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Chapter 806 Vulnerable [1/4]

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"Where are we going?" Alicia finally started asking once she noticed that Ezekiel's expression had relaxed and gone back to its usual serene mask. Her gaze on him was scrutinizing, trying to see if he was truly alright and not badly injured.

But with all those black clothes and that perfectly calm face, it was impossible for her to tell if he was hiding any injuries. So no matter how she observed and scrutinized, she could not make out anything.

Feeling her intense scrutiny on his person, he glanced over at her. His gaze through his damp and tussled hair was observant and extremely focused.

She had seen this man engaging in a lot of fights before this, therefore the situation earlier was not something that was out of the ordinary for her. And in those fights, it was a given that with the way he had to move, perspiring was to be expected. However, she could swear that she had never seen him sweat this much in any battle before today. Right now, he did not look like the all too cool, calm and collected prince Ezekiel. If she were to describe him, he would more likely fit the description of a rogue who was on the run. And she could not stop staring at him. This view of Ezekiel was truly too rare to be seen and she did not want to miss the opportunity to see him in this way.

"To hell," came his reply and Alicia was unable to immediately respond to that answer from him. Then all too soon, a ghost of a smile flashed across his face. "You're being kidnapped by me right now."

Still, Alicia could not respond and only blinked at him, causing him to glance at her sideways again as the corners of his lips lifted up.

"What. Too stunned to protest?" he teased her, seemingly hoping to get a rise from this spitfire he had on his hands.

"Fine, I won't ask about our destination anymore." Alicia leaned back, sighing. Yes. His words had stunned her again. But this time, she knew that he was not being serious. She just could tell. "I'll ask about something else instead. Why were those vampires attacking you?"

He fell silent. His smile had faded as he focused his gaze back on the road.

 "Or… was it me that they were attacking? Because it totally won't make sense in having them attack you, their crown prince, right?" Alicia added, determined to get an answer of these. "I could tell that they're after me. Why is that so?"

"Everyone's against my decision right now, so they're all trying to ruin my plans." Was his clipped reply.

"Umm… And it is by killing me?" Alicia asked, brows shooting up in query.

Another short silence passed. Though there were no words being said, Alicia had already gotten the answer she needed from him.

"Even your men are against it… Alexander too, right? And that's why no one else is coming to aid you…" Alicia's voice slightly weakened. "Or did they think you didn't need any aid? Did they not know that you're quite…" she was not sure if she should use the word 'vulnerable' with Ezekiel, "… weak, right now?"

He silently maneuvered the car as it took a sharp turn on the road before accelerating once again. But Alicia waited patiently this time. She wanted to hear his response on this matter.

"They know. And that's why they're coming at us. They know that they have a chance now that I'm in this state." He finally answered. "Alex… that guy must be planning something behind the scenes."

"The decision they are so against with… must be related to you leaving for good, right?" Another question came out from her lips and it silenced Ezekiel once again. "And I'm guessing that I'll be the one who is to send you there? And that's why they're after me. Because if I'm gone, you can stay here forever. The path for you to cross over would be gone with my absence?" though it was a question that Alicia asked, it was quite clear to her that it must be the correct answer as Ezekiel did not reply to her anymore.

The car screeched to a halt. Ezekiel did not even glance at her anymore and just came out of the car with her in tow.

It was then that Alicia realized they were already at the airport. Without wasting a moment longer, Ezekiel hastily led her in a light jog until they finally arrived at a jet plane. They had headed straight for the cockpit.

Alicia could only obey his instructions, knowing what he was about to do. He was going to personally pilot the plane with her seated next to him. And Alicia could not help but feel worried about him. Was he so weak that he could not even teleport anymore?

Within the next few minutes, they were already flying in the plane, up in the sky. Alicia tried her best to behave, to stop thinking for now as she knew that she could disturb his concentration even with her thoughts. So she put all of her attention on the view that was before her. The sky… it surprisingly looked more beautiful and peaceful than she had ever seen it to be.

It was a little funny because she was feeling such bliss despite knowing that the whole vampire race might be after her life right now. Even though she was technically already dead.

She could not even feel angry or scared at the vampires. Right now, she felt nothing of that. Maybe because she knew in her heart that she too, felt the same way as they did. She did not like it the moment Ezekiel said that he was leaving and would never come back.

The vampires just did not want him to leave and that she understood very well. She thought that the vampires right now felt the same way she had felt when she had tried to save Zeres with everything that she had.