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Olawale Olatoye


Chapter 800 Tasting her [4/4]

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All she could hear was his loud heartbeat thumping against her ear as she slumped bonelessly against his broad chest. It felt like she had fallen right down from the heavens now. Only that she was not going to fall back on earth and die. She was falling back into those heavenly arms of his. And that feeling was so… she could not quite explain it.

But she knew that she was already on the verge of drifting into sleep. It was like she had lost every single iota of her strength. No… she cannot sleep yet… she must not!

"Sleep." She heard his deep voice rumble into her ears. And she protested, forcefully opening her eyes to look at him. "Stop fighting it you, stubborn woman and just sleep." There was a tinge of amusement in his voice as he said that.

Shaking her head with all the strength that she could muster, she managed to utter a weak protest. "No… did you… put me… to sleep?" her indignant face triggered a chuckle from the man.

"No Alicia. Your body is just that weak remember?" he reminded her gently, knowing that she was upset about her own body's conditions. "Don't worry, I'll be right here when you wake up."

She cursed. "Don't want to sleep… I still need to… I can… handle… you… wait…" her words were not making sense and her eyelids were drooping seriously low.

Her eyes finally fell shut, and he chuckled again, shaking his head in amusement. Then he sighed, holding her close against him as he lifted his hand and stared at it. His eyes darkened a tinge more as he continued looking.

His hand was so damned wet with her love juices.

Another curse was torn from his lips as he felt his still hard manhood swell up even more against her. "Now look what you did to me, you stubborn woman." He complained and casually kissed her head. "You should know you're the only woman who tortures me to no end like this and still manage to live and see another day, Alicia."

And he cursed again as he shut his eyes closed and… put his finger into his mouth. Tasting her.

The sun was already high in the sky when Alicia finally cracked opened her eyes. She could guess it was nearly noon time when she glanced over at the window.

She shifted and was about to stretch her arms when everything from this dawn flashed in her mind. Her eyes flew open wide, barely stopping herself from gasping.

Then she realized that she was not lying on the couch anymore. She was already in his bed.

Slowly, she turned her head to her side and the moment she saw him, her heart thudded so loudly and her heartbeat beat out a wild rhythm. Biting her lower lip, Alicia struggled to calm herself down. She was so glad he was still asleep right now.

After taking a few deep breaths, Alicia carefully sat up on the bed. She looked down at herself and noticed that she was wearing a new shirt now. Another shirt that smells like him. The previous shirt was long gone and nowhere to be seen.

Her cheeks burned once again, and she looked down at him. What had happened after she passed out? Goodness! She could not believe she actually passed out just like that! And she had brazenly told him that she could handle him?

She realized that he was aware about this all along and that was why he…

Guilt and shame coloured her face. But at the same time, her heart was melting at the realization that he truly was holding back for her sake. He knew what this temporary body of hers could and could not handle.

Her face became sullen. She did not like this new reality she had found out. Was that really all this body of hers can handle? Is there really no…

His long thick lashes fluttered opened and she felt her heart jump as those mesmerising eyes stared into her own.

"So-sorry, did I wake you up? I did not mean to move about so much." she said nervously, thinking that her fluctuating emotions just now must have had jolted him awake.

He narrowed his eyes slightly as their eyes met. "Your face is red." And Alicia put her hands up to her cheeks, immediately feeling the heat of her cheeks contrasting with the cooler temperature of her palms.

Alicia immediately looked away, hiding her face from him. "So what?"

She waited for him to taunt her or bring up what had happened during dawn, but surprisingly he did not.

"I'm hungry." He said suddenly, causing her to whip her head towards him.

But then her face quickly reddened at the realization that he was not talking about that kind of hunger. Oh goodness! When had she become this dirty minded?!

A slow smile curved up his face and she knew he understood what she had just thought. Bloody devil Alicia!

"Then get up and let's go to the kitchen before you get starved to death." Alicia scrambled to get off the bed, tugging at his hand, avoiding looking at his face as she pulled him out of the bedroom.

Her pace was fast as she strode towards the kitchen with him, not giving him a chance to tease her.

When they reached Ezekiel's fridge, Alicia reached out and opened it. Only to be shocked because the only two wine bottles inside were already completely empty.

She turned towards him slowly and saw him just staring at the empty bottles with a completely blank expression. But she somehow felt that he seemed to be surprised too. In fact, she felt like for a moment there, he even felt like he was quite alarmed. This only meant that… he really did not have any other supply!