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Chapter 661 - No longer

Lilith took a deep breath as she readied herself to go against these pack of maddened witches who were led astray. For some short few milliseconds, she felt a tinge of pity for these misled witches. Their life must be really sad and wretched. However, looking at them rushing towards her like crazed beings without a shred of clarity in their minds, she hardened her heart and resolved her will. There was no way they were able to be pulled back from the insanity they have fallen into. The only redemption she could offer them was blissful release in death.

Thus, with that, she faced forward and prepared to fight for her life. When the first few witches reached her, they were surprised. All three who were at the front suddenly had their necks slashed and blood just gushed out like a fountain.

In that split second, the bodies just slumped and fell to the side, showing those coming from behind that Lilith was holding onto a sharp sword in her hand, held firmly in a reverse sword hold. Her eyes glinting with fierce determination and the power of the queen also surging through her now.

For a moment, the other witches had a wave of fear sweeping over them as they looked at her formidable fighting prowess. However, they quickly got over it and gave a roaring battle cry before rallying each other to attack Lilith.

"This is going to be a long day..." Lilith sighed before narrowing her eyes, a silvery glint shooting out as she swiped her gaze over the many enemies rushing at her.

As the intense fight raged on between the witches, the deadly battle between Alex and Zeres continued and increased in intensity.

The humans who were looking on from far off, due to their unenhanced eyesight only saw flashes of lightning-like explosions in the sky – thinking that it could be some variation of ball lightning that was due to the extreme storm that was occurring in the distance. However, the supernatural beings who looked up into the sky could see two bodies clashing at each other as they flew around in the air. Each trying to gain a hit on the other, but whenever they met, their swords clashed and release those massive eruptions of light that streaked out like lightning and resulting in the explosive booms which were not unlike the sound of thunder. This fight between two powerful immortals was truly a sight to behold, not allowing any living thing to come anywhere close within a fifty-mile radius where they were battling it out.

The sky continued to roar, and the wind howled as the fighting raged on between these two immortals without stopping, until the night came.

On the bridge where Lucas and Kyle were, they finally had managed to wipe out the last pair of undead vampires. Both wore clear signs of their recent battle with the enemies on their bodies and clothes.

Though exhausted, they were not critically wounded. There were many skin-deep cuts and bruises which were all superficial wounds that would heal given a little more time as well as some deeper slashes on their backs. However, the duo just grinned and gave a meaningful look at each other, acknowledging that they were glad to have achieved the goals that have been given to them by Ezekiel. The two then left the bridge after carrying out a final sweep of the vampire bodies lying around, just to make doubly sure that every enemy was dead and eradicated.

Nodding at the other, they both turned and headed for Zeres’ hideout. As they sped there, Kyle was worrying about Alicia. He remembered how bad her condition was the last time they were together, and she was left with the prophetess. He agitatedly wondered if she was still managing to hang on or perhaps by some sudden miracle that had occurred, that she or the prophetess had managed to reverse and restore the drain on her powers.

Before long, Lucas and Kyle arrived at their destination and they did not hesitate to climb up the tower, immediately heading towards the area with had the most commotion occurring.

As they went through an opened doorway which had its doors blasted apart, Kyle caught a glimpse of a swath of silver. Quickly turning to that direction, he saw a silver haired woman delivering the killing blow to a rouge witch. The prince widened his eyes in surprise and joy, thinking that it was Alicia. Did she already regained her powers just as he was hoping she would?

Relieved at the sight of her mane of silver hair, Kyle smiled and approached her with a spring in his steps.

"Queen A –"

Kyle froze, as did his words the moment the silver-haired lady turned and looked at him. Their gazes met and time seemed to have screeched to a stop.

"Who..." Kyle swallowed hard. Unable to form another word. This girl... the colour of her hair was no longer that attractive flaming red and her eyes were no longer that brilliant shade of turquoise green either. But it was definitely her. He can recognise her with a glance. He could not fool his eyes and most importantly, he could not fool his heart that immediately acknowledged her even before his eyes did.

The emotions roiling within him were so strong he could hardly contain it. He decided then to move and any thoughts left him faster than anything else. And before he knew it, his body crashed against hers and he had her held securely in his embrace.

"Lilith..." he whispered out her name with such longing as his grip around her tightened. She was warm, just as he remembered. But she felt way, way stronger. "What happened? Why are your..."

Suddenly, his eyes widened. He had heard about how the rulers of witches changed and passed on their succession and the realization of it struck him hard like a bolt of lightning.

Lilith pulled away to look up at his face, eyes glimmering as they kept shifting with so many emotions that was unspoken. She parted her lips to speak but before a word could come out from them, Lilith held him and both of them disappeared from the spot.

A sudden strong impact from above shook the building and within seconds, the spot where the two had been standing at was smashed and the building collapsed with a resounding crash.
Chapter 662 - Not yet

Kyle and Lilith materialized outside the crumbling building. Both had their eyes opened wide as they caught sight of a streak of something silver entering the ruined building. Despite the speed, both Lilith and Kyle could recognise from the outline of the figure they saw that it was Zeres.

What had happened for him to be able to be here? Had he already brought Alexander down? That quickly? Both Kyle and Lilith glanced at each other with multiple questions running through their minds.

Shock was clearly etched on Kyle’s face, unable to believe that it was actually Alexander who was the one being smashed like a fallen meteorite into the building. Alexander was the source of the sudden collapse of the building?! He could not believe Zeres could actually bring him down like that! Was Zeres actually more powerful than Alexander? But... wasn’t Alexander supposed to be the most powerful one? Having seen this occurrence was a huge shock to Kyle and totally displaced the thoughts on how God-like and untouchable Alexander was as a revered immortal.

Kyle was frowning hard but a moment later, he reasoned with himself that perhaps the reason why Alexander was losing was due to the fact he did not want Zeres to kill him, nor did he want to be the one to kill Zeres. He already knew that Alexander and Zeres were close friends even before they both became immortal. This must be why Alexander seemed to be losing against him. Perhaps fighting like this and dragging it on was a way for Alexander to stall for time?

While both the youngsters’ attentions were still fixed on the destroyed building and looking out for the two figures what caused this massive damage, the already heavy and ominous atmosphere became even heavier, as if another powerful being had just arrived. Things just had to get more complicated when it was already problematic enough.

And Kyle’s intuition was right on the money. The moment he averted his attention away from the building, he saw his brother, standing a few yards before them, staring at them, and wearing that same unfathomably blank expression. When he followed his brother’s intense gaze, it seemed to be locked onto where he was and somewhere between him and Lilith.

Kyle had not realized that he was still holding onto Lilith’s hand tightly until he nervously traced Ezekiel’s gaze and his eyes fell on their entwined hands.

Kyle froze and swore silently in his head. At what point did he hold onto her hand like this? His heart skipped a beat as he began to be conscious of the sensations created from the intertwining of their hands. How could he have grabbed her hand and held it so naturally like that and even before he himself had realized it? But one thing he knew – those sensations are nothing negative. In fact, it was generating quite a measure of positive things within him.

Aware of his brother’s gaze, Kyle knew he had to let go of her hand. But how? He truly did not want to let go of her. How many days had he dreamt of doing just this – holding these small but precious hands and being so near her just like this in the past month? He could not even tell as he has long since lost count. Thinking of how much he had thought about her and dwelled on the fact that they had been separated caused a slight flush to rise high up on his elegant cheekbones.

And now that she was actually here in flesh, no matter what changes that would happen in her, Kyle could not contain the feelings and emotions that filled his entire being, despite the situation they were in right now.

That day he had said goodbye to her and genuinely thought he would never be seeing her ever again in his long life, Kyle had felt like something in him died a little. He had spent many hours trying to understand why and how did he manage to develop such overwhelmingly strong feelings for her when they basically had just met and spent only a few hours together.

And now that he saw her again, all the feelings he thought were discarded and thrown away – no, not discarded but perhaps were buried deep – came gushing out like a geyser at the mere sight of her. The part of him that he thought had died when he said goodbye to her resurrected in an instant, just like that.

Now he felt like he would rather die than let her go and say goodbye again. Would he rather give up his life than lose her a second time?

Kyle did not realise but his eyes suddenly shone with a fierce light from within. And it made his whole countenance look more manly and grown up.

His heartbeat hastened as he raised his head to meet his brother’s gaze.

Ezekiel’s expression never gave anything away, but Kyle thought that his brother was not affected with what he was seeing. Of course, he was.

Kyle’s grip on Lilith’s hand tightened ever so slightly. He took a breath, bracing himself for what could happen next. He knew that Lilith was very powerful now. But even with the witch Queen’s power on her, Kyle knew she would never stand a chance against his brother. So, Kyle’s protective instinct immediately kicked in to protect her. It was not because he thought that Ezekiel would harm her. His brother would never do unreasonable things out of sheer impulse. But that might not say that he would not take her away... from him. And his body and soul refused to ever let that happen again. His brain and heart were a mess at that moment. So many emotions were swirling all at once, both good and bad, overwhelming him and he did not know how to sort them out and deal with it.

Something warm and soothing suddenly enveloped him. The sensation felt like magic. He looked at Lilith and their eyes met. Those unfamiliar yet breath taking moon-like eyes stared at him tenderly, as if telling him to calm down because everything will be alright. He could feel her hand that was entwined with his gave him a small comforting squeeze, telling him she was in this with him too.

Kyle’s heart skipped another beat and if not for the awareness that his brother was just right there staring at them, Kyle would have enveloped her in his arms, and hugged her and kissed her silly.

Realizing that his body had become as stiff as a rock, Kyle took in an inaudible breath. She was right. He needed to calm down. There was no point of him acting like this. Because there was no way he could go against his brother anyway. It was not yet the right time.

Returning his calmer and composed gaze to Zeke, Kyle waited for his older brother to speak, still not letting go of Lilith’s hand. But Zeke turned away and faced Lucas, throwing Kyle off for a loop. "You take them away from this place. Now." He ordered. "Don’t come close to this place unless I give any of you a signal."

Chapter 663 - Change

Lucas immediately nodded and glanced at Kyle, waiting for the young prince to nod as well.

Kyle understood that it would be dangerous for them to stay this close to those two immortals who were battling it out without any awareness of the people around them. It was only his brother, who was the only one fully capable of protecting himself against them if anything unfortunate did happen. None of the rest of them could even dream of standing against a fatal attack of a half dragon, much less surviving it.

He looked at Lilith who now had her eyes fixed on the back of Zeke. A while ago, she was so quick in getting them out of that place. Kyle was utterly distracted and shocked at the sight of her that he had actually failed to notice the upcoming danger. To tell the truth, it had surprised him – and not just a little. And he bit his lower lip with some embarrassment at the thought of how she had just saved him from trouble with such quickness. Was not the prince supposed to be the one to save the princess?

Suddenly, he picked her up while she was still not paying attention to him. He would make it up to her.

Lilith’s eyes widened as her lips parted in shock.

Knowing that a protest was coming, Kyle did not give her the chance to speak before he quickly took a step and already began to leap. "Let me be the one to take you away from danger this time, Lilith." He said, there was a smile in his voice as he winked mischievously at her.

"But there’s no need for you to that... I can –" Lilith protested with a little grumble. Kyle thought it looked cute as she pouted that way.

"I know. But I just wanted to hold you again... like this." There was a hint of sadness in his voice. But Lilith noticed that his eyes and expression was not as expressive as before. "I know where Queen Alicia is so if you want me to bring you to her, bear with me and let me carry you. Deal?"

He smiled and Lilith felt her face warming up from his words and smile. How could she forget how many times this vampire prince had made her face turned into red tomato within just a few short hours she had spent with him?

She realized that his smile was not as innocent as before as well. The moment she saw him inside that building, Lilith had felt it immediately. She was not the only one who had changed so much during the past one month. This boy whom she thought she would never meet again changed too. A lot. He felt as if he had grown so much in just a span of a month’s time since she last saw him. And she could tell clearly that she was not the only one who had become stronger. Kyle did too. In fact, she could feel the huge change in his presence alone.

They were silent as Kyle leaped slowly, taking his time. The two of them were both unable to think about what they should say to each other to get some kind of conversation going. But the silence was surprisingly not awkward. This made them think back on the trip they made back to the Black Forest. And for some reason, they felt like that memory was something that happened many, many years back.

Suddenly, Kyle landed on top of another building.

He put her down but did not release her waist, leaving one arm lazily curled around her.

Looking down at her face, Kyle’s hardened gaze just stared at her. Lilith thought that he was no longer the innocent boy she met that day and so was she. They both could see the huge change in each other’s eyes.

Now both had an a.d.u.l.t’s gaze that did not quite match up to their young age in terms of their own species. Though their body remained young, it was like they both aged – both in spirit and in mind – during the last month. They now looked like a.d.u.l.ts trapped in a teenage boy’s and girl’s body. It was truly not a big surprise. Because they could feel that they had both learned how to kill and take another’s life. They were aware that the moment they decided to spill another individual’s blood, their innocence would be lost.

And Lilith could tell, just from his gaze alone, that Kyle had killed far more creatures than she had. How many he had killed just within this month to be able to have this sharp edge to his presence and that hidden killer instinct? Lilith noticed how his smile looked different as well. It was like he had not smiled for a very long time that he began to resemble his scary brother quite a lot now. His gentle eyes had become a little more stoic and cooler too.

Who would have thought so many things would have happened in just a short period of time?

Kyle could not stop staring at her. It was not like silver hair and eyes did not suit her, in fact, she looked even more like a pristine heavenly creature now. But he had dreamt of that flaming gorgeous red hair and sparkly green eyes for so many nights that he could not quite believe that she no longer had those distinct features. Part of him wanted them back. Because right now, she looked even more out of reach to him, even more looking forbidden than ever before. And the thought of that scared him even more than losing her.

"Did you miss me, Lilith?" those words just tumbled out of his lips. He could not help sounding like a desperate and foolish boy. And he could no longer contain his longing for her anymore, that before Lilith could even respond, he had already bent his head and his lips were suddenly trapping hers.
Chapter 664 - So right

Lilith’s eyes widened in shock – not knowing if she should slap him or clutch him nearer to her. She could not believe he was doing this... again! This rouge was once again stealing a kiss from her! She truly ought to teach him a lesson.

Fortunately for Kyle, he pulled away – before Lilith could do anything – looking surprised at his own actions as much she was. But after blinking at her a couple of times, there was no regret nor apology in his eyes. Instead, his grey eyes that were framed with heavy black lashes glimmered, eliciting something like a swift sting in her heart followed the quickening of her heartbeat.

Staring straight into the bright pool of quicksilver that were her eyes, Kyle’s fingers lightly touched the side of her face, causing Lilith’s heart to pump even harder.

"I want to kiss you, may I?" this time, he played the role of a prince properly and asked. His voice sounded deeper than she remembered, it was more pleasing and impossibly gripping now. When and where did he learn to speak like this? And more importantly, why was he asking this embarrassing question when he had already played the role of the bandit earlier and kissed her?

Lilith remembered that day. The very first time he had kissed her, it was a stolen kiss, but the second time, similarly, he had asked for permission. Now, here he is doing the exact same thing as before. Was this prince doing this on purpose? He truly was able to press the right buttons to irritate her and cause her to melt too. How annoying and mind boggling.

Before Lilith could speak, he drew his fingertips to her mouth, causing her to swallow her words. He could only chuckle as he saw her eyes spit silver flames, irritated at him cutting her off again. And then, he gently stroked her lips, his face leaning over again. "No?" he whispered though his face was already moving closer and closer that she could feel his breath fanning over hers.

Her lips parted and trembled a little against his finger. The power of speech suddenly abandoning her, no, he was taking it away from her. Her eyes were a pair of limpid pool gazing upwards, looking at his face, causing his heart to skip more than a beat.

"Just once Lilith..." he said, breathless and pleading. The glitter in his eyes making her unable to look away and think. And then she nodded. Why? Why can’t she say no to him?

His mouth came swooping down onto hers almost abruptly, as soon as she nodded at him. His hand slid to the back of her neck, grasping lightly to support the weight of her head as well as pulling her deeper into the kiss.

Something delightfully warm flowed through her as the tender pressure of his lips repeatedly brushed against hers. His hand on her waist drew her closer and pressed her body against his and all she could do was hold on to him.

She thought it would be as quick as last time, but Kyle did not stop and continued kissing her, exploring her lips as though he had all the time in the world. Lilith’s mind was slowly being swallowed by him. She told herself it would not take that long but now she could not even pull away.

She felt as though she was under his spell. The most unnerving thing was that she felt like all this, being kissed by him, being held by him felt so right even though both of them knew it was wrong. They should not be doing this. Just how the hell did something wrong felt so right?

Lilith’s hands finally moved, and they slowly raised up and slipped around his neck. And at last, she kissed him back. She could not hold back her surging feelings any longer. Though she had tried her best to fight against what she knew in her mind was wrong, this was just too much for a young lady. Was she supposed to be able to stay immune to such passion, from such an outstanding male specimen of a prince? Their grips on each other tightened. Their heartbeats which were initially thumping wilder than ever before individually, were slowly beating in tandem with each other’s. Suddenly, she pulled back at the feel of his tongue c.a.r.e.s.sing hers, her eyes flaring open in shock and face flushing with innocent surprise.

Kyle eye’s glimmered and he was about to pounce forward to seize her lips again when they felt a weak rumble of an earthquake.

Both of them got distracted from their enjoyable activity and they both looked at the direction where they had left Ezekiel – where the source of the quake originated from. It was obvious that the small earthquake was caused by the fighting that was going on there. How would the people left behind there and the buildings surrounding that area fare if the aftershocks could be felt from so far away where they were standing?

Lilith pulled away from Kyle’s embrace. She could not let this tryst continue anymore. How could they indulge in something as light-hearted as when they were still in this situation?

"Y-you said..." she finally managed to say. Her voice sounded raspy because she was still unable to recover from their kiss. "You’ll bring me to My Queen." She finally choked out.

Kyle seemed to snap back to reality, and he rubbed the back of his neck with his palm a little sheepishly. "Right, I have to bring you to her." He said and then he took a deep breath.

Before he could attempt to touch her and lift her, Lilith moved away and flashed him a small smile. "I’ll follow right behind you." she said, unable to maintain eye contact. She realized this vampire prince was dangerous for her. She could not let herself get anymore distracted than she already was at this moment any longer. And the best way to keep her head on straight was not to let him touch her.

Thankfully, Kyle seemed to understand the seriousness of the situation and he did not insist anymore. He nodded at her and then leapt away as Lilith followed him.
Chapter 665 - Unthinkable

Back at the ruined hideout where the earthquake shook the whole area and buildings came crumbling down, it could be seen that Zeres was standing before Alex, staring down at him emotionlessly.

Alex was sitting on top of the rubbles created by their ferocious fight, looking all bloodied and dishevelled. He had just pulled himself up and sat on top of that pile of debris, smiling as he looked back at Zeres, despite all the deadly attacks he had suffered from Zeres’ hands. He shook his head vigorously as he used a hand to brush his hair off and a puff of dust flew down from his hair, evidently being punched into the walls until they tuned to dust.

A chuckle escaped from Alex’s lips as he ran his fingers through his tussled hair. Zeres was incredibly strong, but Alex was not at all surprised. He knew that a man who had a strong reason to fight often ends up being the strongest of them all. He was sincerely desperate more than anyone else and that was why he had managed to achieve a certain level of power that was normally far beyond his very limit. Alex remembered that this similar occurrence happened to him before as well when Abi died in the past. That time, losing her made him lose his sanity and he could bring out an overwhelming power he did not know at the time he possessed.

At this moment, it was Zeres’ turn who was experiencing the same thing. He was at the very peak of his power and yes, right now, he was stronger than him. Especially since Alex realized that he could not bring out his full power against this Zeres who was desperate to save Alicia’s life. It was just impossible. There was no way he could truly make himself kill Zeres even if he forced himself to do so. More so when he was well aware of the reason why Zeres was acting this way. How could he blame the man when he was the same in relations to anything concerning Abi?

And it seemed that Zeres had realized it as well. He could tell that Zeres was quickly losing interest in him now.

"I don’t remember you being this weak Alexander." Zeres said, his voice lifeless. His eyes dull as he stared at Alex.

Alex smiled and threw his head back as he chuckled and stared at the dark sky. "My bad if I’m weak for you. Well, the great me is already old so..." Alex’s grin widened as he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. His actions seemingly light-hearted.

Zeres’ eyes burned in silent anger, and he clenched his fists tight. His ominous aura blazed with quiet yet powerful rage and hate. However, Alex could feel that all that rage and hate was not truly really directed at him but rather at the whole world.

"You wasted my time, Alexander." He gritted his teeth and growled out. However, before Alex could respond to his accusations, his wings spread open, and he catapulted towards the sky in an instant.

A deep sigh escaped Alex’s lips. This was getting more complicated. He did not even know what to do now. Was there anything that he could do? He sighed as he leaned back and looked up at the empty sky towards the direction Zeres had flown in. There was an astringent feel in his heart as he thought of the predicament his good friend was in. But what was it that could be done?

"What do you think he is planning to do now, Zeke?" Alex threw out that question the moment he felt someone’s presence landing beside him.

Zeke too had his eyes fixed towards the thick darkness where Zeres had disappeared to. The lightning was booming endlessly.

"I’m not certain. All we could do is to wait for his next move." Zeke said, giving nothing away no matter how much Alex tried to scrutinize and probe at his annoyingly blank expression. "Such a spoil sport..." Alex muttered as he rolled his eyes.

Sighing again, Alex rose and cracked his neck. His clothes were tattered from all the deadly falls and from the fight he suffered. He could not deny he had enjoyed the exchange thoroughly though.

"The deadline he gave us is getting closer. I don’t think he will ever give up. And really Zeke... is there truly no other way to solve this apart from him dying?" Alex now sounded very frustrated.

"I have already answered that question of yours many times, Alex. There is no other way to keep Alicia alive if Zeres does not die." Even saying this, Ezekiel’s voice had no inflection to it.

Alex g.r.o.a.n.e.d. "Then what are we going to do? I don’t think I’m the one who could kill him even if I force myself to. So, speak now Zeke and spill out what are you hiding inside your head. You know he’s not bluffing when he said he’ll create chaos in this world if Alicia dies. I know he’ll do it and I know you will not let it happen. I know you already know something since the day you said you will leave the kingdom, no, since Lucas returned. Even so, I was able to stay calm all this while because I know you have a plan. But now time is running out and there’s still no clear-cut solution for this. Just what the hell are you waiting for?"

While Alex was talking, Zeke’s eyes remained fixedly looking at the dark clouds. Through that, he could see Zeres just there flapping his mighty wings, looking like a fallen angel. Something was enveloping him, combinations of silver, black and red light swirling around him. What was he doing?

Zeke narrowed his eyes, zooming his gaze onto Zeres’ face which he could hardly see because of the thick dark magic enveloping itself around him.

Zeke could see his lips moving slightly. Zeres was chanting a spell. And even though Zeke could not quite tell what kind of spell it was, he knew it was something unthinkable, something beyond...

The look in Zeke’s eyes changed abruptly.

Alex immediately felt the atmosphere turning black and he knew it was caused by no one else but Zeke. Was it finally time for this man to make his move?


Chapter 666 - The queen's goal*

Back in the tower, Lilith was standing next to Kyle, frozen from the shock of seeing Alicia’s condition. Seeing Alicia’s ashen hair and utterly weak state was a sight that’s very hard for her to accept. How? How did this happen to their powerful queen?

Her lips trembled. She looked at Kyle with millions of questions in her eyes.

"Zeres said that his existence made Queen Alicia like this," Kyle said in a soft voice, shocking Lilith once again.

Lilith returned her gaze to Alicia and she fought the urge to cry. She had never seen Alicia this weak before. Even before Alicia became queen, Lilith and every young female witch look up to her. Because she was so strong and powerful, she was a badass witch and that was why once she became queen, even the old witches admitted that she was stronger than any witches they served before her.

She never imagined this strong woman would be reduced to this state because she was strong even without the queen’s power. So how could she turn like this?

Worried and unable to accept the truth before her, Lilith bent before her queen. Even if she now had the power of the queen, Lilith never once thought she’s now the queen. Because to her, there was no other queen but Alicia!

Suddenly, Alicia’s eyes fluttered open.

Alicia had been feeling like she was floating in the darkness. There was no thought, no feelings, just nothing. Until a strong presence pierced through the dizzying darkness she was in.

"Lilith?" she uttered the moment she recognized the girl kneeling in front of her.

When the girl nodded, Alicia found herself not knowing how to react. Seeing her bright silver hair and silver eyes froze her body for a long moment.

But she recovered and she smiled at Lilith, stretching her arms to hug her. "I knew you’d be one day become the next queen Lilith. I’m sorry no one prepared you properly for this. I’m sure it must’ve been hard for you." she whispered as the two of them embraced each other.

Before Alicia became queen, Lilith was the annoying little sister that kept tailing her wherever she goes. Alicia was strong back then, so many young witches look up to her. Lilith was one of them. The little red-haired girl was her die-hard fan, who somehow always managed to follow her everywhere no matter how she tried to evade her.

Back then, Lilith called her big sister, and Alicia found herself liking the way she calls her, maybe because Alicia didn’t have any siblings. She began to like Lilith and eventually acted like her big sister. Though Alicia never spoiled her. Instead, Alicia taught her how to fight and become strong.

When Alicia became queen, Lilith no longer called her big sister, and though they couldn’t spend much time together like before, Alicia’s treatment towards Lilith stayed the same. She remained the strict but kind big sister to Lilith.

"No," Lilith cried, shaking her head. "No... I’m not worthy. You’re our one and only queen, Queen Alicia. I’m not ready... I don’t know what to do. You’re our queen..." she continued tearing up.

Looking at her, Alicia understood what she was going through. Lilith was too young to be queen. Just like her, Alicia also became queen so suddenly because of the unprecedented death of the previous queen. Alicia knew how hard it was to for a new queen to prove herself worthy because it had been hard even for her. How much more to this young and very inexperienced young girl?

The previous generations of witch queens had failed to unite the witches for many centuries.

Alicia knew that the witches must unite now. The rogues must stop going astray because if not, someone evil would always arise to temp these rogues and create another chaos resulting in more deaths. Even before Alicia became queen, she had already thought of this, that if she was chosen to become queen, she would be the queen who would unite all the witches. This was her goal and a promise to herself. That in her reign, no witches will ever go rogue again.

But before Alicia could even start working on her goal, she began to lose her power, and now, another queen was already here to replace her. She felt wretched. Her reign was now the shortest in history. She couldn’t even do anything yet, and she already lost everything.

A small painful smile curved on her lips.

When she stared at Lilith again, Alicia realized Lilith was the youngest ever who succeeded the queen’s power. Alicia could tell Lilith was overwhelmed from the power flowing her young and unprepared body. Lilith still needed help. She needed to become strong enough to contain her power, or else she’ll break.

In the past, not all witch queens were righteous. There were queens who had become evil because of the queens’ power that was bestowed on them. Some of them also eventually abused their power and became greedy and hungry for more. Those previous queens’ misdeeds resulted in countless witches losing their hope and faith in their ruler.

Some queens were unable to contain their power, and it resulted in them falling to madness. This was why the future queens were supposed to be the strongest. They must be prepared and strong enough.

And Lilith wasn’t prepared. It was too sudden, too early for her. Though Alicia was certain she was a kind person, she knew Lilith’s strength was not enough to protect her from being overpowered by the power that she now possessed. She needed someone to help her and support her until she was strong enough to command her power. Because if not, her power will break her.


Chapter 667 - Purpose*

"Tell me, Queen Alicia. What should I do to help you? To give back this power to you? This power..." Lilith cried, "this power belongs to you." The young witch was genuinely distressed. When she first saw the changes in her appearance, Lilith still remembered clearly how she looked that very moment. Others would probably scream in surprise and excitement for becoming the chosen one. But she felt none of those. Instead, she was horrified, knowing that something happened to their queen.

Every young female witch’s dream was chosen as the next queen, but Lilith had never once dreamed of inheriting the crown. It was because she just thought that no one could replace Alicia. She just believed that Alicia would be queen for a very long time.

Lilith thought that once she sees the queen, things will go back to how it was before. During her journey, Lilith was able to withstand the loneliness and confusion because she thought that Alicia needed her. Once she met the queen, she could return this power to the true owner, who was no other than Alicia.

"This power doesn’t belong to me," Lilith said in a weak voice, shaking her head.

It was obvious to Alicia that Lilith didn’t let anyone saw her changing appearance even before she went on a journey by herself. Alicia could just read this young lady like an open book, and the thought that Lilith went through that confusing and overwhelming transformation all by herself pained Alicia.

Lilith wasn’t a crybaby, so seeing her broke down in tears that moment made Alicia realized how overwhelmed Lilith was. She must’ve never allowed herself even to shed a tear and even steeled herself quite too hard all this time.

Hugging her, Alicia c.a.r.e.s.sed Lilith’s hair. This young lady wasn’t weak. She had a strong will and spirit fitting for a queen. She was young, but she had it in her. All she needed now was the proper guidance as she grew more m.a.t.u.r.e and, most of all, an excellent teacher to help her hone her physical strength and abilities.

"You can never return the power to me, Lilith," Alicia replied with a kind and gentle voice. "My time is over." She added, causing Lilith to weep even harder.

It didn’t surprise Alicia how those words ’my time is over’ crushed her heart. She wanted to keep her crown more than she’d ever admitted to herself. Since she was young, she had always wanted to be the queen of the witches. She had wanted to be that formidable and good queen that her subjects will never forget and needed. She had wanted to be that queen every future queen will find incomparable. But it seems she could no longer fulfill those ambitions of hers now. Her time was over.

Letting out a deep, shaky sigh, Alicia looked at Lilith and smiled at her. She lifted her hand and c.a.r.e.s.sed the young lady’s cheek.

"I don’t know what is going to happen, but all I want you to do right now is to be strong, understand?" Alicia whispered to her as she stared straight into Lilith’s eyes. This was all she could do for her now.

Lilith stared at her for a long while, wiping her tears until, eventually, she took a deep breath and finally nodded. She understood that this wasn’t the time for her to keep weeping. Perhaps, she could still do something for Alicia. This wasn’t over yet. That was right. This was the time for her to be strong!

Seeing that Lilith’s expression finally changed, Alicia smiled, and her gaze shifted to the dark sky. The rain had stopped, but series of lightning were still booming endlessly as if someone had angered the god of thunder. Most of the lightning were gathered in one direction, in the area where Zeres’ hideout was located.

Watching the series of lightning, Alicia’s thoughts returned to Zeres.

Since she was no longer the queen, Alicia thought that it was even more absurd for Zeres to die for her now. Alicia knew that if Zeres dies tonight, even if she lives, she’d never be queen again.

Zeres was the immortal witch that the witches had been longing for since the existence of Alexander, the immortal vampire. His existence means a lot to every witch, whether they accepted it or not, and this was why Zeres easily managed to rule the rogue witches. He had gathered the rogue witches effortlessly, and they were more than willing to serve him.

Back in the Black Forest, Alicia had long realized how her subjects already considered Zeres one of their rulers. Someone who could easily rule both the good and evil witches just by simply existing was unheard of. No witch queen ever managed to do that in history.

The first time Alicia saw Zeres, she knew he’d bring some kind of change.

And now that she thought about it, perhaps, this was fated to happen. Maybe, none of the queens were able to unite the witches because Zeres was the one who was destined to do it?

The thought made Alicia felt somehow enlightened. She had been thinking and looking for answers for a long while now about the real purpose why Zeres awakened in this era again. She just couldn’t believe that it was all nothing but coincidence. Even Dinah, the evil half-dragon, turned out to have an important purpose in the end. Her purpose was to give Abigail the immortality that belongs to her. Zeres should also have such an important purpose. There was no way he was revived just to die again!

’What if the purpose of his existence was... what if he was fated to end the rule of witch queens?’

Alicia didn’t know why but all these thoughts in her head right now felt like the missing piece of the puzzle she had been trying to solve. Maybe because the thought that having Zeres rule the witches and end the rule of queens truly made a lot of sense to her.
Chapter 668 Less than two hours left*

Alicia had seen almost everything in the last three millennia. The reason why the witches were divided was because not all queens were good. Many who were good in the beginning eventually became evil. Even if one good and great queen rose and unite the witches, the next queen will ruin everything, and the cycle begins again. Perhaps what the witches needed was a good ruler that will not die after a few decades. They needed one good ruler that will live forever and won't be replaced by someone that could become evil and ruin everything all over again... just like the vampires. 

While Alicia was focused on her own thoughts, something suddenly pulled her attention. Something dark, dangerous, and suffocating seemed to wrap around the entire city suddenly.

Everyone's eyes fell towards the direction of Zeres' hideout, and they saw a thick shadow forming into a vortex. A shadow that doesn't seem to belong to this world.

Lilith immediately sensed the immense power. Even Kyle and Lucas were already in their alert mode. Their survival instinct had made their body and mind focused on their surroundings. All of them knew that something unthinkable was going to happen.

"What's this? What's happening?" Kyle asked as the shadow seemed to be turning even thicker, wider, like a black mist that was darker than the night.

Lilith had her eyes wide as she looked at Alicia.

"It's a spell!" Lilith exclaimed, and Alicia nodded. Even in her powerless state, Alicia could tell, just by seeing that shadow, that someone had used the ultimate forbidden spell.

"A spell?" Kyle asked, looking at the two witches with curiosity and alarm.

"Yes. It's the demon summoning spell!" Lilith answered. Her eyes filled with shock and horror.

Alicia clenched her fists tight. She had seen one of the previous queens used this spell in her memories. This spell wasn't just forbidden because of the demon but also because this spell will require the life of the one performing the spell. One greedy queen had tried it before, thinking that she was strong enough to summon a demon without dying, but she failed and died a gruesome death. 

"Zeres…" Alicia said disbelievingly. No one could perform that spell without dying but him! "What are you doing? Why would you do this?" she asked in a weak voice.

"His Highness is not giving any signal yet," Lucas said, looking obviously unsettled. The feel of this dark shadow was just too ominous to keep them stay calm. They all knew this was trouble—a much bigger trouble than the undead vampires. No, a legion of undead vampires won't even hold a candle to this!

"What should we do?" Kyle asked, anxious. "Should we go check on them?"

"No!" Alicia spoke. "It's too dangerous. Lilith, do you have a crystal ball with you?"

Lilith nodded, and the young witch immediately moved to set up her crystal ball. They must know what was going on!

Meanwhile, Alex's face looked utterly grave as he looked up towards Zeres. A circle had appeared behind him, and ominous shadows kept coming out from it. The shadow reeks of death and hell, and serious danger. This was something much more dangerous and threatening than Dinah.

It wasn't just because of Alex's instinct. This time, Alex was certain that this would be one much bigger trouble because of Zeke's reaction. For the first time in a very, very long time, something changed in Zeke's expression. And anything and anyone that could change Zeke's expression, no matter how subtle the change was, was definitely nothing but bad news.

"What's going on?" Alex asked when he saw Zeke clenched his fists tight.

"Get ready, Alex," Zeke said instead of answering Alex's question. "I'd like you to attack him now. At. Full. Force." He stressed. "Bring him down here, and I'll deal with him on the ground. Now, Alex. There's no time. We have to stop him!"

Despite the confusion, Alex immediately moved. The sound of urgency in Zeke's voice made Alex moved without question. When was the last time Alex heard Zeke spoke like that? He couldn't even remember anymore.

Alex catapulted to the sky, but just as he was about to reach Zeres, something dark and powerful blocked him.

Another creature with wings. Wait! Demon?!

"Damn!" Alex cursed as he clashed against the demon. "What the hell are you doing, Zeres!!!" Alex could only yell in frustration as he fought with the demon.

Another demon appeared from the vortex of shadow and then another one.

"Damn it! Stop summoning these monsters!" Alex yelled again as more demons went after him.

But Zeres acted as though he didn't hear Alex's complaints at all. Zeres' gaze was fixed to Zeke.

With dark, villainous eyes, Zeres slowly descended, not averting his gaze from Zeke. Dark shadows were moving around him, and black lightning was hitting the ground as Zeres landed on the ground. 

"Now, do you realize what a threat I am? Kiel?" Zeres asked. His voice was emotionless and deadly. "I remembered what you said before. That you'd find a way to have me dead If I become the villain… I can summon an entire army of demons and spread them all over the world, Kiel. And you know I'm not bluffing, right?"

Zeke didn't respond. But Zeres could see he had finally made Ezekiel serious. He just knew that no one could ever fulfill his wish but this man. Kiel would do anything and everything to annihilate any threat, whoever it was.

"If I'm still alive at midnight, demons will roam around the earth and create chaos you will never ever cover-up, Kiel. I know you'd eventually managed to kill me, but the world will never be the same again after that. So if you don't want this peace you've been working so hard to keep in the last hundreds of years not to be destroyed, kill me now. You have less than two hours left." Zeres paused, and his eyes blazed with hellfire. "If Alicia dies before me, you'll regret it."


Chapter 669 Fellow

After speaking, Zeres surrounded himself in a cyclone of magical forcefield. The little glimpses that could be seen of him showed that he was carrying out more summoning magic – his lips were moving as he chanted the spells needed and his fingers could be seen moving rapidly, forming multiple and complex signals which could be assumed to be part of the very complicated forbidden demon summoning spell. Any and all attacks could not break through that cyclone Zeres had surrounded himself with. Alex had launched an arc made of pure sword power but when it reached the whirling cyclone, it quietly dissipated as if it were just mist. Everyone looking on were baffled. They were at least expecting a clash of powers and an explosion as those powers collided. However, that was not the case.

Alicia and the others were horrified at what they saw in the crystal ball. She never would have thought that Zeres would actually summon a demon. However, this was worse than the worst-case scenario – he went ahead and summoned not only one of those things, but three of them in one go! Just one of these summoned demons from the depths of hell alone could wreak havoc to the world within a matter of days. Zeres truly pulled out all the stops on this final move, proving to everyone and especially those who still held on a thread of hope for him, that he was beyond saving. He was beyond pulling back. What he wants, he will get. This was a man on a mission and a one-track mind to achieve his aim – no matter what!

But what terrified Alicia the most was not the upcoming chaos or even the imminent destruction of this world she calls home, but the fact that Zeres' declaration that was made earlier. That he would no doubt summon an army of demons to havoc the earth if she dies before he did. If that happens... How terrifying would the chaos stirred up in the world be?

It would be more apt to describe it as perhaps the ending of the world and living things as it is than just calling it as plain old chaos. Humankind's chance of surviving this cataclysmic event would drastically drop into the negatives, much less consider surviving it. Only the very strong might perhaps have a fraction of a chance.

Alicia started to tremble, knowing full well that Zeres would really do it. Why? Just why would he go to all this length – all the pain, trouble, and alienation of those he holds dear – just to keep her alive? Was she truly worth all that? Just why was he so hellbent in wanting to keep her alive? Crack her head as she might, she could not figure out what was it that truly inspired him to go down this deadly path.

Wobbling, Alicia grasped Lilith's shoulders to force herself stand. She cannot let this happen. No, she could not let this progress even further than it already had. Though world destruction was still a couple of hours away, she could not allow herself to just watch like a sitting duck. She needed to do something to stop this madness. Because if not, she would never forgive herself and Zeres too if the world finally fell into chaos and destruction because of this.

Making up her mind, she turned to the young lady who was still looking into the crystal ball. "Lilith, I'll be needing you to take me there now. Bring me to Zeres." Alicia said, after which she took in a deep breath. Despite being in her most weakened state, her eyes had become incredibly intense.

"But it's too dangerous for you, my queen –" Lilith could only try to stall as she knew Alicia was already on her last legs. Even standing was proving to be a difficult chore for her at the moment, much less going up against something so powerful and deadly.

However, Lilith could not continue on with her statement because of the desperation she saw so clearly pouring out from Alicia's eyes. Alicia looked like she would not hesitate to jump into the heart of the battlefield to try and stop Zeres even if she already knew it would be at the cost of her life.

After throwing a discreet glance at Kyle and noting the slight shake of his head, Lilith could only give in even though she was extremely reluctant to do so. There was no way she could say 'no' to her queen. This wonderful, caring, and powerful queen whom she had grown up idolising and wishing daily to be like her. There was also the understanding that she knew queen Alicia would rather die than stay in this place and wait for the tragedy that was going to happen – a tragedy she believed was all because of her.

"I will bring queen Alicia there." Lilith finally voiced out and protest immediately shone in Kyle's eyes. "Do not worry, there will be no way that Zeres will allow those demons to harm her."

"Lilith is right." Alicia cut in. "You and Lucas must stay with the prophetess. I'll be counting on you both to protect her. Please… this is my wish. Those summoned demons will definitely come after you so you must not come along with us. Do not worry, Zeres will not harm us. Stay here and wait for Ezekiel's signal."

With those last words and before the vampires could even think of a reason to protest, the two witches had already disappeared – leaving Kyle utterly torn between his duty or his heart. Should he obey his brother or run after Lilith and Alicia?

At this point in time, the battle that was going on between Alex and the three summoned demons were already at the peak of its intensity. Alex would never have thought he would one day actually end up fighting demons – of all creatures – which could be considered as somewhat his fellow immortals.
Chapter 670 Not Enough

But he had to hand it to them and admit it to himself that they were strong. The demons Zeres had summoned were not ones to be taken lightly not were they the small fries in the underworld.

He had no idea about how these monsters were ranked but he knew that they definitely belonged to the supreme ranks of demons. These were the big fishes – those who lord it over the others and cause fear even in the land of death. And that was why Alex was forced to unleash the strength that he was unable to awaken during his earlier fight with Zeres. If one were to compare, that earlier exchange could only be called a play fight while this was genuinely the real deal.

Alex's eyes were piercing gold and his hands and arms were already covered with dragon-like scales as he dealt with the demons, figuring out how the hell could he kill these immortals. Was it even possible? And if it was, one was already challenging enough. But now he had to be dealing with three of them! And that is if there are no others joining in the fun – as it seemed that Zeres was still not done summoning these calamities from the vortex.

Alex had to pull out every move he had from his repertoire of skills and lethal attacks which he had perfected over the millennia he had lived. Strike after strike, some imbued with magical powers, others just relying on pure brute strength, Alex actually found himself working up a sweat. However, after innumerable exchanges between him and the demons, Alex caught an opening and headed in for the kill. After successfully beheading one of them, Alex tried the method of burning the demon's head to finish him. But unfortunately, just like him, the demon did not die. The next second, he saw the beheaded demon fuse his chopped off head back to its body, standing up again as if the beheading had never happened.

"Damn!" he cursed aloud but as he looked at the three demons before him, Alex smiled. "It seems I'll just have to enjoy beating all of you black and blue until you run away screaming back into to the underworld." He said, cracking his neck and fingers as his amiable smile widened into an evil grin. "Back then, I quite enjoyed torturing creatures, you know?" He added before disappearing from his spot and attacking them.

Meanwhile, on the ground, shadows began to thicken again as Zeres prepared to summon more demons. He was hellbent in making Zeke lose his cool and composed attitude and attack him all out with the intention of killing him.

Zeres had never seen this man lose his temper in person. He never lost his temper. Not even during the most extreme situation. No wonder some people call him the Ice Prince! Some even wondered if it were ice that were flowing through his veins rather than blood. Nothing seems to ever faze him.

In fact, Zeres had thought that it was impossible to ever make Kiel lose his shit. He thought that nothing could actually force this stone-cold vampire prince to ever lose control of himself. If one did not see him move, one would be quite convinced to think that this was a perfect carving of a vampire made out of marble. And if not for the memories he had seen, Zeres would definitely had held onto his beliefs in his thoughts forever, that Kiel truly was not capable of losing control.

However, it was thanks to the witch queen's memories that he had received, Zeres now had an idea of the kind of powers Ezekiel was truly hiding. And now, Zeres would do anything to bring out the real Ezekiel to finally be able to die in his hands.

And summoning more supreme level demons would certainly fit the bill. Because Ezekiel knew exactly how dangerous and threatening these demons were if they were to be let lose to rampage in the world.

As Zeres continued to chant the complicated spell, with no warning, a powerful force slammed into him. And in the blink of an eye, the earth shook as Zeres came crashing to the ground.

The dark vortex of shadows that was building treacherously around him suddenly dispersed as Ezekiel walked through it in measured steps towards Zeres. His eyes were like dark red blood and his aura had finally darkened – as dark as the shadows gathering behind him.

Zeres smiled in satisfaction as he lifted his head and saw Ezekiel who was looking down at him from his higher position. This vampire prince was finally serious. But it still was not enough. This was not the Ezekiel that he wanted to see. Not yet. Perhaps his 'persuasion' was not enough.

Rising from the rubble, Zeres attempted to catapult into the sky to prepare for another summoning spell that he intended to use to taunt Ezekiel. But Zeke moved a little faster and had him held down with an incredible force.

Zeres fought to break free and the two engaged in another deadly battle. Zeke did not allow Zeres any breathing space to have the chance to retaliate nor chant his blasted spells to summon even more of those annoying demons.

However, realizing that time was running out and a total waste of time in him trying to fight Zeke when he was still in full control of his power, Zeres unleashed his dragon power. His scales appeared and his skin darkened.

The next instant, he managed to break free and he catapulted into the air and the shadows appeared again, and this time in a larger volume. The vortex he created was immense this time around. Blood spilled from his body as he chanted his spells.

Alicia and Lilith finally materialized at the scene, just right behind Ezekiel.

They could only watch as another demon appeared from the vortex and joined in the fight against Alex.

Kyle and Lucas also arrived not long after as another demon came out from the vortex, and it immediately went after them.

By the time the seventh demon came out, something unthinkable happened.

Black large wings suddenly grew from Ezekiel's back.