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Teachings of the castle- Part 1

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Oh no, thought Lucy to herself...

She loved her aunt, but there were times when she had often got into trouble for not telling her mother or her grandmother beforehand. Her feet didn't move from where they were, but when her aunt placed her hand on her back, Lucy could feel the tension rise in her body. 

She had asked her maid Amice to get her dress ready for her to wear so that her grandmother would not see the red line that the knife had caused against her neck. That was at least her plan, but she hadn't expected to meet her aunt on her way to the room. 

"You appear to be so reluctant to spend your time with me, dear," said Rosamund, a frown appeared on her forehead, "Did I perhaps do something that you didn't like? I must have upset you in some way," said the woman, passing a worried look at Lucy who shook her head. 

"Of course not, Aunt Rosamund. I would never be upset with any of you," Lucy uttered those words out of nervousness. "I just feel like I am not in my best presentable state. It would be rude to show myself in front of Queen Morganna in this state." 

"She's your grandmother. I doubt she would take it personally," Aunt Rosamund's hand didn't let go of her back, and they started to walk towards the royal court room. Even though Rosamund said it, she internally smiled, foreseeing what was going to take place soon. 

Everyone addressed the King's mother by her name and not by their relationships with the woman. It was never grandmother to Lucy, but always Queen Morganna. The reason was that Morganna didn't want to pass the power of control to her son or her daughter-in-law's hands. She enjoyed her position of ruling the kingdom and holding the authority to rule Devon by placing her son in the front and using him to control the land. 

When Lucy and Rosamund arrived at the royal court room entrance, most of the ministers and the concerned people who had come to attend and take part in the affairs concerning the public interest slowly left the room, except for a few of them who were stayed behind. 

Lucy caught sight of her grandmother who sat on the left side of her father's throne, where her father sat. And on the right side, the seat had been left empty. It was because her mother rarely attended the court proceedings and left most of it to her father and her grandmother. 

"Rosamund," King Laurence greeted his sister. 

"My King," Rosamund deeply bowed her head and then bowed at Queen Morganna, "My Queen. Long live the reign of the King and the Queen mother," said Rosamund before she lifted her head. 

Lucy wondered if it was okay to leave the royal court room as, right now, everyone's eyes were on her aunt. 

"What brings you here, Rosa?" Queen Morganna questioned her daughter. She didn't bother to step down from her comfortable seat to greet her daughter. 

Rosamund had a pleasant smile on her lips, "I am here to personally invite you to the soiree that is going to be held in Wilmot's mansion. I was hoping if you could spare some time, a lot of them wish to spend their time in your presence, milady," she bowed her head again. 

Queen Morganna's blonde hair had been combed back and tied up with pins while leaving the ends of her hair to rest on one side of her shoulder. Her slightly plump body was covered in a pastel green coloured rich silk dress specially ordered and made from another land. Her red eyes stared at her daughter. The mother Queen looked somewhere pleased, yet not completely happy as she had already heard about this formal soiree by someone else's mouth.

"I wish I could, but there are other pressing matters that need to be attended in the castle. I am sure Samara and Lucy would love to join you there. Maybe that way, we can find a good suitor for our dear child Lucy," responded Queen Morganna, "Though I must say, I would have been more pleased if you had informed me first than keeping it until the end, Rosa. Unless you forgot to invite us," the woman smiled, and the sides of her eyes creased to show her age. 

The smile on Rosamund's face faltered, but she tried not to change her expression. "I wanted to surprise you. Forgive me that you heard it from someone else."

Queen Morganna's eyes moved to look at her granddaughter, who stood behind her daughter. 

"Where have you been since morning, Lucy? You weren't there in your room," stated Queen Morganna, waiting for Lucy's answer, and her eyes then narrowed, "Where have your manners gone?" 

Realizing her folly, Lucy quickly bowed her head to offer her grandmother and her father her greetings. 

"Good morning Queen Morganna. Good morning father," greeted Lucy with her head bowed while staring at the marble floor. 

"It seems like day by day, people's manners in the castle keep disappearing. Laurence, what happened to the senior governess who was supposed to teach the etiquettes to Lucy?" questioned Queen Morganna. 

Lucy felt her cheeks turn red for the mistake she had caused in front of everyone in the room. She had always been careful when it came to following the etiquettes of the royal family, but she had been so consumed with worry that she hadn't realized that she had forgotten to greet them. 

Her father turned to her grandmother, "The governess who was assigned to teach Lucy cannot visit as she broke her leg and she will be unable to arrive at the castle for at least the next two months. Arthur is searching for another governess who can fill the position.."

"That's a pity," Queen Morganna clicked her tongue in distaste without looking away from Lucy. Lucy shifted her weight from one leg to another that others failed to notice because of the layers her dress consisted of. "First, it was Sophie who finds it hard to follow our words, and now it seems like Lucy is following in her footsteps. The girls are barely learning anything. Where did you go, Lucy? Your mother had no idea about where you went, and I had to ask the lowly maid to know about my granddaughter's whereabouts. Hm?" 

Lucy softly gulped, and she responded, "For a change...I thought to have some fresh air outside the castle."

"Why?" questioned Queen Morganna, "Has the amount of air lessened in the castle or has it turned stale? Are you living in a closed matchbox space that you cannot get enough air in here? Your great grandfather built this castle that is filled with everything you need. If he was alive, he would be greatly disappointed to know that his great-granddaughter finds it insufficient." 

Lucy quickly shook her head, "Not at all, Queen Morganna. I was only looking for some-"

"That's enough, dear," her grandmother cut short her words. "It seems like your legs have been trying to walk faster than it is required for the girls of the royal family." 
 Teachings of the castle- Part 2

Even with the distance between the grandmother and the granddaughter, Queen Morganna noticed the red line on Lucy's neck, that it looked like it had been profusely rubbed. 

Queen Morganna stood up from her throne and walked to where Lucy stood. 

"What happened to your neck?" questioned Queen Morganna with narrowed eyes.

A sweat trickled down from Lucy's back, "My neck?" she tried to act innocent as if she didn't know, and she saw her grandmother raising her hand making her flinch for a second. The woman swiped Lucy's neck with her finger, bringing her hand back in front of her face, and looked down at the drop of blood. 

Lucy's eyes widened. She thought she had cleaned her neck properly to remove any spots of the blood, but somehow it seemed like it hadn't healed. 

Queen Morganna's eyes narrowed at Lucy, and before anyone knew it, a sharp sound of the slap was heard in the courtroom. Lucy felt the burn on her cheek, her face turned completely hot and red, her lips trembled. 

"How many times do I need to tell you not to go outside the castle, but you never listen. Unnecessarily getting yourself into trouble," Queen Morganna stared at Lucy. "Do you know the consequences your actions can put us through?" 

She would have asked, but she would be refused before she would get half of the sentence out of her mouth, thought Lucy to herself. 

Lucy didn't raise her eyes and continued to look down at the floor, unable to meet her grandmother's eyes. King Laurence, her father didn't move from his place and instead had a grim look on his face. While Rosamund, who stood near Lucy, couldn't help but faintly smile over this. All these years, Rosamund had tried to become her mother's favourite, patiently waiting for her mother to favour her and her family, instead of her brother Laurence's family. 

Rosamund wanted her family to rule Devon, and so far, her plans were going well. With the King's wife, who was unable to bear a child after Lucy as the woman went through multiple miscarriages. It was only a matter of time, until the throne would be passed to her son Markus, thought Rosamund to herself. 

"People can misuse things so easily," Queen Morganna reprimanded her granddaughter in a stern voice, "If people found out that the King's daughter is roaming outside the castle all by herself, they can use it against us by using you."

"My apologies for not thinking about it," whispered Lucy, not moving an inch from where she stood. She could feel tears starting to brim up her eyes, but she didn't let a single drop of it fall from her eyes. 

"Hmph!" Queen Morganna turned around and went back to sit on the throne. "You can leave," she dismissed her granddaughter, and Lucy bowed her head again before she quickly left the court room. Before she could reach her room, fresh tears spilt on her already warm cheeks. She went straight to her bed and laid there, and after some time the tears stopped. 

Her grandmother had always been strict with everyone who was in and around the castle, and the only person who could rarely defy her grandmother was her father. What her grandmother said was the iron rule to be followed, and when a person didn't follow, they often met the end of their life or disappeared never to be seen again. 

While returning back Lucy had a feeling she was going to get into trouble today, and she didn't know if her grandmother had found out about what happened to her near the town's marketplace. There was no way for her grandmother to know because she had made the guards promise her that neither of them would tell anybody about it. She had stepped out because at times the atmosphere in the castle felt heavy and suffocating. But at the same time, she was curious about the outside world, and also it wasn't like she had gone all alone. 

"Lucy?" came her mother's voice, and she sat up. "What happened to your face?" asked her mother. 

Her mother's maid, who stood behind her mother, said, "Queen Morganna was unhappy about Lady Lucy's disappearance from the castle." 

"Why would you do that, Lucy?" her mother looked at her in horror as if she made a grave mistake.

"I needed some fresh air," said Lucy, stepping out of the bed and picking up the dress to wear it. 

"What do you mean by fresh air? Do you know how dangerous the world outside is?! What would you do if someone kidnapped you or raped you!" her mother demanded. "You know nothing that happens outside-" 

"I would have known if you told me or if I stepped out often. I cannot live like this inside the walls of the castle-"

"Lucy!" her mother yelled. "You are a princess, or have you forgotten about it? It must be because of those two maids who are filling your head with worthless things. It is only right to remove them and appoint two new maids."

"No! This has nothing to do with them!" Lucy could feel the happiness slip through her fingers, not that she ever had it before. It was the sad life of a princess whose life was kept only to use as a pawn and to benefit others.

"Then learn to behave like a well mannered princess unless you don't want them working in the castle anymore," stated her mother. 

Lucy frowned, "You are threatening me…"

Lucy's mother, Samara, rolled her eyes over her daughter's stubborn words, "I am teaching you what is right and wrong."

"By curbing my freedom," replied Lucy and her mother shook her head. 

"You have everything in this world, Lucy. Delicious food to eat, unlimited wealth that can buy you anything, a roof over your head that will never leave your side. Maids who stand at every beck and call of your word, yet you answer to me like you are not happy with it," scolded her mother in disbelief. When Lucy picked up the dress in her hand, her mother ordered her maid, "Clarence, help her with the clothes."

"I can do it myself," said Lucy, and her mother glared in anger. 

"Don't forget, I am your mother, Lucy. You either listen to the elders, or I will tell your father how you have been misbehaving, and have you locked in this room. And who knows where you have been earlier before stepping back into the castle," saying this, her mother looked at the maid, and the maid bowed her head. 

Lucy huffed for air, and she raised her hand for the maid to help her to remove her clothes. Like her mother said, Lucy was a princess who had everything. There was barely anything she had to do herself. The maids helped her bathe and wear her clothes, combing her hair and putting her to bed. At least they didn't force her to eat, thought Lucy to herself, but then who knew when her parents or grandmother would order the maid to feed her. A wry smile appeared on her lips.

"What are you smiling about?" questioned her mother. 

This time it was Lucy who shook her head, "If I smile people question it, if I don't smile people question it too. What am I supposed to do?" 

"Don't try to be smart with me," her mother narrowed her eyes. "Don't step out of the castle again, Lucy. Not unless you are going with me, or with your father or any of us relatives. Do you understand my words?" 

"Yes, mother," answered Lucy, and by seeing her mother's expression on her face, she could tell that her mother didn't believe her words. 

"I cannot believe that both the girls of the royal family are spoilt, doing whatever they want. Here it is you, and there it is, Sophie," muttered her mother under her breath. 

Lucy remembered her cousin Sophie who had received more slaps from her grandmother. Due to this, her aunt had stopped bringing her cousin over to the castle, making up the reason that her daughter Sophie was busy in her studies. 

Once Lucy was completely dressed, her mother came near her, kissing her cheek and said, "Why do you defy my word? You know I tell it for your own good. I don't want my child getting slapped from the mother queen," her mother caressed her cheeks. "Now be good, okay." 

Lucy only nodded her head, and saw her mother leave the room along with her maid.
Teachings of the castle- Part 3

One minute after Lucy's mother left the room, an elderly woman who was in her early fifties arrived at the door. It was Ruby, whom she called as Nana, the maid who had looked after Lucy since her mother had given birth to her. 

The maid was fairly plump in appearance and an inch shorter than Lucy in height, and the young vampiress didn't cross more than five feet three inches. 

"Milady," Ruby bowed her head. When her eyes fell on Lucy's cheek, she quickly came to the vampiress' side. "Are you alright?" the woman noticed the four lines that had been imprinted on Lucy's cheek. 

Lucy's eyes softened considerably on meeting Ruby's eyes. Ruby looked after Lucy as her own daughter and maybe more than her mother ever paid attention to her. "I am okay. It's just a simple slap," replied Lucy, not taking her grandmother's action nor her mother's words to her heart. 

Ruby's eyebrows knitted together, "I am sorry I wasn't there to greet you in the halls earlier. I would have done something."

Lucy smiled at the woman's concern, an emotion that she had always wanted from her mother, but she had never received it. "I don't think either of us would have been able to deflect what was going to happen today." 

The woman stared at the skin that had turned red and said, "It's swollen and is going to leave a mark on your pretty skin. Sit down, milady. Let me get a wet cloth to reduce the pain." 

"Wait!" Lucy stopped Nana, and she went to the door, peeking her head and looking left and right before locking the doors. 

She didn't want any maids to be eavesdropping on her or Nana's words. Because in the past, there had been times where some of her words had reached her grandmother, who later reprimanded her in a way where Lucy wasn't allowed to bring up that subject again. 

But it wasn't just Lucy who was punished. If any time Lucy disappointed her grandmother, the maids got into trouble because of her. Many times, the maids were deprived of food or sleep as punishment for being a bad influence on the princess. 

"Now I think it's fine," said Lucy with a bright smile before going to bed and sitting on the edge of it. 

"You made us worried in the morning, milady. Thankfully Amice knew you were out with the two guards," said Ruby with a look of concern on her face, "The Queen got busy with some matters, therefore we were fortunate to not be questioned right away." 

Ruby dipped the cloth in the cold water and brought it to where Lucy was sitting. 

"Sit down," Lucy patted her hand on the space next to her. "I even locked the door to make sure no one would intrude or see what we are doing," her mood was back to normal, forgetting that she had been scolded by her grandmother. 

"I could never do that, milady," whispered Ruby with her eyes wide. Maids were not supposed to sit and share the space with the royal members of the castle. And it was something that was drilled into their heads. 

"You always tell that, but you know I would never look at you as a maid," said Lucy whilst Ruby brought the wet cloth to place it against Lucy's cheek that soothed the burn.

"That is what worries me. It is not right for the princess to tell a maid like me to sit next to her," replied Ruby, her hands gently dabbed the wet cloth of Lucy's cheek, and Lucy sighed. "Why do you go against the mother Queen's words? It always ends up with you getting punished. Are you not worried about receiving punishments, milady?" 

If there was a maid who could speak out the thoughts to Lucy, it was Ruby. But even that had restrictions as they couldn't speak like this infront of the others. It would only result in Ruby losing her head. 

"I do listen to everything, grandma says. I just felt like going out today," Lucy pursed her lips. 

"Did you at least enjoy your time outside?" asked Ruby, her brown eyes shifted to look at the young vampiress who raised her eyebrows.

"I did at least until I got caught in the alleys. You won't believe what happened today!" gushed Lucy. She explained what had happened in the alley, from the beginning to the end in a whisper and the elderly woman listened to the story with her eyes wide in horror. 

"No wonder the Queen doesn't want you stepping outside the castle. It's never safe, and you never know what might happen. I hope God bless the man who came to save you today. It would be best if you are careful, milady," responded Ruby after hearing what Lucy said. 

Lucy smiled, "For a moment, I thought it was God who had come to help me," but then it was because the stranger was standing on the roof of the building.

"God must have sent him to help you," whispered Ruby to her, and Lucy nodded her head. 

"Maybe he did." 

Lucy couldn't help but remember the man who had appeared in front of her out of nowhere and saved her from the thugs. More than the damage the thugs in the alley had caused her, it was her grandmother who had caused her more damage by slapping her hard on the cheek, that was now going to leave a bruise on her face for a few hours. 

Lucy and the stranger hadn't exchanged a word, nor had the stranger bothered to ask her for a favour in return for his help. Lucy remembered how the stranger had moved, when he was dealing with the thugs, so quickly that she felt if she were a human, she would have missed his movements.

"There," said Ruby, dropping her hand back to her side, "This should reduce the swelling at least a little bit." The woman started to move away from the bed when she heard Lucy whisper to her,

"Do you think God will forgive me? For killing that person?" 

Lucy had never hurt a thing in her life. Remembering the blade that she held and that slit the man's throat, the scene replayed in her mind. Death wasn't new to her but seeing it that close had shaken her. 

Ruby offered Lucy a warm smile, and she said, "God will always forgive you, my child. He knows you have a good heart."

Void- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Epilogue by Dario Marinelli


Calhoun wore clothes lent by Theodore, and he made his way to Lady Christine Rous, who was apparently not a young woman but a widow who had lost her husband eleven years ago. 

"Theodore said he was going to send someone in his place, but never would I have thought that it would be a person who is younger than him," said the woman. Her hair had turned grey, and her skin shrivelled. 

Calhoun bowed his head in greeting, "Good afternoon, Lady Christine. Even I didn't expect to meet a beautiful woman like you today."

The woman laughed, "You are good with words, young man. Come let's get into the carriage else we would be late," said the woman, and with the assistance of Calhoun as well as the coachman's help, she got inside first, and Calhoun followed her before the carriage's door was shut close. "What is your name?" she questioned him.

"Calhoun, milady," replied Calhoun.

"Theodore said I should call you Theodore, and it makes me wonder if you children are up to some mischief. He's a sneaky fellow," the woman laughed again. "But a fairly decent man. I didn't even know there was someone who joined Madame Fraunces' work," she said, looking at him. "By your face and words, you will go ahead in the line of work."

"I don't plan to continue working for her. It is just for a month," answered Calhoun, gaining the elderly woman's attention. 

"Why not? You don't like it?" asked the woman, "A few years ago, I didn't even know work like this existed. But I suppose one would find it hard to view a job like this without judging it. I believe it is hard. Is this your first time attending a soiree?" she was more chatty than Calhoun had expected.

Not answering her previous questions, he nodded his head. 

"I see," hummed the lady, "I wouldn't have gone, but my late and handsome husband, he was acquainted with Mr. Wilmot. With work, of course, else, why would us humans be invited to a vampire's mansion. Theodore said you were interested in attending it, also that I would enjoy your company."

Calhoun still didn't understand why Theodore was helping him. All his life until now, he wasn't used to people helping him. People had done nothing but deny it. 

"How long has he been working for you?" asked Calhoun, and the woman gave a deep thought about it. 

"It must be four years," she answered, "Time flies so fast. At first, I had refused the idea, but I kept him around later. I got him to clean things in my house when my maid wasn't there. Surprisingly he's very efficient." 

Calhoun didn't comment on it because he didn't know anything about Theodore. He didn't know where Theodore came from or what his background was, not that it bothered Calhoun because he didn't care. When they finally reached Wilmot's mansion, Calhoun's face had turned passive, and he walked next to Lady Christine, accompanying her with slow steps as she was a human. 

Entering the mansion, Calhoun took note of how big the mansion was, and it looked nothing less to a castle. His eyes shrewdly followed the servants as well as the guests who had arrived to have lunch with the Wilmot's, the King's sister's house. 

"Lady Christine," a young girl made her way to where they were, exchanging kisses in the air on either side of their cheeks before she pulled back and said, "I was hoping you would come. It's been long since I last saw you. Where have you been hiding?"

"In my mansion, of course, you would have found me if you came to visit me," Lady Christine smiled back at the girl, "But I guess your coachman had forgotten the address." The smile that the girl had plastered on her face faltered. 

"Of course not. I would never. Excuse me," she said, and left their side. 

"That was very quick," muttered Calhoun under his breath. "Who was she?" he asked, as the girl turned around and gave them a look before going near a woman and whispering something in the person's ear. The woman turned around in their direction and waved her hand at Lady Christine. 

Lady Christine smiled and then looked away in another direction, "Someone my husband once knew, you could tell, the woman was my husband's mistress."

"You seem to get along fairly well with them," replied Calhoun, and the woman laughed. 

"Theodore was right. I am enjoying your company, come, let us get a drink," said the woman, dragging him towards a table. 

While Lady Christine had pulled him to have some drinks, Calhoun's eyes keenly looked at the guests and the environment that he had never experienced before. He didn't come here to enjoy the food or the drinks. He had only come here to meet the King's sister. 

"Lady Rosamund!" 

He heard someone greet the lady of the mansion, and his eyes shifted from one side of the room to another, noticing a woman who stepped into the room with a smile that was spread across her lips. His blood boiled just by looking at the vampiress, who was right now the centre of the attention in the room. Here were people who were enjoying their life in bliss, while there was his mother back in the house, all alone by herself, battling for her life. 

"You look beautiful, Lady Rosamund. Thank you for inviting us today," thanked the man, who stood next to his wife. 

"Lady Rosamund is always generous when it comes to inviting all of us. We are grateful for your generosity, milady," said another person who was in the room. It was quite clear that the people who surrounded her were just like the woman trying to flatter each other. 

Rosamund smiled, "Please, this is the least I can do."

There had been many times in the past where Calhoun had tried to get more information from his mother on what happened to her when she was living in the Hawthrone's castle, but his mother had always brushed it away like it was nothing. The only thing he knew was that the Hawthrone's family had kicked his mother out of the castle, ordering her never to return again. 

"That's Lady Rosamund Wilmot," Lady Christine whispered to Calhoun while they stood at the back with their back close to the walls. "The King's very own sister. The people very much love her. The boy you see there," and Calhoun's eyes fell on a young boy who looked two to three years younger to him. "That's her son, and next to him is her daughter, Sophie. A small thing but often gets into trouble. I heard it was only a month ago that little Sophie threw water on Queen Morganna's face. Needn't be told, the day didn't go well." 

Christine was more than happy to inform Calhoun, letting him know who was in the room, but Calhoun's eyes were glued on Lady Rosamund. 

Not soon after Rosamund had made rounds in the room, interacting with her guests, she came to where Calhoun and Lady Christine were. 

"Lady Christine, how have you been? We have been missing you in the soirees," said Lady Rosamund as if she was upset, "You should not miss the future ones."

Lady Christine bowed her head, "I could never refuse your request, Lady Rosamund. It is just that my bones have turned weak, and it's hard to get out of bed these days."

"Let me know if you need a physician to look after you. I would be more than pleased to help you with it," offered Lady Rosamund, and it made Calhoun question himself if people's words were true. Had he perhaps misunderstood things? Maybe it was the King who had thrown his mother out, and not this person, thought Calhoun to himself. 

"And who is this young man whom you have brought here?" questioned Lady Rosamund, looking at the person who stood next to Lady Christine. 

Before the woman could introduce him, Calhoun bowed his head and raised it, looking into her eyes, and said, "Calhoun, milady." 

"What an unusual name. You seem strangely familiar, yet I cannot point my finger as to where I have seen you before," she made a hmph sound and then turned to look at Lady Christine, "What happened to the other one who was with you last time?"

"He's fallen sick, and this boy had been replaced for the day," Lady Christine patted Calhoun's arm. 
Void- Part 2

Lady Rosamund was quick to move away from them to meet other guests, laughing and talking to them. Lunch was indeed delicious, but Calhoun lacked the appetite to eat. 

At the long table, Lady Christine was seated at the end, and it wasn't hard to guess that the seating had been arranged in such a way where people who were more liked by the lady of the house were made to sit near her. 

"Lady Christine, may I ask you for a favour?" Calhoun asked in a low tone, making use of the distance that was created by the seating arrangement where no one could hear him. 

The woman looked up from her plate, "Do you need salt?" she asked. 

"No. Milady, I was wondering if you could help me in meeting the physician Lady Rosamund recommended. The personal physician," Calhoun asked the lady. 

"I can do that," she nodded her head in agreement. 

"Thank you," he bowed his head. The last time he had tried to meet the main physician, he had only succeeded in meeting with the physician's assistant. 

When the soiree came to an end, Lady Christine being true to her word, she collected the recommendation letter from Lady Rosamund regarding the meeting with the royal family's physician. 

Calhoun dropped the lady at her house in her carriage, and he was given two gold coins for his service along with the letter she had earlier collected. An amount he had never seen. With the letter in his hand, Calhoun made use of it, to go meet the physician to get the medicines which he was successful at this time. 

When Calhoun reached near his house with the medicines in his hands that he had bought using the gold coins from what he had been paid, he hoped that this time it would work on his mother. It had been weeks since his mother had fallen sick and every day her condition only worsened, her body turning fragile because of the amount of blood that she threw up. He had never seen anyone fall sick this way, making it difficult for not only him but also the physicians to decipher what was wrong with his mother. 

Calhoun stepped into the house, announcing to his mother, "Mother I am home!" Even though his mother was sick, he didn't want her to feel neglected, and he hoped she would get better if he continued to behave as if nothing was wrong with her. Not receiving an answer, something he was getting used to, he placed the medicines at the side and started heating the water so that his mother could have the medicine with it. 

He was still pouring water in the glass when he heard his mother choking in the other room. He quickly rushed to her side and saw her body twist in the bed. 

"Mother!" exclaimed Calhoun. He quickly went to her side, patting her back to ease her pain but his mother had started to throw up blood again. The blood that came out from her mouth and spilt on the bed was too much. 

Constance's body twitched and she looked like she wasn't herself anymore, with her hands that had twisted, and her eyes looking lost while staring at the ceiling. 

"It's going to be okay," Calhoun whispered to her, placing his hand on her back and he felt the bones in her body. It squeezed his heart to see her in this state. She didn't deserve this! He tried to make her feel better, but the blood continued to spill out. The sheet that was spread on the bed had soaked itself in blood and for a moment Constance's hand moved towards Calhoun and he grabbed it with his hands.

"Cal," came the feeble voice of his mother, through the spluttering sound. 

Calhoun held his mother's hand with both his hands, giving all his attention to her. He shook his head, "It's okay. You don't need to speak, I brought you the medicine," and he was ready to get up but Constance whispered, 


A tear trickled down from the corner of her eye, sliding down her pale skin where it looked alive compared to the other part of her skin before it seeped into the hard pillow. The grip of her hand on her son was weak, and she tried hard to breathe, exhaling and inhaling in great difficulty. 

"You and I both know that...it won't work," she said, trying to focus her eyes on Calhoun, who quietly sat next to her, listening intently to what she wanted to say.

Calhoun's jaw clenched and unclenched, "We cannot be sure unless we try it. The last medicine's failed, but this one might work." 

Constance flinched in pain as she felt like millions of needles were passing through from her skin and into her chest. She shook her head, "This is something far worse than any person would have gone through in the past, and no one knows what this sickness is. Stay here instead, Cal. Please," she added, noticing the reluctance in his eyes. "I have lived, more than I expected, and everything comes to an end."

Calhoun closed his eyes, shaking his own head before he opened his eyes, his eyes glistening, "Don't say that. We are in this together, aren't we?" 

His mother offered him a smile, "Yes, we are," and Calhoun brought her hand up towards his face, and he kissed her hand.

"Then don't leave…" he whispered.

Constance used all her energy to place her hand on her son's cheek, her hand trembled because of the weakness and lack of strength in her body. "Like everything in this world, one day we leave this place. My body is no more the way it was, Cal. I can barely get out of bed, less speak this much. My son," there was a tenderness in the way she used the words at Calhoun, "You were the precious gift, something that filled every space in my heart and in my world. The best thing that happened to me, so don't be sad about my condition." 
Void- Part 3

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"What shall I do without you," asked Calhoun. His eyes moved back up to look into his mother's eyes. 

"You will be alright. I know you will miss me," she tried to reach for his head, wanting to touch his head for one last time, but at the same time, she started to cough, and her breathing turned laboured before more blood spilt out of her mouth. 

"Don't talk. Rest, you might feel better," but by her expression, Calhoun understood that his words had been dismissed by his mother. "It won't be the same without you."

All Calhoun had known was his mother, and she had been the only person in his life to take care of him without a doubt. The rest were the people whom he didn't care about, and they didn't exist in his world. 

Calhoun pulled the clean handkerchief from his pocket, and he wiped the blood that had smeared around his mother's mouth—cleaning it, but his mother only spilled out more blood. It looked as if her body wanted to finish every single drop of blood that was in her body and would only then let her rest. 

"It will get better," her hand slid down, and she looked at Calhoun with her tired eyes. "Like the rest of the things, you will learn to overcome everything. There is nothing you cannot do, Cal. You are my son. One day you will overcome this sorrow, and the pain and hurt that you have felt. They will all disappear like they never existed."

"But you won't be there with me," Calhoun's voice was low and hardly audible, but Constance understood his emotions.

"You don't know...that," breathed Constance, "You aren't alone, Cal. You will have someone who will be your family. And that person will help you to grow not only the family but also you. To fill the spaces. And then you have your gran-" 

Constance's body started to spasm, making it unable for her to finish her sentence. 

Calhoun then heard something his mother said that he never imagined she would say to him, "Cal...please...I d-don't think I can take it any longer." 

His mother's hand slipped away from his hands, and her body started to shake uncontrollably with blood coming out of her mouth. His hands clenched into fists as he watched his mother's life slipping away from her. It hurt him, seeing her like this and the words that she spoke slowly started to sink in his mind. The medicines didn't work, and letting her be like this, it was only prolonging her pain and misery.

He moved closer to his mother, putting his hand around her back and raising her as if to sit on the bed. He wanted to see his mother look into his eyes, for one last time, to smile and talk to him, but Constance's eyes had turned unfocused, and she looked as if she couldn't see or understand what he was going to say anymore. 

Calhoun needed a moment to prepare himself, and he closed his eyes. 

When he had brought the medicines, he returned home with the thought that his mother would get better...and not die today…

When he opened his eyes, he saw the red liquid continue to fall on the bed, and he raised his hand, "Rest well, mother…"

Within the next second, Calhoun's hand pierced through Constance's chest to stop it from beating any further and adding more pain into her life. A tear slipped past his empty red eyes while he carefully handled his mother's heart without putting much pressure into it, and the heart that he was used to hearing beat, stopped. 

Retreating his hand back, Calhoun carefully placed his mother back on the bed, silence filling the room along with the darkness that started to fill in his heart. 

His mother, whom he looked at as a strong woman as she had raised him with care, not paying attention to mistreatment from the villagers and focussing only on his well being. She now looked fragile, her cheekbones had turned hollow along with the dark circles underneath her eyes. Calhoun didn't know how long he sat next to his mother, watching her face after he had closed her eyes.

Nobody usually entered the home he and his mother lived in, but someone entered, which Calhoun didn't pay attention to until the person called him,


It was Theodore who had arrived at Calhoun's house to pick up the clothes that he had lent Calhoun to wear for attending the soiree. He had also come here because he was curious to know where Calhoun lived. A deep frown had appeared on his forehead because of the scent of the blood that surrounded the house. 

Theodore's eyes widened when he noticed Calhoun sitting on the floor and in front of a woman who was evidently dead because of the blood on the sheets and her clothes. He noticed the indentations on the woman's chest, as if someone had dipped their fingers. His eyes fell on Calhoun's hand that was covered in blood. 

He would have been surprised by the death that had taken place if he hadn't known Calhoun had been making visits to many physicians' houses to find out what was wrong with his mother. It seemed like the tipping point had arrived, and there was no way to drag the time anymore, thought Theodore to himself.

An hour passed, and Calhoun didn't move from where he sat, and Theodore silently stood behind him. 

Calhoun turned his head to the right, feeling Theodore's presence behind him, and he said, "You don't have to stay here."

"I am aware," answered Theodore, "But you need to let her rest. In a better place."

At first, Calhoun didn't respond, instead, he continued to sit in the same position, staring at his mother. He then said, "I know a place to keep her."
Provoking insecurities- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Saturn by Sleeping At Last


Calhoun had decided the place where he wanted to bury his mother. Many years ago, when he was small, Calhoun had heard his mother speak about the royal family. It was not complaints but ordinary things that most of the people already knew about. She had mentioned about a place where the royal family members were buried, and it was where he decided to keep her. 

Not because he wanted her to be part of the royal family, but because there was a special coffin that had been built for the previous King. 

He knew once the local villagers would find out about his mother's death, they would be overjoyed and would wait for him to die next. But he wasn't going to die that easily, not when he had unfinished business with the people who had hurt his mother and put her through this misery. The villagers wouldn't allow his mother to rest in peace in any of the nearby cemeteries. 

He looked at his mother, who looked like she was fast asleep, but the stench of the blood was strong that spoke the truth of what happened. Getting up from the floor, Calhoun went near the bed and used a wet cloth to clean her face. Theodore had stepped out of the house, and Calhoun changed her clothes to a fresh one before picking her up in his arms.

She barely weighed like before, and it felt as if he were carrying a small child. 

When Calhoun was about to step outside the house, Theodore offered,

"Let me help." 

Calhoun didn't refuse, and he gave Theodore a nod. 

Theodore had arranged a carriage and had gone along with Calhoun.

On the way, neither of the men spoke to each other, and they sat in silence. 

Calhoun had made his mother sit next to him, letting the body lean against him, making it look like she was taking a nap on his shoulder. He held her arm in his hand for support so that she wouldn't fall in front or hit the window that was next to her. Calhoun looked outside the window, and Theodore couldn't help but watch the two people in the carriage. 

Theodore had heard from the women whom he had bedded in the past mention about a woman who was whoring around, spreading her legs for a few coins just like what she did with the King in the past. It was ironic, though, thought Theodore to himself. The women who gossiped were far worse than the person who was doing it to earn her bread for a living. 

There was something very peculiar about Calhoun, and it wasn't because he was the King's son. The King and his family were vampires, while his mother appeared to be a human. It made one question how Calhoun had a demon blood along with being a vampire. Usually, one of the parents had to be a demon for it, thought Theodore in his mind. 

The carriage had stopped in the middle of the forest after a few hours of journey. When they entered the lonely cemetery, Theodore frowned, "This is the royal family's graveyard." 

"It is," replied Calhoun, speaking to Theodore for the first time since they had got on the carriage, "There's a special grave that was built in this place. Just one that stands out from the rest of the other cemented coffins."

"Is it being built for the King's purpose?" questioned Theodore, pushing his glass up to the bridge of his nose as they walked inside. 

"It was for the previous King. He got it prepared for his own sake and in time, wanting to live eternally in this world even after his death," replied Calhoun. The cemetery was deserted, and the graves in here were located far away from each other. Carrying his mother in his arms, Theodore followed him towards a cemented coffin. 

Theodore couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. Was Calhoun planning to put his mother in one of the used coffins? A grave that would be shared by two people, how strange, thought Theodore to himself. He noticed Calhoun carefully place his mother down on the ground before he went near the grave of the previous King and pushed open the lid. 

Calhoun stared at the King's father who looked like he was in his late sixties. 

Theodore was about to say it would be hard to adjust the man and Calhoun's mother's body in one single coffin. But Calhoun surprised him by picking the man's body up from his coffin and throwing the man on the ground as if he had picked a leaf. 

Calhoun then picked his mother back and placed her in the now empty coffin. 

"What do you plan to do with this one? You don't think people are going to find out about it?" stated Theodore, and a chuckle escaped Calhoun's lips. 

"They barely have time for the living, I doubt they would come here to check a dead person," responded Calhoun. He knew it because since a few months, he had been visiting this place, and he hadn't once come to cross paths with any of the royal family members. People who were dead were often forgotten. 

Calhoun never cared about the people who belonged to the royal family, and he didn't care one bit about the previous King, "I am sure he doesn't mind giving his resting place."

"I will put him somewhere," offered Theodore, picking the man's leg and dragging him away from there. But when he was still dragging, the body had started to combust as it had been taken away from the resting place that was filled with some sort of magic. Within a few seconds, the person withered into and Theodore felt dust slip through his fingers. 

Back at the grave where Calhoun stood next to Constance, combing her hair back by using his fingers. Calhoun whispered, 

"I will visit you soon, mother. And I promise to give you the justice that you deserve, which you didn't receive before. Make every single one of them pay for their deed."

His fingers continued to stroke her hair and he placed her hands below her chest. The wound on her chest had started to close. Calhoun's emotions were all over the place, and he wished he could turn back time to spend his time with his mother all over again. But then he did live to the fullest with her beside him. After all, they only had each other. 

His head bent forward, placing his hands on the edge of the open coffin in which his mother laid. It was hard to let go, and with her gone, he could feel the darkness that started to wallow and engulf him. The emptiness in his heart only increased, and he closed his eyes with his hands resting on the edge of the coffin, and his black wings erupted from his back. They were bat-like wings. 

Theodore, who was making his way back to where Calhoun stood, noticed the bat-like wings to show Calhoun's demon side. He had seen some demons who had wings, but they mostly belonged to the first-level demons, who he had occasionally come across. But something else happened, and Theodore noticed the plain surface of the wings that started to cover itself with feathers one after another until it was completely covered in it. 
Provoking insecurities- Part 2

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It was evident that Calhoun was no ordinary person and his lineage was stronger than it appeared to one's naked eye. 

By the time Calhoun had closed the lid of the cemented coffin for his mother to rest, the time of dusk had passed, and the night had pulled over the sky. 

Home wasn't home anymore, and instead, it was nothing but a space left with nothing but memories. Not wanting to return, Calhoun now sat on one of the building roofs in the town that belonged to Madame Fraunces. The crescent moon shone down on the lands of the Devon while some parts held darkness. It was the time of midnight, and the town was peaceful without a sound of carriage nor a chirp of the bird or people's chatter. 

Calhoun sat with one of his legs folded up while another leg was stretched long to rest. With an old bottle of liquor that sat next to him, he looked at the sky, devising plans on what he wanted to do. After a while, he heard the footsteps from behind him, and he asked, 

"You didn't go to sleep?" 

"I thought you could make use of some company," replied Theodore, his eyes fell on the bottle of liquor, and he came to sit next to the bottle. When he picked up the bottle and was ready to take a sip from it, Theodore realized the bottle was empty. His hands fished into his pocket and pulled out a cigar, and placed it on his lips. When he was lighting up the one end of the cigar, he heard Calhoun ask him,

"What are you doing here? There seems to be much more to you than what you lead on." 

Calhoun's eyes that were looking at the sky moved to the corner to look at Theodore, who pulled both his legs close to him so that he could let his hands rest on his knees. 

Theodore said, "I think everyone views a person differently. I don't know where I come from. I didn't know who my parents were and I grew up in the streets and learned about the world." He brought the cigar up to his lips that he cradled between his long fingers. Dragging the smoke through his mouth, he blew it up in the air, "One was a vampire while the other was a demon." 

"Did you ever try to get into contact with them?" questioned Calhoun, his eyes moved back to look at the town, his eyes fell on some of the dark alleys.

Theodore smiled, a polite smile forming on his lips, and he said, "I did. I was curious, and like any other person, I wanted to know who had abandoned me or if I was separated from them. But it seemed like it was the first one, a woman who was too ashamed to call me as her own, and the man who didn't want to do anything with either of us as he had a family of his own." 

The smile on his lips fell, and his red eyes turned sullen. He brought the cigar back to his lips, taking another drag and letting the smoke pass through his lips. 

"Madam Fraunces found me on the street and took me in. Fixing me up," said Theodore. 

Calhoun moved back so that he could lay down against the tilted roof, staring at the luminous moon that looked sad and lonely up in the sky. 

"Seems like people don't like to own up to the consequences caused by their actions," responded Calhoun, "With your work and reputation, it looks like you would have saved enough money for yourself. Why not quit and start something else?" 

"I didn't find anything worth working for," replied Theodore, "We all look for some purpose in our lives, to fulfill it, and if it isn't good enough, it is never worth it. This job...it is not viewed kindly, which you already are aware of. People find temporary love, a friend, a companion, a way to spend their remaining hours of their life  without loneliness. It isn't close to the purpose, but there's some satisfaction I receive in here, it's a different kind."

But there was more to Theodore's words…

  He then turned his head to look at Calhoun, "And I think I found my purpose," he offered Calhoun a smile. 

"You want to help me," murmured Calhoun, who had closed his eyes, feeling the breeze. Even though he had emptied the whole bottle of liquor, he was still in his senses and he wasn't able to drown the pain and miserable feeling as he didn't have the power. 

Theodore had never witnessed such magnificent wings until now, and he had an inkling that Calhoun was something different than the rest of the people who walked on these lands, and he didn't know why, but he felt as if he had found the purpose he had been looking for. 

Demons had bat-like wings, but they didn't come with feathers. The woman with whom he once slept with, she was a demoness, one that belonged to the first level demon, hiding from someone, but he didn't question her. She had told him that the feathers were something that only an angel possessed. The woman had said,

'The feather signifies purity, patience, strong will. Though there are many more qualities these are the main ones. The wings on the demons back are bare because they lack it, they don't hold the strength an angel does.'

To her words, Theodore had chuckled, 'Aren't you looking down at yourself by saying it?'

'It is what it is.' 

'Do you think there is a person like that ever existed? What about the Devil? Stories tell he was an angel,' he asked her and she smiled. 

'Once the Devil turned his back by doing unfathomable things in the living world, the gates had closed for him. He was on the bad side, doing things a demon did, so he doesn't have the feathers. Even if it meant he was once an angel,' explained the demoness without much thought, 'To have feathers grow back on a demon's back, one can only imagine the person to be powerful. But such a thing doesn't exist.'
Provoking insecurities- Part 3

Theodore, who had been intrigued by Calhoun's wings and his presence, now understood what he wanted to do. He offered his help to Calhoun by saying,

"I will be the person who watches your back and helps you accomplish your goals. I know you want to avenge for the past events."

Calhoun's eyes that were closed, opened, and he sat up. He looked at Theodore, "You might get caught and executed. Are you willing to give up your life?" demanded Calhoun.

With Theodore's background and his involvement with the women of the high society, Calhoun wasn't sure how well it would go. 

Theodore bowed his head, "I doubt I would be executed that easily. Do you have a plan?" asked Theodore, adjusting the glasses on his face. 

Calhoun nodded his head, "There's always a plan." 

After a week, when the rays of the sun touched the Hawthrone castle, a piece of news was sent through the parchment scroll with a man in a carriage. The carriage entered the castle gates, making its way to the front of the castle entrance. The coachman jumped down, pulling the door for the magistrate. The man quickly started to walk up the flight of the stairs. 

The magistrate was of short stature, and he tried to walk as quickly as he could so that he could deliver the news to King Laurence or Queen Morganna. 

When a guard appeared in the front to block his way, the magistrate said, "Tell Tuffin is here on urgent matters and that it cannot wait! It is something related to the kingdom!"

Another guard who heard this went to inform the king, and King Laurence appeared at the corridor's end. "Let him pass," ordered King Laurence to the guard, and the magistrate quickly walked to stand in front of the King and bowed his head. 

"Greetings of the day, King Laurence," the magistrate deeply bowed. 

"What are you doing here early in the morning, Tuffin? Unable to sleep with your wife?" the King threw a distasteful joke. The magistrate tried to smile, but it didn't stay up on his lips for long. He only hoped news he had brought with him would be taken in the same way by the King of Devon. 

The magistrate informed King Laurence, "I have brought a piece of news that has come from the East, milord. It is of absolute urgency that you might want to know," He presented the scroll to the King. 

The King raised his eyebrow, not knowing what this pressing matter was, and he snatched the scroll of parchment before opening it so that he could read it. The magistrate had not lifted his head, and when the King read half of it, his eyes lit up in rage.

"What the fuck is this, Tuffin? There's no way the King of the East land could do this!" King Laurence was furious. 

The magistrate closed his eyes at the King's demanding voice that was loud enough for the people from the other two corridors to hear him shout, "When the fuck did this happen?! We had a treaty with them, and they now want to attack us?" the King continued to rage. 

"They said that they have been waiting for a long time for the Hawthrone's to produce a male heir, and according to the treaty there hasn't been a male heir to take over the throne. And the treaty has expired. They said with the chances of other Kings trying to take the throne, they would prefer to take it themselves-"

"How dare you!" King Laurence caught hold of Tuffin and pushed him against the wall. 

Tuffin flailed his hands, "Milord, it isn't I b-but they who said it," and the King dropped him down, leaving the magistrate coughing. 

King Laurence was enraged by the fact that the treaty signed and agreed a few years ago had expired, and the neighbouring kingdom had now sent a message about taking the throne from him. In anger, he picked up the painting that was on the wall and threw it on the floor, leaving the glass to shatter into pieces. The servants who were working nearby stopped their work to see that the King of Devon had gone mad in anger. 

Queen Morganna, who was taking a walk in the corridor came across the scene, her eyebrows knitting together, and she walked to where her son was. 

"What is going on?" asked Queen Morganna, and all the servants who were around bowed their heads before going back to continue their work. 

Even the King greeted his mother before Morganna asked, "Laurence?"

King Laurence turned to look at Tuffin and said, "You can leave us." The magistrate was more than glad to leave, and once the man left, Laurence said, "The duration of the treaty has come expired, and with no male heir, the East land wants us to hand over the kingdom."

Morganna calmly listened to him, and she then said, "It won't happen."

Laurence furrowed his eyebrows in question, "What do you mean?" Did his mother have a plan to expand the period of the treaty?

"What if you don't have a male heir, Rosamund's son, Markus can sit on the throne and claim it as his own." On his mother's words, Laurence's eyes went wide, and he gritted his teeth. 

"That's not possible," something that he feared was going to happen, it was going to come true, thought Laurence to himself. 

Morganna's eyes narrowed at his words, "Rosamund is my daughter, the Queen's daughter, and that makes Markus eligible to sit on the throne. It is already written in the past records that if there is no male successor of the King, the throne would go to the closest male heir. And right now, it seems to be the right thing."

Laurence couldn't believe himself that his mother was quick to pass on possession of the throne, "And what about me?" 

Morganna smiled, "Think smartly, Laurence, Markus is still a young boy that means you have plenty of time to have a male heir with Samara." She patted his back and then stepped into the garden. 

King Laurence clenched his fists in anger, unable to retaliate while wondering what he should do to stop the throne from slipping through his fingers, and not fall into his sister Rosamund's family. 
Hour of waiting- Part 1

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In one of the Hawthrone castle rooms, King Laurence walked back and forth with his hands wringing together as he tried to think of a solution to the possible damage that was going to hit him. 

Being the King of Devon was his birthright, something that purely belonged to him. From a young age, the thoughts of how he was the only person who was eligible to get the throne had been put into his head. His father had affairs with women, and when Laurence grew up, he made sure to kill the male heirs who would be a threat, by framing them to be guilty. 

But now, thanks to the East land's King, he was going to lose the throne. Either to the neighbouring Kings or to his very own sister, Rosamund who had a son. Compared to the other lands, Devon was weak when it came to its strength. A few years ago, when Laurence's father was ruling the Kingdom, he had thoughtlessly sent his men for war without proper planning, and had lost half of the men where his father left him a land that was broken. 

He continued to pace in his room when the doors opened, and in came his wife, Samara. 

"I have been looking for you all over the castle. No one knew where you were," said Lady Samara on seeing her husband and walking inside the room, "What are you doing here?" 

King Laurence looked at his wife's maid who stood behind. He waved his hand for her to leave. The maid bowed her head and left the room before closing the doors behind her. 

"We are in trouble," King Laurence spoke through his gritted teeth. 

Lady Samara could see her husband looked tense, and it was too early in the day for him to be in the room when he was supposed to be dealing with matters that concerned the kingdom in the royal court.

"What do you mean?" frowned the lady with a questioning gaze.

"Now or later, soon we are going to lose the power on the throne," his head turned to look at the bed. 

Following her husband's line of sight, Lady Samara looked at the bed where a scroll of parchment laid. She walked towards it, picking it up in her hands, and started to read it out loud,

"To the King and the Queen of Devon, I hope you are doing well and are in good health to read what is written here in this parchment. This is regarding the treaty made and signed by the previous King, offering peace that we wouldn't attack each other's lands. But word has it that you have been secretly trying to declare a war against us. I would like to remind you that the duration of the treaty has expired, dissolving the prior conditions that were previously agreed upon have now turned invalid."

Lady Samara stopped and looked at her husband. Worry slowly filled up her eyes as there was more to the letter. 

"With the treaty expired, and with you not having a male heir to continue the rule Devon, we would like to take Devon under my with you willingly offering it to us, unless you prefer us to wage a war that would only damage the wealth and condition of the land. There are already other Kings who have been speaking about it, and I thought I would inform you beforehand with an offer. I will be waiting for your response. King Antonio…"

Lady Samara couldn't believe something like this was going to hit them this early in the day. 

"We have to let Queen Morganna know about it," said Lady Samara, "She will have a way to fix and help us. She always does!" 

King Laurence shook his head, "She won't this time. Her help will only damage it," gritting his teeth, he said, "She wants to give the throne to Markus, claiming him to be the next King."

"What?" Lady Samara looked taken aback, "But Markus is not-"

"He is still a young boy, but mother plans to have control over the throne. To rule it through him!" spat King Laurence in anger, his blood boiling since he had read the news. 

Queen Morganna tried to manipulate her son, making him rule Devon the way she wanted it to be ruled, but there were some things that her son didn't agree with her. The King had his ego and pride, not wanting to listen to a woman who was not worth listening to as they were unfit to be taking part in the ruling. He had acquired his nature from his deceased father.

"There should be another way!" said Lady Samara, "Because the throne cannot be passed until the King passes away, you still rule…" and her voice trailed, her imagination starting to run wild. 

King Laurence, who stood next to the fireplace where at the top there were decorative items made out of ceramic, he pushed them away, like a child who was throwing a tantrum. 

"I need a fucking son! My own blood to be sitting on the throne!" he looked at his wife with a hateful expression, and Lady Samara gulped. 

Tears were quick to appear in the lady's eyes, and she said, "I tried, Laurence, you know I tried!" but for some reason, she had been cursed with miscarriages. 

But Laurence wasn't pleased with the answer. It was because that was not what he wanted to hear from her! 

"Leave!" he shouted, making Lady Samara flinch because of his loud voice in their room. 

Anger and pain passed through the woman's eyes, and she quickly turned around and left the room while composing herself. Laurence tried to think hard on what to do before something finally flashed in his mind. 

He quickly went to one of his cupboards and started to pull out the drawers one after another, searching for something that he had thrown somewhere in here years ago.  When he finally caught sight of the half-torn letter, his eyes zeroed in on the words written in there. 

"Guards!" he shouted, and the guards who stood outside the room quickly came in, bowing their head. "Find the woman named Constance. Find her right now and bring her to me!"