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I missed you

As she thought, she does not like the idea of Yuhi being in a fake relationship with anybody. Even though it is not a proper relationship, it is still weird. Her man is her man, she won't allow anybody to claim him. Yuhi seems very troubled by this matter but the situation is actually quite simple. All they have to do is destroy the evidence and bribe that girl he had a one night stand with.

Yuhi most likely already thought about this. If Yuhi does not want to resort to that then she will do it for him.

Just as she planned her next moves in her head, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. He buried his face in her neck. "So, dont misunderstand."

Ah, was he worried that she would get upset? Sumire laughed softly. "Do not worry Yuhi-san, I won't misunderstand."

If she doesn't trust him, then she won't be able to trust anyone ever again. Sure her relationship with Sano led to her closing her heart off to others. But that does not mean things will remain like that forever.

Sumire decided to change the topic as she pulled away from him and returned to browsing through the books. "You seem happier now that you are not tied down by an underworld organization."

Yuhi nodded. "I suppose you could say that. I am relieved that people do not judge me because of my strength anymore." He trailed off. "But as for escaping the underworld? It seems that is not possible. I truly believed that once I left the organization, my situation would change. But there are no longer any peaceful places in the world. In every town in Japan and even abroad, there are fights and skirmishes, there are gang wars that take the lives of so many people."

"You tried to go abroad?" Sumire asked.

"Yes, but I found that every single place was the same. Perhaps I did not search enough. Yet there is no doubt that there is more bloodshed happening all over the world than peace."

Sumire could not miss the sorrowful tone when he said those words.

He sounds so sad.

She does not like seeing Yuhi like this.

"Sorry for making the mood depressing."

Sumire shook her head. "No, don't say sorry." She paused before saying. "I don't like this situation either. But right now there is no other option available."

A peaceful world without bloodshed and pain? A world like that cannot exist. Sumire is not surprised that Yuhi did not find a peaceful place. This man wants peace more than anything, but it is not possible right now.

Yuhi laughed. "I see, well that is true." He trailed off. "Say, I have something I want to ask."


"Before I confessed and failed terribly, do you remember what you said to me?"

"I do." Sumire nodded. "You did not think it was possible for you to return alive. I only knew you went on a mission, I did not realize it was a dangerous one until you called me."

"Yeah, I almost confessed to you on the phone." Yuhi jokes. "Would you have taken me seriously?"

"Maybe it would have been better than you confessing a few days later and bleeding to death."

Yuhi laughs. "I see. Back then, those words you said about us meeting again as normal people. It seems like that isn't the case." He said.

"You think so?" Sumire said. "I think our current situation is a lot better than before."

They can attend school normally and go on dates without anyone interrupting them. They don't have people chasing them now either. They can sleep peacefully at night without worrying that someone will break into their homes. A lot better these days.

"Well I do agree with you there. So hey," Yuhi mumbled. "For the past few minutes you keep looking at me."

"I think we are standing far too apart." Sumire said.

She felt her cheeks grow hot when she realized what she just said. Was she not the one who moved away? She felt her heartbeat turn rapid.

Thump, thump, thump.

A repeating sound and her sweaty palms. She sounds so ridiculous right now. Even if Yuhi loves her, he probably did not spend so many years thinking of her. After all, he had other partners in that time frame. Even though he claims to have no attachment to the other girls, she does not believe him there.

Sumire saw the expression on his face when he accidentally pulled out that drawing.

Sumire heard him move and soon she found herself on the ground with Yuhi on top of her.

"You seem to get bolder and bolder everyday." Yuhi chuckled. "Well I guess that makes my job easier."

"I thought you would be cold, there is no heating here." Sumire said. She knew that she sounded like an idiot right now. But what else could she say?

Yuhi nodded. "Your right, it is cold here. I guess we can do some things to warm us up." He brought his lips to her ear.

She could smell him more closely now, the scent of Yuhis favourite cigarette brand and cologne mixed into one. Sumire did not have a scent fetish or anything like that, but she found herself breathing in his scent.

"You know not a day went pass where I didnt think of you, not just this past year but for the last few years. I wondered how you were and if you still remembered me. I was worried that you would forget our promise but you didnt. It took you awhile but you debuted as an idol."


"I missed you so much Sumire. It felt like I was going crazy the last few years since I could not see you. Even though I could watch you on TV and even though the others sent me pictures, it wasn't enough for me."

"Not enough?"

Yuhi nodded. "I wanted to touch you, I wanted to hold you in my arms and wake up to your face every morning."

T--?!! Her eyes widened at his sudden confession. What is wrong with this man? Why does he keep saying things that are clearly bad for a person's heart? Yuhi most likely has no idea what kind of affect his words have on her.

"Yuhi-san, you had such strange thoughts this entire time."

Yuhi laughed. "I guess my thoughts about you were never normal to begin with. I remember that snowy concert very clearly. I brought home a girl I picked up from karaoke because I was lonely and attracted to her voice."

It really was about her voice, she feels quite disappointed. Sumire knew that was the main reason why Yuhi became interested in her, but it still bothered her.

Such thoughts left her mind quickly when she found Yuhi kissing her neck again.

He does this often these days.

Kisses act as a substitute.

Though he made that comment about a few times every week. Yuhi has not touched her since that time. He is respecting and treasuring her. Sumire has never felt so much love from another person before.

The first time she did it with Mamoru, something felt weird. Maybe it was due to the situation but something was amiss then.

"Sumire, you don't have to worry anymore. I am right here beside you."

"But who said you wont leave?"

Didnt Ru promise her that he would be by her side however? How can she trust anybody who say those words?

Yuhi brushed a few stray locks from her face. "I won't leave you."

Four simple words that anybody could say and yet she feels so reassured. Yuhi is not lying, he means everything. He traced her lips and Sumire felt her heartbeat increase. Will he do something to her? What does she want him to do?

"Sumire." Yuhi repeated. "I am going to count to ten. I want you to push me away, stand up and go to the next room."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. It took her a moment to realize what he was talking about. Could it be, this entire time he felt frustrated sexually? Sumire knew her already red face grew even hotter than before. So being in this position..

"Sumire. Listen to me, before it becomes bad for you."

How could she possibly move away when he obviously has her pinned against the ground? Besides even if she managed to push him away, he would catch her easily. Welp, she probably wouldnt mind it too much.

"--five, four.."

She was so focused on her thoughts that she did not realize that Yuhi was counting already.


Yuhi frowned slightly when he realized that she did not move away and in seconds he is kissing her passionately.

He chuckled. "So much for investigating, you distracted me."

"I didnt do anything Yuhi-san, it was you."

He was the one who hugged her and then pushed her down. They were having such a serious conversation too. One of his hands slid down her thighs and she shuddered.

"I want you so badly." Yuhi said huskily as he trailed his lip onto her neck. "No, I have always wanted you. I will wait until your eighteen and give you time to come to terms with your feelings. But I want you to know how frustrated I am."

Sumire closed her eyes and she tried to block it away. The image of Yuhi saying such sweet things to her, the image of him saying he loves her and the sensation whenever he does anything to her. But unfortunately she couldn't erase the image from her head.

She had to open her eyes knowing that Yuhi would do more if she kept quiet.

If she doesn't open her eyes, he would take that as an agreement right? The thought that she wants to become one with this person has crossed her mind several times. Yet Sumire always hesitated. She loves him, she has loved him for a very long time but she cant.

No matter how much one loves another person, there are boundaries that one cannot cross. The previous two times aside, she knew she would not be able to summon courage the third time. "Yuhi-san.." She mumbled softly and gestured with her hands to stop.

"Sorry." Yuhi slowly sat up and rubbed the back of his neck. "That was too forward of me."

"I dont dislike honest guys." Sumire mumbled.

Yuhi blinked and laughed. "Indeed, I have always found that part of you cute." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead again. "I will look on the second floor. Can you handle the rest here?"

"Ah, yes."

She watched as he quickly headed up the stairs.

For someone who was talking about uncontrollable desires, he sure left me quickly.

Then again Sumire saw it the other way. It is difficult for Yuhi to be around her right now without him doing anything.

She shook her head and returned to the bookshelf.

'I ought to focus on my own work.'


The next hour or so was relatively peaceful as she made her way through the books rather quickly. Sumire selected a few and sat down in the seating area to read. For now this should be enough, she thought as she looked through the pile. This should be fine for now.

Sumire was so absorbed in her reading that she did not notice that Yuhi returned. He took a seat beside her and she only realized he was there when their fingers brushed against one another. "Yuhi-san?"


"Did you find anything?"

"No, the second floor was useless. Let us go through the ones you found before looking for more."

"I see."

"Should I read this one or you?" He pointed to the book that both their hands touched. She quickly moved her hands away. Yuhi chuckled softly. "I guess I will read it then."

Just now, my heart sped up.

As she thought the person she loves is without a doubt Yuhi. Mamoru realized that a long time ago and yet he asked her out.

You were suffering Ki.

He asked her out because it looked like she was in pain. Yes she was in pain, a lot of pain. After her relationship with Sano and Ren ended. Sumire realized how much she missed Terashima Yuhi.

She has longed for him since that snowy concert so many years ago. When he invited her over Sumire recalled her emotions very well. Her beating heart and how he held her hand and gave those gentle kisses. How he spoke to her in that gentle voice.

This is the person she has loved for the longest time. The person she loves-- Sumire unknowingly edged closer until she rested her head on his shoulders. "I think this whole thing is stupid."

Yuhi played with her fingers. "Us dating you mean?"


"Well it was quite sudden. I can understand why you would have your doubts. I hope you don't think I pushed you into going out with me."

Sumire rolled her eyes. "Not exactly, but after you said something like that, how do you expect me to refuse?"

After receiving such a confession, she would be a fool to say no.

We are monsters

How could she possibly refuse somebody who is working so hard for her? Somebody who cares so deeply for her. It was very difficult. She would be a fool to say no.

Yuhi chuckled. "Is that the reason why you agreed?" He said amused. "Well it is better than nothing."

She felt his hands run through her hair and a content sigh passed her lips. "Yuhi, do you think what I am doing is useless?"

"Are you talking about the investigation?"

Sumire nodded. "Ru died from an accident, the police already said so. Even if I found it weird, this case was closed. You know even before I came here I debated about investigating. Ru is gone, when I finally came to terms with that I felt nothing but anger. I recalled bits and pieces of the accident and realized something was strange.

If one were to describe the relationship she shared with Terashima Yuhi. She would describe it as a relationship based on mutual trust. Trust that does not require words or even a single glance. A trust that is silently understood.

Which is why, no matter where she goes. No matter how far apart they are from each other. The trust between them does not change. Her gaze fell on Yuhi who was taking time to reply.

What would he say?

What does she want him to say?

Sumire pressed the space between her eyes suddenly frustrated as something came to mind. Now that she thought about it, Mamoru contacted Yuhi to participate in the investigation before the accident. During that time the two surely met. Sumire wondered why Mamoru did not tell her about meeting Yuhi.

I wanted to meet him too.

For such a long time Sumire wanted to meet Terashima Yuhi, but she refrained from doing so.

Her thoughts broke off when she heard the sound of her phone ringing. Her gaze dimmed when she heard the ring tone. "Yuhi, I am going to take this call outside."



Sumire set particular ring tones on her phone for a reason, so she could ignore calls from annoying people. Why would she have their numbers on their phone if she disliked them? There is a fine line between like and dislike. After she avoided him despite seeing him in the hospital not too long ago, Sumire did not want to speak to him. She is glad when the call stopped and instead she received a simple and brief message.

Her gaze fell on the man in front of her. The contents of the message informed her to deal with this person. Kanehera Yujiro, thirty one years and unemployed. He makes a living from affiliate services online. According to certain sources this person has been swindling people online and killing them once he is finished with them. The main victims are young teenage girls her age.

When she found him however he was not alone. Surprisingly she found a man that looked identical, metro - his twin brother.

A deep sigh crossed her lips as she tapped her fingers against the wall impatiently.

It was easier than she thought to corner him.

She has not participated in a proper fight for a long time but how could she possibly forget the moves that person engraved in her body?

When she found this man a few minutes ago, he was engaged in a unspeakable act with a female student. Sumire did not hesitate to hit him.

"Do you not know who I am? I am---"

"The famous online idol ruper?" Sumire used the nickname from his online alias.

"...I know you too. Ibuki Sumire, the demon Princess of the underworld society."

"So you do know. Then that makes things easier for me. Withdraw right now unless you want things to get bloody." Sumire said.

She thought that nobody would recognize her since she was dressed as a student, but it turns out that is not the case. Maybe she ought to go for a more gentle appearance next time.

Yujiro nodded and got down on his knees, causing her to smile. "That's the wise choice."

A relieved sigh passed her lips. Thank goodness, even if it is me. I feel so drained already.

Dealing with this any longer will increase the strain on her body. She Sumire supposed that pulling out the HOLY KNIGHTS emblem is enough for these people to withdraw. The group Holy Knights is an underground society, and like this man said she was a member of that group.

The main reason why she got involved with such a group was due to the accident that caused her to loose her parents. She had nobody else she could turn too.

She was the only one left and she was afraid that people would chase after her too. Back then, she encountered the man named Aki, the leader of the Holy Knights group.

"Wait a second brother you really sh---", yet Kon's words were in vain since she appears in front of the younger brother. Her lips curve to a smile.

"Sorry, but you'll have to sleep for a bit."

So fast, she didn't even see her move. But ahh really, that was a stupid move. Even though Sumire gave them the chance to leave.

In a flash second the brunette haired girl appears behind Kon and pulled out what looked like a small baton, yet she pressed a button and long strands of purple ribbon were coming out.

She threw it in Kon direction, and grabbed his leg - no it seemed like she was using it to fight him. Since the enemy now had fresh wounds and cuts all over his body. So graceful, those movements are...its like she's dancing.

"Ahhh murderer." He used up his bullets and fired none stop.

"You really think selfishly." Sumire said.

The brother soon ran out of flaming bullets. It was obvious where the battle was heading. Sumire wondered why people like this made such stupid attempts. Is it too much for them to understand when they are losing a battle?

"You, and me. We're the monsters called delinquents. Murderers."

They are monsters and yet at the same time human.

Crack, crack and crack.

The sound of bones being crushed is the only thing that fills the empty space.

The two twins could no longer be recognized.

"But we are supposed to open our eyes to that. To live with strength that is far above the rest, someone who can't do that is not human."

"Mission complete." She took one last glance at the two lifeless bodies before walking away.


Sumire isn't expecting to see him; although she had dropped some hints where she would be today. She didn't think that he would actually bother waiting for her. Yet once again that person does things that are completely unexpected and out of the range of her expectations. Indeed there he was, leaning against the wall with a spaced out looking expression on his face. Cigarette in hands as he lit it. Sumire spotted other cigarettes by his feet and paused.

How long has he waited?

She did not think that she took too long but then again it is not like she has a watch to confirm that.

"Finished early today I see."

Huh? That's---how does he know? Unless he has kept track this entire time? "Why.." Sumire had to stop because she felt so overwhelmed with everything.


"Why are you here again?"

He reached over and placed his hand on her face causing her cheeks to turn red, "H--hold --on I'm asking you something serious here."

"Yeah, and I'm giving you my answer. It's obviously because I want to see you."

"We can see each other anytime."

"Yeah? Maybe it's because it's too good of an opportunity for me to pass out on walking home a bespectacled beauty."

Moron, they are heading to the same place. But, she spies his expression. Even though he said it like that he's probably just worried about her, he's always been this kind of person after all. Doing everything indirectly like this, back then and even now. Yet right now they are both adults, there's a different feeling now in contrast to before. "Then shall we go?"

She blinked once she saw him extend his hand and yet her gaze softened as she accepted it. "Yeah."

"But really, I do have to confirm exactly how long do you wait? I'll start feeling bad if you're there for hours."

She didn't tell him what time she would be finishing. Just when she would be leaving - and that was over a few hours ago. "What do you think? Do you think I'm the kind of person who would wait up for a bespectacled beauty because I want her to try on the new glasses I bought?"

"Creepy. Senpai, your fetishes are really strange af---" she was cut off when she felt the warmth of his lips on hers. "W--what was that for?"

"You called me 'senpai', I already said it would be fine for you to use my first name."

Even if he says that, unless they are in the palace grounds - she really doesn't have any confidence in using his name easily, "It's a habit..and it makes me feel at ease." It makes her feel comfortable, by calling him senpai. Even if it's just for a short while they can return back to those times before.

Whether or not he understood what she thought, he reached over and brushed his hands on her brunette locks.

"Yeah, me too."

This person is sneaky and sly. She gives up, winning against him is completely impossible. Truly, how unpleasant. Back then she could still play around and lead him along but now it is the opposite. She is the one who ends up blushing madly like a fool.

"By the way I'll warn you now. Jae knocked over your shelf when he went inside your room thinking you were there and one of your bookstore."

Ah… "The one that stuck out?"

Yuhi nodded, "That's the one. Don't worry, I'll make sure the idiot gets you a replacement."

Sumire shook her head, "It's alright, it's quite an old book anyway. It was bound to break eventually."

"King 'Arthur' I didn't think you had an interest in the medieval ages."

A smile appears on her face, "Are you curious?"

"I feel like I'll be dancing around your palm if I answer. But yeah I am curious."

Oh, they were thinking the same thing. Sumire finds herself laughing, really how amusing, "I have yet to hear anything and you're already laughing at me."

"Mm sorry. Now then about the book? It's actually one of my favourites. Arthur was the first born son of King Uther Pendragon and heir to the throne. However these were very troubled times and Merlin, a wise magician, advised that the baby Arthur should be raised in a secret place and that none should know his true identity.

As Merlin feared, when King Uther died there was great conflict over who should be the next king. Of course all the contenders for the throne took their turn at trying to draw the sword, but none could succeed. Arthur, quite by chance, withdrew the sword for another to use in a tournament. Following this he became King.

He gathered the Knights around him and fought back against the Saxons who. After winning many battles at Mount Badon the Saxons' advance was halted. Arthur's base was at a place called Camelot. Here he built a strong castle. His knights met at a Round Table. They carried out acts of chivalry such as rescuing damsels in distress and fought against strange beasts.

Under the guidance of his teacher, Arthur had obtained a magical sword from The Lady Of The Lake. This sword was called 'Excalibur' and with this weapon he defeated many foes.

Unfortunately, as peace settled over the country things turned sour within the court of Camelot and civil war broke out. In the final battle at Camlan both Arthur and Mordred, Arthur's traitorous nephew, were mortally wounded. Arthur was set upon a boat and floated down river to the isle of Avalon. Here his wounds were treated by three mysterious maidens. His body was never found and many say that he rests under a hill with all his knights - ready to ride forth and save the country again."Sumire explained.

"A mysterious tragedy. Yeah, now that makes more sense."
I love this world

Sumire smiles, "But the actual reality is nobody actually knows what happened. What is the truth? Is there such a thing as the truth? Locating facts is very difficult. Geoffrey wrote something six hundred years later but it was not discovered until much later. So 'creative' researchers could find what they want to find. The deeper you dig, the less you see."

"You reading a story about knights now though is quite ironic. You still have five more left to find, don't you?" Yuhi questioned.

"I will be fine."

"That's not what I meant. I've thought that recently maybe it's alright for you not to find them." Although he vaguely worded it, the brunette understood where he was getting at.

This person seems to understand everything about her.

"Say Yuhi, do you remember what you said when you ambushed me during an event last year? You told me that if you chased after me that day, then the bonds I made with others would not have formed." She pauses and briefly shuts her eyes, recalling the events of that night.

'That's true. Maybe I am overconfident here. But let's think about this way if by any chance I did chase after you that day. If I did do that - what do you suppose would have happened? We would have been together, and we could have fought all those hardships you were facing at the time together. But in doing so, the bonds you created with others wouldn't have occurred. '

"I also saw what you were saying. Even though I wanted to stay beside you at the same time, I knew I had to separate myself from you. You know, even now, I still have my doubts regarding my bond and relationship with others. But, even that hesitation is minor."

It is small in comparison to what has happened after Ru passed away.

Yuhi reached over and brushed his hand on her face.

He is so close to her again, so close. "Yeah, I get it. You're stronger now. But you should still let people protect you. By the way, regarding those words, a part of me started to regret it, because I wanted to take you away."

"Aha." Sumire laughed. "I get it. But it's really fine now. We're together right now, and I know there won't be any separations anytime soon. You know I told Atushi this before that I have friends beside me, no matter what. There has always been one person there for me.

Whether it is large or small conflict and jealousy exisit in the world. It upsets me to see people continue to hate one another, even though this world is beautiful."

As she said this, she walked slightly ahead of him, her arms to the side as though she tried to balance herself.

"But I still love this world despite all this pain and suffering. I have faith in humanity and society. I believe it will continue to evolve. It might not be fast, but I believe we will continue to improve.." she trails off and smiles, "Even now I have those same feelings, no, they've probably grown a lot stronger. That's why I want to confirm it first. Until then, will you stay with me, Yuhi?"

"Of course." he trails off. "Hey, Sumire?"


"I want to cling to your lips one last time tonight."

Suddenly he said something unexpected, and Sumire froze when she heard thoe words. It surprised her and yet made her feel happy at the same time.

Yuhi gently wiped away the tears that formed from the corner of her eyes. "There is no need to reply is there?"

Their lips softly laid on each other, and he kissed her hard.

He kissed her so hard that her lips swelled.

A massive tremor ran through her body, and a voice escaped her lips. "Ngh…"

"It's alright, Sumire, just a little bit more."

Before she could reply, his tongue invaded her mouth. His tongue searched for hers and tried to intertwine his tongue with hers. Embarrassed, Sumire attempted to escape. But he wouldn't let her. There was absolutely no escape from his strong arms.

"Bring out your tongue. It'll feel better, I promise."

Her vision started to blur when he deepened the kiss. Yuhi's words further increased her shame. This really is embarrassing. They are making out in a public area.

This isn't a command and yet she could not pull away. His voice is sweet and gentle.

She shouldn't. If she does, it wouldn't be one-sided anymore, and yet she couldn't resist as he said that she brought out the tip of her tongue. It became quite clear when he began to lick the tip of her tongue. It made her voice come out louder.

"Crap, is this too much?" he murmurs in her ear as he slowly brought his tongue out.

The brunette panted heavily, "Ahgh …idiot…why, did you do that so suddenly ?"

Yuhi laughed. "Well, my dear, you do realize we are dating, right? I think I can kiss you without asking."

That is true; they are dating. So yes, Yuhi does have the right to do strange things to her. But it still felt weird. He brushed his fingers across her lips, and she felt her heartbeat increase.

"So, Sumire, do you understand what type of person I am yet?"

What type of person is he? It took Sumire a moment to realize what he was talking about. She recalled how he kissed her moments ago and paused. "Ah...A pervert."

Yuhi's eyes twitched in annoyance. "Do you even know what that word means? How could you say that about me."

"Since we started dating, all you do is touch me. I actually think that you have a problem."

"What kind of problem?" He urged her for a reply, but Sumire did not want to say anymore. If she says anymore, it will become an issue.

"You're so very unpleasant, how can I get back now?"

Yuhi suddenly scooped her in his arms, and she blushed realizing that he was carrying her bridal style. "Yuhi put me down. I can walk by myself."

"Liar, you just said you couldn't walk. Besides, what are you shy? You carried me last time."

The brunette hit his chest, "Hey, is this your plan of getting back at me?"

He doesn't respond properly and merely smiled at her.

At this time, inside her, there is non stop beating.

I will sacrifice the world for you

Sumire glanced over at Yuhi, who was fast asleep and sighed. It seems like she has underestimated him a bit. When they returned to the library to fetch their stuff, Sumire saw all the books scattered with multicolored post notes. Yuhi casually put her down, and she watched him put everything in his bag. She thought she understood him, but it seems like she doesn't.

Yuhi is equally serious about investigating what happened with Ru.

She wondered what that person meant to him. Was Ru important to Yuhi too? Sumire never understood their relationship, but they were friends, right? If that is the case, then he must be upset too. Did he have time to grieve?

Whenever Sumire thought of the word grieve, she would think of their mutual friends.

I left so suddenly like that and only formed three people. Are they worried? They just lost Mamoru, and then I disappear on them like that.

When he is fast asleep, he almost looks like a child.

Yuhi is nineteen; he is two years older than her. Honestly, the age difference is not a lot. But she treats him as her senior regardless.

She moved a strand of hair away from his face and quickly turned to stand up. The home ed classrooms should be free now. She ought to make him some food. But the moment she did, a hand shot out and grabbed her arm.

It belonged to Yuhi, of course. "Yuhi? I am just going to make some food."

"Nnm, no stay here." He nuzzled his face on her chest.

Sumire looked at him with wide eyes and sighed.

What a helpless man.

Still, she likes this a lot, Sumire brought Yuhi closer to her. "Yuhi," Sumire mumbled softly. "Could I ask you about Mamoru, the two of you--" She paused.

The two of them were what?

Sumire did not get a chance to say anything when she felt his lips graze her clothes. "Don't you dare."

"Even though I have a wife now, she is so stingy."

A wife? Who on earth is his wife; this level of shamelessness is amazing. Yuhi suddenly lifted his head and looked at her. "So hey Sumire."

"What is it?"

"I was wondering if you would like to go somewhere with me."


"You know lately, you seem quite down, so I thought we could go somewhere to lighten your mood."

Her eyes widened when she heard his words. Ah, so he noticed it? Of course, he did. Yuhi understands everything about her. She does not understand why he spends so much time watching her-- no, she does understand. Yuhi loves her, and that is why he is always watching over her.

Sumire did not reply right away but saw the expression on his face. A bright red tint of red appeared on his face.

This is one of the things she likes about him.

He is clumsy and awkward with his words, but he cares a lot about her.

"You don't have to. I know you are busy."

Yuhi awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. "I am busy, but if its something like a walk or looking around town, I can still do that. I mean, I know you don't like crowded places, so maybe a walk is better. You like scenery.. We could even have a picnic and take some pictures together.. I would like some photos of you."

Whenever she sees Yuhi this way, it reminds her that this strong and confident man is not only clumsy with words, but he is very kind. She understood that this is not easy for Yuhi, taking care of her.

He has his own burdens to shoulder. Sumire knew that her presence in his life has caused him to make many sacrifices. Sumire extended her hand out and caressed her cheeks. I want to change. I want to move on. For so long she remained stagnant after Ru died, it felt like the entire world was against her. She did not think she could move on and live a normal-like.

Even now, it is difficult, and she has many days where she cannot breathe. Days where she feels helpless, lonely, and miserable. But seeing Yuhi put so much effort for her sake makes her want to try her best to.

Sumire hesitantly extended her hand out and caressed his cheeks; she leaned forward until their foreheads brushed against one another. If it is Terashima Yuhi, then it is okay, right?


"Thank you."

Just two words, but she knew Yuhi understood.

He nodded and squeezed her hands. "You can talk to me about anything, and you can count on me too. Don't go off and fight on your own."

Ah, so that was why he stopped her from going.

"Yuhi, is your career not important to you? Becoming a singer was your dream, right?"

Yuhi frowned at her words. "It is important. I won't deny that. But Sumire, you are more important than my dream. I will sacrifice the world for you."

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. Again he is saying such stupid sounding things.

But this stupid trait of his is something she liked.

He will sacrifice the world, huh?

Yuhi probably has no idea what that sounds like. So stupid, he is lucky that she is the one who he is saying this too. If it were any other girl, they would have taken advantage of him by now.

It seems as though she is falling for him. No matter how much she denies it or suppresses her feelings. This is no good; it was not supposed to be like this. She was not supposed to fall in love with him to the point of no return.

Anybody could say such words, did Sano not say something similar before? He said something about her scars not bothering him. 'You're beautiful just the way you are.'

Sano's words echoed in her head and Sumire sighed.

She understood better than anyone that Terashima Yuhi is not that type of a man. But it is still difficult for her. It is still difficult for her to accept other people into her life after what happened.

Her breakups and then Mamoru's death.

It feels like she has not had a single peaceful day since what happened then.

To her surprise, Yuhi did not say anymore and grabbed hold of her wrist. "Let's go."
I don't want to lose you

On their way out, the teacher unfortunately caught them and gave them a careers forum sheet 

to fill out. Sumire did not understand why Yuhi bothered taking her back to the classroom, but now she knew. She watched as he pulled out his sketchpad and started to draw. Her sweat fell when she saw the poor career sheet on the desk in front of him. 

It seems like he has no intention on filling that out today.

Graduation huh? It felt like it was just yesterday where she entered high school, to think two years have passed already. Back when she first entered high school, she was filled with many doubts and uncertainties. She did not have any confidence and often tried to run away from her problems.

When she dated Sano she was in her first year of high school. She thought then that older men were better. If it is someone older, surely they would treat her better and have a better out look on life. That was the most stupid thing she ever thought of. Just because the other person is older and more mature, it does not mean they are better than any other guy.

All guys are the same, no matter how old they are. Older guys are just better at concealing their true nature. 

She was a fool, but everybody around her accepted him so she did not suspect him.

On the other hand Atushi and Asuka did not hesitate to show they dislike. The two gave her subtle hints whenever they could. But it was hard for her to understand those hints since Sano stuck to her like glue.

Sumire recalled a time where she thought Sano did that because he cared for her, because he wanted to protect her from harm. But that was naive of her, it was naive of her to think that she could have a normal love story. 

"Hey, your not moving your pen anymore."

At that comment Sumire sighed. "Your not even filling yours in."

"That's because I haven't decided."

"Do you think I have?" Sumire retorted back.

Yuhi chuckled. "Well no, I dont think so." He picked up her paper. "What are these? You dont want to do art in the future?"

"Yuhi-san, please be more realistic..How many percentage of the population become artists? How many continue to pursue art?" She shook her head and answered her own question. "Only five percent. Such a small percentage of the population."

Her sentence fell short when he brushed his fingers across her lips. "You're among that small population."

That's the only thing he said and yet it was enough for her.


Iro Road High School - Two days later -

Ever since she came to this school, it feels like the days pass by so quickly.

Her thoughts break when she feels someone remove her headphones. "Only you could paint so well with music on." A male voice said.

Her face turned red, once she looked up and saw the owner of the voice. It was none other than Terashima Yuhi. Today he wore a simple white collar shirt and black trousers. But she could not look away.

The distance between them was small.

"So what are you painting?"


It really is him but she recalled what was said about Yuhi's girlfriend during the after party. If he still has someone who he likes, then he really shouldn't have done any of those stuff with her. As far as their conversations concerning the matter came, she assumed that he no longer had a girlfriend. However the others told her that is not the case. 

"It is none of your business." Sumire replied coldly.

She wants to confirm it with him, but a part of her is afraid to do that.

Yuhi took her sketchbook from her. "Ha? What is that? Let me see?"

When she saw that he would not leave. Sumire knew she could not give him the cold shoulder for long."It's Torika "

"All you do is draw.." Sumire watched him scan the drawing. "Hey Torika come here."

The bird perched on the window looked over at Yuhi before flying inside the room.

"There is nothing wrong with your drawing. But when it comes to animals you can't seem to draw them as detailed huh? See if you want to make the bird more real you do this."

Sumire watched him and in a few seconds, he transformed her bird drawing into something amazing. " See?".

Her violet orbs sparkled. "Wow, how did you do that?"

Yuhi lifted it towards her. "Examine this drawing again and try again."

She tore it off and placed it in front of her, as she got a blank sheet out. Alright, this time round she should be able to do it. Though Yuhi drew it so fast, Sumire had been completely mesmerised the entire time.  She found herself to be completely engaged in the drawing, that was until she realised how close the black hair boy was. 

Yuhi laughs. "You're too serious idiot."

This guy, she was supposed to hit him with all her strength. Yet she can't find herself to do so now. Somehow her heart is pounding even though she doesn't want it too, as a result she lets go of her pencil.

"Sumire?" Yuhi called out.

This feeling is so strange.

It really is quite illogical, when she found out too that him and his girlfriend hadn't actually broken out. For some reason she felt bothered by it, though she doesn't know the exact reason why. " Your face is red. Are you alright?"

This person is quite sly. Does he have any idea what kind of effect he has on her?

"I--m alright." She managed to say.

Yuhi stared at her for a few minutes. "Huh well if you say so. You have the ball tonight, can't exactly pass out now can we?".

At that comment her expression turned unpleasant. She unknowingly puffed her cheeks up. So that is the only reason why he came over here, to remind her about the damned ball. The pre marriage dance, that's right. She's already of marriageable age and soon she would be wed to Soujiro. The preparations have begun already, but because he has only just 

"If you're only going to be worried because of that, then you shouldn't have said anything." Sumire said annoyed as she pulled away from him.

"Ehhh? Why are you so mad?"

Gee and he is oblivious too.

For a genius he really can be an idiot sometimes. Does Yuhi understand her feelings?

Sumire averted her gaze and for the rest of the time didn't say anything. That's right, there's no need to say anything anymore. Because eventually she will be wed to that person officially, when that time comes she can no longer turn back or run away. No, running away had never been an option from the beginning.


Yet even now when she closes her eyes, she can see that person's radiant form and the colours that surround him. Ah, what colour was it? Sumire however could not ponder on this for long since Yuhi suddenly slumped his head on her chest.

"Hah, I am sleepy after all."


"Sumire, hey give me a kiss."

At that comment her eyes widened. "What are you suggesting?" Sumire mumbled and looked away from him. "I thought you wanted me to attend the ball tonight."

Yuhi raised his head and cupped her cheeks. "Are you upset?"

"Of course I would be. You don't care?"

Yuhi sighed. "Of course I care. But you have to meet with him eventually. Ever since you came here, you avoided meeting with him correct?"

Sumire no longer saw any need to meet with Soujiro, since she started dating Yuhi. If she were still single then she would have met him. A marriage for convenience sake. But it is different now. "I dont want to lose you."

She watched as a tint of red appeared on Yuhis cheeks. Clearly he did not expect this from her. Sumire realized a moment too late.


His gaze softened. "I see, then you dont have to attend."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words from him. She does not have to attend?

"But did Soujiro not contact.."

"He did and I told him we were dating already so he should get lost."

At that comment she burst into laughter.

"Hey don't laugh."

To think Yuhi did something like that for her sake. Then again they are dating, she extended her hand out and tugged on his sleeve. "Then, make sure to tell him okay?" Sumire said.

Even if she does not want to attend, she still wants to give him some face at the end of the day.

Yuhi frowned and turned to her with a serious expression on his face. Sumire had to avert her gaze when she saw him like that. Why does he suddenly look so serious? Whenever Yuhi got like that, Sumire did not know what to think. It never occurred to her that Yuhi was actually a serious guy. Judging from his behaviour in the past anyway.

Before Sumire could say anything else, she heard the sound of her phone and frowned. She already knew who it was without looking at the caller ID. Sumire quickly excused herself and walked out of the room. She knew Yuhi wanted to say something to her but she had no time. She walked down the hallway slowly at least anybody who walked by would think that but she was in a hurry.

Sumire looked for a quiet spot and recalled something Yuhi told her. The back stairwell? It was used for fires and other emergencies. She scanned the hall and saw something, a dark coloured door at a strange place. She walked over and twisted the rusted looking door.

She quickly shut the door behind her and leaned on the brick wall. The ground beneath her felt very unsteady. She could see why nobody would come here.

Sumire returned to focussing on the phone call. The owner of the voice was somebody she knew all too well, and yet she had not heard from him in such a long time.


"It seems you are alive after all Princess Sumire."

She sighed when she heard that title. A Princess huh? Just because her family descendants are royalty. Sumire did not see the need to use such old fashioned terms during this day and age. But this man has always upheld such traditional values. The owner of the voice is none other than her fiance, Makoto Soujiro.


Sumire did not apologize. There was a time where she felt the need to say sorry, especially when she heard that he looked all over for her. But that has changed now.

For the next few minutes nobody spoke a word. Sumire was not very good at breaking awkward silences, whenever it happened, she did not know what to do. But since both her and Soujiro are clumsy people, unless somebody speaks up, this silence will drag forever.

She took a deep breath but before she could say anything, Soujiro spoke up. "Tonight, you will not show up?"

It was the least thing she expected him to start with. After not meeting for so long, she thought he would have more things to say to her. But then again, he has always been a man of little words. He is the type to express his thoughts, and his emotions using other means.

"Mmm." She trailed off. "Did you want me to?"

"I do want to see you. However, I care more about your mental health. If you still think it is too soon to appear before others, then I shall respect your decision. I will not rush you."

"Then why did you call?"

"To let you know I will be a simple call away if you need me."

Her eyes widened when she heard those words.

Not once in the past did he say such sweet sounding words to her, so Sumire was slightly surprised. Perhaps something has changed over the last few years. Maybe she ought to go and meet him after all? But, Sumire recalled Yuhis expression not too long ago. He acts subtle and everything, and yet she saw right through him.

She knew what Yuhi was concerned about too. He was concerned that she would leave him and return to Soujiro. Foolish man, why would she leave him now? Yuhi has done so much for her that she is afraid that she is in debt to him for the rest of her life.

"Thank you." Sumire mumbled. "I know you are concerned for me. But I will be okay, Yuhi is more helpful than you would think."

Sumire did not hear an immediate reply and her sweat fell. She could already imagine what he would say. Sumire has never seen the two speak to one another before but she heard the rumors and saw something on television before. Soujiro seldom appeared in front of the media but whenever he did, it was for something important.

She recalled that broadcast very well since she was in a cafe and waiting for time to pass by. The two openly showed their hostile attitude towards one another.

"So you two are…"

"A couple yes." Sumire finished his sentence for him.

I want to tell him everything but telling your fiance that your dating another man is already difficult, let alone tell him that I am living with Yuhi.

Soujiro would eventually find out.He is a man with many connections after all. There are those who still worship the values of traditional families.

"Your living together?"

It would not surprise her if he already knew but even then this is far too quick.

"So scary, how come you know already?"

Soujiro sighed. "It is not difficult to guess, with that mans personality…" He trailed off. "I find it difficult to believe that you are associated with a man like that."

Sumire frowned when she heard those words. "I know you dislike him, but please refrain from judging him." She paused. Especially in front of me.. Sumire wanted to add but refrained from doing so.


"Yes judge. A man like that? Who are you to put that label on him? You think you know Yuhi based on all those rumors you have heard of him. You might have even clarified those rumors with a silly investigation. But did you actually try to get to know him yourself? Did you try to learn about him?" Sumire retorted. "I am sure you didn't and you simply based your judgement on the investigation."

"I see, are you upset about that broadcast a year ago?"

Sumire bite her lip. "How could you?"

"I did that to catch you out. I knew if I insulted him, you would come out. It seems like I was mistaken."

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. So he provoked Yuhi on television and said such hurtful things to confirm whether she was alive?

"But, I did confirm you were alive. Your pen name online is very convenient."

Sumire clenched her fist and sighed. It seems like there is no hiding the truth. Besides, it is indeed exactly like what Soujiro said. She could not stand what he said to Yuhi in the broadcast. She almost called him personally but managed to stop. Sumire decided to post on the online forums and slander him for saying such things. Of course this meant fighting against the people who agreed with Soujiro.
Treasure every moment like it was her last.

Since Soujiro seldom made any appearances in public, whenever he appeared, people would pay attention to him. Everybody saw him as the nation's Prince and treated him like God.

His popularity was on par with the most famous celebrities. Elite families with traditional values held the same views regarding Soujiro about public appearances.

But even then those people break that rule. Only Soujiro sticks to even the most foolish rule. His face in real life looked much better than the pictures. During their engagement banquet, despite how occupied she was getting information. Sumire noticed his appearance.

A handsome rich man and beautiful rich girl.

People in that circle saw them as the ideal couple. But Sumire disliked him back then. While she appreciated that he showed his real self in front of her, she still disliked how he faked a smile in public.

"Soujiro, I have something I want to speak to you about.."


The moment Sumire opened the door, the smell of paint greeted her.

Her eyes widened when she stepped into the room. The classroom had transformed into a gorgeous painting. Vibrant shades of blues and purple fill the ceiling and walls.

She immediately understood when she saw the state of the room. "Yuhi." Sumire called out softly.

But Yuhi did not hear her at all, he was far too occupied with painting the ground.

She walked over slowly before she increased her footsteps. The distance between the door and Yuhi was not so much but it felt like forever before she finally reached him. She hugged him from the back and buried her face in his neck. "I'm back."

Yuhi turned around then and wrapped his arms around her waist. The look in his eyes seemed empty and lifeless. They looked familiar to her… "Yuhi.."

Did Yuhi truly think she would leave him and return to Soujiro? What a foolish person. How could she possibly leave him? It is still difficult for her to fall in love but if she were to say those words it would be towards this person.

Yuhi has his own burdens, Sumire understood that from the very beginning. But this was the first time she saw him this way. It is sly and unfair of her to lead him on. If she does not intend to return his feelings, the best thing to do would let him go.

'I cant do that, I cant let Yuhi go.'

Sumire wondered when did Yuhi become so important to her? Since when did such things occupy her mind. When did she realize that she wanted to protect this person no matter what? She brushed her lips against hers and kissed him. It was a light kiss and yet the first time she initiated it.

It did not take long before the colour returned to his eyes. Yuhi quickly dominated the kiss and soon Sumire found herself clinging onto his shoulders, piercing her nails onto his back.

"Yuhi, stop for a moment."

Yuhi drew his lips back. "Yeah?"

"Are you fine now?"

It was a stupid question, judging how he was not only kissing her but he was also touching her legs. When did his hands get down there? Yuhi works far too quickly. Then again, it is her fault for falling for it. She took a deep breath. "I just wanted to confirm a few things with you Yuhi-san."


She looked at the room again and sighed. "I understand that being apart from me is heartbreaking. But you need to learn to understand me better. The reason I accepted your confession is because I like you. Do you truly think I would run off just because my fiance has appeared?"

His lips curve to a smile. "Well, I don't like him. It isn't that I don't trust you but I dislike Soujiro."

"I understand." She played with his black locks. "Yuhi, won't you get in trouble?" She pointed to the room.

Yuhi shrugged. "I might, I might not. Nobody uses this room anyway, and even if they do why would I get in trouble? A work of art from me costs so much money."

Yuhi is already a professional, huh? Sometimes Sumire forgot that since he is so talented in music. There are many multi talented people in the world. But how many people are on the same level as Terashima Yuhi? She already knew the answer to her own question.

Her thoughts broke off when she discovered that Yuhi was not finished with his advances. He did not kiss her lips again but kept his lips on her neck. She struggled to break free due to his strong hold, eventually she stopped resisting.

Hinos warning flashed through her mind and her gaze fell on Yuhi.

'I wonder what he thinks whenever we do this stuff. What kind of emotions does Yuhi feel when he does this with her?'

Sumire understood that she was asking for the impossible. Men usually don't feel anything when this stuff happens. Yuhi differs from other guys but how about during these times? Is he the same as the rest then? Sumire has yet to find out. She does not know if she even wants to find out now.

It maybe a mistake, falling for Yuhi again. No falling for Yuhi was not a problem. She loved Yuhi for a very long time. Such feelings have existed inside her for so very long. The issue is actually dating him. Before she went out with Mamoru, Sumire recalled how troubled she was regarding her love for Terashima Yuhi.

Those feelings of admiration blossomed into love and as she grew up, Sumire became more aware of it. She became aware to the point that she could no longer ignore it. She missed him everyday and wanted to see him. So when she finally got a chance to become part of his life, she treasured every single bit of it.

She treasured every moment like it was her last.

It became very painful for her though. Now that she was part of his close circle, Sumire saw how popular he was. She no longer saw things from a fan point of view and it made things more painful for her. At least when she was a fan, Sumire did not have any delusional thoughts of standing a chance.

When they became friends and spent more time with one another, everything changed. He was still a person she could not reach but now he was somebody she did not deserve too.

The main reason why she accepted Tsueno Mamoru was because she could no longer take it. It became far too painful for her to the point that she would have a hard time breathing. She loves him but she does not deserve him.
Stop or continue?

Ever since she was a young girl, Sumire has always felt that something was wrong with her. From the moment she became self aware, she realized that she had no emotions. Her gaze was empty, she could not differentiate from sadness, anger and happiness. For so long she was like that and thus it frightened the people around her.

Sumire continued to grip onto his shoulders. "Yuhi-san, are all guys like this?"

Yuhi lifted his head. "All guys?"

"I mean…" Sumire trailed off. "--do they only want this?" She did not have a problem with Terashima Yuhi touching her. The two of them are dating one another so she knew this was normal. But she always imagined high school relationships to be sweeter.

"Relationships aren't like those things you see portrayed in manga and movies, Sumire."

"They aren't?"

Yuhi nodded. "No they're not. Your experience with Sano was bad but at least he gave you a glimpse of what the real world is like." He brushed his thumb across her lips. "Have you heard of the saying that one cannot see the world through rose coloured glass because it would lead to their downfall?"

"Something similar." She drew small circles with her fingers onto Yuhis chest.

While she still struggled showing affection towards him. Sumire at the very least knew how to flirt with him. A content hum escaped Yuhis lips.

"The same goes for relationships. Those events you see happening in movies and manga? Sure it does happen but at what cost? There is no relationship out there that is filled with sweet moments only."

"Yuhi-san, you make a valid point but you have yet to have any sweet moments with me."

Yuhi raised his eyebrows clearly amused at her words. "It seems the Princess is not satisfied with me."

"Well appearance wise, I am very satisfied that a handsome man like you has fallen for me."

He chuckled. "Is that it?" Yuhi brushed his lips against her ear. "Don't I satisfy you in other ways?"

She could not disagree with him there. Yuhi did satisfy her using other means. Yuhi chuckled like he read her mind. He cupped her cheeks and she looked away causing him to click his tongue.

"Don't look away from me Sumire, that is the one thing you can never do."

His tone had changed and the look he gave her was that of a predator about to devour its prey. Sumire knew that Terashima Yuhi was not a kind man.

From the very moment they met, she realized there was something different about him. He was kind and gentle towards her, and yet she could not miss that dangerous look that would flash through his eyes.

Sumire tried to look at him but the moment she did, she saw that look.

Thump, thump, thump.

She immediately got up and brushed her skirt. "I think we should head back to class." Sumire looked around the room. Maybe she ought to head to the teachers lounge first. Even though Yuhi is most likely right, she should still inform them.

Sumire however only managed to reach the door when she felt a familiar hand on her wrist. Yuhi turned her around and slammed his hand against the door. He trapped her with his other hand, and Sumire sighed.

"Yuhi-san, this is a bad habit of yours."

"A habit huh?"

She nodded. "What is it with you and slamming people against walls for?"

This is not the first time he has done this and certainly not the last time. Sumire mistakenly tried to look away from him.

Yuhi responded by bending down and kissing her. He roughly captured her lips with his and stuck his tongue inside. Yuhi did not waste a single minute as his tongue battled against hers.

It was not much of a battle, since Yuhi was clearly dominating. Still Sumire attempted to fight back.

It was a futile attempt. No matter how strong she was now, it does not change that women will always be physically weaker than men. That logic frustrated her. How come she has to submit to that? But no matter how strong she became, she cannot prove this theory wrong.

If Yuhi gave her a normal kiss then she would not react this way, unfortunately the way Yuhi kissed her made her body feel hot.

What she hated more than anything right now were the clothes that restricted their bodies. She wanted nothing more than to have Yuhi get rid of this problem.

She paused when she realized what shameful thought crossed her mind. What on earth is she thinking?

Yuhi parted their lips briefly. "You know I really like it when you wear clothes like this. You should wear things like this more often."

"You know why I don—" Her sentence fell short when she felt one of Yuhis hands slide down until he was touching her thighs again. Sumire shuddered when she noticed that he was caressing her tights. "Yuhi." She said softly. "Should we stop?"

Hinos words echoed in her head like some kind of spell.

No matter how good either of them thinks this is, it does not change the fact that something could go wrong. Her words angered him and yet he did not express his anger. Yuhi suddenly licked and sucked on her skin causing strange sounds to escape her lips.

"Sumire." Yuhi mumbled. "What is wrong?"

"We should stop." Sumire repeated.

Yuhi shook his head and moved his hand on her thighs to the edge of her skirt. "You need to calm down when I am flirting with you, otherwise how else will we flirt?"

This is flirting to him? Sumire was in complete disbelief at his words. But then again this is Yuhi. What she considers abnormal is most-likely normal to him.

"Can I continue?" Yuhi asked.

She somehow nodded her head. Yuhi licked and sucked on her earlobe, and then her neck. She felt his fingers unhook her bra and she felt the heat creep onto her face. Way too fast minster! How on earth did he get his hands there so quickly? His hands ran through her back.

Yuhi is driving her crazy, how could he do this to her? Does Yuhi not realize what he is doing? Hino advised her before that it is easy for Yuhi to loose control but even then, she trusted him.

She trusted that he would not do anything more than this.

What a naive and crazy thought. If it were the old her then she would not have fallen for this. But because this is the present, Sumire knew she could not push him away.

"Do you wear perfume?" Yuhi suddenly asked.

"No. I dislike like the smell."

"So this is your natural scent huh?"

Sumire could not miss how he said those words seductively. Yuhi raised the front half of her clothes, exposing her stomach. But he did not roll it to the very top, he stopped at the very tip of her breasts.

"Yuhi, it's cold."

"I will warm you up."