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Chapter 771 - Chance

For a long moment, Alicia was paralyzed. What had happened?! How could she have ended up in such a situation? Why does the whole scenario just look so very wrong here?!! A scream that was bubbling in her throat and almost got out was hurriedly suppressed by her just in the nick of time. She felt as though she was a thief that had been caught in the act. Her arm was not just wound possessively around Ezekiel's waist. Her leg was also hooked over his! Oh heavens… just what on earth had she done?!

She felt a rush of heat flooding her face. Then her heartbeat went into a chaotic mess when she finally realised that Ezekiel was not only sleeping next to her… but he was also naked!

Feeling a huge lump in her throat that could not be swallowed, Alicia struggled for calmness. There was one thing she must do right now, first and foremost. And that was to move herself away from him before he wakes up and finds her in this embarrassing position. But to her dilemma, his heavy arm was slung over her body, trapping her under that significant weight that she could not easily shrug off. This man would definitely wake up once she made a move!

Nibbling the inside of her lips, Alicia decided to give up trying to get away for now and at least just try to remove her leg that was on top of him.

She lifted her leg as slowly and carefully as she could. It was an unnerving moment but somehow, she managed to remove her leg without waking him up. But was he truly asleep though? She had learned her lesson after finding out the truth, weeks of following after him – how he had pretended not to be able to see her when he could the entire time.

Knowing this man, he could already be awake by now and was just secretly laughing to himself at what she was going through. And she would not put him past doing this, as he was fully capable of doing so.

Alicia looked up at him, already expecting that she was right. But to her surprise, Ezekiel seemed to still be asleep. Carefully, she lifted her head to have a better look at his face.

He looked… peaceful. As if he was truly asleep. Alicia squinted and stared harder at that gorgeously perfect face with suspicion, reminding herself to focus and not get distracted by all that manly beauty.

In the past weeks that she had watched over him, Alicia did not remember his sleeping face looking like this. He always looked alert even in his sleep. But right now… it was surprising to see that he was looking somehow different. She would have doubted it if she were not looking at it herself – that Ezekiel, the living statue, could even look peaceful and vulnerable.

That thought made her blink. Then she quickly shook her head internally. Ezekiel? Vulnerable? That did not sound right at all! She had never put Ezekiel and vulnerable in a single sentence because that was just simply out of the question! The world would have to end first before those words could be strung together. However, it seemed that the impossible became possible… somehow. She made a mental shrug and was about to huff when…

Suddenly, memories from last night flashed in her mind and her already red face turned even redder. Even the tips of her ears turned red, as through blood would drip out of them any moment now. Their intimate moments came crashing into her mind first and Alicia did not know how to even react after recalling it all. All she wanted to do was to wail and then followed by burying her face into her palms and wished that she was anywhere else but here. But… unfortunately for her, she could not even do that.

Then all too soon, the unpleasant moments came to her. Her hatred and spiteful accusations and his icy silence and oh so cryptic and hurtful words. All of which caused her to cringe even as each memory came back to her – one after another.

And something seemed to rise within her. Again, that strong wave of hatred. It seemed to be gushing out from nowhere again and this time, it was blooming fast and wide within her chest. It was so fast and sudden that she almost could not catch her breath at the change it brought in her.

Then a thought just appeared in her mind. That this was her perfect chance. Her chance to kill Ezekiel. All she had to do was utter the spell now.

But in the next moment, Alicia's eyes widened in utter shock at her own vicious thoughts.

She felt like non-existent whispers were urging her, pushing her to grab at this wonderful opportunity that had been presented to her and quickly utter the spell now to end him – once and for all!

Her heartbeat raced wilder as her head throbbed a little with a flash of acute pain. Then there it was, the hatred which began to burn within her, spreading fast and wide like a roaring wildfire as though someone had poured fuel on it. Right now, even she could tell that this does not seem to make much sense. What she was feeling was a little bit too much. And to think that this emotion was rising so uncontrollably for no reason at all.

Last night, even though she had already noticed that something was a little off, she had not doubted her hatred and anger towards him not only because of the things he did in the past but also because he was really making her lose her control because of his silence and secrets. But right now, he was literally sleeping and yet… she was still having this sort of feeling towards him? And without any provocations at all, too.

Before her mind could even ponder more on that, she felt her lips opening on its own accord.

Her eyes circled wide. She was going to utter it… the spell. It was going to spill out of her lips!

A part of her had suddenly wished that he would open his eyes. But when she wished that he did, that is when that he did not. OHis face remained peaceful as if he was in a deep, peaceful slumber.

Her lips trembled. Then the first few words of the chant fell from her lips in a faint voice. And she could not stop it anymore.
Chapter 772 - Torn

Ezekiel's eyes flew wide and immediately turned his head to look at Alicia. Only to find her biting so hard on her lower lips that he could now smell the strong and heady scent of sweet blood coming from her mouth.

With slightly widened eyes, Ezekiel rolled and hoovered over her in an instant.

"What's going on?" he asked, his gaze searching her face. "Stop that, Alicia."

Alicia's face looked like she had just woken up from a horrible nightmare. Her eyes were almost a little bloodshot.

In seconds, Ezekiel's expression changed from alert to calm. His sharp gaze quickly turned somewhat tranquil, almost a little gentle.

He lifted his hand, and his thumb swept in a gentle arc over her lips. "That's enough, Alicia." His voice did not come out like a command. Instead, it was low and almost slick. "Let go of your lip," he continued while his thumb gently brushed again over her lips, coaxing her to relax and release her tight clamp on her own lips.

Alicia's gaze seemed to clear out a little and when his face became clearer in her eyes, he nodded at her. It was a reassuring nod. One that helped her heartbeat to stabilise and find calmness.

"It's okay, Alicia. Relax and let go…" he said again. And she listened to that low and magnetic voice that echoed in her ear. Maybe it was because of the patience she had detected in his voice or that unexpected look of understanding that shone in his eyes. It was as if he knew what exactly she was going through right now.

She managed to relax her seemingly locked jaw and finally released her lower lip. There were deep teeth marks indented and it had turned numb now.

"Good girl…" he murmured encouragingly, and she immediately frowned at those words. Where did that came from? It sounded wrong in so many different ways in her ears. Was he just trying to distract her again?

But she did not have the time to linger and ponder more on it because of the second sound he made. He made a sound under his breath that sounded like a curse. Ezekiel? Cursing? Would wonders never cease today? Alicia was hard pressed to keep up.

"You've torn it real bad." He said and she felt the blood overflow, surprising even herself. Had she really put in such force in her bite?

With one swift move, he pulled her up into a sitting position.

"Heal it now, Alicia. Hurry." He urged and she could only obey his request, knowing that her blood was already affecting him. She had noticed his grey eyes turning a little red around the rims of his irises for a moment there.

After her chant, her wound closed up perfectly. Leaving no trace that it was torn and bleeding just a few seconds ago.

"What happened?" he asked and Alicia averted her gaze, not sure if she should answer. And even if she did answer, how should she phrase it?

She did not know exactly what was going on. All she knew was that something was terribly wrong with her. She could not believe what she had almost done.

Since before she had become a queen, Alicia had her own uncompromising principle. One of it was on harming someone vulnerable. Even if the person would be her most notorious enemy, she would never even consider killing them without a fair fight. And yet, she had been about to kill Ezekiel while he was asleep?! She could never do such a thing, but she had caught herself almost doing it. Not to mention that she had to bite on her own lips so damned hard to stop herself. Something was wrong. Something terrible was happening to her.

"Nothing, just… a nightmare." She answered. Even if he said he could feel her emotions and he must already know that she was lying, she still could only lie. How could she bring herself to tell him that she was about to kill him in his own house? In his own bed?!

He did not speak and just nodded. His expression was blank now.

She took a deep breath of relief then lifted her hand to wipe off the blood when Ezekiel suddenly caught her wrist, stopping her hand just centimetres from touching her lips.

Their eyes met before Ezekiel's gaze strayed to the blood on her lips and those that had trickled down to her neck. "Let me." he said and bent over. She knew then that he was going to lick her blood. And she did not know why, but she suddenly wondered if he had found that her blood was something different. Was there some additional or unique allure to her blood that he, the prince of vampires would be so attracted to it?

But he stopped just an inch away as if something had forcefully made him halt.

She felt him take a long exhale as though taking in the scent of her blood, then the doorbell rang, breaking the silence within the bedroom.

He did not move for a few moments but when the doorbell rang again, he grabbed her hand – not her wrist – before climbing off the bed, dragging her along with him.

Before they left his bedroom, Zeke grabbed a clean towel and wiped off the blood that was staining her chin and neck.

When the doorbell rang for the third time, he discarded the towel and they rushed out of the bedroom.

Alicia could only follow after him because she felt the urgency in Zeke. Since she started watching over him, no one had dared ring his doorbell before. Much less to ring it in succession for three times! This was actually the first time. And to think that whoever was it that pressed on the doorbell could make Ezekiel hasten thus so, was such a surprise. Who could it be?
Chapter 773 - Civilized

As they rushed towards the main door, hand in hand, Alicia suddenly halted at the realization that Ezekiel was still completely naked. Wait…!! Was he… oh good Lord, did he intend to open the door while being butt naked like that?! Does this man know no bounds?!

She could do nothing but part her lips in disbelief. She understood that he would not mind it at all because, well, with a body like that, who would?! But still…!

He turned to look at her and Alicia was about to speak and point that very important matter out, just in case he had not noticed it yet – which was highly impossible, even for her – but he placed his forefinger on her lips to hush her before she could do so.

Then he pulled on her again and opened the door. Oh my goodness!

Alicia could do nothing but hide behind the door. There was no way she would be letting anyone see her in the flesh or witness her with this completely naked Ezekiel. She breathed out in relief because he only allowed for the door to open partially.

"What is it, Alex?" his voice echoed almost grumpily and a booming laugh from outside immediately burst out. Alicia widened her eyes after hearing that familiar voice and the loud unfettered laugh.

"Were you actually scared to death that I was going to destroy this door and enter without permission?" Alexander's voice was filled with amusement and disbelief. "Who are you hiding, hmm? Zeke? Maybe I should try doing a B\u0026E just to find out… what d'ya say?"

The teasing and mischief in his voice was just too much that Alicia could even imagine Alexander wiggling his brows annoyingly at Ezekiel while grinning like a Cheshire cat.

She should have known that no one else would dare do something like this to Ezekiel but this man, Alexander. Only he could get away with it. After all, these two men had known each other for such a long time since god knows when that they were definitely friends.

"What is it, Alex." Ezekiel repeated in a firm tone. Though still annoyed at how this person had just appeared out of nowhere and disturbed his peace and quiet, his face looked as though he was completely unaffected by anything. He was fully back to the normal Ezekiel everyone knew. The only thing different was that he was butt naked and the man outside weirdly did not seem to be bothered about his nakedness at all.

"What is this? You're not going to let me in?"

Zeke's tone was dismissive, "as you can very well see, I am very busy right now."

Alex grinned again. He craned his head closer, his fingers on his chin as he scrutinized Zeke's face. "Hmm… what is this? Lucas! Come over and look at our Zeke here. I think the sun had risen from the north today." His hand was waving towards Lucas who was somewhere behind him, when Zeke pushed at the door, trying to close it.

But Alex effortlessly stopped it with his hand.

"Who is it? Hmm? Who's the heaven-sent mystery girl that caused those… those tussled morning hair? Damn, when was the last time I saw you wake up in this –" Alex was rambling on while he tried to keep the door from being slammed into his face.

"Alexander." Zeke cut him off, completing his name. "Just call me if you want to say something. You don't need to come into my house like this. Aren't you, the new father of two, busy?"

Alex's face beamed at Zeke's words. "You're right. I am a father of two now and that's why I had really refrained from destroying your windows or door to enter your house. I am going to be good role model to my children." He bragged shamelessly. Alicia who was listening to the exchange from behind the door could only shake her head. Figures that it would take two weirdos to be friends with each other.

"Congratulations. But you have a long way to go, Alex. Ringing three times without any emergency is still problematic –"

"Oh… who said that I was here for something unimportant? I am here to personally invite you, my children's great uncle, to attend their baby shower next week."

Ezekiel slowly half bite his lower lip at Alex's words. "Baby shower…" he echoed. That was his all-important matter?!

"It's a bit late, but my wife and I had decided that we'll do the baby shower after birth. Abi's back to her great shape now, so it's about time. Her family are gathered in our house right now, so I had the time to come here. I'll immediately return as soon as I can though."

"Alex… you should've just called –"

"I came personally to make sure you'd come. And also to find that little witch. How dare he not even drop by to check on my children? And he had promised to be their uncle too! Where the hell is he? My wife's a bit worried about him too. It's been so long since we last saw him. You didn't salvage him in secret, did you?" Alex added with a mischievous tone.

"Lucas will take you to him," Zeke answered calmly.

"Alright. Because I'm a pretty civilized person now, I'm letting you go. But first, let me take a look at her. Just to make sure you're not trying out something that might end you." Alex tried to poke his head through the door, but Zeke's reaction was much quicker, and he managed to hide Alicia behind him.

His broad body completely covered her from Alex's sight.

"Alex." Zeke called out and whatever Alex saw in his face, he stepped back with a knowing and disbelieving gaze.

"I got it." he was grinning, nodding to himself. "We'll talk about this at the baby shower, Zeke." He winked at him but not before throwing him a parting statement. "Don't think you can get away from explaining this, Zeke." He then turned around and chuckled as he left.
Chapter 774 - Never fully

A long and heavy sigh that was so unlike Ezekiel filled the silence as soon as the door was slammed shut after Alex's departure.

Then he slowly faced her. His expression neutral, as if he had not just talked to Alexander completely in the nude and that he was not naked even now. It was as though, him being naked before her was nothing but normal.

"You should… really go get dressed first." She finally managed to tell him, though it came out a little more choked than she would have liked. They were both adults and powerful ones at that – well, it was in the past tense for her, but what the! – so why were her reactions so different from his?! She almost felt a feeling of unfairness thinking about it. But getting back to the point, it was really getting harder to keep her gaze straight and trained on his face than to allow her eyes to roam and wander around to areas lower than his chest.

He did not say anything more, but instead of quietly heading back to his walk-in closet where his clothes are, he turned back to the door and opened it again. Alicia was confused seeing him doing that. Did he really not mind that other people would see him in his birthday suit? Was he not a very private person? Why does he not seem that way right now?

"Lucas!" he called out.

"Yes, Your… umm… I mean, boss!" Lucas' voice echoed.

"Go bring me some clothes."

"Clothes…? For a woman?"

Ezekiel threw a gaze that said 'isn't that obvious?' "Yes Lucas. And do make haste."

"Uhm, boss. What is her size again? Height… weight?"

He stilled and glanced back at Alicia. "Five… six?" he looked as though he was calculating something complicated in his mind while Alicia could only blink at him. He opened his mouth but seemed unsure. "Slim." He eventually said then hurriedly dismissed Lucas.

Just before the door could be closed, he opened it again. "Lucas."

"Yes?" the big man whirled around and was back before him in an instant.

There was a moment of pause. "Don't forget the undergarments." His voice was significantly lower than earlier. However, since Alicia was in close proximity, she obviously heard his words clearly. And could not help but have a violent blush suffuse her face. Were they not talking about the undergarments for… her?!

"Oh… wait, boss."

"Now what."

"Umm… The size??" Lucas coughed a little.


"The bra size, boss. Cup size, chest size, waist size… hip size." Lucas steadfastly rambled it out without losing his composure. Alicia, who was listening from behind the door, had to give it to Lucas for being so steady. She really did not know whether to laugh or cry listening in to this conversation between these two men.

Ezekiel's mouth parted and he ran his fingers through his hair before another quiet sigh left his mouth.

He glanced back at Alicia and saw her red all over, completely flustered and embarrassed. Most probably realizing that it was her they were talking about as she was not wearing any undergarments right now.

"Like if she's 32B…" Lucas gave an example thinking that his boss was still confused but trailed off at Ezekiel's exasperated sigh.

"I think her chest size is more than 80 centimetres, waist might be 60 and hips… close to 90." He said all those in a hurried voice before he quickly shut the door.

He shook his head a little before finally pulling Alicia along and walked back to his closet.

"You… what happened last night when…" she asked while Ezekiel led her hand to leave it touching his neck to get dressed. Since doing it once yesterday, Alicia knew the drill and did not overreact and kept her hands touching the skin of his neck to ensure that they were connected. "Umm… I mean, when… umm… after I fainted?" Though she tried to keep calm and express herself calmly, the words somehow came out with her stuttering and stammering as though she was embarrassed.

"Nothing, Alicia." He held her gaze and answered calmly. "I simply removed your wet underwear and put you in bed. That's all."

Alicia did not avert her gaze from Ezekiel as he continued getting dressed, never backing down from their staring contest. Eventually, she gave in first and sighed.

"So… you're going to attend the baby shower next week?" she changed the topic, looking away.

"There's no way I can."

"Why? Because you don't want anyone to see me with you?"

He halted for a moment. "You don't mind being seen in the flesh… tagging along with me?" he returned the question, one of his elegant brows curved up in query.

"You can reject Alexander's invitation?" she gave him another question instead of an answer.

Ezekiel unceremoniously wrapped his hold on her wrist them moved her hand this time, to his waist.

Alicia pressed her lips a little tighter at the touch. He looked unbothered as he lifted his strong arms and slid his shirt over his head in one smooth move. "It's inevitable. I can't let anyone, even Alex, see you."

Intrigue coloured Alicia's eyes before she asked in a hesitant voice. "You don't trust Alexander?"

Another pause. This time it was longer. "I do. He's the only one I can trust. But still… never fully."

"Why? You and Alexander are…" Alicia paused in her questioning. She was not sure if she should pry about this matter, but she could not deny she was really curious. She could not forget what he had told her, that statement of 'no trust, no betrayal'.

"Alex is the only one I trust without question. But it's not wise for me to fully trust him especially now that he has Abigail."

She frowned hard and was about to speak when he continued.

"Because he's still the type of man who can burn the world without care if something bad happens to his beloved. If a situation where Alex needed to betray me or break my trust for the sake of Abigail or his children, he'd definitely do it without question. I hope such situation will never happen but it's not impossible. You know that anything can happen anytime."
Chapter 775 - That's not it

The duo had moved to settle themselves onto the couch in the living room as soon as they stepped out of the bedroom. Alicia had somehow survived another challenging situation where she had to live through a naked Ezekiel getting dressed. Now settled onto the couch, they both sat in silence.

A while ago, Alicia had wanted to keep making him talk but he was quick to interrupt her upcoming questions by moving around until they had ended up on this couch. He even immediately shut his eyes and leaned his head back as though going through all that hullabaloo this morning had tired him out to the extreme.

Alicia creased her brows as she watched his resting face. Ezekiel? Tired? No way in hell! He could be the devil himself! He might just be putting on an act like this, only to keep her from asking more questions. She had to remind herself not to forget what a good actor this man actually was!

For a long while, Alicia managed to stay silent. She was only able to hold herself back all because of her embarrassing situation right now. Once the clothes arrived when Lucas gets back, and she is finally properly dressed, she would make him talk again. Just wait. She would annoy him if that was what it takes for her to get to the bottom of things!

This man was really hiding a lot of secrets that she badly wanted to uncover. And then there was the thing that he said he needed from her. What was it? Up till now, he still had not said nor even hinted to anything related to it. She was dying to know what it was and the only way to find out was by making him keep talking. And that would be no mean feat! He had told her quite a few bits of information already. Perhaps, he would let slip some other more important bits or maybe he would give in if she perseveres. What she had gotten was really a miracle in itself! Because in her mind, squeezing information out from Ezekiel would be almost like squeezing drops of water from dried ground. It was almost impossible.

Besides, what else were they going to do but talk? They literally could not do anything else right now but that since she did not even need to eat. Neither did he.

But just as she was planning to brainstorm about the questions she needed to ask, Alicia's emotions suddenly stirred without reason again. She had tried not to think about this because somehow, she felt like it would only get worse if she pays more attention to it.

A tinge of panic quickly turned her heartbeat into a wild gallop. Worried that she would do that again and try to utter the spell, she forced herself to say something. Anything. Anything except the spell.

"Ezekiel." She called out his name, wanting him to open his eyes. He did not reply nor move. What? Could it be that he is really asleep?! "Ezekiel!" her voice came out a little louder this time and thankfully, he made a sound.

"Hm…?" it was a low, questioning hum. He did not even open his eyes.

Alicia could not help but shake her head when she realised that he was really dozing off. What was going on? They had just woken up and Ezekiel's already dozing off? This was just too unbelievable because… because this was Ezekiel!

"You… you're not acting again right now, are you? You're not feigning this just so you can avoid my questions, right?" she probed, narrowing her eyes at his sleeping form.

He drew a soft sigh and answered her without opening his eyes. "I don't even have the energy to do such a silly thing right now, Alicia."

"Wait, you're hungry!" she looked like realization finally dawned to her. She had not seen him drink any blood since they had continuously held on to each other in order for her to maintain her physical form.

"No, I'm not." His voice was soft as he negated her statement.

"Yes, you are. And that's why you look really tired right now. You're out of fuel." Alicia kept on insisting. Or else why would he be so tired?

Rising from the couch, Alicia began to pull on him to get moving so they could go to the kitchen where his supply of blood was stored. But he was like an immovable stone and with her current strength – which was comparable to a kitten – she could not even move him an inch.

"I told you I'm not –"

"Why the hell are you being stubborn now? You –" Alicia flared up at him.

In one swift move, Ezekiel pulled on her and made her to fall back into his lap. "You're the stubborn one here, Alicia." His whisper was firm as he wrapped his arm around her waist as if to tuck her securely against him. It looks as though he was insistent on wanting her not to move around.

Alicia who was still unable to recover from his initial move in pulling her, was shocked again. "W-what are you doing –"

"I need you to be quiet Alicia, or I will seal that mouth of yours with mine." He warned. Though his voice was still as soft as earlier, she knew he was not making a joke! "I'm not hungry… just tired… so just let me rest for a little while and I'll be fine soon." His voice went weaker and damned lazy at the end, as if he was going to doze off again.

She speechlessly shook her head. "Tired…? You just freaking woke up Ezekiel. What could have tired you up to –"

"You! Damn... It's you." he said that with a groan, making her freeze in his hold and widened her eyes at another realization that dawned upon her.

"I'm… the power you're using to keep me from disappearing is… is that what is making you–" Alicia guessed.

"No," he cut her off, finally opening his eyes and met her gaze straight on. "That's not it."

"Then what?"

"Talking. It's talking that has tired me out to this extent."

Alicia: ". . ."

What?! This man could not be serious about that!!!

"You're lying!" Alicia tried to call his bluff.