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Hour of waiting- Part 2

Calhoun sat at the table, his hand spinning the smoothened rock, looking at it twirl while waiting for the news to reach his ears. 

"Has he moved from there since morning?" Madame Fraunces asked Theodore, who stood next to her and away from where Calhoun sat. "How is he holding up?" she asked, starting to walk away from there and stepping outside her house.

Theodore followed her with his hands in his pockets, "He's holding up. He will be fine. Right now, he is waiting."

"For a customer?" questioned Madame Fraunces, her eyebrows raising. 

Theodore shook his head, "No, waiting for some news."

The lady turned her head to look back inside, and she sighed, "He looks too lonely, seems like the death rattled him."

Theodore didn't respond to her words and instead said, "Madame Fraunces, there was something I wanted to tell you." The woman nodded her head for him to go on, and he said, "If the news is as expected, Calhoun and I will be leaving this job."

Madame Fraunces didn't look surprised by his words, and she looked at a carriage that passed in front of her house on the wide street. "Hm, it is time for the birds to leave the nest. Seems like it is something very big. Are you trying to rob someone?" she joked. 

A chuckle escaped Theodore's lips, "Something like that. Thank you for everything you have done so far for me, I will ever be grateful for it, and I hope one day I can repay what you have done for me," he bowed his head deeply, and the woman's wise eyes looked at him. 

"I am sure I will live long for it," Madame Fraunces smiled at those words, and she folded her hands against her chest, "You grew up well, Theodore. But then it's because of your skill when it comes to learning things quickly."

When Madame Fraunces had taken Theodore in, she had trained him to be part of the high families lifestyle, teaching him everything that she knew. She had infused it in a way that Theodore now appeared as if he was born in a wealthy family. 

Nothing was perfect, and people had their own flaws. Some wore it on their sleeves while hid it.

It reminded the lady of a saying how even if you change the color of the crow, it would still be a crow. 

"Don't get into trouble, and don't kill people," advised Madame Fraunces, and Theodore offered the woman a smile, leaving the sides of his eyes to crinkle in humour. 

Back inside the house, Calhoun waited for King Laurence to notice his existence, the very same existence that the royal family had wanted to erase from people's mind and the world, that they were ashamed of. As he grew up, Calhoun was quick to learn because of the way people treated him and his mother, finding out why and what so that he could understand it better. He had seen the King and his family before, from afar, when they had come to one of the towns to witness someone's execution. 

And all these years, Calhoun had not spent his time sitting idle. He had collected every single information connected to the royal family, keeping it safely so that he could use it to his benefit when time came. 

Back in the Hawthrone castle, King Laurence was in the royal court room with Queen Morganna and the other ministers for discussing the previous day's disputes that had taken place. 

"There has been a group of people who have been taking approvals from the other Kings and Queen to form an establishment to give justice to the people," said a one of the ministers who stood in front of King Laurence. "I heard they are mostly vampires, but it is still under process."

"Things like that don't exist, Barett," commented King Laurence, "If another system comes into existence what are the Kings and Queens supposed to do?" he laughed at the end. 

The other ministers quickly nodded their heads in agreement while some chuckled. The minister who had passed the information looked distressed, "My King, I heard they have already received approval from most of the Kings and Queen, especially from the King of East land."

Just hearing the minister mention about East land had Laurence and Morganna tense. The King who had signed for the treaty to maintain peace had now turned to an enemy. 

Queen Morganna said, "There have been many people in the past who have tried to overrun the King's powers, but all of them have failed in their effort because things like those are pointless. You have witnessed it too, Barett. Haven't you?" she asked, her voice calm and collected as if nothing could ruffle her feathers. "Some of the men can be truly foolish." 

The minister named Barett nodded, "I heard it was led by a woman, a vampiress who goes by the name of Helena."

Queen Morganna chuckled, "Whatever is forming, it won't stay long. Things like this break, or she will get killed. Anyways, there's something I would like to inform," said the woman and Laurence' eyes moved in the direction of his mother. "As all of you know, King Laurence, my son doesn't have a male heir, and it has put us in quite a-"

Laurence already knew what his mother was going to say. He was quick to interrupt his mother's words, "Indeed, it is unfortunate, and we are very fortunate to have men like you who have stood next to us and faith in my rule. We are hoping we can soon provide you with good news."

The Queen's eyes hardened, but she didn't comment on her son's words.

"Of course, King Laurence," everybody bowed their heads. 

King Laurence passed a look at his mother before he stepped down from the throne and made his way out of there. One of Queen Morganna's trusted man came to stand next to her, bowing his head, and she said, 

"Ask my daughter to meet me, tell her I have something important to discuss with her."
Hour of waiting- Part 3

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Lucy walked in the corridors with her maid Amice who walked right behind her. Humming a tune as she moved from one corridor to another without a care about the world around her and not caring about who was going to get the throne. It didn't matter to her, which was why, out of all the Hawthrone family members, she was one of the only members who had the least of worries right now. 

"Did you hear how the soiree was, Amice?" questioned Lucy, her eyes catching sight of the little birds that chirped on a nearby branch. 

"You have been quiet today for a long time, milady. Is there something that is bothering you?" asked the maid, her hands folded at the front, and Lucy smiled. 

"I didn't realize that. I was thinking about how nice it would be to visit Aunt Patricia. It has been a while since I last saw Aunt Monique, too," said Lucy. Aunt Monique was her father's half-sister, who was strict, but at the same time she was kind. 

"Do you think you can ask your mother to allow you to visit her?" asked the maid, her eyebrows knitting together, and Lucy shook her head. 

"Grandmother would not allow it. I think Aunt Monique has been ordered not to return unless she is called," Lucy then turned to look at her maid, meeting her eyes and said, "I heard they have had her fixed in the town near the West of Rudhall. Keeping her busy," she whispered. "It has been long, but I think she will come back soon. Say Amice, have you met a vampire who wears glasses?"

Her maid looked perplexed by her questions, "Glasses?" 

"Yes, on the face. Spectacles actually. The person I met in the alley wore it. I wanted to thank him for his bravery," stated Lucy, "I thought of going to the town-"

"Oh, milady! Do not do that! If the Queen finds out, you will land yourself in big trouble," whispered Amice while looking here and there to make sure no one was there to eavesdrop at them. 

"Don't worry, Amice, I won't get into trouble," Lucy assured her maid, "I wonder if I will get to see him again."

The maid then asked curiously, "Was he handsome to look at, milady?"

Lucy's thoughts went back to the stranger who had helped her in the alley. She didn't forget the way his hand had caught hold of her hand, and with one swift movement, he had sliced one of the thug's neck with her dagger. 

"I think so," answered Lucy, and then said, "He had eyes hidden behind the glasses that he wore, so I cannot be sure."

Lucy spent more time out in the garden, listening to the birds sing until she felt her skin start to prickle under the rays of sun as she had stayed outside the castle for a long time. While heading back towards the castle's inside, she saw a young man standing in the corridor and speaking to one of the ministers. 

"Ethan!" Lucy called him out of excitement, and her feet quickly moved to where he was. Ethan Moryett was one of her distant cousins, a person who was of decent height. His brown hair had been combed to the side and his red eyes that were mild in nature looked at her. 

"Good afternoon, princess," Ethan bowed his head deeply, and so did the minister who had been talking to him. The minister didn't stay and left the two young people in the corridor as he had important work to attend to, that was given by the King. 

"Did you come to visit grandmother?" asked Lucy, and he nodded his head. 

"I did. How have you been doing, milady?" asked Ethan, his words were polite.

He had hoped to see the princess before leaving the castle, but if he specifically asked about her, it would throw a bad impression on both him and her. Compared to all the people he had met, Lucy Hawthrone had a pure heart, and it was obvious that her actions were all pure without asking for anything in return. The truth was that the princess had stolen his heart. 

"I have been doing well, Ethan. I told you, you should call me Lucy. Even though we are distant relatives, we are cousins," said Lucy, with a smile on her lips. 

"It would be rude of me to address you in such a casual way," and to his words, Lucy shook her head. 

"I won't take it that way. We have known each other for years, yet you address me formally," Lucy offered him a smile, and she said, "Are you heading back to your place now?"

"Yes," Ethan nodded his head, "I came here to deliver some of the papers that Queen Morganna wanted to have in her possession."

"Let me walk you to the carriage," she offered and Ethan couldn't refuse such an offer that the girl was giving him. 

"I would be more than blessed to have your company," the vampire bowed his head in gratitude. 

Both of them walked slowly towards the carriage, Lucy chatting with Ethan and when they arrived near the carriage, Lucy was still speaking. They turned to face each other, and Ethan bowed his head, 

"I should get going now...Lucy," said Ethan, and Lucy gave him a nod. 

"You've turned so busy. I hope you get some time off from work. We still have to finish the game of cards," she reminded him. "I think you will be more busy once you get married."

Ethan chuckled at this, "I think I will have more time when I get married to the girl who is on my mind."

Lucy tilted her head, and said, "I didn't know you like someone. Does she know?" she asked in curiosity. Lucy's maid, Amice who stood a few steps away from the couple could hear their conversation, and she couldn't believe how oblivious the princess was regarding Ethan Moryett's feelings. 

Ethan stared into Lucy's eyes, and with a smile, he said, "I plan to tell her soon."

"Good luck," wished Lucy, and she saw him leave in the carriage. 
Illegitimate son- Part 1

Music Recommendation: A bad night by Danny Bensi


The guards who had been sent by the King to find Constance had returned to the castle, making their way to where the King was.

"My King!" The two guards entered the room where King Laurence was drinking blood in one of the rooms of the castle—sitting on a luxurious couch and waiting for the good news. But he was not interested in the guards, and his eyes looked behind them to notice they had come without the woman. 

"Where is she?" demanded the King, his eyes narrowed. 

"Milord," one of the guards started to speak, "The woman named Constance passed away a week ago. It seems she has been sick for a few weeks."

Laurence's lips twisted, "What about her son? Is he alive?" That was the last hope he had been holding on to, to keep the throne to himself. 

"Yes, my King," the other guard answered.

"What are you waiting for then?" King Laurence raised his eyebrows, "Go fetch him right away! And make sure you treat him well," he rubbed his chin, watching the guards leave. 

On the other side of the castle and in the West wing where Queen Morganna's quarters was, in her room, she stood in front of the window looking outside. When the doors behind her opened. She didn't turn around as she could tell by the footsteps who it belonged to. Her daughter, Rosamund had come to meet her as she had been ordered to meet her immediately.

"You wanted to see me, mother?" Lady Rosamund dropped the honorifics as they were now alone in the room. 

Queen Morganna didn't turn and continued to stand in front of the window with her head held up high, "Yes, Rosa. There's an important matter that needs to be discussed," and she finally turned around to meet her daughter's gaze, "Take a seat."

Rosamund didn't know why she was summoned, but considering how the invitation was from her mother, she could only believe it was something of grave importance. Walking towards the couch, she took herself to sit in one of them. 

Queen Morganna made her way to sit on the opposite couch, facing her daughter. Making herself comfortable, she said, "I called you here to discuss the matter about appointing Markus as the next King of Devon. What do you think about it?"

Rosamund looked taken aback, not expecting her mother to utter such good news to her, "Did brother Laurence agree?"

"No," came the sullen voice of the Queen. She placed both her hands on her lap, holding them together, and she said, "I don't think he would accept it, which is why I decided to speak to you. Of course, any King wouldn't happily hand over his throne and kingdom to another person except for his own son. But considering the current circumstances, where Laurence has no male heir of his own, it puts not only the kingdom but also our family in danger." 

Queen Morganna knew her daughter well. Unlike Laurence, Rosamund listened to her every word. In the past, when she had to get rid of that wench who had coiled around her son's life, she and her daughter together had thrown the woman out of the castle. 

"I have already asked Patrick Moryett to hand me the concerned documents that need to be changed and rewritten before submitting them in the royal court. This way, the process will be faster, and we won't lose the control on the throne because of your brother's stupidity," stated Queen Morganna.

Rosamund couldn't believe herself that her wishes had finally come true, and she could barely wait to go back home and relay the message to her husband and her children. This was the moment she had been waiting for so long. 

"What about brother though?" questioned Rosamund. She was well aware of how dear the throne and the crown was to Laurence.

"Maybe in the future if he has a male heir, we can reconsider it and prepare another document to pass the authority back to him. But for now he will need to swallow it up," replied Queen Morganna before continuing to say, "I have already ordered the ministers and the magistrates to come and attend the proceedings tomorrow. Tomorrow bring Markus so that we can go ahead and get everyone's approval."

Rosamund was quick to nod to this, "I will make sure to see that Markus knows his responsibilities and duties towards Devon."

"Good, he will need it all," said Queen Morganna. She then motioned one of her maids and ordered, "Get an old bottle of wine. I would like to celebrate with my daughter." The maid bowed her head before leaving the room. 

To Queen Morganna, it didn't matter if the throne went to her son's hands or her daughter's son because it was the same. Even with her husband dead, she still had people who listened to her words more than her son, and she controlled and ruled Devon. 

When the next day arrived, the magistrates and the ministers who were supposed to give their consent of agreement to the next heir of Devon had gathered themselves in the royal court room. Queen Morganna, Lady Rosamund had brought her son Markus along with her family, and Lady Samara, and her daughter Lucy were some of the royals who were present. 

Lady Rosamund's happiness knew no bounds, and there was a constant smile on her lips. 

Queen Morganna continued, "As I have said before, Devon is in danger because the Kings of the other lands see it to be an opportunity to steal what we have here. It is only right that we protect."

"Does King Laurence agree to it?" asked one of the magistrates who stood at the side. "The King is not here, and it wouldn't be right to decide without him here."

Queen Morganna was unimpressed by the magistrate's words, and she said, "King Laurence has gone to attend an important work. He is already informed about today's meeting. It is why Queen Samara and Princess Lucy are here. His absence shows he has full faith in my decision, and it would be right if you respect it unless you disagree, Mr. Letterford."

The magistrate bowed his head, "My apologies, my Queen."

Queen Morganna stared at the man, and the other people who were present could tell that the magistrate's hours to live were short, and he would soon die in an 'accident'. 
Illegitimate son- Part 2

The minister who worked with Queen Morganna announced, "With the commencement of Markus Wilmot as the next successor, the King Laurence's nephew and Queen Morganna's grandson, we will now take a vote of agreement."

Morganna said, "We believe and trust that you will do what is right for the future of our kingdom," her eyes moving from one person to another. 

Soon each magistrate and the minister was called out to give their opinion in favour for or against the decision. When the opinions were received and written down, the minister went to where the mother Queen was seated, and he bent down to show what he had written. Morganna looked more than pleased that more than three-fourth of the room had agreed. 

The minister looked at the group of people who had gathered, and he said, "Thank you for taking part and proving your loyalty to the Queen and this kingdom. The decision is as clear as day. Majority of the people have agreed for Markus Wilmot to be crowned as the next King of Devon. A coronation ceremony will be held soon to spread the word to the ne-"

The minister couldn't complete his sentence as they heard a pair of footsteps approaching the royal court. The guards who stood outside bowed and announced loudly, "Bow to the King of Devon!" 

Everyone in the room quickly bowed their heads, and Morganna's eyes narrowed. She hadn't seen her son since morning, and she had only guessed that her son was sulking somewhere in the corner of the castle. It was an inevitable move that had to be made, and even the King himself couldn't do anything about it. 

Seeing King Laurence step into the room, Lady Samara was glad that her husband had come back from wherever he had gone. Being the King's wife, she wasn't too keen to let go of the authority of the throne or the crown. 

But Laurence hadn't come alone. There were two other young men who stepped into the room along with the King. One wore a pair of glasses on his face with a polite smile. The other person stepped inside the royal court as if he owned everything in the castle, but it did. 

Morganna didn't know who the other two men were, and she could only guess that her son had brought them either to entertain him or to work for the royal family. 

"Did you finish your work, King Laurence?" asked Queen Morganna as if she wasn't preparing to transfer his position to her grandson. 

King Laurence looked at the people who were gathered in the room, and his eyes then shifted to look at his mother, who had stood up from her throne after he arrived in the room. 

The King smiled, a bright smile on his lips that confused his mother. He said, "I did. I can see that everyone is here. What an opportune moment."

The magistrate who had earlier questioned Queen Morganna bowed his head and informed, "Yes, my King. Most of us have agreed to allow Lady Rosamund's son to be your successor."

Rosamund couldn't feel any prouder for giving birth to her son, who would finally make her dream come true. Amid the discussion, Lucy, who stood next to her mother, her eyes widened on seeing one of the men who stood behind her father. It was the man with the glasses! What was he doing here? 

"Is that so?" questioned King Laurence, "I don't think it is necessary now. I have found the solution to the problem."

"What are you talking about?" asked Queen Morganna. 

While Laurence did nothing but smile, his mother believed her son had started to lose his mind. The young man with dark red eyes and black hair stepped next to her son. 

King Laurence then announced, "I would like to introduce you to my son. Calhoun Hawthrone." It received a couple of gasps in the room, and people's eyes fell on Calhoun. 

"This is not the time to joke, brother," stated Rosamund. "You cannot pick someone from the street and claim him as your son." 

Laurence couldn't help but laugh out loud, "I did not pick him from a street. The prior rules we have been following states that it is enough to keep my rule if I have a son. Calhoun is Constance's son, the woman who once used to live in the castle."

Morganna, as well as Rosamund's eyes, considerably narrowed on hearing the woman's name whom they thought they had erased from Laurence's world. Rosamund's hands turned into fists. Queen Morganna was about to speak, but she was immediately interrupted by her son, who said, 

"My blood runs through this boy's veins. Royal Hawthrone blood, and I would openly like to claim and accept him as my rightful son. Tuffins, the documents," ordered King Laurence, and his minister quickly walked to where the Queen stood, and he handed the documents to her. "I have already asked the men to make an inspection. This way, everyone can sit back and not worry if he isn't my son. Now that the matter is solved," King Laurence's smile fell, and he said, "I now dismiss the court!"

The ministers and the magistrates couldn't help themselves but look at Calhoun with their eyes wide. They bowed their heads to offer their respect, the people slowly started to dissolve. 

When Lady Samara saw her husband taking leave, she quickly followed him. Near the throne, Queen Morganna stared at Calhoun with pure distaste in her eyes.

"I thought Laurence didn't know about the boy's existence," whispered Lady Rosamund. 

"We thought wrong," Queen Morganna murmured under her breath. 

She stared at the boy who her son claimed to be his son, but the boy looked right back at her with a faint smile on his lips that looked smug, irking her. 

She turned to her loyal minister and whispered, "See what you can find about the boy. I want to know everything." The minister bowed his head and left. 

Illegitimate son- Part 3

Calhoun stared back at the old hag, who he knew was responsible for his mother being thrown out of the castle. Even though his mother had never brought the topic up with him, he had gone around to find as much as he could to know what had transpired, and he wanted to know more about his mother's time here. 

A smirk appeared on his face, and he noticed the older woman, Queen Morganna, pop a nerve on her forehead. They could dig all they wanted about him, thought Calhoun to himself, but they wouldn't find a speck of dust on him. He had come here to send every single person to Hell, who had made his mother shed tears.

Queen Morganna stepped down from the throne, walking past Calhoun closely while not leaving her gaze from him until she crossed him to step out of the royal court room. Rosamund closely followed her mother along with her son and her family. 

"Lady Lucy?" The maid named Amice called Lucy's attention as the princess appeared to be in a dazed state. 


Startled, Lucy came out of her thoughts, and she realized the room had almost turned empty. Her eyes fell back on the man who wore the glasses. With her family who had stepped out, her feet had their own mind, and it took her to where the stranger stood with another person whom her father had introduced him as his son. 

"I am Lucy Hawthrone, a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I guess you will be my brother now," said Lucy, with a smile on her lips. Calhoun stared at her for two seconds before making his way out of the room. She wondered if she said something she wasn't supposed to say. 

"Give him some time. He will warm up to you," said the stranger who had stayed back, and Lucy's eyes snapped back to look at the man. "I am Theodore. Theodore Chauncey."

What a strange last name, thought Lucy to herself. So that was her saviour's name. 

"I was just thinking about you yesterday," she blurted before a faint blush appeared on her cheeks. Theodore looked at her curiously. Even her maid looked alarmed by the choice of Lucy's words, "I mean, I wanted to thank you for saving me back in the alley."

Theodore offered her a smile, "I did what any other gentleman would do. To help a lady. I am glad that I could be of your service," and he bowed his head to her. Lucy couldn't help but feel the air around him had changed compared to the time she had met in the alley. The roguish look in his eyes had been replaced with utter politeness.

Lucy bowed at him again and started to walk away from him before turning behind and taking a look at him as if he would disappear like last time. Theodore had that constant gentle smile on his lips, and Lucy returned it. 

When Lucy stepped out of the room, the smile on Theodore's lips fell, and the light in his eyes darkened. As he made his way out of the room, Calhoun, who was leaning against the wall, stated,

"You have met the princess before," looking down at his nails.

"I met her in the town a few days ago, and she needed some help. You should smile a little," said Theodore.

Calhoun rolled his eyes, "I don't have time for people who are of no use." She seemed clueless compared to the other royal members. "Anyways, the King said he wants to talk to me. I am going to meet him. Can you stay by yourself?"

"I will be fine," Theodore assured him, and he saw Calhoun leave. 

With his hands in his pocket, Theodore made his way through the corridors, looking at the surroundings and also feeling the eyes of the servants who were possibly loyal to the Queen. 

He walked until the very end, finding his way to one of the rooms in the first floor and walking to the patios. The life in the castle seemed much better than the one he lived. Who would have thought that the boy who once lived in the dirty alleys near the marketplace would one day enter the castle, less live here. 

He caught sight of the young vampiress, the princess who entered the garden accompanied by her maid, who followed her. She continuously spoke as if she was excited about something, and Theodore tried to zero his eyes and ears on her. 

"Can you believe what would happen if pumpkins grew up in the trees? The pain it would cause on breaking on top of a person's head?" asked Lucy. "Mama said the governess is coming tomorrow, which would mean I will get to spend less time outside and more time inside," she looked unenthusiastic about it. 

"It seems like Lady Sophie's action has caused great offence to Queen Morganna," the maid responded, and Lucy nodded. 

"You are right. But then Sophie is still a small girl. I wouldn't throw water on grandmother's face. I feel if I did something like that, that might lead to my hands being chopped. I know what to do!" exclaimed Lucy, "I am going to befriend the governess, and together we both can step out of the castle."

An idle chatter, thought Theodore to himself. All the women and girls that belonged to wealthy families were stuck up, and spoilt who had no regard or concern for others, doing what they pleased. It wasn't anything new to him. 

To Theodore's surprise, he caught sight of the vampiress pulling the front of her dress to show her slender and pale legs. Bending down, she unbuckled and removed her shoes. He heard her sigh before a bright smile appeared on her lips. 

"Milady, I don't think it's a good idea to walk barefoot," said the maid in concern. 

"But it feels so much better to walk like this," frowned Lucy, and she started to walk bare feet, "I can feel the cold floor, the stones and the gras-" she stepped on a bee that stung her sole, making her yelp loudly. 
Beginning of changes- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Timeless by Jorge Mendez


Lucy sat flat on the ground, holding her leg, wondering if she stepped on a piece of glass, but this was worse than that. 

"Lady Lucy! Are you alright?!" The maid quickly bent down to check the princess's feet and saw nothing to be word, at least by the looks of it now. "You must have stepped on a sharp stick or a thorn, but it must have not gone inside," informed the maid, it was because Lucy's sole didn't have a drop of blood on it. 

Holding her leg, Lucy looked on the ground where she had been earlier walking before sitting down. She didn't catch anything, "It must be. For some reason, it hurts quite a lot. Like a...sting.." Was it a bee? 

"Here, milady," said Amice, standing on her feet and offering her hands for Lucy to take. 

Just as Lucy was pulled up by her maid, they caught sight of Queen Morganna, who was coming in their direction with her Aunt Rosamund in the garden. 

"I keep hoping the girls in the royal family would fix their behaviour, but it seems like it is going downhill with every single day," commented Queen Morganna, who had caught sight of Lucy sitting on the ground. "If you want to sit, there are better places in the castle than in the middle of the garden area where people walk with their dirty shoes."

Both Lady Lucy and her maid bowed their heads to offer their greetings to the Queen and Lady Rosamund. 

Theodore, who stood in one of the castle's patios, watched them interact in curiosity, wondering what the young vampiress was going to say. Never before Theodore had an opportunity to personally meet the Queen or any other people who belonged to the royal family, but by the looks of it, he could tell Queen Morganna was a stubborn woman who wanted everything the world could offer. Right now she looked perfectly annoyed after what happened in the royal court room. He could only guess about the future of how it would feel to see her die, and at the thought of it, a pleasant smile appeared on his lips. 

"I, uh, I was wondering how flat the ground was," blurted Lucy. She didn't dare to move as her feet were bare without shoes that her maid now hid behind her back. 

With the things that had gone down in the royal court, Lucy believed her family would be busy discussing it, but who knew they wanted to spend their time in the garden too. 

"What?" questioned her grandmother as if she didn't understand the rubbish that came out from her granddaughter's mouth. "Get inside. Look at you, I can already see your skin turning red, and it might cause blisters on your skin if you stay out and under the sun." 

On the other hand, Rosamund looked at her niece and at the maid with her keen eyes, sensing both the young girls were up to no good. 

Lucy quickly said, "Queen Morganna, do you know from where my governess is? The one who has been newly appointed?" 

"Your father is the one who has the details about it," replied the Queen, "Once she's here, you will have less time to dawdle around and waste your time, Lucy. Make sure you listen to her and turn to a fine lady that I believe you have the ability to transform. I have already spoken to your mother that we will be soon looking out for suitors once you turn into a fine lady." 

"Suitors?" Lucy used the word as if it was foreign to her. "I am too young, my Queen-"

"It is the right age," Queen Morganna interrupted Lucy's words, "Your mother agrees to it, and it is always good to get married when you are young. We all did, and so will you. Now get back inside."

Lucy bowed her head, seeing the Queen and her aunt continue their walk and talk that had been paused. The young vampiress didn't move from her place. "Will I be married soon, Amice? I am not ready for it," she whispered. She was still learning the ways of the castle life and the life around her, it felt surreal to hear it. 

"Don't worry, milady. The Queen said they are going to do it in the future and not right away," consoled her maid, but that didn't remove the fact that she would be married to someone whom she had no idea about. 

Lucy's eyes moved to look at the castle, looking at the windows and the patios that were empty, including the one where a man stood earlier that had gone unnoticed by her. 

When Lucy started to walk, she flinched, "I have been stung by a bee."

By the time of the evening, Lucy felt as if stones had been tied to one of her feet, and she rested in her room. Sitting on the bed now, she read a book in her room. Candles had been lit in the chandelier that hung on the ceiling not too far away from where she was. Even the fireplace was lit that gave out warmth while adding light to the already lit bright room. 

Hearing a knock on the door, Lucy quickly made sure to hide her leg by covering it with a blanket and before she could say come in, the doors of her room opened and in came her mother. 

"I have been looking for you. What are you doing by sitting on the bed?" questioned her mother with a deep frown marred on her forehead. 

"I am reading," came the obvious tone and her mother narrowed her eyes, "I am reading, mother. Did you need me?" Lucy used a much more polite tone and bowed at her mother. 

"Yes, the governess is here. She arrived half an hour ago, and I thought it was best to introduce you to her so that you can start your studies tomorrow morning," stated her mother. "Come now, leave the company of your book, and meet the governess."

Lucy didn't want to leave her bed yet. Having been stung by a bee, it would need some time until the swelling would reduce. Thankfully she was a vampiress, and the swelling would disappear by tomorrow morning. 

"I thought it was the governess who came to meet the princess, not the other way round, mama," said Lucy, her innocent gaze only vexing her mother.
Beginning of changes- Part 2

"She's here to teach you, Lucy. I don't want your grandmother reprimanding me for not bringing you up correctly. That's the last thing I need to hear from her now," said her mother before looking away and telling, "Your father has brought a person who was born to another woman," there was a hint of embarrassment in the tone of her voice. 

"Brother Calhoun?" questioned Lucy, and her mother's eyes turned furious. 

"He is no brother of yours! He is not related! I cannot believe your father would bring a boy who belongs to another woman. One who had a bad reputation," said her mother, feeling ashamed. 

Lucy pursed her lips, not knowing how to console her mother on this matter. As much as she had tried to turn a blind eye towards a lot of things that happened in the castle, she was still aware of a few things that had come to fall in her ears. Her father had bedded many women before his marriage to his mother. Lucy could only guess that the young man whom her father had presented in the royal court was one of the women he had slept in the past. 

"But father is the one who brought him to the castle," said Lucy, and her mother frowned even more, "If it is to secure the throne-"

"I do not like it!" exclaimed her mother, and Lucy was startled. She didn't understand why there was a need to keep fighting who the throne went to because, in the end, it would still stay in the family. "If only I could bear a male child, if only you were born as a male heir," said the woman looking at Lucy.

Lucy bit the inside of her lip. It wasn't her fault that she wasn't born as a male to continue the Hawthrone family name. Though she was born as a healthy and beautiful baby, her family weren't entirely happy because she wasn't born as a boy but a girl. 

Her mother seemed like she had forgotten the reason as to why she had come here to the room, and she turned around and left the room. 

Lucy gripped her hands on the book she held in her hands, not whispering a word, nor a tear fell from her eyes. Not soon after her mother left, Amice and the elderly maid, Ruby, appeared in the room. 

"Did Lady Samara find out?" asked Amice with concern. 

Lucy shook her head. The elderly maid looked at the young vampiress and then said to Amice, "Why don't you get a bowl of cold water, Amice?"

"Ah, okay," nodded the girl and left the room. 

"I heard what happened in the garden, is your leg still hurting?" asked Ruby, walking towards the foot of the bed, she looked at Lucy's legs that were covered in the blanket and then up at Lucy as if asking for permission. 

Lucy nodded her head and Ruby let go of the book that she had been holding until now. 

She saw Ruby remove the blanket so that the elderly woman could take a look at both her feet and the woman frowned, "Oh my, your foot appears to be swollen, milady. The bee must have stung too deep." 

Lucy herself hadn't expected for her foot to swell. She had hoped it would heal within an hour, but it wasn't so. Not only that, it was also bothersome to be walking with one foot that had swollen making her look like a duck trying to get a proper balance. 

"Does it hurt?" asked the elderly maid and Lucy shook her head. It didn't hurt physically but something did hurt in her heart. Why was it that her own blood failed to see the pain she was in, while it was someone who was not part of her family could see her discomfort? Putting a brave face, Lucy said, 

"I am alright," she grinned, "It is just a little bee sting, it should be gone by the time I sleep and wake up tomorrow morning."

Ruby offered Lucy a warm smile, something Lucy was used to and found comfort in this large castle that she felt empty. "I am sure it will. The princess is a brave girl, and I know you. How do you think you will be able to walk to join the rest of your family for supper?" 

Lucy didn't want to get scolded from her grandmother or from her mother again, "Do you think you could bring the food here? It would be best if I ate here in the room."

"That's understandable. I will get it arranged, you can rest at ease until then," replied Ruby. When Amice returned back to the room with a bowl of cold water in her hands. Ruby placed the bowl on the ground so that Lucy could put her swollen feet inside it to temporarily reduce the pain. "Why do you insist on walking without shoes, Lady Lucy? You never know when you might step into something dangerous."

"I enjoy it," came the simple words from Lucy and Ruby nodded her head as if she had expected that answer. 

"If you want to walk barefoot, you should stick inside the castle. The floors are clean and that way you won't get hurt. Look at your beautiful feet," said Ruby rubbing Lucy's ankles to make sure the princess was not uncomfortable because of the bee sting. 

Lucy smiled looking down at Ruby, who sat on the ground, "Your son must have been very lucky to have you, Ruby. He must have loved you dearly." Ruby didn't have a family of her own as her husband had died early in their marriage, while her son had died in the war that had been waged between Devon and one of the neighbouring kingdoms. "You really know how to look after a person."

Ruby bowed her head, "It is why I am here, milady. To make sure you are well taken care of." 

Ruby had been appointed by Queen Morganna, when Lucy was born. The elderly woman was the one who had looked after Lucy from cleaning her to feeding her, and putting her to bed. Though it was her mother who had given birth to her, to Lucy it was Ruby who had given the warmth and love that her mother failed to give as she didn't realize Lucy needed it. 
Beginning of changes- Part 3

"I am happy that you are here with me, Ruby," said Lucy without hiding the love and attachment she had towards the elderly woman. 

"And I feel privileged to be taking care of you, Lady Lucy. I know you will one day turn to be one of the finest women of this land," there was a promise in Ruby's voice and Lucy grinned. Now only if her grandmother could think and see what Ruby saw, thought Lucy to herself. 

"Today's supper time is going to be something, it is good that you aren't going to the dining room," whispered Amice before quickly turning behind to make sure there was no one at the door. 

Lucy nodded her head thoughtfully. It wasn't that she wanted to skip her meals purposefully, but coincidently turned out this way. Her mother, Samara was upset because her husband  had brought some woman's son into the castle, but there were two other people who were more upset than Lady Samara in the castle. 

"It will be an eventful dinner," she murmured to herself. 

As Ruby gently pressed Lucy's ankle. She said, "Amice told me the young man has come along with the King's son. Did you get to thank him?" 

"I did," replied Lucy. 

The last thing she had expected was to see the person in the royal court room. Theodore, she whispered his name. 

When the time of supper arrived, the royal family members made their way to the dining room. When Queen Morganna stepped into the room, her eyes fell on the young man whom her son had brought in. Even though her son had brought the boy to keep the control of Devon in his hand, Morganna didn't believe it would be a good idea. It was because when a person was hurt, they often kept things in their mind and waited for the right opportunity to strike back, and by the looks this boy seemed no different. 

"I didn't know we were going to have the new guests joining us for dinner," commented Morganna, proudly making her way into the dining room. 

"Calhoun is part of the family now," announced Laurence, and Morganna internally rolled her eyes. Her son didn't have to repeat it, they weren't deaf. "From now on, Calhoun will be living with us."

"Are you sure he is your son, Laurence?" asked Morganna, taking her seat at the table. "What if he is another man's son and not yours?"

"You don't have to worry about that, mother," Laurence offered his mother a smile. "I know when Calhoun was conceived and born. I received the letter about it." Lady Samara, who had taken a seat next to her husband, wore an expressionless look on her face.

"If you say so, I doubt you would ever do any mistake," Morganna had suddenly changed her demeanour as if she had accepted Calhoun wholeheartedly. 

Laurence chuckled, "Isn't this great? Finally, I have a son who can rule with me," he looked at Calhoun who bowed his head with a passive expression on his face. Unlike Calhoun, Theodore was not asked to join the royal members and instead he was made to stand near the wall behind Calhoun, which Theodore didn't mind. "I knew you would be happy," stated King Laurence with a smile. 

Rosamund, who was asked to join in celebrating Calhoun's arrival, she clutched on to her fork tightly. 

Her mother had assured her before to be patient, and that her time would come, but with her brother bringing the whore's son to the castle, she was furious underneath her calm demeanor. 

"I can see we have another new person at the table and one is missing," commented the King, noticing the governess who had arrived today and she bowed her head. "Where is Lucy?"

Nobody seemed to have an answer, and the King's eyes fell on the elderly woman who was appointed to take care of his daughter. The woman bowed her head, "King Laurence, Lady Lucy said she will be having her food in her room today as she isn't feeling well."

King Laurence frowned, "What happened to her?" and he then looked at his wife who shook her head. 

"She was alright when I went to her room," said Lady Samara. 

"That is right, she was perfectly doing fine when I saw her in the garden," Morganna's eyes narrowed, and she said, "Is she perhaps avoiding supper with us for no reason? You should be more strict with her Laurence."

"Now we have the governess, she will take care of Lucy and help her in fixing her ways," Laurence seemed hardly bothered. 

Morganna shook her head in disagreement, "This is not acceptable. My granddaughters won't be able to find a decent suitor if they behave like this. It would be hard to get them married for the better prosperity of Devon." The mother Queen then turned her eyes towards the maid, and ordered, "This is not the first time in this month and we don't want it to repeat. No food will be sent to her room. If I find out someone offered the food to the princess, you shall be tortured in the dungeon."

Hearing this, the maid bowed her head. Even though Lady Samara didn't know half of the time what her daughter was upto, she didn't like her daughter being deprived of food, and she said, "Queen Morganna, let me go get Lucy-"

"That won't be necessary," interrupted Morganna before picking her knife and fork that was on the table. 

Calhoun, who was listening and watching the royal family drama, said, "She didn't commit a crime." His voice startled the people at the table, making their head turn to look at him. 

"Do you have a problem, young man?" questioned Morganna with her eyebrows raising up. 

One would think that it would be best to not question the Queen's decision, but Calhoun offered her a polite smile, "I said she didn't commit a crime that warrants her from being denied food." The servant's who were in the room, their eyes turned wide. 

Morganna glared at Calhoun, fuming in her seat, "How dare you question my decision?" she glowered. 
Sharing meal- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Courage Endures by Trevor Kowaiski


Everyone present in the dining room looked back and forth between Queen Morganna and the young man, whom the King had claimed as his son, Calhoun. Until now, no one dared to interrupt or question the Queen's words, which was why it was quite a shocking surprise for them that Calhoun questioned her decision of punishing her granddaughter. 

Queen Morganna furiously looked at Calhoun. The boy had only arrived today, yet he had the audacity to speak. Seeing him not utter a word, she harrumphed and-

"I find it to be strange that you would deny a meal as punishment to someone who is young and is barely taking her time away from the dining room," stated Calhoun, and if people's eyes hadn't turned wide-eyed earlier, it did now. 

Queen Morganna tried to compose her expression, and she demanded, "Am I now supposed to ask someone like you to know what I am, and I am not supposed to do with my granddaughter? Leave the dining room!" she shouted, her words echoing in the room. 

Laurence didn't say anything because it was the Queen's words over anyone else's words all these years. His mother was the one who sent out orders, and everyone followed them without opposing as a sign of respect. 

Calhoun stared back at the old woman, his eyes piercing through and into her, "It seems like people here are not allowed to give their opinions."

This was enough to irk the Queen even more than before, and she stood up from her seat and pointed her hand towards the door, "And it seems like people who come from streets don't know the rules that need to be followed, which the royal family sets. If you are so much against what I have decided. Victor!" She called the person in charge of meals and the kitchen, "See to it that even he is not offered food. And as a punishment, even his bodyguard won't be allowed to have food from the kitchen tonight until tomorrow morning. They will be provided with food only after I am done with eating my breakfast!" 

"Yes, my Queen," the man bowed his head, obeying Morganna's instructions. 

Calhoun dropped the cutlery he had been holding right next to the plates that clattered softly, and when he got up, the chair screeched against the floor, making the vampires and vampiress' flinch at the sharp sound. 

Without another word, Calhoun walked out of the room, but Theodore didn't leave. Seeing this, Morganna's glare fell on Theodore. 

"Did you not hear what I said? It applied to you too," she tried to control her anger. 

Theodore bowed his head, "King Laurence has ordered me to protect the future King Calhoun. I am doing my duty seriously, my Queen, and it is my responsibility to see it that no one is speaking ill towards the prince."

Listening to Theodore's words, a vein popped on Morganna's forehead. 

"Theodore, you can leave now," ordered King Laurence, and Theodore bowed his head, offering them a pleasant smile before making his way out of the dining room and searching where Calhoun had gone. 

Morganna didn't take her seat, and she gritted her teeth, trying to simmer her anger that the two young men had tried to flame since their arrival. 

"I cannot believe this is happening, Laurence," Morganna turned to look at her son, "Make sure that the boy knows how to speak and doesn't disrespect any of the elders' words. The last thing you know, he will try to teach us what is right and wrong."

Instead of taking it seriously, Laurence chuckled, "Don't worry about it, mother," and Morganna wanted to glare at her son, but he was the King of Devon. He told her not to worry, but Morganna could tell that this young man was bad news. She had thrown his mother out of the castle. He would receive the same fate soon. "It is only his first day in the castle. Before tomorrow's supper's time, he will be well-versed in what to do and what not to do. How about now we all have meals in peace. Please take your seat, mother." 

Morganna offered her son a smile, and she then sat down. At least Calhoun was not here right now, thought Queen Morganna to herself, she would need to do something quickly.

Outside the room and in one of the corridors, Calhoun was walking when Theodore caught up to him. 

"Why did you do that?" asked Theodore. 

"Refusing a meal?" Calhoun questioned back, and Theodore chuckled. 

"You know what I am speaking about. Don't let your emotions take over, my future King. The woman is obviously a serpent who has people coiled around her old finger, including the King," said Theodore.

"I am aware of it," said Calhoun. Every time he saw Morganna's face, he wanted to strangle her, but that was too easy for a person who had tortured and humiliated his mother in front of everyone. Making it such that his mother couldn't raise her head in front of the people. 

"You know…" Theodore drawled, "I keep thinking you are emotionless, but you do things that make me question my opinion. Helping your future sister, what a kind brother."

Calhoun's eyes shifted to look at Theodore, and he replied, "I didn't do it for her. The things in the castle are worse than what is on the streets." Calhoun stopped walking, and he turned to look at the sky from the open corridor. "It is good to irk the old woman though. It gives me some sort of satisfaction," and a slow smile appeared on his lips that pulled up, stretching it wide. 

Calhoun couldn't wait to turn every single person's life into his own personal living hell, who were responsible for his mother's misery. All these years, because of his mother staying next to him, he had not done anything. But with his mother no more alive, all he felt was the emptiness and how hollow his life was. 

All these people were responsible for stealing his mother away from him, and it was time for revenge. 

"You know I am hungry," murmured Theodore, and Calhoun turned to look at the four eyes, and he offered him a smile. 

"I know where to get food."
Sharing meal- Part 2

Music Recommendation: Milton's Tower by Joel Corelitz


Lucy sat with her knees pulled close to her chest, hugging them while sitting on the bed. She didn't know what was taking the maids so long in bringing her dinner to her room. She was so used to eating in time that her stomach started growling, and she sighed, staring at the door. 

"Guess I will go out myself and see," she muttered under her breath, and pushing the blanket away from her legs, she carefully placed both her legs on the floor. 

One of her legs looked normal, while the other leg looked swollen. She quickly held both her hands together, looking up at the ceiling. She said, "Oh God, please don't leave me with this swollen leg forever. Make the swelling disappear by tomorrow morning.."

If someone were to hear what Lucy said, especially her family members, they would frown and reprimand her along with the maids around her, believing them to be brainwashing her with the humane beliefs. 

Getting up from the bed, she walked towards the door and opened it. The maids were not there, and even the servants didn't appear to be walking anywhere near the corridor. She wondered where everyone had gone. 

"Amice? Ruby?" Lucy softly called the maids name by peeking her head out of the room without stepping out of the room. "Clara? Brielle?" but she received no response from anyone. 

Lucy pulled open the door and stepped outside the room. It was late...She had waited for her meal to appear in her room and had fallen asleep before waking up and wondering where it was. 

Her bare feet walked on the castle's cold marble floor, passing through torches that were lit on the walls. When she met a servant, Lucy questioned, 

"Where are Ruby and Amice? My food has not been sent to my room," Lucy crossed her hands against her chest, staring at the servant with a frown on her face. The servant bowed his head, and he informed her,

"Milady, Queen Morganna has ordered us to not send you any food to your room tonight nor offer food."

"What? Does grandma expect me to sleep on an empty stomach?" she let go of her hands that she had crossed a few seconds ago.

The servant bowed his head deeply, "Queen Morganna seemed unhappy by your absence in the dining room," and Lucy rolled her eyes. It wasn't like her grandmother couldn't swallow food without seeing her. "Unfortunately, we cannot help you as she has ordered all the servants not to help. If anyone does, it would warrant us time in the dungeon."

Lucy nodded her head, "You can go now. Thank you," she dismissed the servant, and the person bowed his head again before making his way to the servant quarters. 

With some of the torches blown out as the oil in them had finished for the night, Lucy could only tell that most of the servants had gone back to their quarters to sleep. The outer part of the castle had guards standing and guarding the castle. Wandering in the quiet castle and accompanied by her growling stomach, she tried to distract herself and wondered how she could get something to eat. 

The dining room had fruits!

When Lucy arrived at the dining room, she looked at the table and was greeted by an empty bowl. Her grandmother was sure not happy, thought Lucy to herself. 

Lucy idly walked through the corridors, and she heard something. She wondered what it was and followed the sound. Her eyes turned wide when she caught sight of four people in the dark place. 

Lucy was greeted with Calhoun and Theodore, who were sucking blood from the two maids. Calhoun was quicker in drinking blood from the maid, and the maid lost her balance as if she fell unconscious on the ground.

"W-what are you doing?" Lucy demanded, looking at the maid. Seeing the vampiress, Theodore pull away from his meal.

"Having dinner," came Calhoun's nonchalant response, but Lucy didn't find it right, and she shook her head to snap out of her daze. 

"You cannot go killing a person for your meal! They are living people!" Lucy had grown up around them, and even though they weren't her maids, they belonged to her...oh no, thought Lucy to herself. "Grandmother is going to rage tomorrow morning," she said, "Didn't they serve you enough at the dining table that you decided to take the maids' lives?"

"You speak as if you survive on plants," muttered Calhoun, barely bothered by seeing the panic in the vampiress' eyes. "You think the blood you drink comes from the plants or rabbits?"


Both Calhoun and Lucy stared at each other without blinking their eyes. Calhoun didn't know if the princess was too sheltered or was purposely acting dumb right now.

Lucy's gaze was interrupted by Theodore, "We were denied from having meals, Lady Lucy, and we were starving."

Frowning, she asked, "Why? Did you both not go to the dining room to have dinner?"

"We did," responded Calhoun before picking up the maid's body on his shoulder and licked the blood off his fingers. 

Theodore, who still held the maid, went to explain, "We were in the dining room, but your grandmother didn't want us joining the table because she didn't like something that Calhoun said."

"Grandmother is intolerant about a lot of things. It is why you won't often find me where she is," the young vampiress grinned. Most of the things Lucy liked to do were things that her grandmother and the other royal family members disapproved of. "By the way, what did you say?"

Calhoun didn't reply to her, and he instead walked past her without a word. 

Watching her half-brother leave, Lucy commented, "He seems very aloof." 

Hearing this, Theodore smiled, "Calhoun disapproved of your grandmother's words about you being denied any food. There was just a little discussion that didn't go down well."

Lucy's brows raised high, and she quickly turned around, but Calhoun had disappeared. Had he stood up for her sake? Asked the young vampiress in her mind.

Until now, no one had ever done it for her.