✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 163 - 165 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




On their way out, Zamiel and Zarin met Ilyas and invited him to go with them. Ilyas was hesitant at first, but then he followed them. They went to a tavern and as usual, gazes turned and eyes widened when they entered. It smelled of alcohol and food and… men. An unpleasant scent. 

They went and sat at an empty table and ordered their drinks. There was a heavy tension between Zarin and Ilyas as they waited for their drinks to be served. Ilyas didn't bother to hide his dislike for Zarin. He had been there for Heaven after Zarin had hurt her. 

Zarin couldn't stand the tension, so he spoke first. "I'll apologize to Heaven. I care for her too," he told Ilyas. 

Ilyas just glared at him, and Zarin shook his head. "Why am I even telling you this?" he muttered to himself. 

Zamiel found the whole situation to be entertaining. He just sat with his drink and watched the awkward silence between them. For some odd reason, they started a drinking competition while glaring at each other. None of them wanted to give up, and they finished several jarls within a short time. 

When both got drunk, some men in the tavern who had been ogling them thought this was their chance. They got up from their seats and came to their table. 

"Young handsome boys." One of them licked his chapped lips. 

Zamiel didn't use his frightening aura to scare them off. He was interested to see what would happen. 

Ilyas turned to the man with a look of disgust on his face. "Go away," he slurred. 

"Or what?" another man behind him smirked. 

Ilyas shook his head, as if it would wake him up from his intoxicated state. 

"Or I will chop your limps and feed them to him," he said nodding toward Zarin. 

Zarin looked over at the man and wrinkled his nose. 

"The pretty boy knows how to make threats," the man told his friends and they laughed. 

"Sir, I want him," the bald man behind the man with chapped lips nodded toward Zamiel. 

Zamiel raised one brow but remained silent. 

"No, that one is mine," the man with chapped lips insisted. 

He walked along the table and to his side with unsteady feet all while eyeing him. When he neared, he leaned down and Zamiel could smell his filthy breath as he spoke. "So beautiful," he said, bringing his hand up to touch his hair. 

Before he could lay a hand on him, Ilyas grabbed his wrist, placed his hand on the table and drove his dagger through his palm, pinning his hand to the table. The man screamed in pain and horror, and the other men gasped before drawing their weapons. 

Ilyas kicked his chair back, ready to fight them. Zarin was shocked by the sudden turn of events. 

One of the men swung his sword at Ilyas, but even in his drunken state, Ilyas easily dodged his attack. A fight broke out. Seven men against Ilyas. 

"I should probably help," Zarin said and took one last sip of his drink when it was knocked out of his hand. 

The drink splashed all over Zamiel's face. Well, this was a good day. 

Zamiel wiped the beer from his face, and Zarin stood looking furious for getting his drink spilled. 

"Let's see if the pretty boy can fight," said the man, holding out his sword. 

Zarin drew his daggers. "Oh, I am handy with daggers. After I am done, you will look pretty as well," he promised, rolling his daggers between his fingers. 

Zamiel decided to just sit and observe, but the man crying next to him was making it hard to enjoy watching the fight. He was trying to pull the dagger out of his hand, but was too scared to do so. 

"Do you need help?" he asked. 

The man turned to him, looking confused. "Yes, please." 

Zamiel grabbed the dagger and was about to pull it out when the man screamed again. "No! No, please!"

Zamiel stopped. "Is it yes or no?" 

"Yes, yes," the man cried, but as soon as Zamiel grabbed the dagger, he screamed no again! 

Zamiel chuckled. Ignoring him, he pulled out the dagger, and the man fell to the ground, holding his hand while crying out loud. 

"Well, you have to help your friends," Zamiel told him. 

Ilyas and Zarin were turning the place upside down. It seemed like almost everyone joined the fight. Zamiel would now and then dodge a jar or a chair that came flying his way. Or kick off someone who got away from the fight and tried to attack him. 

The fight was over quickly with Ilyas and Zarin winning. Zamiel had hoped for a twist, but unfortunately the fun ended already. 

There was a pile of humans on the floor, rolling, groaning, or just lying still. All the furniture was broken. The walls were smeared with food, drinks, and blood. 

"You are not bad," Ilyas told Zarin, while randomly grabbing a drink that didn't belong to him. 

"You are good," Zarin told him, stepping over a few men lying on the floor to also grab a drink. 

They met in the middle and toasted before gulping the whole thing down. 

Zamiel paid the tavern owner for the damage they caused before leaving with Zarin and Ilyas. Unable to walk straight, both walked around him in circles as they went back home. 

"You didn't drink enough," Zarin scolded him. 

Ilyas nodded in agreement. 

"The plan was to drink," he reminded. 

"Not get drunk and fight," Zamiel added. 

"The man was laying his filthy hands on you," Ilyas slurred. 

"Yes, filthy hands. Did you see the dirt on his nails?" Zarin asked Ilyas. 

Ilyas nodded. 

"Well, thank you for protecting me. I needed that," Zamiel said with sarcasm. 

"Wait!" Zarin held his hand out and came to block Zamiel's way. "Why didn't you fight them? You caused lightning to strike me."

Ilyas lifted his eyebrows. "You caused lightning to strike him?" he was surprised. 

Zamiel nodded. 

Ilyas burst out in laughter. It was the first time Zamiel saw him laugh. 

Zarin frowned. "It is not funny." 

"It is. Sadly, I missed seeing it." 

"I can always make it happen again," Zamiel teased. 

Zarin was done with them. "I am going to see Heaven," he said. 

"Wait, I'm coming with you," Ilyas said. 

"I don't need you to come with me." 

"I am going to see Lady Heaven to offer my help," Ilyas explained. "She will fight a war." 

Zarin's eyes widened. "Well then, we need to hurry." 

Zamiel opened his mouth to protest, but both of them were already gone. Fools. How were they going to help her when they could barely stand?

He quickly went after them, and they all stood in Heaven's garden. Sensing their presence, Heaven came out of her room. A frown settled on her face when she saw them. 

"What happened to you?" she asked. 

Gina was right behind her, and she raised her eyebrows. "Well, it seems like you had a lot of fun," she said. 

"My Lady," Ilyas bowed sluggishly. 

Heaven looked at him, concerned. "He just had a lot to drink," Zamiel explained. 

"Heaven!" Zarin called, surprising them all by bowing as well. 

What was the boy doing? 

Ilyas kicked the back of his knees, making Zarin fall on his hands and knees. "You don't get to bow. You kneel!" he told him. 

Zarin remained kneeling and looked up at Heaven. "I have been the worst friend. I have hurt you a lot, and you still remained good to me. I don't deserve your forgiveness. I am not worthy of your forgiveness right now, but can you give me a chance? I will become someone worthy of your forgiveness."

Being intoxicated helped him speak his true emotions. 

Heaven looked at him with a frown, but remained silent. Gina crossed her arms over her chest. 

"I know I shouldn't come here and apologize, looking like this. I just wanted to do it while I had the courage. You said I was a coward. You were right. I am. But... I don't want to lose a friend like you." He rubbed his palms together. "This garden, we grew up here together. We used to play and fight here. I hope we can remain friends and create more memories here together."

Zamiel had to admit that his apologies were getting better, and Heaven was getting tears in her eyes. 

"And our children can create memories here as well." Suddenly, everyone stiffened and looked at him questioningly. 

"No! "No!" He raised his hands in defense. "I mean our children not together...I mean with others..." he shook his head not knowing how to explain himself. "I mean I hope that my children and your children become friends and create memories together as well." 

Heaven had been holding back her laugh but now she let herself go and laughed. "Are you thinking of having children?" she asked, surprised. 

"Well…" he scratched the back of his head. "Not now. I need to grow first." He grinned. 

Heaven shook her head at him with a smile. "Alright. I'll give you a chance," she said.



Heaven went to see general Kian as soon as she left her father. General Kian was busy planning the war and was having a discussion with other men when she found him. In the middle of his speech, he took notice of her and excused himself to come and see her. He approached her with a big smile. 

"Your Highness, I am glad to see you." He really seemed happy to see her. 

"Thank you. How have you been?" she asked. 

"I am better now that you are here, Your Highness," he said. 

Heaven got the impression that he liked her. She hoped not, because she liked him very much. Despite his young age, he acted maturely and was forward-thinking. He was also supportive of her and she didn't want to lose him as a good man by her side because of unreturned feelings. 

"You are very kind." She smiled. 

"I hope you are not forcing yourself to be here. You still look unwell," he told her with concern. 

"I am fine," she said, but just then she felt a little dizziness and nausea. 

General Kian was quick to notice. He grabbed a chair and told her to sit down. 

Heaven sat down carefully. What was happening to her? She had just been fine. 

"Your Highness. I know you want to help and I know you want to become a general. I am sure you will succeed one day but you need to take care of your health first."

Heaven gave him a reassuring smile. "Being in my room all the time just makes me feel sicker. I want to do something to feel better," she told him. 

He looked at her for a long while, then nodded. 

"Alright. I am curious to see what you come up with," he said. 

He showed her a map of the battlefield with his plans sketched on it. "What do you think?" he asked. 

Oh, Heaven loved him. None of the other generals och commanders would ever ask for her opinion about war or anything. 

Heaven took a closer look at the map and he explained to her what he meant with the different sketches and gave her more details about his plan. She wasn't an expert, but from what she saw and understood, it was a good plan. Except there were a few things that she found concerning. 

She didn't know how to point it out without offending him, so she decided to make it a question instead. 

"The archers that are hiding here, how will they shoot their arrows?" 

He nodded knowingly. "I know. This part needs more work. To shoot arrows from this long distance won't be effective, but this is the only place they can hide. Maybe they can hide here until the army arrives and then run out and attack." 

He looked at her, curious about her opinion. 

Heaven was thoughtful, but she couldn't come up with a good answer yet. "I am not sure. I need to think about it." 

General Kian stood up and went to his desk. He opened a drawer and took out another map. He handed it to her. 

"Here. You can sketch here if you come up with something," he said. 

She took the map from him, "thank you. I don't know if His Majesty told you yet but I'll be participating in the war."

General Kian frowned, "His Majesty told me but if I may step out of line, you don't look alright Your Highness." 

Heaven wanted to curse. Her appearance was making things difficult for her. "I am recovering fast. I will be fine when it is time to leave." 

He nodded, "I hope so." 

When she left the room, she heard a few soldiers speaking behind her back. "General Kian. We can't have a woman follow us to war. It is a bad omen," she heard someone say. 

She stopped to listen. 

"Here," General Kian spoke. He probably handed the soldier something. "She will come back with a plan. If you come up with a better plan than hers, then she won't come with us." 

"But general..."

"End of discussion!" General Kian said in an authoritative voice. She had never heard him speak like that before. He sounded intimidating, and she could imagine the soldier bowing and retreating. 

"Now Heaven would have to come up with a good plan to participate in the war and she didn't want to disappoint General Kian, who believed in her." 

Determined, she went back to her room, ready to go through her books and notes of everything she had learned and create a plan. She would also have to eat and make sure she looked better before leaving for war. 

When she came back to her room, she found Gina sitting on her bed and waiting for her. 

"Oh Gina. I am glad you are here. I might need your help," Heaven said. 

"What does the future Queen need?" said her friend, standing up. 

Heaven went to the table and opened the map. "I need to plan a war." 

"I know nothing about planning a war," Gina said. 

"I know. I'll do the planning. I just need fresh eyes to go through it once I am done and a different perspective. You might see things I don't." 


"And you can help me find information." 

Heaven brought all of her books and placed them on the table. Gina's eyes widened. 

"Did you read all of these?" she asked. 

"Almost," Heaven replied. 

Gina and Heaven sat down and began to read about different war strategies. 

"I want to tell you something," Gina suddenly spoke still looking down at the book in her hands. "I went to Zamiel's home today." 

Heaven looked up from her papers.

"Zarin was on his way to apologize to Zamiel so I went with him." 

Heaven blinked in disbelief. 

"Zarin went to apologize to Zamiel?!" 

Gina nodded. "He said he would come here to apologize to you after that. He is still not here." 

Oh, no! Did they get into a fight? Zamiel wasn't the type to get easily angry, but anything could have happened. 

She sighed. She had a war to plan. She couldn't worry about grown-up men. If Zarin got some beating, he deserved it.

"Are you worried that something happened to him?" Heaven asked. 

Gina opened her mouth to say something when her head turned to the door. "Did you hear that?" 

Heaven strained her ears. Someone was in her garden. Both went to look, and what she saw was something she never expected to see. Zamiel, Zarin and Ilyas together. This was the second time she was surprised within a day and then Zarin surprised her a third time with his apology. 

Heaven had expected to beat him up the day he apologized for all the hurt he caused her, but his apology was so sincere she forgot about the beating. And she liked the idea of their children being best friends. It brought a smile to her face. She was also happy that the three men seemed to get along now. 

Heaven invited them into her room and wrinkled her nose when they walked by. They smelled of beer, sweat, and blood.

Zamiel walked steadily, but Ilyas and Zarin had a hard time keeping their balance. Gina crossed her arms over her chest and glared at her brother. She shook her head at him as he sat down on the sofa. Ilyas stood at the door to her garden and breathed in the fresh air. He was trying to sober up. Heaven had never seen him like that before. 

"What happened?" she asked Zamiel.

"We decided to have some fun, and it got a little out of hand," he explained. "They will be fine soon," he said turning back to look at Zarin, who had already passed out on the sofa. 

"Or not." 

Gina was about to wake him up with a kick, but Heaven told her to stop. "Let him rest." 

She then turned back to Zamiel. "I need to go back to work. I have to plan a war and participate." 

He nodded. "Can I be of any help?" 

Heaven looked at him. He was only a distraction. "I am sure you can." 

They went and sat at the table again. Ilyas joined them soon. "Are you feeling better?" Heaven asked him. 

"Yes, My Lady." 

Gina looked up from her book and studied him in silence before speaking, "You are…?" 

Ilyas stood up and Heaven felt him wobble a little. He was still not sober yet. "I apologize for not introducing myself. My name is Ilyas. I serve Lady Heaven. You must be her friend, Gina," he said. 

Gina nodded, but looked suspiciously at him. She leaned over the table, closer to Heaven. "When did you find yourself a demon servant?" 

"It is a long story," was all Heaven said. 

Gina turned back to Ilyas again as he sat down. "How old are you?" 

"A little over a hundred years, My Lady." 

Suddenly she grabbed his wrist and turned his hand so she could see his palm. Heaven was surprised by the sudden action. 

"You are a demon slayer," she said accusingly. "And don't deny it. I know because my father is one." 

Ilyas looked at her, confused. "Yes. I. Am." 

"Who do you work for?" 

"Gina, please stop." Heaven gave her a look that Zamiel was also there. 

"Yes, right," she said, releasing his hand. 

Heaven could understand that after everything that happened, her friend was being a little more protective. 

Ilyas looked at his hand, probably wondering how Gina was able to tell. Heaven could see nothing different about his hands.

"Alright. Let's go back to work now." Heaven said.


Heaven watched Zarin, who after he woke up buried himself in her books. He was very determined to help her. Ilyas sat quietly and also read one of her books, turning page after page. Sometimes he would raise his eyebrows. Heaven guessed it must be the times he either read something surprising or interesting. 

Leaving them to read, she turned back to her map and tried to make a few sketches of what she thought would be a good plan. Gina said she knew little about war strategies, but she was good at finding loopholes and then they would correct them together. Zamiel was mostly quiet. Heaven knew that he wanted to give her the space to discover her own strength, but he was there in case she needed him. 

After a while, Zarin came to take a look at the map. The archers seemed to still be a problem. The battlefield was a vast, empty area surrounded by hills. General Kian had planned for the archers to hide behind the hills and wait for the enemy's army to arrive and then shoot their arrows. It wasn't a bad idea, but the sight was bad and the distance too long. The enemy also had great armor and helmets and a larger army. So Heaven wanted all her men to become of good use. 

Zarin studies the map and her sketches for a while. Heaven became curious about what he was thinking.

  "I say we put the archers somewhere no one would expect. This is a common strategy for archers to hide here. If the enemy is smart, they will be prepared for this. We need to hide them somewhere unexpected, or maybe not hide them at all," he suggested. 

The way he spoke reminded her of younger Zarin. The one that loved to study and was calmer and smarter than her. It seemed like the young Zarin was still in there somewhere.

"I agree," Heaven said. 

"How many soldiers do you have?" He asked. 

"Two thousand and the enemy has twice as large an army." 

"The book says if weaker than the enemy, avoid them," Gina said. 

"Yes, but the size of an army doesn't always equal their strength. My father alone can kill a thousand men. It is also about how you utilize your resources." 

"Well then, maybe you should let Zamiel participate. He could strike them with lightning, open up the ground to swallow them or cause a hurricane that sends them back home. No one would know. It would look like a natural disaster," Zarin joked. 

"A natural disaster that only kills the enemy is suspicious," Gina said. 

"Who will be the suspect? The weather?" Zarin asked.

"We have to pretend we are humans only and they can't cause a natural disaster." Heaven looked over at Zamiel but he just smiled at her. 

She noticed that his silver eyes seemed to gleam more than usual but she didn't think much of it and went back to work. 

The rest of the day went by fast. Heaven went to see if her father found out anything else and then proceeded with her plan. She also went to see general Kian to ask details about their army. 

Surprisingly, Zarin was very engaged and suggested different ideas. They sketched, discussed, changed and recreated but Heaven was still not satisfied. She wanted it to be really good but it was already late and everyone had to go home. 

Zamiel was the only one left in her room. Heaven was exhausted but for some reason the good ideas only came to mind now. She would just sketch some more and then sleep, but her body refused to stay awake and she didn't know when she dozed off. 

Someone's touch woke her up and she felt that she was being carried to bed. Knowing that it was Zamiel she didn't bother to wake up. He placed her in bed carefully and then covered her with a blanket. His cold fingers removed the hair from her face and then he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Good night." He whispered before vanishing. 

Heaven was suddenly fully awake. A kiss on the cheek had a completely different feel. She wanted this. A kiss on the cheek to wish her goodnight every night. Feeling warm inside she fell asleep. 

The next morning when she woke up, she quickly went back to work. She took her map and went to ask the opinion of Callum and Lincoln. Callum studied the map in silence, and Heaven waited nervously for his feedback. 

"I like the idea of dividing the army and attacking from behind. But how do you plan to do that?" He asked. 

Heaven showed him her plan with the help of the map. "Having only half the army standing in front of them will lure them to think that it is going to be an easy fight. We will attack from the front first, while the other half of the army will ride around the hills and go behind the enemy. We will surround them. We might be fewer but we are much stronger."

From what her father told her, the King created a large army but most soldiers were untrained or lacked many years of training, unlike their own army. 

Callum nodded. 

"We should also prepare the castle's defences. The King doesn't seem to want a fair fight. He could have planned to attack the castle and is only using war as a distraction." 

She handed him another map, where she sketched how the castle should put up their defences. 

He looked at that one as well and made a few sketches of his own, where he thought she could improve or change. 

"I think it looks good otherwise," he told her. 

She was happy to hear that. "Thank you." 

She then went to see Lincoln. He was much more critical. "It is true that we can defeat them easily, but this plan is to prove what you are capable of. You shouldn't plan the war with the thought of our army being stronger. The plan should aim toward minimizing deaths, waste of resources and wartime and not only to win if you want to impress," he told her. "If a general made this plan, not many would question it but you are the one making it. Everyone will study every detail and try to critique it." 

Heaven nodded, knowing that the soldiers wouldn't easily accept her plan. "Thank you, Lincoln. I will work on it." She said standing up to leave. 

"One more thing." He stopped her. "When presenting your plan, do it as a soldier. Not a princess. Forget that title for a while." 

"Yes, Sir." 

He smiled at her.