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2013- Mine Part 2

This is crazy; this is insane. What is he doing?

Sano does not know how they got off the kitchen floor and upstairs to his room. But here they are now, in this messy situation. This is wrong, and he should stop this immediately. Sano dismissed that thought out of his mind.

He found great pleasure watching Sumire clench the sheets as he continued his advances. He discarded her skirt a long time ago and yet did not get rid of her clothes completely. She still had her shirt on, and he kissed and sucked her breasts.

Her moans urged him to do more.

"S--Sano, this is a bit weird."

Sano does not answer her and simply locked his mouth with hers. He kissed her hard and aggressively.

All mine, she is all mine.

She has never shown those guys such an expression before. Only he has seen her this way. That thought did something to him as he lifted her shirt and undid her bra strap.

"S--Sano, wait a moment." Sumire stopped him with her hands. "Just wait…let me take a shower first."

"A shower?"

"Yes, a shower. Um, I just came back from school.."

Sano tugged on her hand. "Let's go shower." A shower, huh, he didn't think of that one.

Sumire looked surprised but bit her lip and nodded. Sano led her to the bathroom and switched the buttons on the wall. The cool water ran down their bodies.

He slammed his hands against the wall trapping the girl. He brought his lips to her ear. "Take the rest off, or you will catch a cold."

"Sano, but..I.."

"Sweetheart, don't you trust me?"

At that comment, Sumire hesitantly removed her shirt.

Sano licked his lips. She looks gorgeous; her body is just like her imagined. Is this girl truly fifteen? It does not look like it to him. It seems like he will have to keep an eye on her. She is more beautiful than he thought.


Since that day, the two of them have engaged in such intimate actions. Yet he does not go overboard with her. If he frightens the little kitten too much, then she would run away and leave her. So even though he acts domineering, he makes sure to end everything with a gentle kiss and sweet words.

She is the same as all the other women out there. They fall for these honey-coated words so easily and never think to question them.

"You seem busy, sweetheart. What are you doing?" Sano appeared behind her.

Sumire almost dropped the phone in her hands. "Uh, I was texting a friend."

"A friend?" Sano casually took her phone from her.

From: Mamoru

If you need anything, just mail me.

"Mamoru?" He tapped his fingers across her thighs as he sat down. "Is this a girl or a guy?"

"A guy."

"Hmmm.." Sano looked at her expression and saw her shifting her gaze. She feels guilty? Did something happen with her and this guy?

"Sa--Sano, we are still outside."

"That doesn't matter." He continued to kiss her neck.

"What if people recognize you?"

Sano paused and pulled away from her. It seems like she has learned how to make him stop. Indeed, it would be bad if somebody recognized him. Usually, he would not mind, but today Sumire is wearing her school uniform. "Are you coming back with me today?"

"Ah, I have to go deliver some papers."

"Let me walk you."

Sumire nodded. "Mm okay."

For the next few minutes, nobody spoke, and yet Sano caught Sumire glancing over at him every so often. What is she doing? Such an odd girl. Whenever Sumire wears her school uniform, it reminds him of the age difference between the two. This girl is younger than him; the two of them belong to different worlds.

Is he crazy touching a minor? Sano sighed. But now that he has started this, it is difficult to stop. The last few days, he considered on stopping. But whenever they were apart, he could not help but think of her.

She belongs to him now, and yet what is this uneasy feeling he is getting? Sano thought if he thoroughly possessed her, then he would not have to worry. But he recalled her reaction just a few minutes ago regarding that person called Mamoru. More and more other guys keep showing up. Should he ask her to transfer to a private school? The people there know who not to mess with. But that would involve exposing their relationship.

Maybe an all-girls private school? Sano shook his head; he can't trust girls either. He has heard some crazy stories regarding all-girls schools. What can he do so Sumire remains his?

Sano did not realize how obsessed he was getting with her.

He shook his head; this is no good. He can't keep this up any longer. Besides, there is something he has to do.

"Do you remember what I told you about my family?"

Sumire paused and let out a large ah. "Sorry!" She apologized. "I will contact him immediately and discuss things."

Sano chuckled. "No rush. But, would you like to attend a gathering with me tonight?"

"A gathering?"

"One of my friends is opening up his casino today. Would you like to come?"

"Is it fine?"

"Of course." Sano kissed her forehead softly. "Your mine. I would, at least like my friends to know."

"Then, since you insist." Sumire trailed off. "I wonder what I should wear… Im a bit happy, Sano. You never introduced me to your friends before." She laughed softly. "Now we finally act like a couple. Though I understand why we have to sneak around, it gets lonely sometimes."

Contrary to what Sumire thought. Sano had other ideas. He wants to install a bit of fear in her. He wants her to know that he is the only one she could rely on. It will be a bit dangerous, but those guys know what is overboard and what isn't.

This is a risky move, but this is the only way to keep Sumire to him. If he scares her a little bit, she will cling to him.
2013 - Mine (Final)

Later that night - Ruby Casino -

The plan was simple. He would lead her to the private room where his friends were waiting, and then one of the staff would come in and say a vital guest is waiting for him. He would leave for a few minutes, and by the time he returns, they would have given her quite a fright.

This is very risky, considering her background. But Sano knew he would have to take the risk. If he isn't careful, somebody could snatch her away from him.

Sano never considered this before, so at the start of their relationship, he was very sweet. But now that they have been dating for a while, Sano showed his true feelings. All the frustration he held back is spilling.

"I have to say I didn't know Sano was dating such a cutie."

Sano chuckled. "Hmm? Whose girlfriend are you complimenting? I admit that she is gorgeous. But don't jeer at her."

"Look how possessive he is."

"Sumire-chan here."

Sumire laughed awkwardly. "Um, I don't…." She trailed off and met his gaze. She accepted the cup and took a huge sip.

"Woah, look at her chug at it."

Sano brushed his fingers across her lips. "Was it good?"

Sumire weakly nodded. He saw how flushed her face was already. Then again, that alcohol was powerful. Sumire wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her face in his neck. To any of the other guys this sight

"Sweetheart, you shouldn't kiss me like this.."


Step two, make the guys see her as not innocent. Make them desire her. Sano could already see the look on his companion's faces.

This is easier than he thought it would be. Sano thought that Sumire would have her guard up, considering how she behaved when he picked her up. But it seems like he managed to trick her into relaxing.

So naive and so very stupid. But after tonight, she will learn to obey him. After this, she will learn to love him more.

As the night progressed, it became crazier and crazier—all sorts of drinks and food.

When the time was right, Sano got up and left. He turned to the very drunk girl. "Stay here, okay? I will be right back, sweetheart. My friends will take good care of you."


2 hours later

After wandering around and taking a smoke break, he decided it should be fine by now. Those guys always boast about finishing in an hour.

Sano did not expect to return to this sight. The police by the door of the private room and his friends getting arrested one by one.

He stood completely frozen. Huh? What on earth is going on here?

"Ki, it's okay."

"No, scared. I'm so scared…"

Sano walked towards the direction of the voice and found his girlfriend in the arms of another man. This time around, Sano did not recognize the other guy, so he felt a lot more relaxed. This is nobody important; he can't compete. However, when Sano got closer, he saw how badly shaken up she was. He saw how tightly she was holding onto the other guy.


"Im right here, relax."

His face color turned pale when he saw this sweet interaction between the two. It seems like he underestimated her. She has other people other than him to rely on.

"Uh, sir, do you need something?" The guy caught him watching.

"That girl is mine." Sano managed to say calmly despite his budding anger. He was furious, but what could he do? His plan not only failed, but here she is clinging to a guy other than him.

At that comment, Sumire lifted her head from the man's neck. "Sano?"

"Ah, the boyfriend."

"Ru, let go of me."

Ru? Sano recalled that text message from earlier the day. Is Ru short for Mamoru? The nickname thing again, it bothered him greatly since he knew how cold his girlfriend normally was.

"You okay now?"

Sumire nodded and left his hold. She walked over to him. Sano wanted to forcibly grab her, but the police were still around, and this guy kept watching his every move. "What happened?"

"Your friends..they…" Sumire seemed frightened. Her voice sounded weak.

It was the reaction he wanted, and yet this scenario is not playing out the way he wants.

"Your friends tried to touch her without her consent," Mamoru interjected. "Even though she screamed and told them no, they didn't let her go. It was a good thing that I was nearby otherwise.."

Sumire extended her hand out against the guy's sleeve. "Its okay, Im fine now. Thank you, Ru."

"Don't push yourself too much. If you need me, I am a call away."

"I know, thank you."

Despite how shaken she was, Sumire managed to respond properly. If it weren't for him saying he was the boyfriend. Sano knew other people could misunderstand.

"The police still have some questions, so you have to stay for a bit. Nagawa-san, I think they will ask you some things too."


Three hours later - Sanos place -

It was well past midnight when they finally returned. Since earlier, he did not say a word to her.

The police questioning was far too long for his liking. The one in charge kept hoarding questions at him; it is almost like they knew. They kept asking Sumire to confirm if he really was her boyfriend. Dating a minor isn't illegal as long as nothing intimate happens. They have her guardians consent too, so the police didn't mind. But they asked him a lot of questions.

Are you forcing her?

Why did you stand up and leave?

Was it a setup?

The last question bothered him greatly. It was just a random question, and yet it shook him. Thankfully the detective did not notice. Since earlier, he did not say a word.

The girl still seemed quite scared, and he could not miss how she was secretly texting Mamoru when they were in the car. He clearly saw the contents of the message. The guy was trying to reassure her, and her replies were how scared she still was.

Scared huh? Sure Sumire was crying, but that position, she could have kissed that guy.

Maybe she did it and took advantage of the moment. All sorts of crazy scenarios ran through him.

The plan failed, and he knew his friends would call him to help bail them out. Sano, however, would not answer their calls. If he bailed them out, then it would answer the detective's question.

He needs to break contact with them for a while.

Make her feel frightened? He does not need other people. His gaze darkened if that is how she is going to play, then so be it. Sano slammed the door shut behind them.

Sumire tilted her head innocently. "Sano?"

The guy's jacket still hung on her shoulders.

He took heavy strides across the room and threw her down onto the bed. Sumire landed with a large thud as she hit her head against the headboard. "San...sano...wait, I was just--"

"Shut up." Sano snapped. He removed his belt and pinned the girl's arms with the headboard. "You were scared? So frightened you had to cling to another guy? Then so be it."

"Sano...I was..I was only.."

His gaze dimmed. "Don't talk; tonight, I will show you what it means to be scared."

Present-day - Sanos apartment - 2015

Sano woke up and spotted a woman with brown hair fast asleep on the edge of his bed. He blinked once and then twice to confirm who it was. Why on earth is Sumire here? He looked around the room and saw his belongings. This is his place, so how come?

"Oh, so you're alive." A familiar voice said from the doorway.

Sano glanced over and spotted violet-colored hair. "Hino, explain."

Hino chuckled. "Isn't this a good thing? You kept stalking her so desperately recently."

"I know she wouldn't come here and help me after what happened the other day."

"Yeah, your right, she owed me a favor, though. Unfortunately for you, I cant take care of people. You have a fever."

"I see." He turned to the girl who was tossing and turning uncomfortably in her sleep.


At that comment, Sano almost choked on his cigarette. After having that dream of the past, hearing that name again annoys him.

"It seems she is still traumatized, poor girl."

"Don't be a fool; if she liked him that much, why would she start dating someone four months after the accident? It is all for show."

It is all for show. Sumire is just like the other girls.

Just as he said those words, he found somebody staring at him. It belonged to Sumire. She looked at him with her usual indifferent look.

"You okay?" Hino interjected.

"Mm. I was just tired." Sumire trailed off. She turned to him and suddenly leaned forward. "Excuse me."

Before Sano could react, he felt her hands brush across his forehead. "Hmmm, you still feel hot. I guess you need some medicine; you already slept a lot." She glanced over at the clock. "I guess it can't be helped."

Sumire pulled away and took her phone out. "Hello, Yuhi? Ah, huh, yeah, I think I have to stay for a bit longer." Sumire laughed. "Mmm, I got it."

Sano could not hear their conversation, but he felt his irritation grow. Once again, he has to watch her speak so happily to another man, even though she belongs to him.

"Who said you could stay?" Sano snapped.

"Hey Sano--"

Sumire rolled her eyes and quickly ended her call. "If you want to pass out again or maybe end up in the hospital, then be my guest. But since I started this favor, I will see it through to the end."

What a stubborn woman. But he could indeed end up in the hospital if he sends her away. Hino does not know the first thing about taking care of people. He sent all his servants away too. "Alright, but Hino, you have to leave."

At that comment, he watched his friend frown. "Hey, Sano, that's…"

Sumire sighed. "Just go, look how weak he is. He won't be able to do anything."

"Call me."

"Ah-huh, I will."

Look how friendly she is with Hino too. This girl is just like everybody else; she is just like the others. She acts innocent, but she has multiple guys too.

The moment Hino left, he grabbed Sumire's wrist and pulled her down onto the bed. "Did you think I couldn't do anything to you?"

What a naive girl. Sano thought she changed, and she was tougher now, but it seems like she is still naive.

"Yes, I do."

Huh? Why is she so confident, he already has her pinned do-- Sano felt a sharp pain on his leg and glanced over to see a needle. Sano clenched his teeth. "Damn."

"Don't worry; it will only knock you out for a few seconds."


When Sano woke up again, he woke up to the smell of porridge and her sweet scent. His gaze fell towards the woman who was busy typing away on her laptop. On his bedside table, there was a tray of food covered. Sano weakly got up and picked up the tray. This movement did not go unnoticed by Sumire.

"Your awake?"

Sano sighed. "It seems I shouldn't underestimate you."

"Mm, but just eat up and have your medicine."

"You're strangely good at taking care of people," Sano commented as he opened up the lid from the porridge.

At that comment, he watched as a weak smile appeared on her face. "Well, I am used to it."

Sano paused, right, of course. According to that report, Tsueno Mamoru would not have lived long anyway. In the short time, she dated him; how much of that time she spent taking care of him? It seems like he has underestimated her a bit.

"Writing a report?"

"No, for work."

"Come over here, let me help you." Sano offered.

Sumire blinked. "Are you trying to trick me again? Just to let you know, I carry a lot of strange things with me these days."

He frowned when he saw how cautious she was. It does make sense that she is behaving this way after what happened. But, it frustrated him. She is right here, and yet he can't do anything, he can't touch her.

"If you think that way, then you can go home."

To his surprise, Sumire suddenly stood up and picked up her laptop and sat down on the spare chair by his bed. She pulled up the mini table and placed her laptop there. "Can you help with this?"

"The finances of the dome construction project?"

"Mmm, my side is in charge of it."

So they lost that major project to .. well that isn't surprising. Sumire is older now, so she must be gradually taking over her family matters now. Back when she lost her parents. The elders of the Ibuki family took over everything and other relatives.

Now that she is older, they must be asking her a lot of things. Sumire could have handled things then since she had the business sense. But they were worried about how the incident affected her.

"So you see...while marginal revenue is possible. The actual price range is too large. I would like to see if we can do this without relying on the data. Unexpected circumstances could appear, lack of production of the materials—more materials needed during the day, etc. The construction will be spread out, but producing certain types of materials will take longer time. So we need to prepare for that situation."

"Hmmm, so you want to deviate from the additional product because you can't determine the costs?"

"Mmmm, if we were selling merchandise, that is fine. But this is for dome construction; we would be talking about materials then. How much would it cost for additional materials? Will we lose or gain revenue by buying one over the other?"

Sano paused. "Hmmm, I see what your thinking then.. let's look at it another way, shall we?"

"Another way?"
Is this truly him?

After explaining his theory, he watched as Sumire picked up her pen and started to jot down notes. If it were the past her she would have looked at him with eyes of admiration, but now there is nothing. Then again it is not like he said anything impressive.

"They make you do things like this now?" Sano asked.

"Since a year back yes. I think it was right after we broke up."

His sweat fell at how nonchalantly she mentioned the break up. Sano thought she would get shaken up like she did the other day, but it seems like she is calmer today.

"Terashima is still in hospital?"

"Mmm, his injuries are serious."

"Do you want me to help you find out who the owner of the bike was?"

Sumire looked at him with a puzzled expression but then sighed. "Well if you want to offer your services." She picked something up on the bedside table. It was the small badge he always wore, a emblem to that organization. "Where did you get this?"

Sano blinked at her question. Or rather judging from the expression on her face right now, it looks like like she is very interested in this.

"How much do you know about the current underworld situation?"

"I am well informed."

"Have you heard of a man who rules the other regions in Japan that have yet to undergo modern civilization? He is slowly making his way through those places and taking over."

"I have, is he involved in this?"

"Well whether he is involved or not in whatever matter your inquiring I do not know. But that emblem is from his organization. He told me I could use it since I offered my services to him before."

Sumire nodded. "I see." She turned silent for a few minutes.

It interested him greatly why she was poking her nose into a matter like this. Maybe he ought to get Hino to investigate again. According to his friend there were some parts of the background check that he could not complete. Missing pieces of information, huh? Just now Sumire said something about being well informed when it comes to stuff regarding the delinquent world.

Sano coughed when he felt an itch in his throat. Sumire glanced over and extended her hand out. She brushed her fingers across his forehead again. "Your fever is rising again, hurry and finish the rest of your meal. I will get you some medicine then."

He nodded and quickly finished up his food. This must be the first time in so long where he could speak to her properly. When they first met again, there was nothing but hostile feelings. While she went to get the medicine, Sano placed his arms across his eyes. He felt terrible and his body was weaker than it has ever been before.

"Tell me something, did you ever have feelings for that senpai of yours? Ichinose Arashi. We were together for a long time, the least you can do is tell me."

Sumire who was preparing his medication paused. "No, it wasn't like that. But then again back then I did not know the meaning of love."

Sanos gaze dimmed when he heard those words. What type of excuse is that? She didn't know the meaning? Of course not she was a child.

"You should get some sleep after this. I will stay until your fever subsides."

Stay here forever and don't go. But Sano knew he could not say those words to her.


Nobody is perfect. But people expected him to be, the people surrounding him always held high expectations that he would be perfect in everything he does.

Striving to reach perfection he lost himself, his identity. He didn't know who he was anymore.

He was similar to a porcelain doll. He seemed perfect on the outside, but he was empty on the inside. His emotions? What were those. If he had any they would be fake. He did not have anything.

Due to his looks they made him wear certain types of clothes, they taught him what words could leave his lips. What kind of people he could see and who he could fall in love with. They controlled everything and left no trace of

He was graceful, kind, understanding, caring, and helpful.. He perfected the act by the time he was five. It was expected of him. Besides, if he hadn't done so he would've been a disgrace to his family.

At the beginning he was under the assumption that he was the only one, the only one who had to go through it. He had that mind set for so many years until he met Ibuki Sumire.

When he first met her, Sano understood that there was something different about her. But in order for him to truly understand, he had to get to know her first.

By that point he had a certain degree of freedom and control in his life. He changed his situation by working hard and making a name for himself. He proved to others that even a cog in a machine, even a porcelain doll can change their lifestyle. But the person he is today, is this truly him?

Everything he has learned, everything he knows, all of it was taught by somebody else. Even his likes and dislikes. Is this truly him?

Life opened more doors for him when she came. She had chocolate brown hair and huge violet eyes. Her name was Ibuki Sumire. At first he only intended to observe her and maintain a business relationship. Despite her young age she was good at her job.

"My fever is fine now. Why do I still have to come here?"

Hino sighed. "Sumires instructions. The doctor said it too, your fever will return if you overwork yourself again. Sano, you should take a break for a few days."

"I already took three days off."

"That isnt enough...Oh wow."

Sano glanced over in the direction where Hino was looking at only to spot Sumire. The girl was not alone, but Terashima Yuhi who was sat on a wheelchair was with her. Or rather, the girl was positioned on Terashimas lap as he kissed her.

Sumire shyly covered her mouth. "Uh, what are you doing?"


"Stupid, I knew you didnt have anything stuck in your eyes…" Sumire trailed off and laughed. "Lets go back inside and watch some movies."

"Mm, okay. Let me go for my blood test first."

"Should I go with you?"

"Its only over there. I will be back soon." Yuhi placed a gentle kiss on the girls forehead. "Stay here."

What is with that public display of affection? Sano clenched his fist. In the past she wouldn't let him touch her in public. Sure he knew the main reason was the age difference, but it still upset him. So she can make that type of expression?

Sumire turned her head and spotted them. "Ah."

"You know you two could win the prize for the most shameful couple." Hino whistled. "That was quite the kiss."

Sumire rolled her eyes. "Doesnt that make you a pervert for watching?"

"How can we not watch when you two are displaying your affections publicly?"

"He seemed a bit down, so I asked to leave school for a bit. We have no formal lessons now due to the festival preparations, so it was okay." Sumire trailed off. "When he is like this, it is better for me to be by his side."

"I agree, thats why I came here. Well I guess there is no need for me to check on him so much with you around."

"Dont say that, I am sure that Yuhi would be happy to see you too. Ah that reminds me." Sumire turned to him. "I have some documents I want you to look over for me. Do you mind?"

"I guess I have time."

"Then follow me."
All for him

Sano stole a glance at Hino who was watching him with an amused look on his face. He already knew what his friend was thinking. It did not take them long before they reached Terashima Yuhi's room. The moment they entered, Sano immediately noticed it. The state of the bed, the sheets seemed crumpled indicating that the people who used it engaged in intense activity. The chair seemed slanted slightly.

His gaze fell towards Sumire. Though she hid it well, he could see dark marks on her neck.

Hino laughed. "Well, this is interesting. Are you two having a hard time following my instructions?"

At that comment, a tint of red appeared on Sumires cheeks. "I can follow it just fine but he can't. He is all over me the minute I arrive."

"Isn't that because he can't see you as often now?"

"I stay here overnight most days. What is that not seeing me often, he is just a pervert."

"You seem happy though."

Sumire turned away and didn't reply. She walked over to her bag where the documents were. Indeed, it is like what Hino said. Contrary to her complaints, Sano could tell that she was happy. It seems like he has underestimated her feelings for Terashima Yuhi. Yet, he recalled what happened the other day at his home. She called out for Tsueno Mamoru twice.

She may behave this way towards Terashima Yuhi, but Sano understood that her love for him isn't too deep yet. It is still okay, he still stood a chance.

Sano walked over to where Sumire was, ignoring Hinos gaze. "Is this still about the--"

"Actually it's a proposal." Sumire took some documents out. "I heard that your company was originally supposed to participate in this project."


Sumire bit her lip. "The reason your company was dropped is probably his work. If it is like that then I can only ask for your cooperation."


Sano glanced down at the documents she just passed to him. Their hands briefly brushed against one another. He wanted his hands to linger there for a few extra seconds, but he stopped himself.

"I know it is rather shameful to ask but.."

"I will head back and discuss things, however I am sure they will agree."

Those greedy businessmen will not let an opportunity like this slip away. "So, after you're done here. Could I take you away?" Sano asked. His lips curve to a sly smile.

Sumire sighed. "Are you taking me somewhere expensive? Just so you know I am quite high maintenance these days."

He blinked when he heard her response. Now this is surprising, he did not expect her to reply like this. But then again it seems like he does not know much about her.

At that comment, Sano watched as Terashima approached her from the back.

"Making date plans so openly hmmm?!"

"Yuhi." Sumire trailed off. "Wheres your chair?"

"The doctor said I can try walking without crutches now and only occasionally use the wheelchair. I haven't hugged you like this in a while so I thought I would while I could."

Sumire laughed softly. "Well, mmm. I have missed this."

Yuhi turned to him. It looked like he wanted to say something but shook his head.


The sigh he held back finally left his lips and Hino burst into laughter.

"Those two are hilarious. But well, this is a first for me too seeing Yuhi this way."

Sano sighed. "I don't understand why she likes a man like that."

Rather in the past did she not say something about bad boys not being her type? She said she disliked those who smoked etc. But now not only is she allowing the smoking, she is dating somebody with a bad reputation. Those rumors of Terashima Yuhi being a player is all over the entertainment industry.

He didn't sleep his way up to the top. But Terashima helped new artists sleep their way up to the top. How many of those newbies slept with him and suddenly received good opportunities?

Sano wondered if Sumire even knew that about him. Did Sumire know how filthy the man she is dating is like? If she knew the truth about him would she leave him?


Inside Yuhi's hospital room

After Sano and Hino left, Sumire decided to cook something for Yuhi. Thankfully his private room had an attached kitchen.

Their relationship is complex, to say the least.

She knows that when she first met him, she thought of him as a spoiled, immature brat who had no business in the underground world. He was bossy and didn't understand anything about the world.

She wanted to protect him.

She ended up doing ridiculous things, for him. In the back of her mind, she wonders why she did these things for him.

Why did she sacrifice so much just to stay by his side? But her own question is by her pounding heart. The sound of her heartbeat.

It's for him. It's all for him, yet it's a long time later when she finally stops and thinks about why she does it.

Along the way something began to change and when she realized that. The brown hair girl realized how frightening it was, how frightening change was. She didn't know whether or not she would be able to deal with it. No, she already knew that she wouldn't be able to. The more days she spent with that person. It became clearly evident it would have happened eventually. Before she could blurt out something stupid, that happened.

Everything about Yuhi disappeared within an instant in her heart. It was only until she decided on going to Tokyo that she recalled that there was something left that she had to do. It only then did she recall it. Did that mean it truly wasn't an important matter to her? One would wonder really.

When she saw him again she recalled a sudden wave of emotions that she didn't feel before. That was also something rather mysterious.

"Hey, isn't that done yet? It's gold already."
Should we test it?

Sumire's thoughts broke seeing that indeed the omelet she was cooking was already done. But that wasn't what startled her, it was how close Yuhi suddenly was. "R--right."

"Gee, what are you doing spacing out for?"

Or rather when did he get so close? This distance isn't good for anyone's heart at all. She lets out a relieved sigh when he moved away to get a drink from the fridge. Take a deep breath…

She heard that the nurses taking care of the private ward patients would not be back till nightfall due to an emergency case elsewhere. When she learned that, she came here before she could even think it through.

The truth is she had some work left to do. But when she realized that nobody else would be here, the brown-haired girl didn't want to leave Yuhi here all alone. Though he can probably cook…he did make her porridge when she was sick.

She knew that if she left him alone, he probably wouldn't eat properly. In his place there was nothing but drinks after all. He doesn't eat me very much.

Sumire flipped the pan over and it landed on the plate. She placed the other stuff on the tray and made her way over to the table, and arranged the food. She just needs to get the drinks.

"Sandwiches too?" Yuhi said from beside her.

Sumire managed to remain calm enough to respond this time. "Yeah, we ran out of rice. Do you not like them?"

She ended up bringing supplies from home.

Yuhi took his seat opposite her. "No, it's fine." He trails off. "What is in them?"

"Let's see this is egg salad and this is croquettes …"

"Sounds like you did a lot."

She flinched slightly at his words. Did he find out? No, it can't be. Remain calm.. Calm.

"We just happened to have some leftovers lying around,"Sumire said with a sheepish laugh. Yeah right, there's no way she's going to admit that she planned this from the start. She bought the ingredients the moment the supermarket opened so it was fresh.

She was awake before anyone else and even Atushi questioned why she woke up so early. Uwaa, he definitely noticed it. It really is embarrassing, doing something like this. Even going through all the trouble of deep frying the croquettes…

For awhile now she wanted to do something for him. To be able to express her gratitude in some way. She knew this was a pretty cheap way of doing it but it was indeed better than nothing.

"How come you're not eating?"

"Oh um…I feel full just looking at them." Sumire lied. It was obviously a lie. Since earlier she felt a bit strange around Yuhi.

She already knew the reason why. Earlier she remained calm but she felt embarrassed that somebody caught her and Yuhi like that. No the kissing aside, the state of the room. She ought to clean up whenever they leave this room for a moment. If Hino saw that, what did the nurses who came by think?

No no no,get a hold of yourself.

"Rice." Yuhi didn't look at her as he was talking, his gaze fix on the paper as he ate. "Guess we could buy some more today."

"Eh?" Sumire blinked when she heard those words. Did he just say we?

"I have to return to the school and help out."

Yuhi chuckled at her words. Its almost like he knew she was trying to avoid being left alone with him. "But the school wont let you stay out for long. What is the max time?

"At 6 but…"

"Got it. I'll be at the gate by six thirty." Yuhi said as he licked the sauce of his finger

She couldn't help but avert her gaze. "You should rest."

"I would but this is too good of an opportunity. Why would I miss out on a chance to have a date with you?"

"But your legs.." Sumire trailed off. "Even if the doctor said that I am still worried."

Yuhi suddenly stood up and she watched as he clumsily made his way over to her. It was only a short distance so she could not tell if it affected his movement or not. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his arms.

He brushed his lips against her ear. "Should we test it out? Whether my legs are healthy or not?"

At his words Sumire flushed red, her cheeks grew hot. This feels so stupid. Why does she get flustered over everything he says? Usually, she is the one in control. Ever since her relationship with Sano failed badly. Sumire realized one thing about guys. Despite what they say they dislike submissive and weak girls. They don't like girls who pretend to be strong either.

She never complained in front of Sano before, she always kept her problems to herself. But the few times she confided in him, he made it clear to her that she was the problem. He made all her worries and fears seem insignificant and small in contrast to his needs.

Yuhi gently kissed her earlobe and a content sigh passed her lips. "Yuhi.."

"I want to spend some time with you, please allow me to."

"But I…"

He silenced her with a soft kiss. "You don't want to be with me?"

How sly and unfair of him. If he says it like that, how could she possibly say anything else? Sumire did not say a word and rested her head on his chest and she felt Yuhi ran his hands through her back. It seems like she is gradually becoming more obsessed with this person.

When they first started dating, Sumire was not sure whether or not it would work out. After all Terashima Yuhi completely differs from all those other guys. Actually he is the type of guy she normally would not date. Her type before were guys like Sano, the perfect and typical prince charming type.
Bloody Rose Part 1

Iro Road High School - An hour later -

A single reply to Yuhi's question was all it took for things to escalate.

Even when she went to the school, and started to paint. Her thoughts were far from the canvas in front of her.

To think that she would go to school after all. Somehow it really had felt like it had been a long time, with all the business work she received.

'Balancing my studies isn't easy. It felt as though I haven't spoken to Yuhi properly in a long time.'

Though there was that time earlier. Sumire felt her cheeks colour. How unfair, that really wasn't fair play at all. Then again, it seems like she still has to learn more about him. Terashima Yuhi is not a simple man.

"Emergency emergency. Asami, what do we do? She is painting a meadow of daisies instead of the fruits..or rather how she can come up with that in her head is amazing." Aika said.

"Aika-chan!... Sumire-chan, you should try to fix that up before the sensei comes over."

It really isn't fair play doing something like that at all. But, even now it was hard for her to forget Yuhi's touch.

"She can't hear us!"

"Don't worry Asami. I have this under control. Oh Terashima, late?"

At that comment her thoughts broke off, Yuhi? Uwaa but isn't he supposed to have errands to do? Unless he's finished them already. She looked up though, however not to spot a single strand of black,

"Huh? Where is.." Sumire didn't finish her sentence when she saw the expression on Aika's face.


"Just when I thought quite some time has passed since you were last in school." Aika trails off and nods. "Right right, and you Terashima live together now too. I understand...fuuu so? How is it? I'm sure you guys have already closed down the boundaries?"

"Aika-chan!" Asami exclaimed.

"Come now Asami, you're curious too."

Close down the boundaries...huh?

Sumire felt her cheeks colour at those words. She tried to hide her embarrassment with her hands. But it was far too late, Aika had noticed it.

"What? Seriously! Something happened? Spill? Who attacked first? Was it Terashima."

She really did wish Aika's voice wasn't so loud. Because everyone was looking their way now. "It's not like that...!"

Asami continued to smile. "Aika-chan is saying too much right now. But what she means to say is she is happy for you. Sumire-chan ever since you came here, you didn't seem to be happy. You always seemed to have such a lonely and hazard gaze in your eyes. It was difficult to approach you. Even when you befriended me, there still seemed to be something wrong and then all that happened. We didn't know anything because you didn't tell us anything."

All she could say in response to that was an apology. "I'm sorry."

Indeed it was exactly like what Asami said. Even when she summoned up her courage to befriend them, she still couldnt tell them anything.

So many people care for her. Or do they? How is she supposed to tell whether their kindness is real or not? How can she differentiate between right and wrong?

Asami shook her head. "No, it's quite alright. Sumire-chan, were happy for you. Be happy with Yuhi-kun."

At that her eyes went wide...they really are all misunderstanding. They think she's dating Yuhi, then again with her actions as of late it's only natural for them to think that.

The two of them are dating and yet it isn't as deep as what people think. She may have admitted that she loves Yuhi but …'I still can't let go of Ru.'

The nightmares still happen as frequently as before. 'I still can't move forward properly. Is that why I am investigating his death so seriously?'

Regarding matter she didn't want to lie about it. She doesn't want to lie about it, even if it's something she has to keep hidden and no longer say.

Even if that's the case. She at least doesn't want there to be any misunderstandings. "Asami-san, the truth is I'm...." But before she could say anything, she felt a sudden presence.

Her eyes widened alarmed.


"I'll go get a new canvas." Sumire lied and rushed out of the room in a flash. As she rushed down the hall, she pulled out her phone.


Two hours later -

In a dark alleyway not too far from the school, Sumire looked at her appearance with a troubled look on her face.

Could she really go back to school looking like this?

It's not as though she got hurt. But this blood, it's from all the others. The people now scattered on the ground and the floor across her. It is painful. In the end though there really is nothing that can be done about it. If ones live a cursed fate like this then it is only normal that something like this will happen.

As Sumire debated about what to do, a conversation from the past appeared in her head.

'Are you saying the sufferings you've gone through have been justified as well? That ...that can't be right. Even if there is a reason why all of that had to happen to you. Even if that's the case you shouldn't accept it easily. ....'

' Then can I get my hopes up?'

' It was because of those words that I did what I did. Thank you Ki'

'Yeah I understand. I can hear it loud and clear after all. But I get it, that there's something you still have to do. On that matter I actually have something to say too. That's why...'

If she is a cursed individual then she doesn't deserve any form of happiness at all. When there is light, there is darkness and she is carrying that darkness inside of her. Carrying and being burdened with the darkness of everyone who is involved in the underground world. As the leader, as the person on top she is shouldering all of this. That's why she doesn't deserve to be happy at all. That's how it's supposed to be.

That's how she made sure it remained and yet, in the end something like that was impossible after all. She grew attached and before she knew it, it was right there. The brown haired girl reached her hand out towards the sky. It is right there in front of her now....

The happiness she's always desired. But, does she deserve it? Sumire pulled her hand back. There is no need to ask such stupid questions. It is obvious already. The answer is no, she does not deserve to be happy. She does not deserve the love and kindness she is receiving from Yuhi. He would get mad if he heard her speak this way. She cannot let him now, even though it hurts so much.

Bloody Rose Part 2

The voices of the past and the future overlap, trapping her in a never ending hell.

Somebody told her a long time ago that crying was childish.

That very same person defended somebody who committed wrong deeds.

It was somebody important to her, but they didn't think so. She was the only one who saw it that way.

'Then what do you want me to do? Not cry? I am human too, I'm not a robot with no emotions..'

Sumire felt her vision gradually get blurrier and her body weakened. She landed on the ground with a thud.


Someone was calling her, calling her name. Who was it? Why did it seem so sad. The brunette hair girl opened her eyes and glanced around her surroundings.

The huge spiral stair case by the brown curtains, lead to downstairs. The floor was wooden wood, but a beautiful shade of gold. A velvet brown sofa with creamy white shaped cushions.

A huge metallic coloured wardrobe with a small mirror attached inside.

Hidden underneath all those boxes were probably there most prized possessions. A massive flat screen tv in the center of the room. A glass table in front of the sofa, creamy colored carpets. The bed she lay in was placed in the corner of the room, by the huge windows. Which was black and had bright brown cushions.

A desk and medium-sized bookshelf beside the bed. Beside the bed a small bedside table with a lamp.

Huh? A person's room, still though it's pretty huge for a just your average person.. Or rather she glanced down at her clothes and sighs a breath of relief, at least nothing happened. At least she thinks so, she is in a stranger's house, in his bed of all places.

The brunette placed her hand on her head, she still feels sick. What happened? But more importantly, she should leave before the person returns.

'They didn't do anything to me yet. Who knows what could happen?' Yet...she didn't feel well. Her body still felt weak ....even right this second as she stood up she felt as though she would fall any second. The brunette leaned on the dresser for support, why did she stand up again? The door she had just been standing before opened in minutes.

"Woah what are you doing getting up?"

He instantly rushed over and left the tray by a counter in the door to assist her.

"Thank you very much ...but I have to get back.... Besides normal civilians shouldn't…"

"Take a look at who I am Ibuki Sumire."

Despite her destorted vision she could make out the guy quite clearly. "Hino?"


A deep sigh escaped her lips. "This is unsightly."

Hino laughed. "Well, it's not like your drunk or something." He picked her up.

This action startled her. "Hold on what are you---?"

"Relax, I won't do anything to you. You need to rest after all."

That's true, with the way she feels now. She probably won't be able to move for a while. The brunette reluctantly agreed and relaxed in his arms as he brought her to his bed.

"You know, I thought I should call Yuhi. But you probably don't want to see him when you're wounded."

Sumire quickly realized that she no longer wore her blood-stained clothes. She shot Hino a glare and yet the man shrugged.

"I have servants Sumire."

He said it like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Besides, you're underage." Hino picked up a bottle of alcohol from the bedside table. "I don't touch girls who are underage. I'm not Sano."

Sumire flinched when she heard those words. A deep sigh crossed her lips. "I thought you were his loyal friend. But here you are badmouthing him."

Hino laughed. "Well, I've known him for a long time."

"Did you know about me?"

"Yeah I mentioned it before, he spoke about you."

He spoke about her huh?

"But that's not what you want to ask right?"

"I have something to ask of you. Regarding Yuhi's ex girlfriend. Is she dating Shadow's center?"

Hino blinks. "Out of all the questions you clearly have to ask... Well no matter what, they did after that time. However, it only lasted three months."

Eh? Such a short amount of time.

"Of course it would, after all, Torii's dream is to become an artist. It was clearly obvious that she wouldn't stay with us long. She left without saying a word to Moris. Later on, we found out she enrolled in Iro Road high school, coincidentally enough that's where Yuhi was. Although it appeared as though they didn't meet each other for a while and when they did Yuhi had a new girlfriend already."

A new girlfriend.. If she considers the time length these events happened then, " Miyazawa...Makino.." she murmurs.

"Yeah, I heard he started dating the chick he met at the bar and coincidentally enough they went to the same high school. Torii clearly didn't like the girl at all but I think along the way she accepted the relationship. But those two broke up after one year, even though they were getting along really well with each other. Because Yuhi for a short while went somewhere and when he returned he told Makino that they had to break up.

When I asked Torii the details it seemed like the only information she knew was ' He went to see his first love, my guess is he fell in love with her all over again.' Well Morris was clearly furious with these turn of events and started calling him all sorts of names. I suppose it's natural to be frustrated, he couldn't get a girl after Torii and even after Torii, Yuhi managed to score someone who cared about him a lot only to break up with her after a year for somebody else."

First year of high school, near Christmas...

First love? Ah---! Her eyes widened when she realized something. 'This is about her isn't it?' It seems like she has underestimated Yuhi-san's feelings for her.

Hino brushed his fingers across her forehead. "You're feverish. But, do you want some alcohol?"

Sumire rolled her eyes. "It seems like Sano was the one who asked you to investigate me."

"Well, believe me, I didn't want to investigate you that way. Sure I didn't have a favorable impression of you at the start. But once I learned your name, I realized it would be best to stay away. However, Sano wouldn't let you go." Hino opened up the bottle and poured it down a new cup.

He extended it towards her and she accepts it. She didn't drink it immediately and let her fever subside.
Bloody Rose Part 3

Hino shuts his eyes. "Your way of thinking and that reaction isn't wrong. Yuhi's always had that bad habit even when he was dating Torii, and that's why Morris slowly became pissed off with him. Even though at the start, he supported their relationship enough. However, Yuhi's actions caused him to become annoyed, and he laid his hands on Torii. Regardless he still painted that picture of her for the middle school art competition. It was clear as day that those actions did not intend to upset her. Ibuki, what about you? What have you received from Yuhi that shows he loves you? I'm sure."

"I ..." Sumire looked down.

What she has received.

There are quite a few possessions, and yet several memories come to mind now.

"Listen to me talk when I don't know much about relationships. But I want you to take these words of mine seriously. Especially since it concerns him."


"From this point onwards, I'll probably be saying a lot of things. And you'll disagree along the way. But this bit is the most important. In love, you can't expose the whole truth is what I think. Ultimately, the only people who know the whole truth are concerned with the matter. Always. You are the only ones who know your own heart. That is the unwavering truth, no matter what else anyone says."

Ah, these words, it sounds similar to something she said before.

An unwavering truth and conviction.

Something that you can only have if you hold belief and faith.

"Hino, could I borrow your guitar.." her sentence fell short when he squeezes her hands. Her eyes widened at the contact.

"I have a piano you can use. But, your amazing.."

Her gaze softened at the kindness of his words. "In the end, I'm still an idol."


Two days later - April XX -

Sumire decided not to bother Yuhi since he is most likely in the middle of rehabilitation. But, who would have thought that she would bump into Yuhi?


His eyes twitched in annoyance, as he extended his hand out and pinched her cheeks.

"What happened to being there for me?"

"Uh, sorry, but your rehab. I thought I would get in the way."

"Look here," Yuhi said with a sigh. "If you're not with me, I have a hard time."

Sumire blinked when she heard his confession. 'Yuhi has a cute side…'

The two of them found some nearby benches.

She rested her head on his shoulders. Hands enter wind against each other—a peaceful moment.

"You know, I think 'god' really exists."


"Mm but, I have a secret that I can't even tell too. I want one wish... one wish to come true. Maybe I can make it come true with you. No matter what happens. I want to be happy, even if it means going against the destiny that others laid out for me." Sumire pauses. "I want to be happy. I never thought something like that would cross my mind. Since I already accepted the destiny. It was supposed to be crystal clear like glass. The lonely future and path I would take. But once I met you, that changed."

The moment she met Terashima Yuhi. The gears of fate that had been taking shape started to evolve into something different. The entire time it was happening.

She was already aware of it, and yet she decided to stay in that small world. If she remained there with another person, then these feelings wouldn't leak out. But it was impossible, after all.

"I don't know about god or whatever. But those feelings of yours - you should have informed me first. I should have been the first one to know. You know, Sumire, I didn't tell anyone that I was in love with you this entire time. Even when I broke up with Makino, I was rather vague about everything."

"Ah, I thought that was because you were clumsy expressing your feelings," Sumire commented.


"Am I wrong?"

"That was part of the reason," Yuhi admitted with a deep sigh. "But what I said just now was the main reason. I never told anyone because I wanted you to be the first person to know. That I was in love with you, and how I never considered anyone else."

Her cheeks colored red. Oh. "Um. .. ..."

"Embarrassed?" Yuhi said, caressing her cheeks gently with his hand even though there is nothing innocent about their relationship anymore.

Rather at this point that they are confessing their secrets one by one. The word 'desire' has always been there for the two of them. So could anyone say there was anything innocent about their relationship? The answer is no.

"Un and a bit overwhelmed."

But despite this, he touches her and showers her with words of honesty and affection. She always feels that air of innocence.

Yuhi pulled her into his arms, causing her eyes to widen. "Sumire. I'm sure you have figured it out by now. What I intend to do soon."

"Yes. That's why I am very worried about you."

He is going to do something dangerous in a place that is so far away, without her by his side. That very thought scared her.

"I can't tell you not to worry. But I can reassure you. Do you know what you gave me when we met? This time, I'll protect you to the end. Even without memories, that desire was there from the beginning. Those were the feelings you gave me as the memories of my long and lonely past resurfaced. That was the ray of light that resurfaced and showed me the way. I lost myself to desire plenty of times. I made many mistakes. But I couldn't stop myself. To shake off those contradictions, I imposed many unreasonable demands on you, and I took away the smile that radiated from the bottom of your heart."

Sumire shook her head. "Your wrong, Yuhi. Although I can't say that your actions have never hurt me before, you're the one who brought back my smile; you didn't take anything from me. You've given me so much."

Yuhi smiles softly. "If you think so, I'm not going to argue. Besides, your mine, aren't you?"


"You know when it was time to let you go. I thought it would be enough if I could just watch over you. But you who lived as a normal girl, you who became an idol became even more of a radiant existence to me. How you desperately tried to help a young boy who was hurt. How you grew your hair out to prove your affections for me were still strong. I love them all."
Bloody Rose Part 4

He is so stupid. She's the one who should be saying words of gratitude. If she didn't meet Terashima Yuhi, she would still be an empty existence. It's because they met they crossed paths. That she was able to discover the beauty of the world; the beauty Ru pointed out to her before, but she couldn't see it.

Back then, all she could see were raging storm clouds every day. However, when she met Terashima Yuhi, she could finally see the light.

Sumire shifted over and draped her arms around his neck.

"What is it?" she doesn't say anything and merely continues holding on to him tightly. Noticing she won't respond, Yuhi merely caresses her hair.

Ever since she was younger, she foundi herself to be completely absorbed already in the world of knowledge. That's right long before she even met Yuhi; she already found herself attracted by books that contained knowledge of the world.

At first, though, it was only a means of escape, escape from all the shouting. Her parents would often fight, that's right. Her family life wasn't exactly as peaceful as everyone thought it was. That family already long fell apart, so perhaps what happened was atonement—her atonement for the past.

In that sense, there is no meaningless misfortune. When she first stumbled upon Shakespeare's works, she learned the meaning in more depth. What a true tragedy is. Her form of escape were those books. To block out the sound, she would find herself listening to music and escaping in the world of stories. But that in itself is too much of a fantasy.

A person cannot escape from a reality that is there. She found out many things. So then how is she an outsider of society supposed to fit in? The answer is simple. "You just have to live the same as everyone else.'

Most humans won't accept something that is outside what they consider common sense. When she realized these, she understood that even if she did that, it wouldn't change anything.

It won't make her world less dark than it already is. It won't bring out the light she sought, which is why she...she didn't try it and lived life without lying.

That light she sought for so long, appeared to her the second she met him. Not only the light but a world of vibrant colors. A world of vibrant colors, strong and powerful. He introduced her to paintings and colors that express every emotion.

Buildings, people, animals - he showed her how everyone is dyed in their own special color. Not just one color but several. Colors that only belong to that person alone.

"Can I make some selfish requests, Yuhi?"

"Define 'selfish.'"

She lifts her fingers to his lips, gently tracing them. "'of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.'"

"So you want to please yourself? Got it. Tell me what you want, Sumire."

"I want you to be more passionate than before."

Sumire doesn't clarify her words. Nor does she even describe it. But Yuhi understood. "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?"

"Perhaps. But Yuhi. You said you would fall into hell with me. Do you have any right to whine at this stage? Or maybe I fell in love with a boring guy after all. "


"It is only with you, Yuhi, when I'm able to feel the most happiness. That's why when our relationship changes. I will be blessed with the fact that we never have to part from each other and bask in our happiness together. That's why I want to get this out of the way now. "She has to say it.

'It's frightening, but if it is this person, it should be okay.'

"Up until now, I've always been thinking of Ru. No, I'll correct that, 'I've always been in love with him. 'There were many who came to care for me in between—those who came to love me deeply. But I could never respond to their feelings ." she shook her head. "I could never respond. I would always brush it off simply because I didn't acknowledge it even though they all cared deeply for me. I felt it then that there was something wrong with me."

"Sumire. . . ."

"To find a way to defeat Ru's illness, even if it means having my life swallowed up by him. If I'm inside that person, we can become one. I haven't been completely faithful to you, Yuhi. Even when we started dating, those thoughts remained there. They became clearer." Sumire placed her hand on her forehead. "I am saying strange things, right? But even now, it doesn't fade from my mind. Endlessly. I thought I would have to walk towards the future alone. But there is you."

There is him, the person she loves so very deeply.

Yuhi bends over, and their lips met briefly. A gentle kiss, and yet it made her cry. "Yeah. I get it, Sumire. We have to share everything properly from now on. Even if it hurts. A part of me already knew. About Mamoru, about the darkness, you were facing. . …"

"I'm still afraid," Sumire admitted. The happier she becomes, the more this fear increases.

"So am I," he gave their intertwined hands a little squeeze. "But we aren't alone anymore. We have all those guys, and we have each other. Sumire."

Sumire did not say anything and listened to the sound of his heartbeat. Her eyes widened when she realized how fast it was beating. She lifted her head from his chest. "Wait, why are you getting embarrassed?" Sumire questioned.

"Who is embarrassed? Brat, your far too cheeky lately."

She chuckled softly. Even if he denied it, Sumire could see the tip of his ears turn red. Her gaze softened, even though things will be hectic from now. 'Yuhi still finds a way to make me smile.' Why does this person smile so warmly-- her thoughts broke of when he gently kissed her lips.

It seems like she has found it, a small bit of happiness.