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Chapter 491 Trespasser*

The mists around Abigail was gone. The ice sheets were scattered around her like white blankets. They were all over the place, crushing against each other and crumbling into pieces.

Alex smiled, seeing that it was finally working. Although Abi still couldn’t transform the ice into weapons, her first try was an absolutely huge success. His eyes glimmered with pride as he looked at her.

After another long while, Abi’s concertation broke, and the floating ice sheets fell on the ground before they turned back into mists again.

"Good job, wife." Alex was already standing before her when she opened her eyes. She looked a little upset, but when she saw the look in Alex’s eyes, a smile broke on her face. "See? I told you, you can do it. You did such an amazing job for a first try." He grinned, still looking proud of her.

The smile on Abi’s face widened, and she hugged him, suddenly feeling a little sore for standing for hours. "Thank you, Alex. I thought it’s not working."

"No, you did well, Abigail. All you have to do now is practice how to control them. And how to turn them into weapons that you can easily control. Once you can do that..." he paused and gently bumped his head on hers. "As long as we’re in an open place, you’ll be untouchable."

Abi nodded at him, excitedly. Her determination and fighting spirit intensified. She could finally be useful. Gone are the days when all she could do was watch and cry. From here on, she would fight alongside him. She would do everything to be useful, and she wouldn’t let Alex fight all alone again. She must become stronger.

"Come, let’s go back to the castle. We will continue your training tomorrow." Alex took her hand and was about to lift her up, but Abi protested.

"But Alex... I think I can still practice for a while. It’s still early," she said, persuading him. "And If something unexpected happens tomorrow, I might not get any chance to practice anymore."

A hint of disapproval flashed in Alex’s eyes. But he eventually relented, knowing that she was right. Any time soon and a storm might come.

"Okay, just one more hour." He told her with a firm voice, but Abi still smiled, ignoring the fact that Alex was obviously forced to agree with her wish.

Once Alex returned to his spot, Abi didn’t waste any moment, and she closed her eyes again.


Meanwhile, in the Dark Forest, the witches had just finished their rituals for the former queen’s funeral. Alicia was standing before the entrance of another secret crystal cavern. This cavern had been the grave of all the previous queens of witches.

The witches were all dressed in a white cloak as they formed two lines in front of the entrance while Alicia was chanting. Her mystic voice echoed in the quiet, dark forest. It was mournful and filled with sorrow.

Few teardrops quietly fell from Alicia’s eyes as the entrance slowly closed. The tomb was now shielded by a powerful spell that could only be opened again once another queen dies.

Sorrow enveloped the entire Dark Forest that night until the witches slowly dispersed. But before Alicia had let them leave the forest, she had ordered everyone to prepare themselves for an upcoming battle and wait for her call. All of the witches already knew about the immortal woman who had captured and killed their former queen, so they all bowed their heads to Alicia, showing her that they were more than prepared to aid her in any battle and protect her.

Once most of the witches were gone, Alicia asked the remaining witches who were living in the Dark Forest with her to leave her. The witches then immediately nodded and left Alicia alone in front of the queens’ grave.

Alicia looked around and saw a little white flower blooming near a rock. She walked towards it and took the little flower and planted it in front of the grave. She then placed her palm above it, and a silver glow appeared from her hands.

The next moment, the small flower began to grow. Its vines crawled up, enveloping the entrance of the tomb as it’s little flowers bloomed in the dark.

Alicia took a step back and stared at the beautiful wall of flowers. "Rest in peace, my queen," she then uttered, and she wiped her tears before she finally turned to leave.

However, Alicia hadn’t even taken three steps when something halted her. A cold breeze blew her long silver hair, and she lifted her face. Her eyes slightly widen as she looked straight ahead. She could sense it. The danger was coming her way.

She grabbed the hilt of her sword as her eyes glowed in the dark. She didn’t move and just stood there. The atmosphere in the forest had changed. It had become tensed and heavy. The strangest thing was that Alicia couldn’t sense any fight going on. The witches had already sensed the invasion. She knew they were already at the forest entrance. So why was everything still so quiet?

The witches should be fighting the trespasser by now, no matter who it was. Could it be that Alexander came? That was why her witches weren’t fighting him?

Alicia creased her brows. There was no reason for Alexander to come to this place. Moreover, she wouldn’t have felt this danger and strange unease if the one coming was Alexander.

With an extremely alert expression, Alicia kept her calm. Her eyes turned fierce but patient. She knew they were coming, and nothing would change if she charged or ran away from them now. So she decided to wait for them in this very place instead because this forbidden place in the forest will give her a huge advantage, even if the one coming was that immortal woman.

Finally, the enemy seemed to have reached her. She could finally see her witches, and her brows creased in surprise. The witches were retreating as if they were unsure whether to attack or not. They almost looked like they were hypnotized.

Narrowing her eyes, Alicia unsheathed her sword, and then, the creature she was waiting for finally appeared. Her intuition was right. It was indeed him—the silver-haired half-witch named Zeres.
Chapter 492 Silver-haired man*

The witches weren’t actually hypnotized. They were merely shocked and were unable to believe what they were seeing.

In all the history of witches, there was never a silver-haired male witch. And there was only one silver-haired witch at a time. Unlike the vampires, witches didn’t have a royal bloodline. Once the current queen starts to weaken, the queen’s power will be slowly transferred to someone among the witches. The current queen cannot choose her successor either because the witch queen’s power would be the one to choose its next host. The witch who will receive the power will start to have some changes in appearance. Her eyes and hair would turn silver, which would be the ultimate proof that she was the next chosen queen. To the witches, the silver hair was the crown of their ruler. A crown no one could take away by any force.

Over the past countless years, the queen’s power never chose a male host, and it had been like that until now, so why was this man had silver hair?

They knew he was a witch, and he had the same aura as the witch queens. The witches could sense if he were an imposter, but they could tell his silver hair wasn’t an illusion or a result of any underhanded methods. It was real!

Confusion and wonder could only paint everyone’s face. They had never seen a male witch with silver hair in their existence. Moreover, there was no way their new queen, Alicia, was already starting to weaken. Her reign had just begun, and her power was currently at its prime! This man was someone who shouldn’t exist!

"Where is the queen?" his deep voice echoed, jolting the witches back to reality.

The man looked as ethereal as their queen. Every single part of his body was a definition of perfection nobody could ever ignore. Even his voice was as mystifying and breathtaking as his look. But the witches couldn’t feel any animosity from him. As if he just came here like an old friend and he was definitely not looking for a fight. He even came all by himself and didn’t have any weapon at all.

When everyone couldn’t say a word due to hesitation, whether they should answer him or not, the man faced forward, and a soft breeze blew.

A smile suddenly crept on his ethereal face. "I think she’s already waiting for me," he said, seemingly thrilled. He began to walk forward, nonchalant and calm as ever despite the heavy atmosphere between the witches.

He was looking around as he walked. "Ah... this place is almost unrecognizable. I remember this place is quite livelier back in the day."

The silver-haired man continued talking, almost like a carefree child who got lost in wonderland. As the witches were moving backward while maintaining their alertness, they finally realized that there was something different with him. There seemed to be something off with his aura. As if he wasn’t just a silver-haired witch. His appearance was also a little strange because of his long hair, and he was dressed in an ancient black robe. He looked like someone who came from the ancient world. Just who the hell was he?!

Upon arriving at the heart of the forest where Alicia was waiting, the witches finally took their eyes off him and faced their queen. They were surprised to see that their queen didn’t seem as shocked as they were upon the sight of him.

But the moment the witches took their eyes off the man, he disappeared, and in the next second, he landed in front of Alicia. Alicia was quick, and she trusted her sword at him, creating an air that blew his long silver hair.

The man’s eyes circled as he halted, looking at the sword that was now pointed at his throat. But then, a smile still broke from his face next. "What a warm welcome. It seemed witch queens in this era are quite aggressive." He jested, grinning.

Frowning, Alicia ignored his still unbothered reaction. "Zeres, right?" she asked as her grip on her sword tightened, not daring to let her guard down at all.

The man slightly creased his brows. "Oh, as expected of the witch queen. It seemed I don’t need to introduce myself anymore."

"Why are you here? Are you here to capture me?" Alicia questioned, and her glares at him intensified.

Zeres was silent for a moment. "No. I’m not here to capture you." He replied. "How about you introduce yourself first, queen? I want to know your name."

Alicia narrowed her eyes. She had been trying to decipher something, anything from his face for a while now, but she couldn’t find what she was looking for. Now that Alicia was the queen, she could now decipher lies and pretension in anyone’s face. She could feel the darkness and evil motives within someone’s heart. So why can’t she feel anything from this man? Wasn’t he supposed to be an enemy? And more importantly, why the hell did he have such an angel face?!

The way he spoke and the seemingly genuine smile made Alicia want to facepalm. If this man appeared before her before she heard Abigail’s story, Alicia would have never doubted him like this, especially since she couldn’t even sense a single sign of darkness coming from within him.

But in the end, Alicia decided not to trust her own power and forced herself to believe that this man was just impossible for her to figure out because he was like her, or he was using an ancient kind of spell no one ever knew about.

"If you’re not here to capture me, then why are you here?" Alicia asked again, ignoring his request to tell him her name.

The man slightly tilted his head, and his face became a little serious. "I am here to borrow you for a day or two."

Alicia: ". . ."

The god of silence seemed to have passed by above them. The breeze blew, and everyone just parted their lips in disbelief.

A deep frown appeared on Alicia’s face again, and her deadly glare was back.

Seeing her expression, the silver-haired man scratched his head. "Uh... Could you come with me? I need your help," he added.

"Help? And why should I help you?"

The man’s eyes wandered. "Hmm... because I’m a witch."

"Because you’re a witch, I should help you?" Alicia echoed, and the man nodded. "And if I refuse?"

Zeres blinked, looking quite surprised. "I’ll stay here and persuade you, I guess."

"And if I still refuse?"

"Then, I don’t have a choice but kidnap you."

At his answer, Alicia’s intense eyes immediately began to glow into something dangerous. Her hair danced behind her back as a silver glow appeared from her body.

Zeres seemed to realize that he had angered her immediately, so he took a step back as he forced a smile. "Hey queen, calm down. Don’t be so violent. I am not here to start a fight. I said that because you don’t seem to like the proper and gentle method –"

Not letting him finish his statement, Alicia attacked him, and in one slash, Zeres fell on the ground. Blood gushed out of his abdomen as Alicia stood before him like the badass queen that she was.

However, Zeres still flashed a smile and bit his lower lip as he looked up at her. "Geez," he uttered as he stood. As expected, his wound already healed.

Alicia leaped back upon seeing that his wound had healed. She confirmed it. This man really was the immortal half which. What should she do with him? Even if she will fight him now, she would eventually lose. There was no way she could win against an immortal. She’ll just exhaust herself! Then, should she just let him capture her? No way! She will fight him and find a way to escape!

Determined to fight, Alicia spread her arms wide. The glow coming from her body strengthened. Her cloak danced along with her silver hair, and the green-colored lights also began to envelop her.

The wind blew harder around her, and then, the trees began to move.

Zeres didn’t move from his spot and just watched her silently, even looking amazed.

When Alicia opened her eyes, she saw that the man still didn’t try to bring any weapon. He was just watching her. However, Alicia didn’t falter. This was the best time for her to attack him and escape. She must give her all in this one attack while he still didn’t know what she was capable of.

Gathering an even more substantial power, Alicia was giving her all. This attack would definitely pierce him into pieces. Even if he didn’t die, she would get enough time to escape while his body comes together again and heal. Thus, closing his eyes, Alicia opened her mouth to finally chant the curse when out of nowhere, someone landed before her, daring to enter inside the cloak of lights moving like a slow tornado around her. It wasn’t Zeres.

Alicia was surprised, but this man could no longer stop her. This man will get pierced into pieces along with Zeres. However, when the man’s face registered in Alicia’s vision, her eyes widened, and her lips instantly halted. E-Ezekiel?!
Chapter 493 Cheese in a mousetrap

Zeke’s black cloak was dancing in the wind, circling Alicia. His hood suddenly fell away, revealing the man’s face. Just the sight of his face was enough for Alicia to stop her attack.

In a blink of an eye, Zeke appeared only inches away from her, taking advantage of Alicia’s short pause caused by her surprise. He bent forward and he whispered in her ear. "Don’t try to fight him seriously, Alicia." His voice was filled with a serious warning, causing Alicia’s brows to crease.

"Don’t fight back and just go with the flow," he added and before Alicia could react, Zeke took her sword from her. He then swiftly moved behind her and wrapped an arm around her, putting the blade of her sword near her throat.

Everything happened so fast. The green and silver glow of light slowly dispersed. Leaves began to fall slowly and the dancing trees stood still again.

The witches were shocked to see that their queen had been caught. What just happened? Their queen could have escaped easily. Why did she stop when she already had the upper hand?!

Confused with their queen’s action, the witches could only circle around them on the perimeter. They couldn’t attack anymore because their queen was held captive!

As their surroundings became calm again, Alicia didn’t say a word and just glared at Zeres.

Zeres walked towards them, ignoring the witches. He tilted his head and looked at the man in the black cloak before he let out a helpless sigh. "How did you even find me, huh? Kiel?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at him. "Are you sure you’re not a witch in disguise?"

The man in the cloak didn’t respond, so Zeres just sighed again, averting his gaze to Alicia. "You are quite powerful, queen. Previous queens weren’t as powerful as you, you know?" he told her. His voice was still gentle and melodic, very pleasant and soothing to the ears, almost hypnotic. His seemingly kind eyes and genuine smile were a little disturbing for Alicia. How could he still look at her and smile at her like this after she slashed him without hesitation and even tried to unleash her full power to destroy him? No, he must be absolutely faking it. Damn, how was he so good at this? He was the absolute perfect bait of cheese in a mousetrap! No one would be able to resist him if he kept acting like this!

Alicia’s frustration made her glare at him again. She was usually calm but this Zeres was just frustrating her. And it was not just Zeres. She was equally frustrated with this damn vampire behind her. How the hell did he know to come here? And this Zeres even called him Kiel? It seemed that both men already knew each other which meant that Ezekiel still didn’t tell them the truth when he had the chance last night!

The questions kept piling up along with Alicia’s frustration, maybe because these two were kind of the same. They were the only ones she couldn’t read at all. The difference between them was that even though Alicia couldn’t sense the darkness in Zeres, she could at least feel a light coming from him, something she couldn’t even sense in Ezekiel. In fact, Alicia couldn’t feel anything in Exekiel as if there was nothing inside him but a void.

"Queen, I’m sorry, but I have to kidnap you," Zeres said, looking regretful. "I’ll have to put a spell on you so you can’t use your power, in case you try to escape."

"No need. I won’t escape. I will follow you." Alicia’s serious tone made Zeres pause in surprise.

Alicia had said those words out of frustration. She had decided to go with the flow as per this vampire’s words. Alicia didn’t know what Ezekiel was planning, but once again, she chose to believe in him. She was sure that this man was embroiled in another chess game and this time, she must be one of his sacrificial pawns again. Even though Alicia was a queen now, she couldn’t protest because Alicia knew she wasn’t the only one playing this game. She was certain that Abigail and Alexander were already a part of this and even this half-witch beside her. Alicia wasn’t fond of Ezekiel’s method, but if this was the only way to win the battle, she could only oblige because she was aware that their opponents were immortals. She knew power alone could not bring them down. Moreover, Alicia herself was curious about the kind of help this half-witch would ask of her. Will he ask her to become his ally and join that Dinah?

"Okay, let her go, Kiel." Just like that, Zeres ordered the man in the black cloak to let go. However, the man didn’t move. It seemed that just like Alicia, he was speechless too. "Let her go. Don’t worry, she will not escape," he added, and the man in black cloak finally let her go.

Zeres even took the sword from the cloaked man and gave it back to Alicia, causing Alicia to look at him in disbelief.

"You’re even giving my weapon back?" she asked.

"You already said you wouldn’t escape so why not?"

"And you actually believe me?"

Zeres didn’t look bothered at all. "Of course. You’re a queen and queens don’t go back on their words."

Alicia’s lips parted. She wanted to laugh but seeing how serious Zeres was as he said those words, she couldn’t even react anymore. What the hell was wrong with this half-witch?

"Okay, let’s go." He then turned his back from her and looked at the witches. "Don’t worry. I will take care of her. I will bring her back after two days, safe and sound," he told them with a smile before he started to walk away.

The utterly speechless queen could only shake her head and signaled the witches to stay.


Shortly after stepping out of the Dark Forest, Zeres and Alicia arrived in front of an ancient castle made of rocks. It wasn’t as large as other castles but it was a quaint little place. The rock walls of the three part building were faded, blackened around the edges and the walls were reddish in color. The old castle looked like it had seen better days but despite its weathered look, Alicia felt that there was something special about it. The air was filled with energy she couldn’t quite fathom.

Ezekiel still hadn’t caught up with them, so the two silver-haired witches walked alongside each other, stepping foot on an ancient stone bridge leading to the ancient castle.

Alicia remained quiet when all of a sudden, Zeres leaned in on her. "Queen, you and Kiel know each other, right?" he asked, whispering.

His question made Alicia halt but she didn’t respond and just continued walking. But Zeres didn’t take the hint and kept prodding. "You stopped your attack because you don’t want to hurt him, right? Even if he’s a blue-blooded vampire, your attack would have definitely harm him real bad with all those poisonous and powerful spells you’re about to use. I’m guessing he’s not just someone you know, right, queen?"

Once again, Alicia halted and let out a deep sigh. "Did you bring me here just to ask this?"

He shook his head.

"Then stop asking, or else your head might roll on the floor before I realize it."

Zeres simply chuckled. He stepped ahead of her, faced her as he walked backward. "It seemed I was right. Are you two friends?" he asked.

Alicia pressed her lips in a tight line and tried to ignore him. But Zeres was persistent.

"Not friends either, huh? Hmm... could it be that you like him?"
Chapter 494 Someone*

Suddenly, blood gushed out from Zeres’ neck. His eyes widened as his hand flew to his neck, touching his deep wound.

"Oops, I’m sorry. My hand slipped." Alicia said as she put down her sword.

Zeres’ veins popped in exasperation as he bit his lower lips hard. "Stop doing that, you..."

Alicia simply tilted her head, ignoring the man’s words as her eyes zeroed on his healing wound. She couldn’t help but be fascinated. She noticed that he was taking a tad bit slower to heal compared to Alexander.

"Are you listening? How did someone like you became the queen when you’re this violent? You can’t just slash someone’s throat like that when they’re talking to you so nicely!" He scolded. "Act like a queen, will you?"

Alicia: ". . ."

Speechless, Alicia could only blink at him. She had slashed him for a reason. She wanted him to start showing his real self or any darkness he was hiding and suppressing behind his angel face, but all he did was scold her, like a frustrated old man? Was this still not a big deal to him?

Alicia’s eyes narrowed as she stared at him, watching his every expression closely, when Zeres sighed, pressing his temples like he was dealing with a problematic child.

"Well, you became queen just a few days ago, right? And I think you’re still too young," he looked at her, and his frustrated eyes suddenly became gentle as he lifted his hand and patted her head softly. "Okay, I think I need to lend you a hand and help you act like a real queen." He smiled encouragingly at her. "Don’t worry. I will help you become a good queen the best I can."

Once again, Alicia was rendered speechless. Her lips parted in both surprise and disbelief. But at the same time, she also couldn’t help but pop a vein. What the hell was this immortal talking about? Was he treating her like a child? Sure, he’s thousands of years old but still...

"Please take your hand off me before my hand slip again and cut it." She told him, coldly, not pleased with how he was treating her. She was a queen now. She refused to be treated by anyone like she was a child.

"Geez." He bent closer, his hand still on her head. "A good queen shouldn’t talk so coldly like that, got it? Or else, you’ll end up being like that guy." He pointed behind her, to the approaching man in the black cloak. "What I mean is, at least, don’t be so cold to your allies. That guy right there is always spitting ice whether he spoke with anyone, friend or foe. He’s definitely a bad example, so don’t be like him."

A deep sigh escaped from Alicia’s lips. ’When did you even become my ally?’ she muttered inside as she glanced at the man in the black cloak before she finally grabbed Zeres’ hand away from her head. She realized that it was impossible to decipher this Zeres just by observing his words, expressions, and action. She also realized that he seemed to be too laid back. Was he like this to everyone? Was this really how he was?

Alicia shook her head inwardly. It was too early for her to judge, but for now, no matter how confusing he acts, she will not trust him, even if he was literally the only one in this world now that shared the same physical features and ability as her. Alicia also thought that she might as well go along with the flow as the vampire prince said and let Zeres think that she was a naive, cold, and violent queen. Maybe this was the fastest way for him to drop his guard down and finally show her who he really was.

Once the three of them were inside the castle, Alicia’s brows were creased the entire time. It was because, contrary to what she was expecting, the interior of the old castle they entered was utterly shocking. It was an abandoned castle that was taken over by nature. There was a garden inside and a clear stream flowing in the middle. The sunrays that were peeking through the windows were giving the interior’s view so picturesque. The castle was definitely looking nothing like a witch’s den at all. It was like a fairy’s lair instead.

"This is where you live?" Alicia asked Zeres.

"Yes. A nice place, isn’t it?"

"So, you lived here for 22 years?" Alicia wondered what Zeres had been doing since he awakened 22 years ago.

"No, not 22 years. I came here just three months ago."

His answer immediately made Alicia tear her eyes off the beautiful view before her and looked at him with questions in her eyes.

"Where did you live before coming here?" she asked, a little hesitant.

Zeres leaned against a wall. "I don’t know. The last thing I remembered is that Dinah and I stepped out of a crystal cave in the middle of a desert. We wandered for days until a sandstorm came and separated us. The next thing I remember after that is waking up somewhere I don’t know. I can’t see anything and..." he trailed off as he flicked a deliberate glance at the ceiling. "After that, I woke up outside this abandoned castle." He then grinned.

Alicia narrowed her eyes again. ’He couldn’t see anything and what?’ She could only ask herself. She wanted to ask more, but maybe this was not the time for that yet. She will wait patiently.

"So? Why did you kidnap me and brought me here?" Alicia finally changed the topic. She needed to know why he brought her to this place first.

Zeres averted his gaze from her and fell quiet for a while before facing her again. "Because I need your power."

Alicia frowned. "I don’t understand. What power exactly are you referring to? Don’t you already have every ability and power that I possess?"

"I cannot use crystals balls. I don’t have that ability."

What he said made Alicia remember Abigail’s story, that this half-witch was like Alexander. The two halflings both lack abilities that an average vampire and normal witch have.

"You only need me for that? Any normal witch can do that for you."

Zeres shook his head. "I tried. The normal witches couldn’t see the person I am looking for. They said someone powerful is blocking their vision."

Alicia silently swallowed. "You’re looking for someone? Who?"

A smile crept on his angel face as he happily spoke. "My wife."
Chapter 495 False*

Alicia’s mouth hung with her lips slightly parted. She was temporarily incapacitated, and her face washed blank with utter confusion. Wife? Could it be that he was talking about Abigail?!

"A wife? What’s her name?" she asked. Her eyes intrigued and expectant as she started at him.

Zeres’s smile slowly faded, but his expression turned soft and nostalgic. "Abigail," he then uttered, rendering Alicia speechless once again.

Her gaze flew to the cloaked man, but she couldn’t even see his face because of his hood. He didn’t even move nor glance at her despite clearly hearing what Zeres just said. It seemed this vampire prince already know everything for him to act like he heard nothing.

Trying her best to hide her expression, Alicia’s eyes wandered around. She tried to refocus and secretly took a deep breath before she looked at Zeres again.

Alicia was sure that something was so wrong with all this. There was no way that was true. She had heard Abi’s story, and it was clear that Zeres love for Abigail remained unrequited until the day he died. Zeres, marrying Abigail, was just impossible. Did Dinah lie to him?

However, looking at his thoughtful expression, Alicia shook her head inwardly. She could tell that he seemed to be recalling some sweet memories, so the only possible reason that Alicia could think right then was someone definitely gave him false memories. And a powerful spell like that can’t be performed just by any witch. That thought made Alicia clenched her fists. Because aside from the former queen, there were only two witches that she knew who could perform that spell.

"I want you to help me locate her." Zeres moved closer to her and held her hand, his eyes pleading. "Once I’m reunited with her, I will bring you back to the Dark Forest and will not bother you again. I promise."

Alicia peered at him through her beautiful silver lashes, surveying his face again. After a long while, she let out a sigh.

"Let me look at her face first," she said, and Zeres immediately nodded.

"Of course," he grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards the room at the end of the corridor.

Somehow, Alicia was glad that his room at least didn’t look like a fairy’s room again. A crystal ball was shining on the bedside table, and there were old books piled up on the floor in almost every corner.

Zeres led her towards the crystal ball, and they both stood before it. "This crystal ball is good enough for you to use, right?" he asked her. Alicia could only nod. She knew that this crystal ball was one of the previous queen’s important possession that was stolen from Dark Forest a few months ago. Of course, Alicia already knew who the culprit was and she was still hunting them.

"A witch gave you this?" she still asked.

"Yes. That witch used this to locate my wife, but when she failed to see anything, she left it here."

"I see." Alicia’s gaze turned cold for a fraction of a second. "Okay, shall we start?"

Zeres then sat on a chair, facing the crystal ball while Alicia stood behind him. She took another deep breath and closed her eyes before she slowly placed her hands an inch above his head.

Once the silver glow appeared from her hands, Alicia opened her eyes and stared at the crystal ball. A hazy image was being formed in the crystal ball.

And then there it was, his false memories. The false memories were showing Abigail and Zeres’ simple wedding in a forest and then their happy moments together. Everything was a complete lie from the beginning to the end that Alicia felt pissed and angered just by watching. She was angry because it was not easy to break this spell. The only way to break this spell was if the individual remembered his real memories. In fact, this was one of the hardest and trickiest spell to undo because the trigger in remembering the real memories differs from each individual.

In Alex’s case, it seemed Abigail easily made him remember. But would that work with Zeres? What if meeting Abi will make him remember?

As Zeres’ false memories continued appearing in the crystal ball, Alicia sneakily tried to delve somewhere else. Normally, witches could only see the memories that the owner would allow them to see. But witch queens could forcefully see what they wanted to see, whether or not the individual allow it. And the good thing was that they could do it without the invididual realizing it.

Alicia was certain that Zeres knew this common knowledge, yet he let her do this with no hesitation. Was he really not hiding anything from her? Or did he really trust her this much?

She closed her eyes again. Something was bugging her since a while ago. Just what happened to this half-witch before he woke up outside this castle three months ago?

The crystal ball then blinked and something else replaced the false memories. However, what she saw first was nothing but pure darkness. Alicia frowned, but she didn’t give up. She knew that finding the memories she wanted to see wasn’t easy since the owner wasn’t thinking about it at the moment. She didn’t have the time to start from the very beginning for her to see everything, so her only choice was to pick randomly where to start.

For the second time, the crystal ball blinked again, but to Alicia’s dismay, what she saw was again the same pitch black image. What was wrong? Could it be that Zeres was sleeping in the past 22 years after he got separated from Dinah?

Alicia made the crystal ball blink once again, but there was still nothing. She gritted her teeth because Zeres was now moving. He might open his eyes real soon yet she still couldn’t see a thing!

One last time, Alicia made the crystal ball blink again. Her eyes stared hard at it with great anticipation, hoping that it will finally show something, anything. But then, what appeared was another pure darkness.

Disappointment painted Alicia’s face, and she was finally about to stop when her eyes widened. She couldn’t see anything, but she heard Zeres’ voice. Witches couldn’t listen to voices when they were watching someone from afar using their crystal ball, but what Alicia was doing with Zeres was a different story. Powerful witches, especially the queens, could also hear voices in someone’s memories.

"Stop..." said the voice in her head. Although the voice sounded weak and forced, Alicia knew the voice was definitely Zeres’. Why did he sound like he’s in pain?

Alicia’s expression turned grave as she started to hear faint sounds from the background. Soft sounds of metals and voices of men echoed. She couldn’t understand anything because the sounds were just barely reaching Zeres’ consciousness. What was going on? Where was he? Were people surrounding him?

Questions were piling up as Alicia anxiously waited for what she would hear next. She was already running out of time! Zeres will realize what she was doing if she takes any longer than this!

She was almost holding her breath when finally, she heard Zeres’ voice again.

"Stop cutting me... it’s painful..." he uttered in an agonized voice.
Chapter 496 Rigid and cold

Zeres opened his eyes, and the crystal ball that initially showed nothing but pitch-black darkness abruptly returned to its normal silver state.

He swiveled around, looking up at Alicia with an expectant look on his face. With neither a sign of suspicion nor a sliver of doubt that existed on his unquestioning face – Alicia honestly and truly felt like she was blatantly taking his absolute trust in her for granted. Was this man serious? Was he really not suspicious of her at all? He didn’t even spare a second glance at the crystal ball!

Alicia found herself not being able to control her own body actions – and ended pursing her lips quite tightly – as she tried her best to act normal, like she had done nothing wrong. She was feeling a little sorry, but she was left with no other choice! This was the only way for her to find out about his secrets!

Zeres literally jumped from his seat and faced her. He was excited, to the point of grabbing her shoulders as he leaned closer to her. She could tell from the stars and sparkles in his eyes at how excited and impatient he was to know the whereabouts of his so called wife.

But before those lips could form any word, the door swung open, causing both persons in the room to divert their attention towards the door immediately.

The man in the black cloak was already standing before the door, looking at them. "She’s here," he said, and Alicia felt Zeres froze in surprise.

Zeres’ brows creased. "H-huh? Dinah?" he asked, and when the cloaked man nodded, the look in Zeres’ eyes suddenly turned peculiar and that threw Alicia off. His grip on Alicia’s shoulders tightened before he slowly looked at her with a troubled expression. "Queen, conceal yourself and stay here," he firmly told her before gently letting go of her. He hastily went toward the door but paused and looked over his shoulder. "Never let them know you’re here, understand?"

Before Alicia could respond, Zeres already stepped out of the room. She then stared at the man in the black cloak, but the man only afforded her a sharp glance from the corner of his eyes before allowing the door to silently close behind him, leaving Alicia standing there, looking at the closed door with a stunned look on her face. What? Dinah? That immortal woman was coming? Or was she already here!? And why did Zeres showed such a reaction? They were supposed to be allies, yet Zeres looked so troubled just by Dinah’s presence? What was going on?!

Alicia’s brain was in a mad whirl of activity. The voices she heard in Zeres’ memories were still boggling her, and now this! What the hell was happening?

Since Alicia already had herself concealed from the moment she stepped out of the Dark Forest, she really didn’t need to expand any extra effort but just quietly stay in the room. As long as there was no powerful witch with Dinah, no one could ever detect the presence of a witch inside this castle.

Alicia’s curiosity will never let her just stand there and wait. So she sat on the chair and closed her eyes. She activated the crystal ball again and when she opened her eyes, she saw Dinah and her minions appeared in the crystal ball.


Outside the room, Zeres and the man in the black cloak halted midway in the corridor. They were planning to meet them outside, but it seemed they can’t do that anymore. Dinah was already inside the castle, approaching them. She was flanked on her right and left by two powerful looking witches and numerous men in a black cloaks were moving as one behind her.

It seemed her wound from the other day had healed, thanks to the formidable witches next to her. Dinah was wearing another revealing red gown under her black cloak. Her face was delicately and beautifully crafted that it even bore a slight resemblance to Abi’s innocent features. However, those eyes full of malice and malevolence betrayed her deceptively delicate look. Nothing she did could ever hide the evil glint in her sharp eyes.

"Zeres," she called out as a smile crept across her face at the sight of Zeres.

But Zeres might have been a marble statue. There was not an ounce of response from him. The gentle look in his eyes was gone, and his bright face turned serious.

"Why are you here?" Zeres asked – voice emotionless.

"Of course, I came to check on you, Zeres."

Zeres’ eyes narrowed suspiciously at her statement. "Why? You don’t trust Kiel anymore?"

A low and sensual yet sinister laugh echoed. "What are you saying, Zeres? Of course not. I personally came to ask you to come with me."

"Dinah..." Zeres gave a tiny sigh of displeasure after a short silence. "Didn’t we already talk about this? We already agreed that I’d be there in two days."

Dinah’s smile faded. "Well, the truth is I am just a little worried because I couldn’t locate you last night." She said as she glanced at the cloaked man beside Zeres. Despite her pleasant voice, she couldn’t fully conceal that sinister look in her eyes. It was obvious that she was suspicious of them.

But Zeres remained calm, and he simply let out a more obvious sigh – blatantly showing his obvious displeasure at her current actions and behavior.

"I am a witch, Dinah. I can hide myself from anyone whenever, however, or in whatever way I choose to – if the need ever arises." Zeres said.

"Well yes, you are right, Zeres..." she trailed off as she nodded while the two witches beside her were looking around, as if something suspicious had caught their attention.

Noticing the witches’ actions, Zeres could only resign himself to the situation as it is developing. "Fine, Kiel, and I will be there tomorrow." He said, hoping to distract the two accompanying witches and causing Dinah to smile in triumph for a fraction of a second before she tilted her head slightly.

"Why not now? Do you have another plan today?"

Before Zeres could respond, the two witches next to Dinah suddenly disappeared. When Zeres turned behind him, he saw the two witches appeared in front of his room, hands reaching for the door handle. Zeres’ eyes widened in surprise, and the next moment, he too disappeared and materialized before the two witches in a very menacing manner – even causing those two powerful witches to flinch back a fraction.

"What are you two doing? Who allowed you to approach my room?" The usual warm glimmers in his eyes were gone. Instead, his eyes were narrowed, rigid, and cold – shooting very visible threats like vicious ice spears. His piercing glare was lethal, but it seemed the threatening look in his eyes was not enough to cause the witches to stop their advance. However, when his irises began to turn gold, the witches immediately leapt back away from him.

The atmosphere turned heavy in that split second. The witches even subconsciously prepared themselves for a fight, but Dinah gestured them to stop.

Dinah then calmly stepped forward, locking eyes with Zeres’ as she asked him with a misleadingly soft tone.

"Are you hiding something... or someone from me? Zeres?"
Chapter 497 Follower

The golden hue in Zeres’ eyes slowly dissipated, but his gaze on Dinah remained rigid.

"So what if I am? Can’t I hide someone in my own room?" he replied. His voice was back to being calm but the air around him was still a little heavy.

Dinah threw a glance at the door behind him and a smile formed on her face. "Of course, you can, Zeres. It just makes me wonder at what manner of a person must it be for you to be acting so defensive like this."

A short but weighty silence reigned between them before Zeres momentarily averted his gaze from her as he spoke. "She’s just another witch I spent the night with. She’s still sleeping, so I don’t want anyone disturbing her," he said. His ears even turned slightly red.

Zeres cannot help but feel embarrassed with the words that tumbled out of his own mouth – though done willingly. Even though it was a lie, it still made his ears turned hot. It seemed he wasn’t used in lying his way out, and he also knew that the queen inside was definitely listening in to whatever that was happening outside here.

However, the reaction Zeres was trying so hard to hide actually worked itself to his favor and killed the suspicions in Dinah’s eyes. Dinah lifted a very arched brow at him – luscious, pouty lips forming a small and perfectly rounded ’o’. It seemed the woman herself wasn’t expecting what Zeres just revealed.

"Oh, I see. So that’s why you concealed yourself last night," she muttered, nodding as she looked him over with a meaningful gaze. She stared intently at him for another long while before she finally gave in. "Fine. See you tomorrow then, Zeres." She said and majestically whirled around to her many followers, having her back facing him. She took a few steps forward but halted beside the man in the black cloak.

Her eyes peered at him sideways. "I hope this is not your doing, Kiel." She murmured, her eyes sharpened as if she was dissecting him.

"He found the woman himself," the man answered simply.

"Which is strange."

"He’s a man."

"But he’s a witch. Not a vampire who’s exceptionally fond of women, Kiel."

"But witches aren’t immune from the very real temptations of the flesh, Lady Dinah – as you also are very much aware of. They too, can elope with someone they don’t love. And don’t forget he’s been alone in this lonely and forsaken place for a very long time."

"Well, you are right... I wouldn’t worry if she’s someone he doesn’t love... but don’t you think he’s a little too overprotective of someone he’s simply eloping with?"

"You know what kind of man Zeres is. He’s simply doing what he thought is the right thing for him to do. That’s just how he is. Don’t worry, he’s not going to fall for anyone else. Everything will go as planned, I can assure you of that."

Dinah fell silent. Her intent gaze on the man named Kiel turned even sharper. But eventually, she dragged her gaze away from his face and to the other two witches who accompanied her, and she smiled with satisfaction.

"Of course, I will always believe in your reassurance, Kiel," she told him without looking at the man in the black cloak. She then took another step forward but paused again. "Ah, I almost forgot." She peered over her shoulder, her voice floating over to him. "I need your presence tonight. Not later than twilight, aye, Kiel?"

Without waiting for Kiel’s response, Dinah gestured at her minions and they all finally left the old castle.

Upon making sure that they were gone, Zeres’ shoulders drooped and he leaned his sturdy frame against the door. He let out a deep sigh of relief as his gaze fell to the man in the black cloak.

"That was close," Zeres uttered. "What’s with her? Barging in unannounced like that?"

"Don’t mind her, she’s simply suspicious. I believe those two witches must have signaled the alarm to her."

The door was suddenly pulled open, causing Zeres to fall a step back before catching himself from falling over. How mortifying that would be – him, a witch in his own right, toppling over due to a door opening behind him. He composed himself before glancing over his shoulders. Alicia emerged from behind him, looking at Zeres with a raised brow.

"So you’re actually bedding women in this room of yours knowing full well that you have a wife?" she asked him, straightforwardly. Of course, Alicia was aware he had lied about her presence. However, regarding the matter with the previous witches that he claimed he brought in this place was a whole different ballgame!

Witches weren’t like vampires who normally are in relationships with multiple women throughout their lifetime. In fact, since the ancient times, male witches were one-woman men because upon marriage, they would both be bound by a spell where both parties have to be in full agreement with. That spell was akin to the couple’s vows in human weddings, but for the witches, it is a spell that no one could break. With that, the couple will never fall for anyone else aside from their husband and wife until they die.

Alicia realized from the cloaked man and Dinah’s conversation, that Dinah is well aware of this fact. However, just by seeing her being worried and considering her over-the-top actions, was a very telling to Alicia. There was only one reason for Dinah’s unsolicited and unreasonable worries – her very actions are spotlights on the fact that confirms Zeres was never and still wasn’t bound with anyone yet.

"Y-you..." Her words flustered Zeres. "Stop saying such ugly things, queen. I will never betray my wife." He argued. He was completely thrown off by Alicia’s words.

"Oh, really? How about the previous witches you said you brought here?" Alicia couldn’t help but to continue baiting him.

"I just took those witches here to help me locate my wife."

"But that man said, you’re just a man and you’re not immune from fleshly temptations too. It seemed he was a witness that you have succumbed to temptation at least once." Alicia pointed at the man named Kiel with a mocking expression. "...if not more..." Alicia added that quietly, but it was enough for two other pairs of ears to pick it up.

Zeres’ mouth hung open and he could only pinch the skin between his brows. "Queen, if you keep this up, I will stop calling you ’queen’. A good queen shouldn’t be judging someone with such haste like what you are doing now without any evidence."

"Well, apologies for not being the stoic and ideal queen, oh great ancestor, Zeres," Alicia responded, with an exaggerated roll of her eyes, causing Zeres to be rendered speechless. She waited for him to get angry or at least glare at her, but none of that happened.

He stomped over to the cloaked man and landed his hand heavily on the man’s shoulder. "I don’t think I can deal with this new generation’s queen. Maybe our age gap is just too much." He complained.

The man in black cloak stood still, unmoving, but he also let out a quiet sigh. "She’s just playing around. Don’t take her words seriously," he said with an almost monotonous voice.

"Well yeah," Zeres expression changed back to a calm one. "She’s young and new to power, I should be patient with her," he continued before facing her with a patient smile. "Now....why don’t we just forget about that whole fiasco and move on, queen. I need you to locate my wife now so I could –"

"I have a question first, Zeres." She cut him off. The game seemed to be over now because her expression turned fierce, and she was glaring at him with such intensity again.

"Okay, go ahead," Zeres immediately relented, and Alicia’s eyes narrowed even further as she continued.

"I was expecting that you should be that woman’s master, Zeres. But it seemed I was wrong because from how it was playing out earlier, somehow, it’s actually the other way around. Why? How?" Her voice was filled with wonder and disbelief. "How did a powerful and immortal witch like you came to be at her beck and call? Have you been reduced to being only a mere human follower?"
Chapter 498 The best move*

Zeres’ gaze sharpened for a moment, and his jaw had contracted. He stood entirely still, saying nothing, as he continued staring back at her.

But Alicia persisted and refused to give in. She waited for his response with her earnest and fierce eyes. Eyes that were screaming her refusal to accept his silence as an answer to her question.

Realizing that Alicia was more than determined to hear his answer, Zeres’s gaze eventually softened. To him, this witch queen was really hard to deal with, and her intensity was actually troubling him. He could not resist her probing and stubborn gazes.

"Sigh... listen to me, queen." Zeres finally started. "I believe it’s better if you won’t be involved with this. I don’t want you to –"

"Oh please," Alicia cut him off once again as the corner of her lips curved up. "I am already involved with all these matters about you immortals, much more than you think, Zeres." She pressed, narrowing her eyes. "And I don’t get it. Why do you sound like you know nothing about all the things that are happening all this time?"

Silence reigned between them again.

"Did you even know that the previous queen died because of that Dinah?" As these words slipped from Alicia’s mouth, Zeres looked at her with surprise, causing Alicia to shake her head. Was this guy serious? He really knew nothing? What was he doing all this time? Was he really just staying in this castle like some caged bird?

Alicia let out a deep sigh. She refused to believe that he really knew nothing but she just felt that he wasn’t acting at all. The emotions in his eyes right then were just too real to be fake.

"I will not tell you the whereabouts of your so-called wife." She suddenly told him with a decisive expression.

Her words made the man looked alarmed. He walked closer to her, but Alicia turned her back from him. "I am leaving," she said, but Zeres caught her wrist.

"Wait. Don’t leave." He blocked her, looking a little anxious. He closed his eyes and sighed with surrender in his eyes. "Fine. I will tell you why. That’s all you wanted to know, right? But you have to promise me first that you will help me locate my wife."

Alicia stared at him. "No, I don’t want you to tell me." She told him, causing Zeres to frown hard at her. "Let me see everything myself."

The first thing Zeres did upon hearing her last statement was to shake his head in disbelief. "You really are one hell of a queen," he mumbled under his breath. He knew what she was talking about. She wanted to look at his memories directly rather than hearing his explanation.

"Don’t get me wrong, Zeres. Don’t expect me to trust you. How could I trust someone who’s friends with the person who killed my queen? If you wanted me to speak, then allow me to see everything for myself."

Zeres’ gaze flew towards the opened window. There were little birds coming in and out, chirping as if they were enjoying their freedom to fly as they want. A far off look glimmered in his eyes as he silently watched the flying birds.

And then, a small smile curved on his angel face. "Fine," he said softly before he met her gaze again. "But I won’t let you do that right now. Please don’t get me wrong, queen. I am just a little wary because I think you’re too mischievous for me to trust fully."

"So you’re telling me to bring you to her first before you let me see your memories?" she smirked. "Didn’t I already tell you I don’t trust you?"

"I knew you would say that," Zeres scratch the back of his neck. He let go of her wrist and smiled at her.

The next second, he suddenly chanted a curse towards himself.

Surprise immediately painted Alicia’s face. Zeres had just cast a spell on himself. Judging from the chant, Alicia could tell that he cursed himself to become immobile for a day if he breaks his promise. This spell was definitely not a joke, and it was one of the most powerful witch’s spells that no one could break, especially when the caster was the cursed one himself!

Before Alicia could react, he already successfully cast the spell to himself.

"Happy now, queen? With this, you can freely do what you wanted with me while I’m immobile," he said with a smile, and Alicia was so dumbfounded that she could only press her temples. She really couldn’t fathom this man as well!

Knowing that there was no more turning back, Alicia glanced at the muted man in the black cloak. She really wanted to talk to him. Even though Alicia knew that this vampire prince would never say anything about his plans, she at least wanted to receive any signal from him if this was the right thing to do. Was letting Zeres and Abi meet really the best move?

Alicia thought that maybe letting Zeres and Abi meet was the right thing she could do at this moment. Now that she felt like Zeres could actually be innocent, she thought that maybe they could still get him to their side. That was not an impossibility if Abi will manage to bring Zeres’ memories back. If Zeres will find out that Dinah manipulated him, he would surely turn his back from her and become Abi and Alexander’s ally once again.

That may seem a little too good to happen, but what if it would really work?

Alicia tried to gauge any reaction from the man in the black cloak, but he remained still like a lifeless statue.

"Now, shall we go? We can’t waste any more time. I already told Dinah that I’d be there for her tomorrow." Zeres words pulled Alicia’s attention back to him.

After a moment of hesitation, Alicia glanced at the cloaked man for the last time. When he still didn’t give her any sign of disagreement, Alicia finally nodded at Zeres thinking that the meaning behind Ezekiel’s silence was that he supported her decision.

Thus, with no farther ado, they finally left Zeres’ lair and headed to the Hidden Kingdom.
Chapter 499 Not so wonderful*

When Alicia, Zeres, and the man in the black cloak finally arrived in the vampire’s country, the sun was already setting.

"I am leaving," said the man in the black cloak, and Zeres just nodded at him.

"Okay, I will see you tomorrow, Kiel."

Alicia had been continuously glancing at Ezekiel during their entire trip. She was still waiting for any sort of signal from him. But as expected, she received nothing from the man. And now, he was leaving. Alicia so wanted to ask, but she knew that wasn’t an option when the man himself didn’t even look at her at all the entire time. It seemed he really wad supporting this decision and was now leaving this immortal witch in her care. But what if something will happen? What if Alexander and Zeres will end up fighting tonight the moment they met? Ezekiel’s presence was definitely needed in this crucial moment, and yet he’s leaving because of that woman’s order? Was that woman’s order really more important than this?

Alicia couldn’t help but feel dismayed.

Even though Alicia still doesn’t know the extent of Zeres’ power, that color in his eyes that was so much akin to Alexander was enough to make him another dangerous creature. That was why the thought that this man and Alexander might end up fighting tonight alarmed her.

However, since that vampire prince was so carefree leaving them like this, maybe she didn’t need to worry this much. Moreover, Abi was there. Abi’s presence would be enough to calm Alexander and perhaps, Zeres as well.

Ezekiel was long gone, but Alicia was still staring at the direction where he had disappeared. She was thinking so deep that she didn’t notice she’d been staring with a far off look in her eyes for a long while now until Zeres’ angel face appeared just inches away from her face.

"Queen, tell me, do you seriously like that guy?" he asked, gazing at her with intense curiosity.

Alicia simply sighed, unbothered by his words.

"Zeres, I think you should stop minding such kind of silly things right now. If I were you, I would start preparing myself for what’s coming ahead, instead." She told him. An obvious warning resonated in her tone.

But Zeres didn’t seem to take her warning seriously. "Geez, I am just worried about you." He mumbled.

Alicia raised a brow. "Worried about what? About that man, you called Kiel?"

Zeres hesitated for a moment. "Well, even I could feel something is off with Kiel. I mean, I am not against a relationship between a witch and a vampire. Although I still never heard about such a relationship happening in my life until now... but anyway, I am not talking about the forbidden love between a vampire and a witch. It’s just that..." he trailed off and peered at her through his thick lashes, flashing that seemingly genuine kindness in his eyes again. "It’s just that... I think Kiel is too heartless for you and, in fact, for anyone looking for love. How should I say this... anyway, you’re the queen, I’m sure you already know what I am trying to say."

Averting her gaze away from his earnest eyes, Alicia calmly spoke. "Don’t worry. I am not liking that vampire nor falling for him. It’s just your imagination," her voice was soft as she told him those words before she moved forward. Alicia didn’t want this conversation. But she honestly thought that Zeres was right. She was a queen now, so she already knew what Zeres was trying to tell her. And it was funny, but Zeres’ definition of Ezekiel was precisely how she would describe that vampire prince. Heartless. Yes, she too thought that it seemed impossible for Ezekiel to love anyone because there was nothing inside him but a void radiating no light nor warmth nor darkness.

But then, whenever that memory of that vampire saving her that night in the Ziggurat popped in her head, Alicia couldn’t help but...

"Really? Are you sure? Queen?" Zeres’ voice abruptly pulled her attention back to him, and a deep sigh escaped her lips again. And then, she just continued walking ahead, ignoring him.

"Sigh... I am just truly worried about you, okay? You’re young and –"

Abruptly, Alicia halted and swirled towards him. "Actually, I am the one who’s damn worried about your fate, Zeres!" Alicia almost yelled at him, but again, Zeres reacted differently.

A smile crept on his angel face, and his eyes glimmered. "Eh? Really? You’re worried about me?" he asked with slightly widened eyes, causing Alicia to fall speechless for a moment. Why did he look like he was delighted? This guy...

"Just a little," she replied. "I hate to tell you this, but I am sensing a... not so wonderful future for you."

Zeres let out a pleasant chuckle. "A not so wonderful future, huh..." he echoed. "Even if that’s true, no need to worry about me, queen. And I’ve been preparing myself in the last three months, so stop getting worried and just smile, okay?"


It was exactly twilight when Zeres and Alicia arrived at the forest near the Reign’s castle.

Alicia knew that Abi and Alexander frequently stayed in the forest since they arrived in this country. She also saw that Abi awakened the dragon keeper’s power, and she was doing her best to control it perfectly now.

Abigail’s dedication and will power amazed Alicia. She was confident that Abi would definitely play a crucial role if the war they were preparing for will finally break out.

But right now, things might go in a completely different direction from what they initially expected. Because Zeres was here and he’s about to meet them now. Alicia believed that if they could take Zeres to their side, the winner of this war would already be decided and that Dinah would never have a chance.

Once the two were about to reach Abi and Alexander, Alicia halted and turned to face him. She wanted to speak to him one last time before they appear in front of the couple. However, Alicia momentarily froze, and her eyes widened upon realizing that Zeres’ irises had already turned gold.
Chapter 500 Reunion*

Alicia’s heartbeat hastened. Her body subconsciously froze at the sight of Zeres’ golden eyes. She could sense a foreign and powerful aura oozing from him. He wasn’t just a witch anymore.

But somehow, Alicia was glad because she didn’t feel that intense fear she always felt around Alexander when his eyes turned this golden. Or maybe, was she less scared around Zeres because she was queen now? Or was it because Zeres was a witch?

Making no movement, Alicia watched him as he focused his gaze forward. She could tell that something had triggered him. Did he already sense Alexander, or was it Abi that triggered something in him, so his eyes turned golden?

Zeres moved, but Alicia was quick to block him. "Wait, Zeres!" she placed her hands on his chest to stop his advance. The man looked at her, his eyes still alert and the golden hue in his eyes was dancing in chaos.

"I could sense someone nearby," he said.


"Mm. I feel strange. I suddenly feel like my blood is boiling. Let me go see who it is."

He moved again, but Alicia held on to him.

"Wait." She told him, firmly. But this time, the man didn’t seem to hear her and tried to dodge Alicia. Without a choice, Alicia grabbed his collars and pulled him close, forcing him to look at her. She was surprised by her own bold move. Even if Zeres was a witch, she knew he was undoubtedly like Alexander. There might be some gap in power between them, but Zeres was indeed powerful. Who knows if he would lose himself and go berserk like Alexander? And yet, here she was, grabbing a dangerous creature’s collar like this.

"Listen to me first, Zeres." She pressed, trying her best to keep her calm.

The man gladly halted and stared back at her, so Alicia immediately continued. "Whatever you will see and find out, please promise you will stay calm, okay?" she pleaded.

For the first time since they met, Alicia looked at him with genuine concern. Her gaze on him no longer hard and doubtful.

But deep lines appeared on his forehead upon hearing her words, and he looked at her with questioning eyes.

"Don’t ask me why right now. Just promise me you won’t start a fight. I mean, whatever happens, please don’t fight anyone. Just do your best to stay calm and don’t do anything rash, understand? I assure you, everything will be alright if we do this peacefully. Yes?"

Alicia’s effort and the way she spoke to him at that moment somehow made the atmosphere less heavy. His hand softly landed on her head, causing Alicia to freeze in surprise again. She didn’t expect him to do that. And why was he doing that to her, anyway?!

"It seemed deep down, you are truly a good queen." He uttered smoothly, and Alicia immediately let go of his collar. He took a deep breath as if he was calming himself before he dragged his gaze back to the thick forest ahead. "I got it, queen. I will stay calm. I won’t do anything rash. Now shall we go?"

His eyes didn’t return to its normal silver hue, so Alicia didn’t dare drop her guard down. "Please stay behind me." She told him, and when the man nodded, they finally moved forward. She could do nothing now but hope that this reunion will not cause a disaster.

Zeres was obediently following her, but he was obviously holding himself back. Impatience painted his angel face, and his grips had turned into tight balls.

As they were getting closer and closer, the atmosphere became grave again. The next second, Alicia’s palm landed on Zeres’ chest, and she pushed him back. Her sword swung in the air like lightning, creating silver glows as she cut through the air before her. Sharp and thin ice crystals fell on the ground as Alicia continued swinging her sword with ease and power.

Zeres, who was stunned by the sudden attack, was now awed as he stood there, watching Alicia and her silver hair that was dancing fiercely behind her. He looked amazed at this witch queen’s skill.

The deadly sharp ice crystals didn’t stop coming. Alicia didn’t mind dealing with this. In fact, she wanted Abi to keep attacking because she wanted to check how strong she had become in just a couple of days. But Alicia was worried about Zeres. She didn’t want to give Zeres a reason to ignite a fire within him and fight alongside her, especially now that his eyes were already blazing like a sun.

Thus, Alicia called for her. "Abigail, it’s me," she said softly, knowing that Abi could hear her from this distance.

The ice crystals abruptly disappeared and turned to mists.

As the mists gathered on the ground, Alicia lifted her gaze, and Abi was right there, standing in the middle of a thick mist. She opened her eyes and when she saw Alicia, a smile broke on her face. "Alicia!" she called out.

"So, your name is Alicia. It’s a beautiful name." Zeres smiled at Alicia before lifting his gaze and looked ahead while someone suddenly blocked Abigail, who was about to run towards Alicia.

Alexander had landed right in front of Abigail like a phantom that appeared out of nowhere.

The world seemed to turn to a halt. Alicia felt Zeres’ body became immobile as he looked at Alexander with utter shock.

Alicia dragged her gaze from Zeres to Alexander, and she couldn’t help but hold her breath with what she saw. Just like Zeres, Alexander’s eyes were blazing like a golden furnace as he stared back at Zeres.

The atmosphere became tensed and heavy. The mists dissipated, and the quiet surrounding became almost deafening. It was so quiet and still that a single sound and movement might spark something dangerous.

At that moment, Abigail’s head craned from Alexander’s side, and when she lifted her face and looked ahead, her eyes widened.


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