.

When his mouth finally released hers, Alicia was panting so hard, trying to catch her breath. Their kiss had lasted so long that all the oxygen in her had been used up to the point of her seeing flashes of bright lights in her vision. It took her a moment to realize that Ezekiel was no longer hovering over her anymore.

Protests were about to burst forth from her lips at the thought that the infuriating man had himself under control again. But before she could utter any words of complaint, she then felt his hand landing on the side of her hip, pulling at the provocative thin string that had a tiny bell attached at the end of it that was part of her scandalous red lingerie. As he held the string, the tiny tinkles emitted by the minute bells sent her heart into a frenzy, causing her breath to hitch again even before it could fully calm down from earlier.

She braced herself on her elbows as she looked at him through her lowered lashes. She swallowed at the sight of him staring down at her now fully exposed sex.

He was only looking and yet… Alicia felt the scorching heat of his gaze and it seemed to be even hotter than when he had touched her there with his fingers. She could feel herself pulsate and ache and her blood rushed to her face at the realization that he was watching it all.

Instinctively, she moved her legs to hide the view of herself being so opened from him, but he was quick to catch her knees and he parted her legs apart again, shaking his head, letting her know wordlessly that there was no reason for her to be shy and hide from his gaze.

Then he went straight for her core and gave her one long and slow lick. All of a sudden, she had the sudden feeling of emptiness down there that was begging for the need to be filled up thoroughly.

Alicia was electrified she did not know whether to gasp, to cry or breathe. She had not expected him to put his mouth there. Oh heavens… she thought he was going to…

The stroke of his wicked tongue shocked her entire being with nothing but pleasure and her hands automatically grabbed on to his head that was buried between thighs. She gripped his hair hard as the fire started to consume all of her. She had never imagined this act that seemed so shameful was so mind-blowingly good! Even at the first taste, she could tell she was already hooked onto this feeling.

Until her thighs slowly stopped being tensed and just fell opened, helpless to the attacks that he was lashing out on her lower lips. She felt him murmuring something against her and the vibration of his voice sent a wave of pleasure to her toes before he slid his wicked tongue inside her.

Alicia moaned out loudly and her head lolled back onto the bed.

The pleasure was too much and all-consuming and she did not have the plan or will to fight against it. She wanted that again. She wanted him to drive her to that delicious and mind-blowing edge once again.

Her sex was throbbing. There was a spot that was literally begging for his attention but for some reason, Ezekiel seemed to be obviously avoiding it, driving her insane with the need to be fulfilled. He was torturing her again. This infuriating man is doing it again.

So this time, she grabbed at his hair and rocked her hips against his mouth, trying to get him to that bit of throbbing flesh that needed some tender loving care too. Her own actions only made the fire blaze even wilder, and her breath turned into visible puffs of air. She could feel it. The build-up.

Then something just popped in her mind, and she immediately let go of his hair. No! If she came now, she would end up passing out and… her mind and body fought fiercely in that moment, not wanting this pleasurable time to end prematurely. No! She did not want to fall asleep when they were at such a wonderful place where no one would bother them in their intimate moments. That would be such a waste.

Somehow, her mind won. Maybe because she had force herself to imagine his injury, his pain. And she began to question how it ended up with him pleasuring her again instead of the other way around. She thought he had already given in but… what he was doing right now… she felt like he had wanted to put her to sleep again.

She forced herself up and caught his head. Her palms cupped his face and forced him to look up at her. His molten grey eyes looked thoroughly dazed that the infuriation within her was thawed so quickly.

"Take me. I… don't want to come without you… inside me." she said.