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Chapter 807 Devilishly [2/4]

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Ezekiel had been an important figure, if not the most important one, for so many years. Now that she thought about it, she could not imagine the effects of his disappearance, not only within the vampire race but also in the entire world. What would happen when he was gone?

Even she could not even begin to fathom the extent of the effects of his disappearance on the world. And to think that she had not too long ago, aimed to try and kill him as well. She could not believe she had never thought through of the consequences if Ezekiel were to die in her hands. Was she so blinded by her hate and fear that she had not even realized the aftereffects of her actions?

But then, what about him? He had always worked to keep the peace all these times. Was he not the one who would clearly know the effects of his disappearance in this world better than anyone else?

She shut her eyes closed. Calming herself and fighting the urge to spill all that was in her heart and put them into words.

When she opened her eyes after getting a hold of her emotions, she turned back to look at him. He was still so focused on his piloting, his eyes trained on the many controls that were in front of him. He was so intensely focused that he seemed to be thinking about something serious in his mind on top of focusing on piloting the plane.

Hours passed and they finally landed at their destination.

Ezekiel still had not spoken much other than asking if she was feeling uncomfortable or hungry. He just led her out of the plane without word, then they boarded a car as it started raining.

It was already dark when the car finally stopped. He had brought her to a secluded place surrounded by thick forests all around. Alicia was a bit surprised at the area they had arrived in. She did not think that he would bring her all the way out here to a secluded place where they might be the only ones in the area. She had not seen any cabin on their way up to this place. If she was not mistaken, this was a place that was far removed from civilisation and any cities where there were no other people around. And it looks as though that was what Ezekiel was aiming for.

Quietly, he pulled her inside a small and seemingly normal house in the middle of the forest. Alicia could not see anything inside due to its sheer darkness. The place smelt as tough no one had been in there for ages. The musty and damp smell tickled her nose.

When he lit up a candle, Alicia was surprised to see the house's interior. It was fully made of hardwood. There was nothing fancy about the place, but it still looked so cosy and warm. She had the feeling that this place was filled with the vibe where one could just spend their entire life cuddling with their favourite person while reading their favourite books. The warm lighting from the burning candles and the gentle pitter patter of the rain outside only caused make the small house feel even more romantic and welcoming.

But before Alicia's brain could even start thinking about any possibilities of any romantic events from happening, a thud sounding at the side pulled her full attention.

She whirled around just to see that Ezekiel had fallen to the side and sagged against the wooden wall behind him. Alicia felt her heart stopped for a moment as she immediately rushed over and held onto him. But with her own inadequate strength, she could not even help him remain standing.

He slowly slid down on the floor. His breathing started to become more laboured as time passed.

"Ezekiel." She called his name, her voice a little panicky as she knelt before him. Her hand continuously brushing his hair over his forehead. "You're injured, aren't you? Where is the injury?"

"I'm fine…" he said hoarsely.

"You're not, damn it!" she grabbed his hand and place it on her neck to maintain their skin to skin contact before she frantically fumbled with his clothes to undress him. Though she was rushing to take his shirt off, she was mindful to make sure that she was not too rough just in case she accidentally hit his wound. This man was hiding an injury all this time! She was certain of it.

He let out a breathless laugh after seeing how vexed she was at finding out about him being injured. "Stop panicking Alicia. You know only you can kill me."

She bit down on her lip hard and glared at him. "Shut up, you! You still can joke around at this time?" she barked at him both in frustration and worry as she continued unbuttoning his shirt.

The moment she flung his shirt open, she gasped out in shock. The right side of chest down to his right side of the abdomen and the right side of his shoulder had all turned violet in colour. He was stabbed and she knew what this was. It was an ancient lethal poison that vampires used to kill witches in the most painful way possible.

One glance and she knew that this strike must have been aimed at her. And he must have taken the blow for her during that fight. And to think that he had managed to hide this from her for hours! She gritted her teeth as she thought about how he had to hold back the pain from the poison running through his system.

This poison was extremely painful and was known to kill its victim after long hours of agonizing pain.

She wanted to yell at him. But all she could do was to bite on her lower lip as they began to tremble unwillingly.

His thumb was on her lips the next moment. "How many times did I tell you to stop abusing your lips like that?" his voice echoed out and stroked her ears like liquid velvet in the dark. "Let go… so I can bite it instead." And he smirked at her devilishly.