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One of the reasons why he and Sumire get along very well is because they are the same type as one another. Both of them have gone through painful and traumatizing events. Both see the world differently than others. It is because they can relate and understand each other's pain.

Yuhi brushed his fingers across her eyelids. "Get some rest."



A few days later

Yuhi was very bored, as expected, hospital life does not suit him at all. He did consider sneaking out. But whenever he thought of Sumire, that stopped him. He liked her visiting him in the hospital and kissing her here.

Maybe this is a strange fetish of his. Kissing Sumire in the hospital bed.

Still, this place creeped him out a lot. He kept getting strange dreams recently.

Even now, as he thinks it through, it was strange out of body experience. And he knew if he were to talk to someone about it, they'll think something is wrong with his head. But even so, it was something that was enough to show some emotion in his face. Even before that experience, someone…someone had already told him those words.

Someone ….has he forgotten? No, he would never be able to forget—that person... who is so very important to him.

When he thought back to what happened a few days ago, it still felt like a dream to him.

Is it time yet? Yuhi, he lifted the pocket watch in his hands, it immediately falls from his grasp, and he reaches over to pinch his other hand. There isn't anything there; it feels floppy, almost like a toy. After Sumire left that day, Yuhi learned from the doctor that his left arm is broken too.

"Can I talk to him for a while, nurse?"

Hearing voices at the door, he glanced over.

"Yes. But keep it quick".


Yuhi glanced up at the owner of the voice to find Asami. Ah... "Hey."

Asami giggled. "You look so disappointed."

"Of course I am, what did you do with my wife? I left her in your care for a reason." Yuhi mumbled. He figured with Asami's personality; the girl would never do anything to hurt Sumire. Despite her being slow-witted, she would be able to get Sumire out of any uncomfortable situations.

"I left her with Aika-chan; they seem to have a lot in common."

He raised his eyebrow. "Is that fine?"

"Aika-chan is a good girl Yuhi, even if she likes you, she will back down if you find somebody you like." Asami trailed off. "Even me.."

The girl said the last line quietly, but he heard her. "Thank you."

"It is a good thing that you're up. You look better now. The others wanted to come. But things are still a bit complicated. So I came as the representative. Oh..but that's not important to you… Sumire hasn't been helping out with the event recently. She has problems of her own."

Huh? But did Asami not just say that she left her with Aika. Then again, that does not automatically mean they are at school. Problems of her own? Sumire is not the type of person who would tell anybody that she has issues.

Yuhi reacted to those words as the girl positioned herself beside his bed. She down on the stool. "Like what?"

Asami bit her lip. "A strange guy came to see her at the school the other day. He said the young master wanted to see her."

At that comment, his gaze dimmed. "Young master?"

"Mmm. Sumire-chan looked very trouble and mumbled something about a phone call."

It must be Soujiro then. But why would he ask to see her this way when he could personally call her? It did not make any sense to him. But there is no doubt that it is Soujiro. No, that guy would not do something unreasonable.

Yuhi pulled out his phone with his other hand and pointed to a picture of Sano. "This guy?"

Asami looked uncomfortable as she nodded. "Is it Nagawa Sano?"


"That guy is openly courting her in front of everyone. He stops by the school every day to take her home. Sometimes he comes up with an excuse to help with the festival." Asami sighed. "Everybody knows Sumire-chan is dating you, so this open courting disturbs people. But people are brushing it off as Sumire-chan must have seduced him while you were here. They are saying many terrible things."

He clenched his fist tighter when he heard those words. Sumire has visited him every single day, but she did not mention that to him at all. She always came here with a bright smile on her face.

"Why didn't she tell anybody?"

"Because she doesn't want to cause problems. Initially, Akatsuki-kun asked her if she knew him or not. He noticed that something was wrong. All Sumire-chan had to do was say that she didn't know him, and then Akatsuki-kun could chase him away."

No, she couldn't use that excuse. Nagawa has those photos on his phone. If Sumire used that on him, he could easily show those. That man would do anything to get what he wants. Sumire probably understood that better than anybody.


When Sumire finally came, Asami had long gone. She greeted him with her usual smile, but instead of feeling happy, he felt disturbed. How can she smile like that when somebody is harassing her? Asami did not describe the events very well; she described it as vaguely as she could. But Yuhi understood the situation very well.

Usually, girls like Asami would fangirl if a guy like Nagawa dropped by the school. But if they are also uncomfortable, it must mean Nagawa is doing something terrible. He wrapped his arms around Sumires waist.

"Uhh." She laughed awkwardly. "Are you horny? That's no good, your still a patient." Sumire turned to the bags she brought. "Let's eat first and then we can kiss."

He wants to kiss her now, though, and tell her that she can talk to him about anything, that she does not have to feel pressured.
So very dear and so very precious

"Aren't you too tense?" Yuhi asked.

For the past few minutes, Sumire kept shifting uncomfortably in his arms. When he saw how exhausted she was, he couldn't attack her like he usually would. So he suggested they just cuddle, but she seemed a bit weird.

"You know, not even I would attack you when you look exhausted."

Sumire looked down. "Well, men are usually beasts, so who knows if that is true. Besides, since you were hospitalized, you attack me every day. So I think I have every right to be cautious."

It's not his fault; she looks so pretty and dresses up whenever she visits him. Then again, maybe it is the hospital effect. Being cooped up in here for the whole day and barely seeing anybody. Of course, he would attack the prettiest thing he sees.

"Yuhi-san, you need to stop thinking about odd things. I am your girlfriend now, so I would like to request a certain degree of respect."

"Respect, eh," Yuhi repeated. He brushed his fingers across her lips.

It seemed darker than usual, and Yuhi understood why. He kisses her so aggressively these days and for a long time too. Maybe he ought to hold himself back.

Yuhi was about to say something when they hear the sound of something being slammed across the wall, followed by moans and whimpers.

"Well, this is a hospital; people get bored."

Sumire rolled her eyes. "They are too loud; they should at least keep it down."

This girl doesn't get phased by anything… Yuhi thought that hearing that would embarrass her, but it turns out that isn't the case.

Then again, what did he expect? When it comes to anything romance-related, she ends up rambling. Huh? Wait rambling? Maybe she is nervous, and that is why she is like this now. That would be an interesting theory. But unfortunately, he cannot determine whether that is true or not.

The girl moved away from his hold and suddenly sat up. She turned to the bags she brought and pulled some fruits out.

Sumire continues. "It must be awful being a star

because you've got to do your job no matter what happens. I brought you some fruit, which is from everyone." Sumire held up a plastic bag in her hands. "I thought I should get some sushi instead. But everyone said you couldn't give sushi to someone with broken bones. But since you said you were hungry, I thought that I could at least bring you some fruit."


But he preferred the sushi; still, she is acting a bit weird. Should he say something?

"I'm nervous for some reason."

"Nervous?" Yuhi repeated.

"We haven't ever really talked, have we?"

His eyes widened when he heard those words. It seems like she noticed it too, huh? Indeed, ever since they started dating. No even long before then, things were already starting to become awkward.

"We haven't?" Yuhi repeated.

Sumire averts her gaze for a while before she speaks up. "No. We've just talked about superficial things, and it feels strange."

That's right, even back then. It felt as though something was missing. Sumire saw that and strayed away from him, and that's why she became closer to other people.

"What I said to you that day was rather sly of me. But I guess it can't be helped during these times." Sumire leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. "So very dear to me, and so very precious."


Tuesday, April 4th, 2015 - Hospital -

When they are apart, their hearts are tested.

Even now, Yuhi could not forget the sensation of her lips when she brushed it against his and the words she said.

Yuhi does not understand how things ended up that way. Weren't the two of them happy recently? But then again, ever since he was hospitalized. Yuhi noticed that her behavior became odder and odder. It wasn't just that day.

"Terashima-kun in room 505 gets attacks every day, doesn't he?".

"Yes. But other than that, he is very energetic. Walking around and asking for sushi. No matter what you say --- " The nurse trails of, clearly only just noticing him. "Aah, not again, and he bought something from the vending machine too."

Yuhi shrugged before he dashed off, his other hand on the IV drip and crutches. It was still challenging to move about. But unlike before, he had better use of his legs.


When he turned around, he spotted three people—Akatsuki, Aika, and one of the council officers Itsuki.

"Hey." He managed to say, despite the snack, he was munching on.

"You look energetic, that's good."

Yuhi nodded.

"Ah, I brought you some flowers..."

He was about to proceed with the,' but sushi is better comment' when Itsuki holds up a familiar bag. That's from the sushi place he went to with Asami last year.

"Asami-san asked me to pass this on to you. She was saying that you're probably going crazy without it."

Yuhi blinked. It seems like Asami is trying to control her feelings.


They all headed back to his room; the nurse had a lot to say to him. Another lecture clearly, but with the others around, she couldn't do anything but change the IV drip.

Aika arranged the flowers, opened the bag, set out the tray in front of him, and placed the sushi boxes. Akatsuki flicks open the TV as Itsuki took a seat on the stool.

"Without you around Yuhi-kun, the signs don't have any weird dinosaurs on them....".

Usually, in times like this, he would hit him. But his arm couldn't move, Itsuki smiles. "Fu, you can't get me now. I'll take advantage of this for a while."


The black hair boy automatically karate chops Itsuki across the head, "I forgot to mention Akatsuki started karate a month ago." Yuhi said nonchalantly.

Itsuki sweatdropped, "That's not fair..."

Yuhi kept looking at the door. "Did...Sumire not come with you?"

At that comment, Aika sighed. A frustrated look appeared on her face. "I tried, I really did." She trailed off. "Yuhi, don't get upset when you hear where she has been lately…"


"She has stayed with her fiance for a while."

Yuhi dropped the snacks he bought from the vending machine, and Aika quickly explained.

"Look, you can't blame her. That Nagawa guy kept harassing her, and it was getting really bad."

His gaze dimmed even more. "Tell me everything." Asami would not go into detail about it, but he knew Aika would not beat around the bush.

"Where should I start..." Aika sighed. "It is a long story."
Wont fallfor his games anymore

Makoto Family Mansion -

Since that day, Sumire has stopped visiting Yuhi in the hospital.

She didn't understand why she stopped. But now that she has, it would be far too sly for her to return and say she misses him.

Besides, her gaze fell on the man sat on the chair opposite her. A man with pale blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite his Japanese name, he has English blood, which explains his fair skin, hair, and eyes. He was engaged in doing paperwork. This man sat across from her is none other than her fiance Makoto Soujiro. Contrary to her words about not seeing him, here she is.

She still found this entire thing mysterious despite spending the past few days with him. Was it indeed a coincidence that he happened to be there then? After she left the hospital that day and decided not to meet with Yuhi for awhile. Sano ambushed her in a place near Yuhi's apartment.

Unfortunately, that day she felt very drained and did not have much strength. It was the perfect day for Sano to attack her.

That day…


A few days ago

Ah, it seems like she genuinely can't find happiness.

What was she thinking saying such things to Yuhi and rushing of?

Her eyes widened when she saw the person that stood before her. A man with long blonde hair and those blue eyes. She has not met a person in so long, yet she has not forgotten his voice even once. "Soujiro?"

"Quite some time has passed since I last saw you. It seems you still have this bad habit of getting caught up with weird people."

"Ah." Sano nodded. "I know who you are. Her fiance, right?"

"Indeed, if you knew, I wonder what gave you the courage to do this."

"Pardon me, but I thought your engagement was annulled?"

Soujiro sighed. "People spread such strange things these days. I only found out she was alive recently. So when did I get the chance to annual the engagement?"

Sumire stared at him blankly. Just recently, he says? Did he not say on the phone that a year has passed already. This guy seems to be a better liar than her.

Sano paused. "I see, but I am sure you are aware that girl has seen other men in your absence."

"Indeed." Soujiro looked towards her before he wrapped his cloak around her shoulders. "But that is between us. I do not think it is in your place to comment. My dear," Soujiro turned to her. "You shall return with me."

It was not a request, nor was it a command. But Sumire noticed the authority and the worried look on his face. Is he concerned that Sano would not give up?

"It seems I will have to surrender for today. Have a good evening Sumire."


Current day

Sumire thought he would return the next day to bother her at school, but he did not. It surprised her in more ways than one. She was jittery and frightened for a while. But when Sumire realized that Sano was not coming back, she relaxed.

"How did you get Sano to stop harassing me?"

Soujiro sighed. "It isn't difficult dealing with a man like that."

A man like that, he says… Then again, Soujiro does have a lot of power. He most-likely made some kind of deal with Sano. After Soujiro saved her, he suggested that she stayed with him until Yuhi returned from the hospital. Indeed, with Soujiros protection. Sano has stopped appearing at the school.

"Is my presence bothering you?" Sumire asked.


She did not come here willingly; it was more like she was dragged. After she decided not to meet with Yuhi for awhile, Sano started to harass her. Sumire stood up and put her book down, she slipped her cardigan on and cap.

"Where are you going?"

Seeing the overprotective look in his eyes, Sumire laughed. "Relax, Im, just going to take a quick stroll. I will be back within an hour."

"I will send somebody to accompany you."

Sumire shook her head. "I don't want to stand out."


She doesn't want to stand out, but does she not stand out more now wandering around lost? Sumire trusted her memory and didn't think she could get lost, but her gaze fell on her surroundings. Why does nothing look familiar to her? Gahhh! She tried asking anybody passing by, but according to them, no such mansion exists.

After asking a few times, Sumire understood why. Soujiro kept that place a secret. Now that she thought about it, they were no neighbors, and the area was quite secluded. A deep sigh crossed her lips; it seemed like she has no choice.

Sumire scanned the area and decided to turn left. But that was a bad choice. After walking for a few minutes, she hears the sound of something familiar, and she sighed. Why do people feel the need to do such things in public? Sumire will never understand that behavior.

Should she wait until they are done or go another way? Sumire debated for a bit and waited for a few minutes. Just as she turned to leave, somebody called her name.

"Isn't this Sumire?"

Sumire sighed when she heard that voice. What is with her bad luck lately? Why does this keep happening to her? She turned around and confirmed her thoughts. The person that came out of the bushes was Nagawa Sano, her ex who was stalking her until recently.

Despite how well he tried to hide it. Sumire could tell what just happened behind those bushes. It seems like this man has not changed at all.

"Isn't this a good coincidence?"

Sumire sighed. "No."

"It seems like your returning to your foul mouth self around me. I thought we were starting to get along again?"

Her gaze dimmed at his words. As she thought, that so-called apology of his before was just for show. Then again, did she not expect this from him? From the very moment he apologized, Sumire realized that there was something wrong. Despite what it looked like, she did not believe his apology even one bit.

"Now, the silent treatment.." Sano trailed off. "It is a good coincidence for me since I was in the area so I could meet with you. I was wondering if we could talk."

After she coldly said no, why is he still talking? Sumire could not miss the gentle look in his eyes and kind tone. But after what she just witnessed a few minutes ago, Sumire did not believe him. This man acts like a Prince charming in front of other people, but she knew his true colors.

If it were the past her, then she would have naively fallen for this act of his, but everything is different now. She won't fall for his games anymore.
Back off

"Ah, a chat.." Sumire suddenly turned shy as she nervously brought her fingers to her lips. "That would be good. I haven't seen you since the last time, and I was afraid that you misunderstood me."

"Nonsense, why would I?" Sano edged closer. He brushed his hands across her cheeks. "I apologize for catching you off guard. But I believe we can discuss things now, no? Why don't we find a place to rest."

Sumire's gaze dimmed at the hand on her cheeks. It seems like the guy won't ever change. She gave him a chance to prove himself wrong, but it looks like he will continue behaving in this manner.

She moved his hand away and stared at him directly. "I don't need your bullshit, so back off."

Sano seemed surprised. "What?"

"Are you deaf? I don't need your bullshit so back off."

"Sumire, it seems like you have changed a lot since the last time we met."

"What did you expect after harassing me? Did you think I would get so frightened that I would be scared the next time we meet? Did you think I would break down in tears and cling to you? I'm not that pathetic. Do you think you're that important to me?"

She watched as anger flashed through Sanos eyes, but before he could hit her, somebody stopped him.

It wasn't Soujiro this time but somebody else. Hino-san?

"My dear friend, what are you doing?"

Hino looked troubled, and Sumire understood why. This entire time she knew Hino hid his friendship with her. But now all of his efforts will go to waste if he does not stop now.

"Let go of her."

Sano blinked. "Let go?"

At that comment, Hino sighed and pulled her into his arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Yeah, let go."

"Oh my…" Sano looked back at the two of them. His lips curve to a smile. "I see, so the girl that you are fond of recently is Sumire?"

"Damn, what rumors are they spreading."

"It's all over the company…"

Fond of? Wait, there are rumors? But Hino and her are just friends. Why would there be rumors about them? Then again, people's minds work in strange ways. It is easy for other people to make assumptions based on what they believe without listening to a proper explanation.

Sumire sighed and pulled away from Hino. "I meant what I said just then," Sumire repeated sharply as she glared at him. "Quit bothering me already. I will never return to you."

"Never, eh? I don't believe that is the case; you see Sumire, you are mine already. You never stopped being mine. Besides, those words you said earlier about coming back to me now, I never implied such a thing. Or is that something you wanted? Be careful not to put words into people's mouths based on your own delusion/fantasy."

At that comment, Sumire froze.

His current words overlapped with something he told her in the past.

"I have had enough of this." A familiar voice said.

Sumire turned and saw a tall woman with long grey curly hair wearing a black tank top, white pants, and a pair of sunglasses. It was none other than one of her classmates, Igarashi Aika. Recently the two of them have spent a lot of time together, and it did not take long before they became good friends.

"Excuse me, miss… this is a private conversation."

"Yeah, yeah. But you see, I am friends with that girl you are trying to intimidate." Aika walked over to her. "Just now you said something about being delusional and putting ideas into people's heads, but are you not the one who is doing that? I mean, after harassing and stalking her openly, are you sure you're not the one who is trying to beg? Don't get me started on how you were touching her face just now, like gross. Maybe you should think about your words carefully before you say them? It could end up having the reverse effect."

Her eyes widened when Aika finished her speech. She thought so from the start, but how come this girl is brimming with confidence? Asami-san told her that they would get along, and at first, she doubted it. The girl looked very intimidating, and she belonged to the popular crowd.

She knew all these things were superficial.

But after her past experiences, it was difficult not to think this way.

Sumire glanced over at Sano and saw how shocked he was. That's right, this kind of method of fighting back works against people like Sano. People like Sano think they have the world in their hands and twist and control people with their words.

"Why don't you just mind your own business? Even as a friend, I believe you are overstepping some boundaries."

Aika nodded. "I agree there. But I could not ignore your shitty words. Do you think that nobody can see what you are doing? You act innocent, kind, and the perfect gentleman. If something bad happens, you act like a hero. You put on this kind and innocent act; then, you choose a vulnerable target. You find somebody easy to manipulate and work your way under somebody's skin chipping them away bit by bit until they bend to your whims."

"That is a bit harsh, miss; you don't know me."

"Well, if I am wrong, I am wrong. But think about it, why are you still here clinging to your ex who you threw away? You suddenly had a change of heart? Then why don't you show her that and pursue her normally? Start as friends or something. Why are you here edging her on about the past? So what if she is your ex-girlfriend, does that give you the right to touch her without permission?"

A strong-willed person.

Aika has only known her for a short time, yet she can say these things with confidence. She noticed based on Sano's stalking and harassing at school. Sumire did not have to say anything about the past, Aika figured out.

She wishes she met this person back then. If she did, then maybe she would not have fallen into Sanos trap.

"It is obvious to anyone that you are playing the psychological card to get her to submit to you again. No offense to Sumire, but she is one of those weak targets I mentioned. Is that not the reason you like her so much? Because she is easy to control?"

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. She never thought of it that way before, but it seems like Aika has everything figured out.

"My, it seems this has become quite the spectacle now." Sano looked at her. "I only wanted to tell you that it looks like things are going well with you and Terashima Yuhi. I just wondered why things changed."

Her gaze dimmed.

"Are you serious? Sumire, don't answer that. Look at him, continuing with the bullshit."

"I don't know what gave you the idea even to ask me that. But do you think I will give you details on my personal life, let alone my relationship?" Sumire argued back. She has had enough of this guy, what makes him think he can say all this and get away with it?
He needs you

Does Sano still think that she is the same naive girl that she once was? Surely not. Sumire knew that ever since that apology, he decided to stalk her. So he must understand by now that something like this would not work.

"Such cruel words. How could you say that after everything we have gone through? Are you going to abandon our relationship just like this? What about the promises you made?"

Wasnt he faltering? What suddenly made him regain his con-- Sumire paused when she noticed that a small crowd had gathered. It seems like he genuinely plans to corner her today. He could have done this last time, but Soujiro came.

Sano could easily turn this scenario into his favor and make her and Aika look like bad people.

"Even though I stayed by your side when everybody left you and judged you. Even though I accepted everything about you, even your emotional and negative outbursts, all the things I did for you, all of it meant nothing? Is it because you have other guys that you wish to push me away?"

Who was the one who left for another person? Who was the one who mocked and insulted her until she broke down? Support her when she was emotional? What support is he talking about? He is the one who told her to get over it. Whenever she mentioned her problems to him, he would pretend to listen and then criticize her harshly.

No matter what the problem was, it would end up being her fault at the end of the day.

Aika sharply interjects. "Please spare me the soap opera lines. First of all, the people here are mere speculators, who stopped by because we caused a commotion. Second, your only saying all this nonsense to guilt trip Sumire. You figure she won't be able to argue back in front of a large crowd. Otherwise, why did you not say this earlier? Third, drop the innocent act. Do you want me to tell people that you're chasing after your ex? Your ex, who is already in another relationship?"

At that comment, murmurs appeared in the crowd.

Sanos remaining confidence seemed to have vanished in an instance. He turned away.

"Fine, I understand."

"One more thing, this guilt trip thing and messing with somebody's mind thing that you do only works for a little while. That shit will get old eventually. Some people will not be swayed by your words and make their judgments. Will you label those people as bad too? Either way," Aika grabbed her wrist. "We are done here. Hino, coming?"

Hino, who was silent this entire time, looked at Sano and then back at her. He gave an apologetic smile. "I will text you later."

Her gaze softened. "Okay."

With those words said, Aika pulled her away. Hino stayed behind to help Sano out; he truly is a good person, isn't he? Sumire has never met a person like that before.

"Aaah, I can't believe you," Aika exclaimed.

Her sweat fell. "Today, I gave it my all."

"You were impressive, but your still visibly shaken whenever he brings up the past. Honestly, I don't know what happened between you two, so I cant help. I won't ask you for the details now since we only just became friends. I can tell that the subject is a sore one for you."

This is the first time she has met somebody with such a strong-willed personality. No, it must be the second time. Aika resembles her best friend, Futaba, a bit.

Sumire burst into laughter. "You really are very cool."

Aika looked embarrassed but sighed. "Well, I have to apologize for getting worked up. But I have seen many other girls go through such terrible forms of harassment, some who could not escape."

"I see. But you know who he is, right?" Sumire clarified. Normally people wouldn't mess with

"Oh that's right, you still don't know."

Sumire blinked at her friend's words. Still don't know?

"But we can discuss that another day. I thought you were busy with work, but it seems you have enough time to take a stroll. Why haven't you been coming?"

Oh, she is mad, after all. Sumire knew she should have dropped by at least once. But...

"The preparations are almost complete now, and the event starts soon. So I figured I'd leave the rest of my painting to the day before..."

"Not to the event to the hospital," Aika said like it was undeniable.

Actually, Sumire knew what Aika meant the first time, but she wanted to feign ignorance.

"Well, he's alright so.."

So there is no need for her to go.

Sumire felt that way that as long as she knows, he's okay. Then there wouldn't be any need to see him, as she is now too...she wouldn't know what exactly to say. "But he's not alright!"

Her eyes widened alarmed at those words, but she managed to ask calmly. "Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"When we went to visit him, we overheard the doctor say that his hand will take a long time to heal. At least another two months, movements will be impossible with his dominant hand."

Sumire recalled how he pushed her away with a lot of force. Yuhi did not get a chance to shield his hands.

Aika continued as she pointed to her arm as an example. "They said that a nerve right here was severed and they tried to reattach it with surgery. But it will take a long time to heal. He knows, but he just acts like nothing is wrong. But that can't be it." She trailed off. "Also, it seems like he is up all night. If he tries to go to sleep, he ends up having these attacks.

By that point, she was looking at the other side.

She thought that things would be alright just as long as he was alive. But it seems like that isn't the case here. How much pain has he suffered in the time they did not meet?

I did not intend to avoid him forever. I just wanted to think for a bit. Who would have thought it would end up having such a negative effect?

It never occurred to her that Yuhi needed her this much.


Hospital - Tokyo - 1:00pm

By the time she arrived, she hears the nurses whispering about 'Terashima in room five hundred and five in the middle of another attack.' It saved her the trouble of having to ask. She's never been any good with directions, but she has been to this place before.

She managed to navigate through the white halls reasonably quickly. After a few minutes, she managed to find a familiar place. She spotted Atushis familiar black hair speaking with the doctor.

"He has calmed down now. But I am sure it will happen again."

"Why does that happen every day?"

"It might be from mental fatigue." he trails off, "Oh, does he have an acquaintance with the name of a color?"

Eh? Could it be...? Sumire felt her heart speed up. It could be anyone, but how many acquaintances does Yuhi have with the name of a color? If she filters it to his close friends. Sumire knew there were not many.

Atushi must have understood and sighed. "Yes, he does. His girlfriend."

"Then I think he must be calling for her. That might be the cause of his unease too."

At that comment, Sumire stepped up. "Atushi, you don't have to call."

His gaze fell on her, and he walked over. Atushi extended his hand out and patted her hair. "Go to him now; he needs you."

It doesn't matter what I say

Whenever he has an attack Yuhi felt somebody is forcibly taking his soul from him.

It feels as though something will come crashing down...

It's like that. It feels as though somebody is pulling him into a pitch black world.

His deep thoughts broke off, when the doors opened. A familiar voice rang through his ears, " Can I come in...Yuhi?"

The curtain was pulled open, revealing a certain brunette and amethyst coloured eyes girl. The person whom he had been waiting for to arrive, the person whom he returned for. "Aika said I should come so..."

He watches as het gaze fell onto his wounded arm wrapped in bandages.

Tears automatically fell from the girl's eyes, causing his own eyes to widen. Yuhi instantly reached his left arm towards and the brunette came rushing forward, and at the same time they embraced each other.

His single arm wrapped around her and both her arms wrapped around him.

Yuhi felt the girl trembling and the tears in her eyes clearly hadn't stopped yet, as she said with her voice shaking. "Yuhi."

Ah, why are is she crying?

'I don't want to see her cry anymore. But seeing her expressionless like a doll either isn't something I want anymore.'

"No matter, what kind of painful things happen in the future. Don't run away from them. Take them as they come. It'll be difficult yes, that is if your alone. But you don't have to worry about that, because I'll be there with you."

His brown coloured eyes went wide for a split second.

It took a few minutes for him to calm down even then it took awhile for him to relax. So he managed to pull Sumire onto the bed with the arm that didnt hurt. She immediately landed in his arms which made it easier for him. Yuhi buried his face in her hair and inhaled her sweet scene.

'I missed her so much.'

To think not seeing Sumire would lead to this situation.

"Yuhi-san, have you calmed down?"

"Hm? Yeah, probably." Yuhi said. He still felt a bit sluggish but he was a lot better now. "Why whats--" He paused when he saw how red her face was.

I didn't even do anything yet, why is she red? Or rather it isnt like her to loose her calm like this.

"I haven't seen a guy cry in awhile… so.."

Yuhi blinked. "So innocent."

"Don't tease me, anybody would get flustered seeing that."

The last guy that probably cried in front of Sumire is most likely Mamoru. None of the other guys who like her would dare show their weakness.

Yuhi wondered if Sumire is thinking of Mamoru right now.. His gaze fell on something, it was a dark mark on her shoulders. Yuhi frowned. "Hey, what is that?"

Sumire took a deep breath. "I guess I should tell you. I ran into Sano before I came here."

His gaze dimmed even more when he heard that. He felt the blood rush to his head until Sumire placed her hand on top of his. It seemed to have a healing affect. "Tell me everything."

Sumire nodded. For the next few minutes, he listens to Sumire explain everything.

He already heard from the others that Sano was harassing her quite badly until Soujiro interfered. To think that guy would try to take advantage of her again.

'How careless of me.'

Yuhi brushed his lips across her forehead. He had no words. What could he say to her? Sorry? Sorry for what? For not being there to protect her? Asking her if she is okay is stupid too. Sumire still looks visibly shaken from the encounter. Sumire is normally so calm and collected. For her to get this upset and shaken up.

Nagawa Sano, it seems like his affect on her is still so strong.

It's no wonder that man is confident that he could get her.

"I will thank Aika later."


"But you did a good job yourself." Yuhi extended his hand out and patted her hair.



A complicated look appeared on her face. "So one of the main reasons why I allowed that guy to harass me for so long was I wanted to confirm something." She trailed off. "You see, he wears that badge everyday right?"

"Huh? Yeah."

"I didn't notice it before since I didnt pay attention to him. But now that I have, it looks familiar. That day, the accident…" Sumire turned quiet.

She saw a badge similar to something Nagawa wears before she passed out?

"According to the reports, when they pulled you out of the car you were already unconscious. But are you saying you saw somebody?"

"That report was wrong. Me and Ru were already out of the car, somebody pulled us out. But that person wasn't an ally. My vision was very blurry then and my body hurt so much due to the injuries. I couldn't even see Ru. I don't even know if I was the only one they pulled out, however there was somebody there."

The report was wrong? It seems like somebody intended to cover this up from the start.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Yuhi asked, but he already knew what she would say.

Why would anybody believe her when she was covered in wounds and delirious?

"It doesnt matter what I say. People think what they want, and they believe what they will. Humans are stubborn creatures. Once they believe in something, it is hard to change their minds even if you have evidence."

"Did you try?"

Another pointless question, of course she tried. While Sumire relied on Mamoru a lot after the death of her parents, she had other people she trusted too.

"I tried but nobody wanted to listen. On one side people were still grieving, on the other people thought I had gone crazy. Everybody was careful whenever they said anything around me. They treated me like some ticking time bomb that was on the verge of exploding. I couldnt blame them too much there. It did feel like my emotions were going crazy." Sumire sighed. "Back then, I couldn't process my thoughts very well. So even though I remembered that, I couldn't be sure if I was making it up. An accident is an accident. I should accept that statement and move on. But I always felt that it was too much of a coincidence to be an accident."

She went through so much. He needs to have another go at Atushi and heck maybe even Asuka. Yuhi always imagined that those two would remain calm and rational no matter what happened. Sure Mamoru died and it affected everybody. But surely those two could have helped her?

'Whenever I think of it, I end up feeling frustrated. Why wasn't I there?'

"Your way of thinking isn't wrong. If you consider his circumstances before the accident, anybody would think it was a set up. I am surprised the police didn't find anything."

"If they did, they covered it. Somebody wanted Ru dead and that somebody has ties to the police force." She tapped her fingers against the railing of the bed. "Say Yuhi, could I ask for your input?"
He has to feel pain

"Go ahead."

"In the scenario that it was an accident, normally people would hit the car and leave. They would even drive the vehicle somewhere else and hit it against a building to make it look more affective. The perpetrator could say something like, even after they hit the car the breaks kept going, hence the second crash."


"But in this case they left the vehicle, didn't run away immediately. They spoke to the cops and then left without being detained." Sumire trailed off. "I was barely conscious but I saw the person with the badge. He was talking to somebody on the phone about the job being completed, and something about personally calling the police. Don't you think that's strange?"

"I do. What was strange was there was nobody else who witnessed the accident. Sure it was late at night but you were taking a public road. No matter how late it is, somebody should have seen you. No passing byers or even somebody out on their balcony and looking out. That street had apartments with balconies alongside shops on a main street. Somebody should have seen."

"There was nobody, it was like a ghost town. Ru even joked about it."

Now that is stranger.. If Mamoru noticed the place was like that, why did he not say anything? Why didn't he stop the car?

Yuhi voiced this thought out and Sumire paused. "Do you think he knew …"

"It's highly-likely. Why he would allow them to go through with that I am not sure. We can rule this out as one possibility. Mamoru may not have known."

Yuhi knew that sounded stupid. Tsueno Mamoru was a genius, he excelled in everything. His intelligence did not know any limits. From educational intelligence to military, and even politics. That man was amazing. It can't be possible that he did not find anything strange about that situation.

"Now about what you said regarding the badge. First thing is first, you most likely saw a subordinate not necessarily Nagawa. That emblem is the symbol to a certain organization. Second that phone call. If we look at it this way, the police knew about it and that was why the area was empty. Only the police can issue a statement like stay in doors and don't open your windows or evacuate people temporarily. I think if we ask around for statements from the residence that lived in that area we could hear something. But there is a chance they were moved to be silenced."

It would explain why there were no news reports from the residence. No news that the area was vacated that day for a drill or anything. The report made it looked like people were there. It was clearly covered up.

But would the police be that stupid? Sure Sumire lost her parents. But everybody knows she is the heir to the Ibuki family fortune. Nobody would dream of touching her, would they?

It seems they did not expect for Sumire to be there. According to what Sumire described earlier, they pulled her out of the car. The perpetrator must have been flustered and called their boss on what to do. It would explain why Sumire's injuries were minor, since they got her out quickly and stopped the bleeding.

The ones who caused this did not want to hurt Sumire, it was only intended for Mamoru. His thoughts broke off when he felt Sumire's gaze on him. "What?"

"I was just thinking for somebody who called themselves a hunting dog before, you sure act more like a detective."

"A detective huh."

"Anyhow, thank you for helping me clear my thoughts."

His lips curve to a smile. "Those are only possibilities."

"I know and there are things you worked out but aren't telling me either."

This girl is far too sharp, he has never met anybody like her before. Somebody who could understand his thought process so well.

Back when he was still working in the underground world, other people said to him that understanding him is too dangerous. They all stayed away from him just because he could understand the mind-set of criminals so well.

Yuhi tugged on her hand and brought his lips to her ear. "Enough of this talk for now. Let me kiss you."

"I have a feeling that will be dangerous Yuhi-san. You haven't kissed me in a few days after all."

"Mm, punishment."

Sumire rolled her eyes and yet nodded. She brushed her fingers across his lips. "But since your injured, I shall be the one doing the kissing."

Yuhi chuckled amused at her words. "Well once in a while it is nice to take it easy."

"Lazy." She mumbled softly against his lips. "But I don't dislike that at all, in fact that is one side of you that I particularly like."


Yuhi glanced down at the girl fast asleep in his arms. He noticed it ever since she came in, how exhausted she looked. So even though he edged her on to kiss him. Yuhi hummed a melody and the girl went to sleep in seconds.

'It seems like I wasted a good chance for Sumire to initiate the kissing.'

But it was worth it. Sumire felt comfortable in his arms and he also felt a lot more relaxed. He pressed his fingers onto the bruises on her neck and shoulders. That Nagawa ….

He held back this entire time because he knew Sumire did not want any problems. But now that guy has done something like this, he won't hold back anymore. How dare he touch her? How dare he even breathe the same air as her.

That guy should die. Yuhi thought so when he first heard the story but now he is positive. Everybody goes through painful break ups. Some people wake up one day and realize that they no longer want to date the person beside them.

It is harsh but that is the reality of the situation. A bad break up is fine, that happens to everybody. But harassing the person after the break up is something else entirely.

Why does that man think he can get away with this?

Yuhi's thoughts broke off when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Mm, you did. You were making a scary face." Sumire trailed off. "I know what you're thinking. But Yuhi, I don't want you to do that anymore. You're not a member of the underworld anymore. So if you kill somebody, it would be hard to save you. Nagawa is a cruel man, but he does not deserve to die. Scum like him deserve to be punished but not death. Death would be letting him escape, he has to continue living in agony. He has to feel pain."

Yuhi blinked when he heard her words. It seems like she is giving this more thought than him. Then again the one who despises Nagawa Sano the most must be Sumire.
The courage to betray me do you have it?

"Since we are on this subject Sumire. Did you ever think to…"

Sumire nodded. "There was a time where I thought I should just kill him. I mean sure I acted like the kind and innocent girlfriend. But I am sure even Sano knew I had a difficult personality."

His sweat fell when he heard how casually she said that. Well, he supposes it is possible for her. "What did you think when you first found out he was cheating on you?"

"I should kill him myself but then I realized that by doing that I would be showing him how much I loved him. So instead of that, I tried to kill the woman he was seeing so he would remember me."

Yuhi shuddered when he saw the dangerous look on her eyes. She is scarier than he thought.

"So what would you do if I cheated on you?"

If she reacted this way towards Sano then Yuhi is interested how she would react towards him.

"Before I answer that question you sure do know a lot of girls."

"Is that what it seems like?"

Despite the Shakespeare reference though, she doesn't budge. Instead he watched as a complicated look appeared on her face.

"Come to think of it, someone in the tokyo holy knights branch asked me to introduce you to them."


He noticed that the stares when he was with Sumire increased. He thought the stares came from the staff and the girls fan's - but it turns out it was none of those.

"So I told her that you were actually an immoral person with a bankrupt personality. I instated that you were a pervert with strange fetishes too. I also said I wasn't going to be held responsible for whatever happens after I introduce you to her."

His sweat dropped seeing the expression on the girl's face. Or rather, his eyes twitched annoyed. "Wow, I'm hurt. Do you think I am that much of a jerk?"

Sumire sighed. "Whether or not that is the truth, I got the results I wanted since she backed off after that."

"Even though you know the real reason..."he murmurs. Well he supposed it's fine. He did not need a random girl confessing to him right now.

Come to think of it, since she came here hasn't had to worry about that problem. Though at first he still received the same stares from those girls. Once Sumire came along and they saw him dot on her, they seemed to have stopped.

"A person seriously dating me should have a somewhat twisted personality".

"Oh, this might be true. I wouldn't call myself normal."

"In reality there is nothing wrong with me introducing you. Because nothing good will come out of the introduction. Don't you think it's the same as nipping a bad bud before it grows?".

"Really? Who knows. Something unbelievable could happen." Yuhi teased. It was a joke of course.

If Sumire introduced him to somebody else, that would genuinely hurt his feelings. He likes the idea that she told these girls to back away.

"That could never happen."

"You think so?"

Sumire nodded. "I do. After loving you Yuhi, I discovered what kind of girl your type is. The only person you can go out with is someone like me. Somebody abnormal and difficult to handle. Likewise the same goes for me, the only person I can date is someone who's somewhat similar to you."

At that comment, he felt a tint of red appear on his cheeks. His cheeks grew hot at her words. This girl is far too bold. How can she say such words

"At least for me, aside from someone with your qualities. I won't consider anyone else", she turned to face him. "Do you have the courage to betray me, Yuhi?"

The courage to betray her? Like he could do something like that. Yuhi cupped her cheeks. "For the past five years, nobody has caught my interest."

"Is that so? But I thought you had many beautiful women around you."

"None of them interested me."

"So are you saying you don't have the courage to betray me?"

Yuhi wore an indifferent looking expression, "And what if I do?".

Sumire pointed to something in her hands. It was a mini blade, "Look at this knife. I keep this with me at all times for self defence. It is very sharp and good at cutting things into small pieces."

"Uh, that no longer sounds like a joke." Yuhi said as he watched her carefully scrape the blade against the edge of the bed. Where on earth did she get that from?

Here he was trying to catch her of guard. But she really is good - no her personalities just bad. He wonders what her fans would think if they know that the person they admire is actually like this. Then again whenever she's on stage or acting out a role, she transforms in to a completely different person. They probably wouldn't mind either way.

"Even if you have a change of heart and like other girls, I wouldn't care. Because there are so many more girls out there that are more attractive than me."

Is she sulking? Geez. Yuhi moved the knife away from her hands and placed it on the bed side table. The slightest movement hurt and he winced in pain when he placed the knife down. Sumire blinked. "Should I stop teasing you?"

"My dear." Yuhi questioned. "Why were you even teasing me?"

"I thought it would lighten the atmosphere a bit. You looked too serious."

"Hmmm I see."

Sumire brushed her lips against his. "Anyhow I think I would like to ask you something else Yuhi-san."

"What is it?"

Or rather what is she doing? Does she want to kiss again or is she flirting with him? Yuhi noticed that she was drawing circles with her hands on his chest. He only wore the thin hospital garment, so it felt like she was touching him with no clothing on. Yuhi frantically shook his head. Quit it with the strange thoughts. No wonder Sumire said that thing about him being a pervert.

"Do you like french cuisine?"

Yuhi blinked when he heard her words. Now that was unexpected. "I do, why?"

"Okay, good."

Is she planning on cooking him something? "Make it light, I am still a patient."

"I know. But I figured I would make you some lovey-dovey handmade bentos and get on your good side."

"You're already on my good side." Yuhi kissed her forehead, eyelids, nose, and then lips lightly. "I am glad to see you in high spirits again. But I think you should go back to sleep. You haven't been sleeping well have you?"

He noticed the dark circles in her eyes earlier. "Get some rest." Yuhi pulled the blank onto her shoulders.

"Then I shall."
An easy relationship

Following morning - RB Hotel - Tokyo - 07:00am

It did not matter to him who it was. Any girl would do since all of them are the same. An easy relationship is better than a normal one. By an easy relationship, he means a physical relationship. Physical relationships do not involve getting attached to people. They do not involve anything complicated.

"So, hey, I have a strange question for you, Nami."

The blonde-haired girl who was slipping on a shirt glanced over.

"What makes you want to see me?"

Nami rolled her eyes. "That is the stupidest question you have ever asked. Isn't it obvious? We have sex from time to time, and you're good at it. Your clean, and you listen to what I want."

"Wow, is that all?"

Do you not care one bit?

Since he parted ways with Sumire, Sano felt very strange. The girl's cold look at the last words she said.

'Just one more thing. All those girls you are fooling around with, none of them see you for who you are. Even if something bad were to happen to you, none of them would care.'

"Oh, I almost forgot something. You look like the type of guy who would cut off all ties if I said I didn't want to see you ever again."

"You make it sound like I am an easy guy."

"Well, that is what I am trying to say. Besides, it isn't a bad thing, do you think there are many easy and safe guys out there?" Nami shook her head.


Once they finished signing out, the two of them exited the hotel. "By the way, I don't think I can meet you for a while."


"I think I won't be able to meet you for a while."

"Is your boyfriend coming back?"

"No, my parents." Nami sighed. "Do you have the rest of the day off?"

"I'm free."

"Then, just for today, we can go to my place."

He dislikes girls who think they have everything under control. But today, Sano was not in the mood to argue. After what happened yesterday, he wanted to release some stress.

"Hey, look at that."

Sano glanced over and spotted a huge crowd gathering. In the center of this crowd were a familiar girl and a guy on his knees.

"Go back home! What on earth are you doing here?"

"Now, now, lady. Isn't that a bit too rude? I am still your senpai."

"I don't care, go back home, Masaru-senpai."

Sano blinked when he heard the name. Tachibana Masaru? That legendary figure. Tachibana Masaru, the third son of the Tachibana conglomerate. His parents enrolled him in a music school because they wanted to have a strong footing in the entertainment industry.

"Don't be so harsh." Masaru pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small box. "Didn't you want to have this?"

Sumire bit her lip and sighed. "Fine, you win."

Masaru chuckled and stood up. The man quickly explained to the crowd how it was only an act. If any other person said these words, nobody would believe them. But because this is Tachibana Ameno, it was easy to believe. Some people recognized the man, but none of them made a fuss.

He knew people were curious about Sumire. The girl did not dress like she normally would. She looked a lot more grown-up and mature. So people did not recognize her.

"Sumire." Sano called out.

Sumire glanced over at him, and then she quickly hid behind Tachibana. "Masaru-senpai do me a favour; get rid of that for me."

"Oh? I thought you were good at getting rid of people."

"I already dealt with that yesterday."

Sano's eyes twitched in annoyance when he heard her words. He glanced over at Nami, who was mumbling. 'I will wait at home if you don't show then we won't see each other for two weeks.' He watched her retreating figure and sighed.

Why did he bother calling out to Sumire for?

Masaru flashed him a bright smile. "I apologize for her rude mouth. May I know your name, sir?"

"Nagawa Sano."

At that comment, Sano suddenly felt a sting on his face. A slap and, in the next second, a burning sensation. The man had punched him with a lot of force, causing him to fall on the ground.

"Wha-- Masaru-senpai, what are you doing? You can't just punch him."

The smile did not leave Tachibanas face. "But Sumire, is he not the one who hurt you? Your first boyfriend, I believe. This guy got lucky; when you were dating him, I was abroad. If I was around then, well, let's just say he wouldn't have just received a punch."

Sumire deeply sighed. "Honestly, your too overprotective." She walked over to him and extended her handkerchief out. "Though I don't appreciate what you did the other day or since Yuhi was hospitalized, I don't think you deserve to get hit randomly. Take this and wipe the blood."

His eyes widened at her words. How come she --? Sano did not know what to think when it came to this girl anymore. Sano did not get a chance to reply since Sumire stood up and pushed the golden-haired man.

"Let's go already. Yuhi is waiting for me."

"I don't see you for a while and your all-over Yuhi.."

"Of course I am, he is my boyfriend. Quit talking. I miss him a lot."

Sano watched the pair until they disappeared. He could not miss the expression on Sumire's face when she mentioned Yuhi. What is with that? When they were together, she acted so innocently. She never said such bold things about wanting to see him, nor did she have such a tender expression on her face.

Why does she behave that way towards people other than him? Why is it them and not him? Sano wanted nothing more than to chase after her, grab her wrist and drag her away. How dare she treat him this way?

His gaze fell on the handkerchief in his hands. Is she mocking him? Is she pitying him by giving him this?

"You know, that was interesting to watch."

Sano sighed when he saw purple hair. "Hino."

"Sulking again?"

"Shut up."

Hino glanced over at the handkerchief and blinked. "Huh, so she bought that? I only suggested that on a whim…"

"It seems like your getting along with her," Sano commented bitterly.

"Well yeah, Im not a jerk."

A jerk, huh? He still does not understand what he did wrong.
2013 - Mine Part 1

What did he do that was so wrong? Why does she hold such a deep grudge against him? Sure he cheated on her, but it was only a little. Besides, it was on a whim. At the start, he did not intend to cheat on her. Sure he used her from the moment they met, and his intentions aren't pure. But he intended to treat her normally.

Hino led him to the car and Sano followed without a second word. The second he sat down, he closed his eyes.

A dream of the past came to him.


Star Town 20XX

A young man with short hair stood in front of a school gate with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

What is he doing? He is going to look like a weirdo if he waits for her outside her school like this. But whenever Sano thought of her, he wanted to meet with her right away. His gaze fell on the bouquet of flowers in his hands. Would she like this? He has never dated a girl with such a large age difference before so he does not know what to do.

"Did you see that?"

"I did, I did!"

"Do you think Ibuki is dating Ichinose-senpai?"

At that comment, Sano frowned. Ibuki is a common name, but even then, this is too much of a coincidence. Sano got some directions from the girls and headed in the direction they mentioned. His footsteps felt heavy, and the entire time there was a voice in the back of his head telling him to turn back quickly. If he does not go back now, he may see something that he does not want to.

What if she cheats on me?

Sumire is still a high school girl; she is young. Why would she choose to be ina serious relationship with a man seven years her senior? When he proposed that they start dating. Sano did it on impulse, he frequently saw her in business parties, and they got along well. He did not think she would say yes to him, and he knew how old she was.

Her age was a problem; that was why he hesitated at first. But then somebody told him her identity, and he changed his mind. Sano felt bad for using such a young girl, but his company business was in trouble. This is the only way for him to save them.

Sanos thoughts broke off when he spotted his girlfriend. She was with a guy with blonde hair, and they sat close on the small bench. The two appeared to be listening to music and chatting happily.

Just as he was about to call out to her, the blonde-haired guy leaned forward and kissed Sumires cheek.


"I thought you looked cute."

"D--don't do that over something silly."

"It's your fault."

Sanos gaze dimmed. It isn't her fault; that guy was the one who kissed her. But, does she have to act so embarrassed about it? Does she not know how misleading that looks?

Still that guy she is with, the second heir to the Ichinose family is it? It seems like Sumire has a wide circle of friends.

"Besides, I told you already. I have a boyfriend."

Arashi sighed. "Nobody has seen the guy before, and you won't even tell us his name. So, of course, I can still do what I want with you."

The girl laughed softly. "I don't hate that straight forward attitude of yours." Sumire extended her hand out and brushed her fingers across the man's hair. "Leaf."


"Quit acting embarrassed."

"Right back at you, Rei."

Sano froze even more once he heard the nickname. Are these two that close? He has never heard anybody call Sumire by a nickname before. Sano always assumed that was because Sumire was not close to anybody in particular.

He clenched her fist, out of all the people she is close with why is it another guy? Why is it somebody else in the high class?

For the first time in a long time, he felt threatened. Will he lose her like this?


In the end, he retreated and went back home. But to think he would find Sumire at his home waiting for him. It seemed like she must have left the school the same time as him and headed straight here. He took the long way round, so that is why she arrived here before him.

"Sorry for using your kitchen. I was getting hungry."

"You came from school?" Sano said as he loosened his tie and put his bag down. His gaze did not leave the girl. Traces of sweat lingered on her neck, and her cheeks seemed flushed.

Did she run here? Why?

"Is that curry?"

"Mmm, I learned to make it recently."

"That sounds good." Sano trailed off. He did not know if he was lured in by the smell, but he stood up and immediately walked over to where she was. He wrapped his arms around her waist.


"I was at your school."

"Yes, I heard." She switched the stove off and turned around. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "You should have said something."

How could he when she was flirting around with another guy? Just thinking of what happened earlier irritated him. He was so angry then and almost dragged her out of the school by force. It was a good thing he didn't do that; otherwise, she would surely get mad again.

Sano bit her earlobe, and his hands trailed against her skirt.

"S--Sano, didn't we talk about this?" Sumire suddenly seemed nervous.

Indeed they did talk about it. Despite what it looked like to people, the two of them did not decide to date randomly. They set rules and boundaries when it came to being intimate. After all, Sumire is younger than him; she is a minor.

In front of him, this girl always acts so innocently. But just now with that other guy was she not acting very bold? Ibuki Sumire is innocent, upbeat, and gets flustered when it comes to guy talk. Quick research is all it took for him to learn these facts about the girl. When he learned of all this, it took him by surprise.

How can somebody so oblivious about the world exist in this day and age? No, how can such a kind girl exist?

"We spoke about it, but I am very frustrated with you right now." Sano pushed her down until she fell on the ground. The kitchen floor is cold, and for a moment, he considered bringing her upstairs. But when he saw her averting her gaze from him, it fueled his anger even more.

After learning that information about her, Sano decided what his next steps would be. He thought she was clueless when it came to men, let alone got close to them. But the events from earlier replayed in his head, it replayed over and over. Her laughter and her flushed cheeks towards another man.