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Chapter 776 - Never my thing

"You're lying!" Alicia called out his bluff, looking at him like she was more than certain that what he said was a lie. "You were a doctor, a powerful leader before you faked your death. Your previous fake jobs required a lot of talking too. So don't give me all that hogwash. Tell me. Is it because of –"

She could not finish her last line as his hand slipped behind her and cupped her head. As he pulled her head down, she had no choice but to fall forward with the weight he exerted on her. But she already knew what exactly he was going to do so she responded swiftly and moved both her hands up as well and quickly covered his mouth, causing her to end up kissing the back of her own palm.

His gaze was intense as he looked down at her. But Alicia did not let him to continue intimidating her. She pressed her lips tight together and stared back at him with a sharp gaze without removing her hands. Their faces were so close together it was almost as though they were trying to stick their foreheads to each other's.

"You should really stop doing these kinds of nonsense, Ezekiel. Your little threats would not work on me." She said huffily.

She felt his lips stretch beneath her palms, knowing from the movements that he had just smiled. And she had almost instinctively pulled her hands off his mouth.

But then, her eyes circled wide the next instant as he had moved his head forward and licked the centre of her palm. Her hand was already right beside his ear. She literally retracted her hands so fast it was as if something extremely hot had scalded her.

A devious smile flashed across his lips. "My little threats won't work because you actually don't mind me kissing you?"

"Y-you pervert!" she exclaimed, finally snapping back to reality.

She struggled to get him off her, but Ezekiel did not let her out of his grasp.

"Let go of me this instant! And stop playing word games with me! I'm not a fan of wordplays, Ezekiel! And I'm telling you again, I would rather –" She ranted on, hoping that her continuous complaints would annoy Ezekiel enough that he would let go of her in favour for some peace and quiet.

"What? You would rather die than kiss me?" He continued her statement, his eyes sparkling in challenge as he stared at her, waiting for her response.

Their eyes held each other's for a moment too long until Alicia managed to force out a 'yes'. And the next thing she knew, he had pinned her against the couch.

He loomed over her. His knee was between her legs as his smouldering gaze shot intensely down at hers.

Alicia had gasped as she reached out for the hem of his shirt that she had been wearing and pulled it down to cover herself down there. Even though his eyes never once strayed anywhere below her chin, she was still so damned mortified at her wardrobe situation that she bit down on her lower lip hard – enough that it left a deep indentation on those plump lips of hers.

"Did you forget that you were the one who kissed me first last night?" he reminded her. She had thought he would be looking at her with a mocking gaze and taunting smile right now but surprisingly, he did not. He was just serious as he said that.

"That's because… you seduced me." She hissed back at him in defence of her own actions, her anger that was cooled slightly began to boil within her veins again. "And this… it doesn't help that this damned weak body is helpless against you!"

A half smile, half scoff left his mouth.

"Any woman would be helpless against your seductions, Ezekiel." She added somewhat grudgingly as if she was just making a point about it. She let out a bitter smile. "I am not sure how long I could resist this goddamned seduction game of yours… I might give in to you in the end. But know this Ezekiel, if you're seducing me because you think that this will be a way for you to get what you want from me… then mark my words, you will never get anything from me but this weak and temporary body."

Any expression on his face was erased after she spoke those words. But she felt a strong restraint suddenly oozing from him. Whatever it was that he was holding back right now, she had no idea. But it was something that garnered so physical a reaction from him that she could clearly see and feel it.

She saw him shut his eyes and let out a nearly shaky breath.

"Right… You might be right, Alicia. That no woman would be able to resist my seductions as you called it." He nodded, but his jaws were working. "But Alicia… what if I told you that any man would be damned badly seduced by you just by being with you, huh? Just by them looking at you like this?!" He countered her words.

His ever so calm voice had a tinge of anger now as well. "I had to seduce you to make you want me, lust for me but I… f*cking hell…" he cursed out in a nearly inaudible voice. "I am holding back every f*cking second even though you're not even doing any active seducing on me! I am a man, for god sakes, Alicia! You're literally stuck with me every single second of the day. And now... here you are, right here with me. And there's not a stitch of undergarments on you!" Ezekiel half roared out in exasperation as he tried explaining.

He sagged against her, but he still made sure not to squeeze her with his body by using his elbows. "Listen…" he whispered as he rested his forehead right at the side of her head. "Seducing a woman to get what I want is never my thing, unless…" His whisper came out as a firm hiss. "… it's her and her body that I badly wanted."