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Chapter 741 - Secret Chamber


A while ago, Kyle had just arrived outside the girl's dormitory when Agnes had spotted him almost immediately. The girl was already outside and waiting for him eagerly in front of the library across the dorm.

Kyle had planned to look around and look for Luna himself first, because he had a feeling that Agnes will only annoy him if she tags along. So he had not bothered to text her when he had arrived. Little did he know that she had been waiting there for him and was already out here!

He had felt someone's presence and he initially had thought it might be Luna, only to find out that it was Agnes. It was too late for him to back off because she had already seen him and now, she was unfortunately clinging onto him.

When Kyle said that they should split up to look for Luna, Agnes clung onto him and told him that Luna had just returned and was already now in their room.

Kyle had barely stopped himself from glaring at her. He was not an idiot not to realize that this girl was making a fool of him.

But just as he was about to fling her off him, something caught his attention. His head whipped around towards the old library behind them. The lights were already turned off, meaning that no one was supposed to be inside now. But he was certain that there had been a slight sound coming from inside of the library.

He did not use his vampiric vision, but Kyle had caught sight of a silhouette inside and he narrowed his eyes.

"Go back to your dorm now, Agnes." Kyle peeled her hands off him. "I'm leaving." He said in a cold and harsh tone.

"W-wait! Are you really going to leave just like that? I came all the way out here just to meet yo –" Agnes whined in a coy manner, causing Kyle to narrow his eyes even more.

"I had specifically told you to wait for my message. Now go back before someone sees us. I don't want to get in trouble." He told her off, his face as hard as stone.

Agnes frowned at him. She looked angry for a moment, but her expression quickly changed and she smiled demurely at him.

"Right. Okay, I'll go back." She then suddenly threw herself at him and her lips landed on his chin as Kyle shifted his face when he realized what she was planning to do. "Goodnight. See you tomorrow." She said sweetly and then she ran away.

Kyle sighed and wiped the spot she kissed with the sleeve of his shirt roughly before he shifted his attention back to the library.

He ended up entering the library as he was intrigued because the door was locked.

And when he entered, a familiar scent welcomed him. The scent was very faint, and it was something he would not notice in open places but here, this scent… it smells like Luna!

His heartbeat raced immediately. Was she locked up in here? She was the silhouette he had seen earlier?! But if she was locked here, why did she not call out for help a while ago?
Suspicion rose within Kyle, but right now, his excitement was getting the better of him. He followed the scent and it led him to a slightly opened secret door.

He did not hesitate to enter and just as he had expected, he found her inside.

"Luna?" he called out and he saw her shoulder jolt at his voice.

She whipped her head around and her eyes widened at the sight of him.

"What… are you doing here?" Kyle asked as he approached her with measured steps. He did not want to startle her more than she already was.

"I… I was locked up."

Kyle's brows knitted not because of what she said but by the look on her face. She looked… hurt… Did someone hurt her?! Just the thought alone caused his blood to boil.

"Are you okay?" he was suddenly before her, reaching out to touch her. But she stepped back quickly, avoiding his touch.

That gesture made Kyle halt in his approach, and he retracted his hand, clenching it a little.

"Are you alright? Why didn't you call out for help a while ago?" he asked calmly, trying his best not to approach her again.

"I was… about to but…" she looked away and walked towards the stack of books on the floor and picked one up. "I didn't want to disturb your moment with Agnes."

Kyle blinked. Then his jaws clenched. Did she see it when Agnes had kissed him?

"That was…" Kyle trailed off. Why would he even explain like he was the guilty party? She was not his girlfriend or anything like that. And she might not even believe it if he told her especially when she already saw that situation with her own two eyes.

He could only rake his fingers through his hair and sighed out heavily. "Why did you run inside this secret door?" he asked. Somehow, Luna's actions were starting to bother him. Was it just a coincidence that he always finds her in questionable places?

"I came back to get this." She said, showing him a book. "I was in here and did not keep track of time. When I stepped out, it was already dark, and the librarian had gone home." She easily threw out an excuse.

She then walked past him, and Kyle followed behind her as they left the secret chamber. "I came back to grab this first, hoping that you guys would be done with your business when I return and can finally intrude into your lovey-dovey time." She added somewhat sarcastically.

Kyle stopped the urge to pin her against the wall. He did not like her tone while saying her last sentence.

"There's no business going on between Agnes and me. Trust me." He said earnestly and she turned around as if his words irked her. Her sudden move surprised Kyle and their faces were so close that they were about to collide.

They both froze as their faces were just inches apart.

She stepped back to move away but her feet hit the stairway behind her, and she lost her balance.

"Careful –" Kyle reached out his arms and caught her. He then wrapped them around her slender waist as he pulled her against him.
Chapter 742 - For The Better?

Lilith could hear her pulse beating so loudly in her ears. Her blood seemed to be whooshing though her ears. The anger that was blazing so intensely just a moment ago seemed to have been melted instantly. Just because… just because Kyle was holding her right now and his face was just an inch away from hers. She had forgotten just how good looking he was up close. Sure, she knew that he was very handsome. But it had been quite a while since they had been so physically close together and his attractive looks have somewhat been relegated to her memories. But remembering how he looks and experiencing it physically in reality, was two very different things. And the sensations that suddenly sparked within her were like fireworks going off in every part of her being.

She could feel his hot breath puffing against her lips with his every breath. And that scent of his breath that smelt like mint made Lilith could not help but remember his kisses from before that felt as though they had happened so long ago. Oh, how she had missed his kisses!

Her mind screamed at her to quickly back off but… she could not even bring herself to look away. How could she even move her leaden feet to back off? His gaze had held her captive, and her body seemed to have become paralyzed at his touch. Why? How could this person always wreck her defences so easily like this all the time?

Despite all the chaos that was going on in her mind and the warning bells she had set for herself ringing so loudly in her ears, Lilith could not bear to push him or pull herself away. She wanted it… his lips… against hers once more. She wanted him to remind her again of how the taste of his mouth was like. Just for once, she wanted to be selfish and remember how it was like to lock lips with him and allow herself to let loose in their passion.

She felt him move even closer, their noses already lightly grazing each other's and that alone was enough to already send electricity sparking through her veins. Kiss me… her heart whispered out desperately. She knew he was going to kiss her now and she subconsciously held her breath.

A loud ringtone suddenly echoed between them, jolting them from the haze that had enveloped them both. Lilith quickly snapped out of that trance, and she pushed him away. Her ringtone was not that loud but inside that narrow and enclosed space, it sounded a few times louder to their sensitive ears.

Kyle caught his lower lip between his teeth as he stepped back, frustrated at the untimely interruption of that damned phone. Oh, how he wished he could crush that infernal thing into dust!

He could only rake his fingers through hair as he watched her answer the call. Looking at the object of his ire, he wanted to grab it and throw it far away and then pin her on the wall and… kiss her.

"I need to go back now." She said, already taking a few steps, hastily walking away.

And again, before he realized it, he had grabbed onto her wrist, stopping her just as they stepped out from the library.

She did not turn around even at his touch. "Please let go. I really need to go. My roommate will report that I'm missing if I don't return as soon as possible."
Kyle sighed. Now he could not help but really dislike that roommate of hers even more. He was really regretting ever getting close to her in the first place. If not for her being Luna's roommate, he would have ditched her long ago. "Well, if they look for you, just tell them the truth. That you're locked up in here."

"No!" she whirled around and faced him.

"No?" He cocked his head to the side, wondering why she had reacted so strongly.

"That… I can't say that. I don't think they'll believe me anyway. They'll just think that I'm fooling around if…" she trailed off and sighed. "I just don't want any drama. So I better leave now. Please… let go." She pulled on her hand, but Kyle still did not want to let go.

"Alright, easy, Luna. I'll let go okay?"

"Then let go now."

"Don't you think you need to say something to this knight in shining armour, first?" a smirk was gracing his handsome face as he said that. His grey eyes gleaming playfully in the dark.

"Thank you." she rolled her eyes as she quickly threw the words out.

"That's all?" he quirked his brows at her, prompting her for more.

She took a deep breath. "Thank you so much for opening the doors for me."

He tilted his head a little as he looked at her with another 'that's all?' look in his mischievous eyes.

"What else do you want?!" she grumbled as she felt the injustice of him bullying her this way.

"How about a kiss of gratitude?"

He watched her lips parted and his smile widen. But just as he was about to let go of her wrist, her lips suddenly landed at the corner of his lips. He was caught off guard at her sudden action he did not realize that he had already loosened his grip on her wrist. And as soon as she pulled away, she ran away as fast as she could.

Kyle lifted his hand and touched the part that she kissed as he watched her run away from him. He shook his head and he chuckled silently to himself. "Damn!" he muttered and as soon as he saw her entered the girl's dorm building, he turned around and left. His damn heart was rejoicing joyously, and it was strange at how he suddenly felt so alive again.

He could not believe that he was feeling this again. Was he really falling for Luna now? Was he truly over Lilith now?

That question erased the smile on his face, and he halted and leaned against a nearby tree. He threw his head back and looked up.. "Maybe this is for the better, right? Lilith?" he murmured as if he was asking the moon which was shining so brightly in the dark starless sky.
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