✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 157.....159✍️✍️✍️✍️




Zarin stood behind his parents' home, hiding in the woods. His heart was going wild inside his chest, and he felt something strange in his gut. It made him want to vomit. 

No, he couldn't do this. He was almost sweating. He was full of guilt and shame that he couldn't even manage to take a step forward. He didn't know how long he had been standing there, trying to convince himself that he could do it. That everything would be alright. 

He would do as Zamiel said. See this as his punishment and make it all up to his parents. But no matter what he said to himself, he couldn't bring himself to walk out of the woods. 

He kept hiding there, thinking of what he would say if he went to his parents. How he would apologize, how he would look at them without wishing that the ground would open up and swallowing him alive. 

Then he thought of what they would say. He imagines their reaction. He could see their anger and disappointment, but he also knew they would be happy to see him. 


A happiness that would be cut off by pain when they see his eyes. When they realize what he had done. How would they react? 

Zarin was stuck to the tree, holding it like it would save his sinful soul. Like it would erase everything he had done. He knew was only delaying the inevitable. He should man up, admit his mistakes and make up for them. 

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he appeared from behind the tree. Hesitantly, he walked toward his parents' home. The nausea came back, and he felt dizzy. He wasn't breathing. Pausing, he took a deep breath to calm down. He was going to his parents, not to hell, even though it felt like it. 

Gathering his courage, he walked around the house and went to the front door. He clenches his trembling hands into fists as he stared at the large wooden door. 

He prayed to the Lord to help him find strength and courage to proceed. Just when he was about to step forward, the door opened and his mother stood at the entrance. 

Zarin's heart ceased to beat. All the preparation he had done felt useless as he looked at his mother. He couldn't tell what she was thinking or feeling. She just looked at him. 

"Zarin." She called his name as if to make sure it was him. 

Zarin felt a hard lump in his throat again and tears burned his eyes. "Mother." It left his lips as a plea.

God, he wanted to fall on his knees and cry, but he remained standing. His legs trembled. 

Since this was happening already, he didn't want to disappoint his parents any further. He wanted to show them he was here to take responsibility for his actions. 

His mother hurried down the stairs, but paused when she stood right in front of him. Zarin looked into her beautiful blue eyes that inherited and he smelled her scent. She smelled like everything good. She smelled like home. 

Carefully, she reached for his face carefully, as if afraid he would disappear. When she touched him, he felt his heart shrink, then expand. A tear fell down his cheeks and his mother wiped it away. 

"What took you so long?" She asked. 

Zarin couldn't hold back his tears anymore. They poured down his cheeks like rivers. "Mother." He said, missing the feel of the word on his tongue. 

"Zarin. My son." She wrapped her arms around, overwhelming his with her love. 

He hugged her back and burst into tears. 

His mother gently stroked him on the back, comforting him while crying too. 

"I am sorry, mother. I am very sorry." 

"It is alright. Everything is alright now." She told him. 

She stepped back and grabbed his face. Her eyes were red and face wet with tears. "I was afraid of losing you forever." 

He was ashamed to have made her suffer like this. "I am sorry." Was all he could say, even though it didn't feel enough. 

"Oh, you will be sorry!" Suddenly Gina stood at the entrance with a grim look on her face. Her eyes were burning and her hands were clenched into fists and if ready to fight. 

His mother turned to look behind. "Gina." His mother spoke her name to calm his sister down, but she Gina kept her gaze fixated on his. "Your brother is back." 

"I can see that." She said, trying to sound calm, but there was a threat in her voice. 

"Let's not fight now." His mother said. 

"I don't think I can forgive him if I don't beat him first." 

His mother was about to say something to Gina, but she turned to Zarin instead. "You've hurt many people Zarin." She told him. 

He nodded. "I know." 

"You have a lot of apologizing to do." She meant for him to apologize. She didn't want them to fight. But Zarin knew his sister. This was not happening without a fight. 

"And a lot of beating to endure." Gina added. "Mother, please, let me handle this." 

Zarin moved his mother out of the way, gently. He gave her a nod, even though he didn't know what he meant by that. But his mother understood. 

Gina walked down the stairs with a murderous look in her eyes. Zarin prepared himself. At least someone in his family would give him the beating he deserved. 

Sprinting forward, she landed a forceful punch on his face, throwing his head to the side and causing his lip to burst. The pain in his jaw moved down his neck as he turned his head back, but she punched him again. This time on the other cheek. 

"Come on! Show me what you learned while you were gone? Did they at least teach you how to defend yourself?" 

Zarin held his hands out. "Gina, I am…" 

"Don't!" She cut him off. "Don't you dare say it yet." 

"I am sorry." She punched him again and then kneed him in the stomach. 

Zarin hunched in pain, but didn't make a sound. 

"You are sorry?" She asked. 

"Gina.." His mother tried to interfere, but Zarin held his hand out. 

"I am fine." He said, straightening himself before looking at Gina again. She was still going easy on him. He deserved much more. 

He would let her release her anger.

"Y0u will be fine after this." She said this time not going easy and hitting him like the demon she was, sending him flying and then falling on his back. 

She was quick to come after him and kick him in the stomach as soon as he tried to stand up. Zarin fell back with a groan again. 

He rolled on his back. "I miss you beating me." He said, holding his stomach in pain. 

She raised one brow. "You do?" She said kicking him again, but this time he grabbed her leg and held onto it. He looked up at her. 

"I know I hurt you." He began. 

She tried to wriggle her leg away. "Let go!" 

"I am truly sorry." 

"I am not forgiving you." She said.

"Don't forgive me now. But give me a chance to make things right." 

She looked down at him with a frown, and he gave her a pleading look. "Let go of my leg and get up!" She ordered him. 

He let go of her and was about to get on his feet when she kicked him again and he fell back. "I just had to do it one last time." She smirked. 

Zarin had never been so happy about getting kicked before. He was slowly getting his sister back. 

"I won't go easy on you. I will make home a hell." She promised. 

"Fair enough."


While Zarin dusted himself off, he sensed his father's presence. He looked up and found his father standing with his hands behind his back and look on his face that made Zarin's heart tighten in his chest. 

Even though they were standing outside, it felt like there was no air to breathe in. Zarin felt nauseous again. He was mostly sorry and guilty toward his father. He had never been fair to him. 

"Father." He could hear the slight tremble in his tone. 

"Zarin." His father said his name as usual. Not softer, not colder. Almost as if he had been there all the time and never left. 

How he used to hate his father's calm yet resolute voice. The voice of a confident and responsible man. The voice of a leader. The voice of his father that he should have been proud of. 

Hesitantly, he walked up to him. "Father, I am back." He said, feeling shame. 

'If you accept to have me back.' He thought. 

With dread, he looked into his father's eyes. There was so much pain trapped in them. Pain that he had caused. A frown settled between his brows and his jaw clenched. 

"Is it my son who is back?" He asked, noticing the golden flecks in his son's eyes. 

Zarin had forgotten about them for a moment. 

"Father. Even if you opened my veins and emptied them of blood, I would still be your son." 

His father shook his head with teary eyes. "It seems like I failed as a father." He said. 

"No!" Zarin shook his head violently. He wanted to say something, but his throat became suddenly dry and the words refused to come out. 

"I know I haven't been the best father. I am sure I made mistakes. You are my firstborn. Before you I have only held Heaven." He took a deep breath, having difficulty continuing. "I have never felt a happiness like the one I felt when you were born." His voice broke and Zarin felt his heart break into a million pieces. 

He had seen his father being vulnerable before, but he had never seen him this way.

"I have never felt such love for someone before, and I have only wanted and wished the best for you. What have I done so badly that you had to do this to yourself?" 

Zarin wanted to reach for his father, but he felt unworthy of touching him. Tears blurred his vision, yet he could still clearly see his father's pain. He could feel it in the air. He could breathe it in, and it would suffocate him.

His mother was sobbing at the side. She had probably never seen her husband like this before.

Gina was also crying in silence. 

"Tell me what I did wrong? Tell me, son." 

Zarin forced himself to speak through the tears. Through the pain that tightened his heart and squeezed the air out of his lungs. 

"It is not you, father. It is me." He said, placing his hand on his chest. "I was the son who could never be like his father because his father was too good. I hated that I had to reach to your level. I hated that people expected me to be like you. They would compare me to you, say that I was nothing like you."

Even Heaven had compared him to his father. How could someone who had his parents as parents turn out to be like him? It was a valid question that people asked. But instead of looking inside himself, he put the blame on his father. Hated him for being the way he was and distanced himself from him. 

"Father. You were everything I wanted to be, but I didn't want to put the effort to be better. As much as I hated to be compared to you, I hated to hear that I wasn't like you. I was lazy, jealous and full of hate. Seeing Gina being just like you, made me feel even more incapable. It made me… envious." 

He looked over at Gina, expecting her to be disgusted with him, but she just cried. He had no right to envy her. While he enjoyed life, she worked hard to reach where she was. 

He turned back to his father and held his arms out with a pained smile. "See. It is me. I envy everyone. Even my own family. My heart if full of darkness but... do know father… saved me from drowning completely. There is a little place in my heart where darkness couldn't reach because it was engraved with the good things you taught me. I could never say that I didn't know the difference between right and wrong. I could feel it in my heart every time I did something bad. I would hear your words." 

HIs father closed his eyes, letting the tears stream down his face. But Zarin wasn't done. He wanted to let it all out today. 

"A good father might hold his son's hand and help him walk so he doesn't fall. You father, you let me walk alone. But instead you armed me so when I fell I could shield myself and fight my way up. That is the kind of father you…"

Before he could finish his sentence, his father grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in for a hug. Both of them cried. "Where did you learn to talk like this?" He asked, embracing him. 

Overwhelmed with so many emotions, Zarin wrapped his arms around his father. His manly scent that he could smell stronger now because of his demon made him feel protected. His father was his protector and no matter how old he became, his father would always be his hero. 

"I learned from you." He replied. "I am sorry for everything." 

"It is alright, son. I am glad you came back." He clapped him on his back. 

His mother and Gina joined the hug, wrapping their arms around the two men. They were one happy family again. 

But Zarin had more people to thank and apologize to. Especially Heaven and Zamiel. 



After Lucifer left, Zamiel went upstairs to his room. Heaven had just woken up and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at with a slight panic in her eyes. 

"Grandpa?" She said. 

"He left." He said simply, going to sit next to her on the bed. 

"Just like that?" She asked. 

"Well, he has nothing to take with him." 

She sat up, looking worried. "He won't give up easily." She told him. 

Zamiel turned his whole body to look at her. "Heaven. There is nothing your grandfather can do. All of it was a manipulation. He was trying to evoke fear in you. He never intended to kill me, and if he wanted to kill you or your parents, he would have done it a long time ago. He can't lock you in his kingdom, either. Every time he takes away someone's free will, he will face consequences. If he doesn't give up now, he will destroy himself." 

Lucifer's face had exposed him today. Zamiel had seen the fear in his eyes. His kingdom was very important to him. Because of the story he learned under the ocean, Zamiel had found out the devil's real weakness. The thing he cared for the most, and it wasn't Irene. It was his mission. Irene only came second. 

His mission was his identity, the sole purpose of his existence. His deeply rooted hatred for humans couldn't even be erased by the love of his mate. Or even the pure love of his children. 

If love couldn't save him, then what could? 

Heaven looked at him for a long moment, then sighed. "I am afraid of letting my guard down." She said. 

Zamiel stroked her cheek. "Do you remember telling me once that you wanted to live and not only exist?" 

She nodded. 

"So do I, and without you, I feel like I only exist. I don't want us to only exist. Let's live our lives. Even if they are short and full of troubles." 

Heaven smiled and nodded. 

"No more worries." He told her. 

"No more worries." She repeated after him. 


"I should go home now." She said. 

He gave her a nod. 

She stood up, this time less shy, she dressed in front of him. Zamiel watched her in silence while trying to ignore the whispers of his demon. This time it was his gums that itched. It was like his demon needed to secure this woman as his, despite the mark still being there. 

Once she put on her shoes, she turned to him. 

"What happens to grandma? Will she have to stay there forever?" 

"Your grandma will find a way to come back." He told her. 

He didn't know exactly what she would do, but now that he had provided her with a few options, he would wait and see if she would take them or make other choices. 

"You are talking in riddles." She told him. 

"She will be back." He assured her. 

Her eyes narrowed, but asked no more questions. Instead, she came to him, leaned down, and kissed him. 

"Good bye, dear husband." She smiled, then vanished. 

Zamiel pressed his lips into a thin line. The thing's words alone could do to him. He liked to be called husband a bit too much. 


Heaven felt bad for teasing Zamiel, but from the way he looked at her when she was getting dressed even after taking her to bed twice made her wonder if he would ever get enough. 

She thought that she would have enough and wake up feeling dead, but she woke up with a newfound energy. As if the love making brought life back into her body. Or maybe she had just eaten and rested enough. 

Once she was back in her room, she just took a moment to look around. Oh, how she had missed everything. Her bed, her windows, her walls. She went to her garden and just stared at the beauty of it. It was, of course, nothing like the one in her grandfather's kingdom, but this one was hers. She grew up in this place and created so many memories. With her parents, her maids, Zarin and Gina. 

Zarin? Was he still in the hidden kingdom? 

And Gina. Heaven had to go see her friend. She knew she would receive a beating, but she would take. Everything else could wait. She had already seen her parents, now she would go see her friend, Klara and Roshan. 

Heaven went to their home and just when she was about to knock on the front door, it flew open and Gina stood there with a big smile. 



Gina didn't waste a minute and hurried to hug her. "You are back!" 


She pulled back and looked at her from top to toe. "Oh, you are alright." She said, hugging her again. "I was wondering when I would see you again."

"I am sorry I just left." Heaven said, hugging her back. 

"You should be. How could you just leave?" She stepped away from her and put her hands on her hips. 

Heaven gave her an innocent look. 

"Don't!" Gina warned. "And what happened to you?" 

"I know. I look awful. Now that I am home, I will return to my normal shape in no time." Heaven assured her with a smile. 

"I wish I could beat your grandpa." She said. 

Oh, Heaven wished too. She lost hope that he could redeem himself. Now she hoped for him to face the consequences of his actions. He had caused too much suffering. Especially to someone he claimed to love. 

"Come in." Gina grabbed her arm and pulled her inside. "I don't know what day it is. Everyone is coming back." She said. 

Heaven halted. "Zarin came back?" 


"Oh." Heaven let out a breath of relief. "Is everything alright with him?" 

"He is fine. He will be better when I torture him for days. See how badly he wants to be here." 

Heaven had no doubt that Gina would give Zarin a hard time, but he earned it. 

"Torture him for me as well." She said. 

Gine smirked and put her hand around her shoulder. "Don't worry, my friend. I will make him pay for all of us." 

Heaven chuckled. "I miss you." She said. 

"Of course. Everyone does." She shrugged. 

Heaven shook her head at her friend. "So where is he?" 

"He went out with father. They are having some father and son time alone." 

Heaven nodded. They both needed it. 

Where was Klara? 

"Heaven." Just when she thought of her, Heaven heard her voice. 

Klara's face radiated happiness as she came to the hall. "Oh lord. It must be a good day." She said, coming to hug her. 

And then, just like her mother, she asked a thousand questions and nagged her about her appearance and her health. "Well, you came just at the right time. We were going to eat dinner." She said. 

Right. Now everyone was going to feed her. 

"Since the men are gone, we should have a night alone. Just us women." She said. "Gina, why don't you bring Hazel and Irene." 

"Alright, mother." Gina said and disappeared before Heaven could tell her she wouldn't be able to bring her grandmother. 

"Grandma is not here." Heaven told Klara. 

"Why? What happened?" 

Heaven told her the rest of the story, and Klara listened carefully. Meanwhile, Gina was back with her mother. 

Klara was concerned. "I don't feel good about this." She said. 

"Don't worry. Zamiel has everything under control." Heaven couldn't believe that she was saying that, but she would let Zamiel handle it this time. 

He wouldn't bring her home if he wasn't sure about his plan. 

"Well, as long as he can keep you safe." She said. 

Heaven wasn't worried about herself or Zamiel anymore. It seemed like her grandfather wouldn't repeat the same mistake of possessing her. Now, she only worried for her parents. 

"Alright. Let's not ruin the mood. We should celebrate tonight." Gina said. 

"Yes. I don't want to think of grandfather. Let's talk about other things." Heaven suggests. 

"Of course. Let's have dinner while talking about pleasant things." 

Klara, a princess who had never cooked a meal in her life before, had become the best cook after her marriage. She said it brought her joy to make something with her own hands for her family. Her food always tasted good because it was made with love. 

Heaven had missed the taste of it, and eating with three women she loved made the meal even more enjoyable. If only her grandmother was here. It would be like old times.