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Sharing meal- Part 3

"I would have never been able to guess," whispered Lucy to herself, and she looked at Theodore before questioning him, "Did you kill her too?" 

Since Lucy had stepped into the quiet side of the castle, Theodore had stopped sucking the blood from the maid. Before he could say anything, Theodore heard a loud growl coming from Lucy's stomach, "I believe you are more hungry than I am, milady. Would you like to take a sip or more?" he offered her. 

The smell of blood was heavy in this place, and it invaded her senses. She quickly shook her head, "I-I cannot. I have never killed someone for blood," she confessed to Theodore. 

"You don't have to kill her because I already did that," said Theodore. Lucy was a vampiress with the purest soul and heart, almost like she was an angel's child, while Theodore was a demon. His words and the smell of blood that wafted near her nose tried to sway her, but she tried to hold her ground. 

"It is wrong," said Lucy, taking a step back and seeing the lifeless looking maids. "Grandmother is not going to take it well once she finds out what you did to her two maids. Please hide them."

Theodore found it funny that Lucy was against killing, yet she told him to hide the body so that he wouldn't get caught along with Calhoun. 

"How is your foot?" Theodore's question surprised her, and Lucy quickly tried to hide her feet behind her skirt. "I saw you get stung by the bee," he added. 

And here, she thought no one had noticed it. She brought her bare foot ahead to show it to him and said, "It feels like I wrapped it up with a cloth. It will get better by tomorrow." 

She stood there in front of Theodore, awkwardly in silence. One part of her was hungry, and she could feel her gums ache because her fangs wanted to sink into the maid's neck and drink blood from her. While the other part of her held onto her morals that her parents didn't teach but was taught by Ruby. 

"It isn't bad, you know…" said Theodore, bringing the young vampiress' attention back to him, "The maid is dead, and you might as well share it with me else I will finish the blood myself. If it makes you feel better, why don't you remember the time when the maid did something against you? I am sure there will be something," whispered the demon. 

Pursing her lips with her stomach rumbling and her throat feeling dry, she slowly took a step to where Theodore stood. Theodore angled the maid for Lucy, and the sight of the blood was enough to entice her. Moving closer, she bent down with her mouth open, and she finally sunk her fangs into the maid's neck. 

Lucy didn't know she was this hungry, but it burst into flavours when the blood touched her tongue, making her suck the blood faster. Being the princess, she never needed to sink her fangs into someone, and this was her first time. It was tastier than what she was offered in the glass.

Theodore watched the girl who had earlier been apprehensive now continuously drink the blood. Lucy retracted her fangs away from the maid and took a step back, wiping her mouth quickly with the back of her sleeve. 

"Thank you," Lucy thanked Theodore, and he gave her a nod.

"You are most welcome, milady. Why don't you go back to your room, and like you said, I will hide this one somewhere safe so she can rest in peace," he patted the maid's arm. 

Lucy nodded her head, and she saw Theodore start to walk away from there. Before he could disappear, she called him, "Wait!" 

Theodore wondered why Lucy had stopped him, and she came to where he was, whispering to him, "There's a forest that comes behind the castle, and you will find a big tree with hanging branches. Not many go there."

For someone innocent, she sure knew places where to dig the bodies, thought Theodore to himself.

"I will keep that in mind," Theodore bowed his head and left. 

Lucy's stomach had stopped rumbling, and she decided to meet the governess who had come to the castle. Familiar with the castle and its corridors, Lucy made her way to the guest rooms. She was about to knock on the door, but she noticed the door was left slightly ajar. She heard a pair of voices speaking to each other in a hushed tone, and Lucy recognized one of them to be her mother's voice. What was she doing here at this hour of the night? 

"Are you sure about it, milady?" asked a woman, whom Lucy believed it to be of the governess. 

"Yes," replied her mother, "My daughter is naive, and I would prefer you to spend your time educating her than wasting away her time on useless things. Her maids will be changed so that they wouldn't hinder her learning, and you will solely be responsible for her proper etiquette. Don't bother me with silly things; if you feel the need to punish her, you can do it."

"Yes, milady. I will keep that in mind," replied the governess. "I will make sure to get her ready for marriage in less than two months."

"I look forward to it. She isn't a boy, which is why she cannot get the throne, but at least she can be useful in the better of Devon," stated her mother, and Lucy felt her heart drop. 

She could feel the distant emotions in her mother's voice when it came to her feelings towards her very own daughter. 

When she heard the footsteps approach towards the door, Lucy quickly stepped away from the door to hide behind a large pillar until her mother had left the corridor and the governess had closed the door of her room.

Lucy had often tried to ignore it and looked at the brighter side in everything, but there were times when it was too much for her to handle. 
Pepper please- Part 1

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When the next day arrived, Queen Morganna woke up like any other day with the maids and her servants waiting on her at her every beck and call. She was bathed by the help of the maids, and dressed in the finest silks and wore jewels that were brought from the other lands. But when she stepped out of the room, she hadn't expected to have her two maids disappeared and not standing in front of her. 

"Where is Edith and Sybil? I haven't seen them since the time of morning," questioned Morganna, her red eyes sweeping through the servants who were around. 

"They must be busy with some other work, my Queen," replied another maid, bowing her head, but Morganna was not pleased, and she found it to be rather odd. 

"I am the only one who gives orders to them. And everyone in the castle knows that they are my personnel maids. Nicola! Go find them and bring them here to me immediately," ordered the Queen and the maid who had answered earlier, bowed her head in compliance. 

"Right away, milady," and the maid quickly walked away. 

"What are the recent news for today, Maurice?" demanded Morganna, making her way out of her room and through the corridors. "How have things been in the castle?"

"Just as you wanted, my Queen. I made sure to keep the kitchen keys with me after locking the kitchen doors, and I cleared every room that had fruits or any other eatables in there. Even the sheds and barns have been locked until the wake of dawn," informed the man named Maurice, who was the Queen's main informer and eyes in the castle. "The two young men who arrived yesterday with King Laurence haven't left their rooms since last night, and I can tell that they have been starved."

"Starved is not the right word, Maurice," Morganna dismissed the maids who had been following her as they were of no more use to her right now, and if she did need them, she could always summon them upon her one word. "What my son did yesterday, it is something unforgivable, but he is the King of Devon, and it is his words over mine. The boy needs to be kicked out of the castle at the earliest with the other boy with him."

"Forgive me, my Queen, but is it possible? King Laurence seems intent on keeping the boy as Calhoun is his son and be used to rule Devon," Maurice quickly bowed his head when Morganna's eyes shifted to look at him. 

Morganna took no offence at her loyal servant's words, and she huffed.

"My son is having another illusion. He doesn't understand what I am doing here is for his gain and not just for my sake. Keeping Devon within the family is important. We cannot hand it to a boy who has no clue about how things work in here but who isn't even someone I want to consider as my grandson. He has quite some nerve to show his face here in the castle, seems like what happened to his mother was not enough, and he needs to be reminded again."

She had faced many people in her lives, and a young man like Calhoun was nothing but a speck of dust. All she had to do was blow the dust, and it would disappear. But Morganna didn't know that Calhoun was the dust that could trouble an eye until it spilt tears from it. 

When Morganna entered the dining room, the royal family members were already present, and so were the two young men. Even her granddaughter seemed to have made her presence in the dining room after skipping last night. 

"Looks like you finally found your way towards the dining room without getting lost and going back to your room," commented Morganna, staring at Lucy, who bowed her head in greeting. 

Lucy knew if she was going to avoid having food with her family, her grandmother would find something worse, and who knew if Calhoun would stand up for her or not. But if they did, the maids would turn to nothing less to chicken, and the maid's headcount would decrease in the castle. She was only being thoughtful about it, thought Lucy to herself, and she grinned. 

"Oh no," Lucy shook her head, and she smiled, "I didn't want to trouble the maids. It would be troublesome in the end, and I thought it was best for the maids and the servants, and also you." 

"For someone who didn't have her supper last night and didn't eat until now, you seemed to be very energetic," stated Morganna, taking her seat at the table.

In response, Lucy asked, "Can you tell?" her head tilted to the side. 

Since she had woken up in the morning, Lucy felt energetic, and her vision had turned much more clearer than before, and so did her hearing. She was sure it was because of the blood she had drank from the maid. Even though it was something she was not supposed to feel, she could feel her throat turn dry and her mouth water at the same time, thinking about the potent taste of fresh blood on her tongue. 

Lucy felt someone nudge her leg, and she turned to see her mother, who glared at her to behave herself right this instance. 

"It looks like sweet Lucy snuck out and ate something, did you not, dear?" asked Lady Rosamund, a polite and friendly smile on her lips. 

"How is that possible, Aunt Rosamund, when grandmother clearly ordered everyone not to let me eat and starve," came the quick words from Lucy, and everyone heard a clatter come from Morganna's plate as her knife had hit her plate. 

"Lucy Hawthrone, what do you mean by this?" demanded Morganna, her eyes narrowed and waiting for her granddaughter to speak. 

Theodore, who stood near the wall, wondered if the young vampiress had the same blood that he had. Because he was normal but the vampiress, she looked like someone high on sweets or alcohol. Her thoughts were straightforward, and clearly, the Queen didn't appreciate it. 
Pepper please- Part 2

"What a rude girl to be saying that our Queen wanted to starve you," Rosamund added oil to the fire. 

Lucy offered her an innocent look, "Well, grandmother punished me by ordering the maids not to give me any food. And I was left starving...Was that not what happened?" she asked. 

Lady Samara's eyes were about to fall out from her sockets over her daughter's words, and she whispered, "What is wrong with you, Lucy?! Apologise right now!" 

"It seems like the lack of food in your body has only turned you rude and misbehaving. If you are so eager to run your mouth and defy me, then I would like to tell you this," said Morganna, "From today onwards, you shall not step out of the castle. You will not be allowed to attend any soirees, nor will you be allowed to go out for your 'air', you shall no-"

Calhoun, who sat at the table, didn't bother to participate in the discussion, and he suddenly stretched his hand towards Lucy. The young vampiress' attention broke away from her grandmother, and Queen Morganna's mouth was left hung open by seeing she was interrupted.

King Laurence wasn't present yet in the dining room yet as he was busy in the royal courtroom.

"What?" questioned Lady Samara, startled. 

"Pepper," came the nonchalant words from Calhoun, "I wanted pepper. The roasted chicken tastes well with pepper."

Everyone at the table was left dumbfounded looking at Calhoun, who waited for someone to pass the pepper vial. Lucy leaned forward, reaching for the small pepper vial, and she handed it to Calhoun, who sat across the table from where she sat. 

With the room filled with vampires, everyone could hear the pepper shaking in the little glass vial as Calhoun sprinkled it over his roasted chicken in his plate. 

"What do you think you are doing, boy?" demanded Rosamund as she could see her mother turning more angry with every passing second. 

Calhoun raised his head, his lazy red eyes looking up at the woman who had spoken to him, "Excuse me?" he asked as if he hadn't heard the first time she had spoken. 

"It's pepper, not an ingredient to be poured all over your plate by making so much of sound," Rosamund remarked, her eyebrows furrowing by hearing the continuous sound in the dining room. 

With King Laurence's absence from the dining room, the other royal members didn't hold back themselves from subtly showing Calhoun his place. Letting him know how he didn't belong here but outside the castle. 

Queen Morganna softly harrumphed without looking at Calhoun. She commented, "Do not blame him, Rosa. The low, ordinary people from the villages, especially from the streets, how would they know table manners. He's not to be blamed but his upbringing by that woman." Morgana wanted to provoke Calhoun so that he would fall for her trap. She would show her son Laurence what a grave mistake he had made. "Let's not blame him. We can only expect this as he was brought up by a whore who spread her legs to every single man in the village."

Calhoun's blood ran cold, and his hold on the vial of glass tightened. He knew this was going to happen once he would start to live in the castle, but reality hurt more than the imagination. His mother's image had been tarnished, and with the way it looked, the people here didn't care about his mother, including his power-hungry father. 

Rosamund and Lady Samara chuckled at Queen Morganna's words, but Lucy didn't find it funny. The young vampiress had no clue about what was just spoken, and her eyes slowly drifted to look at Calhoun, who stared at the surface of the table. 

Theodore, who stood near the wall, his eyes subtly narrowed at the low blow caused by the Queen's words, and he could only hope Calhoun would not attack the Queen right now. Calhoun's shoulders had turned tense, and he hadn't responded a word. 

Morganna smugly smiled at the boy who had blindly thought he could survive in the castle. Within a week, she would throw him out of here so that in the future, he would never show his face at the castle ever again. 

"We should forgive people who come from the streets because they know nothing, but it does make me question why they even bother entering a place where they don't belong to. Pity that people don't understand," Morganna clicked her tongue before picking the cutlery from either side of her plate.

Lady Samara wasn't happy with her husband's decision, but knowing how her in-laws felt about it, it put the woman back in a good mood. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, she decided to take part in the conversation, 

"How much do you think they earn, my Queen? Is it worth the coins?" asked Lady Samara. 

Something flipped in Calhoun's mind, and he sat back against the chair before turning the cap of the vial that covered the pepper bottle with small holes in it. The cap would have been easily opened, but Calhoun took his sweet time turning the cap so that it made an annoying sound in the room. 

The people in the room flinched at the sound that Calhoun was deliberately making, and when he did open the top, he tried to dip his finger inside the pepper bottle.

"What do you think you are doing?!" asked Lady Samara in horror. A low life's hand was being dipped into the bottle, and now they would have to ask the maid to clean and refill the vial glass again. 

Calhoun raised his eyebrows, "I? You didn't want me making noise, so I decided I would sprinkle the pepper with my fingers," he then offered her a sweet and polite smile that spread across his lips. 

"How dare you! Are you trying to instigate something?!" demanded Lady Samara. 

"Calm down, Samara," Queen Morganna pacified her daughter-in-law while looking at Calhoun.
Pepper please- Part 3

Morganna then said, "Do you think your actions shall not be informed to the King of how you are trying to hurt our ears by being rude and acting like a misbehaved child?"

The smile on Calhoun's lips didn't die down, and a small chuckle escaped his lips, "You seem upset...grandmother," and Morganna's eyes flared. 

"I.Am.Not.Your.Grandmother," the Queen accentuated every word. "A person who belongs to the whore."

"My my, I should tell the King how you are calling him to be a whore," not that it was wrong because King Laurence had many affairs with women in the past. 


The silverware on the table cluttered as Morganna stood up from her chair, and she glared at Calhoun. If her eyes could burn things, Calhoun would have turned to ash. "Don't try to cross your line here. You forget I am still the mother Queen, and one word is enough to let you know where you belong," and her eyes moved to look at the floor. 

Without replying to what Morganna said, Calhoun, who was done sprinkling enough pepper on his chicken, he placed the pepper bottle's cap back on it. The noise of the cap being turned filled the room once again, and the older vampiresses in the room looked more than annoyed by this action. 

Nobody had ever upset Morganna the way this boy's presence did in the dining room. 

Calhoun's head tilted to the side, and he noticed the excess amount of pepper that was on his plate. Leaning forward, with one blow of his mouth, most of the pepper scattered on the table, turning it messy. 

Before anyone could tell anything, King Laurence walked past the entrance of the dining room, and he noticed his mother standing at the table at her seat. 

"Everything alright, mother?" questioned Laurence, his eyes moving to look at the other people in the room who had stood up. Calhoun was the first one to bow his head, and he said, 

"Grandmother was making toast for my arrival at the castle, and saying how happy she is to have a grandson like me," his face had turned back to a calm one as if he weren't smiling a while ago. 

"Seems like we should but before that," stated King Laurence looking at his mother, "Calhoun has a lot to learn, and we can then toast and celebrate. Let's keep it until then, yes, mother? Seems like you are more excited to have him here than I," he laughed before taking the seat at the head of the table. 

When Morganna sat down gingerly without causing any scenes, her gaze shifted to look at Calhoun who looked back at her. He brought the meat towards his mouth and took a bite from it before a subtle smile appeared on his lips. 

The rest of the time of breakfast, everything went normal as if no words were exchanged between Calhoun, Queen Morganna and the others. Even though everyone looked normal, Lucy was taken aback by the words exchanged by her family members that were harsh to anyone's ears. She was baffled on how her grandmother for the very first time had turned angry, and she was surprised how everyone had left the room with a pleasant smile on their lips. 

Lucy went to her study room where her governess was waiting for her. The woman wore glasses on her face, and her hair was tied up into a bun without letting a single piece of her hair down. She appeared to be somewhere in her late twenties. 

"Good morning, Lady Lucy. It is a pleasure to finally make acquaintance with you, I have been eager to meet you. I am Deborah Lewis, but you can call me Ms. Lewis," the woman introduced herself,  stepping forward, she leaned and air kissed Lucy on both her cheeks. 

"Why don't we take a seat and start with your studies right away," the woman placed her hand on Lucy's back. "There's no time to waste. It is time to fix your ways and turn you to a fine and refined lady."

"I know the way to the study table," said Lucy, pushing the woman's hand away from her back and she offered her governess a polite smile. She walked towards the table and sat down. 

She would have acted normal if she hadn't heard her mother and the governess speak to each other last night. In the end, she was only a pawn to be used, and there was no more value in their eyes for her, Lucy thought to herself sadly. 

The governess rolled her eyes over the princess' attitude, and she followed Lucy before pulling out a book and placing it on the table. "Have you gone through the poetry, Lady Lucy?"

"It is unnecessary to study poetry," claimed Lucy, "I am not going to write a poem for someone when words can be easily conveyed."

"That is where you are wrong, Lady Lucy" replied Ms. Lewis. "Poetry is not about big or flowery words, but it is expressing emotions. To play with words by using metaphors and personification. Reading in between lines, that only certain people can while some are lost. Years ago, people wrote poems to pass messages, because the information couldn't be passed through a lay man's words, with the fear of losing their life or head," explained Lucy's governess. 

"And, poetry is very important when it comes to expressing your emotions to the other person." 

"I thought it was men's job to write poems and please us women," Lucy frowned. "And if a suitor wants my hand in marriage, I believe he will be satisfied without any poems written by me as my father is the King, the suitor would be showered with money handsomely."

The governess eyes widened, "Milady, that is wrong usage of words. The proper words are, whoever marries you, will receive betrothal gifts."

"That is what I meant," Lucy muttered under her breath before pulling the book and flipping the pages. 
The Crow- Part 1

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Lucy scribbled something in her parchments while the governess sat in front of her at the table, scrutinizing the young vampiress' writing. Two hours had passed since they had taken their seats at the table, and the governess had made her write and understand the meanings of the poems, which Lucy still didn't understand why she had to learn them. Especially ones that belonged to people whom she hadn't met or known. 

When Lucy finished writing, she pushed the parchment towards the governess, and Ms. Lewis picked it up to examine it through her glasses. 

"Wonderful," praised the governess. "Your inferences on the poem and ability to read between the lines seem perfect, though we will need to work on those metaphors."

Lucy beamed with a smile, "I guess we can work on that slowly as there's plenty of time for it."

The woman nodded her head, "Yes, you are right. I don't think your suitors would go in-depth by asking you about poetry unless the in-laws decide to question you on literature."

"Is it true?" questioned Lucy. 

Ms. Lewis, who was going through Lucy's beautiful handwriting, looked up from the parchments, meeting the vampiresses eyes, "What is?"

"That I will be married within the next two months?" there was a spark of fire in Lucy's eyes, and the governess mistook it to be Lucy's excitement over the matter. 

"Isn't that splendid? I believe it is something that you have been looking forward to, to find a suitable man and marry him," said the governess, "Now that I know how eager you are, it only makes it that much easier for your parents to find the suitor. I know some girls who were being educated and didn't want to marry at the correct time."

"What happened to them?" asked Lucy, sensing there was more story to the governess' words. 

The governess leaned over and whispered to Lucy, "They were forced into the marriage, of course. It is what the girl should rightfully do, to marry a man and have children."

Lucy nodded her head, "I suppose that is what men should do too, right? Considering how a woman needs a man to marry, it should hold the same the other way round."

The governess wanted to deny what the princess said, but she decided to keep her thoughts to herself and said, "You can take some break, and we can continue to study with your music lessons."

"You seem well versed with everything, Ms. Lewis. Why aren't you married?" It was an innocent question by Lucy, but the governess didn't take too kindly to it. 

"Some of us choose this path to enlighten children who need to be taught the right and wrongs, Lady Lucy."

"Are you from the church? I heard that the priests and the nuns there are very kind. They never refuse to help and offer nothing but kindness," Lucy bombarded the woman with the next question. 

"I have no relationship with the church, Lady Lucy, and I prefer it that way. Now, if you don't want a break, we can continue with the next lesson," suggested Ms. Lewis with a stern look in her eyes, and she looked somewhat displeased by the mention of the church. 

A few minutes later, Lucy was found walking in the corridors, which weren't far from her study room. She had spent only two hours studying, and she was already tired. 

Her mouth parted open, and a yawn escaped through her lips, and she brought her hand up, but it was late in covering her mouth. 

"What a loud yawn," came a voice from somewhere, and Lucy looked back and forth but found no one around. Did studying poetry put her in a hallucination state now? She asked herself. 

"W-who is it?" demanded Lucy, her eyebrows deeply furrowed.

Lucy then heard a thump on the ground behind her, and she turned around to see it was Theodore. Did he come from above? She looked up at the tall walls and the roofs. 

"You startled me!" 

"My apologies for startling you, Lady Lucy," he deeply bowed his head. 

"You must have been a cat in your previous life, Theodore," commented Lucy, and the man tilted his head to the side. 

He questioned, "If I may know, why do you think that?"

"You keep jumping here and there, I mean on the ground," stated Lucy while wondering what he was even doing up on the roofs.

Theodore's ever so polite expression stared at Lucy, and the vampiress wondered if she should leave. At least since she had last seen him in the alley, there was something very strange about him. The ever so calm smile on lips that pulled up was something that daunted her, yet it was also something that intrigued her curiosity in him. 

Being the Devon's princess, Lucy was used to people flocking around her and opening their mouths to please her, but this person and her new half-brother stood apart from the rest of the crowd. 

"How is your leg now?" inquired the man, and Lucy looked down at her feet, that was now wearing shoes and hidden behind the dress. 

"Much better than last night. Thank you for asking," Lucy responded.

"You don't have to thank me, milady. It is only right that we take care of our beloved princess with a lot of care and make sure no harm befalls her." The smooth and sweet talk, along with the smile that quirked up Theodore's lips, was enough to have Lucy's heart skip a beat, and she softly gulped before lowering her eyes. The smile subtly increased on his lips, and he asked, "I see that your class with the governess has commenced."

"Yes, it has," replied Lucy, she wondered how long she had strayed away from the study room, and right now, she didn't have the heart to go back. 

All these days, Lucy had spent her time outside the rooms, not sitting in one place and walking in and out of the castle. This sudden change of having to sit in a closed room and with only the governess was too fast of a change for Lucy. 

"You must be delighted to have someone to teach you," Theodore humoured her with a question.
The Crow- Part 2

When Theodore had started to explore and walk in the quiet side of the castle, the last thing he had expected was to see the young vampiress wandering around the corridors. She walked as if there was a heavy log of wood tied around her legs, dragging her feet slowly out of unwillingness. 

He saw a look of dismay pass through her facial expression, but her response was quite the opposite, "Yes! I am overwhelmed to have my governess teach me things that are....valuable as she tells," and she put up a smile on her lips. 

"What a good time to learn things. You must make the best use of it, Lady Lucy. You never know when what might come to your use." 

"Hm," Lucy responded, "Did you have a governess too?"

A small chuckle escaped Theodore's lips, and it had Lucy look at him with a quizzical look on her face. "Not everyone is lucky and bestowed with highly qualified people who are willing to teach, milady, especially a governor or a governess. Though I would like to say, there is a woman who taught me things that I think have been useful."

"Even to fight?" whispered Lucy, and when their eyes met, she quickly looked away from him, "You can forget I asked you that question."

"Why? There's nothing wrong with the question you ask, Lady Lucy," Theodore offered her a kind smile, "It is good to ask questions."

"Mother says otherwise," muttered Lucy, and it wasn't just her mother, but also her grandmother who didn't like her questioning things. In the past, it had often landed her in trouble, and this was why she had to bite her tongue to stop herself from questioning. 

"It seems like you find it hard to fit in here, Lady Lucy. The rules, I mean."

Theodore pushed his glasses upwards that had subtly slid down his nose, while his gaze was on the young vampiress, who looked nothing less to a sheep that was lost. He wondered if it was possible to use her to their advantage. But then she was naive, someone who didn't know or failed to understand that she lived amid the wolves at the castle. There was no point there. 

"The fight no. I didn't learn it from the woman; it was something I picked up on the streets. The streets teaches you everything and very quickly. A very quick gain of knowledge."

"Is that so," asked Lucy, and she bit the inside of her lips before letting it go, "Maybe you should teach me."

This time it was Theodore who looked surprised and taken aback by the princess' request. 

"I don't think I am following you, milady," responded Theodore, the smile still intact on his lips. 

"I mean the knowledge," Lucy beamed to the side, an innocent smile on her face. 

Theodore nodded his head, "Maybe when I am free. Though I believe a lot of things, you will find it to be useless."

At the same time, they heard a distant voice of the governess calling for Lucy as her break time was over, and it was time to return to her study room. 

"You should go back now before you are reported to be missing," advised Theodore, and Lucy nodded her head. 

"It was nice meeting you here, Theodore," replied Lucy, and the man bowed his head. 

"Likewise, milady."

When Lucy left the spot, walking away from the corridor and disappearing behind one of the walls, the smile on Theodore's lips fell. It seemed like the princess was liberal with her words as she didn't bother herself to call him 'Mr. Chauncey' and instead preferred to call him Theodore. Was it perhaps because he wasn't up to her status, which was why she took her liberty or was it just in her nature? Wondered Theodore in his mind. 

The remaining day, Lucy spent her time with her governess while yawning as she was tired. 

"It's been only four hours, milady, and this is only the beginning. We still need to get your music sheet ready," said the governess in a stern voice. "This is no time to be sleeping as we need to work on your skills."

"I don't understand," complained Lucy, "I have to study history and politics, yet I am not allowed to take part in the discussions going on in the royal court room. Why? Grandmother takes part in it."

"Queen Morganna, Lady Lucy," corrected Ms. Lewis while gathering all the books from the table and getting up so that they could be placed back in their assigned places. "It is Queen Morganna."

"She's still my grandmother, and she isn't here," Lucy brushed her governess' words, "So tell me, why am I not allowed, yet am compelled to read these old and dusty parchments?"

Ms. Lewis turned around to see Lucy staring at her, and she answered, "That is because Queen Morganna is the Queen, and she is still part of the royal court, ruling it along with your father. Your mother decided it was best that you concentrate on your skills and develop talents-"

"Talents that will appease my husband. I know," there was a tinge of bitterness in Lucy's mouth. "What if I am not ready?" Lucy stood up from her seat, walking towards one of the shelves, "What if I am not ready to take a husband?"

"That is completely out of the question, milady. With me here, you will be ready within a month. Your mother expects good results, and I intend to give her the best. Now let's start your music lessons for the piano ready-"

"I don't like the piano," Lucy complained, crossing her arms against her chest. 

"No problem, we can go with the violin. It might be-"

"I don't like that either."

Ms. Lewis placed all the books in their intended place, and she could see that the princess was right now trying to push her buttons. But, Ms. Lewis had taught many brazen and irresponsible children, and she had turned them into fine young ladies. The princess was not going to be an exception from it. 

"And which instrument do you like?" asked Ms. Lewis, keeping her patience.
The Crow- Part 3

Lucy smiled at her governess and said, "I like to sing." And when Ms. Lewis' eyes narrowed. The young vampiress said, "I don't think I can learn something that makes too much noise and is hurtful to my ears."

The governess' lips twitched, and she slowly nodded her head, "Alright then. Let me get the metronome, and let me hear your beautiful voice." 


When the young vampiress had mentioned that she liked to sing, the governess was sure that the princess had the sweetest voice that would enchant everyone who heard her sing. Even Lucy looked eager to sing, and Ms. Lewis came to believe that this part of the princess' curriculum would be the easiest to handle and manage. It would even save both of them time. 

The governess brought the metronome instrument and placed it on the table. The stick started to sway back and forth, similar to a pendulum while making a soft ticking sound. 

"What will you be singing today, Lady Lucy?" asked Ms. Lewis. 

"I was thinking about 'Blood and gore on the walls of the-"

"Maybe we should try something easier and lighter, yes? How about you sing Daisys in the garden. I believe you know this song?" Lucy quickly nodded her head at her governesses question. "Okay, then. Sing when you are ready." 

Lucy held both her hands together in the front as she could now hear silence in the room. Finally, there was peace, and she could hear the birds chirping somewhere far away. 

"Go on," Ms. Lewis encouraged her with a poised look on her face. 

Lucy cleared her throat, coughing, and she then opened her mouth to sing,


Ms. Lewis's eyes turned wide, and she felt her heart was ready to jump out of her chest because of the sudden high pitch in the princess' voice. She winced and felt the glasses in the room vibrate on Lucy's voice. 

The other people who were nearby the study room flinched hearing someone sing loudly with their shrill voice. 

Calhoun, who was walking in the corridor frowned, and looked in the direction from where the sound was coming from, "Who is singing in a sweet tone?" he muttered sarcastically to himself before heading in the other direction. 

Queen Morganna had only just sat to have her evening blood tea when she heard her granddaughter who was screaming her lungs out in the name of singing, and she looked at her maids, "What is going on? Go tell the governess to stop it this instance," she rubbed her forehead as if a sudden ache had started in her head. 

Theodore hadn't moved away from the area he had earlier been in, and he was sitting on the roof on one side of the castle when he heard the voice of the vampiress, and a chuckle escaped his lips. What a funny little girl she was, thought Theodore to himself. 

"STOP!" Ms. Lewis ordered by standing up and looking at Lucy. "What was that?!" 

Lucy gave an oblivious look, "The daisy's?"

"You said you like to sing," the governess had a look of bewilderment on her face. The reason why she had dropped the idea of the instruments was because the princess said she loved to sing. 

"I very much do," replied Lucy, but then she put on a sad face, "But for some reason, I am never allowed to sing."

The governess pursed her lips tightly, and she took a deep breath, feeling a certain echo in her ears even though Lucy had stopped singing now, "That's alright milady. We can work on your singing...perhaps later, and maybe stick to the instruments for now. Yes? Yes!"

"Let me complete the song for you, Ms. Lewis," and Lucy was about to start singing when the governess placed her hand on the vampiress' mouth. 

"How about we call it a day? You have worked hard, and you should go and have some rest now," suggested Ms. Lewis, and Lucy nodded her head. 

When the governess pulled her away, Lucy bowed her head, "Thank you, Ms. Lewis. I shall see you in the dining room."

"Hm," responded the woman and saw Lucy leave the room before releasing a sigh. 

Noticing a couple of maids arrived in the corridor on Lucy's way, Lucy dismissed them, telling them not to worry. 

"So you were the crow," stated Calhoun when they crossed paths, and Lucy grinned, bowing her head. 

"Good evening, brother Calhoun," and Calhoun's eyes narrowed at Lucy's words, but he didn't bother to argue or discuss it. "Did you like my song?"

"Excellent," came the dull praise from Calhoun before walking away from her. 

"Thank you..." Lucy murmured as Calhoun was long gone, leaving her in the corridor. 

Returning to her room, Lucy wanted to tell Ruby what happened today in the study room, and she ordered one of the maids who was waiting on her in the room, "Call Ruby here."

"Forgive me, milady," the maid bowed her head, "Lady Samara has given orders to Ruby to work for her from now on, and has filled the position with her maids instead."

Lucy's lips set itself in a thin line, and a small frown appeared on her forehead. "What about Amice?"

"She too, milady, along with a few others," answered the maid. It seemed like her mother was serious when she had told that she was going to replace her maids. 

"Do you know where Ruby is right now?" demanded Lucy.

"Yes, milady, she's currently working in the South Wing of the castle," replied the maid. 

Lucy quickly stepped out of the room and made her way towards the South Wing. When she reached the place, she didn't find Ruby there, making her wonder where the elder woman was positioned to work. 

Pushing the doors of her mother's resting room, Lucy asked, "Where is she?"

"And good evening to you, my daughter dearest," wished her mother who was seated on a couch, conversing with a guest while ignoring Lucy's question. 

"It seems like the governess is busy as she has let you out of her sight."

"I finished my studying for the day. Where is Ruby?" asked Lucy, slightly worried. 

"I have no idea about whom you are speaking about, dear."Her mother's words were sweet and polite. "You shouldn't worry yourself with people who don't concern you. Use your time on something more useful, like your studies."


I am doing much better than two days but still a little sick, hopefully will feel better in the next two days. Thank you for your patience.
Hush - Part 1

Lucy watched her mother turning back to speak to the guest who was seated in front of her. She clenched her hands together. She knew if she were to question it, her mother would get angry, and she didn't know what repercussions she would have to face. 

Her mother didn't bother to look at her, and Lucy bowed her head and stepped out of the room. She wondered where else Ruby might be.

When the time of supper arrived, the people who were sitting at the dining table were quieter than usual. In King Laurence's presence, everybody stood up, bowing their heads in greeting before taking their seats after the King seated himself. 

"What a pleasant evening!" exclaimed the King as he appeared to be in a good mood. "Don't you agree, mother?"

Queen Morganna wasn't particularly fond of her son for not addressing her as Queen Morganna, but considering how he was the King, and she was only the mother of the King, she decided not to react to it. "And you seem very pleased about something. Did something good happen that the news didn't reach me so that I could share my joy too?"

"The minister of the West land with whom we have been trying to get favour from is a dear friend of Calhoun, and he willingly gave out some information to us," informed King Laurence, "Isn't this wonderful? Now we all know how important it is to have Calhoun here with us."

Morganna was not interested in what the boy did and didn't, but it seemed like Calhoun had been successful in charming her son. 

"How strange that Calhoun has all the answers for the problems that we seek for," murmured Morganna under her breath while looking at Calhoun with her scrutinizing gaze. 

Calhoun returned her smile, "I am more than happy to help my father and you," he paused for a second and then added, "Grandmother."

Theodore, who stood against the wall, watched the Queen, who looked perfectly normal, but with him standing behind her, he caught sight of the woman clenching her hand in anger. 

Morganna knew if she were to allow this boy to stay in this castle for any longer, he would brainwash her son and her people. For a young man of his age, who hadn't even lived half of what she had lived, she noticed the smugness in his eyes that annoyed her. 

"Of course, I hope we can get plenty more help from him," Morganna answered with a tight smile on her face. 

While the maids started to serve dinner, Calhoun pulled out something from his pocket and placed it on the table. "I forgot about this," Calhoun apologized. Morganna's eyes fell on the pepper bottle, and her eyes narrowed. 

When the King used the vial bottle of salt, his hand reached out for the pepper bottle that Calhoun had placed. 

"Wait!" Morganna stopped Laurence from using the pepper vial. "Let's ask the servants to get a new bottle of pepper filled in."

"Do not worry, grandmother, I didn't add anything in it," Calhoun offered her a smile, "Or do you think I am lying?"

Morganna and Lady Samara stared at Calhoun as they knew earlier he had put his finger inside the bottle, and now he was offering the same to the King. 

"My King, why don't I spread the pepper on my plate for grandmother's assurance," suggested Calhoun, but Laurence dismissed it right away.

"That won't be necessary. It is just pepper," said Laurence. He took the bottle and shook it for the pepper to fall on his food. Morganna's lips set themselves in a thin line. Somewhere she was also angry at her own son for not listening to her words and bringing this trash into their castle. Her son deserved to be taught a lesson. 

"Lucy, dear, how was your time with the governess?" questioned Laurence.

Lady Samara turned to her daughter with a sharp gaze, "What did I tell you before about singing, dear?" her words were calm and collected, unlike her eyes that were displeased with her daughter's actions. 

Lucy didn't reply to her mother's words but only rotated the spoon in the bowl of soup that was placed in front of her. 

"Did something happen?" asked King Laurence, who had been sitting in the royal court where Lucy's voice went unheard as the study room was located in the opposite direction. 

"You should ask your daughter. Even after telling her multiple times not to sing, she goes ahead and sings," stated Lady Samara.

"But mama," started Lucy, "I will get better if I keep singing-"

"You sound worse than a creaking gate, Lucy. If any of your suitors by chance hears you singing, they will run away from the castle," said Lady Samara, a hint of horror in her voice as it reflected her worry if her daughter would forever stay with them. "Ms. Lewis."

"Yes, milady!" the governess, who was already sitting in a straight position, her back straightened further. "Lady Lucy said she wasn't keen on learning any instruments and would rather prefer to sing songs."

King Laurence started to laugh, finding amusement in the situation, "If Lucy decides to start singing, I doubt we would have to repair every window in the castle, Ms. Lewis." The smile on his face then died down, and in a stern voice, he said, "I thought my wife made it clear on what and how we want things to be with our dear daughter. We aren't paying two hundred gold coins for no reason, and it won't take a moment to replace you with a new governess."

Ms. Lewis quickly bowed her head, "I understand that, milord. I will be more strict and careful with the princess henceforth."

King Laurence then looked at his daughter, "Learn an instrument. It would be better and also easier to get approval from your future husband. I have already selected a list of names, and they are all men of the highest-ranking. You will do good, won't you, Lucy?"

Lucy nodded her head. She found it hard to refuse her mother or her father's words. She had been instilled with the thought of respecting their wishes while also listening to every word spoken by them without disobeying them. 
Hush- Part 2

"Lucy is an obedient child. If she isn't, my wife has already told me what works," King Laurence offered the governess a smile and waved his hand for everyone to start eating. 

With the King in the dining room, everyone behaved as if they got along well with each other, when in truth, everyone had issues with at least more than one person. Lucy, who was eating her supper, had barely touched her food, and she was idly swirling the soup with her spoon until she decided to ask,

"Father?" Lucy called the King to get his attention, "I was wondering if I could keep my maids with me, the old ones, as I am more accustomed to them than the new ones."

King Laurence didn't respond to her right away as he was chewing his food, but then he said, "Your mother informed me that you have been spending more time gossiping with them. She fears that you will turn out just like them."

Hearing this, Lucy frowned, and she didn't understand what was wrong if she were to turn like Ruby and Amice. "There's nothing wrong with them."

"I am well informed about it, Lucy," replied her father, "If they weren't, they wouldn't be working here in the castle anymore. "You are not a little girl anymore, and it is only right that you have maids who are much more well versed with what you might need."

She had heard this since she was little! Thought Lucy to herself. She had always been treated like a big girl, someone who had to understand things, even though her parents didn't bother to help her apply that knowledge. 

"Ruby has been assigned to work for mama. I am sure she is more than capable of continuing her work with-"

"My my," Morganna cut in, a displeased look in her eyes, "I told you, you should have changed the maids years ago, but both of you don't listen to me," said the woman looking at the King and his wife. 

Lucy dropped the spoon that clattered against the side of the bowl, and she asked, "If I am going to stay here for only a little time, shouldn't I spend my time to the fullest? I have grown up with-" she stopped her words right there because she saw her mother widen her eyes. 

Lady Samara knew exactly where Lucy's sentence was going, and she glared at her daughter, "Have you forgotten your position and theirs? Or has spending time with them filled your head with empty air? You are a princess, Lucy. You will listen to what has been decided and follow your governess' words."

Lucy frowned before looking back at her soup, and she didn't speak to anyone. That night, though Lucy saw Ruby in one of the corridors, walking, she didn't dare to follow her, and she was glad that Ruby was still here in the castle. The last thing she wanted was her grandmother or her father getting rid of Ruby or Amice. 

The same night, Morganna called one of her men to her personnel quarters to discuss something important. 

"My Queen," the man bowed his head deeply. "I heard you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Jesoph," replied the Queen. She raised her hand forward that carried a red velvet bag, and the man walked forward to take it from her. "I have an important task for you. It might be simple, considering how you have excelled with the tasks given so far."

When the man took the bag, he could hear the jingle sound that came from the coins inside, and he asked, "Tell me what I can do for you, milady. Consider it to be done."

Morganna walked towards her window, staring at the starless sky while holding her hands behind her back. 

"My son seems to have lost his thinking, but considering how I see things clearly, I need you to frame the two young men who Laurence recently brought to the castle," said Morganna. She was going to remove the venom before it would spread through her castle, and for that, Calhoun had to leave. 

"Not kill them?" questioned the man named Jesoph. 

"My son has his eyes wide open. I heard there's a new society forming in the name of justice, and it would be best not to have the suspicion fall on me. I don't want to tarnish my name, Jesoph. I am the mother Queen, who is kind and merciful, and I would prefer people to continue to view me like this. Also, the boy is acting too smug, and I would like to see him on the ground, bowing his head in defeat," her red eyes reflected from the windowpane. 

"If you say so, my Queen. I will have the trap prepared," he bowed his head, and Morganna nodded her head. 

Before the man could step out of the room, Morganna said, "Also, it seems like since yesterday my two maids have gone missing, and they are nowhere to be found."

"Did they escape from the castle?" questioned Jesoph, and Morganna chuckled. 

"That would be highly not possible. It is quite a coincidence that my two maids go missing around the same time the two new young vampires enter the castle," her eyes slowly shifted to look at the man before waving her hand to dismiss him. 

Back in Lucy's room, she sat on her bed, unable to sleep. Her mother had warned her not to waste her time, and use it on important things like grooming herself. But what her mother didn't understand was that she was lonely without the company of her favourite maids whom she had grown fond of. 

Unable to sit still in her room, Lucy stepped out of her room. 

With the servants who had gone to their quarters to sleep, Lucy found it easier to walk in the castle corridors. Her family members had retired to their rooms for the day, and it felt like she was the only one who lived here. With her bare feet, she tiptoed from one corridor to another. The breeze in the atmosphere felt good, and with no moonlight and just the dim light coming from the torches on the wall, Lucy raised her hands. 

And though Lucy believed she was alone and the only one to be awake, it wasn't entirely true. 
Hush- Part 3

Music Recommendation: Reflections by Eamonn Watt


Instead of making use of the rooms provided to Calhoun and Theodore, both of them didn't make use of it as neither of them believed the people's intentions to be good. Though their bed right now was made to look as if someone was sleeping in it. It was only a decoy, where the pillows were covered in a blanket. 

Calhoun had taken himself to use a tall tree, happily placing both his legs on the branch while leaning against the bark as he slept with his eyes closed. Much better than Morganna, who twisted and turned in her bed out of agitation. 

On the other hand, Theodore had decided to use the rooftop while placing both his hands behind his head for support. He had been used to sleeping on the rooftop, and he found it to be much more comfortable and peaceful than sleeping in the bed, where one didn't know when someone would push a dagger into his heart. He did that to avoid the husbands of the women with whom he slept with in the past. 

Taking in a deep breath, he had just closed his eyes when he heard the light sound of footsteps moving in one of the nearby corridors. The sound of the footsteps were nothing less to the paws of a cat. It was not the castle guards, nor was it a servant from what he had observed. The servants walked quicker than the others. 

Getting up from his position, Theodore looked down at the corridors, his eyes following the sound of the light footsteps until he caught sight of the ghost that stood behind the large and wide pillar. 

It was a ghost because he couldn't see who it was. The nightdress gently moved the ghost's dress, letting him see the off white fabric worn by the person who stood hidden behind the pillar. Pulling one leg up, Theodore placed his hand on his knee, and with his other hand, he supported his upper body, watching the person step away from the pillar. 

Lucy Hawthrone. 

Why wasn't he surprised, thought Theodore to himself. It seemed that the young vampiress enjoyed sneaking out of her room when everyone was asleep. 

Theodore saw Lucy raised her hands while her feet stretched, and she stood on her toes. Her hands moving up to hold above her head. Though he wasn't in a place where she could see her entire face, he could tell that she had closed her eyes as if enjoying the quiet night with a faint smile on her lips. 

Then he saw her do something that he didn't expect. 

Lucy let go of her hand from the top, stretching them wide on either side of her body, and she took one step forward after another while elegantly rotating herself across the floor. 

Right now, she didn't care about anything. Not her family or the people in the castle, nor even the world she lived in. Though she could walk normally, it had been a while since she had spun this freely, and it felt liberating to do so. 

Lucy felt her heart fasten because of her movements, air slipping in and out of her lips as she spun from one side of the corridor to another before she stepped into a new corridor. Her feet were quick, and so was her body, and she graciously lifted one leg and then another alternatively. 

Theodore had switched his position from sitting to stand on the roof, and he jumped down with little to no noise. Lucy wasn't just spinning as it seemed like she was dancing to something. And as she danced, there was a softness of whisper that the air carried as if it was coming from her. 

Lucy's voice as she sang was nothing like the one she had sung for the governess to listen to, and instead, it was melodious. Like a kitchen that created the sweetest delicacy, and one could taste it just by the smell of it. 

But while the young vampiress was spinning on her bare feet and Theodore followed her, keeping a distance between them, Morganna had woken up and had left her room. 

Lucy had closed her eyes and, without realizing it, her body moved in the direction of the pillar. When she opened her eyes, it turned wide and ready to stop. She lost her footing. She was about to hit her head against the pillar when a hand came in between and caught hold of her. 

A gasp escaped her lips at the shock that someone was here, and while she was being held from not falling on the ground, Lucy's eyes moved to look at the round frame of glasses that was on the person's face. 

"Theodore," whispered Lucy. 

Even though she was a vampiress, her heart continued to beat against her chest. Theodore's hand was around her waist, supporting her, and she stared into his eyes whilst he looked back at her. Under the moonless sky, Lucy noticed how his hair looked darker than the night itself, and he looked at her with an inexpressive face. 

When she parted her lips to ask him what he was doing here, Theodore pulled her behind the pillar and hid her along with him as he heard a pair of footsteps approaching from the other end of the corridor. 

It was Morganna who was walking. Her footsteps weren't as sharp as they were during the time of the day. 

Lucy didn't know what happened, but Theodore's hand covered her mouth, and the sudden closeness had her blood rushing up to her face. 

Using his other hand, Theodore raised his finger to his lips, indicating her to stay quiet, and Lucy slowly nodded her head. He wondered what Morganna was doing at this hour of the night. It didn't look like she was out of her room to take a casual stroll.

As Morganna walked past the pillar, her footsteps stopped, and she turned back to look at the pillar.