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Chapter 738 - Sure

For the past two days ever since that night when he had accidentally run into that girl, Kyle was unable to get that girl off his mind. It was ridiculous, but Kyle felt like that girl, named Luna, had somehow reawakened all the emotions he had tried so hard to bury deep inside him. It was like this was an exact repeat of those hellish days all over again, when he had just said goodbye to Lilith. Why? Why the hell was this happening to him? He could not even count how many times he had repeated that question to himself within the past two days.

That girl… how the hell was she even able to take over his mind so effortlessly, when he just literally met her once? And that could not even be counted as meeting up! They practically crashed into each other.

Kyle felt like he was going crazy just thinking about this. Often, he just found himself looking around whenever he sees a group of girls that were not from his class pass by. He was trying to look out for that girl without him even realizing that he was doing so!

His friends even noticed him doing that and started asking him who was it that he was looking for more than a few times already. He was so painfully distracted that he started to feel frustrated at himself.

A while ago, he had decided not to leave immediately after class. He did not like to be caught by the girls, but this was a better option to him. He was afraid that he might actually lose it and end up going to search for that girl. There was no way he would do something so stupid as that. He cannot be doing that. He must avoid the girl at all costs!

Now he was here, forcing himself to interact with these girls his roommates had invited. This girl named Agnes was pretty bold and he could feel how desperate she was for his attention. He only planned to waste his time but before he knew it, he had ended up agreeing to her request to accompany her in walking back to the girl's dorm. And that was just because while Agnes was talking nonstop, she had mentioned her roommate's name. That was what had ensnared him into agreeing with Agnes' request.

Damn it! He cursed himself inwardly, but he had already agreed. And damn it again because he could not even be a jerk right now and try to escape.

Secretly, Kyle hoped that he would not see Luna. He was not confident that he would be able to ignore her once he sees her again. But just as he was thinking about it, Agnes had already yelled that very name he was hoping not to hear, and Kyle nearly hissed out a curse.

When he saw her and their eyes met, Kyle instantly felt her impossibly strong and inexplicable effect on him. Then his freaking heart even skipped a beat. What the hell?!

He was about to force himself to act as natural as he could, but his eyes fell on her hands that was holding onto a notebook… then to another boy's hands that were gripping on the other half of that same small notebook.

Kyle's gaze immediately narrowed and darkened. And when he met the boy's stare, Kyle's blood just boiled within his veins. He had to clench his fists tight to stop himself from stepping forward and grabbing Luna away from him. This boy, Kevin Riego… since the moment Kyle had met him at the gym yesterday, he did not like him. There was just an intense abhorrence that had welled up every time he looked at the guy. He just had a bad feeling about him at first sight. And now this…

"Wait a second, Averis." Kevin said, pulling Luna's attention away from Kyle. "Can I have your phone number?"

Kyle's jaws clenched a little as he waited for Luna's response. 'Ignore him, you little witch!' Kyle hissed inwardly, not realizing that he was calling Luna that nickname again.

However, when the girl shrugged and said "sure", Kyle nearly lost his cool right there and then.

As Luna took Kevin's phone to type in her number, Agnes suddenly grabbed at Kyle's arm and pulled him closer to Luna and Kevin.

"Luna, look who's with me." Agnes was smiling from ear to ear, almost like a child proudly show casing her newest and most expensive toy. "You already know him, right?"

"Of course, she knows him." It was Kevin who replied, his voice slightly mocking. "Who in the world wouldn't know the infamous Prince Vincent Kyle Reigns? The campus' hottest, handsomest, and most perfect prince of all time?"

"Right!" Agnes' head nodded back and forth like a rattle. The girl was so oblivious that she did not even notice the obvious sarcasm in Kevin's tone.

"Looks like you're picking up girls again, Riego. If I'm not wrong, Luna should be the third girl you –" Kyle's cold voice bit out but was cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"I didn't know royals could be such nosy asses, Reigns. It's none of – " and Kevin's sentence was likewise cut off by Kyle in revenge for his earlier offence.

"True. You're none of my business. But it's not my fault if every time I see you, and you're always asking for some girl's number like some beggar on the street." Kyle leaned in on him and whispered with a wicked, taunting smile. "Let's just say I'm just the goody ass royal, trying to warn a poor girl from a potential predator."

"F-f*ck you –"

Just as Kevin uttered that curse, Luna cut him off.

"I'm leaving." Luna gave Kevin his phone. "Thanks for the notebook again." she added and immediately turned around and left.

When Luna was far enough from them, Kevin faced Kyle and threw him a death glare.

"How scary," Kyle just smirked at him, and Kevin could only grit his teeth before he too turned around and left.

"Can I have your number too?" Agnes asked with much anticipation, once Kevin was gone. Her brightly glittering eyes and coy smile told Kyle that she was very much confident in getting what she wanted from him.

Kyle looked at her and for a moment he hesitated.. But when he glanced at the building where Luna had just entered, he gave a neutral and polite smile and said "sure", causing Agnes to almost jump and squeal out in excitement.
Chapter 739 - Easy Prey

That night, Kyle had stayed back in the forest. Not in Sacred Park but in the thick forest covering the hills behind the northernmost part of the campus. He wanted that quiet and stillness that could not be afforded to him if he was back in his dorms.

Kyle had crossed the campus' perimeter fencing so he could freely run and hunt in the hills. He was so goddamned frustrated. He hated that Luna had given her number to that damn guy. No, he was actually angry as well and he hated that he was feeling like this towards a girl… a girl that he had just met and a girl that was not even his.

This was what made him even angrier, the mere emotions she was stirring up within him was just ridiculous. Does this mean he already have such deep feelings for Luna? Already? How did that even happen?! Was such a thing even possible? Or did he just plain gotten mad overnight?

He could not help but laugh at himself. This was just too much for him. Judging from his reactions right now, Kyle felt that if he sees Luna with another guy again, he might actually go nuts and do something that he was not supposed to do. He was already behaving like a psycho jealous boyfriend. Wait… he was not even her boyfriend! So would he be considered a stalker then?!

What happened a while ago was something not worthy to be this jealous of and he was already behaving so irrationally like this. What will happen if she starts dating a guy and…

Kyle banged his head on a tree trunk to wake himself up. He never would have thought that he was going to go through something like this. Right now, Kyle realised that it seems as though he did not have that much of a control over his own emotions. In the past months, his brother had trained him how to grow stronger physically and at the same time, to control his powers. And within months, he had perfectly achieved the high standard that his brother had set for him. He thought that after his brother's insane training, nothing could overwhelm him anymore. But how wrong he was…

Now, just fast forward a few months ahead, here he was, overwhelmed and almost in a complete mess just because of a mere girl. He had even broken one of his brother's rules already and it was not even a week into the schooling term yet!

Kyle wanted to hit himself and stop behaving like this. He knew that this was just not normal. His every reaction towards that girl was an abnormality and he refused to just accept it as a crush. He would not and he could not do it. If he allowed this to continue on and ends up pursuing her, his brother will definitely find out. And he did not even need to think as he was sure that his brother would not be happy about it.

Luna was a human for goodness' sakes, and he would never want another forbidden love, ever. Going through it once was more than enough.

After another hour of trying to come to terms with himself, Kyle finally calmed down.

His grey eyes were now steely and focused, not filled with too many emotions anymore. He jumped across the tall metal fence and entered the campus, walking leisurely as he pushed his hands deep inside his pockets.

Now he needs to think of another alibi for his nosy roommates once he  returns to his dorm. That was quite easy thing to do as his roommates believed that he was just out somewhere fooling around with the girls who were literally throwing themselves at him that they did not even ask where he came back from anymore, aside from throwing him a knowing glance. If only his roommates knew that he was actually fooling around with the trees and deer in the forest.

As he was about to step out from the forest, his phone vibrated inside his pocket.

He opened the message app and read the new text with a flat expression.

'Hi Vincent, what are you doing? I'm bored. My roommate had disappeared again and is still not coming back. I'm a bit scared being here all by myself.' The sender was obviously Agnes.

Kyle immediately frowned. He looked down at his wristwatch and saw that it was already past the curfew for students to be out from their dorms.

His eyes narrowed as his grip on his phone hardened. Then Agnes messaged him again, and Kyle hoped that she would tell him that Luna was finally back.

'I thought that girl's innocent because she was so quiet. Turns out that I am wrong. Maybe she's with Riego right now. That Riego seems to really like her. Maybe because Luna looks like the quiet and innocent type. You know… an easy prey.'

Kyle hurled his phone on the grass before he could lose control and crush it. Even then, it bounced a few times on the ground and landed a few feet away from him. He cursed and raked his hand through his hair. The message Agnes just sent made him imagine and what came to his mind suddenly turned everything inside him into chaos.

After taking a few deep breaths, Kyle picked his phone up again.

'She's not back yet?' he texted back and when Agnes replied 'no', his heart shivered a little.

'Why don't you call her? You definitely have her number, right?'

'She's not picking up. How about you come over and let's go look for her? I'm a bit worried.'

Kyle tugged at his hair, but it did not even take a minute of contemplating and he quickly texted back his agreement. 'Alright, stay there. Wait for my message.'

Upon sending his message, Kyle hastily rushed over towards the Sacred Park.. His mind was yelling at him, but he knew he could never ignore this. It might drive him insane if something really had happened to her!
Chapter 740 - Picture

In the old library that was located across the girl's dormitory, Lilith had purposely let herself get locked inside. She had stayed hidden until the librarian had left and locked the library after him.

She did not want to head back to her dormitories yet because she could no longer stand Agnes. It was not because of her being talkative as usual as she had already started to get used to her verbal diarrhoea. However, what she could not tolerate was that when every time Agnes mentioned Kyle, Lilith felt needles stabbing severely into her heart.

When she had seen him with Agnes, Lilith had felt an emotion that she had never felt before. There was a raging hot hatred broiling within her. She hated that he was with another girl.

Lilith had initially planned to immediately reject Kevin when he had asked her for her number. But when she had seen from the corner of her eyes at how Agnes had wrapped her hands around Kyle's arm as she pulled him over to show him off to her as though she had already owned him, Lilith just changed her mind and gave her phone number to Kevin. She was pissed that Kyle did not brush Agnes' hands off him – which she had thought he would have done.

Then she had left as fast as she could, just so that she could hide her almost out of control emotions. She quickly reminded herself once again when she was back in her room to put Kyle, and anything related to him out of her mind. But when Agnes arrived, she was jumping all around in utter excitement, as if she had hit the jackpot. Agnes told her proudly that Kyle had given her his number too. She blabbered on and on at how the campus' prince charming was so interested in her.

That stabbed Lilith's heart once again. Her throat hurt so badly that all she could respond to Agnes was 'that's great', then she quickly left their room, telling Agnes that she needed to go to the library to do some advance research for her studies.

While she's at the library, Lilith tried her hardest to do and think of anything and everything to distract herself from having her mind wander back to thoughts on Kyle. In her attempt to coax herself, she had coincidentally discovered a secret door that was built into one of the shelves that was located further in. This discovery had caused Lilith to decide to get locked up in here, thinking that she might have finally found her very own secret place. She needed to get this place checked out and being locked in without anyone interfering with her snooping around was the best.

So after the librarian had left, Lilith came out of her hiding place and attempted to open the secret door. It had led her into a small passageway and then a stairway. It was pitch dark, so Lilith used her mobile phone's light to illuminate the way. Though no one seemed to be around, Lilith still strongly told herself not to use magic.

She discovered a small empty chamber at the end of the stairway. The place was also filled with old books. But Lilith could tell that no one seemed to have been here for quite a long time. Most probably, it might only be the librarian who knows of this place and Lilith was quite certain that no human would definitely come into this place at night.

Somehow, Lilith managed to take off Kyle from her mind as she was embarking on her little adventure as a human. However, she needed to go back now. It was already past ten and she was certain that Agnes would have tonnes of questions for her again. She might get suspicious if she takes any longer than this to get back to her dorm.

Lilith thought that she would sneak out and come back here once Agnes falls asleep.

She was closing the secret passage and walking back toward her seat by the window to pick up the book she had brought along with her when something just happened to catch her eyes as she looked through the glass window.

Her body froze at what she saw. Kyle was there… with Agnes. The two of them were standing behind the tree trunk.

And the pain that she had been trying so hard to shrug off and ignore from earlier came crashing back on her like a tidal wave. Why? She wondered why watching this scene seems to be more painful to her than when he had told her goodbye. She wondered why seeing him with another girl like this just hurts her so bad. She already knew that they could not be together.

The book in her hand fell from listless fingers and tumbled onto the wooden floor. That jolted her out of her daze, but what shocked her even more was when Kyle suddenly whipped his head around and looked right at where she was standing!

Lilith dropped down immediately onto the floor to hide her presence. Then she collected her book and ran towards the secret passage. Her heart was hurting so badly, and she was gritting her teeth as she entered the chamber and clenched her hands over her chest. Jealousy… this must be the sting of jealousy!

She never would have thought this 'jealousy' could feel this awful. She did not know that she would feel like this if she saw Kyle with someone else. Never did she imagine that Kyle would be with another girl. She often thought about him in the past months and wondered how he was doing, but not even once did she imagine him with another girl.

Now she wondered how many girls he had been with since he left her. And then her mind just pictured him holding onto someone else's hand the way he had done with her when they were still together, his lips against someone else's lips…

That picture in her mind made her feel like she wanted to yell, when out of the blue... someone called out her name.