✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To The Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 151 .......153 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




Heaven was confused as to what just happened. It all happened so fast. One moment she was in the hidden kingdom, in a room with her grandmother, and the next she stood in Zamiel's home and grandmother was taken by some man she didn't even get to see. 

She didn't know which part worried her the most. That she was in Zamiel's home or that someone took her grandmother. 

She turned to Zamiel, "What...where is…" 

Before she could finish her sentence, he grabbed the back of her head and cut her off with a searing k**s. Her heart that had stayed silent suddenly start to make a sound, beating erratically inside her chest. Her dead soul came alive and her body numb body started to feel again. She remembered what it was like to be alive and living. 

Her awakened senses took her away from the world. All she could feel was Zamiel's body and l*p* against hers. The taste of earth after rain and the smell of heaven. She melted into his arms as a sigh escaped her l*ps. 

When Zamiel pulled his l*ps away from h*rs, she felt the world around her spin. He held her steadily by the w**st and she looked up at him. Her heart skipped a beat for many reasons. Joy, fear, excitement and just looking at the beauty of him. She missed looking into those silver eyes that looked like melting metal only when looking at her. 

He brought one hand to her face and caressed her cheek. She loved that gesture that he often did, and she closed her eyes to feel his to*ch. "I missed you." He said. 

"I missed you more." And then his l*ps were on h*rs again. This time k**sing her more urgently. 

His fingers skillfully und**ssed h*r, and before she knew they were in bed, both completely bare-skinned and with bodies entwined intimately. Nothing was slow or gentle this time. Both of them were like hungry beasts freed from a cage. L*p biting, fangs grazing, claws clutching. 

Her heart was beating in rhythm with his body's movement in**de of h*r, pushing h*r closer to the edge with each str*ke until she cr**d out again and again. Each time more intensely than the last one. And then, as if giving in, darkness covered her eyes. 

  "Heaven! Heaven!" A worried voice called from afar as her body was shaken awake. 

Heaven opened her eyes slowly, the light causing her to squint before she could see Zamiel's face. He loomed over her with a frightened expression. 

"Are you alright?" He asked, grabbing her face gently. 

What happened? She pushed herself up, but her head started to spin. She closed her eyes to stop the spinning and when she opened them again, everything was back to normal. 

Zamiel watched her intently, still looking distressed. "I am alright." She told him. 

"Are you sure? Are you hurting anywhere?" 

Heaven stared at him. He was the one looking hurt. There were cuts on his l*ps and wounds left from her claws on his neck and shoulders. 

He shook his head, looking guilty. "I am sorry. I should have been careful. I don't know what came over me." He said. 

She looked at the tips of his fangs. She knew what came over him and her, and she didn't want him to be guilty about it. She was completely fine. 

No! She was more than fine. Her demon came alive. She felt alive again. 

"I am not hurt." She didn't know why she fainted. She looked down at her body. "No broken bones." She told him to lighten up his mood. 

Only a few fingerprints and scratches that she enjoyed, and they were already healing. 

He shook head again, this time a smile forming his lips. "I am not that bad at controlling myself." He told her. 

"And I am not that weak. So don't worry about hurting me." She said. 

His gaze softened even more, "you are far from weak." He said thoughtfully. 

Heaven didn't have to know what he was thinking. He was looking at her face and her body, and she did look weak. She looked down at her bare legs and arms, they were thin. She suddenly felt body conscious.

Zamiel noticed how she tried to cover herself and it felt like he was going to scold her, but stopped himself from doing so. He was going to scold her about not eating. She just knew it. She had promised to take care of herself before leaving, and this is what she looked like now. But Heaven didn't skip her meals. Of course she didn't have any appetite, but she had tried to eat what she can. 

Heaven was rather tired than hungry and now that her demon was also fed she just wanted to sleep. She wanted to rest her head on Zamiel's bare chest and sleep to the sound of his heart. 

But that was something that would have to wait. She couldn't believe that she jumped in bed with Zamiel without knowing what happened to her grandmother. 


Zamiel shifted his gaze to the door as if he had heard something. "Get dressed." He said, getting out of bed. "Your parents are here." 

"What?!" Heaven panicked. 

"I told them I would bring you home today. They came earlier than we planned. They are eager to see you."

Heaven had already jumped out of bed, and was fighting to get into her dress while Zamiel had already dressed with a swift movement. 

"Take your time. I will keep them occupied." He said, amused by how she was panicking and failing to get dressed fast. 

She had him to blame. Her legs still felt funny, and her body tingly. 

Zamiel left her, and after a while she finally managed to cover herself up. She went to the mirror in his room and gasped at her appearance. She quickly brushed her hair with her fingers and then covered her neck with it. There was no way she could hide her swollen lips. This was a disaster. 

Downstairs, she heard her parents' voices and her heart skipped a beat. She grabbed her hair and smelled it. She smelled like Zamiel. Oh no! 


He had to come back and save her! She was so embarrassed. Why did he not tell her beforehand that her parents would come? She would kill him later! 


Her grandfather? Her parents?

She had left the hidden kingdom. Her grandfather would know soon if he didn't already notice her absence. She quickly abandoned her silly thoughts about Zamiel and went downstairs to see her parents. 

"Heaven!" Her mother turned her way as soon as she started descending the stairs. 

She quickly came and hugged tightly before Heaven could even utter a word. Her father was right behind her mother, waiting for his turn to hug her while her mother sobbed and mumbled words about how happy she was to see her again. 

"Mother, I am alright." Heaven assured, embracing her. 

Her mother pulled away and grabbed her face. "You look so thin. Did you not eat? Did you sleep? Did you…"

"Mother." Heaven took her mother's hands in hers. "There was lots of food and a very comfortable bed. All I was doing was eat and sleep." 

"Heaven." Her father came forward. 

"Father." She walked into his arms and he hugged her tightly. "I missed you." He said. 

"I missed you too."

After her parents asked her a lot of questions to ensure that she was alright, they noticed that her grandmother was absent. 

"Where is mother?" Her father asked. 

They didn't know? 

Only Zamiel knew.

Where was her grandmother?


Heaven sat with her parents, and Zamiel while he told them what happened to her grandmother. They were confused, but he went on to explain why he did what he did. The devil wasn't after Heaven. He wanted her grandmother. 

At first when Heaven heard his explanation she was as confused as much as her parents, but then she remembered something that seemed to have been hidden somewhere in her brain. The paintings in her grandfather's kingdom. 

Zamiel was right. She had come to the same conclusion as him and then her grandfather had had compelled her to forget, which meant that she was right. He didn't want them to know. 

"Are you saying he did all of this because he wants mother?" Her father asked, having a hard time to believe. 

"It is more complicated than that. He doesn't simply want her. He wants to make her the devil's bride." Zamiel explained. 

Her grandfather thought that everyone was after him. God wanted to punish him by making her grandmother his mate and now he was going to have his revenge. How could having her grandmother as his mate be a punishment? Why couldn't he see it as a blessing instead and live happily? 

He must be too far gone that it was so hard to come back. 

Heaven guessed that the only time he truly felt happy must have been when he was with her grandmother. He realized that after he left. His mission didn't bring him a sense of fulfillment, and that is why he was creating havoc now. 

Heaven explained to her parents the painting she saw and told them about the conversation she had with her grandfather. Both were surprised to find out.

Now who would stop the devil? He seemed so determined to change his mate and make her fit his image and follow his purpose. He would come here and create hell for taking his mate away from him.

Heaven was worried for her parents and Zamiel. 

"I don't think it is safe for me to stay here." Heaven said, waiting to be scolded by all three. 

"You are not going anywhere." Her father said sternly. 

"He will come and hurt all of you." She said. 

Her father clenched his jaw. " I can take care of myself and your mother." 

Her mother nodded in agreement. 


"No but! Don't use me or your mother as a reason to leave. If you want to use your mate as a reason then you can have that discussion with him." He stood up from his seat. "We will leave you two alone." He said, motioning for her mother to follow him. 

Her mother blinked, confused, her eyes asking if they were already leaving. She looked between Heaven and her father while standing up hesitantly. 

"Well… I think you should come home to eat and …" 

Her father grabbed his wife's arm, gently. "I think her mate can take care of her." He told her. 

Heaven felt a blush creep to her face and her mother nodded, as if suddenly realizing something. 

Oh, no! Heaven hated this situation. She wished to disappear. This was the first time she wished her parents would be the strict kind and not trust to leave her alone with any man. 

Her mother came over to give her one last hug, then she turned to Zamiel and he smiled at her with a nod. Heaven felt like her mother spoke to him in silence. Lord help her if her mother just asked Zamiel to take care of her. 

Once her parents left, she could finally breathe. She fell back on the sofa next to Zamiel with a sigh. 

She just let her parents leave like that. She let them go back home, and she didn't know if they would be safe. But her father had made her nervous with how resolute he was. As if he had enough. She wondered what was going through his mind. 

"Is father angry?" She asked Zamiel, who probably knew more. 

"No. He is just… frustrated with himself. It is his duty to protect you and he feels helpless. It is hard not being able to protect your child. There is a lot of guilt and self-blame. Maybe even...shame." He shrugged. 

No! She didn't want her father to be ashamed. There was nothing he could do. She didn't want him to feel guilty. 

Her grandfather had easily wiped her memory when she found out about his plan, so it wasn't easy to defeat him. 

"Don't worry about your parents. Your grandfather won't hurt them." Zamiel said. 

"How do you know?" She asked. 

"The devil wants Irene. He knows hurting the people she cares for is going to minimize his chances of getting her on his side. He knows he already ruined a lot by making you hurt me. He won't do it again." 

Heaven wasn't sure about that. 

"Hurting her son will be something that will break their bond forever. He won't do it. He will not hurt you either, and not even me. The possession was only to scare you to come with him. He knew I wouldn't die. He wouldn't be stupid enough to possess you again either." 

Zamiel had explained the consequences of the possession. It seemed like her grandfather had done something he regretted. He had been hasty. It was a good thing to know that he could ruin things for himself. 

"Don't worry. I will take care of everything." Zamiel assured her. 

Heaven didn't know how to not worry anymore. She had been worried for so long that it seemed to have become a habit. She wanted to trust Zamiel's judgement, not because she thought enough of what he said and made sense of it, but because she was so tired and so badly needed to believe him so she could finally relax. 

She let her head fall on Zamiel's shoulders. Just for a short while, she wouldn't think of anything and trust in him blindly. 

Zamiel gathered her in his arms and took her to bed. He lay her down carefully. 

"Sleep." He told her in a hypnotizing voice. 

"You are not compelling me, are you?" She asked, looking up at him. 

"Don't tempt me to." He smirked. 

"I want to sleep in your arms." She said. 

Without a word, he lied down next to her, and she snuggled against him. She buried her face in his chest, letting herself get comforted by his scent. He wrapped his arms around her and stroke her hair. Heaven relaxed, and her eyelids felt heavy. Just for a while she would enjoy being in his arms before hell broke loose.


Heaven woke up after sleeping so peacefully. How long has it been since she slept so well? She felt so refreshed that it brought a smile to her face. 

She was about to turn in bed when she realized that two strong arms were holding her in place and her back was pressed against something hard. Oh, she was sleeping in Zamiel's arms. No wonder she slept so well. 

Carefully she lifted his arm so she could turn around without waking him up, but to her surprise she found him awake. Was he awake the whole time she was sleeping?

"Did you sleep well?" He asked. 

She nodded. She slept well, and it seemed like her grandfather didn't come to destroy her peace yet. It was kind of him to give her a few hours of peace. Oh, how she wished she could live like this forever. 

"Do you want to take a bath?" Zamiel asked. 

Heaven looked at him, surprised. 

"Hot water will help you relax." He explained. 

Well, it wouldn't hurt. "I could use a bath." She smiled. 

"Come with me." He said, getting up. 

"Is it ready?" She asked. 

"Yes." He took her hand and led her to another room. 

As soon as she walked into the other room, Heaven could see and feel the steam coming from the wooden tub that was placed in the middle of the room. Zamiel's maid seemed to have prepared new clothes for her and placed on a chair. 

"The bath is ready, My Lord." She said, turning to them. 

"Thank you. You may leave." He told her. 

With a nod, Helen left and closed the door behind her, leaving them alone. Heaven looked at the wooden tub with warm water, then at Zamiel. Was he going to stay here while she bathed? 

Not that she was shy anymore, but she thought her body looked awful. Her skin didn't have the same radiance and her hair had lost its shine. 

Zamiel went to the bathtub and flicked the water with his fingers. "It is not too hot." He said. 

Heaven stood frozen. Was she just supposed to undress now? 

Zamiel noticed her hesitance. He sat at the corner of the tub and watched her with a tilted head. Heaven blushed under his scrutiny. "Don't look at me like that." She said. 

He chuckled. "How should I look then?" 

"Don't look!"

"Alright, Your Highness." He closed his eyes, forcing back a smile. He was teasing her. 

Heaven quickly began to open the straps on her dress and let it slide down her shoulders. When it fell to the ground, she stepped away from it and saw her bony feet. She grimaced, feeling ugly. 

"Strangely, I can still see with eyes closed." He spoke with a smirk. 

Heaven's heart skipped a beat, and she looked up. His eyes were still shut. 

"Oh really? What do you see?" She asked. 

"A beautiful woman, not yet fully undressed." 

How did he know? She was still wearing her undergarment. 

"You are still shy." He said. 

"I am not." 


Heaven paused. She didn't know what to say. 

"I don't… feel beautiful." She whispered. 

Zamiel opened his eyes. A slight frown settled between his eyebrows as he looked at her. 

Heaven stood still, letting him take a closer look at her bony arms and legs. 

"Come here." He told her. 

She slowly walked up to him, and as soon as she was near enough, he wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer so that she was standing between his legs. 

"Let me make you feel beautiful." he said, his hands sliding under her garment. 

He lifted it up and above her head, exposing her. Heaven felt her cheeks flush as he stood up and went to stand behind her. He began to untangle her braids, letting her hair fall free.

"The water is getting cold." He said. 

Heaven stepped inside the tub and sunk into the hot water until it covered her whole body, except for her shoulders. She almost sighed at how good it felt. She rested her head on rim of the tub and relaxed. 

"Close your eyes." He told her. 

Without any questions, she closed her eyes. She could hear Zamiel moving around, and then he grabbed her wr*st and started washing her arm with a wet washcloth. Heaven kept her eyes shut, feeling the hot water, the wet cloth, and his cold fingers against her bare skin. 

Zamiel was slow and gentle, nothing like the man who took her to bed this morning. He took his time with her, moving across and down her body. Heaven felt a new wave of desire stir ins*de of h*r. She wanted him to get rid of the cloth and touch h*r with his fingers. When he grabbed her ankle and lifted it above the water, she opened her eyes. 

She found him looking at the anklet he gave her. Heaven would look at it every night before she went to sleep when she was away from him. 

With a satisfied smile, Zamiel proceeded to wash her feet. Her feet were ticklish so she would force back a giggle as he washed them with care.She had almost forgotten at how bony they looked. 

Zamiel then washed her hair and massaged her scalp. Heaven had never felt anything so satisfying before. To be taken care of by him felt so different from being taken care of by her maids. This felt intimate and special. She felt special. 

After the bath, he wrapped her in a towel and helped her dry her hair. Then he sat her down in front of the mirror and brushed her hair. She watched him through the mirror, the way he used to watch her whenever she combed his hair. 

"Do you want braids in your hair?" He asked. 

"Can you braid?" 

He lifted one brow. "I have lived for an eternity. I can do almost anything." 

Of course. She tended to forget that. 

"Yes, thank you." She said. 

He made two braides at the sides of her head and connected them in the middle. 

"It is beautiful." She said, looking at her dark hair in the mirror. 

"You are beautiful." He told her. 

Heaven smiled and then blushed at the way he looked at her. 

"Let's eat lunch now." He said, taking her hands and leading her to the dining room. 

All kinds of dishes were served and Zamiel fed her until she was full. Then he fed her hunger for him. He took her to b*d and made l*v* to h*r ag**n. 

Heaven felt like she was living a life of bliss, despite the danger around the corner.