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Chapter 801 Rules

Remembering that Ezekiel does not even have a working phone right now, Alicia could not help but feel a little alarmed too. How were they to contact someone to get him more?

"Is there no one outside the door right now? I mean, there must be some of your men who must be stationed around on the outside… right?" Alicia questioned him worriedly.

"None of them are here." he sounded very certain. "Alex must have sent them all away yesterday."

Alicia creased her brows. "Why on earth would he even do that?" she was confused. Should Alexander not have more people around to watch over Ezekiel?

He sighed and leaned against the counter next to them. Just like yesterday, he looked a little tired again, even though he had just woken up. "He just loves to mess around." He shrugged.

"Then maybe, we could borrow your neighbour's phone?" Alicia suggested. No matter what, they needed to get their hands on some communication device.

"I am the only one on this floor. All units are empty except mine. The floor below is occupied by my men and knowing Alex, he must have tampered with the telephones already."

"What? Why would he have done that?" No matter how Alicia thought about it, she could not quite understand why Alexander would do such a thing. She also wanted to doubt Ezekiel's statement, but she could feel that he was serious and that he was more than certain at what he was saying.

"It's Alex. He just loves creating troubles for me." Ezekiel just repeated the excuse he gave her earlier and threw his head back. Alicia just looked at him and saw his eyes closing.

It also bothered her at how his voice seemed to be weakening.

"Are you okay? How about you teleport us like what you did before?"

He shook his head. "Not a good idea."

"Why? Because you're too weak?"

Slowly, he opened his eyes and gazed at her. Alicia felt her heart skipped a beat the moment their eyes met. He scrutinized her expression. She thought that it must be because he heard the concern in her voice that she could no longer hide, nor did she want to hide it. She did not have the intention of hiding it. She already knew there was no use hiding anything from him any longer. They were way past that stage right now.

"Weak…" he echoed after her, slightly raising a brow at Alicia.

"Yes. You looked tired again. Just like yesterday. I'm thinking that it's either because of your hunger for blood or because of the power you're using on me. Or both." She shrugged as she explained herself, looking at him.

His gaze fell on her neck, and she stilled. But then a slow smile tugged at his lips as he reached out and pinched her chin lightly.

"Stop getting worried about your enemy, Alicia. Don't worry, nothing will happen to me. Whatever that is going on with me is not a big deal. Understood?" There was a grin flashing across his face.

Alicia could not help but bite down on her lower lip. Now that the hatred in her was completely dissolved as though it had never existed, this confusing demonic vampire seemed to be wanting her to hate him again, unnecessarily mentioning the word 'enemy' like this. Was he trying to distract her about something again?

"You're no longer an enemy in my eyes, Ezekiel. I've found out the truth. There's no reason for me to hate you anymore." She told him. She did not have any plans to keep playing this game anymore. "Now let's deal with this first. I mean your hunger. And don't insist that you're fine because I won't buy it."

He retracted his hand off her chin and ran it through his hair before sighing.

"If you can't teleport us out or call anyone… what is the other alternative?" Alicia asked, determined to solve the matter about his hunger.

He leaned back and shoved his free hand inside his pocket, sighing as if he was done insisting. "Grab a human below." Was his swift reply, causing Alicia to widen her eyes.

"B-but I thought you –"

"Yes. I don't drink directly from humans at all – except for the few times that was due to emergencies. But those only happened back in my country where the humans know about us. I've never tried it on any other humans outside the country. That's forbidden."

"Then why…" she trailed off. "Because that's the only choice right now?" she remembered asking him for alternatives. And this must be it.

"Yes… and I don't plan to break my own rules. I've killed countless rogues for doing the forbidden. So I'd be damned before if I go back on my own words. So, I won't. I don't break my own rules except..." he trailed off, his eyes darkening as he stared at her.

But then he looked away after a few seconds.

"Except what? Except when I'm involved?" she guessed, hitting bullseye with that question. She knew about his rules between a vampire and a witch, yet he had kissed and desired a witch, her. He had broken his own rule. For her.

He stopped moving and went very still. The veins in his neck popping.

"Yes." He admitted. And she could not help but smile, loving the feeling it elicited in her chest right now. "And that's not something you should be happy about Alicia." His gaze sharpened as he noticed her reactions to his admission. "You're supposed to feel the opposite."

"And why should I?" Alicia raised a brow, challenging him.

"Because you being the exception means you're in a grave danger in my hands." A real warning flashed in his eyes. But Alicia did not even flinch. Not even a shiver.