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Chapter 396 Side Story (Dimitri)(2)(unedited)

At the little hut, an oil lamp is quietly burning. The little Dimitri was tucked away warmly on his bed. He was breathing evenly while he is sleeping. His mother was looking at him lovingly with affectionate eyes. She planted a kiss on her son's forehead and stood up and walked towards the table.


The shabby hut was small. It only has one room that consists of the kitchen, dining and sleeping areas. It only has one bed where Dimitri and his mother sleep side by side.


Dimitri's mother took a sit on the chair by the table and sighed. She looked at her sleeping son who looked so peaceful.


"If only I could tell you that you are of Atlantian royal blood, then this things would have never happened to you." Dimitri's mother said that only she could hear. "If only your father had took you in as one of his children.

Dimitri's mother remembered the day when she took Dimitri to the palace as a baby. The king of Atlantia knew that the baby is his and granted audience to Dimitri's mother. She was a royal maid back then and was assigned inside the king's palace. She was a beautiful woman that can easily attract men with her beauty. At first, she had done her job without any incidents until one day when the king took a fancy on her.


The king at first was only sneaking glances at her, but after quite some time those glances leveled up to slight touches and then flirting. Dimitri's mother was a commoner, hence was scared of the king and cannot voicer her objections. These instances continued until one night when Dimitri's mother was inside the king's room doing her work, she was taken by the king then and there.


Dimitri's mother was frightened of the king and was not able to tell this to any maids she was working with. But even without her telling, the news that the king bedded her spread like wild fire inside the king's palace. Other maids were pitying her and others were jealous of her. They thought that Dimitri's mother had climb the social ladder after being bedded by the king.


The nightly duties had been going on often since that faithful night, until one day she found out she was pregnant. Dimitri's mother was frightened of what will happened with her child once the queen knew that she is pregnant with the king's child, and so she fled from the palace and came to live in the village. The villagers were welcoming of her, being this was where she grew up and was her home. But when she gave birth to Dimitri that had black hair and eyes, their kindness turned into cold stares.


Dimitri's mother did not want her son to live a life of being scorned, and so she took Dimitri to the palace when he was still a baby and presented him to the king. The king saw the black hair and eyes of Dimitri and looked at him with disdain. He knew that this was his son, but he has the features of someone that can give bad luck to the Atlantian royal family, hence the king who was Dimitri's father ordered his soldiers to kill him.


Dimitri's mother pleaded with the king but she was not given a chance to explain and was thrown into the dungeons with the baby. The soldiers were ordered to kill the mother and child that can bring ruin to the royal blood line. Dimitri's mother was crying holding her baby in her arms. She heard foot steps going to her cell and she was frightened to death that they will be executed. But when the doors open, a beautiful lady came in with a young lady in her early teens. It was the queen and princess Leticia.


The queen took pity of the mother and child and helped them to escape. Leticia looked at her sleeping half brother and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Dimitri's mother still remembers what the princess said before giving Dimitri a kiss.




"I will give you a small gift my little brother." Princess Leticia said. "With the power I possess, I give you a charm. This charm will help you survive the dangers you face. I wish you well and I hope we see each other again in the future." The princess kissed the little baby. The place were the princess kissed glowed a dull light but then faded after a few seconds.


<Flashback end>


"I still cannot tell you that your own father tried to kill you, my little boy." Dimitri's mother started to cry. But then loud bangs was heard on their door.




"Come out!" I man's voice shouted. "I know you are in there."


Dimitri's mother wiped her tears and went to open the door. When she opened the door, she saw the village leader with some village folks holding torches.


"Village leader. Is it not a bit late to warrant a visit?" Dimitri's mother said. "What can I do for you?"


"What do you mean 'what can I do for you?'. Look… look what your son did to my boy!" The village leader said with an angry tone.


The village leader showed his son that had a swollen black eye and bruised face. He looked beaten up to a pulp.


"T-There must be some mistake." Dimitri's mother tried to reason out. "Dimitri is only five years old. Yes, he may have thrown a few punches to your boy but my son's little hands could not have made such a damage."


"That is not true. I saw it with my own eyes." One of the children that were with the village leader's son said. "Dimitri was so strong that we cannot stop him. We, who tried to stop him were thrown all over the place. He is so strong that you will not think he was a five year old boy."


"Did you hear what the children said? Your boy is a monster!" The village leader said. "He should be killed before any curse befall us!"


"NO! You are wrong!" Dimitri's mother cried hysterically. "My son is just a normal child!"


"It was your fault that he became that way. If you did not shared the bed of someone who you should not have, then the heavens would not have cursed your son." The village leader said. "Do you think I will not know. Word has come into my ear that he is the son of the king, and the king himself had said he is a cursed child and ordered to be killed!!"


"No, no please. I beg of you, spare my son." Dimitri's mother kneeled in front of the village leader. "He is just a child. He had done nothing wrong."


"The king himself ordered that child to be killed. He is a monster, you have seen what he had done." The village leader said. "What else will happen if we let him live?" The village leader gestured to the other villagers to go inside and get Dimitri.


"NO… DON'T!" Dimitri's mother ran towards the door.


"Mother, what is happening? Why is it noisy outside." The small Dimitri came out while rubbing his eyes.


"Kill him. Kill him now!" The village leader shouted.


One of the villagers readied his bow and arrow and aimed towards Dimitri. When he released the arrow, it fle at the direction of the little boy. When Dimitri was about to get shot, his mother ran towards him and hugged him tightly.


"Ugh…" Dimitri's mother groaned.


"M-Mother?" Dimitri was shocked. He saw his mother spit out blood from her mouth and dropped to the ground. "No, mother… mother."


"My… beautiful boy." Dimitri's mother caressed his cheeks and was stained with blood. Dimitri saw her clothes were starting to soak in blood.


"No… mother please. Don't leave me." Dimitri started to cry.


"I… I am sorry that mother will leave you. But please, live." Dimitri's mother said. "Whatever others say, you are still my most precious little boy." After her words, she breathed her last.


"Mother… no, no, no. MOTHER!" Dimitri yelled in pain.


"What are you waiting for? Kill him!" The village leader said.


When the other villager was about to fire another arrow, the ground started to move violently.


"What is this? An earthquake?" One villager asked.


The earth rumbled violently as if it will open a hole on the ground. The villagers looked at Dimitri and he was being surrounded by a black void. He had blank eyes devoid of feelings and he looked their way sending shivers on the villagers' spine. The black void started to spread towards them.







"We are going to die!"


The villagers ran away to save their lives.


"What are you doing?! You just need to kill that monster to stop this." The village leader yelled.


The villagers that were caught up with the black void was sucked in while they were screaming in fear. Others ran to save their lives. The village leader found the bow and arrow the other villager dropped and aimed for Dimitri. The little boy was still holding his dead mother in his arms.


"I will kill you now, monster." The village leader said. "This is also the will of the king."


But before he can fire the arrow in his hand, he felt his feet being restrained. When he looked down, he saw that his feet were being enveloped by a rock like substance. It is crawling its way up his body, as if he is starting to get petrified.


"No, stop this!" The village leader said. He shot the arrow towards Dimitri but before it hit the boy, a black swirl came out from the void and stopped the flying arrow.


"No… no, no NO!" The village leader yelled. "You monster!"


The rock started to envelope the whole body of the village leader from feet up. He was screaming until the rock envelopes his head and whole body.


Dimitri was left with his dead mother in his arms. The black void started to retract back to him slowly.


"I will live mother. I will not let anyone trample on me ever again." Dimitri said.


The black void swallowed Dimitri's dead mother slowly until it vanished. Dimitri was now alone in the dark of night. The cold wind started to blow in silence.

Chapter 397 Side Story (Dimitri)(3)(unedited)

Dimitri was standing by Regaelon's side in the emperor's office. Since the empire has been newly establish, the work Regaleon has been making increased tenfold, compared when he was just the king of Grandcrest. As Regaleon's right hand man and personal assistant, Dimitri has been helping him with his work as much as possible.


"Hah, the sun has nearly set and I only have just done half of this mountain of documents." Regaleon sighed. "I want to get this done before dinner. I want to spend dinner with my family, as I have promised Alicia that I will never skip it now that the twins are growing up."


"The twins just turned one year old your majesty. They would really need time and attention from you, their father." Dimitri said with a smile. "Why not leave the rest to me? I do not have anything to do back in my house."


"You really are a life saver, Dimitri." Regaleon smiled with Dimitri's gesture. "But you cannot do this every time, you also have your own life to live. You are now this old and still not married. Do you not have any woman you fancy? I can help you if you fancy any high noble's daughter, you know you are going to be the grand duke of South Atlantia in the future. You will be one of the most sought of bachelors."


"Unfortunately, I do not have any woman I fancy, your majesty." Dimitri smiled solemnly. "Since the day I have worked under your mother and you, I haven't have the time to think of such feelings."


"How long has it been, Dimitri?" Regaleon asked. "The first time my mother and I saw you on the streets and took you in?"


"It has been such a long time your majesty." Dimitri replied. "I was just a five year old kid that lost his only parent and his home. I have been staying on the streets of one of Grandcrest's cities when her highness, your mother took me in."




The streets in a Grandcrest city were busy because it was a market day. The war had just ended and many refugees from Atlantia were homeless and loitering on the streets of many cities such as this.


In a fancy carriage, the little Regaleon was riding with his mother. They were going thru the busy street market.


"My lady, the street is quite busy. I am afraid that we will be arriving late at the manor." The coach man said.


"It is okay. I would like to go down and take a look in the market." Regaleon's mother said.


"B-But my lady… his highness the crown prince might not approve of this!" The coach man said with a frightened look.


"Do not worry. If you do not report this to his highness, then there will be no problem." Regaleon's mother said while winking to the coach man. "You can wait for us on the way towards the manor. We will not take too long."


"B-But my lady…" The coach man wanted to oppose, but Regaleon's mother came down of the carriage and carried the little Regaleon on her arms.


Regaleon's mother walked thru the market while carrying the little Regaleon and sometimes making him walk on his little feet. She bought some apples in one of the stalls and gave Regaleon one to eat. While she was paying for the apples, a street kid stole some apples from the stall. The owner saw this and started chasing the kid. In some distance, the store owner tripped and fell on the ground and was not able to catch the kid.


While all of this is happening, another street kid about five years old took some cash from the cash register silently. Regaleon saw this and pointed to the little boy who was Dimitri.


"Mama…" The little Regaleon said and pointed to the little Dimitri. Regaleon's mother saw the little Dimitri stealing.


"Hey!" Regaleon's mother scolded.


The little Dimitri was startled and scrambled to run away. Regaleon's mother ran after him. While she was running, a small rock appeared just in front of her out of nowhere. She was quick on her feet and was able to avoid it, because if not she could have tripped.


Because of that, Regaleon's mother knew that the little Dimitri was an Atlantian child. She then became more determined to get the little Dimitri.


The little Dimitri was running with the money he was able steal from the apple stall. When he saw that he was in the clear, his pace decreased until it came to a stop. He hid at a corner and put the money on the ground and started to count. He did not realize that a group of men came to surround him.


"Well what do we have here?" A big thug looking man asked. "Look what this kid stole?"


"Do you not know that this is our turf, little kid?" Another said mockingly. "If you want to steal from here, then you need to give your earnings to us. You can say that it is a kind of rent."


The little Dimitri looked at the thugs with angry eyes and refused to give the money he stole.


"This kid is brave boss." Another man said. "I think we need to teach him a lesson so that he learns."


"Heh, then beat this little boy up so he learns." The one they call boss ordered.


The thugs had their fists cracking and looked at the little Dimitri menacingly, but Dimitri held his ground. When the thugs started to attack him, Dimitri fought back. He was strong for his age, but he was not able to beat many grown men at a time. He tried using his magic, but he could only conjure small rocks that hit the thugs. He was still little and does not know how to use his magic powers since it manifested when his mother dies.


"This boy is a f*cking Atlantian!" One of the thugs said.


"Kill him." Another said. "Those f*cking Atlantians are scum."


The little Dimitri was being beaten. He remembered what the villagers did to him and his mother, and his eyes started to get darker and darker until a woman's voice was heard.


"What are you doing to a little boy?!" It was Regaleon's mother carrying him in her arms.


"Oh look what we have here?" The boss said. "It looks like we hit jackpot. She looks like a noble. I am sure her husband will pay a hefty price for his wife and kid."


"Don't you dare lay a hand on that little boy, let alone my son!" Regaleon's mother said with a chilling tone.


The thugs had their focus on Regaleon's mother now. The little Dimitri was left on the ground bruised and bleeding from the beating.


"No! Lady, run!!" Dimitri does not want to see what happened to his mother happened to this mother and son.


"Do not worry, I will save you." Regaleon's mother told him. "I am not that weak."


From out of nowhere, fire flickered and hovered around the thugs.


"W-What is this?" The boss said with a frightened expression.


The little fire lights became bigger and changed its shape into birds. The fire birds then attacked the thugs, having them caught on fire.




"S-Save me!!!"




The thugs were scrambling around to put the fire on their bodies out.


"You f*cking Atlantian b*tch!" The boss took his knife out and ran towards Regaleon's mother. "Ahhh!"


But the boss was not able to get near the mother and son. His body caught on fire and burned fiercely.


"Ahhh… h-help me!!" The boss screamed in agony.


As the boss was burning, Regaleon's eyes were glowing a bright blue. He was looking at the burning boss intensely.


"Did you save mommy?" Regaleon's mother asked.


"Him bad…"The little Regaleon replied.


"Thank you my sweet boy, but let mommy handle this. Okay?" Regaleon's mother said.


"Hmm…" Regaleon nodded his little head and the boss body stopped burning, but he was burned beyond recognition.


"M-My lady!" The coach man came with some guards following him. "I was afraid of what happened to you and the little prince, so I came searching for you with the guards."


"Thank you for finding us." Regaleon's mother replied. "Please take this thugs into custody."


"Yes your highness." The captain of the guards bowed and took the thugs in custody.


The other thugs had minor burns, while the most injured was the boss who was burned beyond recognition but still breathing.


Regaleon's mother walked towards the little Dimitri. He huddled himself on a wall, still on his guard.


"Hello. May I know what is your name little one?" Regaleon's mother asked but Dimitri stayed silent.


"Do not worry, I will not hurt you. As you can see, we are both Atlantians." Regaleon's mother said but Dimitri stayed curled up on the wall.


The little Regaleon got down from his mother and walked slowly to Dimitri with his little feet. Dimitri flinched when he got close to him but he let the little Regaleon touch his face.


"Ouchy?" Regaleon said while holding the swollen cheeks of Dimitri. White light started to glow from Regaleon's little hands and Dimitri's wounds started to heal until they were gone.


Dimitri felt a warm heat from Regaleon's hands and felt safe. He looked at the little Regaleon smiling at him.


"Ouchy gone." Regaleon smiled brightly. "Be friends with Leon." He said with a cute accent.


"My son still cannot use his white magic consistently, but he wanted to heal you. Thank goodness he was able to." Regaleon's mother said. "He wants to be friends with you. He never had any friends. Would you please accept his request? I promise that I will keep you safe. Come with us."


Dimitri looked at the two hands that are outstretched in front of him. One is a little hand from Regaleon and the other was from his mother. He contemplated at first but in the end he took the two hands. He felt the warmth and safety in an instant.


"Dimitri." Dimitri whispered. "My name is Dimitri."


"Dimitri. I promise you Dimitri, I will take care of you." Regaleon's mother said with a smile. "I just ask you in turn to be a good companion to my son."


<Flashback end>


"Since then, I have sworn that I will be by your side, your majesty." Dimitri said. "It was a promise I gave to her highness your mother."


"And I have always been thankful for that." Regaleon got up and patted Dimitri's shoulder. "I am now at the position that no one can look down on and I am at a good standing. I believe it is time you look after your own now. Find a woman that you will fall in love with and make a family of your own. I want you to be happy as well, my big brother." Dimitri felt happy with Regaleon's words and smiled.


"I will try, your majesty." Dimitri replied.


"I believe you would find many women having a fancy on you. You will not any problems with finding one. Hahaha." Regaleon chuckled.


"Even if you say that, it is not that easy, your majesty. Hahaha." Dimitri chuckled.


Both of the men laughed out inside the office. They looked like brothers having a fun conversation.
Chapter 398 Side Story (Dimitri)(4)(unedited)

South Atlantia has started to take in residents and Dimitri traveling back and forth from the Grandcrest and South Atlantian capitals. He was scheduled to depart today with a group of Atlantians and this will be his permanent move to his residence in the South Atlantian capital.


"Have you taken note on all of what I have thought you?" Dimitri asked Chris who was going to take his post as Regaleon's personal assistant.


"I got it all in this notebook." Chris said. "Do not worry to much Dimitri. I will take care of his majesty for you. I know how you worry about him as a brother."


"Thank you, Chris." Dimitri sighed. "I am just not used to being away from his majesty's side for this long."


"I understand you, Dimitri." Chris patted his shoulder. "You will still have some official business that will take you here in Grandcrest. And I am sure that his majesty will also have time to visit you in South Atlantia. With her majesty as your niece as well, you are practically a real family now."


"Dimitri." Regaleon was walking towards the caravan that is prepared to depart to South Atlantia. Philip was walking behind him. "So, are you prepared with all your baggage?"


"I do not have that much possessions to begin with, your majesty." Dimitri replied with a smile. "So, I do not have that much baggage. Are you ready Philip?"


The young Philip had his head down feeling shy. He nodded with Dimitri's question.


"Once you are a knight apprentice, you can come back here Philip." Regaleon patted his head. "But for now you have to go with Dimitri. He is after all your adoptive father."


"Y-Yes, your majesty." Philip replied with awkwardness.


"Always practice the sword techniques I have thought you. I am sure that Dimitri could give you more lessons when you arrive at South Atlantia." Regaleon said. "And Dimitri, it would be better to give this young boy an adoptive mother as well." He grinned.


"Your majesty is jesting again." Dimitri replied.


"Well, I am not kidding." Regaleon chuckled. "I wish you all the best, Dimitri. See you again soon."


Regaleon gave Dimitri a hug and he hugged him back. Alicia came walking with Aerith in her arms and Alphonse in Tricia's. They only turned one year old not long ago.


"I am sad to see you go Dimitri. But Atlantia needs you." Alicia said. "Do not worry about Leon, I will be the one taking care of him."


"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri replied. "I am also sad to leave your side. But I am sure to visit some times. And please visit me as well. Atlantia is also your home."


"I will surely visit with Leon and the twins." Alicia said while Aerith struggled to go down from her arms and wants to go to the young Philip. Alicia let her go to Philip and Aerith smiled widely while Philip carried her carefully. "Aerith is going to miss you Philip. I hope you will come back when your knight apprenticeship starts."


"I will surely do, your majesty." Philip replied while playing with the little Aerith in his arms.


"Have a safe journey." Regaleon said with a final goodbye.


"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri bowed. "We will be departing now."


And with that the caravan started to depart. Regaleon and Alicia together with everyone there to see them off waved goodbye to Dimitri and Philip. Aerith started to cry in her mother's arm when she saw Philip leaving.




It has been days after the caravan departed the capital of Grandcrest and headed towards South Atlantia. There have been no incidents so far, except from a sudden downpour of rain that made them take shelter on the mountain side.


"Captain Dimitri, everything in the caravan has been accounted for." A woman who was wearing a military uniform was giving a report to Dimitri.


"Angel, you know I am not your captain anymore." Dimitri said with a chuckle.


"I-I am sorry. It was just out of habit." Angel was flustered while replying. "Then, my lord."


"It is a little awkward if you call me that." Dimitri scratched his head awkwardly.


"But you are my grand duke. I can only call you that." Angel replied.


"I am just getting used to this royal blood thing." Dimitri said. "What about this, you can call me by my name when it is just the two of us, okay?"


"B-By your name?" Angel blushed red.


"Yes. I have always called you by your name, so I think it is just right for you to call me by my name as well." Dimitri replied.


"I-I will try." Angel said shyly and bowed her head so that Dimitri would not see her blushing red face.


"By the way, why did you choose to come here with me?" Dimitri asked out of curiosity. "If you stayed in Grandcrest, you could have been vice captain of special army."


Because Dimitri is now a grand duke, the captain position he left have gone to Chris. Angel was the next in line to become vice captain, but she chose to go with Dimitri in South Atlantia and become captain of the guards under him.


"I am just a starting monarch and having to serve under me doesn't give you prestige. Unlike serving under the emperor's special army." Dimitri asked.


"W-Well, I want to go back to my home country." Angel said while stuttering.


"Is that so?" Dimitri looked at her curiously. "I never thought you remember Atlantia that much. I think you were just a baby when your parents left when Atlantia had fallen, right?"


"W-Well I want to see what my parents home country was." Angel reasoned out. "A-And my mother wanted to go back to scatter the ashes of my father in their birth country. I also wanted to accompany her."


"Ah yes. I remember that your mother is included in this caravan." Dimitri said. "Well if your mother ever wants to stay in South Atlantia permanently, come and tell me. I am sure to give her a good home to stay in. Her daughter has been of great help to me after all." He smiled sweetly at Angel and she blushed bright red.


"I-I remembered I had something to do." Angel said with a high pitch. "I will be going now." She bowed and ran out of the tent and into the pouring rain.


"W-Wait! Take an umbrella… just in case." Dimitri was left alone looking at the entrance of the tent where Angel vanished. "I hope she does not get a cold after this."


Outside the pouring rain, Angel stopped by a big tree to take shelter. She was drenching wet from the pouring rain.


"Angel, you fool." Angel scolded her self. "Why can you not just tell him that you did not take the vice captain position because you want to stay with him? Why can't I just tell him how I truly feel for him? That I fell in love with him at first sight."


Angel was still blushing red. She put her palms on her cheeks and it felt warm even with this pouring rain.


"That is right. Why did you not just tell him how you feel?" A voice said.


Angel was startled but when she looked who was talking, she saw the young Philip holding an umbrella and another one that was folded.


"Philip! Why are you here?" Angel asked.


"Well, Dimitri asked me to give you an umbrella." Philip said. "I thought you wouldn't need it because you are not an idiot that will let herself soak under the rain, but… I can see that you are an idiot."


"Hey! I am not." Angel scolded.


"Here just take it." Philip gave her the folded umbrella.


"Thanks." Angel said with gratitude and opened the umbrella.


"So, why don't just tell him your feelings? Everyone in the special army knows how you feel for the captain. The captain is just dense, that is why he hasn't catch up on your feelings." Philip asked. "I am sure that Dimitri will hear you out kindly."


"I know that he will hear me out. What I am afraid of is… getting rejected, I guess." Angel said with a solemn voice. "The captain was the one that saved me from the streets."
Chapter 399 Side Story (Dimitri)(5)(unedited)

"So, why don't you just tell him your feelings?" Philip asked. "I am sure that Dimitri will hear you out kindly."

"I know that he will hear me out. What I am afraid of is… getting rejected, I guess." Angel said with a solemn voice. "The captain was the one that saved me from the streets."

Angel told Philip how she and Dimitri first met.

"I was a pick pocketer when I was in my teens, trying to live by and buy medicine for my sick mother. My father just dies because of the same illness and I do not want my mother to follow him in the afterlife and leave me all alone." Angel explained. "Back then, other people were not so fond of Atlantian refugees and we were not given a chance to work for a living like other people do. And so, I resort to picking pockets and thievery on the streets, and that was where the captain caught me doing such unlawful things."

"I never thought you were a thief back then." Philip teased while chuckling.

"Hey, don't tease." Angel replied. "I also never wanted to do such things. It was just… I had no other options left for me back then."

"But then, Dimitri came to save the day." Philip smiled.

"Yes. I still remember that day I first met the captain." Angel smiled. "I was running away from the city guards that were trying to catch me. I bumped into him after taking a turn in an alley. He was wearing a dark cloak, and together with his black hair and eyes, he looked mysterious."

"Won't you be more wary of a man like that rather than swoon for him?" Philip teased.

"Heh, whatever. Let me finish." Angel replied. "And so, my eyes looked into his dark orbs. That was when he heard the city guards that were coming after me. I tried to get away from his hold and used my magic on him."

"You have wind magic, correct?" Philip asked.

"Yes, you are correct." Angel replied. "And so, I used my wind magic to push him away, but he did not bulge an inch which surprised me. He just stared at me intensely. And I remember what he did as if it were yesterday." She had dreamy eyes.


"If you do not want to get caught, then just play with me." Dimitri said to the teenage girl in front of him.

"W-What do you mean?" Angel tried to get away from the grip on her hand but to no avail. She tried using her wind magic a while ago, but that did not work as well.

"Shhh…" Dimitri gestured.

Dimitri pushed the teenage Angel on the wall and pulled her hair tie off.

"W-What are you…" Angel was surprised with their sudden position.

Dimitri had Angel's back on the wall while he was getting closer and closer. Angel tried to resist but Dimitri was strong.

"I am sorry about this, but please bare it for now." Dimitri said.

Dimitri had placed some kind of ring on her finger and her hair color changed from auburn to strawberry blonde. She did not realize that her green eyes turned into light brown. Dimitri had her upper buttons of her dress open just as her cleavage was exposed. He also grabbed her thigh up and her skirt a little higher exposing her light thigh.

"No…" Angel resisted but her lips were covered by Dimitri's hand.

"You want to get away from the guards?" Dimitri asked and Angel nodded. "Then follow my lead."

Dimitri gestured with his head that the building that they were at was a prostitute house. He was helping her to go under cover.

Not long, they heard the footsteps of the city guards chasing Angel. Dimitri leaned closer to her, having the impression that they were kissing. Angel's heart was beating fast with closeness they have.

"Hey you!" A guard called out to them. "Have you seen a teenage girl run along this way?"

"Do you think I am in the position to see who are running around here?" Dimitri acted as if he was out of breath.

"Oh, sorry." The guard said. He looked at Angel but because she had a different appearance, the guard did not notice that she was the one they were chasing. "C-Carry on." The guard blushed after seeing Angel and Dimitri in such a situation and walked away.

The city guards searched the vicinity for some more and so Dimitri and Angel stayed in that position for much longer. When the city guards left, that was the time Angel sighed in relief. She did not even know she was holding her breath the whole time.

"T-Thank you." Angel said after they were in the clear.

"You… you are an Atlantian." Dimitri asked instantly.

"How did you know?" Angel was surprised. She became on guard against Dimitri in an instant.

"You used wind magic just a while ago." Dimitri replied. "Do not worry, I will not harm you. I am an Atlantian as well." Dimitri nodded.

"You are also a fellow Atlantian?" Angel was surprised. It has been long since she met a fellow countryman.

"Come with me." Dimitri offered his hand. "If you come, I will promise you that you will not need to steal again to live."

Angel was hesitant at first but took the outstretched hand Dimitri offered. It felt warm after she had touched it. She felt the callouses in his hand, something that she will know came from the years of holding a sword.

<Flashback end>

"I can still remember how his hand was so warm to touch." Angel was still smiling brightly. "And the time when he was so close, how I wish he had really kissed me back then."

"Ewww… don't talk about such things in front of a child." Philip made a retching expression.

"Well anyways, that is my story." Angel replied.

"Then I advise you to confess your feelings to Dimitri." Philip replied. "There are only two outcomes after all, one is a good ending and one is the bad ending."

"I guess your right." Angel had a solemn smile on her face. "I think I will try."

After a moment, they heard rumbling coming down from above. Philip and Angel looked up and saw the birds fly away. Angel thought of the worst-case scenario from where such a sound could come from.

"LAND SLIDE!" Angel screamed. "Philip, run to the camp and alert them fast!"

"… y-yes." Philip was surprised. "What about you?"

"I will try to hold the landslide as long as I can!" Angel said.

"Hmm, be careful." Philp nodded and ran towards camp.

Angel used her wind magic to levitate from the ground. She had practiced her wind magic hard that she had been classified as one of the tope tier wind magic users in the special army. She flew to see if it was really a land slide coming, and as she had predicted it really was.

Some of her comrades came to her aide after Philip had warned them in camp. They were the first ones that Philip had said of the situation.

"Captain Angel, we are here to help." One said.

"What is our plan captain?" Another asked.

"Those with earth magic, try making a dike. Those with fire magic, help the earth magic users to strengthen the dyke." Angel ordered. "Those with wind magic, help me push the landslide as much as possible. Water magic users, try averting the water of the landslide away from camp until the people have ran to safety."


They start executing Angel's plan. Earth magic wielders built a dyke made of earth, but because the rain is pouring hard the dyke was soft and hard to form. Some with plant magic tried to grow tree branches as foundation for the dyke. The fire magic wielders tried their hardest to try and dry the dyke even with the pouring rain. The wind and water magic wilders had gone ahead and tried their hardest to stall the landslide from reaching the camp.

"Captain… we can't maintain this much longer!" One yelled.

The Atlantians were at their limit with using their magic. Not many of the ones that came with the envoy were high class magic wielders.

"Try your best until the last!" Angel yelled. "Just until the people at camp have ran to safety!"

Angel was the one with the highest-class magic user currently there. She felt the burden of the responsibility to try her hardest.

"Angel!" Dimitri's voice was heard. "Get your men out of there now! The people in the camp are all in a safe place!"

"My lord!" Angel sighed in relief after seeing him. "You heard the grand duke, get out now!"

Angel's comrades followed her command and started to run for safety. She stayed back until she saw that all her men had left.

Dimitri than used his earth magic to make the dike Angel's men did higher and sturdier. The rampaging landslide was at bay with the reinforced dike that Dimitri made.

"Angel, get out of there now!" Dimitri yelled.

Angel was still hovering above the rampaging landslide. She nodded to Dimitri and when she was about to fly away, a huge tree came rushing from above the mountain. Angel's position was in the way and she was not able to react fast. She looked at the tree with huge eyes in shock.

"No, this can't be." Angel whispered. "I still haven't told him how I feel."

When the tree was about to hit her, she heard her name being called.

"Angel!" Dimitri's voice was so near.

Angel then just realized that she was moved out of the way of the rushing tree and in the arms of someone. When she looked, she saw Dimitri's face so close to her until she felt her body submerge in the thick water mud of the landslide.
Chapter 400 Side Story (Dimitri)(6)(unedited)

Angel opened her eyes to see the sun's rays peeking thru some opening from the rain clouds above. It looked like the storm had just passed and a bright day is waiting ahead.

Angel tried to remember what happened and felt her body sore all over. She then remembered what happened before, and that made her sit up abruptly. Her body ached all over and it felt heavy. Her body is all covered with mud. She was lying at the side of the river where she can see debris of fallen trees going with the flow.

"Dimitri!" Angel realized that Dimitri was with her when she fell into the landslide.

Angel remembered when a big tree was rushing her way at full speed, it was Dimitri that pushed her out of the way. She remembered how he hugged her body tightly as if not wanting any harm to befall her. The last thing she remembers was them fall into the rushing water and being swept away with the strong flow.

"My lord! Where are you?!" Angel tried to push her heavy body to get up and look around. "My lord!"

'He must be just around here.' Angel thought. 'You should be safe, Dimitri.'

Angel was having a turmoil of emotions right now. She frantically searched at the river side, hoping to see Dimitri alive and well. After looking around with her heart thumping so hard inside her chest, she saw Dimitri lying face down not far from where she woke up.

"My lord!" Angel started running to him. "My lord, my lord!" she tried calling out to him.

Angel pushed Dimitri to face up. She put her ears on his chest and tried to hear his heartbeat.

"His heartbeat is weak. And he is not breathing." Angel felt alarmed. "No! Don't you die on me."

Angel started to pump his chest and tried to revive him. She pumped air to his mouth using hers and then pumped his chest in intervals.

"Come on, breathe!" Angel was getting hysterical. She cannot imagine Dimitri dying. "I still need to tell you something, please!"

After pumping air to Dimitri's mouth, he coughed out water. He was breathing easily now.

"A-Angel?" Dimitri said. He was blinking his eyes until he can see more clearly.

"Dimitri! Thank goodness." Angel said while tears started to fall from her eyes. "I should be the one protecting you. I am such an incompetent captain."

"Don't say that." Dimitri replied. "You are a person worth saving." He smiled to Angel but just made her cry more.

Dimitri was flustered seeing Angel cry out loud. He did not know what to do to console a crying lady. Then he remembered what Regaleon does whenever he sees Alicia cry. Dimitri was hesitant at first but then wrapped his arms around Angel and pulled her in an embrace. He started patting her back, trying to calm her down.

"Hush now." Dimitri said with a soothing voice. "I am alright now."

Angel's cries started to die down until it became light sobs. She was comforted with what Dimitri was doing.

"T-Thanks." Angel tried to pull away, but then Dimitri flinched.

"Ahh…" Dimitri flinched in pain.

"W-What is it?" Angel was startled when she saw Dimitri's face being in pain. She looked all over his body and saw some blood on his side.

Upon a more closer look, Angel saw a tree branch sticking on Dimitri's side. It looked quite nasty.

"Dimitri, you… you got injured!" Angel said.

"I probably got it from a tree or something." Dimitri replied.

"You got injured because of me, when I should be the one protecting you." Angel's tears started to come out again.

"Please don't cry." Dimitri wiped her tears with his fingers. "I cannot just see you get hurt in front of me. If this happens again, I will do what I did and save you. So do not blame yourself for this. Okay?"

"Hmm…" Angel wiped her tears away. "At least let me make first aid on your wound. Let us find a good spot first."

"Okay." Dimitri agreed.

Angel helped Dimitri up. His arms were wrapped around Angel's shoulder and helped him walk to a grassy side of the riverbanks. Angel gently laid Dimitri down.

"Wait here. I will find some wood to start some fire." Angel said.

Angel the ran towards the wooded area of the riverbanks. Many of the trees were either uprooted or cut because of the flash flood earlier, and all the trees were wet which will be hard to use to start a fire. But fortunately, Angel was a wind magic attribute user and has a little fire attribute.

Angel got some tree branches that she thinks could be best to use. She scratched her hand by being a little hard on pulling some branches, but she did not mind it and took as many branches as she could. When she thought she had gotten enough, she ran back to where Dimitri was lying down.

"Welcome back." Dimitri greeted her with a smile.

Angel saw Dimitri's face filled with sweat, knowing that he was in pain. She felt a pang in her heart and moved swiftly to start a fire.

"Just hold on for a while, I will start a fire right away." Angel said.

Angel put the tree branches on the ground and used her wind magic to try and dry them. Once she knew they were nearly dry, she combined some fire magic and start a fire successfully. When she saw the fire burning, she smiled. She then quickly moved to Dimitri's side.

"I will pull the branch out and then close the wound with fire." Angel said. "This is the best I can do. Hopefully the others will find us, and you could have some medicine to prevent your wound from getting inflamed and infected."

"I understand." Dimitri nodded.

Angel held the branch that was sticking by Dimitri's side firmly. She took a deep breath and looked at him.

"Are you ready?" Angel asked with a serious face.

"Yes, I am ready." Dimitri nodded.

Angel then held the branch tightly and pulled it out in one go.

"Ahhh…" Dimitri flinched but was able to bare the pain.

Angel then used a cloth that she tore from her own clothes and washed it by the river to put on the wound. Dimitri was in visible pain but was trying to hold it in. The cloth was stained with blood quickly and Angel knew she should act fast. She wiped away the blood and took a firewood from the fire she created and was about to use it to close the wound.

"Here I go." Angel said.

Ange put the fire off first and when the wood only had ambers left, she pushed it on the wound.

"Ahhhh…" Dimitri screamed in pain.

Angel was frightened that Dimitri could cut of his tongue from the pain and she just realized she had forgotten to give him something to chew on. Because of the situation, she offered her arm for Dimitri to bite on.

Dimitri was not in his right mind because of the pain and when he felt something being offered in his mouth, he just bit it. Angel flinched after feeling Dimitri's teeth sink on her flesh but did not mind the pain. Her love was in pain because of her and so she thought feeling this pain is a price she needs to take.