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Chapter 501 Bottom line*

Abi couldn’t believe her eyes. Even though she knew that she would see Zeres again soon, his presence still shocked her.

Zeres was the same as the silver-haired young man in her past self’s memories. His ancient fashion, long silver hair, and that ethereal face remained precisely the same, except for his now golden-colored eyes.

"Zeres," she uttered his name. Abigail had seen how Zeres cared for and loved her past self. She had watched how he sacrificed himself to save Alex and how he remained in her side until his last breath. She had also heard his last words, begging her never to forgive him, and that made her heart ached for him. He was always such a selfless friend who had loved her past self unconditionally.

The thought of Zeres’ last moments had broken Abi’s heart into pieces again, and all she wanted that moment was to hug him.

Abi stepped forward. Alex remained rooted on the ground, his jaw clenching, but he didn’t stop Abigail from approaching him. However,

"M-my wife?" Zeres’ said, and the hellfire in Alex’s eyes blazed mercilessly. He grabbed Abigail and pulled her back towards him, wrapping her with his mighty arm.

Abi was as shocked as Alex. But Zeres reacted the same the moment he watched Alex pulled Abi in his embrace. His burning gaze also intensified as both men glared at each other with unbearable intensity.

Alicia and Abi could now feel the extreme danger in the air. The already heavy atmosphere turned even heavier. The intense tension was making it hard to move.

"Alex, calm down. Please." Abi said, and gladly, she could immediately pull Alex’s attention to her.

"I can’t calm down when he’s not, Abigail. What if he attacks?" Alex replied, and he returned his alert and dangerous gaze back to Zeres.

"Alex, he’s your friend."

Her words made Alex’s jaws clenched again. "I know," he replied, not tearing his eyes off him. His eyes momentarily softened, but too soon, they returned to its fierce and dangerous state. "But if he’s here intending to take you away from me..." his voice hardened, "then, I’m sorry, but that’s my bottom line."

Abi could only bite her lips. She heard what Zeres just said, so she understood why Alex was now acting like this. Why on earth did Zeres call her that?

Alicia, on the other hand, was having a hard time dealing with Zeres. She’s been calling out his name, but the man wasn’t responding at all. She could feel that his situation was getting more and more dangerous. A little bit more and something terrible might happen!

"Zeres!" she called out again. When the man began to move forward, Alicia gritted her teeth, and she cupped his face with both of her hands. His skin was hot. So hot, Alicia felt like she was touching a ball of fire. But she didn’t let go. She can’t let this happen. She brought him here so the three of them could sort things out and reconcile, not to worsen the situation. If these two immortals fight here, no one might be able to stop them. Even if Abi was here, would Zeres listen to her?

"Zeres!! You promised me that you’d calm down!!" Alicia yelled at him, but the man continued stepping forward. "Listen to your queen, damn it!!"

Alicia had used the curse that would force any witch to submit to her, the queen. This was one of the witch’s queen’s most potent abilities. As long as she could touch the witch directly, she could make them listen to her command. And rogue witches weren’t an exception. This was why rogue witches always try to run away from the witch queen as far as they could.

Even though Zeres was someone ancient and also a half-human, he was still a witch. Her power could at least affect him.

To her relief, the man halted, and his lashes dropped to meet her gaze. "Stop! This is an order. Don’t attack them and calm down." She commanded in a firm yet careful voice.

Zeres closed his eyes, and he gritted his teeth. "I’m sorry," he mumbled, "I can’t. I’m burning. I can’t stop myself. I need to..." he held her wrists. "Move, Alicia. I might hurt you."

"No! If you move one more step, the spell you cast on yourself will activate! You’re supposed to be fulfilling your promise to me now that I’ve brought you to her!"

His grip on her tightened. She felt like her wrist was burning.

"Zeres! Please calm down!" Abi called out, causing Zeres to look at her the moment he heard Abi’s voice. A deep groan escaped from his lips, and suddenly, he looked like he was in pain.

Alicia’s eyes widened because his nails began to turn black. She remembered when Alexander went through a change like this back in that Ziggurat. Oh no, this was terrible!

Left without a choice, Alicia stepped back and pulled him, causing the man to take another step. Zeres eyes dilated, and he swayed. He fell on his one knee as if every fiber of strength had left his body. The curse was working!

The next moment, he became utterly still, as if he had turned into a statue. Looking at him, Alicia let out a deep breath of relief. She was afraid that the spell wouldn’t work on him.

Without wasting a moment, Alicia turned to Alexander and Abi. "Alexander, Abigail. Please listen. Zeres don’t remember a thing. Just like you, he remembers nothing about the times you three had spent together." She immediately explained.

Alexander creased his brows. "Then why the hell did he call Abigail his wife?" he asked, his eyes still golden.

"Just like you, someone also planted false memories in Zeres. I saw his false memories myself. They made him believed that Abigail is his wife."

Anger and frustration painted Alexander’s face. "That’s why please try not to fight him. I brought him here for a reason, not for you guys to fight."

"But he looked like he couldn’t even control himself, Alicia. It’s impossible not to fight him if he attacks." Alexander argued, and Alicia could only fall silent. Alexander seemed in control of his body, but Zeres definitely wasn’t. Zeres was acting like the old Alexander who always loses control of himself and goes berserk.

Alicia turned to the immobilized man and clenched her fists. She fully understood what Alexander was saying. She didn’t expect that Zeres would react like that just by the sight of Alexander and Abigail. Or did his body voluntarily respond like that because of Alexander? But why? Was it because of the dragon blood in their veins? Could it be that the creatures who had drunk the dragon blood were not meant to ever get along?

Questions kept piling up again. As Alicia stared at Zeres, she finally remembered a way to find some answer. Maybe the answers to her questions lie in Zeres’ memories!

With a willful eye, Alicia glanced at Abi and Alexander. "I am going to look into Zeres’ memories now while he’s still under a spell." She told them, and she stood behind Zeres.

The silver glow from her hand then appeared, and she placed them above his head. She closed her eyes, and in a matter of minutes, she saw Zeres wandering alone in the desert.
Chapter 502 Unrecognizable*

After what seemed to be a very long time, Alicia finally opened her eyes. All sorts of emotions filled her eyes as if she just woke up from an unbelievably horrific nightmare.

"Alicia, are you okay?" Abi said as she approached her. Worry etched on her face as she gently squeezed Alicia’s hand. "What did you see in Zeres’ memories?"

"Abigail." Alicia took a deep breath as if to calm herself. However, before she could say a word, Zeres moved. The curse was already lifted, shocking Alicia. He’s supposed to stay immobile for a day!

Disbelief could only color Alicia’s face. It seemed spells and curses only work on Zeres for a very short time. Or was he able to break such a powerful spell so quickly on his own will?

As if someone had pressed the play button, Zeres continued groaning. The blackened portion of his fingers that halted when the spell activated continued, spreading fast from his hands up to his forearms.

"Zeres!" Both Abi and Alicia called his name. But the man didn’t react.

Alex, who was silently watching a few steps away from them, emitted a dangerous and suffocating aura - the exact same aura currently oozing out from Zeres. Alex’s red eyes that were peering through the strands of his jet black hair like a pair of blood moons slowly turned gold again. He looked like he was at the edge as his gaze was 100% focused on Zeres, as if Alex knew full well what was happening to Zeres.

An agonizing scream broke the deep silence in the forest. And at that same moment, Alexander had already taken Abi and Alicia, and he landed along with them few meters away from Zeres. Alexander was too fast that Abi and Alicia felt like a lightning had blown them away.

When they looked at Zeres again, Abi and Alicia’s lips could only part in shocked surprise. Zeres had stopped groaning in pain. He was standing there and didn’t seem in pain anymore. But his appearance was almost unrecognizable. His skin had turned black, and they could see scales on his shoulders. The only thing that remained the same was his silver-white hair and his golden eyes. What was going on? Why did he look like he had turned into a black dragon in a man’s form?

Slowly, his gaze fell on them. His eyes had turned so vividly golden, like suns burning intensely in the dark. The sight of him had made Abi and Alicia immobile. Alicia was utterly shocked, but Zeres’ appearance at that moment had reminded Abi of Lexus, and her eyes welled. She suddenly missed that majestic dragon that had been her past self’s only company for years.

Abi had the urge to hug him, so she took a step forward. However, Alex blocked her way, and Alicia grabbed her hand, both stopping her.

"Don’t Abigail," Alicia said as she shook her head.

"But Alicia, we can’t just leave him like that. I need to do something."

"It’s too late, Abigail." Alex piped in, not looking back at her. His gaze remained glued on Zeres, more than prepared to fight.

"He’s right, Abigail. I don’t think you can do anything to –"

Before Alicia could even complete her sentence, creatures in a black cloak materialized across them. They stood a few meters behind Zeres. And they’re presence immediately disrupted the extreme danger Zeres’ was emitting. It almost as if they just put on an invisible collar on Zeres, preventing him from attacking.

Alicia narrowed her eyes. She could tell who these creatures were. They were the witches who came with Dinah to Zeres’ castle. If Zeres weren’t in this state right now, Alicia wouldn’t even hesitate to attack those witches and bring them to their knees.

"They’re Dinah’s minion. They’re here to take Zeres." Said Alicia between her gritted teeth. "Zeres is under Dinah’s manipulation."

Hearing Dinah’s name, a glint of anger appeared in Abi’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that Zeres was being manipulated again. She would never forget how Zeres’ very own mother manipulated him in the past, and now, it was happening again.

Her heart broke for him, and she couldn’t bear just watching this happen to him again.

"Dinah’s calling him now through the witches," Alicia continued, and as Alicia spoke, Zeres’ finally moved. He tore his menacing gaze at Alexander and turned his back from them.

"He’s listening to her?" Abi looked at Alicia with a shocked and alarmed face. Why was he listening to Dinah even when he’s in this state? She remembered how Alex behaved when he had gone through something like this. Even though Alex’s body didn’t transform entirely, Abi remembered how he didn’t even listen to her and just went on a rampage and simply protected her like a mad beast. So why? Why was he listening to that woman?

Before she knew it, Abigail brushed past Alex and called out. "Zeres!!" she yelled, and the man halted.

"It’s me. Abigail. Don’t go to them, please." She added, pleading. She can’t just watch anymore. This time, she would do anything she could to at least prevent the same thing happen to Zeres again.

When Zeres looked over his shoulder, hope bloomed in Abi’s heart. She stretched out her hand carefully. "Come, Zeres. Don’t go. Stay with us. It’s okay. We’re not your enemy," she told him. Her voice so gentle and her eyes glimmering with so much care and worry for him.

But again, as if someone forcefully pulled his attention away from her, Zeres returned his gaze to the creatures in the black cloak.

"Zeres. Stop! Please. Don’t go. You can’t go to them. They will hurt you!" Abi was desperate. How could she bear it if Zeres would end up going through the same thing again? Abi was certain that Alex thought the same thing too. Even though he was cautious against him, Abigail just knew that Alex cared about Zeres more than what he himself thought.

After taking a few steps closer to the creatures in the black cloak, Zeres halted again.

"Come over here, Zeres. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I promise." Abi also took another step closer, still reaching out her hand when the menacing voice supposedly only the witches could hear echoed in Abigail’s head.

She could hear Dinah’s voice.
Chapter 503 Cruel*

The atmosphere was rigid, so intense it was almost suffocating.

Everyone was stiff as they waited for Zeres’ response.

"Zeres, don’t listen to her. Come to me now!" Dinah’s voice reached Abi’s ears. She was speaking to Zeres with such an oppressive tone, as if Zeres was some lowly beast under her command and control.

Abi swallowed. Unease had filled her heart as she stared at Zeres’ back.

"Please, Zeres. Don’t–"

Before Abi could even complete her statement, Zeres took another step. Abi’s eyes widen, and her stretched out hand trembled a little.

"Zeres! Don’t go!" she yelled. She moved to run after him, but Alex grabbed her arm, stopping her.

Despite Abi’s call for him, Zeres never looked back again until he disappeared along with the creatures in the black cloak.

Abi’s hand fell on her side, and everyone fell silent. Alex’s face was emotionless while Alicia just stood there, quietly closing her eyes.

The deafening silence crept through the night as the three remained rooted in the ground for another long while until Alex finally spoke. "Let’s go back to the castle," he said, and without waiting for Abi’s response, he lifted her in his arms and leaped away.

Upon landing at the top of the northern watch tower, Alex put Abi down before facing Alicia.

"I believe you have answers for this, Alicia. What the hell happened to Zeres?" he asked, his face hard.

Abi also looked at her with millions of questions in her eyes. "What did you see in Zeres’ memories?"

Alicia took a deep breath before she gazed at the couple. "When Zeres and Dinah got separated, native settlers found Zeres. They took him to their village, and he stayed there for over a year. Zeres had no memories at all when the natives found him." She looked at Abi. "But his memories before he met you in the Black Dragon Hill started to return to him by and by. When all his memories returned, he left the village to find Dinah—thinking that Dinah could explain to him why he couldn’t remember the rest of his memories and why he was still alive to this day. But while searching, Zeres let himself hit by a car due to ignorance with the modern vehicles. Everything after that was pitch black, but I could tell that the humans who hit him saw how his body healed and freaked out. I am not sure because I could only hear voices, but the humans seemed to have brought Zeres to a certain facility. I later found out that those men Dinah’s men, and they were sent by Dinah to bring him to her." Alicia paused, her expression now becoming grave.

"While I was trying my best to understand the jumbled sounds and voices in Zeres’ memories..." she continued. "I started to see the memories of the witch queen during that time."

"The witch queen during that time isn’t the one before you," Alex said, and Alicia nodded.

"It appeared that that queen’s memories were sealed. That’s why the queen before me saw nothing. I believe that that queen cast a spell on herself to seal the memories before she died. But the seal broke when I accessed Zeres’ memories. It appeared that Dinah sought the witch queen’s aid by using Zeres. Dinah made her believe that Zeres would be a magnificent weapon for the witches against you, Alexander. Of course, thinking that having Zeres would balance the power between witches and vampires, the queen eventually agreed. She listened to everything that Dinah told her to do until Dinah convinced her to put Zeres under a powerful spell. That queen used her ultimate power and put Zeres to complete immobility for over twenty-two years."

Alex narrowed his eyes, looking like he was having doubts. "Zeres didn’t manage to break that spell for such a long time?" Alex couldn’t seem to believe it.

"Don’t underestimate the witch queen’s power, Alexander. That spell is powerful because the price of that spell was that queen’s life. In fact, that spell’s supposed to last for a far longer period of time," she explained, and a short silence passed by between them.

"Why would she sacrifice her life for something like that?"

"Because Dinah promised her that she’d become immortal too once she drinks Zeres blood."

"How foolish." Alex hissed, shaking his head.

"That queen was desperate. She’s old and was reaching her time limit."

"So? Why did Dinah do that to Zeres?" Alex asked again.

Alicia swallowed. Her face was a little indifferent as she spoke again. "Dinah had him experimented for more than 20 years."

"Experimented?" Alex’s face darkened.

Alicia nodded. "They brought him in an underground facility, and the humans did all sort of nasty thing to him to study his body," she trailed off, gritting her teeth in anger. Alicia had seen all the brutal things that they did to Zeres. She saw how the humans cut him over and over and over. She heard Zeres’ voice begging them to stop because even though he was under a spell and even though his body kept on healing and coming together again every time they cut him, he still felt the pain. The scene that Alicia watched was just too cruel that her heart even darkened with rage and hate because of how evil those humans were. Her heart broke and bled for Zeres. He didn’t deserve to go through all those cruel tortures.

"Dinah had learned about your power Alexander, so she thought that Zeres must have had the same power as you. Because she knew she was powerless, Dinah wanted to do anything to gain the power she didn’t receive. She tried everything. She even drank Zeres’ blood, but nothing changed. So she asked her human minions to create something or anything that could be useful, of course, using Zeres’ body as their key resource. But for many years, no experiment succeeded.

However, Dinah didn’t give up. Because she finally accepted that it’s impossible for her to get Zeres’s power, she started to desire to turn Zeres into her obedient pet instead."
Chapter 504 Let“s save him*

Alex’s lips twitched.

"What an idiot," he said through his teeth, utterly pissed. "Why the hell did he make himself endure something like that for so long? It’s not like he’s a weakling," he added, controlling his anger.

Alicia looked away and stared at the city lights below them. "When he was under that spell, Zeres’ consciousness was like drifting clouds wandering about aimlessly." She started. "He couldn’t even listen and understand the voices. The pain was the only thing reaching his consciousness, maybe because it was too intense for his body to ignore. The spell had shackled him tight, not just his body but his heart and soul too. Dinah knew that, so she didn’t hold back at all. Until eventually, she started feeding Zeres her blood. I don’t know where she got that idea, but it seemed it worked."

Abi’s eyes widened and looked at Alicia in horror. "She knew the forbidden secret of the family," Abi said, causing Alicia and Alex to look at her with curious gazes.

The memories of her past self played in her head as she spoke. "There was that time when the dragon keeper had twin sons." She began, telling them the same story her past self had heard from her mother. "When the dragon keeper died, the younger twin was unexpectedly chosen as the new dragon keeper. The older twin was furious because first-born sons had always been the one being chosen. He couldn’t accept it. He became hostile until he eventually tried to do something crazy. He desired to steal the dragon’s loyalty from its keeper by feeding the dragon with his own blood. Dragons don’t drink blood, but it seemed they would drink it as long as the blood belongs to a member of the noble family of dragon keepers. And it worked. The dragon began to obey the older twin instead of the real keeper. But the dragon slowly became violent and uncontrollable. Once the blood he drank runs out, it will go on a rampage and will not stop until it gets its fill. The older twin succeeded, but the price for that was the older twin’s life."

Abi’s story made Alicia’s lips parted in disbelief. She was speechless. "So, that’s where Dinah got the idea." She shook her head. "And Dinah did that without fear because she wasn’t just a mere human anymore. She is now an immortal, so death was something she need not fear anymore. What a crazy woman." She scowled before she took a deep breath to calm herself.

"What happened to the dragon after he died?" Alicia then asked again after a momentary silence.

"He went on a rampage," Abi answered. "But the real keeper was able to tame him again by giving his blood to the dragon. It appeared the keeper’s blood could calm dragons."

"So that’s why Alexander can control himself now since he drunk your blood."

They both looked at Alex with eyes asking for confirmation.

"I believe what you said is right. That’s the only explanation I could think about." Alex said to Alicia before his gaze return to Abi. "Since I drank your blood, I don’t feel like my body is owned by someone else’s anymore. I can control everything with my own will now."

"Wait," Alicia exclaimed as her eyes stretched slightly wide as she looked at Abi. "Dinah wanted your blood, right, Abi? Why? I don’t think she’ll use it for Zeres because back in the Ziggurat, she wanted to drink your blood herself. Does this mean she couldn’t control herself? That’s why she wanted your blood so she could take full control of her body!"

Abi creased her brows. "But you said, she didn’t have any power," she argued.

"The memories I saw were only from the perspective of that witch queen. And it stopped when she died years ago. I couldn’t see anything more from Zeres’ memories because Dinah had kept Zeres away from her and never told him anything about her plans. Because to her, Zeres was just her weapon in a stock room that she’ll only call when war breaks out." Alicia explained. "That Dinah must be hiding something. Or else, why would she want Abigail’s blood?"

After another brief silence, Alex spoke. "I believe that woman wanted Abigail’s blood to keep her human form. You saw what happened to Zeres’ body a while ago. That’s the same thing that was about to happen to me back in the Ziggurat. I knew I was transforming into something else..." he trailed off. "I believe the dragon blood was trying to take over my body at that time."

"So you mean, if Zeres don’t drink Abi’s blood, he will turn to a dragon?"

"I don’t know." Alex leaned against the wall, and his face became grave. "But I think his body will not transform into something like the actual dragons from ancient times. He could only grow scales or wings. But the real problem here is that once he fully transforms, he might not return to his original form again, even if we could manage to give him Abigail’s blood. And it would be harder for us to save him once that happens. Because once he fully transforms, he will lose his rationality. He’ll turn to a beast that knows nothing but to protect his master like a pet."

Silence reigned after those words left Alex’s mouth until Abi moved and hugged Alex.

"Alex... let’s save him." She whispered with a hoarse and pained voice.

Alex caressed her back as he hugged her, knowing full well that Abigail was now beyond worried about Zeres. "We will." He assured her. Determination and revenge filled his dark eyes. But at the same time, uncertainty and fear crept through his skin. The unease in his heart dramatically increased again, not because he was uncertain if they could save Zeres or not but because he just couldn’t help but worry about Abigail’s safety in this impending battle.

At that moment, Riev landed before them, looking as though he was in haste to deliver an urgent message. Did Zeke finally send them a signal?
Chapter 505 Unease*

Lying in bed, Alex spooned Abi and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Sleep. You need a rest," he whispered.

Abi turned to face him. Riev had told them that Ezekiel had signaled an attack to Dinah’s hiding place tomorrow evening. But as expected, Zeke didn’t give them any other information, causing Abi to feel worried because Ezekiel was doing it again. He was luring them into the enemy’s lair without telling them anything. Even though Zeke’s plan deemed successful last time and their group only suffered a minimal casualty, would that work again this time? Was it really alright for them to put all their trust in Ezekiel’s plan again? What if...

The unease that kept weighing Abi’s heart refused to leave her, and Alex seemed to notice it already. He ran his fingers through the strands of her hair and tucked them behind her ears.

"It seemed your all-day training didn’t tire you out, my wife. You’ve become much stronger." He said, looking at her with proud eyes. "You used to fall asleep so easily when you’re tired. Could it be that..." the corner of his lips pulled up, and a mischievous yet sexy glint flashed in his dark eyes. "I believe what you need is exercise."

Speechless, Abi reached out and pinched his cheek. She was about to speak when her knee touched something hard as she moved. With widened eyes, she peered up at him, and he bit his lips. She thought Alex was simply trying to distract her from her thoughts and was just trying to calm her so she could finally sleep, but it seemed she was partly wrong.

"It seemed, I’m not really the one who’s in dire need of an exercise," she told him, raising a brow.

"Your fault, wife," he added before he swiftly moved on top of her. He gazed down at her, his gaze now filled with a seemingly unquenchable desire. "I was trying to behave because I thought the training had been tough for you, but..." he trailed off as he caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "But here you are, looking like you’re not tired at all."

Now that he mentioned it, Abi did feel tougher than before. Despite the entire day of training, she didn’t feel weak or drained at all. Aside from controlling the mists, Alex also taught her some necessary skills in fighting with a sword.

"And it’s been a while since we last did it, Abigail." His kisses began to land softly on her skin. "I missed being inside you," he whispered with a hoarse voice as his warm hands already started roaming around under her nightgown. "Don’t you miss me inside you, my wife?"

Abi still couldn’t help but blush whenever he started to talk like this. "No." she lied.

But Alex’s lips curved up, and his one hand cupped her face. His warm lips devoured hers until the only thing that could be heard inside the room was the smacking sounds of kissing and their heavy breaths. They shared a rough and passionate kiss, and before Abi knew it, her heart and mind were momentarily freed from her worries.

When their lips parted, Alex’s was flashing his glorious smirk at her. "You’re already soaked, my wife, and you actually said you don’t miss me inside you?" he asked as his hand touched her down there. How could he look even sexier when he was this mischievous?

"Tell me, Abigail, do you really don’t miss me inside you?" He asked again, as his skilled fingers and lips worked their magic, making her body finally felt weak.

"Mmm... Alex," she uttered as his continued fingers stimulating her insides. Her entire body heated up.

"Hmm? What is it, my wife?" he slowed down, not giving her the release that she so wanted. When Abi didn’t speak, he pulled out his fingers and licked them as he gazed down at her.

Abi so wanted to pull him now and pin him down on the bed, but her body already weakened, and she felt like her bones had turned into jellies. So she could only give in and let him hear what he wanted. "I want you, Alex, inside me..."

A triumphant smile colored his face, and without wasting a moment, he entered her wet insides, slowly at first before he moved faster and faster. He was rough, as though he couldn’t get enough of her.

Shifting a little more weight down, Alex trusted in deeper into her, causing him to grunt in pleasure as Abi’s insides squeezed and clenched on him.

As the moonlight peeked through the windows, the couple continued drowning themselves in another passionate and intense lovemaking until Abi finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Alex climbed off the bed after covering Abi with the warm blanket. He stared at his wife’s face and then kissed her forehead as he gazed down at her. He was glad that she finally fell asleep because he would worry if she won’t be in her best state tomorrow.

He then stood and walked towards the window and stared at the darkness outside. The unease he had been trying so hard to ignore was back again, and he wondered if this was the same feelings that were boggling his wife. He tried to calm himself, but it was not working.

Alex couldn’t stop himself from wanting to take Abi away and ran away to a place no one could find. He could swear to protect her with all he had. He would be willing to give up everything for her, even his life. But he had two immortals to deal with. What if that woman will go after his wife while he was occupied with Zeres? Even though Alicia and the others would be there for her, and even if Abi now had a powerful weapon up her sleeve, was that enough to keep her safe?

For the first time in millenniums, Alex tried to think about strategies again. Countless strategies formed in his head as he tried to simulate the best way for him to fight while making sure that Abigail would be safe.

He didn’t even notice how long he’s been standing in that very same spot until he saw that colors began to appear on the horizon. He had come up with few best solutions, but his heart still remained ill at ease because that image of his young self holding Abigail’s lifeless body kept popping in his head. As though he was having a nightmare even when he was awake.

"Alex!!!" in the middle of his deep thoughts, Abi’s voice suddenly echoed inside the room, jolting him.

Alex immediately turned and saw his wife already sitting on the bed.

"Abigail, I’m here." He said as he quickly approached her. "Are you okay?" he asked when he noticed her heavy sweats and awful expression.

With a narrowed and worried look in his eyes, Alex’s hugged her, gently rubbing her back to help her calm down. Once Abi’s heavy breaths slowly calmed down, Alex pulled away and stared into her eyes. "Another nightmare? Tell me, what did you see this time?"
Chapter 506 Realization*

What Abi saw in her dream had her heart trembled in fear. In her dream, she saw herself in Alex’s arms and he was hugging her as he cried. The scene was just too familiar to her that she forced herself to believe that it was that same memory she saw in the memories of her past self. But it clearly wasn’t. What she saw wasn’t the same memory of her last self. This time, what she saw was the future.

Abi felt like she was choking. It was getting harder for her to breathe. She couldn’t believe that the past might happen again. Why? Was she destined to die this time as well? She shook her head in fear, unable to accept nor believe it. This couldn’t be happening. She can’t leave Alex all alone again! She can’t put him through that pain all over again!

Gripping Alex’s harder, Abi’s body quivered. But as Alex embrace her with his soothing arms, she somehow managed to calm down slowly.

"Tell me, Abigail. What did you see?" Alex asked her. His eyes were gentle but utterly worried.

Abi didn’t know what to say. How could she tell him? This would definitely engulf Alex’s heart with nothing but fear. And If Alex would come to know, he will never let her go with him to join the battle. It may be the best solution to keep her safe, but if she can’t go and fight with him, this will never end. Even if Alex was strong, he couldn’t kill Dinah, and Dinah had Zeres up her sleeve. What if Dinah captures Alex and does to him the same thing that she did to Zeres?

That thought made Abi shudder, and her heart throbbed in fear again. She could already foresee Alex going there to fight while leaving her in this palace to keep her safe, and that was why she couldn’t make herself tell him. She was not going to let him fight without her!

Cupping her face with both of his hands and caressing her cheeks with his thumbs, Alex’s gaze turned grave and pleading. "Please, don’t hide anything from me. Tell me, Abigail. Please." His voice was so persuasive, it was almost impossible for Abi to resist.

The look in his eyes weakened Abi’s resolve. But she just didn’t have the heart to watch him suffer anymore. She knew that if she tells him, he will definitely lose his focus and might even delay this battle. And that was something Abi couldn’t let happen. She understood why Ezekiel had sent them a signal. Perhaps this had something to do with Zeres’ transformation. Maybe Ezekiel hastened them to attack now and save Zeres before it’s too late. Even if fear was gripping her heart, she also felt like they shouldn’t delay anymore. This had to end now, or else something much more terrible might happen in the future. This was why she couldn’t afford to mess up Alex’s focus now. She knew that Alex wouldn’t be able to fight with everything he had if he was distracted and worried to death about her. Worse was that it could lead him to lose and end up getting captured.

Abi knew how crazy Dinah was. She had seen how evil she had become just so she could get Alex to herself, so how could she let Alex go alone?

"I... I saw you..." she forced herself to speak, doing her best not to avert her eyes away from him. "You got hurt so badly, Alex. I was crying trying to wake you up, but you’re not responding."

For a short while, Alex’s just stared deeply into her eyes. Did he already see through her fabricated lie?

To her relief, Alex pulled her again and buried her face in his chest. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he caressed her back. "Don’t worry Abigail, did you forget I am immortal?"

"But what if Dinah found a way to have you killed?" she reasoned. She just said this to make her lie believable, but her own words worried her as well because it might not be something that was impossible. They still don’t know what else Dinah was hiding, so Alex still needed to be very careful.

Alex kissed her forehead. "Don’t worry, you know that’s impossible. And it’s no big deal if I get hurt. I might just be unconscious when you saw me in your dreams." He explained, still trying to soothe her troubled heart. "Did you see anything more, other than that?"

Abi shook her head.

"I see," he nodded and gently bumped his forehead against hers. "It’s okay. Everything will be fine. We will end all these once and for all tonight. And then, we’ll leave this place and go somewhere far for our still delayed honeymoon." He smirked with excitement in his eyes.

His last sentence made Abi feel a little distracted from the fear and worry in her heart. Even though she was hellbent to stay with him no matter what happens, Abi always dreamt about a peaceful life with Alex.

"And where is that faraway place you’re talking about?"

"Hmm... it’s a secret, my wife. But it’s a place where no one could bother us. We might even live there forever if you want. But... you might get bored if we stay in one place for too long, so maybe we’ll move somewhere else every one hundred years? How’s that?" Alex’s eyes were bright and filled with joy as he spoke about their future.

Abi’s heart couldn’t help but swell, she momentrily forget about her fears. However, as she thought about his words and the future he had just envisioned, the smile on Abi’s face slowly faded. She never once thought about this before, but when Alex mentioned they would move somewhere else every one hundred years, a realization suddenly struck her.

Alex was an immortal, and she was human. Unlike him, she wasn’t immune to death or illnesses, and one day, she would... she would grow old like all the mortals in this world.

A new kind of fear instantly gripped her heart. Even if she would survive this battle, what would happen to them next? The thought of Alex watching her growing older and weaker every day while he remained young gave her the kind of fright she never knew would be worse than what saw in her dream. She didn’t want to die, but at that moment, she felt like she’d rather die early than having Alex watch her grow old and grey until she eventually die.

"Wife... Abigail, are you listening?" Alex pulled her attention back to him. His eyes narrowed as he surveyed her expression. "You’re not happy with what I–"

"T-that’s not it." She pulled away from him. She stood and started pacing back and forth before him. She pressed her lips in an effort to keep her lips from trembling. "Alex. You know how much I love you." She faced him. "I love you more than anything—more than my life. Being with you and loving you forever has always been my wish since the day I fell in love with you. But..." her eyes welled. "But Alex, I’m a human. One day I... I will grow old and die."
Chapter 507 Isolated*

Silence crept inside the room and Alex’s expression became unreadable. Abi turned her back from him, trying to calm down. She knew she shouldn’t have brought this topic into this situation because they had something much more important to deal with for now, but she couldn’t help it.

As she let out a sigh, warm and strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind her. She felt Alex’s face rested at the blade of her shoulder and silently hugged her. And that was enough to soothe Abi’s troubled heart.

"Better?" his gorgeous deep voice echoed softly in her ear. Before she knew it, she turned and hugged him back.

"Hmm," she mumbled against his chest when a knock pulled their attention towards the door.

Kai emerged from the door. "The witch queen said we’re leaving in an hour."


In the courtyard, the elite vampires were already gathered.

"I can’t believe all of us finally gathered like this again," Riev was grinning. There was excitement and thrill in his eyes as he looked at all the other vampires. "Haha, look at them. Everyone is way too serious."

"Isn’t this your fault?" Raven replied as he leaned against the pillar. His hands folded across his chest while Riev was squatting on the floor.

"Hey. Don’t blame your almighty subordinate like that." Riev looked up, his lips twisted.

Raven’s lashes dropped to glance at him. "Your story is ridiculously exaggerated. Now they look tensed because they think they can’t afford to relax at all," Raven’s glare at Riev turned sharp. "Did you forget that most of them never engaged in this type of battle yet?"

Riev eyes wandered, avoiding Raven’s gaze. The elite vampires were all trained by Ezekiel and Alex, so they have been considered as the strongest army. However, in the past hundreds of years, the vampires never engaged in any big and serious battles because the era of wars had long ended for them. This battle would be the first for most of them. They were thrilled, but at the same time, they were too tensed. And the main reason was because of Riev’s over the top story.

"Y-you heard my made-up story?" Riev stammered as he stood. "Haha," he forced a laugh, but when Raven’s expression didn’t change, Riev cleared his throat and scratched his head. "Don’t worry, boss, I will now go and clarify everything."

The man dashed away, and after a short while, the tensed soldiers gladly loosened up.

However, a minute didn’t even pass, and a voice made the soldiers’ immediately tensed up once again. Though this time, even Riev reacted the same.

"Your story isn’t actually exaggerated, Riev," Alicia said. "You guys might really end up fighting a dragon."

The soldiers looked at each other with slightly widened eyes. They have fought against Alexander, but they really couldn’t brag about it because they knew that when Alexander fought against them, he didn’t even use his full power. They were well aware that if Alexander turns into the dragon mode that Riev talked about, there’s no way they could even stand a chance! And now the witch queen was telling them this?

"Haha, don’t scare us like that witch prin- I mean, queen." Riev replied, grinning. "That immortal woman is not that powerful. The powerful one is her countless minions."

Alicia looked at him and Riev’s smile slowly faded. "D-don’t tell me... that woman could turn into a dragon?!" Riev suddenly exclaimed. None of the elite vampires knew about Zeres yet, so their reaction was understandable. Alicia wanted these men to be prepared because she didn’t want them to be overwhelmed like what happened back in that Ziggurat.

"We don’t know if that woman really is as powerless as she looked. But there is someone like Alexander under her control," her voice saddened. "He might transform into a dragon, and if that happens, we will have to fight him."

Everyone fell silent, speechless.

"So I want everyone to be prepared enough," Alicia added, and then her expression changed as she looked at them all. "But don’t falter. We have Alexander on our side. And not just him..." she smiled. "We will fight together."

Alex and Abigail had just arrived, but they too heard Alicia’s statement. Abi had a look of admiration as she gazed at Alicia. She was indeed an amazing queen, and Abi was glad that Alicia had become their ally.

A slight smirk just curved on Alex’s face while the elite vampires’ eyes lit up as if a fire started to burn inside their hearts.


At sunset, the group had arrived at their destination. They regrouped deep within the rainforest of an isolated island somewhere in the north.

When they climbed and reached the top of a certain mountain, they were fascinated with what they saw, especially Abigail. They saw a series of plateaus rise up around 1500 feet from the surrounding terrain like tabletops. The plateaus would undoubtedly look like islands in the sky if one looked from above.

The place was like a lost world. But despite its mystical appearance, the place that was isolated atop the plateaus was almost desolate and lonely. There was nothing but rocks everywhere, and the sky was gloomy, as though a fierce storm was about to come.

Abi’s unease worsened. Her gaze was focused on Alex as the man spoke with the elite vampires. Alex was so serious that Abi didn’t want to disrupt his intense concentration. This was the first time Alex acted all serious like this. She remembered how carefree and excited Alex was at times like this, but today, he was different. And he just looked even cooler than ever before.

"Are you okay?" Alicia’s voice pulled Abi back to the present, and Abi dragged her gaze from Alex to the queen next to her. "Do you have something you want to tell your husband?"

It seemed Alicia had been observing her for a while now. "Abigail, I know something is boggling you. If you can’t tell your husband, you can tell me. Maybe, I can help." Alicia added.

Abi swallowed. The weight in her chest had turned so heavy she felt she was going to burst anytime soon. And now that Alicia had asked her, she could no longer hide her fear.

"Alicia..." Abi bit her lips. "I... I had a dream last night."
Chapter 508: Tonight*

Shock flitted across Alicia's face. She didn't expect that Abi was hiding something this grave. And she actually didn't tell this to her husband?

Alicia couldn't help but feel the same immense unease that Abigail was feeling. She knew that Abigail's dreams were never just nightmares. They were prophecies that never goes wrong!

"Abigail, did Alexander ask you about what is bothering you?" Alicia asked as she held her arms.

"He did, but I lied to him." Abigail looked down, and guilt painted her face. "I told him that I saw him so badly hurt and unconscious in my nightmare."

"And he believed it?" Alicia narrowed her eyes. When Abi nodded, Alicia glanced at the still serious Alexander, who was busy speaking with Kai and the rest of the vampires.

"Look, I didn't tell Alex because I am sure he will not let me join this battle. If I told him, I might be in Reign's castle right now. He will do everything to keep me safe! I don't have a choice, Alicia."

"But now that there's no more turning back, you are planning to tell him?"

"Yes, but…" Abi trailed off. "I am afraid this will destroy Alex's focus. I don't want him to…"

Alicia squeezed Abi's arms. She understood Abi's fear. And even though Alexander will know about her dream, could they change Abigail's future? Could they prevent this from happening? What if Abigail's decision of not telling Alexander about her dream was the right decision that could save Abi? Did Alexander really believe Abigail's lie?

For some reason, Alicia couldn't believe that Alexander was really unaware. Alicia had been observing the couple's actions since they left Country V because both of them were a little different from usual. Alexander was never this serious. He was always the reckless type who don't care about plans and strategies, but here he was, being all serious and finally acting like the almighty king that he used to be. Alicia heard his plans, and she was surprised at how cautious and guarded Alexander was for this battle. And Alicia could tell that his priority was not to kill the enemy; it was protecting Abigail. This gave Alicia the feeling that Alex must have known that something would happen to his wife. That was why he was doing his best to come up with a plan that would let him both fight the enemy and, at the same time, protect his wife.

Glancing at Alexander again, Alicia took a deep breath and stared intently into Abi's eyes. She had to do something too. They will be doomed if Abi's dream will really happen. In fact, the whole world will be put in grave danger if Abigail will die in this battle. She was the last person they would ever let get hurt!

"Abigail, did you see anything else in your dream? Anything that happened before that?" Alicia asked her. "If we can alter the event before something happens to you, we might be able to prevent it."

What Alicia said made sense. So Abi tried to think about her dream again. She closed her eyes, knotting her brows tightly as she revisited the dream she had last night.

But time passed, and she found nothing. Her dream started and ended in that same scene, and she couldn't see anything before that.

When Abi opened her eyes and shook her head, Alicia pressed her lips tightly. She was afraid that Abi's death might be something that they couldn't prevent even if they were to back off now. This was huge trouble! What should they do to save Abigail? There must be something they could do!

Troubled, Alicia closed her eyes to calm herself and think of something or anything that she could do to help prevent Abi's death.


"Wife," Alex walked towards the two ladies. His intense gaze was locked on Abigail as he stood inches away from her. "Are you okay?" he asked, caressing her cheek with the back of his fingers.

Abi forced a smile at him. "I'm fine," she told him. "Just a little uneasy."

Alex stared at her as if he could already tell the truth behind her words. He pulled her in his embrace and kissed her head. Abi didn't see it, but Alex's eyes momentarily turned golden as he hugged her. But when he pulled away, his eyes were back to its dark color. He bumped his forehead gently against hers as he whispered, "don't worry, I am here. I will protect you. Here," Alex unsheathed his sword -the same sword that she used to wound Dinah - and gave it to her.

"Take this, from now on, this is yours," he added.

Abi held the hilt and lifted it with her right hand. She slashed it delicately at the air, and the reflection of the fading light danced within the cool steel.

As always, the sword felt light in her hands. And for some reason, the moment she held it, the unease inside her chest seemed to have evaporated. It almost felt like the sword had given her comfort and whispered to her that she had nothing to fear.

Her eyes finally lit up. She gripped the hilt of her sword harder before she looked up at her husband with willful eyes.

"I'm ready, Alex. I will put all the things you taught me to use," she said, her eyes burning with fierce determination. Alex's lips curved up in satisfaction as he lifted his wife's left hand and kissed them. He peered at her with his intense eyes.

"Good. As expected with my wife," he uttered, proudly. And then, he finally faced Alicia and the rest of the vampires with an authoritative gaze. Even though Alex's eyes were still black as night, the unspoken fierceness in them was enough to empower everyone. He didn't even need to give them any piece of speech because Alexander's eyes and the tremendous change in his aura were more than enough to fuel the fire in their eyes.

This man was no longer the reckless and bored immortal who knew nothing but treat them like his entertainment for many years. Tonight, they just knew that they would finally witness with their own two eyes just who this man really was and what he's really like when he became serious.
Chapter 509: Slow*

In that alien and desolate landscape, the rain finally came as the group continued moving forward.

Alex turned to check on Abigail, who was standing behind the front line. When he saw that she was already wearing the silver cloak Alicia had given her and that the rain didn't seem to bother her, his dark eyes glimmered before he returned his gaze ahead of him.

They knew that Dinah's lair was situated somewhere under one of these plateaus. But because of a strong barrier protecting the whole place, Alicia couldn't pinpoint the exact spot. She could tell what kind of spell the witches on Dinah's side had used to create this powerful barrier. This was another forbidden spell because this spell requires a few stages of bloody rituals. And in each of those rituals, the caster would need the fresh blood of virgin human girls. The practice was brutal, and the number of sacrificed lives was simply too cruel. This made Alicia finally understood just what kind of a monster Dinah was. She was simply the definition of pure evil.

She had already seen how she tortured Zeres, and now, this. Alicia could only gnash her teeth silently in anger. She glanced at Abigail and clenched her fists. Abigail needed to be protected because she was the only one who could kill that evil woman. If they lose Abigail, that woman might destroy the peaceful world all their ancestors tried so hard to protect. Dinah must die now before she could spread her darkness in the whole world.

Inside a seemingly ancient underground temple, a loud and low groan echoed. The sound came from the man kneeling in the middle of the main chamber. His hands were tugging his hair as if he was in so much pain.

A woman in a red dress stood before him while numbers of men in black cloak circled the chamber that was lit up by torches hanging around the massive pillars.

The woman bent and pinched the man's chin, forcing him to look at her. "It's okay, Zeres," she uttered. Her voice was sweet like honey, but her gaze at him filled with nothing but coldness. "Didn't I tell you not to fight it? Come on. You can do it. A little bit more. If you want the pain to stop, don't fight it, and just let the darkness consumes you."

When Zeres didn't move and just continued groaning in pain, Dinah straightened. Her blank eyes deepened, and a dangerous and evil glare flashed across them.

She faced her minions and the two witches stepped forward. "He's supposed to be fully transformed by now. I already gave him the blood he needed," she narrowed her eyes. "Something is fighting the transformation. Are you certain that that witch queen did nothing to Zeres while he's with her? Answer."

The two witches looked at each other before one of them immediately spoke. "My queen, we didn't see nor sense anything strange, but we only caught up with them when they were already near the vampire's castle. We are not certain, but maybe, that queen did something to him before we arrived."

Dinah's eyes turned even sharper, like the eyes of a venomous snake. "Kiel," she called out, her voice became smooth as honey again.

A man in a black cloak stepped forward, and Dinah sauntered, circling the man for a long while. She stopped before him and stepped closer to him until they were only inches apart. Her hand moved, and her long nails painted fiery red gently poked his chest as she looked up at him.

"You know that I am still suspicious of you, right? Kiel?" she uttered. "That woman in Zeres room was the witch queen in disguise, and you claim you didn't recognize her? You know I will never believe that you, the mighty Kiel, will be fooled by a mere witch queen."

"You are underestimating the witch's queen's power, Dinah. She's a queen while I'm a mere prince."

A sarcastic laugh echoed. "Oh, Kiel. Do you expect me to believe that? You are the most powerful non-immortal creature in existence, Kiel."

Dinah started circling him again. Her movement was silent, akin to a serpent moving around him and waiting for the right moment to attack and bite him. She halted before him again, but after staring at Kiel's face for a while, she continued circling him. She looked like she was plotting something evil in her head.

The chamber was filled with both malevolence and venomous darkness. No one dared make a noise aside from Zeres. Zeres skin was already cloaked with black scales. Something that seemed to be wings was growing very slowly from his back, and horn-like spikes were also growing in his head. He looked like the unbearable pain had already numbed him, and he doesn't seem to own his mind anymore. But none of the creatures inside the temple cared about his scream of pain. All their eyes were focused on Dinah.

When Dinah finally halted, a malicious smirk momentarily flashed on her face before she stepped towards Kiel again. She moved close enough and made the man bent over to hear her whisper.

"Kiel…" Dinah traced his perfect jawline with her forefinger. "Do you want to erase my doubt in you?" she asked, and Kiel met her gaze. She smiled at him. "Then… go capture that witch and bring her to me."

Kiel slightly narrowed his eyes. "Why? Are you sure you want me to go? You know they're already here."

"I don't care if they're here. They won't find us without that witch."

"I don't understand. We planned not to wait for them here."

"I changed my mind, Kiel. I need that witch to remove whatever spell she cast on my pet that is slowing down his transformation."

A silent sigh escaped Kiel's lips.

"Zeres is already transforming, Dinah. I don't think –"

"I can't wait anymore, Kiel." She cut him off and her gaze at him sharpened. "And didn't I tell you that I still doubt you? Bring that witch to me… now... and I'll trust you again, Ezekiel."

Kiel stared at her. "Are you expecting me to go against Alexander?"

"Of course not." Her eyes darkened and then an evil smirk formed on her face as if she had another hidden agenda. "Alexander will be busy protecting that woman. So, capturing that witch is easy for you to do, Kiel. That is... If you want to."

As soon as those words left Dinah's lips, Kiel turned his back from her. A strange glint flashed across his eyes as he replied without glancing back at her.

"I will bring her to you."
Chapter 510: The right time*

Alex finally halted. They didn't find anything in the last three plateaus they had searched, so Alex's pause made everyone think they finally found the right place.

"Is this the right place?" Kai, who was right behind Abigail, asked Alicia, but Alicia shook her head.

"I don't think so," she said, causing Kai's brows to knot as his gaze flew towards Alex. 'Then, why did he stop?'

"Someone's coming."

As Alicia spoke, a man in a black cloak appeared ahead of them. The falling raindrops seemingly turned heavier as everyone prepared to battle. The air turned exceptionally intense.

More and more silhouettes appeared behind the cloaked man, and just like him, everyone behind him wore the same black cloak. Raven and the others who were present during the battle in the Ziggurat days before had their eyes widen. Because they could tell that the man leading the group of the rogue vampires was no other than their master, Ezekiel.

Alex, Kai, Alicia, Abi, and Raven were the only ones who knew that Ezekiel had been acting like a mole on the enemy's side. The rest of the soldiers didn't know about this, so they were a little shaken when they felt the familiar aura of their master. It was faint, but there was no way the elite vampires will not recognize the man who trained them for almost a hundred years. Confusion immediately painted their faces, but they didn't lose focus. All of them immediately thought that the man who had the same aura as their master must be an illusion someone powerful was using so they would drop their guards down.

And with that, the soldiers retained their utmost focus and intensity, completely ignoring the confusion and doubts caused by that man's presence. But to the ones who knew that the man before them was indeed Ezekiel, couldn't help but narrow their eyes at him.

Alicia tried to spot the witches or that woman, Dinah, if she was close but failed. She couldn't see anyone else but Ezekiel and the strong rogue vampires behind him. Why did that woman send out Ezekiel this early? Alicia knew that this plateau wasn't Dinah's hiding place. She thought that, like what happened in Frost Town, Dinah will keep Ezekiel beside her again and will only send her weaker minions in the front line to serve as her sacrificial pawns. So she changed her plan? Why? Was that woman planning to use Ezekiel to exhaust Alexander? Or did Zeke convinced Dinah to let him lead the front lines?

The same questions were playing in Abi, Kai, and Raven's head except for Alex. They were wondering if Ezekiel was planning something else that could benefit them. Maybe, Zeke was planning to let some of them to easily advance purposely?

While Alicia and the others were trying to figure out the real purpose of Zeke's early appearance, a roaring thunder echoed.

And then, as fast as lightning, everyone moved, except Abigail.

The rogue vampires led by Zeke had attacked without warning, but the elite vampires were also quick to react. They already formed a formation around Abigail. They circled her. It was the same formation they did back in the battle in Frost Town, but this time, their circle was so much larger because the elite vampires gave enough space for each other's so their movement won't be restricted.

Alex had already crushed two rogue vampires on the rocky ground with his bare hands. His hands were still on their crushed heads as he lifted his face. His dark eyes peered through his dripping wet hair. His eyes zeroed onto the man still standing far ahead of him.

As if time slowed, the raindrops fell in a slow motion. And in a blink of an eye, a powerful clash of two blades echoed. The attack was too strong that their locked swords almost created tiny lightning. Their eyes gleamed, and then a burning red color swallowed their pupils as they stared at each other.

No word came out of their lips. They retracted their swords and attacked each other again, with every swing becoming more and more powerful.

The fight between the rogue and the elite vampires were as fierce as Alex and Ezekiel's. They were completely wrong when they thought that the first wave of the enemy they will be fighting would be easy. These rogue vampires were incredibly strong, but that wasn't why they were a formidable opponent. They were dangerous because they all seemed like they were possessed. They were fighting with all they've got like madmen who do not fear death.

"Shit, this is bad." Kai cursed. No one could break inside their formation yet, but he was worried because this was just the first battle. They didn't even reach the place where that woman was hiding yet! At this rate, the soldiers will use most of their strengths before they could even reach Dinah.

Shifting his gaze at the two men having an insane clash away from them, Kai couldn't help but frown. Doubts were flashing across his eyes. He didn't understand. Wasn't this the time for Ezekiel to join them now? Now that they were here, this was now the right time for Zeke to reveal his true self and turn his back from that woman. Why was he still fighting against them? Did he still need to go back to that woman? For what?

As the sky roared once again, Kai saw Ezekiel being pushed back by Alex's powerful attack. However, before Alex could charge again, many vampires arrived, adding to the group attacking the circle that was protecting Abigail.

"Alicia!" Abigail called out. Her eyes wide as she looked at the witch queen. Abigail looked like she was itching to do something and was now impatiently asking for the queen's permission If it was finally the right time.

Alicia looked around. The number of rogue vampires had drastically increased. They never planned to reveal Abi's power this early because they knew they were being watched. But they had to deal with these vampires as early as they could or in one strike so they won't waste any more time and strength.

"Alicia!" Abigail called out again. Alicia met her gaze, and she saw something shocking. Abigail's eyes were blazing and a golden hue faintly danced in them. Was that her imagination? Alicia was so shocked and she didn't know why but she felt like she was momentarily hypnotized, and before she knew it, she nodded.