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She loved me dearly- Part 3

Madeline felt a breeze pass by her. She turned around and saw her mother standing in front of Astrate. "Are you here to taunt me?" Marina asked. 

Astrate's lips pulled up into a smile,

"Come back, Marina. The living world is not for you, not once the angel finds what you are carrying in your stomach." 

Marina took a protective stance, and she raised her hand in front of her, "My child is part of the living world. Leave my child alone." 

"Darian sent you to turn the angels against each other, but what did you do instead? The last time I met you, I should have known that you had changed and had turned disloyal to us demons. That's what the world of the living does to one, isn't it? What do you see in him, Mari? Have you forgotten what we have gone through?" asked Astrate, pulling out a wooden staff in her hand from thin air. 

"You can find someone else to fill the position, Astrate," and before the other demoness could harm her, Marina swung her hand to send electric shocks towards the other woman. 

Astrate didn't hold back herself in bringing Marina down, trying to attack in every possible chance she got. And then she quickly disappeared from the front, "You should know when to give up, Marina, but knowing you I know you won't. I will keep your secret safe. If not I, you will be killed by Darian. I will be more compassionate to you." Astrate swung her wooden staff right at Marina's head.

The strike of the hit on Marina's head was enough to have her stumble and lose her balance as she staggered forward. 

"Why are you doing this?" asked Marina in pain, trying to get her balance back, and she tried to use her ability, but it seemed like she had lost the ability.

"If I wasn't your friend I would have tortured you, Mari," said Astrate and Marina turned to look into Astrate's eyes. "It's not just you, but you will be putting everyone else's life in danger," she held the staff tightly in her hand and placed it behind Marina's head. 

Marina placed her hand on her stomach, feeling the fullness. There were only a few more weeks left before the baby would come to this world. She knew the consequences when she had fallen in love and it wasn't like she didn't know. 

"I will see you one day," whispered Marina, "I will settle the account with you then." 

"I shall wait for it," replied Astrate knowing there was no way Marina could return. The demoness pulled the staff far away from Marina's head before hitting it straight at the back of Marina's head to have the woman fall.

When Madeline saw her mother fall, she tried to catch her, but her mother's body passed through her hand as Madeline was only a spectator in this memory and her mother fell flat on the ground. "Mama!" Madeline cried, getting down on the ground and saw blood starting to ooze out from her mother's head. 

The life in the demoness didn't stay even for a second more as it seemed like she had weakened and Astrate's one hit was enough to kill her. The rest of the events followed what Madeline had seen in her dream. Paschar came to the scene before he exchanged a few words with Astrate before he killed the demoness. The demoness's body caught fire and she disappeared into nothing but ash. But the surroundings around Madeline had fazed out while she sat next to her dead mother. 

The surface of the river in Hell glimmered again, and Madeline stared into her mother's eyes that looked identical to her own eyes. 

In the meantime, Vladimir had not pulled his hand away from the water, and his hand that had dipped itself in the river caught sight of everything Madeline had seen. He finally pulled his hand, cleaning his hand with his handkerchief.

The water's surface broke by Marina who emerged from the water and she, who had flesh and skin on her, her body now turned to bones as it left the water. And even though her mother didn't have eyes, Madeline could tell that she was looking at her right now. Her mother's hand reached out for her, placing it on the side of Madeline's face. 

Madeline had grown and spent her time with the Harris family, but it was this person who was responsible to bring her into this world. Her heart felt more solemn than before, and she had a mixture of sadness and happiness in her mind. 

Marina moved her jaws, but no words came apart from the creaking of the bones. 

"The dead cannot speak," informed Vladimir, "But I can understand her."

"What did she say?" asked Madeline, her eyes moist. 

"She said you have grown," Vladimir translated, and he stood up from the place. 

"Is there no way to bring her back?" Madeline asked hopefully. 

"Unfortunately, no. She comes in the first category of the original demons. Consider it to be like pulling out a fish from the water. You can always visit her, and daily if you stay here," Vladimir proposed in a casual tone. 

"I can now tell why my mother didn't stay with you," commented Calhoun, and this was enough to raise a nerve in Vladimir's forehead. The subject of Constance was sensitive not only to Calhoun but also to the Devil. 

"Sure you did, because you were born at that time," Vladimir sneered. 

"You forget that I am your grandson. I can sense you are up to no good," Calhoun looked straight into the older vampire's eyes. 

"And that is very true," agreed Vladimir in pride. 

Madeline saw her mother starting to get back into the water, and the flesh and skin on her body returned the way it was earlier. Turning behind, she was going to ask Vladimir something when she noticed there were only four people in here that included her mother. 

Her face turned slightly pale, "Where is Beth?" 

Beth's night out in Hell- Part 1

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Beth stood behind Calhoun watching the souls that floated in the river, that looked strange to her. What Madeline saw wasn't the same as to what Beth was seeing, and it might have been because of the drop of blood that belonged to Vladimir that now coursed through her veins, making her see things which a mere mortal couldn't see. 

In the living world, Beth and Madeline shared the same mother, but the truth was that it was this woman who was in the river, responsible for bringing Madeline into this world. The bones that Beth saw were rotten and had green moss on it, turning the sight to be uncomfortable to watch. Madeline and her mother were talking to each other, Madeline bending down towards the surface of the river, when Beth heard a sound that drifted down the stairs they had come from. 

'Beth,' she heard a voice that fell right in her ears. She turned around, trying to see who it was, but she couldn't find anyone there. 

Beth then looked at Vladimir, Calhoun and Madeline, who seemed to have not heard the voice and she wondered if she had just imagined it in her mind. As Vladimir spoke, she turned behind and she heard the voice call her again.

'Lady Elizabeth.' 

A chill ran down her body, and Beth realized to whom this voice belonged to. Her eyes turned wide, and she wondered where it was coming from. 

'Lady Elizabeth, I have been waiting for you,' said Raphael's voice, 'Don't be startled, my words are only for you to listen and no one else. I have been locked up in the Tower of Chains. I have been waiting for you.'

Beth didn't know if she was hallucinating Raphael speak to her because of the guilt that weighed heavily in her heart and mind. Looking back and forth at the people with whom she had come down here, and then at the stairs where the voice was coming from, she couldn't resist herself and started to walk towards the stairs. 

She quickly held the hem of her dress before she started to climb up the spiral stairs that were lit with torches of fire. There were certain intervals of gap before a torch of fire was lit on the wall. Therefore Beth picked up a torch from the wall and made her way. 

"Raphael?" whispered Beth, wondering if he could hear her. 

The tower they were in was called as the Tower of Sins. From what Raphael said, it made Beth question if he was being tortured in a place similar to the dungeons back in the castle. There was something that had been worrying her for a while, were all demons fated to end up in Hell? By what she understood, Madeline's actual mother was not a bad woman as she had tried to protect her child. Raphael was not a bad person either. 

The demon had helped her in keeping her sanity by not just giving her company in her room, but also speaking to her with words that made sense more than ever in the past. Raphael had helped her sister and Calhoun, and she doubted he was the kind of person to kill anyone thoughtlessly, then would he be eligible to end up in Heaven instead of Hell for his good nature? Beth asked herself as she continued to make her way up the stairs. 

When Beth reached the last stairs from where they had descended earlier, she didn't see anyone around, and she called, "Raphael? Can you hear me?"

There were a lot of things she wanted to speak to the demon, and before anything, Beth wanted to apologize for his death. She turned back, wondering if Madeline would need more time to spend with her mother. Maybe in the meantime, she could speak to Raphael and then ask Vladimir how to bring him back to life with an alternative deal other than sacrificing an innocent soul. 

'Beth, leave the tower of Sins, and come to the Tower of Chains,' Beth again heard Raphael's voice. She heard him groan in pain as if he was being tortured. 

'Where do I find it? Where is the tower of Chains?' Beth had entered Hell for the first time. She didn't know where the Tower of Chains was located or how to find Raphael, without his guidance right now, she would be lost. 

'You will find the long passage between the pillars that light up itself in basins of fire. Walk straight until you find the three-way route. Take a right from there, and you will find the third tallest tower outside. It is black and completely charred. You will find its top broken, you will know when you see it,' said Raphael's voice to her. 

Beth who was half-demon and half-human right now, with a mixture of werewolf's blood also running in her veins, the scent made the demons who came across her stare at the woman who wore clothes that didn't belong to this place. It wasn't that Beth was not scared of Hell. The truth was she was terrified. But the only thing that kept her sane was Raphael's voice. 

The place was hot because of the amount of fire that blazed in random places in the pits. Beth could hear the screams coming from the pits and other places. She walked away from it, following the voice, half in a trance state, and half-awake as what was happening right now didn't feel real. When she caught sight of the broken tower that was far away from the rest of the other towers, Beth quickly started to make her way to the place. 

But what Beth didn't realize was that the creatures of Hell smelled the scent of the human in the air, waking some of them from their slumber. The creatures that had fire blazing from inside their body turned alert on seeing Beth, and they slowly started to come out from the ground. 

Back in the Tower of Sins, Madeline looked distressed. 

"Beth?" she called, her eyes looking at where they were and the entire passage of a platform that was built next to the river.
Beth's night out in Hell- Part 2

"Someone forgot to babysit trouble," murmured Vladimir, barely bothered with Madeline's sister's disappearance. 

"How did we not realize it?" Madeline stood up, a deep frown on her face. "She was right here. She was here before I tried to look at the second part of the memory."

"Can't you find where she is?" questioned Calhoun. 

Vladimir tilted his head to the side, "Maybe? It was barely two to three minutes. She must not have gone too far away from here. But which person ever decides to explore Hell by themselves?"

"Elizabeth can," deadpanned Calhoun. They should have made her stay in the graveyard or sent her back in the carriage to the castle. But Beth had such bad luck that, even if they did that, there would have been chances where the carriage would have been attacked while going back to the castle. "Find her." 

Vladimir chuckled, "I don't take orders, Calhoun. Be nicer, and I will try to see if I can find her."

"Please find Beth. I don't think it is safe for her in here," said Madeline. "Even if your blood runs in her, she still is a human, and it will only attract trouble." 

The Devil stared at Calhoun and Madeline, a slow smile gracing his lips, "How about we make a deal?"

"You must be joking," Madeline stared at the older vampire. 

"No, I am very serious," his smile on his lips broadened, "I do not see why I shouldn't milk an opportunity like this to my very own benefit."

Calhoun let out a tired sigh, "I knew he had more than a couple of screws loose in his head. I think it's time to tighten it." His black wings automatically spread out from his back. 

"Now now, calm down and let us sit down and speak calmly," suggested Vladimir. 

"If anything happens to Beth, our children will hate you," Madeline didn't know how else to threaten the Devil. "Beth is important to me, and I do not want to lose her." 

"Are you sure about it?" Vladimir raised his eyebrows in question at her. "I mean I know both of you had a very rocky relationship with each other, but do you know it wasn't all about jealousy? Poor Elizabeth, every time she tried to do something good, you always stole it from her when you both were young. There's that deep dark corner in her heart that is scared and worried, you could say her mind is scarred." 

Madeline knew that the Devil was not someone who could be trusted. Though he was Calhoun's grandfather, there was only upto a certain extent they could rely on him. This person didn't leave a single opportunity to get something in return, and somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembered the first few weeks she had spent with Calhoun in the castle. 

She closed her eyes, trying to sense Beth around, but she wasn't here. She then opened her eyes. 

"Are you trying to meditate?" asked Vladimir, and Madeline knew she would need to keep her calm. "You know what I said is true."

"Beth and I have already sorted out our differences, you don't have to remind what each of us has done to the other," stated Madeline, "Thank you for bringing me here to meet my mother, but we would not like to leave the place without Beth."

Seeing how Vladimir didn't respond to it, Calhoun's eyes only narrowed, "You had no intention of letting us leave this place, did you?" he took a threatening step towards the old bat. 

"I did ask you politely if you would stay here with me, but instead you said I should come to visit you. How rude, you want an old man travelling back and forth. What unfilial grandchild I have got," said Vladimir in a sad tone before turning his head in the other direction. 

"I will kill you like the butcher who minces the meat," glared Calhoun. "And when it comes to unfilial, I must have acquired it from my grandfather."

"I think you are telling about your paternal grandfather," stated Vladimir. 

"No, I am speaking about the one who left my mother and went to get his beauty sleep," replied Calhoun and the smile that was on the Devil's face fell. 

"You have some nerve, to keep poking me about the same matter. It isn't funny," spoke Vladimir in a low growl.

Calhoun didn't back away, and he responded, "It was not meant to be funny. Tell us what you have been hiding from us? What is it?"

Vladimir turned and walked a few steps away from them, the reflection of his body non-existent on the surface of the river that he walked next to. His shoes made a sharp clicking sound on the ground. "Well..." the man drawled. 

Madeline wondered where Beth was or if Vladimir had kidnapped her sister. They didn't know where to find her, and it was best to get some answers from Vladimir than waste their time in Hell. 

Vladimir turned to look at her, "You have less than two hours left before you will be registered as residents of Hell," he said, "You will turn to a full demon."

Calhoun didn't waste a second, and he went straight at Vladimir, pushing the Devil against one side of the wall while holding Vladimir's collar, "You are trying to kill her," he said the words through gritted teeth. 

Vladimir didn't mind that Calhoun held his collar. If it was someone else, he would have burned them right there with a snap of his fingers, but the reason Calhoun could do it was because it was his blood that was running through Calhoun's veins. 

"Let me correct my words," said the Devil with a smile, "Madeline won't feel the pain of death, and she will not be hounded to go to Heaven. I am only helping both of you. I know you would disagree with my methods-"

"And I wonder why," Calhoun's eyes blazed. He pushed the Devil further against the wall in raging anger, "Find Beth, and open the portal to us so that we can get back to the living world."
Beth's night out in Hell- Part 3

Vladimir carefully placed his hand on Calhoun's hand and pushed it before stepping away from his grandson. "As I said, don't take hasty decisions. Madeline will still be able to get back to the living world and live in that castle of yours. On the same note, why is your last name still Hawthrone? You should pick up the name Lazarus."

"I don't want to be infected by using that name," remarked Calhoun, and Madeline agreed. She should have known that the Devil did only what benefitted him and not for others. By offering his help to meet her mother, he had trapped not one but three of them. 

The old bat chuckled, "I think you already have, son. All Madeline needs to do is drink a potion, and she will be a demon," he then shifted his gaze to look at Madeline, "I can tell that your skin is prickling because this place isn't for you, not for an angel. Once you drink the potion," he pulled out a glass vial from his pocket that had purple liquid in it. "You will be free. I won't have to worry where the angels will take Calhoun's happiness and even mine, because I want to see my grandchildren. A lot of them, unless Calhoun decides to have them with another woman."

"That is Madeline and my problem. We will handle it, and both of us would prefer her not turning to a demon," Calhoun wanted to crush Vladimir's head for having such ideas in his head. But only the Devil knew how to get out of this place. 

Madeline felt her head squeeze, and she pressed her temples with her fingertips. She wondered how to get Vladimir to understand without throwing him in the river now. 

"But I am your family, I have a say!" said Vladimir. His methods might have been strange, but it was a hundred and one percent guaranteed to drive away the angels. 

"You are our family, Vlad, but things like these need to be discussed. You cannot do it against our will, because then you will be the same as the rest of them who want me to end up in Heaven," said Madeline as patiently as she could. 

Vladimir stared at Madeline before he remarked, "You children, are naive. Do you think the angels are going to let you be? They have been trying to get rid of the demons from the living world even before I turned my back against Heaven. They don't care if there are demons who are good because they believe every single demon needs to be killed and destroyed."

"You are here to protect me along with Calhoun. Please, I do not want to turn to a demon," Madeline tried to sway Vladimir. 

"I think it would be best if you drink the potion," Vladimir disappeared from where he was and reappeared in front of her, stretching his hand towards Madeline, giving the glass vial to her. "The sooner you drink, the faster everything settles down, and we can then find little Elizabeth who has gone to explore Hell. I will check in an hour," and in a blink on an eye, the Devil disappeared from their sight.

"Oh dear God," she whispered and felt her skin prickle more as if her body was burning from the inside. 

"Fucker!" Calhoun cursed Vladimir before turning to Madeline, "Are you doing alright?" he asked. 

Madeline nodded her head, "I am okay. We need to find Beth. Something might happen to her!" she said with worry. Having Beth was nothing less to having a toddler next to them who needed constant supervision. They started to make their way up the stairs as unlike Vladimir who could apparate in and out of any place, neither Calhoun nor Madeline had honed their skills in it. 

Vladimir, who had left the children to play and have fun in Hell, had reached his room so that he could get some rest. A demon came from the corner of the room, helping Vladimir remove the coat that he wore. 

He unbuttoned the cuffs of his sleeves when Odin came with hurried footsteps. 

"Master," Odin bowed his head. 

"My faithful servant," Vladimir appeared to be in a good mood. He removed his clothes and stepped into the acidic bath from where steam came out. As the Devil dipped his body down, his flesh disappeared, and he was left with only bones on his body, turning him into a complete skeleton. 

Odin came forward with a glass of blood in his hand, and he offered it to his Master, "Did Master Calhoun and the others leave, Master?" 

"They decided to spend some time in Hell," Vladimir hummed, and Odin nodded his head, not knowing what Vladimir's plan was. "Are all the exits to the living world closed?" 

"Yes, Master! Tightly sealed so that no angel or demons can pass through without your permission," said the dutiful servant. 

"Hm, wonderful," Vladimir let his body sink further to relax, "Wake me up after an hour," he said to Odin, as well as, to the other demon who was in the room. 

The servants bowed their heads, and Odin decided to leave the bathing room of his Master as it wasn't like his Master needed any help in bathing. 

Away from the Devil's quarters, Beth had finally entered the Tower of Chains. Instead of hearing souls scream, Beth felt a certain lingering of quietness in here. The building was in utter ruins as if it was unused. 

There were bones on the ground, and Beth searched for Raphael with frantic eyes, "Raphael? Are you in here?" 

'Lady Elizabeth? You are here! Take the stairs at the far end that will lead to the bottom ground. I am right there.'

Beth did as she was told, and she took the stairs to descend down and found a sizeable empty corridor that had cell rooms on either side of it. When her eyes fell on one of the cell rooms, Beth noticed a strange creature with a werewolf-like face with its body almost human and it looked starved. It growled at her, and in response, Beth's eyes turned slightly yellow and gold.

She met a few more strange creatures in there as she walked past one cell room after another that were covered in rusted iron grills. 

Her feet finally stopped. 

"Lady Elizabeth..." said the shabby man, who stood behind the iron bars. 
Frists- Part 1

Music Recommendation: No need to come back by Hans Zimmer


For a moment Beth felt her heart stop when her eyes fell on Raphael who stood near the iron bars waiting for her. He looked pale, his eyes dull along with his appearance. But none of them caught Beth's attention except for his presence. 

She slowly took one step after another to come and stand right in front of him. 

"It is good to see you here, Lady Elizabeth," said Raphael with a small smile on his lips. Now that she stood in front of the demon whom she had wanted to meet and speak, to apologize, she didn't know what to say. 

Beth's lips parted, "It is good to see you, Mr. Sparrow." Her eyes then looked behind him, taking in the appearance of the cell he was in, that had bones in them as if it had many prisoners in the past. A stench of air drifted in the atmosphere. 

Beth felt terrible seeing Raphael end up here. 

"I am so sorry," she whispered, ready to apologize to him but the man shook his head. 

"It wasn't your fault. I did what I thought was right at that time, and I don't regret it," said Raphael. In the short period of time he had spent here in Hell, his black shoulder-length hair had turned greasy.

"What is this place?" asked Beth when she heard someone cry out in pain far away from where she stood. The sudden scream alarmed her because this place had been quiet when she had reached. 

While Beth looked to her right, staring at the endless passage that had many more cell rooms, holding the sinners in there, Raphael stared at Beth as if he couldn't believe she was here. 

"This is the Tower of Chain, a place where the demons are destroyed," replied Raphael. 

"W-what?" Beth's eyes went back to look at the demon, "When you say destroyed, do you mean killing the demons forever?" 

Raphael looked away from Beth, his eyes moved to the corner of the passage until where he could see, "I hoped to see you one last time before I left this place."

"Is there no way to get you out, I thought demons were only tortured, and not killed," said Beth in a confused tone. 

"Demons who are of no use are removed from existence. Of course, if you speak to the Lord, he might be the only person to help, but he won't come down here for my sake," Raphael smiled. 

Lord? Was Raphael speaking about Vladimir? 

At the same time, Beth noticed the creatures inside the cells had come to the front, near the iron bars as they had smelt something different in the air. The smell of a living being in the midst of the dead. 

"As glad as I am to see you here, I am surprised as to what you are doing here, Lady Elizabeth?" the demon frowned slightly, "I sense something odd about you, less of human. Did you enter Hell for your sins?" 

Beth shook her head, "No, we came here for Madeline's sake. To see her mother." She noticed the light in Raphael's eyes returned. 

"She's here too?" he asked, and Beth nodded her head, and he smiled. "I see," he looked into her green eyes. The colour of her eyes had not changed since the first time they had met when they were children. 

Away from the Tower of Chains, both Madeline, as well as Calhoun, looked for Beth. She could be anywhere, and this was not the place to go by herself, thought Madeline. 

"Can you smell her?" asked Madeline to Calhoun, and he shook his head. 

"The stench of death is heavy here. It is hard to find her," he sighed. "She must have gone looking for Raphael. Did she say anything before entering Hell?" 

"Nothing important, but I think she had decided to see him before we left this place," replied Madeline. Unfortunately, it wasn't just Beth, who was a breathing person from the living world. The creatures who had smelt Beth from afar had also smelled the strong smell of Calhoun as well as Madeline. The creatures who had fire burning from inside their body started to move closer to where the couple was. 

Even though the creatures didn't have a nose, they took a big sniff in the air. 

"Cal," Madeline's hand reached for Calhoun's arm, and she pulled his sleeve. "What are these things?" 

Calhoun's eyes fell on the creatures of Hell, and he stared at them.

"They are called Frists. The creatures that feed on each other, and are expecting us to be their meal." He said it in such a calm tone, that it made Madeline believe there was nothing to worry about them. But the very next second, those creatures who were moving slowly suddenly sped towards them in speed that she had not expected for them to come at her and Calhoun. 

Calhoun wings reappeared, and he swung his hand to have some of the creatures thrown far away, while some were persistent like spiders who stuck themselves to the ground. The Frists quickly started to attack them, and Madeline and Calhoun turned busy to fight the creatures. 

Madeline didn't bring out her wings, but her scent was enough for the other creatures to smell the angel who had descended to the underground world. She used the wind to deflect the creatures, trying to keep them away from her. 

Odin, who had arrived at the scene, his eyes widened, and he quickly stepped forward to shoo away the creatures. Master had told him that the children were exploring Hell, but the mere demons were not informed about who Calhoun was. 

"Go away from here you Frists! This is no place to play. They are Master's important guests," he waved his hand and came to stand next to Madeline. 

The creatures growled at Odin's words. At the same time, Calhoun tore one of the creatures into two halves, and the creature turned to dust.
Frists- Part 2

"Now if you didn't see what happened, this is Master's grandson. His own blood and flesh, you better pay some respect to him. I mean all respect!" corrected Odin quickly. "My apologies, Master Calhoun," Odin bowed his head. 

Madeline didn't know if it was Odin's words or Calhoun's actions, but the creatures who had come to attack them quickly dispersed from there, leaving them alone. She turned to Odin and bowed her head before saying, "Mr. Odin." 


Odin felt warm in his cold non-existent heart of his chest. Nobody had ever called him with this much respect, and it made him internally cry in joy, but Odin didn't let it show up on his face. Instead, he wore a respectable face and responded, 

"Yes, Lady Madeline, how can I be at your service?" 

Madeline looked at Calhoun, and as if they had a conversation by their eyes, Calhoun asked, "Where is Vladimir?" 

"Master? Master is taking a bath in his quarters. Would you want me to escort you there?" asked Odin with a polite smile. 

"That won't be necessary. We wouldn't want to intrude his time. We were looking for Lady Madeline's sister Lady Elizabeth. We seem to have lost her," Calhoun tested the waters with Odin. Unless Vladimir had mentioned about not letting them leave Hell or about Elizabeth going to explore on her own, Odin could be of good use.

Odin nodded his head diligently, "Of course, Master Calhoun, let me see where the lady is." 

By one clap of Odin's hands, a demon appeared carrying a large book in his hand. Odin took it and flipped the pages, going through the entry of the names, before pointing his hand, "Here she is! She is in the Tower of Chains," replied Odin, looking up from the registry to meet Calhoun's gaze.

"Would you be kind enough to lead us there?" asked Madeline. 

"Weren't you there?" questioned Odin, wondering why they were asking about the place if they had already walked past it. He then said, "It is your first time, it must be confusing. Let me take you there." He handed the book back to the demon before waving his hand as if he was dusting something in the air.

Back in the Tower of Chains, Beth stood in front of Raphael's cell room. She looked at the iron bars, trying to see if there was a way to get him out of here. Noticing a latch outside the cell room, Beth went to reach out for it, "What are you doing?" he questioned her. 

"Trying to get you out of here," said Beth. She didn't want to sacrifice an innocent person so that Raphael could come back to life. She tried to unlock the latch that made creaking sounds before she let him out of there. They could try to have another deal with Vladimir that didn't involve any innocent's life, thought Beth to herself. "I cannot leave you here like this. Not to die," she said to him.

Raphael smiled at Beth's attempts, "I never thought I would see this day where you would come to save me. Not after what happened last time," he said, and Beth frowned, wondering if he was speaking about the time when she had ignored him. 

Beth said, "What are you saying? You are the reason why I am all cured now and haven't turned to a werewolf. You gave up your life for me, and it is only right that I try to save yours." 

"Does that mean you are willing to give up your life now for mine?" asked Raphael, and for two seconds, Beth thought he was joking, but his face was serious. 

Raphael's black eyes stared at Beth, and she softly gulped. Before she could say something, she heard a couple of footsteps echo and from the other side of the broad passage entered Madeline, Calhoun and Odin.

"Beth!" Madeline was relieved to see Beth to be fine, and she saw Raphael next to her sister. As she had seen him dead in the coffin, it felt strange seeing him here now. But then she remembered how she was in the coffin for years, yet back on her feet. "You should have told us something before disappearing like that!" scolded Madeline, giving a stare at Beth. Her feet were quick to move towards Beth, and she came to stand next to her sister. 

"Lady Madeline," greeted Raphael, staring at the girl next to Beth. "It has been long since we last saw each other." 

Odin had a perplexed expression on his face, and his eyes widened on seeing the door of the cell, wide open. 

Madeline noticed Raphael had turned pale, but there was something odd about his appearance, which she couldn't point out. Was it because he had spent his time in Hell? 

As the thought crossed Madeline's mind, she heard Calhoun call her, "Madeline! Get away from there!" and at the same time, she noticed the expression on Raphael's face change to something she had never seen before. 

Calhoun didn't wait and he used his ability to push the three people away from each other, Raphael to the left side and Madeline and Beth on the right side. Madeline and Beth's crash on the ground was less impactful compared to the strength he used on Raphael. The demon went and crashed right against the opened door before falling on the cold floor. 

Raphael smiled before he started to laugh loudly from where he sat. Beth looked confused on what was going on, while Madeline raised her hand, ready to strike if needed. Calhoun, on the other hand, walked near them. 

"That's rude of you to throw me off," said Raphael, his gaze shifting to Calhoun. "Is that how you treat a friend?" 

Calhoun's eyes held a passive look on his face, "You might be successful in fooling others, but I can see through your facade," he said, snapping his fingers for his power directed towards Raphael.

Soon Raphael's face started to morph into another person's face, "And you are no friend of mine."
Frists- Part 3

Madeline stared at Raphael's face that started to melt slowly as if he was wearing a mask until now, and the melted skin turned to steam when it fell on him and on the ground before showing the person's face. Her eyes widened and her mouth turned dry on seeing the woman who sat on the floor. 

"How did you find out?" asked the woman with a smug smile on her face as her face continued to get back to its original shape and structure. 

Beth gasped on seeing the woman who was none other than the person whom she had killed in the forest next to the deserted town. It was Jennine. She took a step backward. It was like the horror would never stop and it kept repeating over and over again like a never-ending nightmare. 

"I wouldn't have been able to see it before, but since I stepped into Hell, I can see a lot of things as if a new world has opened itself to my eyes," replied Calhoun, stopping his feet a few steps away from the demoness. 

"A pity that you caught me. I was hoping for no one to catch me, and," Jennine looked at Beth, who looked utterly terrified. "I hoped I could be friends with Bethie again."

"I-I thought I killed you. How are you alive?!" questioned Beth, standing one step behind Madeline. She could feel her hands starting to tingle as if the werewolf blood in her wanted to shift and change as a reflex to protect herself. 

Jennine smiled, "My desire to live is too strong, and what you did was barely a scratch, Bethie," she then huffed, "I thought you would be remorseful by now after seeing me dead in the living world. How could you do that to me?" 

"Why do you keep coming back for me!" Beth wanted Jennine to stay away from her, Jennine was one person she was scared of and even after Raphael had died, there were some memories of Jennine that haunted her mind in her dreams. 

"Because you said we would be friends for life and after death. It is rude of you to turn back and away from the promise you made with me," said Jennine with a sad expression on her face. "And it is all because of her," the demonesses eyes shifted to look at Madeline. 

Madeline stared at Jennine, her brown eyes looking at the demoness. She remembered the girl who was in the coffin, whom she saw in her dream in Carnival's village. Madeline remembered how conniving the girl was back then. 

"You killed the boy with whom we once used to play," said Madeline without breaking her gaze from the demoness. Every one stood in their places, while Jennine continued to sit on the ground without moving an inch. "You knew we were friends with the boy."

Jennine clicked her tongue, "I knew about it after I befriended Bethie. I was never your friend, and I know you sensed it. You were so familiar as if I knew you, but I didn't know why I couldn't point my finger that you had killed me once in the past. We were once friends, but then you killed me." 

"You wanted to kill me first," Madeline narrowed her eyes, "Not only me, but your people killed the family there." 

"You killed my people and me. It wasn't I," Jennine shook her head, blaming it back on Madeline, "You always come in the middle, why don't you just die the way your grandparents tried to stuff you in the cheap coffin," she laughed seeing a sliver of pain cross Madeline's face. 

Calhoun narrowed his eyes, and he asked, "Why do you keep insisting on following Elizabeth when she has no interest in being your friend?"

"Because we are very alike, we are supposed to be sisters, and not this one," Jennine jerked her head towards Madeline. "This girl was not even there when I was friends with Bethie, and then one-day Bethie tells she has a sister. I mean from where? The tree?"

Beth gritted her teeth, "I don't want to be your sister nor your friend! How many times do you want me to tell you that?" she glared at the demoness. 

Jennine placed her hand on the cold ground's surface and then pushed herself up to stand on her feet. "Just because you broke the promise, doesn't mean I am going to break it. I might be a demoness, but so are you now. If not here, then maybe you will agree with your afterlife!" 

Beth didn't know what was afterlife after Hell!

Suddenly, the cell rooms doors opened themselves to allow the creatures who were in there to be free. Odin who saw this wondered if he should call his Master now, but then his Master was having a nap, and he didn't want to disturb him. 

Calhoun raised his hand and threw away the creatures back into the cell rooms, and Madeline sealed it one after another with spells so that they wouldn't come after them. Odin made sure each of the gates were closed and wouldn't be opened. Jennine, on the other hand, started to make her way near Beth with a wide smile on her face. 

"You are crazy to think that I would be friends with you after trying to kill me and Madeline," stated Beth as her hands transformed into werewolf claws. "What did you do to the boy? Jonathan."

"I am surprised you still remember his name," said Jennine, making her way towards Beth. "Dear Johnny was a tasty meal of mine. He tasted sweet and so rich for his age. I thought I must wait until he ripens, but then he liked to hang around you so much that I thought it was better to get rid of him. The only thing that stood in my way was your sister!" 

Jennine came right at Beth, trying to get to her neck so that she could snap it, but Beth fought back, protecting herself by swinging her hands at the demoness. 

"Why don't you want to be my friend?! We were so good, but you changed! I changed for you!" screamed Jennine while pushing Beth to one side of the walls. 

"Stop this madness! I have told you that I do not want to be friends with you!" Beth didn't know how to make this demoness understand it. 

Jennine, who had cornered Beth, was about to kill Beth, when everyone heard a loud snap, and the demoness froze midair. 
Compassion- Part 1

Music Recommendation: A new beginning- Alex Baranowski


Jennine looked shocked, her eyes wide. When she looked down at her stomach, she caught sight of black blood that spread on the front of her body. A hand pierced through her front and she staggered forward as Calhoun had attacked her from behind while the demoness was focussed solely on Beth. 

"W-what did you do?" asked Jennine, "I cannot die," the smile on her face faltered. 

Calhoun didn't have the time to be playing and humouring this demoness. Madeline's life was in danger where his grandfather intended to have her turn as a demon, which he wouldn't allow. 

Calhoun pulled out his hand back, and Jennine took a step backwards with her hand reaching out for Beth. He stepped away from the demoness with black blood dripping down from his hand. 

He said, "I believe I am the higher demon here, which would mean if you are fortunate you will end up in the river of souls to repent for your sins or if you have sinned too much, which you have, you will turn to dust and be forgotten even from Hell."

Jennine fell on her knees, her hands clutching her stomach where blood oozed out. 

Madeline came to stand next to Calhoun, and she looked at the demoness, "Is she going to come back again?" she asked in worry. 

"This will be the last time. Beth didn't kill her successfully last time," said Calhoun before turning his back as he didn't care about the demoness. 

Jennine slowly started to lose her strength, and her body moved sidewards before she tried to lay her back flat on the ground. 

"You are so mean, Bethie. Making me your friend and then throwing me away," whispered Jennine in a trembling voice. "All I wanted was to be your friend, the friend I once had and our friendship." Beth didn't dare to move from where she stood, and she looked at Jennine, who stared back at her. "You stopped caring about others and thinking just about yourself. When did you turn like this?" 

"Maybe since I met you," said Beth, her hands tightly clenched into fists. 

A bubbling laugh erupted through Jennine's throat that resulted in blood coming out of her lips. "Come sit. I want to show you something that you forgot," whispered the demoness. 

Though the demoness looked like she was dying, Beth was still apprehensive to step closer to her. Madeline came forward to stand next to Beth for support. Jennine looked at Madeline as if she was the most undeserving person to exist in the world. 

"You must be thrilled, to see me dead, but I will be very sad, Bethie, for not being able to be your friend for the last few seconds of my existence," whispered Jennine. 

Beth didn't understand why Jennine was so obsessed with her being her friend. There were millions of people in the living world, and she could find someone else to befriend with. Hearing the words that the demoness spoke now, her fists tightened.

"You tricked me by impersonating Raphael's voice to lure me in here!" responded Beth in anger. She had believed it was Raphael the moment she heard her name being called only to come to know that it was this person who had tried to trap her. 

"I didn't know how else to get to talk to you. You wouldn't have come if you heard me calling you. The one time we met back in the village, you ran away," Jennine gasped as if she was having a stroke before her face returned back to normal. "Please, I need to show you something. Sit by my side."

"How do I know you aren't going to do something?" questioned Beth. "You say you want to be my friend, but all you do is lie." 

Jennine looked sad hearing this, "I promise not to do anything. I would never harm you, Bethie." This was something hard to believe because the last time they met in the forest, Jennine was intent to kill her so that she could bring her here to Hell. "I am a dying person, won't you do one last thing? It isn't much…" 

Madeline who was listening to the conversation between the obsessive demoness and her sister Beth, she tried to keep a close eye if the demoness was lying and would pull another stunt. Calhoun had told that Jenine was going to die, and because of that, she placed a hand on Beth's back. 

Beth turned to Madeline and saw her sister give a small nod. 

With doubt still on her mind, Beth finally took a step forward while being accompanied by Madeline next to her. She slowly sat down next to where Jennine laid. 

"What is it?" came Beth's cold yet careful voice. 

Jennine raised her hand. But when Beth didn't take it, and the demoness said, "I promise. I won't do anything." Beth gritted her teeth, her hand that was still in her werewolf form, she clasped the demonesses hand. "I will die with the thought that the person whom I cared the most was next to me."

Beth knew that Jennine was delusional and the woman was like that from the very first moment. But she hoped at least by this little peacemaking, if Jennine were ever to return, she wouldn't come to haunt her. 

"Now let me show you something," came the feeble voice of Jennine and Beth saw her surroundings quickly start to dissolve, and she was transported to another place. For a second, she panicked if Jennine had kidnapped her away from Hell, but then she noticed she was in the village of East Carswell. 

She knew the village of East Carswell like the back of her hand. She had lived in this village for almost all of her years, and it made her wonder what she was doing here. She saw people walk past her on the street. Beth, who was still sitting down on the ground, stood up. 

She saw a young couple making their way in her direction and realized they were her parents.

Did she go back in time?
Compassion- Part 2

Music Recommendation: A new beginning- Alex Baranowski


The sky was bright in colour with only a few clouds that hovered up in the sky. When a rush of air passed by her, she caught sight of a dark-haired girl, who was young and who held a basket in her hand. 

"Beth, wait!" called her mother, who looked much younger than how she appeared in the present time along with her father. Beth's eyes went back to look at her younger self, who was small, and she followed her younger self. 

Beth didn't know what exactly Jennine wanted to show her, but if she had brought her here into her memories, this only meant that Jennine wanted to show something. 

The little girl hopped and ran, and Beth remembered how much she enjoyed doing it until she was scolded by her grandmother for it, telling how girls were not supposed to jump and play around. Her little self went to the market, chirping happily as she asked the vendor for a fruit in exchange for a nickel that was given to her by her mother. 

Her mother was going to buy some things from the market. Therefore, the little girl decided to look around the shops to see the new things brought from other places to this village to sell. While she was still looking, she heard a small commotion. Walking towards a back alley, she noticed a girl of her age being beaten by a man. 

Little Beth held the fruit close to her chest while watching the girl on the ground being beaten by the man with a stick. Unable to look at it, little Beth quickly went to where they were.

"What are you doing, Mister?" asked little Beth. "Stop hitting her! She's hurting."

The man stared at the girl who had come and interfered in his business, "This little rat tried to steal things from my shop! She has to be punished, or her hands need to be chopped for it." 

The girl who was being beaten, she continued to lay on the ground, and she didn't utter a word. 

"Stop! I will tell the magistrate that you are trying to kill her!" said the courageous girl, and the man glared at Beth. 

"How dare you, an impudent child try to threaten me!" the man swung his hand at Beth, and she was ready to bolt away from there. At the same moment, the shabby girl on the ground caught hold of the man's leg and bit into it. "AHHH! You little-!" he kicked the girl from the ground. 

Little Beth caught hold of the other girl's hand, and pulled her up before they ran away from the place as quickly as they could, while the man tried to chase them until half of the alley before he gave up. The two small girls continued to run with Beth holding the other girl's hand before finally letting it go. 

The two girls huffed for air, while little Beth huffed more than the other girl who was not human like her. Gasping for air, Beth peeked from the wall to check if the man was still chasing them, but it seemed like he wasn't anywhere to be seen. She then turned around to look at the shabby girl who was bleeding, and her eyes went wide. 

"Are you okay?" asked little Beth to the girl with a frown on her face. Being brought up with love and care, Beth had never seen another child being beaten so brutally before. 

The girl even though was beaten and had bruises on her face and arms, she looked calm and stared back at Beth. She then nodded her head. 

"Well, I don't think you are okay. Why did you try to steal?" asked Beth to the girl, "Don't you know it is wrong to steal?" The girl barely spoke, but it didn't stop Beth from staring at the girl with a questionable look in her eyes. 

"I was hungry," said the girl, and Beth didn't know what to say as she had never felt the need to steal things when she was hungry. She scratched the back of her neck. Her eyebrows subtly rose, and she stretched her hand towards the girl that had the fruit that she had brought minutes ago in the market. 

"Take this," offered Beth, before pushing it in the girl's hand, "What is your name? My name is Beth, actually Elizabeth, but then everyone calls me Beth." 

"Jennine, I think," the other girl muttered the last two words that went unheard by little Beth. 

Little Beth nodded her head, "Jennine, where are your parents?" When the girl didn't say anything but started to eat the fruit, Beth didn't know what else to say. "Why don't you stay here, and I will be back. Stay," said Beth after taking a few steps forward to make sure Jennine didn't run away. At the same time, she noticed how the fruit she had given had disappeared. 

Did she eat it all?!

Little Beth caught the front of her dress, and she went back to the market place to look for her mother, who was with her father buying something from the shop. 

"Mama! Mama!" She went running to her mother. 

"Beth, where were you? You always run away when we arrive at the market, you should stop doing that," her mother placed her hand on the top of Beth's head. 

"But Mama, there's a hungry girl," said Beth as if it was something important. 

She looked up at her mother with an anxious expression on her face. "Do you think we can feed her?" 

"Who is this girl?" asked her mother.

"Let me show you," Beth pulled her mother's hand, but when they reached the alley where Beth had left the girl, the girl had disappeared from there. "She was right here, Mama." 

"There's no one here, dear, and you shouldn't go looking for trouble. Always leaving our side and trying to explore things around. The world is not safe, Beth," her mother spoke to her gently. "Come now. Your father is waiting at the front. He has to go to the forest soon to collect the log of woods. For the next few months, the sun is going to set down soon." 
Compassion- Part 3

Little Beth pressed her lips, a frown on her face for the whole day wondering where the girl went when she had explicitly told her to wait for her. When the next day arrived, Beth sneaked away from the house, to see if she could find the girl, and she did find her there, sitting on one of the cartons. 

"You! I told you not to go anywhere," complained Beth. 

"I was right here, waiting for you," said the other girl, who had introduced herself as Jennine. "I was sitting right here when you came here with your mother, but you didn't see me." 

Beth looked perplexed. She was here? But even her mother had looked around, and the girl was not here. "Anyways, I was hoping I would find you. I brought you something," and she pulled out pieces of cotton from her pocket. 

"What is this?" asked Jennine with a dull voice. 

"This is for your wounds. You can clean it with this, and it will hurt less," said Beth, and the girl stared at her, wondering why Beth was here and what she was doing. 


Beth tilted her head, "Because you are hurt? The sight of blood makes me unhappy and sad," she replied. "I can ask mama and papa to find your mama and papa so that you can get back and you don't have to be hungry." 

Jennine took the cotton from Beth's hand, leaning closer as if taking in Beth's scent that smelled sweet and tasteful, and she gulped before looking back at little Beth. 

"I don't have them. I am alone," answered Jennine, looking away from Beth and Beth placed her hand on Jennine. 

"Don't feel sad. I can always bring you food," said Beth, knowing how lonely it felt when her parents left her back in her aunt's house while they went to meet her grandpa and grandma in the other village. "Let me help! I always help mama," and Beth climbed on top of the carton box, taking one piece of the cotton to dab it on the girl's wounds, "Oh, we need water." 

The other girl stared at Beth, her eyes black and bleak that held no life. "Why are you helping me?"

Beth blinked, her green eyes staring into the black eyes, "I...Because I want to help and be friends with you! That's why," she grinned. 

Jennine furrowed her eyebrows, "We are friends?"

"Yes, you are my friend now," little Beth nodded her head enthusiastically, "And I would like to make sure that my friend is okay. Most of the people in this village are my friends, and you can meet them. If I had a sister, it would have been easier to spend more time and play at home, but mama and papa don't talk about it. I think they are happy with just me," she smiled. Beth continued to tend to the girl's wounds, not knowing who the girl really was, as the girl seemed like she wanted to eat Beth up as the most favourite meal she had ever smelt.

"Now onwards, don't steal, okay? I will ask mama to cook an extra portion and bring it for you," said the little human, and got down from the carton, "We are friends, so I wouldn't want someone beating you."

While she was ready to leave, Jennine whispered something, and Beth turned around with wonderment on her face, "What?" asked Beth. 

"You promise to be my friend? Forever?" asked Jennine, and Beth nodded her head. 

"Yes," and she smiled.

"Then we can be sisters too?" asked Jennine, and Beth slowly nodded her head. 

"I guess. I will see you later. I am going to meet my grandpa and grandma today. Take care!" and little Beth left the place, leaving Jennine standing alone in the alley. 

Once Beth was gone, Jennine said to herself, "Looks like I will need to look for another person for food so that I don't eat her...my friend." 

The scene started to change like seasons moving quickly in front of her eyes, where the two girls spent time with each other. A few months later, Madeline appeared at the front door, and everything changed. Beth started to spend more time with Madeline, talking and playing, taking care of her quiet little sister. 

"You didn't come to meet me, so I thought I would come and see you here," said Jennine, a smile on her lips on seeing Beth at the front of the door. 

"I want you to meet someone special, Jennine. Maddie!" Beth called, and a small girl appeared at the door. 

Jennine asked, "Who is this?" 

"This is my sister! Isn't she cute," grinned Beth, but Jennine didn't look happy. 

"Beth, who is it?" asked her mother.

"It is Jennine," Beth replied, and when Madeline went to hide behind Beth, she said, "She isn't used to new people yet. I will meet you tomorrow." 

Jennine mustered a smile before nodding her head. When the children went inside, and the door closed, the smile on her lips fell, and her shoulders slumped as in Beth's world, another person had replaced her position. 

Witnessing things that happened in the past, it was strange how Beth had forgotten about it, like all those time she had spent with the girl had evaporated in thin air once her grandparents had put a spell to suppress her memories of what she knew and had seen. The scene had started to dissolve back, and Beth returned to the present, holding the demoness' hand that had turned cold as she had died. 

Beth sat unmovingly. Somewhere when Beth was witnessing the past memories, Madeline had come and taken a seat next to Beth.

Madeline said, "Beth, we need to leave." 

She nodded her head, but before she got up, she closed the demoness eyes. 

Madeline could tell Beth was contemplating everything she had done in her life, but what Madeline saw through Beth and experienced back in Hell, the past actions were not done out of purpose. Children at that age went with the flow and excitement.