✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 651 - 660 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 651 It“s time

Realizing that the door of the room she was in was securely locked, Alicia forced herself to use every ounce of the remaining strength left in her and she successfully disappeared from within the room. She did not know how but she somehow managed to, maybe because of the healing magic Zeres had cast on her. However, she did not manage to make it far from the door of the room she was previously in.

She materialized just a few steps from the room where she was confined and she was already feeling so weak.

A curse escaped her lips when she had to hold onto the wall to balance herself.

Alicia had never known weakness before until she started losing her magic and energy as she had been lately. She had always been strong since she was young, even when she wasn’t queen yet. She had never known what it felt to be utterly helpless and powerless. She had never known how it felt to be reduced to the point of relying to someone’s healing powers to survive. She never thought it was nothing but unbearable.

Shaking her head to clear her mind, Alicia looked around. She had to find Zeres and she only had a limited time left to get to him. Where was he?

As she struggled to advance, she saw someone approaching. She was about to sigh in relief, thinking that it was Zeres but her eyes widened instead at the sight of the man approaching. It was that mad male witch named Philip.

Alicia’s eyes narrowed as the man stood before her.

"Woman, just who are you?" he asked. One glance and Alicia could tell that the man had no more sanity left in him, just pure madness. She knew he was dangerous. He could attack her right now and she would not be able to do anything in her current weakened state.

Cautiously, Alicia gripped her dagger. Her gaze never leaving him, her body tensed up in preparation for any sudden moves from him.

"My king seemed to be in a very foul mood since you appeared. No, I wouldn’t call it a foul mood... he seemed to be greatly... ardently troubled." Philip started to pace slowly in front of Alicia as he spoke with quiet but sinister voice, his eyes fully fastened on her as if he were trying to figure her out. "Was it you?" he halted, and his eyes flared dangerously at her, causing Alicia to immediately hear warning bells ringing inside her head. Her grip on her dagger tightened. "I believe it’s you... there is no one else to blame here but you. You did something to my king, right? Woman? What did you do to him?"

When the man started to step closer to her in rage, Alicia could only stretch her hands out, one hand pointing her dagger towards him, the other gesturing for him to stop and not take another step closer.

Philip laughed. "How stupid. You think someone like you who’s as good as a dead fish can fight me?" he sneered, mocking. "I’m asking you again, for the last time, woman. Who are you and what did you do to my king?"

Sensing that the man was here with the express intention of annihilating her, Alicia immediately replied. "Do you really not know who I am? Or are you just pretending not to recognize the queen of witches?" Alicia said. She had thought about hiding the truth, but she realized from the look in the mad witch’s eyes that who she was did not actually matter. He was here because of that sole reason and that is to destroy the cause of Zeres’ trouble.

Philip’s obsession in trying to protect his king did not surprise Alicia as she knew of some witches who tended to be overly protective of their chosen ruler. Sometimes, there were witches that develops a dangerous obsession towards their ruler, to the point that they would do everything, even sacrificing their own lives for their ruler. Most of these kinds of witches ended up being toxic and dangerous subjects once they start to do unforgivable things, fully believing that their actions would make their ruler happy. This was why many queens in the past had to force themselves to kill subjects who turn out this way. Alicia could still remember the scene she witnessed when she was young, when the former queen had to kill her beloved subject with her own hands. It was one of the most painful thing she had seen.

They had to kill them because such a witch will eventually fall into madness, endangering more than themselves in the end. Almost all of them rebelled in the end once their queen tries to restrain them. And they would look for someone else whom they would redirect their obsession to. They would become one of the most dangerous enemy of their former ruler. That was why witch queens since the beginning of time had to deal with such witches. Because their obsession was considered a curse. If the witch crossed a certain line, there was no other way to deal with them but to kill them.

"Queen..." the mad witch echoed, rubbing his chin. He craned his head and then a hysteric laugh echoed. "You think you can fool me? How dare you even try speaking those words... you... weakling!" he roared.

His hand flew towards her face but his hit didn’t reach her. Because Alicia had already taken the initiative to stab at his chest with her dagger. Gritting her teeth, Alicia fought for strength. She knew the dagger wound was not deep enough to kill him.

Suddenly, Alicia was slammed against the concrete wall. She slumped to the floor. Her arms and knees shaking as she tried in vain to get up.

But in the next moment, she was suspended in the air. The mad witch used his magic to immobilize her, stretching her arms wide.

Alicia’s fingers trembled as if she were trying hard to resist the magic, but she refused to drop the dagger. Still laughing, the mad witch moved Alicia until she was brought before him. "Alright, it’s time for me to end you, woman. I will annihilate anyone who dare try cause trouble to my king. I will kill everyone even if it’s the quee – "

Before Philip could even finish his statement, Alicia’s dagger flew speedily to be found embedded into his left eye. The mad witch screeched frantically like a banshee as he backed off, shocked and in pain from the sudden and unexpected attack. He had no idea that the magic he had used earlier was in actual fact useless when casted on the queen. A witch can never restrain a queen using such power unless she allows him to.

She was dropped hard on the floor as the suspension spell broke due to the make witch’s distraction from his pain. However, her body was so weak she could hardly seem to register any feelings in her hands and feet anymore.

The mad witch refocused from his screaming fit and grabbed onto Alicia’s hair with one of his hand as he had his other hand covering his injured eye, trying to heal it.

"I’ll kill you!!" he roared and another crushing blow struck her. Alicia was thrown hard on the floor again, blood flowing from her broken lips and wounded head.

Her eyes peeked through her long messy ashen hair and despite her already hopeless situation, her eyes glowed intensely, the dark grey color suddenly seemingly pulsing with something silvery. The strange gleam moving like drifting clouds in her pupils – all which the mad witch failed to notice.
Chapter 652 - Brutal

Pulling his own blade from his belt, Philip expectantly approached her and lifted his hand to slash at her. Yet his blade never reached her because before he knew it, he was being thrown backwards. The wall crumbled as his back smashed into it, creating an earthquake.

Alicia looked up and saw Zeres looking down at her. His eyes wide with mixed horror and barely suppressed anger.

And then, he turned and she watched him walked towards Philip. The mad witch was already stumbling over, trying to stand.

"My King... what did –" Philip was thrown to the ground this time even before he could fully straighten up. Zeres’ had kicked him over and over again without a single word, never allowing the male witch even a single break.

The mad witch eventually tried to fight back using his forbidden curses, but they were futile against Zeres. Because at that moment, Zeres looked like Lucifer himself incarnated. The torture continued until Philip was scrambling on his hands and knees, crawling towards Zeres and begging for mercy.

But Zeres lifted him, suspending him in the air. The mad witch who was already drenched in his own blood smiled, thinking that his king is finally appeased from the beatings given and willing to hear his plea.

Zeres’ eyes gleamed with frosty hellfire and the next moment, blood splattered around. Using his b.a.r.e hand, Zeres had gripped Philip’s neck, and in a blink of an eye, his head rolled on the floor followed by his body.

Alicia could hardly believe that the brutal man before her was Zeres. She never expected him to kill someone that way. Effortless and brutal. Without any hesitation.

When he turned to her, his silver hair and pale skin was painted in scarlet. The contrast was so vivid and the color of his eyes had changed too.

Slowly, he approached her and crouched before her. His hand reached out to brush her hair away from her face, but he halted the moment he saw his own blood-soaked hand in his field of vision. Gritting his teeth, he clenched his hand and dropped it.

He wiped his hand on his clothes and then placed them to be hovering above her head. Greenish and silverish glow enveloped Alicia once again. Zeres’ healing power was unusually warm and strong that Alicia could not even feel any more pain nor discomfort during the process.

Slowly feeling better, Alicia opened her eyes and looked at Zeres. His eyes were back to their normal colour but the bloodl.u.s.t that was emitting from his body still cloaked around him heavily like a living creature. Even if he was quiet, his rage was obvious. She could tell he was angry – but not at her or the mad witch he just brutally killed – but towards himself.

He had yet to look her in the eyes, completely focused on her healing, first and foremost. It was then that Alicia remembered the time. She was certain it was past midnight now and she felt utterly relieved. Now she had to keep him here. Because she now realized something – that Zeres would not hesitate to kill to save her. Though the thought of it made her throat run dry and her heart squeeze hard. She could not help but feel afraid at the extent he was willing to go.

What would happen if he clashed against Alexander or Ezekiel? Alicia’s unease suddenly became so intense she began to feel extremely awful.

When she felt that he was about to finish his task, Alicia lifted her hand to touch him. She had to hold onto him. She must not let him go, no matter what. But he caught her wrist, his gaze sharp.

Alicia grabbed onto the sleeve of his shirt as she glared back at him. When suddenly, Zeres whipped his head towards the window.

His sudden reaction made Alicia panic. No! Did he feel something? Had he caught onto something already? She cannot let him notice the activities that were happening outside. The lights from his hand started to disappear and Alicia knew it was because he was going to shift his focus towards something else. He would definitely notice something if...

Fueled by her anxiety, Alicia suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck. She hated that she had to resort to something so basic and female such as this, but she had no other choice.

Zeres instantly became still, completely shocked while Alicia tightened her arms around his neck. She was not going to let him go. If all her efforts in trying to change Zeres’ mind is futile, she would at least try to help Ezekiel and the others to make their plans work. She could not accept on how useless she was anymore so she must do everything to keep this person with her.

"Let go," his cold voice echoed after a long while.

"No... Don’t leave me, please." She tightened her hold on his neck and begged softly. She then felt Zeres stilled again. "If you leave me again... I’m certain I’d be killed many times over when you come back."

Another long silence went by before he moved. His hands held her forearms, trying to peel her off him. "No one will harm you again. I’ll kill them all if they try to –"

"I don’t believe you. I am lucky because you arrived right at the very last second. If you were late even for a second later, I’d be dead by now. And you know full well ... with my current condition ..." She cut him off, her grip on him tightening a little more. She was thankful he had just healed her, and he deliberately gave her more strength with his strong magic.

She heard a low groan vibrated in his throat. "I said let go!" his voice was controlled. "I won’t leave, so just let go, Alicia or else..."

"Or else? What? Are you telling me you’re going to rip my arms off you?"

He fell silent for a moment, but she felt him smile, and she was quite certain it was not the pleasant smile that suited him. "Yes. So let go of me now while I’m still sane."

"Go ahead then. I still won’t let go –"

"Alicia!!!" he roared, angry. That was the first time he had yelled at her and uttered her name with such cold and angry voice. This should be enough to scare her especially at the way he killed that mad witch before her flashed in her vision. But how could she feel any ounce of fear when his hands on her arms were trembling as he tried to tug at them in great hesitation and obviously unable to make himself harm her?
Chapter 653 - You're mad*

Zeres stayed very still and quiet after he roared her name. There was nothing but silence for a few moments.

He let out a shaky, vehement breath and he spoke again, now seemingly calm. "Alicia... stop doing this -"

"You are the one who should stop." She argued firmly.

"Why won’t you just listen to me?" another vehement sigh came from him before he continued with a muted, velvety voice, "why are you doing this to me?"

A disbelieving smile tugged at Alicia’s lips. "I am the one who should ask you that..." she said, trying to control herself from bursting out. "Why are you doing this?!"

Taking a deep breath, she clutched at his shirt and pulled away just enough to look at his face. She didn’t seem to realize how close their faces were. But Zeres did and he immediately faced sideways.

"Stop looking away when I’m talking..." she paused and sighed again. "Alright... if you don’t want to look at me, at least speak to me properly."

She saw his throat worked, his jaw clenching. He didn’t speak, but his hand moved and Alicia’s eyes flew wide. Her hands clasped both sides of his head and forced him to look at her.

"Don’t you dare put me to sleep again!" she hissed, glaring hard at him.

He stared back at her. "You’re giving me no choice," he said, looking away again as his hands held her wrists.

"Don’t you dare, Zeres!" Her voice intensified. "If you do that, I’ll... I’ll kill you!" she exclaimed in panic. She knew it’d be over for her if he put her to sleep again. Ezekiel’s plan... no... she can’t fail in this too!

He flashed that smile she didn’t like before facing her again. "How I wish you could." He said in a whisper and before Alicia knew it, his hand was over her hand that was holding the dagger. He had already pointed the dagger over his heart. "How about you try?" he asked in a hoarse voice.

Alicia’s eyes widened in horror. An inexplicable wave of emotions shook her entire being – anger, frustration, fear, terror, and utter defeat. "H-how could you..." she struggled to speak as her body shook, "how could you ask me that?"

Seeing her reaction, Zeres slowly took his hand off hers. "I’m sorry..." he said weakly. He let himself fell back and sat on the floor in front of her. "You should know by now how desperate I am to die." He said in a miserable voice. His elbows rested on his bended knees as his fingers tugged his hair.

"You are not desperate to die," Alicia said, swallowing to control her emotions. "You are desperate to save me."

He shook his head, keeping his gaze on the floor. "You’re wrong." He denied firmly.

"Yes, you are. I am the cause of this. You are doing all this madness because of me. I don’t... I don’t deserve your sacrifice." Her breathing began to become heavy, and the corner of her eyes was burning. "Why would you do all this... go through all these for my sake?! I am just someone you met not too long ago. Why would you do this for someone... for someone who’s not even special in your life?"

For some reason, what she said seemed to broke through him. Then he was suddenly a few steps away from her, looking as though he was desperately stopping himself from destroying something.

When he swung back to her, the look in his eyes changed. He seemed to be staring at her as if she was a stranger.

"Yes. You’re right." Came his cold hard voice that sounded nothing like the Zeres she knew. "You are nothing special to me, Alicia. That’s why you are wrong if you think I’m doing this because of you. I would do this even if it’s not you." He sauntered towards her and then squatted before her. "I told you, I’m desperate to die. I never wanted to live... again... because, for me, life has always been hell. So please don’t stop me anymore. This is really what I want. Please understand that not everyone in this world wanted life. There’s someone out there who wanted nothing but death."

He pinched her chin and moved closer. "I’m telling you again... I’d do the same even if it’s not you, Alicia. So don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty, never blame yourself... you never did anything wrong. You just happened to be the unlucky one. And yes... you are nothing to me."

"You are mad, Zeres." she said in a weak voice, her eyes starting to blur.

He smiled, letting go of her chin. "I know. So you better leave now. You know what a mad witch can do."

"You are mad," she repeated, ignoring what just said, "if you think I would believe what you said."

Zeres’ smile faded and his temper finally exploded. His eyes turned gold and then his palm slammed against the wall behind her. The wall crumbled because of the powerful impact and when he saw the debris about to land on her, he pulled her in his arms and both of them disappeared before anything could touch her.

When they materialized, they were at the topmost floor of the under-construction building.

Zeres was still holding her and he was breathing hard. She had seen the look in his eyes before he pulled her. No matter how she looked at it, his actions contradicted his words. How could someone do all this for someone who’s nothing to them?

"You... stubborn woman!" He g.r.o.a.n.e.d, still angered. "Why? Why do you..."

A wind blew against them and Alicia finally realized they were at the top of the building. She pulled away from him and followed his line of sight. The moon was bright and the city was lively... no, it was in chaos. The streets were filled with cars leaving the city.

Alicia swallowed and looked at him. Her arms around him tightened.

"I see..." he said after a chilling silence. His gaze met hers, and a surge of emotions so strong Alicia almost felt like she could not stand it flashed in his eyes. "You’re here to distract me and hide what is going on from me."

A chuckle that sounded painful and bitter echoed. "Ah, Kiel is really incredible... no wonder you like him."
Chapter 654 - Wishful thinking*

With startling abruptness, Zeres pried her arms from his neck. Alicia was caught off guard and could not tighten her grip on him in time as he had already set her aside and stood away from her before she could make any move. He was just too fast, too strong compared to her utterly slow and weak movements.

A protest slipped from Alicia’s lips when she thought he was going to disappear. Thankfully, he didn’t. He turned away and focused his gaze on the distant instead.

Watching his back, Alicia felt an overwhelming defeat. She didn’t just fail from both of her missions; she also felt like she only made things worse. Zeres wasn’t a fool. She could understand why he’d think she came just to distract him. Even though that was not the only reason, she did come to do that. Would he still believe it if she tells him she came because she genuinely cared for him and that she didn’t want him to die?

"Zeres," she called out as she struggled to stand. "Listen –"

A thud forced Zeres to whip around. When he saw Alicia slumped on the hard floor, he abruptly walked back to her. But he halted and froze upon reaching her.

Looking down at her, panic flashed in his eyes. She looked wilted already. Her hair... they had turned even darker. His fingers twitched and then he clenched them. He knew she’s running out of time. This was a sign that she wouldn’t last long. She might not even last for another day.

"Listen..." he heard her say, looking up at him. But Zeres bent and picked her up.

"Hush." He silenced her, his voice no longer cold.

He settled her slowly in a more comfortable spot and made her lean against the wall. Silently, he grabbed the dagger in Alicia’s hand, and blood gushed out from a wound he had suddenly inflicted without any hesitation on his face. Then he chanted the spell.

As the light began to envelop her, Zeres looked into her eyes and his jaw clenched at the sight of her miserable expression. She looked like she was about to cry.

The spell didn’t seem to be working anymore. It was strong, but her body had long reached its limit.

Cursing beneath his breath, Zeres grabbed the dagger again, but this time, Alicia screamed at him. "Stop! Just stop, please!" she choked back her tears. Reaching out, she weakly pulled Zeke’s dagger in his hand.

Zeres stilled as Alicia settled her breaths. The sound of her heavy breaths and the soft wind seemed so loud in their ears as they both fell silent for a long moment.

Just as Alicia was about to speak again, Zeres said first. "Tell me," his voice became cold again and his gaze turned emotionless. "how long until they complete the evacuation?" he asked without looking at her.

Alicia stared at the bloody wound on his face. "What... are you going to do if I tell you?" she asked weakly. Her voice sounded resigned, wholly defeated. "I came here to stop you... because I want you to live. I can’t stand that you are suffering like this... I don’t want you to die. Ezekiel gave me a task I’ll to do if I fail to change your mind, and that’s to distract you until the humans in this city are gone."

She let out a shaky breath, and then a bitter smile tugged at her lips as she looked at the city lights below them. "I can’t believe how useless I’ve become." She muttered in a weak, surrendered voice.

Another long moment passed by before Zeres broke the silence. "I won’t attack until everyone is evacuated." He said, causing Alicia’s eyes to widen as she returned her gaze to him. "But in one condition..." he added when their eyes met, "leave. You don’t belong here. If you still insist, I will prompt my minions to attack now." He threatened and the look in his eyes told her he was serious.

Alicia couldn’t help but let out a miserable laugh. She looked up and her laughter slowly died as she stared at the moon shining brightly in the sky. There were no stars, making the moon looked so alone in the dark.

"Have you ever thought what would happen to me when you die?" she asked.

"You will live. That is all that matters."

"I’d live with guilt knowing that someone had to die for me to live –"

"No. I told you this is never your fault. You’re the victim here. My existence ruined everything. Not only this time but in the past as well. You already know... That witches in the past consider me as a curse that would bring nothing but disaster. They were right. I always knew my existence would bring nothing but disaster. If I’m gone, everything will go back to normal again... back to how it was had I never awakened... if I live, you will die and not just you... as long I exist, all queens after you will die because of me..." He paused, thinking how wrong it was for him to ever hoped that fate had given him a second chance to live the life he never had in the past. He should’ve known what wishful thinking that was. Because on some elemental level, he always knew that something about him had destined him for a miserable life and a painful death.

But somehow, he thought that at least, just like last time, his death won’t be meaningless. And the person he had to save this time was someone who had cried for his pain. If it’s her, he wouldn’t mind dying a few times over, as long as she’d live.

"There had to be another way to solve –"

"There is no other way, Alicia! I know you already know that. Kiel knows that too since the beginning. There is no other way." He stressed, cutting her off. Zeres had realized this even before they started the journey. That Alexander and Ezekiel were the only ones in this world capable of ending his life. He had chosen to become the villain because he knew that was the only way they would take him seriously. If he threatened the peace in this human world, like what Dinah did, the universe would be forced to end him. Villains always die in the end, after all.

He just hoped that he would die in Ezekiel’s hand instead of Alexander.


Chapter 655 - If only*

It was nearly dawn when a witch joined Alicia and Zeres at the top of the building.

"Find Ezekiel," Zeres ordered and the witch immediately obeyed. Alicia had agreed to leave. She had no choice but agreed because she realized Zeres wouldn’t hesitate to send his minions towards the leaving humans if she continued persisting. And even though it was hard to accept, she had also understood that she could not change his mind anymore. He had made up his mind, and no one, not even her, could do anything to stop him.

"I found him, my king." The witch said to Zeres.

"Is he alone?"


Zeres frowned. His gaze remained fixated on the part of the city where there was heavy traffic. More than half of the city seemed emptied already. It would not take long, and this city would be completely emptied. "Watch him. Tell me once he’s alone." Zeres said and the witch’s crystal ball lit up again.

The sky slowly began to color when the witch finally spoke again. "He’s finally alone, my king." She said, and after glancing at the crystal ball, Zeres sent the witch away.

He approached Alicia and then took off his coat. Without saying anything, he bent and dr.a.p.ed the coat on her before unceremoniously taking her hand. He put her arm around his neck and then lifted her with ease.

Not giving her any chance to speak, the two of them disappeared.

They materialized in the middle of an empty plaza where the city’s famous blue tower was located. Police cars were speeding in the street, checking if there were still people left behind. Zeres had already cast a spell so the humans couldn’t see them.

He put her down, but his hand was still around Alicia’s back as he gave her the time she needed to steady herself. She had grown so weak she could barely stand now. But Zeres had been quietly trying to force even a little of his energy on her by using an ancient spell only he knew about for a while now. Her body kept rejecting it, but he kept on persistently forcing it, and it somehow stopped the trembling in her knees.

Zeres’ gaze then whipped towards the empty space right in front of the tower, and a cold and dangerous gleam danced in his silver eyes.

Zeke stood there, staring back at him and wearing the same unfeeling expression Zeres knew so well.

For a long while, they stared at each other. Some kind of wordless conversation seemed to be going on between them that seemed to have turned the city’s atmosphere even heavier and chillier until Zeres was certain Alicia could now at least stand on her own.

Averting his gaze from Ezekiel, Zeres looked at Alicia. His eyes were no longer cold but still extremely alert and dangerous.

Carefully, he eased Alicia away, gently encouraging her to stand on her own.

"Go," he said as he retracted his hand off her.

Alicia glanced behind her and saw a man’s silhouette standing there. She could tell it was Ezekiel.

"Go to him now. If Alexander arrives, a fight will definitely break out right here, right now." Zeres added. He had waited for Zeke to be alone and away from Alexander because he knew that Zeke wouldn’t do anything while the humans were still around. Knowing Alexander’s recklessness, Zeres was certain that if he were in this place right now, he would’ve been attacking him by now. Not to kill him, though.

Suddenly, Alicia weakly hit Zeres’ c.h.e.s.t. Her face was emotional again, miserable. But no word came out from her lips.

Zeres caught her wrist, and silently, he stared deep into her eyes. ’I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you... just a little bit more... and everything will be alright again...’ he said inside him before he opened his mouth and spoke.

"I’m telling you this again one last time. Go." His voice hardened.

Staring back at him, Alicia opened her lips but closed them again. His eyes had been telling her this will be the last time she could speak to him and get close to him like this.

So she reached out and hugged him tightly. He didn’t move. He simply stiffened like a log.

When she let go, a small smile flashed on her face. Weak tears were sliding from her eyes.

Zeres’ throat worked. "I told you to go, not to cry." He said in a controlled, hard voice. His eyes wavering.

She wiped her tears. "I’m crying because I couldn’t do anything for you," she said weakly. She had long realized she had begun to really care for Zeres. At first, she thought she just felt bad for him because she had seen all his sufferings... but during this journey, she had come to care for him even more, not out of pity but genuine concern. He was a good man. But he was so dangerously selfless. She always thought selfishness could be dangerous. She never thought selflessness could be lethal until she met this man. If only he would think of only himself for once.

Her gaze fell to the large wound on his cheek and her hand reached out but again, he caught her wrist, stopping her.

Alicia began to step back. "Don’t forget Zeres... if you die... I will never forgive you."

She finally turned around and began to walk away from him slowly.

Midway, she looked back and Zeres was still there, watching her. Letting out a shaky sigh, she continued walking forward. She could see Ezekiel’s stoic face now and she didn’t know what to feel or even how to face him.

But she continued approaching him anyway. Just when she was about to reach Zeke, Alicia looked back again, but Zeres wasn’t there anymore.

She nibbled the inside of her lips before she faced Ezekiel. Her body felt utterly exhausted and heavy.

"I’m sorry," she said, smiling bitterly, "I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t even do that task you gave me."

To her surprise,Zeke’s hand was suddenly on her head as he spoke. "No. You did your job... You did well."
Chapter 656 - Successor

When Zeres materialized back in his hideout, what welcomed him was another commotion. While the undead vampires were frozen stiff and rendered immobile like robots that were shut down, a fight seemed to be going on between the witches.

Wearing a grim expression, Zeres appeared at the fighting scene and at his arrival, everyone seemed to freeze. Even while caught up in their fight, they could sense a tremendous cold aura and dangerous presence that had forced them all to halt in their actions.

Everyone turned to Zeres, swallowing hard. Since they saw how he had killed Phillip so effortlessly, they no longer had the thought that their King was not capable of brutally killing his own allies. Even if they were his underlings, they bore no delusion and have begun to be wary of him.

"What’s going on here?" Zeres’ voice echoed stonily across the ears of every single person present there and as though his voice was made of frost, the witches flinched, feeling chills crawling down their spines.

Before anyone could manage to answer, a certain daredevil suddenly flew to attack him. Zeres had previously shrouded himself with darkness. After watching Alicia walk away and then secured by Ezekiel, he had gone to an empty place to prepare himself, making sure that he would be more than ready to fight to the death once he returned to his hideout.

Despite his silvery and angelic features, his aura was dark, heavy, and sinister. He was cloaked powerfully by an impregnable darkness so much so, that he failed to notice an all too familiar presence, until... he saw the silvery hair of the daredevil who had recklessly jumped at him.

Zeres’ eyes widened and at the very last moment, he held back the killing blow he was about to land on the approaching reckless witch. He smoothly blocked her twin swords instead and then easily restrained her. She froze before him, unable to move her body.

Looking at her with a disbelieving look in his eyes, Zeres clenched his fists tight. He could not believe fate had chosen this child. Why her? Zeres knew that she was nowhere the strongest witch right now and she was still too young. Was fate really playing with him? Did fate choose this child because he had come to care for her?

Zeres let out a maddening laugh. ’So, this innocent little girl would be the next one to suffer and die if he fails to die today, huh.’ He thought to himself. ’Now you’re even more motivated, Zeres.’

"Let me go!" Lilith yelled. Though her eyes were still greenish, her hair, brows and lashes had turned silvery. She looked like a young and fierce fairy as she glared at Zeres. Her red cloak and silvery hair were floating as she remained suspended in mid-air from the power that Zeres wielded to restrain her.

Lilith had not received any memories yet. Since the queen left the Black Forest, she began to feel the changes that were happening in her body. And the moment that she realized her hair was turning silver, she understood clearly what was going on.

The thought that something bad had happened to the Queen bugged her to no end and that was why she had set out on this journey alone. She left Black Forest not wanting anyone else to see the changes happening in her. Her greatest wish was to find the Queen and save her. That was...until she received the call from that mad witch.

She had also caught a witch and forcefully read his mind, so she somewhat knew what Zeres was doing. That was why she thought this man that she had adored and looked up to had done something to the Queen. It was hard for her to accept it at first. This man was always so nice and kind, she even thought he was an angel in disguise. How could he do this?

"Why are you here?" Zeres’ voice remained cold and his eyes were even more so.

"I am here because of that mad witch’s call." She replied, struggling to escape from his restraints but try as she might, she could not even budge an inch. His powers were way too powerful compared to hers.

Suddenly, Zeres’ eyes blazed with a deadly light that Lilith could not help but feel overwhelmed. She remembered the scary vampires she had met in Reigns’ castle and she swallowed. When had this person become as terrifying as them? He certainly did not look nor reflect an angel with his current conditions. It would be more right to call him a devil in disguise at this moment.

"Could it be that you’re here to join me?" he queried, and Lilith frowned. Why did he sound and look as if he would kill her if her answer were a ’yes’? Wouldn’t he be glad if she said ’yes’? She was confused at his questioning.

"Where is queen Alicia?" she asked instead of answering him.

"So, you had come all the way just to look for her..." he sounded relieved.

"Yes. Where is she? What did you do to her?!" Lilith’s voice became louder and more accusing, desperate as she looked at him with barely veiled disdain. "What happened to her? Tell me, where is she?!"

Zeres held her and they disappeared in a flash from the view of the other witches. They then materialized inside the room where Alicia had slept and before Lilith realized it, she was chained – with a chain so powerful she knew she would not be able to break free at all.

With eyes wide, Lilith gritted her teeth as she yelled. "What are you doing? Release me! Bring me to my queen! I need to save her!!"

His hand came to rest on her head and patted her as if he were petting an untamed little beast. "I can’t let her see you in your state, Lilith. She might think it would be fine for her to die if she sees that you’re turning to be her successor." Came his unfeeling but serious voice. "You don’t have to do anything. Just stay here until the battle is over. Do not worry. I’ll save her."

Lilith stopped struggling and hollering and sat down, looking at him in utter confusion. She was seriously perplexed right now. "Are you saying you’re not the one who... no, you are trying to be king. Do you seriously think I’d be stupid enough to believe you when you tell me that you’ll save her?"

"You don’t have a choice, child." he said bluntly, his eyes tracing the emerging strands of her long silver hair. "Because believe it or not, I am the only one in this world who can save her now."
Chapter 657 - Start

It was looking that it would be a dark and depressing day. Not only was the sunlight not peeking through the horizon, but there was also not even a trace of the sun. Heavy dark clouds quickly covered the sky and by daylight, it had already started to drizzle, with the hints of it getting even heavier.

At the tower, Zeke and all the rest of his comrades finally gathered with the only exception of Alex who was still missing.

"Put me down," Alicia said in a hoarse whisper, feeling that not only her throat was parched but also her entire being. It was as if there was a great desert where her body used to be – dry and dead. Though she was not looking, she could feel the others appearing one after another.

Zeke glanced at her but Alicia had her eyes closed. She was too weak to even keep her eyes opened. She had been losing energy and powers continuously since earlier and there was no Zeres here this time to help her replenish it anymore. Zeke’s gaze on her was unfathomable. No one could tell what those deep dark eyes hold.

"Alexander isn’t here yet, Your Highness. He strayed from us a little while ago." Lucas reported as Zeke settled Alicia down. She creased her brows thinking that Alexander must have already made his way over to Zeres’s hideout. She could not help it, but her heart skipped a couple of beats.

"How’s the rest of the city? Is that taken care of already? Are you certain no one had been left behind?" Zeke asked, ignoring the report of what Lucas had about Alexander. Alex was Alex. There was no need to worry too much about him.

"Yes, Your Highness. I have just double checked before coming to report. The city’s 95% cleared as of now. There are still a few human stragglers out in the western most part of the city because of the traffic but they too should be able to clear out within the hour, I believe."

While Zeke was speaking with Lucas, Kyle was only partially listening to the report. His gaze was fixed more on Alicia. He was truly concerned for her. She had gone even weaker than previously when she had left them yesterday. No, weaker, might not even the right word. She looked as if like she was already at her last breaths. He was frightened at how haggard she looked and at how much she had deteriorated. There was almost nothing left of her former grandeur that he had remembered when he first knew her as the powerful witch queen she was.

Clenching his fists tight, Kyle looked at his brother.

"What happened to her? Did Zeres... what did Zeres do to her?" Kyle asked in a tormented whisper. She was nowhere near like this when she left! Something must have happened to her while she was with Zeres.

Even though he could not believe that Zeres would do anything to Alicia, the young prince was angered at the pitiful sight of Alicia and the only person available for him to blame for Alicia’s situation right now was Zeres.

Zeke did not deign to respond. His somber gaze fell to the city below them that was slowly turning into a ghost town. The sirens could still be heard from afar and the sounds of people moving, and noises of slight chaos were slowly getting farther and farther away.

"Everyone, get ready. It’s about to start." Zeke said, not responding to Kyle’s question. Everyone looked at him with grave expressions.

"But the humans are still..." Lucas paused. "Aren’t we going to wait until all of them are completely gone? Wasn’t this the plan at the beginning?"

"We cannot afford to wait for that to happen anymore." Zeke moved towards the edge of the tower and everyone followed him, leaving Alicia and the prophetess under the shade. The fat and heavy raindrops fell on the three men as they all stared down the city, totally ignoring the weather around them.

At that moment, Alex finally decided to join them. He went towards the trio and stood silently next to Zeke for a few seconds.

"Zeres’s about to release his minions and he’s expecting us to stop the undead vampires from reaching those few humans who are still trying to get out of the city." Zeke added quietly and Kyle widened his eyes. Though the statement made was soft, there was no doubt the vampires heard it loud and clear. The tension in the air was becoming heavier and the wind too began to come at them, stronger. It seemed as if even the weather was trying to conspire against them.

Kyle looked at the sky and thought that it was as if the heavens itself were bracing themselves for the battle that would soon erupt.

"You met him didn’t you?" Alex asked, his tone still calm but there was a hint of sadness and an anger that was directed not towards Zeres but towards something else.

"Yes." Zeke replied. "He’s definitely going to fight us... to the death."

A heavy silence followed Zeke’s words. Alex’s calm was slowly unravelling. Everyone could feel it happening. Just like the howling wind, the waves of his aura was becoming more and more violent.

Gritting his teeth, Alex faced Zeke. "All of you deal with the minions. I’ll go after Zeres. I’ll try ...whatever I can." Everyone knew Alex was referring to him stopping Zeres from going down this suicidal route. However, getting it done was not an easy feat knowing it was Zeres they were dealing with. In fact, Zeke looked like he was certain that Alex will fail.

Before Zeke could respond, Alex was already gone.

Sighing, Zeke looked at Kyle and Lucas. "You two go ahead. I’ll follow after you in a bit." He said and the two became blurs and disappeared from the tower as well.

Zeke didn’t move for a while. His gaze gleaming as he stared towards the direction of Zeres’ hideout. There was something in his gaze that was moving like a phantom shadow.

After a while, he finally whipped around and approached the prophetess and Alicia who was now seated on the floor, leaning weakly against the wall. He stared down at Alicia who still had her eyes closed and was breathing ever so weakly.

"You will stay here with Alicia." Zeke informed the prophetess and the woman obediently nodded.

"I will keep trying," she said, talking about her prophetic visions.

"If you see something, however irrelevant it seems, send me a distress signal immediately and I’ll come."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Zeke stared down at Alicia again for a few moments and after he finally nodded at the prophetess, he too, was gone.

Chapter 658 - Come at me

As Alex sped towards the direction of Zeres, his speedy movements caused the wind to whistle through his hair, giving him the feeling of being free and unrestrained. However, the next second, an unhappy scowl painted his face as he remembered that his current reality is the exact total opposite. The fact that he was moving this fast, in this particular direction just further solidifies the fact that there is nothing free and unrestrained about what he needed to do next. His heart could not help but clench a little knowing that in the next few seconds he would need to come face to face to the next hardest thing after matters relating to Abigail.

Now, standing in front of Zeres’ hideout, Alex’s frame was as still as a statue, but his eyes were resolutely fixed towards the figure of an outstanding man standing up on the building and looking down at him from the third floor. Even at this distance, he could perceive the razor sharp and unfeeling gaze being directed at him. For the first time, Alex felt genuine danger and something dark coming from this person who looked like Zeres. All the power and emotions he possesses right now were not something that belonged to the Zeres he knew from before.

This seems to be a completely different person from the man he had talked with the last time they met up in Country V. Just by meeting his gaze, Alex somehow understood why the witch queen and Zeke failed to stop him. Because looking at those eyes, Alex remembered how he was after Abigail died in the past, when he fought against Lexus.

Alex could no longer remember every detail of the battle but there was one thing he was certain about during his battle against Lexus. He couldn’t feel anything. Even though the dragon was once precious to him because he had always seen the dragon as his beloved’s pet and protector, he didn’t hesitate to kill it. Because back then, he no longer felt alive. His emotions had died along with Abigail and there was no room for any human feeling inside him anymore. Everything inside him screamed only one thing - to fulfil Abigail’s wish. His desperation and the pain of losing Abigail had consumed him that time to the point that he did not only feel nothing at all when he slaughtered the dragon, but it was to the point where he did not even feel a single ounce of regret for the fact that he had sacrificed countless lives all just to fulfil that final mission in his mind.

Looking at how Zeres looks right now, his stance and the aura surrounding him, Alex gritted his teeth, because he could tell now that whatever he said would be futile. No one could ever stop a man with those eyes, he of all people should understand this better than anyone else. And that was why it pained him even more in this situation. He had wholeheartedly prayed that this person would not need to go through something so agonizing like this.

"If you came for any other reason other than killing me, you better leave Alexander. I don’t have the time to waste on you. There are better and more important things that I need to get done." Zeres’ voice was as cold and as lifeless as a dead fish. His gaze was icy and reeked with impatience.

Alex quietly sighed, feeling his last bit of hope crumbling with that statement. He realized how human he was feeling at this moment. Ever since he got married, it was becoming easier for him to feel the emotions he did not usually feel before.

Zeres had always been and still is someone important to him even though he has never admitted it nor realized it before Zeres died for the reason of saving him. He had considered him his rival in the past, but never had he truly hated him and had even come to the point of thinking of him as someone he could rely on, despite their cat and dog relationship back then.

Alex’s heart felt heavy at the thought that he could not do anything to get him out of this situation. Alex knew that all he could do for him at this point was to help him fulfil his greatest wish. And unfortunately, that was to kill him.

"Don’t worry, I didn’t come here to try and change your mind. I know you won’t listen to me or to anyone else." Alex said and for a moment, Zeres looked a little surprised. "I just want to know one thing first... Are you in love with Alicia?"

A soft but cold breeze blew as silence reigned between them for a moment. Zeres’ gaze wavered a little and something flickered deep within his eyes, but he quickly smothered whatever it was, and they quickly became hard as ancient glacier once again.

"I don’t know why you’re asking this Alexander. Does it really matter if I love her or not?" Zeres’ tone was flippant and careless. However, Alex seemed to have caught onto something.

"You’re trying to sacrifice your very own life for her. No one would ever do this for someone they do not love. So, to answer your question... Yes, it does matter. A lot. I just want to make sure this isn’t you just being bloody selfless. I want to know if she’s worth your sacrifice."

"She’s more than worth it." Zeres replied in a heartbeat. No hesitation whatsoever this time. "That I can assure you, Alexander. Though you’ve got it wrong, because this is not a sacrifice. Now enough with the chit chat. I told you, I don’t have time to spare to be playing around with you."

"Tsk," Alex ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and hesitation. "She’s more than worth it, huh..." Alex echoed Zeres’ words in a mutter. Now he was certain that Zeres would die many times over if it means that giving up his life would be the only way to keep her alive. Heaving a sigh, Alex wondered why was it that things had to turn out this way. This is really too cruel.

"Have you forgotten what you have promised me before? That you’ll be the uncle to my children?" Alex murmured as he threw his head back and stared at the sky, knowing that Zeres could hear him.

"Forget that I have ever said those words, Alexander. Kiel will be taking over that place for me. Now come at me and... kill me." His words were so bleak and detached. However, there was a slight wistfulness that flashed ever so quickly pass his eyes. But it was too fleeting that Alex did not catch it.
Chapter 659 - Its about time

"Get serious Alexander!" Zeres hissed as their swords clashed against each other and their faces were literally centimetres away from each other.

"Sorry to disappoint you but it seems I’m having a hard time keeping up. I think this brother of yours is getting old now. Well, I’m a father now after all so forgive my weak attacks." Alex grinned and shrugged noncommittally. The very next moment, Zeres’ foot came flying and kicked him in his sides.

Alex was tossed away and landed hard against the building’s pillar. The pillar collapsed with the impact of that hit.

Still smiling, Alex lazily leaned his head back against the debris as he looked at Zeres who had just landed before him.

Zeres’ eyes were already blazing gold as he pointed his sword at Alex’s throat.

"Listen, Alexander." His voice now became even harder. "If you or Ezekiel fail to kill me before this day ends... if Alicia dies..." his throat worked before the look in his eyes became utterly deadly. "I’m sorry but I swear, I will end the peace in this world. You know full well what an immortal can do. You did it before. I know you don’t want your children to live in a ruined and chaotic world. Yes, this is a threat, Alexander. And yes, this is not an empty threat. I’m sure you know that."

After saying those words, Zeres turned away and walked towards the edge of the building. His gaze fell towards the place where he had sent his minions out.

Looking at Zeres’ back, Alex licked the blood on his own lips. It seems he really had no choice now. Zeres was hellbent on dying and he was right, Alex knows what an immortal could do.

While Alex was rising out of the rubbles, a pair of great wings began to form on Zeres’ back.

It seemed Zeres realized that it was impossible for Alexander to really get serious about killing him so he would not waste his time on him anymore. He needed to take matters into his own hands.

Zeres thought that he was not doing enough. He thought that he must do something to force the universe and fates to end him.

His large and powerful wings spread apart, and he leapt off the ground from where he stood. But before he could get any farther, something struck him with considerable force from behind and he tumbled to the ground.

The earth shook upon the impact.

When Zeres looked up, he saw Alex hovering in the air above him. His own set of wings were spread out majestically as he looked down at him.

At the feel of that power and seeing the gold irises also shining in Alex’s eyes, Zeres smiled wickedly. "It’s about time for you to get serious." He muttered as he rose, feeling an upsurging of satisfaction in his heart.

And then the two clashed again in mid-air. Their collisions were like two fallen angels battling to the death.

More and more lightning bolts began to strike down at the now almost empty city. The rain fell even heavier and the thick and dark clouds above grumbled angrily.

At the long bridge in the eastern most part of the city however, it could be seen that the traffic was still heavy. The bridge was filled with cars from one end to the other end. After the humans crossed this bridge, the city will then be completely human-free.

Kyle and Lucas were already nearing the bridge. The numbers of the undead vampires were more than what they had anticipated. Thanks to the seemingly unnatural fierce storm going on, the humans who were still moving along the bridge were unaware of the presence of the supernatural beings and what was actually happening right in their area. Kyle and Lucas were thankful that the fight has yet to reach the bridge where the humans were. If it had spread on to that area, god knows the mayhem and craziness that would ensue with humans finally catching sight of beings in the flesh. That would not go smoothly for the evacuation of the humans out of this city and would totally mess with their carefully laid out plans.

"Theres too many of them!" Kyle yelled out at Lucas as his sword flashed left and right around him and numbers of undead vampires dropped to the ground with every single one of his powerful swing. Black blood splattered all over him. Thankfully, the heavy downpour did a good job of washing him up from the stinky blood. They had been fighting for quite a while now. The undead were strong but their strength was not the main problem here. It was their overwhelming numbers that are giving them the advantage.

It seems that no matter how many they killed, the undead kept coming and coming. Their backups were never ending!

"Lucas! I don’t think I can stop them from entering the bridge! They’re going to get past me if we don’t have some miracle happening soon!" Kyle yelled while he kept fighting, killing every time a couple of undead tries to get past through him.

Lucas immediately leapt towards the young prince. "Go get those! Don’t let them reach the humans!"

As Lucas took over Kyle’s place at the entrance of the bridge, Kyle hastily went after the two undead who managed to slip past him.

He managed to catch up to one and beheaded him instantly. Without even looking back to check if his victim was properly dead, he rushed past the huge truck that Lucas had used to block the bridge to keep the humans from seeing what was going on behind them. But that one lone undead somehow managed to get past it, quickly heading towards the humans.

Kyle’s heart dropped and he cursed. He took a flying leap and landed at the other side of the truck and caught sight of that undead about to reach one of the cars abandoned along the bridge.

With an incredible speed, probably the fastest yet that Kyle had ever achieved thus far, the young prince took another flying leap and landed directly on the undead and the vampire crumpled onto the road, just behind the last car in line.

Kyle took a deep breath of relief but the moment he lifted his gaze, a young boy and girl were looking at him from the car. Their eyes wide like saucers, their mouths hanging open as they stared at Kyle and he stared back at them.

"Shh..." Kyle put his fore finger on his lips and winked at them conspiratorially. When the children nodded, he flashed them a grin and like a blur, he and the dead vampire were gone from their sight. It was as if they were not there in the first place.
Chapter 660 - Do not let me down

Kyle was still grinning as he arrived back to where Lucas was with the dead vampire in tow. He was feeling good about how he handled the issue with having two human children catch a glimpse of them vampires. When he looked to where Lucas was a while ago, shock and surprise coloured his face. The horde of undead vampires who were unstoppable just moments ago were all dead – not so unstoppable after all. Their bodies were scattered on the ground, some whole, most not.

The young vampire prince blinked a couple of times before swallowing hard as his gaze fell to the miracle who had come to lend them a hand. His brother was standing in the middle of the pile of dead bodies, poised and elegant as if he did not just massacre a whole company of wild and rouge vampires. With the rain falling and the lightning flashing around in the background, his brother was just quietly standing there in what looked to be such a dreadful scene.

What had happened? How did he even manage to kill those undead in such a short time? Just what did he do?

Kyle landed beside Lucas who was currently healing himself from the wounds he suffered from all the fighting earlier. Kyle knew that Lucas had been quite distracted the whole time since the fight started. It was obvious that the man was making sure to watch over him despite the intensity of the fight and that was the main reason why he had suffered that many deep wounds and quite a few were deep lacerations.

"What happened? What did brother do?" He asked Lucas but the man just shrugged.

"Nothing. His Highness simply did what he needed to do." Lucas replied and then he concentrated on his healing.

Kyle stared at his brother. He realized Lucas did not seem to be surprised at all. This meant that his brother doing something like this was not something new and it had occurred previously, at least to Lucas. Intrigue and curiosity flooded him, and he was kind of upset that he had missed it. He was very sure his brother’s fighting stance was truly a sight to behold.

"Brother..." Kyle finally called out and was about to approach Zeke when another lightning struck close to them.

Their attention was pulled towards the direction of where Zeres and Alexander were fighting. They were trading blows up there, in the thick storm cloud, not at all bothered about the condition of the weather. Even though they could hardly see a thing, they could feel the tremendous power and ominous danger roaring along with the booming thunder and fierce wind.

"There are still many of the minions left and they’re heading here. You two can handle this now, right?" Zeke asked with a flat voice.

"Yes." Kyle said as he looked to his back. Seeing that the humans were now quite far from them, Kyle was certain that he and Lucas can handle the minions on their own even with the injuries sustained.

"Then I’m leaving these for you two to settle." Though Zeke’s voice was calm and collected, Kyle saw the look in his eyes and understood that unspoken statement of "do not let me down". Kyle only nodded.

The minions came pouring in and the fight resumed. This time it was fiercer as Kyle and Lucas were not as overwhelmed anymore.


Inside Zeres’ hideout, Lilith had managed to escape from Zeres’ chains because of a certain knowledge that she was suddenly reminded of. And aside from that knowledge, she also felt like she had received more strength and power in just a short period of time.

This sudden influx of power was so strong it had overwhelmed her entire being. And when it finally stopped flowing into her, she felt as if she was not quite herself anymore.

When she broke free from her chains, she looked at her reflection on the broken glass window and she did not know what to feel and how to react at the sight of herself. She had not been looking at herself since she started noticing the changes happening in her. Only now had she mustered up the courage to look at herself, but she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

There was hardly any more trace of her flaming red hair and piercing green eyes. Her hair had now gone so bright like the moonlight, even her irises seemed to have been bleached of their usual green tint.

The first thing that came to her mind the moment she saw herself was her queen. That was right. She did not have the time to stand here being stunned at her current looks. She must find Queen Alicia!

But before she could leave the hideout, she encountered the witches who were still busy creating more undead vampires. She had stealthily caught one of them, knocked her out, and f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y read her memories. When Lilith saw everything that they have been doing and their aims, she did not know what to think anymore. All she knew was that she had to stop these witches from creating more undead vampires. She must stop them with whatever way possible. She would willingly kill them all – though they were fellow witches – if that were what it takes to end this craziness. If Queen Alicia was the one standing in her place, Lilith was certain she’d destroy all of these witches and that was why she was going to do just that.

With her swords in her hands, Lilith appeared at the altar, shocking all the witches that were circling it. They all looked as if they had seen a ghost.

"Stop this nonsense." She snarled and pinned them with a fierce glare. "If you do not stop right now, I will force all of you to stop."

It took a long while before the witches could make any sound. It was obvious they could not believe their eyes. But too soon, their eyes were again clouded with madness and their gazes turned from shock to contempt.

"I can’t believe the new queen is such a little child." One of the witches sneered with disgust. "How ridiculous! This must be the reason why us witches are being treated like shit! This is why we all acknowledge that the only ruler who truly deserve to rule the witches is our King Zeres! A child like you don’t deserve to rule any of us!!" Their indignant voices clamoured and rose in a fevered pitch.

"Kill her!" They roared and they lunged over in a frenzy to attack Lilith like a pack of mad dogs.