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I am only flirting


Those guys were right there and yet they chose not to do anything. Meanwhile he was so far away and yet still tried to reach out to her. It frustrated him whenever he thought of it. "You know how I feel about her." Yuhi muttered. This was the first time he was admitting it out loud to anybody else. But he knew these two would not mock him.

Atushi nodded. "Yeah, sorry." He apologized. "We have no excuse and we all feel bad that it had to come to this."

"You left to go abroad before it happened anyway, so nobody can blame you."

"But I was still there during the incident."

All of them have their regrets and scars from the incident.

Jae clapped his hands. "Alright you two, this is enough for now. You wont get anywhere dwelling like this."

Indeed, what use is there brooding? Tsueno Mamoru is dead and even if he wasnt, they cannot reverse the damage from this incident.

His thoughts broke off when he saw Sumire at the door. She wore a dazed expression and looked around the room confused. Yuhi walked over to her and she slumped her head in his arms. "Still sleepy?" Yuhi asked her.

"Very sleepy." Sumire replied. "I don't know why I'm so tired."

"Sleep more after you eat."

"Yuhi too.."

His gaze softened at her words and he caressed her hair. With the way things are now, there is a chance for Sumire to live the life of a normal girl. But, she will eventually have to return to the stage. "Atushi, get her something to eat."

"Yes, yes. Will some bacon and eggs do, princess?" Atushi asked Sumire.

Sumire nodded. "Ah-huh."

"We were talking about going to the lakeside at the weekend. Would you like to join us Sumire-chan?" Jae asked.

Yuhi frowned. "No." He refused. "Sumire might catch a cold."

"Hey King, you're too protective. Let her hang around other people."

"I will, but not a bunch of delinquent men."

Jae sweat fell. "You're so cruel to your own people."

Is he? He never noticed before. Atushi quickly fixes up a meal for Sumire and he watches her spacing out. Yuhi picked up the spoon and extended it toward her. "Eat."

Sumire blinked and burst into laughter. "Okay. I thought you would try to feed me again."

"Unless you're sick, there is no need."

Why does this girl show the most unexpected expressions at random times? That gentle smile caught him off guard. It feels like ever since he met her, he has become a mushy guy.

"Speaking of which, I never asked before but how did you and Atushi-san meet?" Jae asked.

Huh? What kind of question is that? Yuhi was about to refuse to answer when he saw Sumire's curious expression. "It's a long story," Yuhi mumbled. "Let's talk about it another time."

Yuhi wanted to avoid talking about his first meeting with Atushi because it involved something strange.

"So why did King get in trouble? You two came back early." Jae asked.

Sumire spoke up. "Yuhi was jealous."

Yuhi quickly covered her mouth but Sumire bit his arm causing him to let go. Damn, why did she do that?

Jae bursts into laughter. "Jealous of the ex? Don't worry King, the Princess here seems to like you."

"Were only friends." Sumire interjected.

At that comment the atmosphere turned slightly tense, and his eyes twitched in annoyance. He understood that better than anybody, but did Sumire have to put it so bluntly? Besides, what happened to those words she said the other day?

"Didn't you say you would try to fall in love with me?" Yuhi snapped.

"Key word is try, I didn't say I would."

Damn this girl, what is she trying to pull?

Sumire tilted her head to the side innocently. "But I do like you more than the others Yuhi."

Yuhi could not say anything to those words, she rendered him completely speechless. Not only does she say the words, like and love far too easily.. Did she have to say it like that? He hated how calm Sumire was. He grabbed her hand and dragged her away from the counter.

"King, be gentle."

"Yuhi, don't be too harsh. But have fun."

His eyes twitched in annoyance when he heard those words. What fun? How could he have fun with her when he plans to lecture her? Yuhi quickly dragged her out of the room and he did not stop walking till they were upstairs. He somehow managed to drag the girl into his room and backed her against the wall. "Did you know that messing with me is a bad idea?"

Sumire nodded. "I know."

Hah, if she knew, she would not have done that. Or maybe she is that confident? Sumire is not like the other girls he went out with. She is not naive or innocent and has a bad personality. She loves to play mind games with other people.

Mind games huh? He should play some with her too. Yuhi bent down and brushed his lips against her ear, one hand on her thighs.

"I guess, you want to continue messing with me Sumire."

"I am not doing it intentionally this time."

He raised his eyebrow amused at her words. So the previous times were deliberate? Then again, Sumire has a bad personality.

"You're not huh?" Yuhi was not convinced. He knew she wasn't either, since she kept avoiding his gaze. Honestly this girl is very troublesome. 

"I'm not so Yuhi, quit being unpleasant."

"I am only flirting with you."

Sumire looked at him puzzled. "This is flirting?"

He laughed and brushed his lips against her ear. Yuhi was tempted to do something more. It would be easy for him to do something. Too bad he is too much of a gentleman to do anything to her. Still, Yuhi got a proper look at Sumire. A lovely red covered her cheeks, she kept looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze.

'So cute, I want to eat her up..'

Sumire is normally so calm, collected and confident. But now, she is like this. He cupped her cheeks. "Hey, look at me."

"Not now you idiot."

"You keep calling me names today, I'm hurt."

"I know you're not, don't lie."

He chuckled and leaned forward. "The thing is Sumire, I have no intention of letting you go, so prepare yourself."

For the next few hours, Yuhi teases her as much as he could without going overboard. By the end of it, dark markings decorate her porcelain neck.
Helpless Romantic


Sumire did not look very happy for the rest of the day. Yuhi wondered if he went overboard with his teasing earlier. But when he saw her flushed cheeks whenever they made eye contact, he changed his mind. It seems like Ibuki Sumire is not indestructible. She may wear that indifferent expression most of the time, but Yuhi knew she was just like any normal girl.

"What are you going to do about Sano?" Yuhi finally asked her. Since the other day Yuhi wanted to ask Sumire this question, but he could not bring himself.

"Well, he already apologized."


"He told me he was sorry and even asked about my feelings regarding the incident."

Yuhi did not know what to say to this. That guy, what on earth is he planning? Now that he has confirmed that Sano came to Tokyo for Sumire, he would not let that man go easily. The only problem is that Sano is friends with the president. He recalled what the president said the other day and sighed.

A complicated person to pursue huh? Hino was trying to hint at Sumire having problems. Yuhi did not think he would investigate her but since he has, the president should back down now.

Indeed, Hino did not say anything more than that. Just because she is a bit more emotional than others does not classify her as having a problem. Yuhi hated Hinos tone when he said problem. He made it sound like Sumire was a freak.

It upset Yuhi that Hino thought that way.

'I thought that guy of all people would understand, but it turns out that isn't the case here.'

"How did you feel when he said that?"

"I didnt feel anything in particular, it was very strange."

No, that is normal. If Touko spoke to him now, he would react the same way. No matter how much one tries to push it aside, after being cheated on once, it is hard to look at that person the same way again.

Yuhi did not reply to those words. What could he say? The answer here is nothing, he cannot say anyting.


Iro Road High School

Inside an empty classroom, no sound other than a flickering sound was heard.

Not even the sound of the birds that would usually make a racket at this time of day. Indeed, it really is winter. Though there was yet to be any snow, the chilling breeze in the air would fill even the old library even with the windows closed.

A certain black hair boy sighs. "And so exactly why am I sitting here writing you a story?"

"That's because I've been craving to read something handwritten."

Why doesn't she do it herself? Clearly his expression was enough for her to understand what he was thinking, " You know I can't do that. A business woman is always busy."

Yet she is here? Honestly, it's at times like this where he finds it difficult to understand her. But as of late she's been sticking to him like glue more than before, ' Beside Yuhi is the only warm place'. She really does know how to say embarrassing lines.

In fact when he first heard her say that, he really was embarrassed. In due time after hearing it a few more times he got used to it. However, recently it is different. It's as though she's trying to....

"Ah galico really is the best." Sumire suddenly said.

Yuhi glanced over and saw the sparkle in her eyes though and her rosy cheeks, he sighs once more and yet a smile forms on his face. Well he supposed it can't be helped.


"You don't know Yuhi?"

At that he shook his head, he was lying of course. He was a literature type of man after all and already read so many works modern or old. From play scripts, ancient texts - nearly everything. He's had that much free time in his hands.

However, he liked hearing her voice. There was something about it that sent a wave of ease in his heart. It was a strange feeling that he could not describe very well.

"You know galico? He is an author from New York. His movie poseidon adventures may have been very famous. But to me his best work is still the ' Snow goose'. A lonely artist Rhyader resides in the light house near the marsh. A young girl Firtha appears carrying a goose. The quiet and miserable souls of the two come in contact. Both of them liked each other but neither expressed it in words." Sumire trailed off and her gaze softened. "The ending is quite sad, since the man died. All his works in his lighthouse were destroyed too since somebody accidentally bombed it thinking it was an enemy base."

She is a helpless romantic too.

For a girl so into romance, she sure loves brushing away the idea of her own romance. Then again with her situation anybody would give up on romance. Yuhi wants Sumire to change her mind regarding love. He wants her to learn to love somebody again, he would sacrifice anything to make sure that happens.

"Do you understand Yuhi?" Sumire continued. "Just telling somebody your feelings isn't enough. Actually, enduring your feelings and not telling the other person right away might be better. When the time comes to finally confess, it will have more meaning."

Can't just say it hastily eh?

The black hair boy stood up then and made his way over, he closed the distance between them.

"Then, if I say it in this manner then surely even you won't have any complaints?"he said in a husky voice, filled with complete seriousness. Yet at the same time he was joking, after all.

He already accepted it, after what happened that day. He knew better than to say anything like that to her. But when Yuhi looked at her he is surprised.

A lovely shade of red appeared on her cheeks. Huh? What? What is with this reaction? She did not flinch or react much when he harassed her the other day, so why is she behaving this way now?


"Aha..."Sumire laughs softly, covering her face with her sleeve. "Hold on a minute. I totally wasn't expecting that. Even if it is only you teasing me, that clearly made my heart beat. So give me a few seconds to recover okay?"

He grabs her by the waist. He sees her close her eyes before he kissed her.

He kisses her with matching passion, like they are both fighting to make a point. Yuhi guesses she is trying to make a point, he is just refusing one.
Is this how she flirts?


Kissing Ibuki Sumire made Terashima Yuhi feel like he was on the moon, surrounded by a sea of stars. It was that special to him. Despite how abrupt these kisses are with her, Yuhi treasured every single one of them.

Yuhi recalled what happened the other day and he stopped, he pulled away from her. He looked away, and placed his hand on his black locks - messing it up.

What on earth was all of that about?

'Even though, even though I knew. Even though that has happened already. Why did I do something as bold as that?'

"Sorry." Yuhi apologized.

The black hair boy thought that she would run away again. No, that is the normal reaction. But instead she shook her head and wrapped her arms around him, causing his eyes to widen.

Before he could say anything though, she was walking towards the door and turned back. A smile on her face, " Shall we go home? It's getting late".


Yuhi was still completely stunned and yet grabbed his stuff and hers, following her out. Sumire talked about his upcoming live. He was only half listening really, doing something like that. Him doing something like that isn't she...?

After all, the last time she reacted that way. How can she suddenly be okay with that? He stares at her carefully and then he saw it.

Red creeping onto her cheeks, a dark shade. Come to think of it, the stuff she has said for the past few minutes since they left the library doesn't make sense.

It's almost as though she rambled on to ease her nervousness over what just happened. Yuhi blinked when he realized that was most-likely the truth.

So that's what this was about.

He chuckles, what a fool. Did she think that she could hide it from him? Then again this little girl seems to think she has the upper hand whenever they talk.

His reaction did not go unnoticed though. "W--why are you laughing?" Sumire questioned.

"Hmm I wonder why."

"Gee! Tell me already."

At that he leaned forward slightly, and brushed his lips against her neck. "Do you really want to know?"

"U--n--pleasant..! Really unpleasant. Eep what are you doing honestly..."

She really is quite foolish huh? Though it's not exactly clear what her feelings are just yet. Perhaps it would be okay for him to find out. After all it really is exactly like what Atushi said.

When Yuhi back perhaps it wasn't just him who has been acting nervous due to the girl's bold actions towards him. Perhaps he overlooked it this entire time because he kept in mind that they could not have anything more. But now? Now something seems to have changed.

His silence seemed to have worried her since she tugged on his sleeve. "Yuhi?"Sumire asked, a worried look appeared in her eyes.

Really foolish.

"You're cute when you blush."he stated simply.

"Idiot!"she half exclaimed, hitting him and yet he kept on laughing. When was the last time he laughed so carefreely like this?

He wants to continue spending these peaceful days with her. But eventually something will have to change. Yuhi paused when he saw her shiver. "Why are you wearing such little clothing again?" He asked.

Sumire looked down at her clothes. "This is knit."

The girl wore a knitted off shoulder white dress, and black tights, alongside a white cap with a small black ribbon tied to the side.

He squeezed her hands. "I think you need more layers."

"I thought you would like it Yuhi."

At that comment he raised his eyebrow. "You want my opinion?"

She nodded. "I waited for you to say something this morning but you didn't."

He did notice her different clothes this morning. But Yuhi did not say anything since for him, she looked good in everything. She always looked good, even if she wore simple clothing. Then again, Sumire likes honest people doesn't she? He brought his lips to her ear. "I think we need to have a long talk." Yuhi mumbled. "I like seeing your legs."

"Does Yuhi have a fetish?"

"Yeah, I do. I like it when you wear tights."

Sumire sighed. "Men and their strange tastes. But Yuhi-san, since it is you, I will make an exception."

Yuhi raised his eyebrow at that comment of hers. "Were you not the one who wanted a compliment for me?" He placed his hand on her legs. "Don't act so haughty now."

She brushed her fingers across his lips. "Can you stop me?"

The way Sumire said those four words drove him crazy. This girl is purposely trying to stir him up isn't she? Then again it is his fault for letting her get away with it. Still when she does things like this with him, is she flirting? Yuhi watched as she pulled away from him and pulled out her phone.

He saw the complicated look on her face. "Who is it?"

Sumire raised her phone to show a familiar number. It was Sanos' number of course.

"I had to unblock him since we have to discuss your concert stuff. But," Sumire sighed. Her gaze dimmed. "He keeps contacting me for personal reasons."

Yuhi frowned when he saw the text messages.

- Is the weather not nice today?

Sano attached a picture of him after he finished having a shower, so he was shirtless.

- I found a nice place to eat, why don't you join me for a meal?

- I was browsing through my phone and found some old [pictures. Does this not ring a bell?

Sumire tried to hide the photos but Yuhi already saw one. A picture of the two kissing rather intently. He could not miss the intimacy and sexual-like poses. "Send those to me."

She looked at him puzzled. "Send them?"

"Police report."

Sumire rolled her eyes and laughed. "I understand how worried you are Yuhi-san. But its fine. If he goes overboard, I will tell him straight up to stop or even file a complaint for harassment myself. Besides I want to see what he is up to. I still find it weird that he apologized."

Her reply did not make him happy at all. Yuhi does not want Sumire to think of Sano at all. Whatever that guy is plotting, she does not have to think of it at all. The more curious she gets, the more troublesome it will be later on.

"Anyhow, let me help you block these kinds of images. I will show you on my phone first." Yuhi took his phone out.

His thoughts broke off when he saw Sumire casually leaning forward. Yuhi thought it was a coincidence before but now? Is this how she flirts? Not touching directly and casually getting close? If this is her technique then Yuhi is very impressed. Does she have any idea how torturous her actions are?

Past Sins


Once Yuhi finished showing the girl, he noticed that she seemed to have a spaced out look on her face again. Since he watched her a lot, Yuhi understood that she got like this whenever she thought of Mamoru. Whenever they seem to have a moment together, Sumire would end up this way.

"Say Yuhi, I heard some strange rumors about you when I was at the company this morning."

Strange rumors? What are those guys trying to pull now? Ever since everybody learned of Sumires existence, the bad rumors regarding him started. Normally nobody would have the nerve to say anything about him since he had the Presidents backing.

The president did not tell him to stop pursuing Sumire but he did not put the idea aside. Yuhi understood that everybody was simply concerned, but he found their concern stifling and annoying. He has liked Sumire for so long, ever since he was younger.

"They told me a girl got into an accident and has not been able to walk since then. That girl was one of your disciples."

Yuhi's eyes widened when he heard those words. He did not expect Sumire to say that of all things.

"Actually I already heard a bit of this story back then. Quite some time ago, I ended up drawing a picture of you for one of my exhibition pieces. My classmates recognized you and said is that not the singer who ruined somebody's life?" Sumire trailed off. "People normally have nothing but praise for you Yuhi-san, so I had to ask."

The girls middle school was moonlight academy in the end right? To think that the news spread that far, he could still remember clearly the events that had happened that day. It wasn't a accident, it was a suicide attempt what's more it was right in front of him. Just thinking about it now made him sick, causing the colour in his face to drain away.

His breathing became unsteady and he panted heavily. He hears a ringing sound in his head. Yuhi quickly clasped his hands covering his ears, when he felt the brunettes dainty arms around him pulling him forward into a hug.

"It's okay Yuhi. Everything is fine, there is no need for you to suffer anymore."

Such soothing words..anyone could have said them. Anyone could have said them, and yet because it was Sumire. Because it was the girl he had fallen in love with, it was something normal to him. No it was something that had so much more meaning.


In the end the two of them ended up returning to the library. They sat on the couch, their hands still laced together. Even though he had stopped shivering, the brunette still hadn't let him go. ' Your Princess is waiting for you' huh? This would be the perfect moment to just go right out and confess. However now that she knows.. correction now that he knows she knows. She probably doesn't expect a confession or anything from him. Come to think of it earlier she said...

"Which of your pieces did you draw a picture of me?" Yuhi was very interested. He did not think the girl even thought of him when she went out with Mamoru. But now he has learned this, he would not let the subject go.

"It's classified Information, but--" She trailed off and rested her head on his shoulder. "If you have other questions, I could answer them for you."

Other questions huh?

"If you knew about that incident, then why are you still here?"

Sumire laughed. "You're going to ask that?"

"I understand how you feel… You told me that before. I thought it was only empty words. How could you understand how I feel? But, it seems like you do understand."

"That girl was naive and young, what happened to her was my fault." Yuhis gaze dimmed. "She told me she wanted to learn from me not as her senpai in the entertainment world but martial arts, she wanted to learn to fight."

Sumire blinked when she heard those words. "Fight?"

"It seems she wanted to take revenge on the people who killed her family. I only taught her how to protect herself. But because we spent a lot of time together, people misunderstood our relationship. Some guys who lost their jobs because of me and ended up becoming a delinquent heard the news." He paused and clenched his fist when he recalled the message from that day.

The sound of that maniac laughter, her cries and the sound of her legs being broken.

He did not make it on time.

When he reached the scene, it was terrible. Her legs were so badly crushed that he could not recognize it anymore. The same went for her arms and yet they left her face in tac. It was almost like they were trying to send him a message. This girl still has some use or idols only need to be beautiful. He did not train her anything regarding music but Yuhi saw how

much she loved music.

She was clumsy at playing the piano but there was something beautiful whenever she played it. The same went for the guitar too.

But she could no longer use her hands.

"She was a dance expert and yet.."

Her legs were so badly broken that the doctor said there was no chance of recovery. When he spoke to the doctor, she just happened to enter the room on her wheelchair. Yuhi could not forget the pained expression on her face when she heard those words.

Yuhi apologized to her so many times and yet she always laughed and told him. It wasn't your fault but mine.

The girl never directly blamed him.

But by saying those words she indirectly blamed him.

For the past few minutes Sumire did not say a word and Yuhi thought she was angry this time. But instead she suddenly clapped her hands. "I got it, then let me see this girl."

Huh? Wait, what?



It feels like they end up skipping school a lot. Sumire however insisted that they had a legit reason for skipping class. A legit reason? He can't wait to see what explanation she will have later when Nakara-sensei lectures them. Sumire told him that she would wait outside for a bit.


The girl turned her head and her gaze softened. "Yu-kun." She trailed off and laughed when she saw the bag of fruits. "You didn't have to." 

Yuhi placed the basket on the side. "How are you feeling?"

"I had something I wanted to ask you." 

"Sure, what is it?"

Anri leaned forward. "Yu-kun, rumor has it that you have a girlfriend."

Yuhi felt like hitting his face against the wall. How on earth did that news reach her so quickly? Do those guys have nothing better to do than gossip about him?

"I do."

"I see, is she pretty?"


At that comment she laughed. "I was going to interrogate you, but it seems like you like her a lot." He watched as she clenched her fist. "I see, you have a girlfriend now and you're having fun with her everyday. I guess you're finally happy now, huh?"


Anri shook her head. "I knew it would happen eventually. But I thought you would at least wait until I was out of the hospital. I know we are not in a relationship but you said.."

Damn, she is misunderstanding already. Yuhi leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. "It isn't like that yet. But I do like her. Anri, could we stop this?"

"..If it isn't like that yet, why do we have to stop?"

The girl started kissing him intently but he refused.

"Wait." Yuhi pulled her away. "Not anymore than this."

"Are you breaking your promise…" She mumbled. "You said you won't belong to anyone, and would treat me like a woman to compensate for what happened. You felt bad that I could not experience normal romance…"

'I did say those crazy things..'

But back then, he thought Sumire would never go to him. Still that is no excuse to play with a girl's feelings. He should tell her straight.

After he spoke with Anri, Yuhi immediately left. The moment he exited the room, he spotted Sumire leaning on the wall by the door.

"So, that was why you didn't want me to meet her?" Sumire said.

Yuhi could not tell what kind of expression she had on her face. But he knew the girl was very unhappy. He reached over and pulled her unto his arms. "Sumire, I love you. Don't worry about this, I will sort it."

Sumire bit her lip and looked away. "Were not dating, it feels wrong of me to.."

"You don't have to worry, Sumire." he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. 

"This is so sly of me. But please do something about it."

Yuhi nodded. "Still want to meet her?"

Sumire shook her head. "Let's go home already."

He nodded and squeezed her hands. A sudden thought came to mind. He bent down and whispered something in her ear, which caused her to laugh.

"So silly. But I guess I could cook you that."

"Sounds good." 

"Sumire? What's wro-" Yuhi paused when he saw a flash of black not too far from where they were. 

Sumire tugged on his sleeve. "Let's go the other way."


But Sumire didn't say anymore and continued to walk away. It didn't take long before they left the building.

Yuhi's gaze fell on the girl walking a few steps ahead of him. "Was that okay?"


"That was Aki right?"

Sumire laughed. "It was okay. I don't want to speak to him right now. Besides, I would be quite thick faced if I were to ask him for help. It wouldn't be fair on you Yuhi."

'Is that why she avoids speaking to other guys?' Yuhi is flattered that she gave him this much attention.



Yuhi felt Sumire slump against him and he sighed. "Still upset about earlier?" Yuhi asked.

"It would be sly of me to be upset."

'This girl goes about things in such a round about way.' He doesn't turn around but grabbed hold of her hand. "So, did you want something?"

"I was looking at the book shelf in your room. You have interesting books there."

Yuhi chuckled at her words. "You can read them whenever you want." He trailed off. "That's not what you wanted to talk to me about right?"

"Say Yuhi, are you investigating something regarding Ru?"

Does she know already? No, if she knew she wouldn't react this way. "Yeah."

"His death was suspicious? It didn't make sense?"

"You have sharp senses."

Weak laughter escaped her lips. "Well even though I was like that, I understand something was weird. I was in that car too. It was a terrible accident but, it was done deliberately."

"Sorry." Yuhi apologized. "Actually before that happened Mamoru told me to investigate something. If I came to a conclusion sooner then maybe.."

'Maybe this wouldn't have happened.'

"I see."

"Also, about back then..that time..sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?" Sumire trailed off. "It's okay, you had to take revenge. It was only normal. If I lost somebody important too, I would do the same."

Yuhi couldn't miss her tone. 'This girl must already be planning something. Should I stop her? Do I have that right?' "Sumire, do you need my help?"


"Your revenge. As you know I'm investigating this, and I intend to help you in anyway I can."

Sumire didn't reply right away. 

"Say Yuhi, would you truly stand by my side no matter what happens? No matter what I do?"

"Yeah. I think I made it clear that I'm a bit obsessed with you."

Sumire laughed. "That's true, but from now on..you may see a very ugly side to me. Do you still want to stay?"

"Are you warning me?"


"There is no need to Sumire." Yuhi mumbled. 

"That's true, you probably know already. The rumors aside, the others would have told you." She trailed off. "You know Yuhi, I wanted to remain normal as much as I could. In front of you I wanted to look perfect. But, I can't do that anymore."


"I feel like I'm going crazy, all my emotions are going out of control. I don't know what's right, and what's wrong anymore."

"Did seeing Sano again make you--"

"Back then, I was foolish and naive. But, I also understood something. What I wanted wasn't love, it was desire. To feel wanted, to have somebody I could rely on, and to fill the gap in my heart. My parents, my friends and my home. It was all suffocating. There were many days where I couldn't breathe."


"Yuhi-san, it seems like I will have to trouble you more than I did before."

It probably wasn't the wisest idea, but ever since that time he has had this sudden urge to get closer to her.

Yuhi pushed her against the wall. Dirty bricks covered in traces of vibrant colored paint, swear words, and faded drawings decorated the dirty wall. He braces his hand by her head, their faces inches against one another. Sumire however, seemed to be more concerned about the people pursuing them since she kept looking over his shoulder. The more she tried to peak, the closer they got - until the distance vanished.

Sumire has long eyelashes and large, amethyst colored eyes. She was indeed a beauty.

Yuhi stops looking when he heard approaching footsteps. While he could not see, his instincts are well trained. In the next few seconds, the footsteps increase. Sumire wrapped her arms around him; one hand slid down his waist until it was on his hip. The other hand pressed his head down, drawing their lips close.

He went for it and pressed his lips against hers. She tasted sweet like candy.

He wondered if she even knew what kind of position they were in. Is she even aware? His thoughts broke off when Sumire looked up at him.

"What are you doing, Yuhi-san?"

For a moment, he does not understand what she is trying to say until he realized that his hand was on her shirt. "Well, what can I say?"

Sumire sighed. "Honestly, men." She trailed off. "Do you not remember why we are in this situation?"

"Some guys picked a fight with me."

"Wrong." Sumire shook her head. "You were the one who picked a fight."

"They were staring at you."

Ever since that time, the two of them have used their lunch hour to go investigating. Unfortunately, the places they go to are very dangerous.

At that comment, Sumire laughed softly. "I didn't notice, but thank you."

"Yeah, you okay?" Yuhi finally managed to ask. "You look pale."

"These days, I feel sick in the morning."

As Sumire described her circumstances, Yuhi's gaze turned dim. Does Sumire not realize what she just said there? It sounds like she is describing morning sickness. It can't be, can it? Mamoru passed away around Christmas time, three months have passed since then.

If she were pregnant, then it would show by now. But are there not those rare scenarios where… his sentence fell short when he saw her breathing turn unsteady. Sweat clung to her skin.

Yuhi frowned and looked her up and down. For the first time, he saw it, a fresh wound on her shoulders.

The footsteps eventually faded, and he brushed his hand across her face. "Let's go back to school."


"You know, your injuries are going to be a bit hard to explain." Yuhi lectured as the two of them walked down the familiar path leading to the school.

Sumire looked away. "I was caught off guard."

"I told you not to space out in the middle of a fight."

"I wasn't spacing out."

At that comment, Yuhi sighed. It seems like she is in stubborn mode today. Then again, since this morning, she seemed bothered by something. Yuhi observed the wound and stopped walking. He grabbed hold of her hand. "Stop."

Sumire looked at him, confused.

He pointed to the hedge way. "Let's sit down there for a moment."

She weakly nodded her head. Yuhi could tell it was taking her a lot of strength to stand. A relieved sigh escaped her lips when they sat down, and Yuhi flicked her forehead.

"Say something next time."

"But we will be late."

Does she actually care about school and attendance? She skips more than me.

Yuhi brushed his hands across her forehead and wiped her sweat with his handkerchief. "Your health is more important. It will be cold, but could you --" Yuhi did not know how to say this without making it sound weird.

She nodded and looked around before she loosened her clothes, exposing the wound on her shoulder. Yuhi struggled to remain calm when he saw her skin so exposed like that. Why does she look so beautiful? Sometimes Yuhi wonders if Sumire does this deliberately or not. How is it possible for her to look so beautiful?

He shook his head when he found her staring at him. Yuhi quickly opened his bag and pulled out a few bottles, alongside some bandages.

"Do you always carry those with you?" Sumire asked.

"Yeah. I get into skirmishes often."

There was nothing he hated more than this situation. This entire time he has acted like the perfect gentleman. But Yuhi was at the end of his limit. Spending so much time with her and yet not being able to do anything. No, correction. I spend so much time with her, occasionally kiss her and get very intimate. Sumire has a bad habit of teasing him too.

Yuhi tore a piece of cloth from his sleeve and poured the ointment on it before he pressed it against her shoulder. "You know it pains me whenever you get hurt like this."

"I have other injuries, Yuhi-san, some that have left a scar."

"I know that, but--" Yuhi paused when he saw her look him up and down. "What?"

"Yuhi-san, you have scars too." She extended her hand out and traced the scar on his right bicep. She was only touching him through his clothes, but it felt seductive.

"An old one from childhood."

Yuhi nodded and brushed his hands across her neck. "Nail gun?"

"Ah, this was when I got separated from Ru, they got me from the back." She explained.

He moved his hand towards her legs. The scars she caused herself and the scars she got from fights, Yuhi could tell the difference. He stopped his hands right above her skirt and leaned forward. Yuhi brushed his lips against her ear. Yuhi did not know what he was doing.

When he saw all her injuries, he wanted to say something to her. He wants to say comforting words.
Dating Stages

Why does a girl like her have so many scars? She was raised in luxury and was supposed to have everything. If her parents did not die from the accident, then perhaps Sumire would not be like this now. His thoughts broke off when Sumire slumped her head on his chest, causing his eyes to widen. "Even if you do this, you can't bribe me," Yuhi muttered.

"Mm, I guess not. But it is okay, Yuhi."

Okay? How can this be okay? Yuhi felt like screaming; he wanted to get angry at her. How could she think this is okay?

He took a deep breath and tried to turn his attention elsewhere. But his attention fell on the new injury. Yuhi did not know when "It's not your fault."

"I know."

"I'll be fine."

"I know."

"It's healing very well. It probably won't even leave a scar."

"I know."

He doesn't need a mark to be able to see it. Yuhi will regret it anyway. He was right there beside her, how could she have gotten hurt? How useless.

Yuhi quickly finished patching up her wound and wrapped it up. Sumire fixed her clothes and buried her face in his arms. "Hey, we need to go to school."

"Not until you stop sulking."

He doesn't want to sulk, but with the current situation, it was hard not to. His gaze fell on the adorable bundle in his arms. This girl is far too bold at times, but then again, so is he. Yuhi sometimes wondered if it was okay for them to get close like this. Is it truly fine when he is tainted?

Since Sumire came here, he has played the nice guy act. But for how much longer can he keep this up? He is the very opposite of a nice guy. Before she came here, he did terrible things. There were all sorts of rumors and scandals. But because of his ability, all those scandals get washed away. Since he is talented, people forgive him.

Yuhi always thought it was stupid. How could they forgive him even though he treated others terribly? Then again, the one in charge of his public relations team is the president himself. The extent of Hino's influence, even now Yuhi, could not measure it. How much does that guy know?

"Hey, Sumire?"


"Do you mind if the president comes over for dinner today?"

Sumire raised her head. "I thought you wanted me to stay away from him."

He did, and even now, he still felt conflicted. But, Yuhi wanted the two to get along. Hino is a good guy. If it weren't for him, then he would not have gotten this far. The one who helped set up the agency is him too.

It would be awkward for him if Sumire and Hino were on bad terms with one another. If he ends up marrying Sumire in the future, Hino will be his guardian, so he wants them to get along.

Wait, what on earth is he thinking? Marriage? He can't even get to the dating stage.

But have they not passed the dating stage?

His thoughts broke off when he felt Sumire's gaze on him. She still wanted an answer. Yuhi squeezed her hands. He brushed his lips against hers. "We didn't end up eating anything. There is a good restaurant nearby here, should we go there? We can discuss the reports too."

While Sumire's attendance concerned him, he did not want to return to school.

...…The restaurant around the corner near the school was in a convenient location. It was away from the main streets. The two of them sat down near the window area and ordered their meals.

"I'm surprised you brought up food." Sumire trailed off. "Wait, don't tell me you skipped breakfast again."

"Yeah." Yuhi had no intention of hiding it.

Sumire shook her head. "You should have told me. I would have brought you something."

"Don't sweat it; we are going to eat now." He heated the tray. "You don't mind okonomiyaki, right?"

"I don't usually eat it, so it is okay with me."

"Hmmm, got it. You can grill other meat too, and if you want vegetable side dishes, you can order them."

"It seems like you eat out a lot."

Yuhi nodded. "I do more than before. Back then, I was so concerned about saving money. But now I have too much, and I do not know what to do with it."

"Did you try donating?"

"I do, once a month, to several charities across the city. But it feels like I still get a lot." Yuhi shrugged his shoulders.

For an eighteen-year-old to have so much money, it was unheard of. But he debuted when he was younger and has saved so much money since then. Debuting is one thing; succeeding is another.

A person can debut when they are young but not succeed. Does that mean the person should give up on their dreams? The answer is no. But for somebody who needs money, not succeeding after so long is very bad.

"That sounds like something you would do." Sumire glanced down at the reports in her hands. "This is very well put together, Yuhi; you weren't joking when you said you were investigating it."

"Well, those notes aren't mine completely."

Sumire paused and flicked through the pages. He watched as she carefully traced one of the pages, and he clenched his fist. "Mamoru helped me, as you can see."

"Yes, this is his handwriting."

For the next few minutes, nobody spoke, but his gaze remained on the girl. Yuhi hated seeing her this way. He needs to hurry up and get her to accept his confession, even if she does not fall in love with him immediately. He needs to get past the hurdle and date her.

Yuhi took a deep breath. "Hey Sumire, have you thought of dating me yet?"

Sumire glanced over and tapped her fingers on the table. "You're not doing the old fashioned, just accept my confession, you can gradually fall in love with me, are you?"
I like

Huh? Uhh.. Yuhi looked away awkwardly. He was planning that, but how on earth does she know that? Then again, Sumire has more experience when it comes to dating and romance.

"Yeah," Yuhi admitted. "But hear me out, will you?"

"I am listening."

He awkwardly ran his hands through his hair. "When I thought of it carefully, I do want to be with you, Sumire. I know you don't care for other people's opinions, but it is a bit strange to spend time together without dating. Also, I want to be certain that I am the only one you are considering. This may sound like I don't trust you, but I want you to be my girlfriend, Sumire. We have already skipped a lot of relationship stages, but I still want to go back to square one."

There was another reason why he was in a hurry. He wants to start dating Sumire before Atsuro, and the other guys come here.

When those guys come here, he won't get any peace with Sumire. Moreover, Atsuro will surely actively pursue her again. Atsuro is the only one who knew about Mamoru's illness and can sympathize with Sumire. The two may have had that dispute, but he knew that Sumire felt regretful. He cannot allow them to sympathize and comfort one another. It would be far too dangerous.

A situation like that where one person sympathizes with another is far too dangerous.

This may be risky, but he wants to do this while he still has the courage to do so.

Yuhi took a deep breath as he continued. He kept avoiding her gaze, not wanting to see her reaction just yet. "I know we have done things in the wrong order since you came here. No, even when we met. But I want to be in a relationship with you. Right now, I am rambling a lot because I am nervous, but I cannot imagine a world without you. Ever since I met you, I have not imagined a world without you.

The moon, the stars, the sky, everything I associate with you. Ibuki Sumire, I am not a Knight, and I can't be Tsueno Mamoru. But my feelings for you are stronger than anybody else's. At first, I thought all I wanted was to see you smile even if I wasn't the one by your side. But I have changed my mind."

Or rather, he regretted it so much.

Back then, why did he let her go?

"I want to be the one that makes you smile. I want to be the one that changes your world. I want to be the one who you wake up and see in the morning. The first one you see at the start of the day, and the last one you see at the end of the day. I want to freely walk hand in hand with you under any weather, face any storm together."

Yuhi looked up and saw it, the tears in the girl's eyes. His eyes widened, and he stood up. Yuhi took a seat beside her. Sumire buried her face in his arms and hit him. "You're so unpleasant. Why can't you wait? Why do you have to make me decide now?"

"I won't apologize, Sumire," Yuhi mumbled. "Initially, I did not want to rush things. But I cannot risk anybody having you."

"You're so silly. I don't like Atsuro." Sumire must have guessed what he was thinking. "I like you, Yuhi."

"Just like? Here I am pouring out my heart and soul for you, but I only get a like?"

Sumire's cheeks were very red, and Yuhi liked what he was seeing. He never saw her flustered like this before. For a moment, Yuhi thought some crazy things like teasing her and kissing her. But he stopped himself. The more he watched her, the more --

Thump, thump, and thump.

Yuhi felt his heartbeat increase. His heart beat so loudly that he felt like it would come out of his chest. Heat crept onto his cheeks, and he knew he was flustered too. Yuhi did not think she would react this way. He half expected

"Are--are you finished?" Sumire questioned. "I mean, shouldn't you tell me why you like me?"

Why does he like her? Yuhi paused before he brought his lips to her ear. "You know I don't like talking."

Before she came here, he seldom spoke this much. He was quiet and reserved even among his friends.

He placed his hand on her lap and gave her thighs a gentle squeeze. "I prefer action over words. Why do I like you? For one, you're very pretty." He didn't do anything but gently bite her earlobe. "Two, do you remember what I said about sex drive? You fit that criteria."

"H--H-ow, would you know."

"I can tell." He chuckled. This was fun; he never saw her like this before.

"Three, we have the same interests. So it is easier to speak to you."

The only reason why he talks to her this much is because they have a lot in common. He does not have to force himself to speak with her, and everything comes naturally.

"Four, and this is the important one. You're the only one who is willing to listen to me and tries to understand me. Many people have tried to get to know me Sumire, but they have either failed or left me halfway. You're the only one who has persisted, the only one who continues to pull me along." He trailed off when he saw her shocked reaction. "Surprised?"

Sumire looked down. "You think too highly of me, Yuhi."

"You haven't heard all of it yet."

This isn't enough; he still has so many things he wants to say to her. There are still so many things.

"I like your smile, your tears, and your angry face. I like the many sides of you and the sides I have yet to discover. The scars you are so ashamed of? I like those too. Your voice? Your voice is beautiful. I have never found it annoying. I encourage you to speak more, because I like listening to you speak. I like how once you put your mind to it, you are very dedicated and hardworking.

I like how you don't realize how much I like you, and how many good qualities you have. Everything you see as a flaw is not a flaw in my eyes. For me, everything about the woman named Ibuki Sumire is beautiful."

When he finished his sentence, he noticed that Sumire had wrapped her arms around his neck. "Idiot, Idiot. Why did you have to sound so sweet? I.. I can't say no if you say it like this."

"Then say yes."

Tell me yes, Yuhi screamed in his head. Say yes and end this torture already.
Okay, lets date

Seconds turned into minutes, and Yuhi felt his entire body break out into a sweat. The temperature in this room seemed to increase by the minute. Why is it so hot in here? Is it because he is nervous right now? His thoughts broke off when he heard a soft voice speak.

"Okay, lets date."

Yuhi could not believe what she just said.

It was not until he felt her lips against his did he realize it was true. "Sumire."

"Okay, dummy." Sumire repeated, "-- lets date. I will be your girlfriend."

Girlfriend? Girlfriend--? Did Sumire just agree to go out with me? What on earth? Sure I confessed. But I doubted that I would get a reply.

In the worst-case scenario, Sumire would have left and gotten angry. In that scenario, she would have moved out too. He pictured many scenarios, and all of them ended up as a disaster. Yuhi did not think that none of them would come true.

"Are you going to talk or not, it takes two people to date, right? If you don't speak, I will think you changed your mind."

Yuhi frantically shook his head. "No, I meant it! I meant everything!"

At that comment, Sumire laughed. "Okay then, I guess we are going out now."

To think that worked, something that simple? Then again, he did pour his heart and soul out into that confession. An honest method like that worked with her. She truly is a simple person.

"Then, Yuhi, I'm just going to step out for a moment." Sumire quickly left his arms and stood up.

"Huh? Oh, right."

When Sumire left the room, Yuhi crouched down and leaned against the wall. To think he did that just now. His cheeks burned red, and his palms were sweaty. Confessing is harder than he thought.

No matter how bold he is, something like this is still difficult.


Sumire found a quiet spot in the restaurant and slumped down on the ground by the planet. She took a deep breath, but it did her no good. The color had yet to leave her cheeks, and the sound of her heartbeat increased by the minute. Sumire buried her face in her arms.

That caught me off guard.

I didn't think he would confess like that.

Yuhi already told me his feelings plenty of times.

But never in that much depth. Sumire knew that he didn't say everything either. To think there is still so much more.

To think there is more.

Ru, is this okay?

This is what he wanted isn't it?

She took out a sheet of paper from her pocket and carefully traced the words on the letter.

(Now that I am not in the way, please be happy with Yuhi.Ki, I want you to be happy with him.)

To think she anticipated what he said in the letter. After the ring scenario, Sumire expected some more sweet and cheesy words that would make her cry. But instead, she got something like this. Be happy with yuhi? That is what he wants, his last wish for her. That should not have surprised her.

Before they dated, it was Ru who encouraged her to confess to Yuhi. It was he who listened to her talk about her feelings. Her thoughts broke off when she heard approaching footsteps. The person had stopped in front of her and suddenly grabbed hold of her arm.

It was Yuhi, of course.

"He wanted us to be happy, Sumire," Yuhi muttered.

Her eyes widened when she heard those words. How come he --- a sudden thought crossed her mind. Did Mamoru tell Yuhi this before the accident? Sumire hesitantly caressed his cheeks. "I meant what I said. I just needed to calm down." She laughed lightly. "I mean, that was quite the confession."

Sumire could not miss how he was looking at her, like a predator that wanted to eat his prey up. Does he want to kiss her? Or maybe he wants to do something else? What does this man want from her?

"Let's go back home."

............ApartmentHeavy grunts and moans filled the small corridor right outside the bedroom.


Yuhi is a lion, Yuhi is an idiot -- for the past few minutes, she repeatedly insulted him.

Sumire knew he was holding back. She heard all the rumors about him before she came here. There were all sorts of creative rumors regarding how many people he slept with, and how he did not hesitate to show such R18 acts in public.

She heard it all, and yet when she first arrived, Sumire dropped her guard around him.

From the very start, she knew this person would not harm her, and she was right. Not only did he not harm her, but he also focused on her and only her. He even abandoned all those others, girls. If they did not run into Asami-san at that time, Sumire knew that Yuhi would forget to inform those other girls, since he was far too busy focusing on her.

"Yuhi-san." Sumire panted their lips finally parted. "Wait a minute."

Yuhi looked at her with the same lustful gaze from earlier. He seemed bothered that they stopped. "What?"

"I know this may sound stupid to you. But I have not done this in a long time, and I only did it with him once."

She does not want to waste his beautiful confession. But this sexual atmosphere ruins everything he said to her in the restaurant.

Yuhi nuzzled his face against hers. "Trust me, love, I may be a beast to other people. But I will not be like that towards you."

Sumire could only stare at him speechless. She thought he has finished with the cheesy lines already. But it seems like he has a few more.

"Then, will you be gentle with me?"

Yuhi shook his head. "Sorry, I cant."

They spent the night in each other's arms, a night of passion. Like Yuhi said to her, he isn't a monster, but he would not treat her gently either. To the very end, Sumire wondered if this was okay. At the back of her head, something told her that this was a mistake.

Next morning, Iro Road High School, Physics prep room.

Sumire wanted to stay in his arms, really she did. But - but when she thought of the events of yesterday, she felt so embarrassed. She wanted to crawl into a hole and hide somewhere. She did not think they would end up doing it right away if she considers how Yuhi has been holding back this entire time. She supposes this was normal, but it still felt strange.

Yuhi, she never thought he was like that. Since she came here, he has acted like the perfect gentlem-- well okay that was wrong. There were many occasions where his behavior was questionable. But he never went overboard. That was the first time she smelt his cologne or had a proper look at Yuhi.

It was the first time she saw that side of him.

"Ibuki, did you come here to daydream?" Shin asked.

"I came here to hide from Yuhi."

Yes, out of all the places she knew of since she arrived in Tokyo. The physics prep room at school seemed to be the best choice for her. Sumire did think of going to the bar, but she knew Atushi would question why she was hiding. If Atushi learns about her and Yuhi, then everybody back home would find out. For now, she does not want those people to know.

Yesterday she was in a strange mood the entire time. But now that her feelings have calmed down, Sumire is starting to reflect.

My behavior yesterday was far too bold. What was I thinking?

Shin sighed. "You know Yuhi came here earlier."

Gah? He already came?

"But you were out back then."

Yuhi must still be looking for her. Sumire felt very conflicted; she wanted to go to him. Did he even eat breakfast? If he noticed she was gone, then he most-likely forgot to eat.

"If you want to see him, then go already; you're disturbing me."

Sumire slumped her head on the table. She could not focus on any of the mini-quizzes Shin gave her. She thought she could distract herself, but it did her no good. All she could think of was Yuhi's behavior last night.

"You two can do whatever you want, but remember birth control." Shin reminded her.

At that comment, she threw the book at him; unfortunately, he dodged it and caught the book. "When your embarrassed, you end up rambling a lot."


"I like him," Sumire mumbled. "But, I still wonder if this is okay."

Would Ru be angry? Only three months have passed since he passed away. This did not feel right to her. But he was also the one who told her to be happy with Yuhi. The reason why she even became involved with him was because of her feelings for Yuhi anyway. Now that she thought about it, didn't Ru say it too? That line about making her fall in love with him.

You can gradually fall for me.

How many more times does she have to hear that line? She feels so pathetic at times. Why does it seem like she has not had a proper relationship since the one with Sano?

"Even if it isn't, you can't stop your feelings. Ibuki, you have always liked Yuhi. I don't understand why you ended up dating Tsueno Mamoru."

Sumire lifted her head up and rested her back on the chair instead. "Is it that hard to understand?"

"You thought he would never like you."

"Mmm." Sumire trailed off. "When there are so many more fish in the sea, why would he bother with somebody like me?"

"Yuhi is not the type of person who judges someone based on their appearance; you should understand that better than me."

Sumire laughed softly. "I learned that too late." She trailed off. "But there is no use regretting it now. I went out with Ru and ended up falling in love with him. The thing is Nakara-sensei, to the very last moment, Ru did not know my feelings."

"You never…"

"Yes, I never got a chance to tell him that he succeeded and that I fell in love with him."

Ru told her that he would be there for her no matter what she decides. But before she even got to say it, he left her. Ru said he would be by her side forever, but that was a lie. If he was going to lie to her, then she wishes he gave her some sort of sign. If she knew beforehand, then she would not have fallen for him.

"But, your feelings for Yuhi never went away?" Shin asked.

Why is he asking so many questions today? It feels strange--- a sudden thought came to mind. Sumire looked around and spotted a familiar pair of shoes by the bookshelf facing the other wall. Her eyes widened, and she angrily got up.

"Hey, Ibuki?"

Sumire glared at Shin. "How dare you try to trap me. I won't trust you again." She snapped and immediately exited the door.

Yuhi was there, and he listened to everything. She feels ashamed of herself. After accepting his confession and sleeping with him. How could she go ahead and talk about Mamoru again? She has no shame whatsoever.

Her thoughts broke off when somebody grabbed her wrist.

Sumire did not have to turn around to know who it was. After admitting all that stuff to Shin, she does not want to see Yuhi right now.

"Turn around."

She does not say anything, and Sumire felt him wrap his arms around from the back. His lips buried at her neck. "Sumire, don't run away from me. I can't stand it if I don't see you even for a moment."

Here he is with his cheesy words and perfect lines again. Terashima Yuhi and his perfectly suspicious answers. He knows exactly what to say and accepts her scar. He accepts that she is more emotional than others. But did Sano not do the same thing?

Sano said to me that my scars are beautiful, that they make up who I am.

Sano said such sweet things to me.

But look at how he ended up? Looked what it did to her.

Somebody who accepts everything about her, does a person like that indeed exist? Even if they do, could she accept them?