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Chapter 743 - Absolutely Sure

At Little Flower Bookstore.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon, yet Iryz was still stuck at her desk, looking up at the never ending book Zeres – the angel-faced male witch – had told her to look into.

She had been locked up in here for days now, just skimming through books and she could not take this any longer. She was a human, god dammit! She needs sunlight and fresh air from time to time as well!

Her hands slammed down on the innocent book which was sitting on her desk, causing the man who was by the window and flipping the pages of a book as well to lift his gaze and look at her. Their eyes met and Iryz tried her best not get overwhelmed by those unreal and beautiful silvery eyes of his.

"What's wrong?" he asked, slowly placing his book down on his lap.

"I'm tired." She told him, straightforward and sullenly. "I really wanted to help you find the book you're looking for but… I can't do it anymore."

His perfect brows knitted. Then he stood and approached her.

Even though she had been with him for days now, Iryz still could not get used to this man's beauty. His beauty was just too much that it was blinding her and it did not help that she was seeing that face every minute of the day now.

"Why?" he did not sound pleased now.

"Well, I have my own stuffs to get done as well. My priorities, you know? I know you're in a rush, but five days is all I can give up to help you. I am also in a rush, okay? I have to continue my project now or else, I won't be able to make it in time." she explained. "I am joining a contest and I am aiming to win. So I'm sorry, but I need to focus on my own work now."

Zeres' jaws clenched then he shut his eyes. His palm dropped on her desk as he leaned down at her. Iryz's eyes widened at his closeness.

"Tell me, why do you want to join and win that contest?"

"Because I need the money."

He sighed as though he was a little relieved. "Fine, then I'll give you the money. How much do you want?"

Iryz' mouth hung open, then she glared hard at him. She could not believe what he had just said.

"Look here, Iryz. I'm not trying to buy you over or anything. I am going to pay you for working for me to find the book. That book is really important to me. So instead of you joining the contest, you'll work for me instead, how about that?"

What he said made sense to Iryz and she relaxed her stance. However, this offer…

She stared back at him before shaking her head at his offer. "No. I still want to join the contest –"

"I'll buy this house for you." he cut her off. Iryz' eyes widened again, shocked that he knew about it.

"You know…?"

"I know. I heard the lady next door talking about it. Now let's make a deal here Iryz. Help me find the book and I'll buy this house for you in exchange for it. That's a great deal and you know it."

"But… but isn't that a bit too much?" She knew it was a wonderful deal! But it was just too sudden for her.

"Your service is very important to me. In fact, it's something priceless. So I'm willing to pay you any amount you wish. I am really in a rush…" his gaze deepened as he held her eyes. "And you're the only one who could help me with this."

Iryz saw the desperation in his eyes. Not just that, she saw a whole lot more and she did not know why her heart seemed to be breaking for him at that brief moment.

"C-could it be that you're trying to save someone?" she asked him in a careful voice.

Zeres dropped his eyes and fell silent for a moment. "Yes."

"Is it someone very important to you?" she prompted further.

He met her gaze. "Yes. Someone who is more important than my life."

Iryz nodded slowly as her voice weakened. "I see…" she said and she did not know why she suddenly felt something strange. Was it because of the intense emotions that was blatantly pouring out of his eyes? Must be it. Seems like she was just a little jealous of whoever this person who was so very dear to him. She wondered how it would feel to be cherished by someone more than their very own life.

"Okay. I will help you." Iryz said and he smiled brightly, looking so relieved. His smile… it was so breathtaking…

"Thank you." he pulled away and his large hand landed on her head. He ruffled her hair fondly then he casually brought his phone out. "I'm going to prepare the amount now –"

"Wait a moment! Actually, I won't be letting you pay everything. I have my savings. And I am only short of two hundred thousand dollars right now."

"Why don't you just let me pay for everything?"

"I'd feel bad if I do that."

"I'd also feel bad if I pay you that little."

Iryz could not help but gape at him again. Did he just say two hundred thousand dollars is little? This witch must be rich as hell!

"No no," she laughed sheepishly, "I think that's already too much."

"It's not. I insist you'd let me pay you more."

Iryz wanted to insist her side as well but the utter seriousness in his eyes made her hold her tongue. Somehow, she felt like this man would still insist on whatever he wanted to do.

"Fine. I'll accept more payment but not money." She came to a compromise.

"State it."

"I'd like to draw more of you whenever I take a break, how about that?"

Zeres was silenced for a moment. But eventually, he nodded. Though he did not like it, he could not deny her request as it was nothing compared to what she could do for him.

"Are you certain you want that more than money?"

"Absolutely sure, sir!"

"You're a strange little girl. But fine. As long as you work for me properly, you can do what you want."

"Really?!" she exclaimed. "You're saying I can do whatever I want with you? I mean you will let me draw you however I want?"

He blinked but then again, he nodded. "As long as you work properly for me –"

"ALRIGHT!" she pulled her sleeves up, looking as though she was suddenly so fired up now.. "Now I'm really fired up! I will do this!" she told herself in a loud motivating voice, then she grabbed the book on her desk again. She could not wait to finish this pile just so she can take a break again!


Chapter 744 - Freaking Book

Hours passed and Iryz finally finished going through all the books that were piled up like a mountain on her desk.

She stretched her back to work out the kinks and took a deep breath of relief. Her head whipped towards the beauty by the window, excitement filling her eyes now. The past few days since this beautiful man appeared in her room had been a bit torturous. She had always felt exhausted after burying herself into endless books for hours but now, she was still so energetic and not even surprised about it.

"Alright I'm…" Iryz swallowed the rest of her words. The big and excited smile plastered over her face faded slowly at the sight of Zeres' sitting there on the floor, asleep. An open book was sitting on his lap, and he was still holding onto it.

Iryz could not help but stare at his mesmerizing face. He looked like a wax doll when he was not moving and talking. However, for some reason, it was hard for Iryz to stare at him for a long period of time because every time she did so, she always felt as though she was watching some breathtakingly beautiful but sad movie.

In the past days, she did not even know if this man had been sleeping at all. The reason why she had helped him without complaints for five consecutive days was because she saw and felt how desperate he was. He did not even take any breaks if she did not disturb him. At night, she would leave him still flipping pages and then she would find him still doing the same thing when she wakes up the next morning.

His dedication was just… it never ceased to make Iryz speechless. It was like he did not care about anything else in this world but this book that he was looking for.

And what was haunting Iryz the most was that this man just looked so lonesome. He was like the pale and shimmery moon. Beautiful and far away and… so alone.

At first, she could not help but wonder what had happened to make him end up being this way. But she could somewhat understand him already without him telling her anything. Her storyteller's mind just kicked in and she thought that he must have lost a love one, maybe a lover, and could not bear to let her go. That was why he was here… to look for the book with that spell which he believes will be able to bring her back. And from what he had said just a few hours ago, it seems that she was right.

Sighing, Iryz quietly approached him with a blanket in her hands. She squatted before him as silently as she could and then she placed the blanket on his lap.

She stared at his beautiful face and she could not believe that even in his sleep, he could still look so bruised. Like a wounded little wolf that was left out to bleed. The saddest thing was that he always acts as though he was fine, and nothing was wrong with him at all. Did he really think that others would not notice it?

Perhaps, she would not notice it too if she had not been with him like this for nearly every minute within these past five days. Being so near and with her naturally curious disposition, it was impossible for her to miss all the signs displayed. It was clear to her that he was in no way fine or anywhere near okay.

Looking at him, Iryz hugged her knees as she stayed crouching there just next to his sleeping form. She was sorry for him knowing that he was in a so much desperation and pain right now. If she could, she would want to help ease his pain but… she knew that was not possible. She thought that the only one who would ever be able to make him feel better would be that precious person that he holds so dear to him.

 'Ah… love… huh…' Iryz whispered to herself. 'Seems that what they say is true… love really seems to hurt so much. To think that an ancient and powerful witch, and a freaking gorgeous one at that, wasn't even spared from it…'

She shook her head and sighed. Somehow, looking at him made her think that love seems horrible and truly not worth the effort. Before this man came, Iryz had been quite eager in wanting to fall in love. She had wanted to experience the things she had read in the books, watched in those romance movies, and even drawn out from her own vivid imagination. It was funny how she was spinning out romance stories when she had never actually ever fallen in love with anyone before in her life.

Another sigh escaped her lips.

"What is it?" his voice jolted her out of her reverie, and she lost her balance and stumbled back on the floor. She winced as she fell heavily on her behind, wanting to rub it but embarrassed to do so in front of this vision of a man.

"S-since when did you wake up?!" Iryz stammered out the first thing that came to mind.

"Just now." he finally opened his eyes.

Iryz cleared her throat.

"It's time for me to take a break." She said energetically.

His gaze fell onto her desk, and she saw the flash of disappointment in his eyes as he realized that she had already gone through that mountain of books and still have yet to find what they were looking for.

"You go and eat first." He told her as he cracked his neck.

"How about you? Do you even eat at all?" she was truly curious about this.

"I eat when I'm hungry. Now go. I don't think you want to waste any more time."

Iryz could only obey and leave the room at the sound of his dismissive tone.

Once the door was closed, Zeres let out a deep breath. He looked outside the window and it was night again. When will this freaking book show up? Would it ever be found?

He was about to clench his fists when he realized that he was still holding onto a book.. His gaze fell to his lap and saw a blanket draped over his legs.
Chapter 745 - Falling

Once Iryz returned upstairs, just as she had expected, Zeres had yet to move from the exact same spot that she had seen him in when she had left earlier on. He put the book that he had been poring over in his hand down into his lap again and looked at her upon sensing her presence entering into the room.

"What pose do you want from me this time?" he asked, his voice flat and uninterested. He presumed that she must have come up to get him to pose for her drawings.

Iryz smiled awkwardly at first, feeling a little embarrassed at having to disturb him. But her expression quickly brightened up when she justified her actions with her earlier hard work and approached her desk to grab her sketch pad.

"It's okay, you don't need to move from where you are sitting." She quickly told him as Zeres began to move. "I just need to draw you in a different angle and in a sitting position as well. You can continue looking through the book."

She pulled out her chair and sat down at a good distance by his side and without wasting a moment longer, Iryz began to draw him. No matter how excited she was right now, Iryz could not help but feel a little bad deep down. More so now, when she was seeing him not stopping at all from going through the book.

However, Iryz was confident that they were going to find the book. They just needed to be more patient in going through the tonnes of books that were here in this bookstore. And this was why she was able to shrug off the little guilt and determinedly continued on with her plan. She knew that once they found the book, she might never see this angel of a man again.

After some time quietly working on her drawing, the piece of art was done. A big smile was plastered on her face as she marvelled at her own artwork. "Ahh! So beautiful! Perfect!" she showered her own work praises while Zeres looked at her like he just could not figure out what she was so happy about. Iryz noticed his gaze on her and turned to look at him.

"Do you want to see it? Look!" she excitedly turned the artwork towards him, hoping that he would be somewhat impressed with her work.

Zeres lazily tilted his head as his gaze fell on it. His non reaction was quite expected and Iryz did not take his response to heart and continued being happy all on her own. It was fine if she was impressed with it!

"Once this is coloured in, it will look even more beautiful!" Iryz stood and swirled around so happily as she lifted the sketch pad high up into the air. "I've never drawn something so beautiful before! Thanks to you!" she faced him flashed him a very sweet smile.

When Zeres remained silent, only looking at her without any ripple of emotions on his handsome face, Iryz nodded to herself and walked towards her desk and placed the sketch pad there with much satisfaction. Then she left the room, telling Zeres that she had forgotten to take something downstairs earlier.

She returned with a large mug of coffee and a small plate of cookies in her hands.

"You must be hungry. I have not seen you eat anything since you started looking through the books." She said amicably and placed the tray before him. Then she picked up the mug of coffee she made and gave it to him. "Let me know if it's too sweet for you. I'll go make another one."

It took him a short while of blinking at her and the mug of coffee before accepting her offer. "Thank you, but you don't need to bother about me."

"Here, taste this too." Iryz offered him the cookies as if she had not heard what he had just said at all. "This is my way of thanking you for modelling for me, even though you hate it." she added, grinning at him.

Zeres looked down and picked up a cookie before taking a bite. He knew she would continue hounding him so might as well give in and try one.

"How's is it?" she asked expectantly, eyes bright and lively.

"Not bad."

She nodded, seemed relieved with his answer. Then she took her own mug and walked over to her desk.

"It's time for you to sleep." He told her when he saw her start picking up a book on the floor.

"I'll clock in for over time tonight." She replied with a wink and pointed to her own mug and as usual, the two of them continued with their search until Iryz fell asleep on her desk again when she no longer could keep her eyes open.

When Zeres finished all the books that were stacked up next to him, he stood, planning to go downstairs to pick another stack of books he will check next. He halted at the sight of the girl sleeping, her face buried in the pages of the open book.

Sighing softly, he gathered her and tucked her back into her bed. Then he stood there, staring at her peaceful face. His hand moved and when he placed it over her head, he uttered a spell and his palm glowed.

Suddenly, her innocent eyes, those sweet smile… they flashed in his head and Zeres abruptly clench his fists tight.

The magic disappeared and his hand trembled. He tugged at his hair hard and left her room in haste, as if running away for his life. What was he doing?

Zeres could not believe what he was just about to do. He was about to attempt in reading her mind. How could he… how could he do that?!

His back hit a shelve and he slid down on the floor. His hands were still trembling as he tugged on his hair. What was happening to him? He was starting to feel scared now… of himself. Of what he would actually do next. He felt like… he was falling… falling into a vortex of darkness.

"Please…" he whispered through his gritted teeth. "Someone… save me…"