✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To The Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 160...... 162✍️✍️✍️✍️




After a long night with the ladies and lots of chatter and laughter, Heaven went back home to sleep in her bed after such a long time. There was no place like home, and having her mother sleep next to her made it all better. 

Her mother caressed her cheek. "How fast you have grown." She said, sounding sad. "You have been through a lot." 

Heaven smiled at her. 

"I want you to be happy now. Don't worry about me or your father. We have had many beautiful years together and if it is meant to be then we will have many more." She said. 

Heaven nodded. "Everything is going to be alright." She didn't know whether she was telling herself or her mother. 

Holding each other's hands, both went to sleep. 

When the morning came, Heaven woke up alone in her bed. Her mother was gone. Instead, she found Kate preparing a bath. 

"Kate." Oh, she had missed her, but Kate didn't even know about her absence. 

Her mother told her of how they kept her absence a secret. They told everyone that she was sick and only Lydia, Ylva, and Kate could enter her room and tend to her. Lydia and Ylva already knew the truth, but they had to manipulate Kate to fit into the plan. Heaven felt bad looking at her innocent handmaiden. 

"My Lady. I didn't mean to wake you but Her Majesty, the Queen told me to prepare a bath for you." 

Heaven sat up. "You didn't wake me." She said, getting out of bed. 

She stretched her limbs before looking at the hot water in the tub. Kate added some more water and then dipped her hand. "I think it is good now."

Heaven slid out of her nightgown, and Kate turned away, knowing she liked some privacy. Then she stepped into the tub and relaxed in the lukewarm water. Kate turned back around and helped her wash her hair. Heaven remembered what Zamiel's fingers felt like in her hair. She wished he could help her again. 

After the bath, she had breakfast in her garden. She was slowly getting her appetite back and managed to empty her plate. Then she just sat with her cup of tea and enjoyed the peace for a while. 

Everything seemed to be back in place, except for her grandparents. At least her grandmother was safe, but she wondered what her grandfather would do next. He would have to come up with another clever plan, or he could act recklessly. She would let Zamiel deal with him. Right now, she wanted to forget that her grandfather existed for a while. 

Heaven left her room with a new spirit. Her grandfather's evil scheme had put her dreams on hold, but now she would go back to living her normal life. She would go back to her theoretical and practical lessons and continue to pursue her dreams. 

Her father was in a meeting when she went to find him. She didn't want to interrupt, so she waited patiently outside until he finished. 

Once the meeting ended, the door to the room opened and men flooded out. Lincoln was the first to notice her. 

"Your Highness." He came up to her. "I am glad you are back and you are back at the right time." 

"Thank you. What is happening?" she asked. 

"The King of Haresh declared war against us." He said. 


"Leaders are building empires now. Soon there will be no kingdoms. There is more war going on now than ever." He explained. 

That didn't sound good. Would this mean that there could be more war declarations against them? 

"Now is your chance." He told her. "General Kian had been looking for you. Him and his father are the ones to impress." 

Heaven nodded, feeling nervous. This was a big war, and she felt like she didn't have enough knowledge yet to be of great help. 

Lincoln noticed her worry. "Most people fail the first time. That is what we learn from." 

Heaven smiled at him. "Thank you. I'll try my best." 

"I know you will. I look forward to seeing what you come up with." 

If she was going to take this as a learning experience, then she was curious to see what she could come up with as well. It was time to put what she had learned into practice. 

Lincoln wished her luck and left. Heaven went to see her father. She had expected him to look troubled but he sat relaxed in his chair. 

"I am glad to not see you worried, Your Majesty." Heaven spoke. 

He looked up at her and smirked. "It is useless to worry about the inevitable and the unknown." He said, and she felt like it was meant for her. 

"I am not worried." She told him. 

"Good, because you will be participating in the war."

Heaven was surprised her father was letting her participate. She thought she would have to nag him. It would be a cowardly move to plan a war and not take part in it. 

"We only have three days left?" He said. 

What?! Lincoln left out that part. 

"How can we plan a war in three days?" She asked. 

"It is the King of Haresh's strategy. He had planned for a long time but he gave us a short notice. If we don't go out to fight him, he will come here and take over." 

It seemed like this King didn't want to play fair. 

Her father leaned over the table. "I used some tricks of my own. I have all the information we need." He told her. 

Heaven nodded. Since that sneaky King was using his own dirty tricks, her father had used his demon forces. She knew he had demons working for him in secret.

"Remember, as a leader, you need to have the right people by your side. There is nothing you can do alone no matter how strong you are." He told her, standing up. 

He walked around the table. "People you can trust and even those you can't. The important thing is to know who is the one to trust or not." 

Heaven was confused by her father's sudden lecture. He came to stand in front of her. "You used to be so eager to quickly become a leader. Ignoring to follow the steps and what I say." He smiled. "That is part of being young, I guess. We want to do so many things at the same time. To see that you are being careful now, makes me realize how much you have matured so fast." 

Heaven realized that her absence had made her parents all emotional. It was harder for them than she imagines. 

"It is good to grow." She said. "You make it sound like a bad thing, father." 

He smiled and put his hand on her shoulder. It was a different gesture than what she was used to. He usually put his hand on his soldier's shoulders."We are only young and foolish for a while. We should enjoy that part of our lives." 

"I have enjoyed enough and I don't miss being foolish. I am already foolish enough." She assured him. 

He chuckled and drew her into his arms. Heaven hugged her father back. He was making her emotional, too. 

"I have missed you, daughter. My days felt dark without you." 

"I miss you too." She said. 

He held her for a while, then pulled back as if controlling himself. "I am guessing you have a lot to do." He said. 

Yes. She had a war to plan.


Zarin woke up with the worst headache. It felt as if his head would explode. You would think he would be used to it by now, but it hurt the same every time. 

Last night, he went out with his father so they could enjoy some time alone. They had deep conversations over a few drinks that soon turned into more than just a few. They ended up drinking bottles and Zarin couldn't even remember how he got home. But he knew he had a good time with his father. 

Suddenly someone kicked him out of bed from behind. He flew across the room and bumped into the wall. "Good morning, brother." 

Of course. It had to be Gina. She couldn't wait to begin her torture. 

"Hurry. I am hungry." She said. 

He stood up with a groan. His head throbbed even more. What did he have to do with her hunger? 

Gina threw his clothes at him. "If you don't come down fast enough, I will kick you down as well." She said then vanished. 

Zarin had to take a moment to recover before getting dressed and hurrying down. He didn't need another kick. 

Gina was already waiting downstairs for him. "Come with me." She said. 

He wasn't even fully awake yet. Still, he followed her obediently. But why was she taking him to the kitchen? 

"Mary and Lara. Zarin is here. Remember what I told you." She said.

"Yes, My Lady." 

What did she tell them? Zarin was confused. He looked at his sister questioningly. 

"You will help Mary and Lara to make us lunch. Please hurry. I am hungry." She said, then turning, she left. 

Zarin knew kitchen work wasn't easy. To stand in the heat all day and boil things didn't sound fun, but since he was going to make it up to his family, he pulled his sleeves up and prepared to do some labor work. 

"What do I need to do?" He asked and so his labor work began. 

The maids sent him to carry water and chop wood. Then he had to light a fire and make sure it stayed alive. The heat was already making him sweat and now peeling onions made his eyes water. 

What was happening? 

"My eyes are burning." He said, and the maids laughed at him. 

"You will get used to it." 

Then he had to chop the onions, and other vegetables and it didn't go well. Mary shook her head at him, looking at what he had created. 

"Mother Mary. Please, have mercy." He told her jokingly. 

Mary and Lara have known him since he was a little boy. 

She chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. "This is only the beginning child." 

Zarin realized how much work they went through just to make them food. Once they were done with the cooking, he served the dining table with them. His parents and Gina came to the dining room for lunch. 

Gina's eyes scanned the table before looking at Mary and Lara. "I hope you didn't let him cheat." She said. 

Mary smiled. "Zarin worked really hard. He helped us a lot." She said, looking at him. He smiled back at her. 

"Well done, brother. You didn't burn the kitchen." 

His parents seemed to know about Gina's plan, since they weren't asking questions. 

"Let's sit and eat then." His father said. 

All of them sat down, except for Zarin. He felt strange leaving Mary and Lara behind. 

"What is wrong?" His mother asked when he kept standing. 

"I will eat in the kitchen with Mary and Lara." He said. 

They looked surprised at him. Gina blinked a few times. 

"Excuse me, my Lord and my Lady." He then bowed and motioned for Mary and Lara to leave with him. 

"What are you up to? Lara asked. 

"We cook together, we eat together." He told them. 

"Silly boy." Mary said. 

After finishing his lunch, Zarin helped them clean up. By the end of it all, he was exhausted. He was a demon. He shouldn't get tired this easily, but he had to admit that cooking was a hard job. Using a knife to cut small vegetables that slid out of his fingers was needed so much focus. It was harder than sword-fighting. He would rather go to battle than stand in the kitchen all day. 

These women were really strong to do that and Zarin needed more strength because Gina wasn't done with him. She still had tasks for him to complete. What did she have in store this time? 

"Laundry." She said. 

Laundry would take time, and he had a few things he wanted to do before being tortured. 

"Gina. I'll do whatever you ask of me but I need to meet a few people." He said, thinking of apologizing to Zamiel and Heaven. 

Gina nodded. "Heaven is back." She told him. 

Zarin was surprised. "She is? When?" 

"Last night she was here and had dinner with us." 

Zarin knew Zamiel would save her, but he didn't expect it to be so soon. 

Gina saw his confusion and explained to him everything. Zarin was relieved to hear that Heaven was back, but he was sad that Irene had to stay hidden. He wondered if Zamiel had an additional plan or if Irene would have to stay in the ocean forever. 

"I am going to see Zamiel first." He said, knowing that he would need a lot more time with Heaven. 

Gina's eyes lit up. "I am coming with you."

"No!" He was already nervous about apologizing. He didn't need more eyes and ears around him. 

"Yes!" Gina insisted, crossing her arms over her chest. 

Zarin sighed. He knew it was useless to fight her. She wouldn't give up. 

"Alright." He said. 

Zarin felt his heart race when looking at the front door of Zamiel's house. He had mixed emotions of shame and gratefulness. He hadn't even planned how to apologize. He learned that apologies didn't work like that. When it was real, it came from the heart. He would let his heart speak and see if he had truly changed for the better. 

"He has a gracious home." Gina said. "But he won't be living here for too long." 

Yes. He would get married to Heaven, and they would live in the castle. 

Zarin walked to the front door and was about to knock when the door opened by itself. Zamiel seemed to like doing that. 

"Should we just walk in?" Gina asked. 

"Well, he opened the door." Zarin said. 

They walked in and Zamiel stood in the grand hall. As usual, he welcomed them with a polite smile.


Zamiel sensed Zarin's presence long before he knocked on the door. Someone else was with him and upon hearing a female voice, Zamiel guessed it was Zarin's sister, Gina. He was glad to know that Zarin had chosen to go back home. 

Zamiel had wanted to meet Gina for a long time now to apologize. He had wanted Heaven to make them meet and not just go over to her house. Now that she was here, he would take the chance to apologize to her. 

With a wave of his hand, he opened the door, then waited for them to come inside. Gina was walking right next to her brother as they came into the hall. Zarin looked wary, while his sister looked excited. When she laid eyes on him, she lifted her eyebrows as if surprised. Zamiel was sure that she had seen him in his normal state once before. 

"Welcome." He said, walking up to them. 

Ignoring Zarin, he looked at his sister. "You must be Gina." He reached his hand out, and without hesitating, she placed her hand in his. Then he kissed her knuckles, and a blush crept to her face. 

Zamiel could see Zarin rolling his eyes. 

"From a close distance you look even more beautiful," she blurted. 

Zarin gave his sister a hard glare, and Zamiel smiled. Heaven had already told him that her friend was bold and spoke her mind. 

"Your beauty is seen from a long distance." He told her. 

She nodded approvingly. "Charming too," she said, turning to her brother. "Watch and learn." 

"Please come." Zamiel said, still holding her hand. He led her to the parlour and motioned for her to sit. 

"Thank you." She smiled. 

Zarin followed them, looking as if he wanted to murder his sister. He sat next to her on the sofa. 

Once Zamiel sat down, he asked them what they wanted to drink. Gina liked tea just like him and Zarin liked nothing, so he just ordered tea as well. 

"I am sure you have met Heaven by now." He began. 

"Yes. Thank you for bringing her back." She said. "And don't let her go again. I know she is stubborn." 

He nodded with a smile. "I have been wanting to apologize to you. Things didn't start well between us." 

"Oh, no." She held her hand out and waved. "Things started very well. It was a thrilling experience that led to this." She smiled.

Zamiel had to admit that she was interesting and he could tell that behind her playful personality there was a clever woman. 

"Heaven told me you are in the trading business," she changed topic. 


"I want to open my own trading market in the near future. Hopefully, we can be partners." She told him. 

"It depends on what you have to offer." He said. 

"I am learning from the best. I am sure you know my grandfather." 

"I do. He is a great businessman. You are a woman. You will have to work twice as hard if not more." He told her. 

She nodded knowingly. "I have no plan to fail." She said. 

"Good. I would like to see a woman doing well in the trading world." 

With Heaven wanting to become the first female ruler, it would be good to have a woman known in the trading world as well. Zamiel would like to support her if she was willing to work hard. 

Zarin sat silent the whole time, confused by where the topic went. Helen came with the tea and served them and Gina and Zamiel went on to talk about trading and Heaven. She was also curious about Irene, but he couldn't disclose any details since he wasn't sure himself. He just assured her that everything would be alright. 

"It was nice meeting you, Lord Zamiel." She said, standing up at last. Zamiel stood up as well. "I am sure we will see each other more but I'll leave you alone with my brother now." 

She was enjoying her brother's misery. 

"It was nice meeting you too." He took her hand again and kissed her knuckles. She gave a nod and then disappeared. 

Zamiel was left with Heaven's less interesting friend now. He already knew why he was here, so he sat down to see if the boy had turned into a man. 

Hopefully, he wouldn't disappoint. Having a tough sister and parents and Heaven as his friend, he must be better than this. Zamiel wanted to believe that he had only been lost for a moment. 

"So, what brings you here?" He asked. 

Zarin took a deep breath. His shoulders rose, then fell before he spoke. "I came to apologize and thank you." 

Zamiel nodded and let him continue. Zarin's eyes darted and he didn't know where to begin. His thoughts were a mess, but he decided to just say whatever came to his mind at last. 

"It is people I envy that I hate. People I envy have qualities I don't have but want to have." He paused and looked at him to see if he understood, but Zamiel pretended to be clueless. 

"What I am trying to say is I like you and that is why I hate you." He shook his head thinking that his words made no sense but Zamiel understood what he meant perfectly. "Heaven was also changing and becoming someone independent, and that is why I hated that change. I hated everything good because it made me realize where I was lacking and I didn't want to admit it or change." 

Zamiel remained quiet to see how far Zarin would take his apology. 

"I said very hurtful things and did unforgivable things. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me." 

Now Zamiel was impressed. The boy knew how to speak. Or shall he say the man now? He was speaking like his father. 

"I forgive you." He said. 

Zarin let out a deep breath. "Thank you." 

Zamiel could see that this was still difficult for him. Apologizing wasn't something he was used to, but at least he was trying. 

An awkward silence followed the apology, and Zarin sipped his tea in the eerie silence. When he put his cup down, he gazed at him, looking a little nervous. 

"Would you like to go out for a drink?" He asked.