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Distance in the bed- Part 3

Samuel was annoyed with the fact that Calhoun had sent a letter to Lucy informing her about him returning back to Devon a week earlier before today. He could sense that his brother-in-law was up to something and he wanted to read the letter. So far it didn't look like Lucy knew anything about what he was doing. 

Lucy might have appeared to be naive, but it didn't mean she was blind to not see the expression on her husband's face, who looked stunned that her brother had sent her a letter. Did something happen between Samuel and Calhoun?

"Brother Calhoun doesn't write a letter often to me, but he seemed to be in a mood to write one this time," said Lucy as she pulled out the clothes from his trunk and started to place the clean clothes back in the cupboard so that she could spend with him. "He mentioned about taking care of the matter that was written in the newsletter and that I shouldn't worry about it." 

Samuel frowned hearing this and asked, "What was it about?" 

"The person who published the newsletter wrote something about me not attending the ball twice in the row and you not being here," murmured Lucy softly as if it wasn't a big deal. 

She didn't know how Calhoun had found out the news had bothered her a little, and he had taken his time to write a letter for her. 

Samuel exhaled the air through his lips as if he was tired and he said, "I don't know what's the big deal about not attending the ball. It is just a silly gathering. And what do they expect? That I leave my job to come dance for something like a ball?" he laughed at the end. 

Lucy gave him a small smile as she continued to fold and place his clothes inside. Maybe for Samuel, it wasn't important, but she had grown up with attending the balls, soirees and other social gatherings to interact and was considered to be a normal thing to do. 

"What did he do to the publisher who wrote the newsletter?" asked Samuel with a nonchalant tone as he started to unbutton his shirt. 

"He was executed," replied Lucy, and she saw her husband shake his head. 

"Such violence and for something so small," replied Samuel. "I know we are family, but I wish he would be less violent, Lucy. Did you tell him not to do something like that again?" 

"I haven't written him back," said Lucy and Samuel hummed. 

People viewed Calhoun differently, and the people who knew him closely knew how the King of Devon was. His ways were harsh, but he cared for the people who mattered to him. 

"You can write him one then," Samuel offered Lucy a smile before he came to stand in front of her. 

"I just worry about you, Lucy. I know you don't like the violence, especially after what happened to your parents. I care a lot about you and I don't want you in a place where it might affect you," he placed his hand on the side of her face before pecking her lips. 

At times like these, Lucy didn't know how to react because Samuel was her husband, and he cared for her well being, but on the other side, her brother Calhoun cared for her in his own typical way. But by actions like these, people knew not to speak ill about her because they knew what it would lead up to. 

"How did your work go?" asked Lucy, changing the subject, and Samuel smiled.

"It was successful, but there has been one matter that still needs to be completed," replied Samuel, pulling his shirt off his body. "Hopefully I will be able to get it done soon. I have been waiting for it and maybe then...we can take a vacation. Go somewhere quiet." 

"I hope so too," responded Lucy. "I will go check if dinner is ready while you take your bath." 

Samuel nodded his head, giving a warm and gentle smile to Lucy. When she left the room, the smile dropped like a stone being thrown on the ground. He went to the door, locking it before he started to look for the letter that Calhoun had sent to his wife. Samuel made sure to monitor Lucy and the people with whom she interacted. 

He looked for it all around the drawers and cupboards, but it was nowhere to be found. He wondered if she had thrown it away, but that would be unlike her. Where else did she keep it?

During the time of dinner, Lucy said, "Brother Calhoun wrote in the letter that he met a girl at the ball. He said he intends to marry her."

Samuel, who was eating his food, looked up from his plate, "Marry?" his eyes slightly narrowed. Was it the same girl he had met today?

Lucy nodded her head, a smile spread on her lips, "Yes, isn't that wonderful? I would have never thought a day would come where I would hear something like this from him," she said, excitement in her eyes. "I cannot wait to meet her!" 

Samuel nodded his head, playing the good husband. "That is wonderful news indeed."

Lucy couldn't agree more. Calhoun had been brief with his words, but she could tell whoever the girl was, she was a good person. She wondered if her aunt had heard about this. Her aunt Rosamund had been wanting to arrange her daughter Sophie's marriage to Calhoun. But now that he had chosen the woman to be next to him, her aunt would finally give up on that idea. 

When it was time to sleep came, Lucy and Samuel entered the bed, but they slept on two different corners. Even with Samuel not too far away from her now, she still felt the distance. Staring at the darkness while unable to think about her life. 

Few years ago, when she married Samuel, she thought she would be able to forget a few things and it did fade. Samuel loved her, but for some reason she was unable to give him a child even after the number of times they had spent in the bed together with their bodies tangled in the past. 

Unconsciously her hand moved up to place it on her stomach. Lucy wondered if she lacked the ability to have a baby...and if that was what was causing the distance between her and Samuel. 
The past- Part 1

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A couple of days passed, and during breakfast with Samuel, Lucy looked at Samuel, who was quietly having his meal. 

She said, "I was thinking to visit the Hawthrone's castle tomorrow. Would you be able to accompany me? It has been a while since we went together to the castle," her words were careful so that they weren't impolite. 

Samuel, who was eating, agreed to her words, "You are right, it has been a while since we last went together. Unfortunately, I have some urgent work that needs my presence, would you be alright to travel there by yourself?"

"Yes, I will be fine," Lucy nodded her head. It wasn't like it was the first time she was travelling alone as she had done it many times before. "I am sorry for planning it tomorrow when you are busy." 

Her husband offered her a warm smile, "You don't have to feel sorry about it. Who knows when I will be able to turn free from work unless Calhoun arranges for another meeting in the castle. You shouldn't wait on my accord and instead go visit him. I am sure you are missing him." 

"Thank you, Samuel," she thanked him with a bright smile on her lips. 

Samuel took another bite from his plate before wiping his lips with the napkin that he had placed on his lap before. Getting up from the chair, he leaned forward and kissed one side of Lucy's temple. "Go carefully and let me know if you need anything."

When the next day arrived, Lucy carried baskets of fruits and delicacies made by her maids on her instructions to take it to the castle. 

She wanted to carry the best delicacies to give it to her brother as it had been months since she had last seen him. Once they were placed on the carriage, Lucy travelled with her maid Jamie where they were driven towards the Hawthrone castle by carriage. 

"Are these flowers for the previous King and Queen, milady?" asked Jamie, looking down at the sets of flowers that sat next to them on the seat. "You have four of them." 

The maid didn't understand why Lady Lucy was carrying two extra sets of flowers for her parents. 

Whenever Lady Lucy visited the castle, she always carried flowers as the royal cemetery where her parents were buried was near the castle. She looked at the lady with a confused expression. 

Lucy smiled at her maid's quizzical face, "They are for two other important people who are buried in the cemetery." 

"Oh," the maid quickly nodded her head. "I see. My apologies, milady. I thought you always visited the cemetery to meet your parents. They must be important people." 

Lucy didn't mind the maid's words. Anyone would be surprised by seeing her carry four sets of flowers now. She had always gone to the cemeteries with the flowers when she didn't have any company with her. "That's fine," she murmured, looking outside the carriage through the window where air breezed inside, and a smile came to form on her lips. Every time she headed to the castle in the carriage in between these woods, she remembered the times when she had hurried herself to get inside the castle grounds without her parents or her grandmother noticing her absence. 

When the carriage finally reached the Hawthrone castle, the coachman got down and opened the door for Lucy to step down from it. 

Lucy took a couple of steps forward before noticing her maid was not following her. When she turned around, her maid was still inside the carriage. 

"I will be right here, waiting for you, milady." 

"Are you sure? You can come in with me," offered Lucy and the maid quickly got down from the carriage, walking to where she was and stood one step behind her.

They entered inside the castle, making their way in the corridors, and Lucy finally caught sight of Calhoun, who came to meet her as he had received the news that she was here. The maid's feet slowed down on seeing the King as he seemed intimidating while letting Lady Lucy move forward.

"Brother Calhoun, it is good to see you again!" greeted Lucy as she walked forward and bowed her head. 

"And it is good to see that you finally decided to come here and meet me. You don't have to bow your head, Lucy," said Calhoun with a smile on his lips. "You can be yourself." 

Lucy took the opportunity to take two steps forward before she put her arms around him, and she heard him say, "That seems more like you." It was good to be back home, thought Lucy in her mind while her heart felt slightly heavy with memories.

It felt warm hugging Calhoun, knowing nothing ill would ever happen to her until he was around. To think that there was a time when her brother didn't like her standing in the space as him, the same person now allowed her to hug him, thought Lucy. Since the last two decades, so much had changed. 

"Where is Samuel?" inquired Calhoun. 

"He said he is busy with work today and I didn't want to bother him," responded Lucy with a smile. "I had something to ask from you, you wouldn't mind letting one of the servants to tour my maid around the castle, would you? She was very excited when she heard she was going to visit the castle." 

Calhoun's eyes fell on the girl who stood a couple of steps behind Lucy, and he gave Lucy a nod. "Sure thing." He snapped his finger to call a maid who was nearby and said, "Show Lady Lucy's maid the castle except for the main rooms and the royal wing." 

Lucy was about to thank him for being kind when she felt someone staring at her. When she turned her head, her red eyes fell on a young woman who stood not too far away from where she and Calhoun stood. The person wore a rich silk dress, and her blonde hair was loosely braided with a few strands pulled at the sides of her face.

This must be her, thought Lucy to herself. 

"Are you done playing with the sticks?" Lucy heard Calhoun ask the young woman. By the tone he used, she believed this was the girl Calhoun had mentioned in his letter as brother Calhoun wasn't kind to anyone. 

Lucy took the opportunity to bow her head, and she introduced herself, "I am Lucy Grivelle." 

And the young woman introduced herself, "I am Madeline Harris." 

"I have heard about you. It is good to meet you," unable to contain her joy, Lucy stepped forward and put her hands around to hug Madeline. When she pulled away, she could tell that she caught the young woman by surprise. 

Madeline smiled back, "It is good to meet you too." 

With their introduction done, Calhoun asked, "How are things at the mansion?" 

"It has been good. You sent Samuel on work, it was a little lonely, but he's back now," joked Lucy.

"Is he treating you well?" asked Calhoun.

Lucy wondered why Calhoun was asking this and if Samuel had said something to Calhoun. "Yes, he's been treating me well. If there's anything I will let you know."

The three of them took a walk outside the castle, and it gave Lucy time to interact with Madeline, who seemed like a nice person. When they went to meet the wolves, Lucy noticed how Calhoun spoke to Madeline, and it warmed Lucy's heart. She noticed Calhoun teasing Madeline about something that had turned the young woman red, and Lucy smiled internally that Calhoun had finally found someone to love and cherish. 

She knew a marriage between a human and a vampire had its own difficulties, but she couldn't help but hope Calhoun and Madeline to work. Calhoun needed someone apart from that stone man next to him.

Where was he? She hadn't seen him since she had arrived. 

After finishing their meal, the three of them had moved to another room, when suddenly as if Lucy had summoned the devil by just thinking and it had knocked on the door to greet her. The door opened and in came Theodore. 

Lucy tried to keep her composure calm but it only turned her whole demeanour icy just by the sight of him. He hadn't changed one bit since her last visit, thought Lucy to herself. The round frame of glasses was settled on the bridge of his nose, and in these years, his expression hadn't changed much. 

When their eyes met, Lucy's eyes narrowed in a way where if it was possible, it could disappear Theodore from the room. 
The past- Part 2

Lucy heard her brother say something to Theodore before he left the room, but her eyes hadn't moved away from the man with four eyes. And even though she was quietly glaring at him, he offered her a bow before asking,

"Good afternoon, milady. How have you been doing?" Theodore had the polite smile that he would often use for the other people, and the vein on her forehead popped up at his question. 

"I am doing fine," Lucy responded to his question, her tone turned colder than winter. You must be busy. Being the King's right-handed man and being an advisor must be a lot of work." 

Theodore hadn't known about Lucy's arrival. Therefore when he had entered the room, he had been taken aback for a moment before he composed his expression. She was shooting invisible arrows and daggers at him by glaring at him with her eyes. She had matured when it came to her thoughts and behaviour, and if it was possible, the air of allure around her had increased. 

"Yes, it is. I hope you are doing well back in your mansion. The King worries about you."

Was there something she was supposed to be worried about? Even Calhoun had asked her a similar question. Remembering the young lady who was in the room with her, Lucy put up a smile on her face, "I am doing fine."

When Theodore smiled, offering another bow, Lucy wanted to take the kitchen scrub and rub it over his mouth. 

Turning to a slightly confused Madeline, Lucy asked, "Do you want more tea?" 

Lucy enjoyed Madeline's company, and she found it easy to speak to her, much easier than the lady's she met at the soirees. She came to learn the way of how Madeline had ended up staying in the castle. She decided to speak to her brother about it because certain things needed to be handled delicately. 

She didn't know what advice Theodore had given, that was if he had given, but taking it to be her responsibility to advise as she was Calhoun's sister, Lucy tried to make him understand how love and relationship worked. She knew Calhoun was new to this feeling, and he loved Madeline dearly. But the girl needed some space to breathe. 

"...I hope it goes well because she is a lovely person," said Lucy, when they were alone while speaking to Calhoun in the room afterwards, where he stood in front of the tall glass window. 

"Don't worry. She has me. Travel back home safe, Lucy," said Calhoun. She stared at Calhoun before she bowed her head. Sometimes talking to her brother was the same as talking to a ram, but she hoped he would change a few things for the better instead of staying bitter. "Do you want me to send someone with you to the cemetery?" 

Lucy shook her head, "No, that won't be necessary. I have my maid with me. I will be fine," she smiled at him. "Stay well." 

When she left the room and started to walk away and reached the place near the stairs, she caught sight of Theodore, who was coming in the opposite direction. 

He was carrying a stack of parchments in his hand as he was making his way up. Now that it was just her standing at the top, watching him, she noticed the way his hair had been parted from the side. His jaws were sharp, and for a moment, she remembered the way her fingertips ran across those jaws and the softness of his hair. 

Lucy shook her head to rid the thought out of her head. 

When he caught sight of her, he stopped walking and bowed his head. 

Lucy's eyes hardened at his actions. In the past, she had tried to understand him, it wasn't like she hadn't made an effort to understand him, but it seemed like she had barely touched his surface, and like him, she had slowly stepped back. 

She would have walked away from there, but today the hate and the bitterness she felt for this person only increased. 

"Have a good day, milady," said Theodore. 

Clenching her fists which were hidden in her dress, she asked in a low voice, "I wonder how you sleep soundly at night." 

Shifting her gaze away from him, she walked past him without waiting to hear his response to her words. 

Decades had passed, and one would think the pain would have subsided by now, but it hadn't, and it had only continued to pile. Once she reached near the carriage, she took a deep breath to calm herself and caught sight of her maid waiting for her. 

Lucy got inside the carriage, followed by her maid. The horses pulled the carriage away from the castle towards the royal cemetery. She always felt riled up when she visited the castle because of Theodore's behaviour, and it took her a while to return to her normal self without acting like a child wanting to throw something at him. 

Reaching the cemetery, the carriage stopped again, and this time, Lucy said to her maid, "I will be back, stay here with the coachman." 

"Yes, milady," obliged the maid. 

Lucy carried the four bouquets that she had earlier carried before leaving her mansion. As she walked towards the graves, she could hear the birds and the other animals who resided near the cemetery built inside the forest, making sounds that were calm and felt quiet to her ears. 

Her footsteps turned slow when she came to stand in front of the graves that belonged to her parents, placing one bouquet each, and she prayed. She then walked towards the grave that belonged to her caretaker Nana. 

The woman had been killed because of her, and even though she knew if the woman was alive, she would forgive her. Lucy couldn't forget the pain that she felt in her heart. And a tear slipped down from her eyes. 

She placed another bouquet on the grave, not letting go of her hand. She whispered, 

"I am so sorry."

She took note of how the tombstone in front of her looked clean, and she wondered if the caretaker of the cemetery had received instructions to clean the tombstones, but then she noticed all the tombstones looked clean. 

Offering her prayers, Lucy then walked to the right side while carrying the last bouquet in her hand to another grave that was old and belonged to her grandfather. She wasn't close to him, but she knew her grandfather wasn't resting here anymore. In the past, she had seen Calhoun standing in front of it for a long time when they were here to bury Ruby. 

"I don't know who you are," confessed Lucy, "But you seem to be important to brother Calhoun. I hope you are at peace."
Stop following me! - Part 1

Lucy stayed in the cemetery for some more time before getting inside the carriage in which she had come here in with her maid. Calhoun had given her somethings has gift so that she could carry it back to the Grivelle's mansion, which had been tied at the back of the carriage right now as they continued their journey back to the mansion where she lived with her husband. 

By the time the carriage returned to the mansion, it was night, and Samuel had also returned from his work. 

"How is everyone in the castle?" inquired Samuel with a nonchalant voice. He was sitting behind the desk in the study room and was writing something that had to be sent out to the magistrates. 

"They are doing well," replied Lucy. "I met Madeline, the woman with whom brother Calhoun is in love."

"How is she?" asked Samuel as if he hadn't met and seen her.

"She's polite with her words and maybe a little wary when it comes to us vampires because she hasn't met many vampires before coming to the castle," explained Lucy. She was sitting on the couch, a book on her lap to spend time with Samuel. 

"I had a really wonderful time with her. I think we will be good sister-in-laws." It had been a while since she had been able to have conversation with someone of her own frequency. 

Samuel continued to write something in the parchment with his quill without looking at her. He had to send out a letter to Greyson regarding what he had heard from Lilith and about her petty taunts that were filled with threats. 

Lucy looked at her husband, her lips setting itself in a thin line, "I heard they will be getting married soon. They have started the preparation for it."

"Finally Calhoun will have a Queen then, are you sure though? A human is never a good match for a vampire to marry," commented Samuel before looking up from the parchment that he had been writing. "There are complications not to forget the age. She will die while he will continue to live." 

Even Lucy had thought about it, but she had hoped that something would come along and that age wouldn't be a conflict to their blooming relationship. 

"Maybe she can turn to one of us," proposed Lucy and Samuel chuckled. 

"My wife, do you think it is easy to turn a human? Ninety-nine percent of the time, the transformation is never successful," stated Samuel. "Who knows, maybe it might be a fleeting feeling that he might lose interest after some time and marry someone who is more suitable." 

Lucy frowned hearing this, "Brother Calhoun, isn't like that." 

Samuel looked at Lucy who seemed like she was upset with what he said, and he stood up from where he sat and left the desk to come and sit next to her. 

"I know you don't like it but you know about the King's debauchery. How many women have been killed, well even men for blood, or for what they did, the bodies were never found," explained Samuel. "It isn't my place to say this, but even your father did that."

"I don't think it would happen again. History doesn't repeat itself and Calhoun is nothing like father," defended Lucy. 

Samuel offered her a smile and he gave her a nod, "If you believe in him, that is good enough," said Samuel, noticing how Lucy always supported what Calhoun did, which was why it had turned hard to get her away from the influence of the Hawthrone's castle completely. Lucy was influenced easily, but there were some things that were hard to sway in her. 

On the other hand, Lucy knew her brother would never turn out to be like her father. She loved her father, but it didn't mean she didn't know what he had done to Calhoun's mother. 

Samuel took the book away from Lucy's lap and he placed it on the table, taking her hand to hold in his. "I sometimes worry about you, Lucy. You are my dear wife, and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you." 

"You worry for no reason. No harm will befall on me," Lucy smiled looking at her husband. "You are here and I know brother Calhoun too will always make sure to see that I am safe and alright." 

Samuel nodded his head. That was what the problem was, thought the demon in his mind. He was a demon who depended on sucking part of people's soul and it was hard to not finish Lucy off because of the King. 

"Did you visit the cemetery?" he asked her, wanting to know what else or with whom she had spent time with, in his absence. 

"I did," replied Lucy. "It was good to see them after many months."

"Hm," responded Samuel. "I heard you took four bouquets with you. I didn't know you had other people who are dear to you there," he used one of his hands to push the piece of hair behind her ear. 

Whenever Lucy went with Samuel to the cemetery, she always carried only two bouquets. It was because of Samuel's nature, who liked to question her on everything to know what she did and how close she was to someone. As easy as it was to lie, it was hard to keep it until the end. When Ruby was placed in the royal cemetery, she and Calhoun decided to keep it as a secret and she had continued to do so. 

She felt Samuel's fingers playing with her ear, while he looked at her. 

"Who else did you meet at the castle?" asked Samuel in a calm voice.

Lucy could sense the prying question and she shook her head, "That was all. The rest were the servants."

"Servants?" asked Samuel and Lucy nodded her head. "Did you meet Theodore." 

And there came the expected question. The distance between Samuel and her had been growing where he didn't stay around her as much as before, but when it came to Theodore, her husband liked to get all the details as if he was suspicious about her and the man. 

"Isn't he always there in the castle," Lucy tried to avoid talking about it. The topic of Theodore brought a certain uneasiness when it was Samuel who was questioning about the man. "He is always glued next to brother Calhoun, it would be strange if he wasn't there, isn't it?" she threw the question back at him. 
Stop following me! - Part 2

Samuel gave her a sweet smile. "True."

After a while, Lucy had stood up from the couch she had been sitting on along with Samuel, "Brother Calhoun has invited us to come stay in the castle until the wedding is over. Even Aunt Rosamund, and Sophie will be joining us."

"If the invitation is from the King, how can I refuse it," commented Samuel, standing up along with her.

"Yes, I also thought it would be nice to go and see the preparation of the wedding," smiled Lucy, and Samuel raised one of his eyebrows before smiling at her. 

"Sure," and ready to send her out of the study room, he went to hug her when he felt a spark of pain arise in his chest. He started to cough. 

Concerned, Lucy pulled away from him and asked, "Are you alright?" 

"Yes, it was just a scratch in the throat. I will see you later in the bedroom," Samuel gave her an assuring smile and saw Lucy leave the room. 

Once the door of the study room closed, Samuel walked towards the sink to spit. He saw blood spill on the white sink, and his eyes narrowed, wondering what just happened now. This was the very first time he had vomited his own blood, and he turned around to look in the direction of the door. Was it something to do with Lucy? asked Samuel. 

The pain he felt was severe, and he wondered if Lucy had come across someone or something peculiar that had passed the dust on to her. 

Back in her room, Lucy changed her clothes to her nightgown, and she got into bed. 

She knew when Samuel said he would meet her in here later, it meant he would be coming late, and she would be asleep. Not giving more thoughts on it, she decided to be happy for her brother. 

The next few days, Lucy went through the same mundane life in the mansion with the servants and Samuel, who returned home late at night. They finally travelled to the Hawthrone's castle. 

Samuel and Lucy arrived at the Hawthrone castle to meet some of Lucy's relatives who had already arrived before them. They had lunch with Calhoun, Madeline, Aunt Rosamund and Sophie. It seemed like her cousin Markus was unable to make it for lunch today, thought Lucy to herself. 

While the conversation went on at the table, Lucy noticed her cousin sister Sophie sending glares at Madeline. Sophie had always tried to cling on to Calhoun since she was small. At first, they thought it was just because Sophie was fond of him as a brother, but then they saw it wasn't so. The strangest thing was that Aunt Rosamund didn't object to it. 

Then on the other side, her own eyes fell on Theodore before looking away from him. 

Post noon, Samuel was busy with Calhoun, and it allowed Lucy to wander around the castle without anyone following her as even Aunt Rosamund had decided to join the King. Because Calhoun was in the royal court room, Sophie followed them. 

Lucy entered the study room where she once used to spend her time. The room had been locked since she had left the castle, and she had taken the key for the room so so that she could revisit the room. Her eyes fell on the cello that sat in the corner covered in cloth. When she pulled the cloth away, she coughed a little because of the dust that was on the cloth. 

Carrying the cello to the chair, she sat down, placing the instrument between her legs and positioning the bow against the cello's strings. 

It had been long since she had last played it, and she closed her eyes, trying to remember the chords as she played the instrument. She was too immersed in it when she heard, 

"Thought I heard the sound of the cello." 

Startled at the voice, Lucy pushed the bow's strings that produced a shrill sound in the room. 

Lucy's eyes snapped at Theodore, who stood at the door, "Have you not heard of something called knocking?" 

"My apologies for startling you," said Theodore, offering a bow to her, and Lucy wondered what he was doing here. Was he following her? "You have lost your touch in playing the cello." 

Was he looking for a fight with her by commenting something like that?!

"I am not playing in the theater to worry about such things," said Lucy in a hardened tone. "What did you want?" she asked while staring straight into his eyes. 

"Lady Madeline was looking for you," informed Theodore. 

Keeping the instrument aside, Lucy stood up, and Theodore was ready to step back when she asked, 

"Who has been cleaning the graves at the cemetery?"

"Probably the cemetery caretaker. Was something wrong with it?" asked Theodore, looking at Lucy, who shook her head. 

"No, I was only curious," replied Lucy, raising her chin with an air of authority to make it known to him who was in the higher position here, and she started to walk towards the door. 

She didn't look at the ground below her, nor Theodore, but before she could step out of the room, her ankle twisted funnily, and she lost her balance to be only caught by Theodore's arms. How embarrassing! Thought Lucy in her mind. 

"Let go of me!" exclaimed Lucy, her face red along with her neck as blood had rushed up from her neck. "Don't you know you aren't supposed to touch a lady." 

Theodore's eyebrows subtly raised while looking at Lucy, who looked like a tomato right now. 

"Was I supposed to let you fall down?" he asked with a straight face. 

For some reason, his words only turned her even redder, and Theodore wasn't sure if it was because she was embarrassed for epicly missing her step or for what he said. 

Lucy narrowed her eyes at Theodore, "You should have let me fall. I did not ask you for your help." 

Theodore bowed his head, "I will keep that in mind, milady," and when the faint smile appeared on his lips, Lucy stomped away from there. 
Stop following me! - Part 3

The next day, everyone had decided to go hunting in the forest, and the one who killed the animal first would be considered the winner. With that thought, Aunt Rosamund, Samuel and Sophie, along with Theodore, galloped with their horses with the plan to win favour from the King, while Calhoun had decided to join in only to romance and spend time with Madeline. 

Unfortunately for Lucy, her horse hadn't galloped as fast as the other horses did, and she was quick to fall behind, while her horse wanted to walk in a slant direction. 

"Seems like you are having trouble with your horse," said Theodore from behind. Where did he come from? Asked Lucy to herself. 

"I am having a bad week," muttered Lucy under her breath. 

"If you want, we can exchange the horses. You can ride mine and I will ride your horse," offered Theodore.

"That won't be necessary," said Lucy quickly. She thought she had seen him riding next to her aunt before they had disappeared from her sight. "Don't you have an animal to catch and win the praise from Calhoun like the rest of them?" 

"The King praises me enough, I don't think I need to gather more of it," replied Theodore watching Lucy struggling to keep her horse walking in a straight line. 

"I never thought you to be boastful, but then I didn't know many things about you back then," Lucy muttered at the end as she made sure Theodore heard her. 

"The same can be told, milady. I never knew you could be unreasonable in exchanging the horses. She's a new mare, and she's more used to me," stated Theodore. 

"Don't worry about it. I can handle her just fine, I am sure she will come to love me," replied Lucy, while trying to make her mare move faster so that she could avoid moving right next to Theodore. 

After a few seconds, Theodore said to her, "It seems like you are still upset about what happened." 

Hearing this, Lucy felt her stomach drop. It had been years, and neither Theodore nor her had brought it up. Her hold on the reins of the horse tightened, and she heard him say, "Once in a while, everyone has a misstep while walking." 

"I am not upset about it," responded Lucy. "What are you even doing here with me? I didn't ask you to chaperone me." 

"I never said you needed one, Lady Lucy," said Theodore, and when he said her name, Lucy wondered why Theodore was always around when she was trying to get away from him. She didn't want to open the old wounds that she had closed. "The King wouldn't be happy if something happens to you. I am only doing my duty, please don't mind me." 

"You don't have to do that. I am capable of looking after myself. I have done that before, I will continue to do it in the future too," came her cold words, and Lucy moved her heels against the horse to have the horse move faster. The hooves could be heard clicking against the path in the forest, and Theodore's horse soon came to move right next to hers. 

"I have to follow the King's orders. I would have left your side if your husband was here," stated Theodore with a smile. 

Was Theodore saying she was stuck with him until they reached where the others? He must be joking, thought Lucy to herself. 

The rest of the time, both of them didn't speak. Thankfully Lucy wasn't the one who was walking else with the way she had turned her head to look in the other direction, she would have missed her steps and cursed Theodore a couple of times by now. 

The only thing she had to do was to not speak to him, and once they would reach the hunting place, he would be busy, thought Lucy to herself. Somewhere deep down, her heart clenched at the fact that Theodore had stayed behind so that she wasn't lost while her husband had gone ahead to get the prized meat.

Lucy's eyes moved to the corner to look at Theodore, who was looking straight ahead of him without a word coming out of his mouth. Her heart turned slightly anxious, and she quickly looked away, not to be swayed by the man again like in the past.

She didn't know if the pain would ever leave her. Suddenly Lucy started to gallop, and she moved past Theodore.

She finally came to the place where everyone had stopped their horses, and not a few seconds later, Theodore appeared at the scene. She heard Aunt Rosamund ask Samuel,

"Where did you hear about it?" 

"I heard some of the men in the town speak about it. If there's a possibility why not hunt it?" Samuel replied with a smirk on his lips. 

"We should go and hunt it down then. It will be far more exciting," commented Calhoun, but on the other side, Sophie looked upset, and she said, 

"But I want to hunt the stag." 

Seeing this, Lucy said, "I will go along with Sophie to look for the stag."

Samuel let out a small chuckle, "Hunting the same old thing?" and she smiled. Sophie had been upset for quite some time, and she didn't want her cousin to feel left out. 

Calhoun gave some thought to it, and he said, "Rosamund, Samuel, Madeline and I will go looking for the new animal. Theodore, accompany Lucy and Sophie in their hunt." 

Lucy's eyes widened hearing this. More time with Theodore? She quickly schooled her expression and then saw her husband, who looked at her, but he made no effort to switch himself from the hunting group. 

Samuel said to Lucy, "You should come with us, Lucy. It will be far more interesting than a small stag." 

Lucy smiled and said, "I think I prefer the stag." She took note of how Samuel's eyes then shifted to look at Theodore. 

"Advisor Theodore, do look after my wife," said Samuel as if to remind Theodore Lucy was his woman. 

Theodore had a polite and calm look on his face. He said, "I believe Lady Lucy is capable of looking after herself, but I will be there if she needs something." When his eyes fell on Calhoun, he noticed one corner of the King's lips pulled up in mirth. 
Trotting- Part 1

A few nights ago, when Samuel had spat blood out of his mouth, the very same night without anyone's notice, he had left the mansion to meet one of the men who worked with him and the demon named Greyson. 

"What are you doing here?" asked a man, who opened the door after Samuel had knocked on it. "You aren't supposed to be here," stated the man. 

"I have something urgent to discuss, Walter," said Samuel, stepping inside the dark house. 

"What is it?" asked Walter, who had sharp facial features. 

Samuel said, "I need you to find a physician whom I can use help from. I have been spitting traces of blood since the last two hours." He looked at Walter with a severe expression. 

"Why not use your family doctor for that? I am sure the King would be more than pleased to offer his help to you," said Walter as if it would be the most obvious thing to do. "There are plenty of doctors to help the Duke." 

Samuel had a hard look on his face, "It isn't that I don't know where to find the physicians, but-" he started to cough again, and he looked around for the basin. Walking towards it, he was followed by Walter before he spat the blood out that was not red but black. "Do you fucking see this? I need an expert who deals with us demon-vampires."

The man named Walter had a frown on his face now, and he stared at the black blood that was in the basin. 

Samuel was right, Walter had never seen anyone spit black blood, and it happened only with the demons who originated from Hell. 

"You must have come in contact with someone special in the last few hours. The body doesn't react without a catalyst," stated Walter while looking back at Samuel, who continued to cough out blood. 

"I haven't met any new people. I have been meeting the same people for the last few days. There's no way I should be spitting my blood out that looks like it is decaying!" there was a hint of frustration in Samuel's eyes as he said this. 

Walter gave it a thought on why Samuel was spitting black blood. "A couple of years ago, I knew a woman who puked blood. But I don't think it was black and was quite red in colour. A woman who fell extremely sick and she couldn't eat anything. She eventually died." 

Samuel washed his mouth with the water, spitting the blood's remnants, and he stood straight, facing Walter. "I know something went wrong and I came here looking for a solution, not for you to tell me I might die."

Walter replied, "The solution can be only found if you are able to find out why you are even coughing blood. Someone must have given you something. Maybe it was the food that you ate or the drink you had. People don't fall sick just like that. There must be a reason for it. Find out the reason and I will then tell you what to do next." 

Samuel glared at Walter. This person was as useless as any other people he had met in the group, and he went back home without asking any more questions. 

It didn't matter if he didn't find out from Walter who was supposed to be good at the information. Samuel decided he would find it himself. He started to draw out if it was Lucy or the maids who had tried to harm him by giving him something during breakfast or dinner. Different poisons had different effects on a person's body and who took it. 

When he struck those options out, he could only guess something was transferred through someone. He had been perfectly alright, and it was only after he had hugged Lucy did he feel the pain. Did it mean Lucy was something he wasn't aware of? All this while, he had kept a close watch on her, which was why he doubted Lucy was anything special. 

Lucy had stepped out of the mansion, meeting people in the castle, and she had also been to the cemetery. He wondered if she had picked something from the graves. His eyes narrowed at that thought, but that was not possible either. She had been there several times in the past, and nothing like this had ever happened before. What was new then? Questioned Samuel to himself before realization hit him. 

It was the girl who had started to live in the Hawthrone castle. He wondered if it was her who had transferred something to Lucy before his wife returned home. 

Madeline Harris seemed like any other normal person, and there was nothing special about her apart from her physique and looks. 

He wouldn't know until he would test her himself if she were something people around her were unaware of. 

Now in the forest with the rest of the party, Samuel trotted forward with his horse next to Lady Rosamund. 

When his wife had suggested that they were going to hunt animals for dinner, Samuel knew he could count on his naive wife, but he had hoped he would get to speak to Madeline. Instead, she was riding with Calhoun, and Samuel's jaw ticked. 

"Are you already giving up on the idea of hunting the animal, Samuel?" asked Rosamund with a smug smile on her lips. 

Samuel chuckled, "I would never let the animal slip from my hand, Lady Rosamund. You will see that I will catch the animal and you all will be struck in awe." 

Rosamund laughed at his words, "I would like to see that happen. If you aren't aware of it yet, I am an excellent huntswoman. Much better than my own son and daughter. My mother, your father-in-law and I used to often come to the forest to hunt down the animals."

"You are an excellent hunter, I will have to agree on that one, Lady Rosamund," chuckled Samuel. He looked behind him where Calhoun and Madeline were on the horse that trotted leisurely. 
Trotting- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Love Never Dies - Jurrivh


Samuel wondered how he could get Madeline alone. Usually, people who had special abilities were often sharp, and he would have to depend on that one, but he needed an opening to attack her, thought Samuel to himself. He then looked farther behind the couple, his eyes moving around to see no sight of Lucy, Theodore or Sophie. His eyes hardened at the fact that his wife was sent with Theodore. 

Away from the four members of the royal family, who were looking for the rumoured animal to hunt it down, Lucy and the others moved in the other direction to look for Sophie's wish to find a stag. 

"Did you know the stags antlers can be used against the poison in healing when it is turned to powder and taken in the mouth?" asked Sophie in the know it tone. 

"I think I heard something similar to it," answered Lucy. "When father was poisoned by grandmother, brother Calhoun had used his intelligence and had helped father in removing the poison out of his body. I don't think anyone would have been able to act so fast." 

"The King is admirable, isn't he?" Sophie chuckled before her mood soured, "I don't know how he ended up with a human who has no single promising quality in her." 

Lucy looked behind them to make sure brother Calhoun wasn't around them to listen to what Sophie was saying now. But then Sophie was speaking because Calhoun wasn't here and it was just her and Theodore. 

"I don't think it is true, Sophie," said Lucy. "Madeline seems like a nice person. She's polite and kind with her actions."

Sophie waved her hand for Lucy to not believe in those things, "You don't know about that, Sister Lucy. There have been times when she has been rude to me, and she forgets I am part of the royal family." 

At least Sophie knew that she was related to Calhoun and wasn't completely blind, thought Lucy to herself. 

Her cousin continued to complain, "She is always gloomy, and doesn't speak to me when I tell I want to spend time with her. It only makes me question if something is going on. I mean, there are so many women who have entered the castle, but none have captured Calhoun's attention. It makes me question if she's into some sort of witchery." 

Hearing this, Theodore coughed, clearing his throat to let the two ladies know he was right behind them. 

"That is some wild accusation, Sophie. I think she's just a wonderful person and rather compliments Calhoun's nature," Lucy was frank with her thoughts. "We should all accept her." 

Sophie looked upset again, her lips setting into a thin line, "Are you telling I am not suitable for him? I have been giving Calhoun all my attention and even Theodore supports me with this!" 

Hearing this, Lucy raised her eyebrows, and she turned to look at Theodore subtly without him noticing it, and Theodore had a passive expression on his face. Poor Sophie, thought Lucy to herself, to believe Theodore was on her side. Anyone could tell that Theodore supported only the King and no one else. 

"Is it true, Theodore?" Lucy questioned him, unable to miss the opportunity to interrogate him. 

Theodore looked at Lucy, "I think Lady Sophie is being very vague with her words here. I don't remember making any such promises or statements to her." 

Sophie's eyes narrowed, and her eyes snapped around to look at the King's right-hand man. "Advisor Theodore." 

Theodore bowed his head, "I have never answered to your questions or statements about your interest with the King as it isn't my place to say anything about it." 

"It doesn't matter. She's just not fit, and I-" Sophie was interrupted by Lucy. 

"Sophie, brother Calhoun has already made his choice and I think it would be best for all of us to accept his decision. All these years, every person in our family has been married to bring good fortune to Devon or the Hathrone's family, but this is the first time it is for love. I think it is the right thing to do," stated Lucy with a serious tone. 

"I love brother Calhoun, what more is needed?"  Sophie changed her tone, unhappy that Lucy was not taking her side. 

"The thing here is brother Calhoun doesn't love you, but he loves Madeline. Can you tell with a clean conscience that you would love him even if he was from some dirty alley or streets? With no wealth or position and with nothing to offer you except for his love?" Lucy questioned Sophie before looking away from her cousin sister. "I don't think so and you don't have to lie to me," she added so that Sophie would not deny what she just said. 

Love was something where one could overlook everything about the concerned person, and nothing would matter except that one person. It would be more than enough to have that person next to them. Her heart turned heavy at those thoughts. 

"What about you, sister Lucy? You married Samuel because he was a Duke, you could have married someone else too," taunted Sophie. 

"I would have if I would have been allowed to marry whoever I wanted, but sometimes things you hope for don't happen and you finally come to realize how your initial thoughts were wrong," replied Lucy in a curt tone. 

Sophie ignored Lucy's words and turned to Theodore and asked, "Do you feel the same way, Theodore?" 

Theodore was looking the other way, hoping he wouldn't be dragged into the conversation, but Sophie, who Lucy had shut down, had now turned to speak to him. 

"My apologies, milady. I wasn't paying attention," apologized Theodore. 

"All these years we have been following family tradition, shouldn't the King marry someone who is agreeable?" questioned Sophie. 

"I think matters like these are best to be discussed with the King himself. I am only a humble servant," he replied with a smile on his face. 

"I knew it was of no use to ask you questions. You never answer anything," muttered Sophie under her breath, slightly annoyed. 

Theodore was glad that Sophie didn't try to stretch the conversation, but Lucy didn't feel the same way about it. 

Lucy commented, "It is a habit of his. To skip answering questions as it keeps him on the safer side. Isn't that right, Advisor Theodore?" 

Theodore turned his head to look at Lucy, "I never knew I did something like that, Lady Lucy.. If you don't mind me asking, which question did I miss answering? I will be more than happy to answer them now," he spoke in a polite tone. 

Lucy rolled her eyes, her lips twisted before she said, "What is the point of asking something that was not answered years ago. It is the same as asking you if I should water the plants and you answering it after it is dead. Isn't that right, Sophie?"

Sophie, who was playing with her bow and arrow, randomly aiming and releasing her arrows, had no idea of the context of what was going on, but she agreed with what Lucy said by nodding her head. 
Trotting- Part 3

"Simple questions like those should have known answers, milady," replied Theodore. "But please do let me know if there's anything important if you would like me to answer to." 

Lucy sent him a glare from where she was sitting on her horse. The audacity of this man to be replying to her as if it was nothing. 

"I have lost interest in asking the questions now," said Lucy. "I don't think any of us have spotted any stag around here. We should probably go back where the others are. I should have gone with Samuel." 

Theodore watched Lucy while she and Sophie Wilmot were trotting in front of him in the forest. His eyes had left hers only when she was looking at him. His ears had tuned themselves to her heart beat while listening to every word that came out of her lips. 

It wasn't often that they spent so much time together in the same place where he could hear her speak. Both she and him were tired of listening to Sophie's whining. He hadn't stepped into the guilt trap that Lucy had placed for him in the question, but he had stepped away from it as if it was nothing. No matter how much Lucy looked at him with hate, Theodore had never felt bad about it. He knew she had a right to be angry at him, and he didn't mind that. 

Lucy's black hair had small braidings from the two sides of her head before it was let down at the back after being pinned. She carried arrows behind her back and the bow in her hand. Her eyes refusing to meet him as if she didn't want to stay in the same place where he was. 

When they finally met with Rosamund and Samuel, Theodore looked around, wondering where Calhoun and Madeline were. 

"Oh, looks like Samuel caught the animal first!" Sophie exclaimed, looking at the animal that was tied with ropes. 

"And looks like you guys didn't find any stag," commented Rosamund to her daughter. "I told you it was pointless to go looking for it."

With most of them here, Lucy unmounted from her horse and jumped on the ground. 

Soon the others followed her action, and Lucy, who was about to take a left turn, came to stand in front of Theodore. 

"So much space in the forest," and I don't know if it is you or me who gravitates around each other, thought Theodore in his mind. 

Lucy felt her heart stutter on having Theodore this closely standing in front of her. Staring at him, she took a step back to be welcomed into Samuel's arms. 

"How was your hunt?" asked Samuel, and Lucy turned around to meet her husband's gaze while Theodore looked away to pat his horse. 

While they decided to stay at the same place, waiting for Calhoun and Madeline to return, Theodore didn't look at Lucy again as Samuel liked to intervene every time they were near each other. Somewhere it made him smile that the low life was scared of his wife changing her feelings. 

Theodore heard the distant galloping of the horse, and he noticed it was Calhoun and Madeline. But something seemed off as Calhoun's eyes had narrowed, and when he pulled the reins of the horse, he got Madeline and himself down before walking towards them. 

On seeing him, others turned around, but Calhoun went straight at Sophie and caught hold of her neck to startle everyone. 

"B-brother C-Calhoun," Sophie stuttered. 

"Were you the one who shot the arrow?" demanded Calhoun with his eyes narrowed at her.
"I-I, we were only hunting the s-stag," Sophie looked scared. 

"Brother Calhoun, I don't think that Sophie mea-" Lucy tried to defend, but one glare from Calhoun had her stop from saying another word.

Calhoun said to Sophie, "If I wasn't with her, you would have turned dead today. I don't care if it was by mistake, but I would rather have you to stay aware of where the Queen walks and is present. Do you understand that?" his voice dropped low to a threat, "I will rip every single part of your body. Limb to limb," and he finally released Sophie. 

On hearing this, Theodore frowned, and he caught sight of the arrow that indeed belonged to Sophie, but he was with her and Lucy the entire time. With the way Sophie had used her arrows, there was no way she could have aimed at Madeline. He looked at Rosamund, who was holding her daughter and speaking to the King, and his eyes then fell on Samuel, who stood next to Lucy with a grim expression. 

If it wasn't Sophie, it was either Rosamund or Samuel, thought Theodore to himself. And considering the history Rosamund shared with Calhoun, his doubts fell on the older vampiress. 

Calhoun didn't want to discuss more on the subject as he was outraged, and he declared, "The hunting session has been dismissed. Madeline and I will be heading back to the castle." 

"Come, Lucy. We should get back too. We don't know if there are other people around," Samuel said to Lucy, and she nodded her head.

On returning to the castle, Lucy went to see her cousin sister, who was in fits of tears that rolled down her eyes. Lucy consoled Sophie, wondering if someone had got hold of Sophie's arrow that she had been meaninglessly aiming at earlier in the forest. 

Sophie sniffed and sobbed while her mother, Rosamund, had gone to speak to the King to convince him there was no hand of Sophie in what just happened in the forest today. Once Lucy had put Sophie to sleep, she started to walk towards her own room. 

When she opened the doors to her room, she felt her heart slip out of her chest, but she tried to keep an impassive look on her face. Samuel had wrapped his hand around a maid's waist whilst he sucked her blood from her neck. 

On seeing Lucy arrive in the room, Samuel dismissed the maid, and he licked his lips. He asked, 

"How is Sophie doing right now?" 

"She's resting now. She should be alright with some rest," replied Lucy.

Her heart was a little rattled that someone had tried to kill Madeline. The attacker could have killed anyone today, and Madeline was lucky to have Calhoun next to her. For assurance, she went and sat next to Samuel, but he stood up from the bed. 

"I will be going to the royal court now. Make sure you rest too," said Samuel before leaving her without any word of comfort. 

Lucy's hands that were on her lap clenched her skirt. She didn't know if she was imagining things, but there were times where she had seen Samuel hold the maids intimately as he drank their blood. She wondered if she was imagining things, which was why she felt she was being neglected. 

The same day when Lucy had gone to take a walk around the corridors of the castle, she came to find out that there was no royal court meeting being held and that Samuel possibly had lied to her. But why?
Light- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Timeless - Jorge Mendez


Lucy didn't know how to take the lie that she had heard regarding her husband. Samuel was her husband, someone she relied upon after her parents and Calhoun, and her lips set itself in a thin line, wondering why he didn't return to the room after finding out there was no meeting taking place in the royal court room.

She decided to not jump into conclusion and instead confront Samuel about it. There must have been a reason, thought Lucy to herself. 

At least that is what she initially had decided, but before Lucy could even question on it, Samuel had returned back to say, 

'I had to go to Baudeux town to tell the magistrate to release the water to the next village that has been blocked there.'

Maybe Samuel had mistaken it by thinking there was a meeting, but instead he was supposed to go elsewhere, thought Lucy to herself. Until now, he had done no wrong in her eyes, and he had behaved as the perfect husband. Except for showering affections when they were alone and spending time to love her, he was perfect, and many young women wished to have a husband just like him. 

When Lucy had heard things like those from other people, it made her happy that she had at least ended up with a person who cared for her, but then she remembered the way he drank blood from the maids. Her hands gripped themselves on the railings of the balcony where she stood now viewing the grounds of the castle.

"Lady Lucy," appeared a maid behind her. "Lady Rosamund wants you to have tea with her and with the Harris family."

"Hm," responded Lucy, but before the maid could take her leave, she realized this was the same maid from whom Samuel had taken blood. "Wait. I have something to ask you." 

The maid stood in her place, both her hands holding each other with her head bowed down. 

Lucy pursed her lips before asking, "You know my husband Samuel Grivelle, right. Have you spent time with him?" 

The maid, who was looking down at the ground, her eyes widened. "Yes, milady." 

"How many times have you given your blood to him?" questioned Lucy. "Raise your head." 

The maid did as she was told, and she looked at Lady Lucy, "I don't remember the number of times."

"Do you know if there are other maids from whom he drinks blood?" Lucy continued with her questions. 

"Not that I know of, milady. We maids don't discuss such matters with each other," the maid looked slightly nervous, and Lucy stared at the maid. 

It wasn't a big deal for a vampire and vampiress to directly drink blood from humans, but there were certain ways blood was drawn out. "Did you ever kiss him? Samuel I mean." 

The maid shook her head, and Lucy nodded her head. "You can go now," ordered Lucy before making her way to where her aunt and Madeline's family were having their afternoon tea. 

When she reached the room, Lucy put up a smile on her face, something she had practised over the years. 

"Good afternoon, Aunt Rosamund, Mrs. Harris and Elizabeth," Lucy greeted as she entered the room. As the wedding day was approaching, both Madeline and Calhoun had decided to invite Madeline's family to the castle. 

Like Madeline, her parents were polite and kind with their words, somewhere a little nervous at the fact that their daughter was going
to get married to a vampire. Though Lucy was not sure if she could tell the same about Madeline's sister Elizabeth. 

"Good to see that you have come to join us, Lucy dear. Take a seat," said Aunt Rosamund with a smile on her face. 

"Our apologies if you were busy, Lady Lucy," Mrs. Harris was quick to follow, and Lucy smiled. 

"There's nothing much to do in the castle other than sit idly and take rest while having tea. I was only looking at the castle grounds when the maid came to inform me about the tea gathering," replied Lucy, taking a seat next to Mrs. Harris so that she felt more at ease. 

The Harris' family were the bride's family who was important to Calhoun, and it automatically made it important to Lucy too. 

"That is very kind of you, Lady Lucy," replied Mrs. Harris. 

"It is nothing at all," chimed Lucy before looking down at Mrs. Harris' teacup, and she said, "Let me pour you another glass," she offered. 

On the other side of the seats, Lady Rosamund stared at Lucy and the old human who had no class or status. Her eyes then fell on Elizabeth, who sat with a straight back and her features far more poised than her younger sister. 

"You should let the maid do the job, Lucy," stated Lady Rosamund. "If you do all the work, the maid will have nothing to do. It isn't duchess' job to pour tea for another woman."

"I am pouring it for Mrs. Harris, who is our important guest, I don't think pouring tea puts my status down. Instead it strengthens the relationship," smiled Lucy, who had picked up the kettle. 

"Would you say the same if your mother had asked you the same question?" asked Lady Rosamund to see her niece freeze at that question. The older vampiress in the room then raised her hand at the maid to come to do her job. "I guess people in the castle have lost the touch on how to work. Don't worry about it, Mrs. Harris. You will get used to our lifestyle, isn't that right Elizabeth?" 

Mrs. Harris' other daughter, Elizabeth, smiled at Lady Rosamund and nodded her head, "You are right, Lady Rosamund." 

Lucy didn't like why her aunt always threw her mother's name to remind her how she was crossing lines and forgetting her status by not behaving how she was supposed to behave in front of everyone. 

Days continued to pass, and Samuel turned only busier and was often away from the castle. This led to Lucy spending more time with her relatives. After what happened in the forest, Sophie had stopped speaking about Madeline as she was too scared to speak anything related to the human or about her affections towards Calhoun. But with one problem solved, another had opened where Sophie and Madeline's sister didn't get along. 

But Lucy tried her best in not getting involved in their matters as she had her own to handle, not to forget, she often crossed paths with Theodore, and now that she was in the castle for a longer period, the previous memories she had tried to block had started to rush through her mind.

On one of the mornings, Lucy had found the place next to her empty on the bed, and she wondered if this was the life she was going to lead for the rest of her life. As Samuel wasn't here and the rest of the family members were yet to wake up, Lucy called one of the maid's and ordered,

"Ask the guards to get the carriage ready for me. I will be heading out soon." 

"Yes, milady," the maid bowed her head and left the room to follow up the order. 

Not soon enough, Lucy was in the carriage that travelled towards the royal cemetery.