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Preparation- Part 1

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Vladimir himself didn't understand why his daughter, Constance, had not returned to him. His servants were scared to wake him up from his slumber, but one whisper from her would have been enough to have his eyes snapped open. He would have torn the man into pieces before rejoining him back to torture the disgusting man all over again. Since he had seen his daughter in the coffin of the graveyard, he questioned himself again and again. 

Calhoun then said, "She went through a time far worse than Hell can provide. Do you know why she didn't seek your help? Because she was scared that she would live the same life before she stepped out of your shadow." 

"That's bullshit!" Vladimir scoffed.

"It is the truth. And I found out about it after spending time with her," Calhoun's eyes shifted to look at Madeline. "It isn't that she didn't speak about you, but when she spoke to me about the life she had before meeting my useless father, they were very minimal. It was when she was on her deathbed. No mention about who you were or what kind of person you are. She did mention you were hibernating in one of these mountains."

"And you didn't come looking for me?" Vladimir questioned, disappointment in his tone. 

"You aren't a child that I come looking for," retorted Calhoun. Madeline didn't know why, but it felt like both the vampires were mirror images of each other when it came to speech. "I came to believe that someone who didn't bother to look for his daughter all those years." 

"Constance knew I would do anything for her. Tell me why she didn't return to me. Did she tell you...before you killed her?" 

If Madeline had not mentioned about the cursed chain, Vladimir would have ripped Calhoun's head from his body. But she had been suffering. His dearest daughter, thinking about her, he felt the heaviness in his heart. Something he hadn't felt since the woman he remotely fell for had passed away. 

"You should know that your daughter would not have uttered things as such. Even on her final days, she shared nothing but her goodness," Calhoun had a frown on his face, and he continued, "Things like these aren't hard to figure out." 

Calhoun then continued, "You made sure to protect her, not knowing if it was suffocating her. Your demon blood might have been coursing through her veins, but she was still human-like. She wanted to breathe, and she couldn't do it under you. When I figured it out, I realized I was doing the same thing as you. Trying to control things, and understanding what the person did and didn't to make sure no harm would ever come to befall on that person." 

Vladimir's face contoured into a sneer, "You are telling me it is my fault? If she hadn't met that worthless man and met at least half a decent one, she would have still been alive."

"Maybe," Calhoun nodded his head.

Silence fell in the room, and Vladimir then said, "If time allowed me, I would fix my ways. My emotions were lost long ago, and I did what I thought was the right thing, not knowing that I was sending Constance away from me. I also wished I didn't bring her up how her mother would want her and instead show her the world through my eyes. I would have at least been able to get a hold of her. To see her again."

The main person to be blamed was his father, the previous King, and even though Calhoun had killed the man with his own hands, he hadn't found the complete satisfaction he was looking for. His mother's absence had left a void in his heart, something that had taken a lot of time to fill it, and strangely it continued until he found something worth protecting. 

Madeline turned to Vladimir and asked, "Do you have the cure for the werewolf's bite, Vlad?" 

"Why, I do," Vladimir answered, and she couldn't tell how happy she was. He then said, "Follow me," and without waiting for them, he started to walk away from the hall and Odin was the first to follow his Master before Calhoun and Madeline followed the man. 

The path was moderately dark because of the torches that continued to burn. Madeline took note of how they didn't come across any servant, and it almost seemed like Vladimir lived only in the company of Odin, until she caught sight of a demon with horns. Was this the true form of a demon? She asked herself. 

Entering a cold room where snow fell through the open grills of the window, Madeline finally caught sight of a glass vial. It was placed in a liquid-like closed vessel as if to keep it cold and a burning hot iron like rings surrounded it so that no one would get close to it.

"Do you think we could borrow it for my sister?" Madeline kept her tone polite, and the older vampire stared at her. 

Vladimir raised his hand and said, "On one condition."

Calhoun asked, "What is it?" Time was of the essence, and right now, it was passing like liquid through their fingers as they didn't know when the demons would find out that they had caught the wrong girl. 

"I will be the Godfather to your children." 

And Calhoun, Madeline and Odin stared at Vladimir. 

"I understand your ire that I didn't take good care of your mother, but-"

"Okay," responded Calhoun, and Vladimir stopped speaking.

"You're not telling me so that I shut up now and then you pull a leverage on me, are you?" Vladimir narrowed his eyes at his grandson. 

"I am mad at you for certain reasons, but I am not someone who would keep you away from your family. The last thing I need is you abducting them in the future," Calhoun put his point across, and Vladimir chuckled. 

The older vampire nodded his head, "Yes, I might have to do that if you don't allow me near them."

Preparation- Part 2

While Calhoun and Vladimir spoke to each other, Madeline stepped closer to the glass casing where the glass vial of antidote floated in the liquid. She was glad that Vladimir had not tried to test Calhoun further, and with the words about wanting to be a Godfather, it only meant that Vladimir wanted to be part of their lives. 

She walked forward to take a closer look at the burning iron rings and the glass vial that was protected, when she heard Vladimir say, "If I were you, I wouldn't touch it." The older vampire stepped closer to the iron rings, and on one snap of his fingers the redness of the iron rings dulled down as if they were cooling down. When he knocked on the glass, she caught sight of electric sparks surrounding the glass as if it was crackling with energy. "I got it built in a way where nobody would ever get to steal it." 

Calhoun, who noticed something strange inside the glass, said, "You have been killing every person who visibly lurks in the forest. It's not like someone would be able to steal it by entering the castle." 

"True," replied Vladimir, nodding his head in agreement. "I don't believe people, even if it is the servants who have been working for me for years. I would still like to make sure that the person who by chance does try to take the antidote, that person would be punished."

Something had been bothering Madeline since she had found out that the antidote existed in Vladimir's possession. "Why do you have it? The antidote?" She didn't know why the devil who had turned to be a vampire would need a werewolf's antidote. She saw Vladimir continue to tap on the glass that let out gold like sparks, some that passed through his hands but he stood next to it unaffected.

"That's a good question, dear. Well, you see, the antidote is not used just to heal a person from turning to a werewolf, but it was created so that if a werewolf would bite a vampire, it could be used to heal and revive the body. Helpful for both human as well as a vampire," answered Vladimir. His fingers were long, and so were his nails that looked unusually pointed. When he scratched the surface of the glass, it made a screeching sound that had Madeline flinch. "Of course, I got it made for my own use. And it was when werewolves had only come into existence. I believe you are well versed with how the werewolves came into existence?" the older vampire turned to look at Calhoun. 

"They were created in Warrings. An experimental mishap took place many years ago," replied Calhoun, and Vladimir nodded his head again. 

"Right," agreed Vladimir, "And the rumour was it that it was a mistake, but not many know that it was an angel's whisper that had pushed the humans to create them. Though angels and demons are not supposed to involve themselves in what happens to the earthling beings, there are some who go ahead to quietly rebel."

"Heaven seems to have more fucked up people," commented Calhoun, his thoughts drifting to what Paschar had told before he had left the castle. 

Vladimir pulled his hand away and then looked at his nails, "I know. It is why I left it. Such prudes." 

"Did they find which angel did it?" asked Madeline, and Vladimir looked up from his nails, meeting her eyes. 

"No. Even the purest form of water does not escape the dirt. Heaven is only a place with people, the angels and curiosity often leaves lasting effects that cannot be fixed. A lot of them would like to believe that it was one of my demons who caused it, but I can damn tell it is an angel," remarked Vladimir, and he waved his hand for Madeline to step away. "We wouldn't want your beautiful dress to be spoilt now, would we?"

Madeline took three steps away from the jar of liquid, and the next second, Vladimir used his hand, breaking the glass with his hand. When the liquid fell on his hands, and some splashed on Calhoun, it burned down their skin until their bones, making them look nothing less to a decaying body in the coffins of the graveyard.

"What is the liquid made of?" asked Calhoun, unaffected by the liquid that had burned down his skin and muscles of his face. Something like this didn't hurt him, as he had gone through worse than that. 

Odin's eyes moved to look at his Master, where the servant vampire had quietly followed them while listening to them speak. 

Vladimir picked up the blue glass vial that was now resting on the stone while the liquid that had spilt around and on the ground left a sizzling sound as if it was trying to melt, but the rocks were strong enough to withhold the acidic nature of the liquid. 

"It is a special substance from Hell. Very much effective on demons, humans as well as vampires," replied Vladimir before handing the glass vial to Calhoun. He didn't want to mention that he enjoyed taking baths in the liquid once in a while, when he was in Hell. "Make sure that when you are using the antidote, you use it entirely until the very last drop. You want to make sure it works, and nothing goes to waste." 

Calhoun filled in about Beth being taken away from the castle, mistaking it to be her, and Madeline wondered if things could go any worse than this. The moon hadn't appeared in the sky, but that didn't mean Beth's life wasn't in danger. How did even one mistake her with her sister? Asked Madeline in worry. She had blonde hair while Beth had brunette hair. 

"What is the guarantee that it will work?" questioned Calhoun. This was the first time someone had got hold of the antidote, and the only one that existed which was why no one could tell its reliability. 

Vladimir smiled, "It will. You have my word on it, but don't try to split it. Remember just one." 

The way Vladimir was stressing his words, Madeline didn't know why, but it felt like they were going to have another werewolf when they would arrive at the hideout. 

She hoped that would not be the case. She then looked at Calhoun, who appeared to be calmer than the first time she had seen him in here. The wound he had received from Vladimir on his shoulder had disappeared, and so did the older vampire's wound in his face that now looked smooth without a single scratch on his face. 

Madeline asked, "Do you know where they took Beth?" 

"Yes, Paschar said it before he took Raphael there," replied Calhoun. He put the glass vial in his pocket, and he looked for a window so that they could leave right this instant.

"Paschar is there?" Vladimir questioned, a slight hint of eagerness in his voice. "I am interested in joining this little adventure of yours," he decided. 

Calhoun didn't refuse Vladimir from joining them. Without prolonging time, he looked at Madeline and without him making use of words, she walked towards the large window. She placed her hand and within the next second, the glass disappeared. When Calhoun's wings spread out from his back, Vladimir's eyes snapped to look at the black-feathered wings. 

Odin who saw this, his mouth fell open in surprise, and he looked back and forth between his Master for his response and then at his Master's grandson's wings.
Preparation- Part 3

The town of Meldey wasn't exactly a town where people lived as it had been shut down a few months ago because of the plague that had spread and attacked the townspeople, leaving the place almost deserted with little to no people in there. The routes that connected the town had been closed during the same time when the plague had attacked, leaving it in the hands of some of the demons and fallen angels, who were now making use of it without being hindered. 

In one of the huge buildings, Beth had slowly started to regain her consciousness and she heard some muttering taking place around her. Realizing that she was bound, she tried to free herself when she heard the sound of shoes clicking against the ground. 

"You are finally awake," came a man's voice, and Beth tried to look in the direction where she heard the voice, finally catching sight of a man with a beard who came to stand next to her head. 

"Where am I?! Who are you?!" asked Beth, panic in her voice. 

"You are in the safest town you will find in the entire Devon. A place where no one comes and goes," answered the man, his eyes for a moment turned pitch black and Beth felt her heart leap, realizing a demon had caught her. 

The last thing she remembered before losing her consciousness was watching Raphael walk towards the tower's large window when they had heard sounds coming from below the castle. She didn't know what happened after that. 

"We thought of having you in our previous hideout, but then there are too many people. The last time my demons went hunting for you, they ended up dead because we didn't consider the possibility of the King and the others coming to help you. Who knew that the lonely girl, a monster, would end up turning to have people to aid her," said the demon, his eyes switching back to his human eyes. 

Beth was confused for a moment, but it then dawned upon her on what exactly was going on. They thought she was Madeline! 

She tried to pull the binds of her hands, but they were tied too tight. 

"Try as much as you can, but it won't work. We took extra measurements so that we wouldn't lose you," said the same demon. 

"When are we going to start the ritual, Greyson?" asked a woman, who was a fallen angel. 

Greyson turned, looking through the window to ask, "The moon isn't here yet, is it?" 

"Not that I can spot it," answered the demon named Fjor in a bored tone, who was the one to mix up the girls and bring Beth from the castle. 

Beth saw the man named Greyson turn back to look at her, "What did you do with it?" he questioned. "There's no way the soothsayer can be wrong." He placed his hand on Beth's arm, digging his nails into her skin, and this had Beth scream in pain as the pain pushed his fingers enough to draw blood out of her hand. 

"I did nothing! Let go of me unless you want to be killed!" screamed Beth. 

The woman near her laughed, "Killed by whom? You? We have put spells on you so that you cannot use your dark angel ability. The next time your abilities will be showing only when we are going to cut your heart out." 

"I will kill you myself," Beth gritted her teeth. She hissed when Greyson pulled out his fingers from her hand, trying to breathe as she felt the pain. But the demons and the fallen angels who surrounded Beth weren't aware of their mistake, not knowing that she was a werewolf.

The demons snickered at her words and left Beth on the table. She could feel her skin starting to prickle, and her body trying to twist in pain. Her body was trying to transform into a werewolf again, but at the same time, it was waiting for the moon to appear.

"The hour is up," said another demon, "We should start the ritual. There's no point waiting for the moon." 

Greyson gave one last look at the sky before returning at the table with the other people. There were more than twelve of them, and Beth didn't recognize any of them. The candles that she hadn't noticed earlier started to burn brightly, and she turned anxious. "Start the ritual." 

"What about Walter and the rest?" asked Fjor, turning to look at the door as they were not here yet. 

"If they aren't here, it only means they are dead, and there's no point waiting for the dead. If they were alive, they should have come by now," said the fallen angel. The woman held the knife in her hand, and she rotated it around while looking at Beth's face. "Do not fret, sweetheart. I will make sure it's painless when I dig in the knife into your heart and rip it out for the ritual."

Beth glared at the woman. If she was going to turn to a werewolf, now was the time to do that so that she could rip this woman's head from her body!

Without waiting for anybody, the demons and the fallen angels who had gathered to take their share of abilities that would be emitted from the dark angel started to chant spells. As they continued to utter words, Beth saw the flames increase in its luminosity, and she wondered if she was going to die today. At that thought, she turned nervous. 

One of the demons caught sight of something strange and pointed out, "Wasn't her hair blonde?" 

Hearing this, the others who were uttering the spells stopped and looked at Beth's hair that now looked black. 

The demon named Fjor tilted his head, staring at Beth's hair, "It sure is black." At the same time, someone knocked on the door, and their gazes fell on the other side of the room, at the closed door, wondering who it was. 
All breaks loose- Part 1

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Beth's eyes looked at the ceiling, she tried to turn her head so that she could take a glimpse of what was going on. The knocking sound on the door was heard again, and Greyson nudged the demon next to him to go and check who was there at the door. 

When the demon opened the door, he saw there was no one. "Do you think they found this place?" asked the woman who stood next to Fjor. 

"It's a secluded town where no one ever comes. There's no way they would know we are here," stated Greyson. He then said to the demon who was at the door, "Go see who it is." The night like today was something he had been eagerly anticipating. He wasn't going to let any person ruin his chance of ascending the throne of the devil. 

"What are we going to do with this girl? Her hair color is changing," said another demon, and Greyson's eyes narrowed. "Do you think Fjor made a mistake of picking up the wrong girl?" 

Fjor raised his hands, "The description was of a blonde brown-haired girl. You saw her hair before."

Greyson took a closer look at Beth who stared back at him. "Are you not the dark angel?" he questioned her dauntingly, his eyes turning pitch black in anger. 

"What do you think?" Beth questioned back at him. 

"Answer me!" Greyson dug his fingers into Beth's shoulders, piercing his fingers in her skin and making her wince in pain. "Where is the dark angel?" The demons and the fallen angels around could tell that this demon was going to lose it. As they stared at the girl on the table, they caught sight of her green eyes that started to change colour, slowly transforming into gold and yellow. 

"T-this looks like a werewolf," said one of the demons in there.


Hearing the scream coming from outside the building, everyone turned alert, and stared at the open door. "There are uninvited guests in here. On alert!" commanded Greyson. The demons and fallen angels he had recruited were not average people, but people who had unique abilities who would be of use in fighting the people who had arrived. He had taken extra care when planning for tonight, working on it for years. 

His minions started to spread out and away from the table. One of the demons who had stepped out of the building tried looking for the demon who had just screamed, to only find the person dead on the ground. 

"Aren't you feeling cold wearing only that?" came a voice from above the roof. The demon quickly snapped his head around and caught sight of a man sitting on the top, on his heels. 

Raphael stood up on his feet and then jumped down. The demon didn't wait to question and went directly to attack Raphael. The demon's movements were quick, and Raphael kept up with it, using his hands to block the attacks before he felt his head ring and he lost his focus for a couple of seconds as another demon had used a rod to hit on his head. 

"That hurt," commented Raphael, after receiving a blow from one of the two demons and he fell on the snow-covered ground. 

He felt something wet on the back of his head. His hand reached out to touch the warm liquid, and he noticed the blood on his hand. The two demons in front of him were sure that Raphael would be dead as he looked more human than a demon, but the card reader only smiled up at them politely. 

"Hit him again!" ordered the shorter demon.

But before the demon, who was holding metal rod could hit Raphael with it, his hands slipped into his pockets of his robes, and he threw the metal cards at the demons to have their face blast. "I asked if you weren't feeling cold. Let me warm you up." 

"You asshole!" cursed the demon whose face had turned dirty because of the card exploding where some parts of their face had melted to show bones. 

When Madeline arrived at the place with the others, Calhoun had moved to the other and had already started to kill the demons, while she stepped inside the building to find Beth tied to the table. She quickly ran to her sister's side where the demons had only left Beth's side. 

"Maddie!" Beth exclaimed with a sense of relief as well as worry entering her mind. "You shouldn't be here!" she warned, while Madeline untied the ropes around Beth's hands and legs one after another. 

"Don't worry," Madeline assured her sister. Until she was alive, she would not let any harm come upon Beth. 

"No! They are planning to sacrifice you here!" Beth spoke in a rushed tone. She sat up once her hands were free. Running her fingers across her wrist because of the binds that had been tied around her hands. Before she could say anything more, the time which Madeline had been dreading about finally arrived. The clouds that were covering the moon, drifted away from the sky, making way for the golden moon to throw light on the land of Devon. 

A growl surfaced from the back of Beth's throat. "Beth?" Madeline called her sister, seeing Beth's face contoured itself in pain. Her sister had closed her eyes and her hands gripped the table. 

Madeline had seen Beth change before, but the way she was changing right now, it was something she hadn't expected. The growl only increased and Beth's hands that were flat on the marked table, her nails started to grow long and dirty while her back started to transform with her bones that started to modify, and so did her face. 

She staggered back, looking at Beth, who continued to transform, and when she looked up at the sky through the window, she saw the moon had appeared.
All breaks loose- Part 2

The other demons and fallen angels who had scattered in and around the building, their heads turned in the direction from where the growls were heard. Beth's clothes tore along with her skin to let brown fur surface through her body. Her nails dug deeper on the table, creating marks and the full transformed werewolf shook its head before standing on the table. The werewolf looked at the moon and then howled loudly, letting every person in the town know that it was here.

"I would have never guessed that we caught a werewolf," murmured Fjor behind a pillar while staring at the werewolf and quietly stepped out of the building to see what was going on as he didn't want to fight the werewolf and decided to leave it to Greyson. 

"Beth?" Madeline called the werewolf, hoping Beth could hear her. James had heard her voice, that would mean Beth would be able to listen to her too. But Madeline didn't know that her sister whom she knew was not in there right now. The werewolf's head snapped to look at where Madeline was, it snarled at her as if it could barely wait to kill her. 

The werewolf jumped down from the table, charging towards her, making Madeline raise her hands to stop the werewolf's movements, but it wasn't enough. Not a second later, the werewolf picked up Madeline, throwing her against one side of the room. 

"Kill the werewolf!" ordered Greyson, noticing the presence of the blonde girl in the room. The way she had tried to stop the werewolf, she was the dark angel, thought Greyson to himself and his eyes filled itself with greed. 

"No!" Madeline shouted, and before she could stop the demons, a woman appeared in front of her with a gun in her hand. 

"Little girls are not supposed to get themselves involved in things that don't concern them," and the woman aimed the weapon at Madeline's shoulder so that she could wound the dark angel. 

Just as the woman pulled the trigger, Madeline dodged it. The woman appeared to be a human, but when she smiled, Madeline knew that this person was a fallen angel. 

"Do you remember me, Madeline?" asked the woman. Madeline stepped behind the pillar to take shelter. "We met in one of the soirees that your aunt Mary had invited us to attend. It was very long. Probably seven years ago." 

In the meantime, Madeline searched for something that she could make use of. An arrow came straight to hit near her head, and she gasped. Trying to see where it came from, she caught sight of another demon who held a crossbow in his hand. 

"I don't think she remembers, Wendy," said the demon holding the crossbow. Madeline stepped out behind the wooden pillar and saw one of the demons who fell on the ground from above.

On the above floor, Calhoun who was fighting withthe demons had ripped one of the demon's head before throwing him down. He now fought with another demon, who belonged to a higher level. 

Calhoun's hand hit the building's wooden wall, breaking the wood to use it as a stake and he pushed the stake into the demon's heart. Thinking the demon was dead, he let the body hit the ground. But the next second, the demon pulled out the stake from his heart unaffected, while he used his other hand to push himself back on his feet while using the same stake to pierce Calhoun's thigh.

"I thought you will die," murmured Calhoun with a small hiss before pulling out the stake from his thigh to have blood ooze out from the wound. 

"The King of Devon, I heard whispers that you are a demon," the demon snarled at him, his voice coarse. "But you should know that I am not like you," he snickered this time, "I don't think you have been educated with how demons work. I am not like the other demons. The demons here are different." 

"I am listening," replied Calhoun, and his eyes snapped to look at the demon who tried to get to him. The demon's fingernails swiped through the wind, waiting to leave a deep gash of wounds on Calhoun. 

The smile on the demon's face broadened into a V shape, showing his jagged teeth to Calhoun. "Do you think a mere demon-vampire like you can defeat us? Your father was a wise man, and he knew when to hide his tail. It would be wise for you to leave, instead of thinking you can defeat us." 

"So how do I kill you?" came the calm voice of Calhoun. His voice filled with arrogance, and that only had the demon's nerve pop because he was more experienced and the King was younger than him.

"I can tell you in Hell," smiled the demon. He pulled out small crystal balls from his pocket that had liquid inside it.  "See if you can catch them. They are special ones which I brought with me." As the crystal balls rubbed against each other, Calhoun heard them crackle similar to how the glass crackled back in Vladimir's castle. 

"Seems like something you borrowed from Hell," remarked Calhoun and the demon chuckled. 

"You bet." Without waiting for another moment, the demon threw the crystal balls at Calhoun at high speed. When the crystals touched Calhoun's body, they blasted with acid in them. Wherever the crystal balls had burst, it had melted Calhoun's clothes as well as his skin, leaving steam behind. 

The demon had expected it would deter the King, but instead, Calhoun chuckled. 

"Such childish tricks," remarked Calhoun. He tilted his head for the blood that was dripping down from his forehead to move near his mouth. His tongue peeked out to catch his blood, and he swalloed it. "Considering there are some demons who cannot be killed in normal ways, the rest are nothing but useless. Just like you." 

The demon pulled out other crystal balls, holding each of them in between his fingers. Before the crystals could leave the demon's hands to be thrown at Calhoun again, Calhoun pulled out his gun and shot every single crystal ball, to have them break and explode.
All breaks loose- Part 3

The demon groaned in pain, and unlike Calhoun, his wounds didn't heal. 

Calhoun tsked, "We both are demons, a lot of things will have the same affect. I think you forgot to find how to protect yourself from your own creation," he noticed one side of the demon's face continued to melt until the bones. It left one of the eyeballs open without any eyelids around it. "You are fast. But not fast enough." 

The demon raised his hand towards his face and touched the bones. Suddenly anger took over the person's face, "I will make sure to shred you into pieces." He spat the blood on the ground. 

Calhoun tapped on the side of his gun and loaded it with silver bullets, "I can barely wait." 

Back at the building's ground floor, Madeline's concentration was split between the fallen angel, the demon with the crossbow and Beth who tore one of the demon into two pieces. The werewolf loudly growled, shaking the entire building before breaking the wall and stomping away. 

"Beth, wait!" Madeline tried to follow her, but she was stopped by the two people who wanted her heart. 

The woman named Wendy, said, "Earlier, I thought there was something extraordinary with that girl, wondering if the dark angel always had green eyes, but then that was just your sister. Your sister is already a lost cause. It would be better for you to give your heart by lying on the table."

Madeline didn't know where Vladimir had disappeared, and she couldn't see Paschar in here either. Just as the thought crossed in her mind, another arrow was lodged at her, and before she could dodge it, the tip of the arrow pierced through her chest, grazing her heart and suddenly everything started to slow down and freeze. 

The arrow had come at a speed that had Madeline stagger back, and she tried not to lose her balance. She could feel the pain that came from the arrow, starting to spread similar to the way a plant's roots grew, spreading throughout her body and her eyesight started to turn dim.

Madeline fell on the ground, unconscious and the woman's eyes widened, "What the heck did you do?! Did you kill her?" she demanded, going near the dark angel to check her breathing. 

"Relax, she's still alive, at least for a few more seconds," replied the demon who had tagged along near the dark angel, making his way to where they were. "The spells have already been uttered, all we need to do is to cut open her chest and pull out her heart." 

"Do it," ordered Greyson who had escaped from the eyes of the King and had reached at the scene in time to see the dark angel fall back on the ground. "Before there are anymore disruptions. The moon is out, and this is the right time."

"Alright then," answered Wendy.

She pulled out the knife and bent down to sit next to the dark angel. When the woman checked Madeline's breath, the girl was having difficulty in breathing, which only meant that she was near death. Readying the knife in her hand, the woman went to plunge it through Madeline's chest which was when Madeline's body jerked, and her head fell back. 

"What happened?" asked the demon standing next to Greyson. 

Wendy leaned forward, and suddenly a white light emerged from the wound where the arrow was sticking in Madeline's chest. The demons couldn't see anything because of the blinding light and Greyson being the smart demon, he pulled the demon in front of him as a shield, which was when a sudden force pushed them away. The light stopped and Wendy, who had hit her head on the ground, groaned in pain, noticing her skin peel from her body. She looked up to see the dark angel who was previously on the ground, who now stood in front of them. 

Madeline wasn't herself anymore. Her eyes had turned white and her face had a passive look on it. But it was the bloody red wings that had erupted through her back that caught everyone's attention. 

"It's the dark angel!" whispered Greyson. Realizing this was the right time, he picked up the knife that Wendy had dropped and he made his way towards Madeline. Before he could even step near her, Madeline raised her hand, and with one push from her hand, the demon went flying to hit the wall, wincing over his broken arm. 

Wendy's mouth was left open as she had not expected to see the wings right now.

Consumed by the greed of power, the woman ran towards the dark angel, but Madeline without making use of a weapon caught hold of the fallen angel, and she pushed the fallen angel against the wall while squeezing the woman's neck. 

"You fucking bitch!" Wendy struggled to get Madeline's hand away from her neck as the dark angel oozed with enormous strength. Even though the fallen angel had a few abilities, the person was still human-like, who needed air to breathe.

The white eyes turned back to brown, and Madeline said, "You have sinned, fallen angel, and I condemn you to the place where you rightfully belong." 

"Tear her wings!" said another demon who was on the same floor.

Wendy didn't get to do it because Madeline didn't let go of her neck. Using another hand, Madeline placed her fingers on Wendy's forehead, "I hope God forgives you for your sins." 

The fallen angel started to spew blood from her mouth, and Madeline let go of the woman's neck. In time she turned to catch hold of another demon who had come behind her to tear her wings. Madeline placed her open palm on the demon's face who turned to a pool of blood as the demon's body was ripped open. 

Wendy continued to vomit blood, and she fell on her knees, "S-stop this!" she begged Madeline. 

Madeline turned to look at the fallen angel's child, staring at the woman's plight.

"Okay," she whispered, receiving a relieved look from Wendy, which was short-lived as Madeline said, "Die." 

Wendy's eyes widened, and she shook her head, "N-n-" before she could utter a word, a sharp icicle pierced through her heart from behind, and the woman froze.
All breaks loose- Part 4

Calhoun who was on the above floor felt the change in Madeline energy.

He pulled the demon he was fighting with, placing the gun in the demon's smiling mouth before pulling the trigger as the silver bullets were loaded into the demon's body. Dropping the body, he was ready to jump to the ground floor when he caught sight of the werewolf that was outside, howling at the moon. 

"Raphael!" Calhoun shouted, gaining the card reader's attention. He fished his hand in his pocket before throwing the blue liquid that was in the glass vial at Raphael. Raphael looked at the glass vial while dodging the demon's attack who had been engaging him in a fight. By the time he looked up at where Calhoun was, the king had disappeared. 

The demon, Greyson, on seeing Madeline's dark angel abilities unleashed with wings on her back, he decided to leave her in the hands of his minions until he would find an opening to attack her. He took hold of his gun, loading it as he stepped away, when he heard Calhoun speak from behind,

"Too scared to face her?" 

Greyson didn't wait to chat as he shot Calhoun with his gun. Two of the bullets lodged themselves into Calhoun's chest. Blood started to drip down from Calhoun's body, but Calhoun appeared unaffected by it. 

The demon's eyes narrowed, "The bullets do not affect you." 

 Calhoun used his hand to pull out the bullet and then throw it on the ground. He walked towards the demon, his footsteps steady. At the same time, the demon used his ability to produce shock-like thunderbolts at Calhoun to stop him from advancing further. 

"Nobody can stand against the thunderbolts," laughed Greyson, increasing the pressure to have Calhoun cough out blood. Calhoun had tasted a similar pain in the past, and it was when he had touched Madeline's hand when she was not able to control her dark angel abilities. 

"You were thrown out of heaven with the rest of them, isn't it? The indecisive ones," Calhoun spat the blood and nullified the effect of bolts of thunder that had run through his body. 

"Who cares about that," said Greyson, and his eyes fell on the rod on the ground. Raising his hand, the rod came flying to his hand. 

Within a second, Greyson relentlessly went on attacking Calhoun, making the King know how powerful of a demon he was and was only trying to be cautious in the presence of the dark angel. Calhoun used his own ability to throw the demon at the wall that left a huge hole, sending the demon flying outside, who fell on the snow ground.

Calhoun jumped down on the ground as elegantly as a cat and stood on his feet. 

"You seem to have some high-level ability there. Where did you receive it from?" asked Greyson, spitting the blood from his mouth because of the attack he took from Calhoun. 

"You would be surprised," smiled Calhoun.

While Calhoun and Greyson fought with each other, Fjor, on the other hand, had taken himself to sit on top of the building, watching them fight. The two men punched and kicked each other, trying to get the other killed. 

Calhoun used his foot to kick the demon's face, and one of the demon's teeth fell out. 

Greyson, who fell on the ground, placed his hands on the cold snow, and soon sharp icicles popped up from the ground beneath Calhoun's body, making him jump away from one place to another as Greyson was trying to nail him through the icicles. 

Calhoun used his ability, drawing fire from the closest source, and soon fire blazed around him and on the ground, turning the snow to a puddle of water, making it impossible for Greyson to kill him through the icicles. A smug smile appeared on Calhoun's face.

Irked, Greyson said, "Do you think that would help?" and he created icicles in thin air before throwing a lot of them at Calhoun. Suddenly black wings spread from Calhoun's back and it protected him from the sharp ice that crashed against the wings. 

Greyson looked shocked and caught sight of the wings being pulled away from each other to reveal Calhoun. Fjor, who was relaxing, leaned forward on the sight of the black wings. 

"Not taking part, Fjor?" asked someone from behind, and the demon turned around to see a pair of legs. When his eyes moved up, his eyes widened, and he almost tumbled down from the roof. 

"Master!" exclaimed Fjor looking at Vladimir. In shock, Fjor placed his forehead on the cold surface of the bricked tile. The devil watched Calhoun and his underling demon fight on the ground. Greyson sprouted his bat-like wings. 

"I was only watching, Master!" Fjor then lifted his head, "W-what are you doing here? I thought you were-"

"Dead?" asked Vladimir, "Silly bug, the devil never dies. I was looking for someone. You don't suppose you saw any person who has grey eyes with long horse-like hair that is grey, have you?" 

Horse-like hair? Fjor shook his head. 

Vladimir hadn't bothered to take part in the fight as it looked like his grandson and his granddaughter-in-law were doing fine. Arriving here, he had gone in search of Paschar, wanting to take a jib for old times sake, but the angel seemed to be nowhere around. 

"What have you been up to, Fjor? It has been a long time since we last spoke," Vladimir brought his hand up and stared at his sharp nails, "Anything interesting that I need to know?"

Even with the cold weather, it looked like Fjor was ready to start sweating in the presence of the devil. Not knowing what else to say, the demon replied, "Master, Greyson has been trying to raise an army in Hell, trying to replace your position."

"And what have you been trying to do in the meantime? Catching flies?" questioned Vladimir, his red eyes not leaving the sight of his grandson.
Chase in forest- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Dance of the two wolves by Julia Aks


When Vladimir had left Heavens, he was condemned and called the first fallen angel of Heaven. There were some who had followed him, turning to demons, then there were the others who had been indecisive and had turned to fallen angels as humans in the earthly realm. It was one of the reasons why the demons who had directly sought him, turning to his side, had received wings and abilities, while the fallen angels who lived as humans, carried no wings with them. 

Once he had gone against Heaven, his magnificent white wings that he once possessed had shed the feathers leaving only black wings that looked like a bat's wings, and he received the name as the devil. 

He heard the metals clash against each other as Calhoun fought Greyson, both of them kept their pace and trying to injure the other. With both of them having wings on their backs, neither of them stood on the land, and they slowly ended up moving up in the air with sparks like lightning erupting because of metal clashing against another metal. 

Vladimir's eyes narrowed at the wings that Calhoun possessed, and a small smile started to spread across his lips before it broadened. The woman whom he loved in the past was a human with no trace of demon or fallen angel blood in her, and the person with whom his daughter had consummated her relationship with was a mere vampire. Not even mere but utterly useless. And this only meant that the wings Calhoun received were from him. The wings Valdimir once possessed had been passed down to his grandson. 

As Vladimir was the first fallen one, the devil, his grandson had acquired those black wings. The prince of Hell. 

"Master there is an angel with black wings," Fjor who was on his knees informed the devil who had made his surprised visit here. Did the devil come here to sort out things with the other demons? Or was it for the dark angel? Fjor didn't dare to question Vladimir as he was only a servant of Hell. 

"I can see it. I have eyes," responded Vladimir. "You didn't tell me what you are doing here, Fjor." The older vampire's eyes shifted from his grandson to look at his demon servant from Hell. 

"I was keeping an eye, Master. There's a dark angel inside the building. Would you want me to bring her here in front of you?" offered Fjor, but Vladimir waved his hand.

"Leave the girl, unless you want to turn crisp like a meat, which no one would like to eat," commented Vladimir. He then turned his head to see if he could catch the Paschar, wondering where exactly he disappeared to. "Let's enjoy the fight, unless he needs a helping hand." 

Fjor, not knowing if Vladimir's words were for Greyson or the King, decided to keep his mouth shut, and watched the two people fight in the sky.

Calhoun had picked up the sword that had been earlier dropped by one of the demon's, and he used it to clash against Greyson's sword, that the demon had picked up. Both their wings flapped behind their back as they tried to stay in the air. Greyson, who was still recovering from shock asked,

"How do you have black feathers on your wings?" The demon used all his strength when making a blowing attack at Calhoun, which was stopped by Calhoun's sword. "Only angels have those. And they usually have white wings."

"What do you think?" Calhoun questioned back, he gritted his teeth through the smile. He growled, pushing Greyson with another attack to have the demon flying in the air. Greyson used his bat-like wings to stop himself from falling on the ground. 

Greyson stretched his hand that was holding the sword that started to change its shape and appearance to thicken and turn into a shiny metal rod. He stared at Calhoun, while the metal rod that he held started to cover itself in electric sparks that started to move from his hand to the tip of the other side of the rod. 

"There is no way you can be an angel. I know about your deeds, Calhoun Hawthrone. Killing your mother, your father, your relatives, and other people which is how you ended up sitting on the throne of Devon," said Greyson. "I can sense the demon blood in you. High-level demon blood." But what he didn't understand was that the higher-level demons were the ones who had converted directly to demons from angels, to serve the devil. "I have never seen you before. Did you change your appearance, which is why I cannot identify you?" asked Greyson. He twirled the rod in his hand before he went straight at Calhoun, swinging the metal rod that had bolts of lightning passing through it.

Getting an opening, Greyson used it to hit Calhoun's head. "How do you like the bolt of lightning?" asked Greyson as he increased its intensity, and the wings that were flapping behind Calhoun slowed down for his body to start moving towards the ground. 

Calhoun looked like he was losing consciousness and Greyson looked happy and he followed the vampire. He created bed of icicles that awaited for Calhoun on the ground.

Greyson was ready to swing the rod at Calhoun's head who continued to be pulled by gravity while his body had turned slack, but just when the rod came near Calhoun, his eyes flew open. Calhoun caught hold of the metal rod, twisting it and his wings started to flap back, avoiding the icicles that were on the ground. 

"What are you?!" questioned Greyson.

Greyson had lost his grip on the metal rod, and both the men ended up in close body combat. He had expected Calhoun to accept defeat, but the King had turned the tables to attack him instead. 

Calhoun's fists went straight at Greyson's face, and the impact was powerful enough to send the demon flying far away in the air. Calhoun didn't wait but followed the demon, beating him, until he finally sent the demon back to the ground with one single punch. 

"Did you think you could use of the dark angel in my presence?" asked Calhoun. He raised his hand, and the metal rods came flying to his hand. 

Hitting the demon with the rods, it made a cracking sound when it touched Greyson. The demon laughed, realizing this King had been deceiving people by telling he was only a vampire when there was much more than what was perceived through the eyes.

"You don't have to kill me, Calhoun. I will make an offer with you. I will turn you to one of the higher esteemed demons in Hell. The best position. We can work together," Greyson offered, speaking through his bloody mouth. He brought his hand forward to wipe the blood on his mouth. 

"I thought you were going to give me The position, not some regular ones," Calhoun played with the metal rod by throwing it in the air and catching it in different ends. "You know what your mistake is? You laid your eyes on the wrong person. I will pass on your offer.
Chase in forest- Part 2

Calhoun used the rod to hit Greyson, and if the demon was a human, the person would have died by now. "W-wait, you can have the dark angel. I-I will be your loyal servant!" Greyson tried to lay a trap for Calhoun, but the younger vampire was smarter than that. 

Calhoun stared at Greyson, "I have a question for you." 

"Anything!" agreed Greyson. Calhoun dropped the rod on the ground, and in a blink of an eye, he pulled out the gun and shot Greyson's leg, and heard the demon scream in pain. "Why did you do that! I told you I would answer your question! Ugh!" he groaned in pain. 

"For inviting yourself in my castle without any invitation," came the calm words from Calhoun. "I got these bullets specially made for demons like you. You didn't feel the pain earlier, but you will feel it now. Your body will try to turn like a human body when it comes to pain. Even a pinch will make you wince. Isn't that wonderful?"

Greyson clutched his leg. His body trembled in pain, and his face contorted. 

"Did you know my mother? Closely?" questioned Calhoun. 

The pain on the demon's face disappeared, and he looked pale. His eyes slowly moved to meet Calhoun's eyes. He shook his eyes, "I didn't." 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed, and he shot two more shots into Greyson's body, this time in his stomach.

Vladimir, who had been standing on the roof, watching the two people fight, heard the question, and he said, "Fjor, make yourself useful than being a useless piece in here." The demon quickly stood up, bowing his head, he was ready to escape from the scene as if he was nowhere part of it. "Get the souls of the previous King of Devon and his family ready." He waved his fingers, and Fjor immediately disappeared from there. 

Vladimir jumped down from the roof and made his way to where his grandson and the demon was. His footsteps left a light footprint on the snow. As he came in view of Greyson's eyes, the demon's eyes widened, and his jaw fell slack in shock. 


"Good morning, Greyson. Are you enjoying the pain?" questioned Vladimir. "Good to see that you haven't forgotten me. Now, what do I hear about you knowing my daughter." 

If it was possible, the demon's eyeballs would have fallen from his eye socket. His daughter? When did the devil have a daughter? Wait, the King asked about his mother. Greyson's eyes moved back and forth between the two people. Did that mean…? His eyes bulged out. 

Instead of using any weapon, Vladimir stepped on the already injured leg of Greyson, "Speak." 

"I didn't do anything!" Greyson shook his head, "I had nothing to do with it. It was Walter who was fucking the woman like any-AHHHH!"

Calhoun raised the gun at Greyson's face, "He will end up in Hell. You can talk to him later." 

"With pleasure. You have been a very very bad child, Greyson. Your punishment is due in Hell," Vladimir responded, and Calhoun pulled the trigger of the gun to shoot the demon's head. The sound of the gunshot echoed around. Not satisfied with the blood spilt, Calhoun caught hold of the demon's face in his hand and squashed it on the ground for it to turn to liquid. 

When the echo of the gunshots dulled down, far away from the centre of the deserted town, howls of the werewolf could be heard coming from the forest. 

Raphael, who had taken the glass vial from Calhoun, searched for the brown werewolf that had disappeared after ripping apart a demon in front of him. He would have followed Beth, but the werewolf was fast, and also he had been held back by the other demons who had tried to kill him.

"Lady Elizabeth?!" Raphael shouted as loud as he could, trying to pick her scent, but her scent had drifted in all the directions, making it difficult for him to follow her. 

He had been glad to see her, but with the golden moon out in the sky. It wasn't just one but two people whose lives were in danger. He heard an owl hoot that had perched itself on the nearby tree. Raphael looked for Beth's werewolf footprints made by her hind legs, but there was none. 

"Lady Elizabeth?" he sang her name, "You don't have to be shy. It is Raphael Sparrow. I brought you something that you might like to take," his voice left a distant echo in the forest. 

A few trees away from where Raphael stood, the werewolf with the brown fur got down ever so slowly from the tree without making a sound. Its mouth was open, showing its big sharp teeth that were coated in its saliva. 

When the beast stepped on a branch on the ground, Raphael quickly turned to look at the werewolf.

"There you are," remarked Raphael with a polite smile on his face. "I have been looking for you everywhere. Why don't you and I sit down now so that we can talk?" 

Hearing Raphael's words, the werewolf snarled, and the demon raised his hands. "We can stand and talk. You don't have to be angry." 

The werewolf then widened its mouth, growled loudly and it snapped its teeth before stomping its feet forward to tear Raphael into pieces. Raphael didn't mind taking Beth the way she was, but right now, the werewolf was not pleased to see him. 

He didn't want to injure her too much, but to give her the antidote, that would mean he would need her to be still, which appeared to be an impossible task. Dodging away from the werewolf by rolling to one side on the snow-covered ground, Raphael tried to shoot the werewolf's leg to stop the beast from moving. 

When Raphael pulled the trigger, the bullet missed its mark and the sound of it only turned the werewolf that much more aggressive, and it growled as if he was going to be its meal.
Chase in forest- Part 3

With the moon up and high in the sky, and the werewolf that looked like it was not ready to be coaxed, Raphael raised his hand to take another shot at the beast. The bullet hit the werewolf's leg, but it didn't stop it from throwing him from where he stood. 

Raphael's body skidded through the forest ground, and he hit his back against the trunk of a tree. The gun that was in his hand slipped and fell elsewhere, and he cursed himself. The werewolf came right at him, and he tried to stall it. His eyes checked the trees and trying to find the right place where he could trap the werewolf. 

Running past the trees, pulling out his metal cards as it was the only thing that could be used ot distract the werewolf. He turned back to throw the cards at the werewolf and once it touched the beast the cards exploded. 

The werewolf pranced as fast as possible and it got hold of Raphael's legs before pulling him as if he was a toy. If this werewolf wasn't Elizabeth, Raphael would have slit its heart out, but he was at a disadvantage. 

"You know this might be one of those times where Elizabeth Harris is chasing me," he joked as he was dangled by the giant beast to be thrown on the ground. Standing up, he cracked his neck while keeping an eye on the werewolf. He pulled out the glass vial that had the blue liquid inside it from his pocket. 

When the werewolf came to attack Raphael, he didn't run but tried to escape from its claws, and he tried to get on its back. The werewolf tried to catch him, moving back and forth but Raphael made sure to hold on to the beast. He had to somehow put the antidote in the werewolf's mouth. He tried to turn the werewolf unconscious, but it was a beast and not a human. Raphael pushed the werewolf down on the ground by using his demon strength, struggling not to get scratched or bit by its vicious teeth. 

Bringing the glass vial back in his hand, he was ready to break the vial and pour the liquid into the werewolf's mouth, when suddenly it clawed his back, making him wince in pain. Its nails dug deep enough to cause blood drip down from his back. The werewolf growled before pushing him on the ground, and then took a bite at his leg.

The werewolf's teeth digged deep into Raphael's leg that carried its saliva and venom. 

Before the werewolf could bite him again, he pushed it back on the ground, wrestling with it and felt another its claws dig into the side of his body. Trying to ignore the pain he felt, Raphael brought his hand near its mouth and broke the glass in his hand for the liquid to fall straight into its mouth. Raphael only hoped that this worked. 

He felt its claws digging further into his body before it threw him away, for him to fall on the ground. Raphael groaned in pain, clutching the side of his waist as blood started to ooze out of it profusely. Raphael felt his strength starting to leave his body. 

With the antidote that had fallen into the werewolf's mouth, the growls and the snarls that came through the werewolf stopped. It looked up at the moon and howled loudly before the werewolf started to transform and turned back to a human.

Beth looked at her hands, and then she looked around her surroundings and saw she was in a forest. 

"Take my coat..." she heard Raphael's voice, and when she turned around, she caught sight of him leaning against a tree. 

During her transformation into a werewolf, Beth's clothes had torn, leaving her now naked. She quickly took the coat, wearing it before sitting down next to him, seeing the blood that started to soak on the snow-covered ground.

"You're bleeding!" Beth didn't have anything with her that would help in covering his wounds.

Nociting her hands that were already covered in blood, she realized it was her who had done this to him. She looked ahead and then behind, wondering if she could get some help. The last time she had been conscious, it was when Madeline was untying the ropes around her legs. 

"I am fine," Raphael tiredly waved his hand so that she wouldn't worry about him. "I guess you don't have to worry about being a furry animal anymore." Beth noticed he had difficulty in uttering those words because of the pain he was in. She saw him looking up at the sky, and her gaze followed to catch sight of the moon that continued to emit light down on the ground. 

"We need to get you help," said Beth with worry, ready to put her hands around Raphael to support him which the demon found it to be endearing. This entire time, he had stayed next to her side, watching her and she had changed.

"I don't think we can make it there on time, Lady Elizabeth," said Raphael.

The blood around Raphael only increased, making the snow turned redder, similar to the time when she had seen Madeline kill the demon girl when they were little. 

"What do you mean? There's Madeline there. She can heal your wounds-"

Beth was interrupted by Raphael, "Lady Madeline might not be in her full strength now. She used most of her strength in healing Lady Lucy, who was in far worse condition than I am right now. If she tries to heal again, it will only harm her."

Raphael took a deep breath before letting out a sigh. He let his head lean back against the bark of the tree. 

Worried, Beth said, "Let me go and find someone who can help." She was ready to stand up when she saw Raphael shake his head. 

"Stay, Lady Elizabeth, please. It would be lonely to die without anyone next to me."