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Unsaid words- Part 2

Hearing Lucy's words, the governess burst into giggles as if the young vampiress had uttered a joke, but Lucy was not in the mood to joke and laugh. 

"That is a funny thought, Lady Lucy," the governess didn't look like she took any offence, but she said, "Sometimes couples tend to look like each other because of picking up each other's habits. Maybe we are more in sync." 

When the woman went to place the books in their respective places, the frown on Lucy's face didn't leave her. 

"I thought a governess was only supposed to teach and not get involved in matters like love here in the castle," muttered Lucy under her breath. 

"What?" Ms. Lewis turned to look at Lucy with a questioning look as she didn't catch on what the young vampiress just said, "Did you say something, Lady Lucy?"

Lucy shook her head, "I was humming to myself."

"We can stop our lessons for today as you have done well, milady. In the meantime, I will deliver this letter to him and hope that he returns the same feelings." Saying this, Ms. Lewis picked up a book in her hand and left the room. 

Seeing the governess leaving the room, Lucy stared at her parchment, which had the poem that she had written for Theodore. Biting her lips, she quickly caught hold of the parchment and ran out of the room in the other direction of the corridor, heading down to find where Theodore was. 

In the last few days, Lucy's feelings towards Theodore had grown, but she didn't acknowledge it properly, nor did she take any action. Her footsteps were quick on the ground, and her eyes frantically searched for Theodore around the castle. 

Where was he at this time? Asked Lucy to herself. Since she had started to become more aware of his presence, she had also started to take note of what he did every day. 

When she finally caught Theodore, who was speaking to one of the castle guards, Lucy looked behind to find the governess was nowhere around. In Lucy's presence, the guard, as well as Theodore, bowed at her in greeting. 

"Good afternoon, Lady Lucy," greeted Theodore. Lucy could feel her heart shake at his polite smile. "Did you finish your lessons with Ms. Lewis for the day?"

Lucy spoke to Theodore, "Yes, I want to speak to you about something." Seeing the anxious and serious expression on the princesses face, Theodore nodded his head. The guard left Theodore's side, and he said,

"What is it, princess?" 

"Not here, a quieter place," said Lucy in a low voice, and Theodore gave her a perplexed look. Both Lucy and Theodore failed to realize that there was someone standing on the above floor, who was watching and listening to their words. 

Lucy pulled Theodore aside. She had left her room with the intention to find and talk to Theodore. But now that she had found him, she didn't know how to start the conversation and express her feelings before her governess would give the love letter written by her to Theodore. 

Theodore, on the other hand, watched Lucy fiddling with her fingers. Her cheeks had turned slightly red, and her lips were parted, wanting to speak but finding it hard to speak, while her eyes didn't meet his. 

"Is everything alright? Did something happen?" Theodore asked Lucy. 

"Can you do something for me?" asked Lucy, and Theodore nodded his head. "If Ms. Lewis comes to give you something, please do not take it. Anything," she said, looking straight into his eyes. 

"Anything else?" asked Theodore, and Lucy shook her head. She was slightly surprised because Theodore didn't ask why or what, and he agreed to her request.

  Lucy shook her head, and she knew she should leave his side as the day was not over, and people were walking around, but it was hard to leave. When she heard Ms. Lewis' voice from afar, Lucy said,

"I must take my leave now," and she hurriedly walked away, not realizing the parchment had slipped out of her hand and fell on the ground when she went to hold the front of her dress. Theodore, who caught sight of the paper roll that fell near his shoes, picked up the parchment. 

When Lucy had walked halfway, she realized she had dropped the parchment somewhere between her study room and this place. She could feel her heart thudding in her chest. Should she go back and find it? Lucy weighed her option before going back to look for it. 

Returning back to the place she had spoken to Theodore, she noticed how Theodore had disappeared from the corridor.

After an hour, in Queen Morganna's room, Morganna sat near the small table with her daughter Rosamund and daughter-in-law Samara. 

"I don't know what you are waiting for, mother," said Rosamund as she placed her teacup with a click on the saucer. "The boy is clearly poisoning brother's mind, and it is only time something happens."

"Don't worry about it, Rosa. I have everything set in place. In the next few hours, both he and his bodyguard will be rotting in the dungeon," stated Queen Morganna with a pleasant smile on her face. "I gave them time, but they seem adamant. Young people with hot blood are always foolish."

"Speaking about young blood," said Rosamund, "It seems like the governess who has been assigned for Lucy isn't efficient."

"Why do you say that?" questioned Lady Samara. 

Rosamund pursed her lips, looking as if if she should speak about it or not, but she did anyway, 

"When I was on my way here, I saw young Lucy speaking to Calhoun's bodyguard. She seems to be hovering around him, and it makes me question if something is up."

"What rubbish is that," Lady Samara was not pleased hearing this, "Are you trying to insinuate something here, Rosamund?"

Rosamund smiled, "I would never do that, Lady Samara. Lucy is like my daughter Sophie to me, and I would wish nothing but good things for her. I just worry...that she will be wrongly influenced. Don't you think so?" she asked, placing doubt in Lady Samara's mind. 
Unsaid words- Part 3

"You have a wild imagination, Rosa," chuckled Morganna, "Lucy is not a child, and she knows not to have such thoughts towards servants. Her governess has been reporting to me with her progress, and she has turned much better under her guidance. In a few days, we will have Lucy meet suitors. You should worry about your daughter Sophie, Rosa, than worry about Lucy. She's not the one who threw water at me in the gathering."

Rosamund's face turned red hearing this, and she failed to respond immediately. 

"I am teaching her, mother. Her punishments are always due in time when she needs it so that she doesn't repeat it again," replied Rosamund. 

"It better be. The last thing I need is being humiliated by my own blood," Queen Morganna let out a tired sigh from her lips. 

When the time of dinner approached, Lucy entered the room, and the first thing she noticed was Theodore missing from the room along with Calhoun and her father. 

Unable to question directly, Lucy inquired, "Is father not joining us for dinner?" 

"Your father is in the dungeon, dealing with the criminal thieves," answered Lucy's mother and said, "Sit down, Lucy. The kitchen cook has prepared your favourite dish tonight."

Lucy furrowed her eyebrows, and her eyes fell on her grandmother, who looked calm.

"Did we have intruders in the castle? I didn't know," she hadn't heard a word from her maids about it.

"Conniving thieves, dear. Come sit next to me, my child," Queen Morganna's words were sweet, and Lucy didn't know why, but she felt apprehensive by her grandmother's words. Nonetheless, she walked to where her grandmother was sitting, and she took a seat next to the woman. "How are your lessons going with your governess?" asked her grandmother. 

Ms. Lewis was in the room, and Lucy knew her grandmother would have informed about her progress from her governess, yet here she was asking. 

"It has been going really well, Queen Morganna," replied Lucy, and she saw her grandmother nod in appreciation. 

"That is excellent. I believe you are ready to meet your suitors then?" 

When her grandmother asked this question, Lucy knew the only acceptable answer was yes, and no other answer would be approved to be right. 

"Yes, grandmother. I am," Lucy answered dutifully, and her grandmother continued to nod. 

"Good. This would also mean if you have anyone in your mind, you can always tell me, and I will see what can be done, yes?" though Lucy was naive in a few things when it came to her family, it didn't mean she didn't sense the trap that her grandmother had laid out for her. "It is because I heard you dreamt of a prince. Golden hair was it?"

Lucy's eyes shifted to look at her governess, who had her eyes on the plate, and she didn't look up to meet Lucy's eyes. When they shared the little details today, Lucy had hoped to bond with her governess over it, but not only was the man whom the governess liked turned to be Theodore, but the woman had also given details until the very minute after she had spoken to Lucy, relaying the same to Morganna. 

"Yes," answered Lucy, and she felt the room turn tense when her grandmother turned to meet her eyes. 

"I hope this is someone you haven't met , as it would be quite troublesome as we already have the selected suitors whom you will be marrying. Dreams are good, but let's not look for the golden blonde hair, okay?" questioned her grandmother. 

Lucy bowed her head, "Yes, grandmother."

"Now, let's have a good meal," announced Queen Morganna, "After so many days, my mind is finally at ease. I shall also rest well tonight."

"I cannot agree more, my Queen," responded Lady Samara, and Lucy couldn't help but be suspicious about something being up. 

Dinner passed, and Lucy could only guess that Calhoun and Theodore were with her father, probably punishing the intruder who had dared to break into the castle. Once she was done, she went back to her room and stood on the patio as if waiting for Theodore to arrive. Since the last few days, the man often came to her patio and brought her blood with other treats. 

It made Lucy feel special, and her feelings for Theodore only grew more. 

When one of the maids arrived at her door, Lucy decided to ask, "Do you know if brother Calhoun has had his dinner?" 

The maid looked startled, "Have you not heard about it, Lady Lucy? Both Master Calhoun and his guard tried to steal the Queen's jewel from her room. They found the jewel in Master Calhoun's room." 

"What?!" asked Lucy in shock. "That is not possible!" 

When Lucy was ready to step out of the room, the maid informed, "I don't think it would be the best idea to leave the room now and visit them, Lady Lucy. If I am not wrong, Queen Morganna went to visit them a few minutes ago." 

"It must be some kind of misunderstanding," whispered Lucy with a deep frown. "Brother Calhoun doesn't seem to be a person who would steal." 

The maid shook her head, "I heard the jewel was found in one of the cupboards of his room. They found it in the evening, and it seems the jewel has been missing for a week now."

It was only a few hours ago since Lucy had spoken to Theodore, and now he and brother Calhoun were locked in the dungeons. She bit her lip in worry. 

Away from princess Lucy's room, both Calhoun and Theodore had been tied in shackles. Blood dripped down from their face as they were beaten and tortured for stealing the queen's jewels. In front of one of the cell rooms, Morganna stood there looking down at Calhoun, who was now sitting on the ground. 

It didn't matter that the King chose Calhoun , because people didn't forget who he was or where he came from. 

The Queen clicked her tongue, a look of false pity on her face.

"You must be regretting not listening to my words to end up like this," Morganna shook her head, a faint smile appearing on her face. 
Turning tables- Part 1

Morganna's smile on her face only spread further on seeing the boy's face covered with blood and bruises right now. 

"Did you think you would get away this easily for stealing my jewels?" questioned Morganna. 

Calhoun, who sat on the ground with one leg stretched while his other leg pulled up, he stared at the woman who had a triumphant look on her face. "You know well that I had nothing to do with it. Nor Theodore. Have you run out of ideas that you have decided to fall so low by stealing your own things and hiding them to frame me?"

Morganna didn't seem affected by Calhoun's words, and she only smiled, "I don't have any idea of what you are speaking right now. Perhaps you have lost your mind that you are pointing your finger at me. Don't forget that you are the one who has been confined and not me. Let me give you some advice. When a person is in your position, you need to grovel on the ground and beg for forgiveness."

Turning to the guards who were standing around, Morganna raised her hand and dismissed them. She didn't need them in here as the boys were not worth looking after. 

"It is only a matter of time before my son throws you out of the castle, just like what he did to your mother," when Morganna said this, a chuckle escaped Calhoun's lips. The Queen's eyes narrowed. "Have you lost your mind?"

Calhoun pushed himself up from the ground, and he made his way to stand in front of Morganna with iron bars separating them. 

"Maybe," he answered the woman's words and the smile on Morganna's face finally slipped down. His eyes didn't break away from her. "Don't look so happy about what happened today, because the days that are approaching are dark and it will drag you down to dust."

"How dare you try to intimidate and threaten me," Morganna glared at Calhoun. "I will make sure that day never comes, because you won't be alive to see it."

Since the time of evening Calhoun and Theodore had been dragged into the cells. The guards on Morganna's orders had tortured them. 

Theodore sat down in the other cell that was next to Calhoun. Even though they were beaten and their skin had turned bloody in pain, he watched Calhoun laugh at Queen Morganna's face. It wasn't like he hadn't gone through such situations before, but this was the royal family and their prison, he could only wonder how Calhoun was planning to get them out of this situation. 

Obviously, Morganna wanted to get rid of both of them as soon as she could, but the thing was, would the King really agree to it?

"You are confident that my son won't let you go and will keep you alive, but what is the point if you are going to be alive only between the walls of iron bars," Morganna stepped closer to the cell. Both the woman and Calhoun stood in front of each other. "Let me tell you something as we have time, your mother was a whore, and she spread her legs, taking any man. You want to know a secret, Calhoun," the woman whispered, "I am the one who sent men to break her, making sure she had no other way to live and no help was provided to her."

Calhoun's jaw ticked, and Morganna relished in the boy's defeat. 

When Morganna turned around and started to walk away from there, Calhoun said,

"Do you think I don't know about it?" 

Morganna stopped walking, and she turned to look at Calhoun. Her proud eyes looked down at him.

"I know you were behind it. I would expect nothing less from you," said Calhoun, and the side of his lips pulled up. 

Morganna didn't stay there to listen to what Calhoun had to say as she had other important things to do, and she stepped out of the room and got out of the tall tower. The guards left with Morganna, leaving the tower unattended. 

When Morganna left, Lucy, who was hiding behind the walls, stepped forward with her face filled with shock. She couldn't believe what she had just heard, and her hands turned cold. After finding Theodore and Calhoun were locked up in here, she had come here, but she hadn't expected her grandmother to say what she uttered a few moments ago. 

Lucy's steps were quiet, but it was enough for Calhoun and Theodore to pick up the sound and saw the young vampiress walk through the entrance of the room. Her eyes widened at the sight of blood spilt and the wounds on both the men. 

Calhoun watched Lucy step into the room with a look of shock splashed on her face, "You shouldn't be here," he said. 

Lucy nodded her head, "I know. I thought you would be hungry." She had two flasks in her hand, which was filled with blood. 

"The Queen will not be happy if she finds you in here," said Calhoun. "But thank you for being thoughtful." He stretched his hand forward, and Lucy quickly handed one of the flasks to him. 

She then turned to look at Theodore, who watched her with a small frown on his face, "If someone sees you here, you will be in grave trouble," said Theodore. She knew it, but she wanted to see them. 

"I cannot sit quiet without offering my help," replied Lucy. "You brought me blood when I was locked in my room. It is only right that I repay your kindness."

When both of them finished drinking the blood that was in the bottle, Lucy asked Calhoun, "Is it true? That grandmother framed you?" she looked up anxiously. 

"What do you think?" Calhoun questioned back. He had heard the sound of her feet even before Morganna had left the room, knowing she had heard every word that was spoken in here. Lucy didn't know what to say, and when she heard some sound outside the room, she quickly ran out of the room as if she hadn't come here. 
Turning tables- Part 2

Lucy quickly ran away from the tower so that no one would catch her. She could hear her heart beating loudly in her ears. Did her grandmother really put Calhoun's mother through pain and humiliation? It was hard to believe and digest, and instead of going to her room, Lucy's feet had their own mind. 

Her breathing had turned to gasps, and when she reached the servant's quarters, she came to stand in front of an old door. Knocking on it, she waited until the person opened the door for her. 

"Lady Lucy?" Ruby looked surprised to see Lucy standing outside, and before any of the servants would see, she had the young vampiress step inside the room. "Is everything alright?" she asked, worried. 

Lucy shook her head. It had been weeks since she had last spoken to Ruby as her mother had kept the maid busy and away from her. Lucy hadn't even got the chance to see Ruby as the maid was always working in some corner of the castle, and Lady Samara had particularly ordered the servant not to talk to her daughter. The pressure of her family to behave the way they wanted, and the things she came to know, along with the loneliness that had crept into her heart, she went straight to the woman and put her hands around the maid. Hugging her. 

Ruby didn't know what happened because Lucy had not said anything, but she put her hands around before patting Lucy's head from behind. 

"It is going to be alright," the woman consoled Lucy. Even though Lucy didn't shed any tears or sniffle, Ruby could tell that something was bothering the young vampiress, which she couldn't share with anyone. 

"What if it is not?" whispered Lucy. 

"Then one can only hope that it will get better. And it always does, dear," said Ruby while patting the back of Lucy's head. "We all go through trials of life. The pain, hurt, disappointment, but then comes the happiness, laughter, contentment. It is only that sometimes it takes days for it to show up."

Lucy pulled away from Ruby, dropping her hands and looking at Ruby, who seemed wise and offered her the warmth that she craved in this castle. 

"I am too tired, Ruby. There are days...where I just want to run away," confessed Lucy and the woman looked surprised by the vampiresses thoughts. "I wished I was never born into the royal family, and instead born in a normal family."

A mother who would spend her time with her, give her love and care, and not watch her in the judgement of what she did wrongs. A father who would spare his time and look at her unbiased without thinking of how she wasn't the male heir he wanted. 

"Things will get better, dear. After the darkest clouds, there is nothing but sunshine and rainbow. Even if it takes a long time, hold on to it and that will help you survive," Ruby offered Lucy a warm smile.

And though Ruby smiled, the woman could tell that Lucy felt trapped in the castle. The girl was born in the wrong family, and it was something that worried the woman. As much encouragement she provided, Ruby knew from here on things would turn difficult for Lucy.

"I missed talking to you," said Lucy, and the woman smiled. 

"Me too, milady. It has been long since I sat down and was able to speak to you," responded Ruby.

"I must go now," said Lucy, standing up from the bed where she had taken a seat along with Ruby. Before she could leave the room, she turned around and said, "Thank you, Ruby. Goodnight." 

"Goodnight Lady Lucy," Ruby wished the vampiress, who went back to her room. 

On her way back to her room, Lucy couldn't help but wonder how her half-brother and Theodore would be able to come out from the situation they were in. It seemed like her grandmother disliked Calhoun's presence in the castle and had framed him. She wondered what her father was going to do about it. Usually, stealing things from the royal family resulted in people being severely punished by being beheaded. But if Calhoun was in the tower, it meant there was still a chance. 

In the Royal court, King Laurence sat on his throne with a grave expression on his face. He hadn't spoken a word since he had returned from the tower, where Calhoun was locked right now. 

"What are we going to do, my King?" asked one of the ministers in the room. 

Queen Morganna, who had joined the discussion, said, "What's there to do? The boy went so far as to steal something that is precious to me. It is only right to throw him out of the castle."

"But what about the current situation with the neighbouring kings and queens?" asked the minister in worry.

"We will not speak anything about it. Everybody believes that the male heir is here, so let us make them continue to believe it," stated Morganna, "Our situation has already been solved-"

"When did your jewel go missing, mother?" King Laurence interrupted his mother's words. 

Morganna suppressed her annoyance from showing up on her face, and she answered, "It was a few days ago. But I am glad it is back in my possession."

"Few days, yet you didn't utter a word about it until today," questioned the King.

Morganna stared at her son, "It is not like I wear the same jewels every day. Some of them are meant to be preserved for best occasions. It was presented by your father, and I would like to value his feelings."

When the news about what happened reached King Laurence's ears, he had straightaway gone to the tower and had stopped the guards from punishing Calhoun. 

He wanted to gather information on what happened before taking any action. "Calhoun is my son, mother. That makes him your grandson, and you were eager to punish him. I don't see you doing the same thing to Sophie, Markus or Lucy. I am sure if it was someone else in Sophie's place, who threw water in your face, the action would have warranted them death, yet, this is just a simple jewel."
Turning tables- Part 3

A small huff left Morganna's lips and said, "My King, the boy might be my grandson, but he grew up in the streets and was picked from there before bringing him to stay here. Who knows what habits he has cultivated when he was there. I would never show any partiality between any of my grandchildren. You know that."

"Newton, get the boys back to their rooms," ordered King Laurence, and Morganna's eyes widened. 

"The boy stole my jewel! You cannot let him off that easily," protested Morganna, unhappy with her son's sudden decision. She had planned to keep Calhoun placed behind bars before throwing him out of the castle or getting him executed. "Nobody has ever dared to commit such a thing until he arrived here."

"I find it hard to believe that Calhoun would try to steal something from any of us, mother. A King can have anything he wants and he knows that. He could get a new set of jewels if he wanted. You must have probably mistaken his actions," stated Laurence. 

Morganna gritted her teeth, not believing things would turn out this way. 

"If he is not the one, then who is the culprit? There must be someone. It must be his accomplice, the guard," Morganna tried to get rid of at least one person as this was turning more difficult than she had previously expected. 

"I will have Newton check the maids and servants. I am sure the culprit who placed the jewel in a convenient place like Calhoun's room will be caught in good time," promised Laurence. "The thief shall not go unpunished for trying to defame our family member. We all should live together in harmony."

When both Theodore and Calhoun returned to their room, the King had come to speak to Calhoun along with Morganna. 

"There was a mistake, my son," said King Laurence. "Your grandmother lost her jewel that was given by your grandfather. She seemed to be upset and she made a rash decision. After we had a discussion, I can only tell that you had nothing to do with it."

Calhoun looked at his so-called father, "I think it is better for me to leave the castle and go back to my usual life." 

Hearing this, Laurence frowned, "What happened was a mistake, but you need not worry about such things in the future. It will not happen again."

Calhoun shook his head, "Forgive me, my King, but I don't think I will be looked at the same way as the rest of the royal family members. I come from the alleys and streets, and I know I will always be questioned and doubted if something like this happens again. It is only right that I leave the place which doesn't belong to me."

Theodore couldn't help but internally smile at the way Calhoun was playing the King and the mother Queen. He could tell the King felt threatened, and if Calhoun wanted, he could walk out of here right this instant. But that was not why they were here in the castle. 

"You don't have to leave the castle, Calhoun," stated the King. His lips were set in a thin line as if he was thinking deeply, "To make it up to you, I will appoint you as one of the ministers in the advisory group. From now on, you will be responsible for handling important deals and work with me closer than before And for your grandmother's mistake, she shall apologize to you." 

Morganna's eyes snapped to look at her son. A small laugh escaped her lips and she said, "That is a good one. I don't think Calhoun needs that. He knows what happened was just because of a small misunderstanding."

But Calhoun didn't budge, and his eyes were set down to look at the ground without looking at the woman who was not only prideful but arrogant. 

Right now to Laurence, Calhoun was more important than his mother and he said, "We are all family here, there is nothing wrong in admitting our faults and apologies for the mistakes."

She was the Queen! Not some fool to beg for forgiveness from the whore's son! Thought Morganna in her mind. 

But Calhoun was not going to have it any other way. He brought his hand towards his lips, wincing at the cut which had bled, "When I came here to the castle, I thought I was going to have a family," he turned his head to the side, "Believing I would finally be able to reunite with all of you, and live together with love...but I don't think I can now."

"That's rubbish!" King Laurence instantly dismissed Calhoun's words. The King wanted Calhoun to stay, and if the situation was different, he would have never sought out for Calhoun to be his legal son by accepting him in front of the public. "We all are happy to have you here with us. I must have reached out for you sooner, but better late than never. Mother," he then turned to look at Morganna. "You need to apologise to Calhoun."

"Laurence," Morganna scowled, "You forget I am the Queen. The Queen bows down to no one."

"Calhoun is family, and the future King of Devon. I believe you know how important he is to our land. Now, let's try to diffuse the situation rather than dragging the matter," suggested Laurence, waiting with others for Morganna to apologise. 

Morganna had not uttered a word yet, but she felt utterly humiliated by just the thought of her having to apologise. Though she still had the position of the Queen, it was Laurence who was the King. She didn't want to upset her son, and at the same time, she didn't want to bow her head down to a boy who was nothing. 

Clenching and unclenching her jaw, Morganna finally said, "My...apologies for being harsh and quick in judging the things that happened today." She hoped this was enough but with Calhoun who didn't react, it only made her want to kill him that much more. "I should have been more thoughtful, and I hope you can forgive me."

Calhoun finally met her eyes and he offered her the sweetest smile, "How can I ever be angry at you, grandmother."

He could have told this before compelling her to apologise! Morganna wanted to glare at him, but instead she smiled back. 
Growing flower- Part 1

Author's note: today's chapters are unedited


Rosamund looked at her mother, who had her back facing her right now while standing in front of the fireplace. It had been more than ten minutes since she had entered the room, but her mother had not spoken a word. 

"I heard what happened last night," Rosamund spoke to her mother, "I don't know how you are able to stand there doing nothing, mother."

Morganna turned her head to the side before her eyes met her daughter's who hadn't taken a seat on the couch since she had arrived in the room. 

"You do not have to remind me what happened yesterday, Rosa," Morganna's words were sharp and Rosamund who had come to add more salt on her mother quickly closed her mouth after murmuring,

"Forgive me mother."

Once the news about what happened in the castle had reached Rosamund's ears through the informant who was positioned in the castle, Rosamund had quickly come to meet her mother in hope to remind the Queen that her Markus could be appointed as the next King. 

Morganna hadn't slept the entire night. She was utterly humiliated by a man who was younger to her and she didn't take it well. All these years, she had ruled the land of Devon through iron fist, even if it meant she played puppeteer behind the curtain by making use of her son. But since the throne had been threatened, her hold on her son had been cut off and that was because of the boy. 

In the room now, it was just Queen Morganna and her daughter Rosamund without any maids waiting on them. 

"I thought framing him through the jewels would be easy, but your brother turned out far worse of an idiot than I expected him to be," stated Morganna with a grim expression on her face and her lips turned upside down out of displeasure. She shook her head, "Everything was perfect, even Laurence wasn't around when I got them inside the cell rooms."

"How is it possible that Laurence let them go? Theft in the royal family is a great offence," replied Rosamund, not understanding the situation. 

"Laurence is desperate and is not able to distinguish right from wrong. He is so desperate that he even forgot my position in Devon," Morganna's hands turned to fist in controlled anger.

Even Rosamund was unhappy that all her efforts had gone in vain. She had made sure that the King's wife would continue to have miscarriage so that eventually in the future, the throne would come in her hands, but then came the whore's son. 

"He seems to be smarter than what we pegged him to be, mother."

Morganna nodded her head in deep thought, "He is. Just like he said, I underestimated him. I pull anything against him, he makes use of it for his own advantage. Now not only has he shook Laurence, but he has taken the position of the advisor in the royal court room."

Rosamund's eyes widened hearing this, "What?" 

The group of advisor ministers were only two until now, who told what the King would benefit in and even her husband or her was not able to get it, thought Rosamund to herself. Given that the King's place was the highest, but it was the ministers who advised the King, who could whisper and get the job done. They were the second highest position after the King in the land of Devon. 

"There's still time," said Morganna, her hand going behind her back and holding the other hand. "There's no use waiting for your brother to snap out of his bubble. It is time I use my own methods to let the boy know what it is to live in Hell."

"Will it work?" asked Rosamund slightly apprehensive about what her mother had on her mind. 

"I have a couple more things under my sleeve. He is greatly mistaken to think that I will not retaliate for the humiliation he has caused me. I will make sure that he doesn't step back in the castle," stated Morganna, and Rosamund was more than hopeful and happy to hear it. 

"I shall hope it works, mother," chimed Rosamund. 

Morganna was not going to wait to strike at Calhoun. She would continuously attack him in a way where he wouldn't be able to stay in peace. Until now she had only thought to put him out of the castle by scaring him, but he had stepped the line. 

She wondered if she should do something about her own son, who was being stubborn and not able to reason properly. But before that, she would need to fix the smaller problem that was turning big. 

Away from Queen Morganna's quarters, Lucy sat with her governess playing the cello. 

Lucy had placed her hand in front of the instrument,holding the bow in her hand and gliding on the strings as it produced music. Her wrist moved every now and then to adjust to the music sheet, and when she continued, Ms. Lewis scolded her, 

"This is not how it goes. We have already gone through it five times and you are having difficulty in learning it," said the governess, looking at Lucy through her glasses with a stern expression on her face. "Now start from the beginning and move your hand faster."

"This is not the way you speak to me," Lucy was not pleased with the tone of the woman's voice. 

The governess had been in a bad mood since this morning as witnessed by Lucy, but the woman was in a foul mood since last evening because of her conversation with Theodore. She now rolled her eyes at Lucy's words. 

"Stop complaining and fix the position of your hand, milady. You don't expect me praising you for your mistakes, now do you?" questioned the governess, taking out her anger on Lucy. "Your mother and the Queen have given me permission to be strict with you. I will do what I came here to do."

Growing flower- Part 2

"I am not any child that you try to fix, Ms. Lewis," Lucy was tame when it came to her family members because she was obligated to be so, but it didn't mean she was going to take the governesses words lightly and listen to her. "I have done everything you wanted. I learned to play the cello better than I did before."

"And you can get even better-"

"And do what? Join the group of theaters and play with them?" questioned Lucy, slightly annoyed by the governesses persistence. "I get that you are in a bad mood, but I would prefer you keep your personal feelings out of this class and with me unless you prefer not to work here anymore."

Lucy placed her bowed, ready to leave when the governess sighed and she apologized, "Pardon me, milady. I didn't mean to be harsh but the Queen wants you to be perfect in what you are learning."

"I am sure my future husband will be more than happy to listen to me play basic things," respond Lucy, and the governess wanted to say something but knowing this was the princess, she decided to bite her tongue. 

Lucy watched her governess nod and the woman then offered her a smile. She was curious about what happened yesterday, after she had left Theodore. 

"Are you doing alright, Ms. Lewis? You have been spacing out a little today. You can talk to me if you need someone to listen to," offered Lucy, her curious self wanting to know what happened. 

Her governess offered a tight smile to Lucy as if she was a little embarrassed about what went down. "It is nothing, let's take a break here and continue after an hour."

"Okay," Lucy was more than glad to leave the music room, and she stepped out of the room. 

She bit her lip, her steps slow and careful when she noticed Ms. Lewis leave the room to get some fresh air herself. It seemed like she had been rejected and Theodore had not accepted the woman's letter. 

Lucy didn't know if what she did was right, and if she had hurt the woman's feelings by indirectly meddling in the subject. But she had done what she felt was right yesterday. At the same time, she was glad Theodore had not questioned her orders and he had followed it. 

Deciding to take a walk in the corridors, Lucy was alone when she caught sight of her cousin who was speaking to her brother. Walking to where they were, Lucy greeted both of them,

"Good afternoon brother Calhoun. Ethan, it is good to see you here," she wished her cousin who offered her a deep bow. 

"A very good afternoon to you, Lady Lucy," greeted her cousin. 

Hearing someone call for Calhoun, he excused himself to leave Lucy and Ethan alone in the corridor that wasn't far from the royal court room. 

"Seems like things have changed since I last arrived here," commented Ethan as he watched Calhoun's retreating back. "I would have never guessed that King Laurence would have a third advising minister in the court."

Lucy followed Ethan's line of sight and she softly smiled, "Brother Calhoun is amazing, isn't he?" it was more of a statement and less of a question. "I am so glad he is here. His mother passed away before he came here." 

"So I heard," responded Ethan, a faint frown on his forehead. He had also heard more than just the death that had occured, as word was that Calhoun had killed his own mother to gain the King's attention. "You should be carefull, Lady Lucy."

"Don't worry about me, Ethan," a soft laughter escaped Lucy's lips and the man turned around to see the gleaming smile on the young vampiress's face. The very smile stole his heart and he wished he could tell her how bad the world was, but he doubted she would understand its complications. "Brother Calhoun and his companion are wonderful people. You didn't tell me how it went with the girl you were supposed to speak to."

Far away from them, Theodore who stood on the above corridor watched the young man and girl interact with each other. Lucy was friendly with everyone in the castle, speaking to everyone, but he had never seen this man before in the castle. 

Ethan turned slightly embarrassed and he shook his head, "I haven't told her yet."

"Ah, I see. You should tell her quickly without delay. You are a good man, Ethan, I am sure she will say yes to you the moment you put the question out," encouraged Lucy, not knowing the girl whom Ethan wanted to ask for marriage was no one but her. 

Even Theodore who had seen the man for the first time could tell his feelings were reserved for the girl who stood in front of him. 

Theodore had met many women and girls who were mostly cunning, spoilt, and felt they were entitled to everything around them by being selfish. The women he had been with sometimes got caught but refused to take the blame. And when that happened, either their family members or spouse would hunt and beat him up. He had slept and had been in the company of many females since a very young age, but he no one could compare to the princess. 

He had brought blood to Lucy only because she looked pitiful in the company of her family, and yesterday, he hadn't expected her to bring him and Calhoun blood where they were tied. People often forgot the help that was provided and to think this young vampiress had come there, even after knowing she would be in trouble if someone caught her, caught Theodore's attention. 

"Yes, I hope so too," replied Ethan with a smile, without being able to move his eyes away from her as if he was entranced by her. "I was planning to take her to a ball that is being hosted by Duke Barnes. But I am having trouble with the dance steps."

"I can help you with that if you want," Lucy offered her help thoughtlessly. 
Growing flower- Part 3

Ethan couldn't be anymore happier than to hear Lucy offer her help to him. She had always been kind. But this also gave him the opportunity to ask her out for the ball. Hopefully, she wouldn't refuse and he would finally be able to let out this thoughts on how he felt about her. 

"Thank you for the offer, Lady Lucy. I was wondering if you would be able to make it to the ball. Considering how the Barnes family is close to the King when it comes to offering help in work," inquired Ethan, watching her eyes blink and her hand tuck a piece of her hair behind her ear. 

"I am not sure about it. When is the ball?" she questioned back. 

"Six days from now. It would make me feel much better to have someone I know in the room to support me, and you will be able to meet her too," added Ethan and Lucy was quick to take interest in it. 

"I will try to be present, Ethan. You have my full support," and they both smiled at each other. Somewhere, Lucy caught a whisper of word in the wind that spoke 'idiot' but there was no one around them. 

"I cannot wait," and he looked at the sky outside the window, "I should probably head out now. The clouds are dark and I might possibly catch rain on my way back home."

"I hope your ride back home is peaceful, Ethan," wished Lucy and the man bowed. 

"Until the next time we meet again, milady," and his gaze held hers for a second longer before he walked away from her to step out of the castle. 

Lucy hadn't moved from her spot, and she watched the corridor until she heard footsteps approach behind her, "He seems to be in love, doesn't he." Her head snapped around to find Theodore who had made his way to where she was and she felt her heart skip a beat just by hearing his voice. 

"Uh, you mean Ethan?" asked Lucy, "He does, he said he loves this girl and he was going to ask her for her hand in marriage."

"How wonderful and the girl doesn't know," commented Theodore and Lucy gave him a perplexed look. 

"She will on the day of the ball," said Lucy and she then asked, "Did you come from the royal court?" 

"Not exactly," and he then fished something in his pocket before handing it to Lucy, "I think you forgot this yesterday."

For a moment, Lucy didn't know what it was as it looked like folded parchment and then her eyes widened in realization. She quickly snatched it away from him, her cheeks tinting red. 

"W-where did you find this? Thank you," said Lucy before putting the folded parchment in her dress pocket. 

She had looked for it yesterday, but she was sure the wind had blown it away to another corner or it was handed to the minister or her family members. If that happened, Lucy didn't know what she would do. 

"You must have left it behind when we met last evening. I wanted to return it, but with what happened yesterday, I decided to wait," said Theodore, his eyes looking into hers and Lucy couldn't keep hold of the gaze for too long. 

Did he read it? Asked Lucy to herself. Some part of her wished he had read, and some part was already embarrassed with the thought that he had already read it. Her eyes slowly moved back to look at his face that had very faint marks compared to the wounds that he had received yesterday from the guards after being put in the cell rooms of the top tower. 

"How are you doing today, does it hurt?" asked Lucy with concern in her voice. Her heart ached when she had seen him bloody and on the ground. 

"I am doing much better today. Thank you," replied Theodore. 

"That's good to hear. What happened yesterday, it shouldn't have happened," Lucy pursed her lips. Theodore didn't utter a word about her governess and even though Lucy wanted to know, it would only make him question why. But Lucy wanted to let him know about her feelings. 

Though Theodore didn't bring a single change in his expression, he noticed the way the vampiresses cheeks had turned slightly pink. Her tongue peeked out to wet her lips that seemed like it had turned dry.

Previously he had humoured her for no reason. When Lucy had dropped the parchment without her knowledge, he had picked it up to return it to her without reading it. Not bothering what was written inside it. But one single action after that had changed his view about Lucy Hawthrone. After being released from the cell room and after King Laurence and Queen Morganna had left them, Theodore had reached out for the parchment, opening to read what was in there. It was clear as day that the poem written in there was nothing less to a wonderment of love. 

Theodore was not ignorant when it came to women and girls affections towards him, to not know that there was something brewing in Lucy's chest and to whom it was directed to. 

The question here was if it was worth the trouble, to involve himself with her, but then he was so used to trouble and at the same time, he was in the castle to accomplish Calhoun's goal. 

Theodore offered her a polite and friendly smile, "Little misunderstandings happen, Lady Lucy. I am thankful that we have moved past yesterday's event." 

Lucy quickly nodded her head in agreement, "Me too."

"How are your lessons going on with your governess?"

"It was a little bumpy this morning, but nothing too difficult," replied Lucy, "Did you say something to her? The governess I mean."

Theodore tilted his head as he looked in her eyes.

"Nothing of importance, milady," said Theodore and he asked, "Why do you ask?" as if he had no clue. 
Start of the suitors- Part 1

Music Recommendation: The Confession by Danny Bensi


Lucy knew her governess had spoken to Theodore, which was the reason why the woman was in such a bad mood. Theodore behaved as if nothing of importance took place between them, and she could only tell that she wouldn't find out anything from him. 

She shook her head, "I was just curious…I should get back to my lessons, Ms. Lewis must be waiting for me," and she turned around, ready to walk before she turned back to look at him and say, "Thank you for finding my poem."

Theodore offered her a polite bow, "I hope you have a good class, Lady Lucy." He watched Lucy walk away from there, and the smile slowly lowered down. 

Not because he was faking his smile with the princess, but because she had left the corridor, and his thoughts went to the words that were written in the folded parchment that he had returned to her. 

Theodore had no interest in involving Lucy in the politics in the castle as the people whom Calhoun was interested in were Queen Morganna and King Laurence. He didn't know why, but since last night it seemed that things had changed as if the very air that he was breathing had changed to something else than what was there before. 

He knew the princess was innocent and ignorant, but yesterday she had been allowed to hear something he was sure she had not expected to hear about her grandmother. The shock was clearly written on her face. 

King Laurence had sent Calhoun on some work, and it seemed like it would take a while before he would return, giving him his own time to watch people of the castle and learn more about them. The clouds had turned heavier, and in no time, the rain started to pour down in Devon. 

Away from the castle, Calhoun had just finished speaking to one of the magistrates in the village of Carnival, and he stepped out of the building to notice the carriage he had arrived in had disappeared from the previously parked place. 

"Do you need a ride?" asked the magistrate, holding an umbrella in his hand. 

"That's fine," replied Calhoun. "The coachman must have pulled the carriage to another place so that he wouldn't get drenched along with the horses."

The magistrate then offered another spare umbrella to Calhoun, "Take this, my future King. You might need it as the rain is going to turn heavier. You are free to stay back in here until the rain stops."

"Thanks," Calhoun took hold of the black umbrella and said, "I should probably get back to the castle as the King expects the package to be delivered to him as soon as possible."

Calhoun had not stayed for breakfast or lunch as his father wanted him to get on the work that was waiting for him. This has not given him the time to drink blood, and he opened the umbrella for it to make a soft flapping sound before he placed it above his head. 

The magistrate left his office, walking away in the rain and on the village's streets that was deserted. The sound of the rain surrounded Calhoun, and the water that slid down from the roofs of the buildings made more noise as it fell on the ground. 

Calhoun left the building behind him as he made his way through the nearby streets, looking for the coachman or the carriage that belonged to the castle, but he noticed it was nowhere to be found. It seemed that the coachman had disappeared without letting him know, and it made him wonder if it had anything to do with his grandmother, who was trying to trouble him with such silly things. 

The people of the village had returned to their homes. The rain reminded him of his mother because of how sick she turned in this weather. It reminded him of the people and their gazes, along with their whispers of hate for him. The only difference right now was that he now had an umbrella to shelter him. 

He wondered if he should go back to the building, considering how he wouldn't be able to fly in the sky because of the pouring rain. 

When he stepped into another street, even though the sound of rain, he heard a couple of footsteps behind him, and he turned around to see men who didn't bother to carry an umbrella, but they did hold rods and sticks with them. 

"Are you Calhoun? The whore's son?" asked one of the men over the rain. 

Calhoun stared at the men who were in the count of ten, and they seemed to circle him slowly. "How strange that you address me that way. I am the bastard's son," chimed Calhoun. 

"He's the person," said another man behind him, "I saw him with King Laurence in the town."

Not a second later, a fight broke down in the middle of the street where the men tried to attack Calhoun, and he tried to defend himself. It wasn't that Calhoun didn't expect people from the royal court not to pull a stunt like this. And though he had fought people in the past, he hadn't fought so many people before at a time. 

Calhoun punched and kicked, but with the weapons that the men held, one of the people pushed the rod's sharp edge into Calhoun's stomach, making him lose his stance for a moment. But when the men thought they had finally got the vampire good, two of them came forward to catch hold of Calhoun to thrash him into the ground. 

But at the time, Calhoun caught hold of one of the men, and he tore the man's head apart. The same thing happened with the next two people. Blood spilt on the ground, turning the water around red as the others looked at Calhoun in shock while he tried to keep himself alive. 
Start of the suitors- Part 2

Kicking another person, Calhoun quickly ran away from there as the wound felt like it was spreading the pain throughout his body, and one of the men had got a hit against the side of his head. He needed time before he could fight them again, and he huffed for air, his body staggering as he ran through the alleys and the men followed him quickly on his heel. 

When Calhoun hid between the walls and away from the eyes, the main man who was in charge of the group demanded,

"Where is he?! He should be somewhere close by! Make sure to drag and bring him to me!"

"Sir!" came the collective voices from the other six men who had accompanied the man who just ordered them.

"Everyone split up!" came the next order, and the men dispersed from the streets. 

The rain had eventually slowed down, leaving a drizzle of the rain. He gritted his teeth at the wound that was on his stomach. He doubted he would be able to get back to the castle right away, and his body felt like it was losing its strength. 

When he got to an alley, his body slid down, and he sat down on the ground. 

Calhoun noticed how blood dripped down from his leg, and he leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes, taking a breather. The rod had gone too deep into his body, and he coughed out blood from his mouth. With the amount of blood that he had lost, he now craved for blood. 

He sat there for minutes that felt like hours because of the pain, and when he heard a small sound approaching his way, he believed it to be a stray cat. When the sound stopped in front of him, Calhoun opened his eyes, and his eyes fell on a small girl who wore oversized clothes as her hands almost disappeared because of the long sleeves. The girl was a human and probably around the age of five. 

Instead of being scared by him, she stared at him.

"Haven't you heard not to speak to strangers and to run away from them?" Calhoun asked the girl. 

The hand that he had placed on his stomach hadn't moved, and his tongue ran across the corner of his lips, feeling the sore and metallic taste of blood coming from his mouth. The pain in his body didn't reduce, and he was hungry. 

He could smell the scent of blood wafting from the little girl, and it was divine. 

It wasn't just because of his hunger, but there was something so sweet coming from her, like the petals of roses. He was gravely injured, and to make it better. He needed blood. 

His eyes moved to look at the ends of the alley, making sure her guardians weren't around, and he raised his hand forward that he had been clutching on his stomach,

"Come here." 

When the girl took a step back, Calhoun's eyes narrowed. It seemed like this was easily scared, and he decided to use a much sweeter tone, "Come here, little girl. Let me see what you have in that hand of yours."

The girl's eyes fell on his hand that was covered in blood. The girl finally took a step forward and brought her hand forward, opening them to show him a four-clover leaf. 

"Hah," Calhoun responded, looking at the leaf and then up at the girl. "Do you believe in that thing?" 

The little girl slowly nodded her head. Her eyes were brown, and her hair blonde.

"How lucky are you to be meeting someone who is at the peak of hunger," murmured Calhoun to himself. "Why don't I take a look at the leaf? It seems like it's not working well for you. I will return it to you."

The girl's eyes turned slightly wide when her eyes fell on the ground that slowly spread the redness in the water. 

She was small and naive, moving towards him for him to get hold of the clover-leaf. 

Just like he thought, the girl took five small steps towards him, holding the cloverleaf for him to take. The smell of blood that belonged to her got more potent, and his eyes turned red. All he had to do now was quickly grab her and then sink his fang until she was dry. 

But before he could grab her, the girl covered his mouth with her handkerchief. 

"What do you think you are doing?" asked Calhoun. 

"Hurt," she spoke with her small voice. 

"You know I am starving," said Calhoun. 

"I have no food," replied the little girl and a chuckle escaped Calhoun's lips. 

"Why will I ask my food to bring me food? It makes no sense, stupid little girl," Calhoun brought his hand up and flicked the girl's forehead before pushing her forehead with his index finger so that she would keep a distance by taking a step back away from him so that her blood would not tempt him. "You are a funny one."

Calhoun then said, "Go back to your parents. I cannot promise that I will spare you if I meet you next time," he ordered before leaving the alley and the girl behind. 

Back in the castle, Morganna hummed a happy tune as she looked at the sky that had started to clear. 

"You seem to be in a rather pleasant mood today, mother," noted King Laurence, and Morganna's smile only widened on her lips. 

A soft sigh escaped the woman's lips, and she said, "The weather today is pleasant. What is not there to appreciate it. I can tell that our rule in Devon is going to thrive and one day is going to outshine the other lands by capturing the others as ours. I can tell just by the weather today that it is going to be a good day. Wonderful actually."

King Laurence responded with, "Here, I thought things would turn sour after what happened between you and Calhoun, but I am glad to see that you haven't taken it ill to your heart."

Morganna chuckled, "Why would I? He is my grandson, and I have decided to accept him and love him dearly." She had asked her men to kill Calhoun today and dispose of him where no one would find his body. Calhoun would not make it back, thought Morganna to herself. 

But after a few hours, when Calhoun returned to the royal court, it was like a slap on Morganna's face, and she couldn't help but glare at the boy. She had sent her best men to kill Calhoun, hoping to never see Calhoun's face ever again in the castle, but here he was, standing in the large room with her son.