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Olawale Olatoye


Chapter 805 Haste

Before Alicia could even snap out of being completely spellbound by him and his words, Zeke's expression suddenly changed.

The shift of emotions on his face happened too quickly that the wildfire that had just blazed up one moment before was literally extinguished within an instant. In one swift move, he stood and placed Alicia down, before grabbing onto the shopping bags that contained the provocative undergarments.

He frantically grabbed one, making sure that he picked the one that was the least provocative among them. Looking down at his hands, he noticed that the one he picked was still provocative, but at least it had more fabric and covered more than the others do.

"Wear this. Now." He commanded, giving that little scrap of clothing to her.

Once Alicia took the underwear, he pulled her into his room and started looking for something else while Alicia maneuver herself to get into the panties with just one hand. Though it was a challenge, she somehow managed to put it on. She was still flustered but she could feel the utter urgency in him. And he was moving too fast that she could barely keep up, much less ask him what was going on.

Before she could even think of how she should put on the bra, Zeke threw over a boxer short to her. His boxers. "Wear this. Make haste."

Alicia could only huff and do as he tell her to. He made her wear a long coat over her loose shirt, not giving her anymore chances to put on the bra he had given her.

Then the windows shattered for seemingly no reason at all. Alicia's eyes flew wide open in shock.

She heard him curse before her eyes were covered with the furry hood of the coat Ezekiel had made her wear just a while ago. And in the next few seconds, everything descended into chaos.

The fight that started up out of nowhere was dangerous and intense. Even though Alicia could not see what exactly was going on, she could very well tell by the sounds. What in the world had happened?!

Her heart was thudding hard as she felt Ezekiel's arm wrapped tightly around her waist. And it bugged her as she saw how protective he was of her. It was like he was trying to protect her rather than himself. What… is going on?

She tried to look out of the lowered hood, but Ezekiel moved again at impossible speeds, causing her human body to be totally unable to keep up at all. All she could do was cling onto him as everything around them breaks and shatters.

Alicia could tell that whoever Ezekiel was fighting right now was… after her. Not him. And they were, vampires. That Alicia was quite certain about. Only vampires fight like this. But why? Why would vampires attack Ezekiel? Were they rogues? Where were Ezekiel's men?! Why did it seem that no one seemed to be coming to aid him?

Ezekiel was not himself right now. He was weak and vulnerable! Could these vampires know about this matter? But how?!

She was swung again, and she felt them get slammed against the wall. She could tell that Ezekiel had used his body to cushion her and blocked the direct blow of the slam to the wall for her.

Then everything became impossibly fast again as she felt Ezekiel attacked, with her held closely to his body with his powerful arms.

When he stopped, she heard thuds of something falling over on the floor. Then everything became quiet. The only thing that could be heard was Ezekiel's hard breaths as he stood there panting from all the exertion.

Alicia finally retracted her hand that was fisted hard on his shirt and pull her hood down. When she looked up at him, her body froze. His face was covered with splatters of blood and his eyes too, were feral, so deadly and dangerous that she had to swallow.

But then he suddenly swayed. Alicia quickly held onto him before he sagged heavily against her.

"Ezekiel… are you hurt?" she asked hurriedly, panicking a little. She surveyed him closely all over and finally saw that he had a sword in his hand, made purely from his demonic power. It was now dissolving.

"We need to go." Was his response.


He pulled her out of his now chaotic house, walking as though he was a little drunk. The sight of him like this was so new to Alicia. She had never seen him, nor had she ever imagined him in this situation before.

Once they reached the elevators, Alicia put his arm around her shoulders as they entered. She was a little concerned that he would not be able to remain standing as the elevator made its way to the ground floor.

"I can still stand, silly girl." He said a little teasingly when Alicia reached out and wiped away the blood that was on his face with the edges of her sleeve. She had a million questions to ask. But she knew clearly that it was not the right time for that right now. So all she did was to give him an understanding smile before turning back to look at the elevator doors and adjusting his arm that were draped across her shoulders while her other arm wrapped around his waist.

The elevator doors opened a couple of times as they descended, and humans entered. It was a good thing that the both of them were wearing black and that made the blood which was all over them not seem that obvious. She could not imagine the commotion if the humans started screaming if they could recognise the sight of fresh blood stains on their clothes.

Ezekiel pulled at her again once the elevator reached the ground floor, avoiding the humans as much as possible. They rushed to his car as if someone was chasing after them. Then he drove the car out of the building with much haste.