✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married to the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 154....156 ✍️✍️✍️✍️




"Zamiel! Zamiel! Zamiel!" Lothaire yelled, turning his room upside down. 

He yelled, broke things, and almost set his room on fire, but nothing calmed him down. His first instinct after finding out that Heaven and Irene left was to find Zamiel and cause havoc. But that demon was smart, and he probably expected that reaction from him. He wouldn't let himself look pathetic in front of him.

He had to calm down and think. Should he still pretend that it wasn't Irene he wanted, or should he just admit it and find another way to threaten them?

Lothaire paced back and forth, each time getting more agitated. His whole plan was ruined. He couldn't pretend that it was Heaven he wanted anymore, and now that Irene knew, it would be harder to manipulate her. Maybe even impossible. Or even worse. He wouldn't have the chance at all. 

Now, since his plan was ruined anyway, he could as well create chaos. Make Zamiel regret that he ever crossed paths with him. He knew it would be stupid to let his emotions control him and seek Zamiel without having a plan, but the fury was making his blood boil. 

Zamiel had let his enemy take away his mate. Just knowing that Euphorion was keeping Irene under the ocean made him feel like his face was on fire. His imagination went wild, thinking of the things Euphorion would do just to anger him further. 

He could see the water demon laughing at him. 

Before he knew Lothaire found himself in Zamiel's home. He let his anger get the best out of him. He was going to make himself look like a fool, especially since Zamiel already expected his visit. 

"Welcome." Zamiel stood upstairs with a knowing smile. 

He crossed his arms behind his back as he descended the stairs. 

"You are very much like Zarin. Or should I say he is like you? Both of you like to come in, uninvited." 

Lothaire forced himself to stay calm as Zamiel came to stand in front of him. 

"Please sit." He said, motioning toward the coach. 

Without a word Lothaire went to sit down. He leaned back to seem relaxed, despite itching in his nerves. 

Zamiel was calm as he sat down and rested one arm on the side of the couch. Lothaire had a bad feeling. Zamiel's calmness rubbed him the wrong way. 

"Would you like something to drink?" Zamiel asked when he said nothing. 

"No, thank you." Lothaire replied. "It was brave and foolish of you to bring Heaven home." 

"It was brave and foolish of you to possess her." 

"It seems like you don't care for her safety." Lothaire said. 

His eyes turned cold. "Do you know me to be reckless?" He asked. 

Lothaire knew that Zamiel was a wise man. If he brought back Heaven, he was sure he could keep her safe. He knew that Lothaire's plan was completely ruined. 

"Don't waste your time. Irene is out of reach now. You are lucky I found a place for her to feel safe. You know how far she would go for her children." 

Zamiel was right. Lothaire had tried his best to keep it a secret because he knew Irene would eliminate herself to keep her children safe if she knew he was after her. 

Now all his efforts were wasted. Even if he found Irene and brought her back, he had no chance. He could end up losing her forever. He would be the reason for her death. 

He couldn't let that happen. He remembered the pain of when he thought he had lost her to childbirth. He didn't want to lose her again. 

But what was the difference between losing her to death or to someone else? She was away from him. Far away, beyond reach. He couldn't even watch her through the eye, like he used to do. Yet he knew there was a difference. This one hurt his pride more than anything else. But losing her to death, that was another kind of pain. 

"You think you are doing me a favor?" Lothaire scoffed. 

"I am. I know better than anyone the pain of losing your mate."

Lothaire stood up from his seat. For the first time in a long time, he felt powerless. He could lie to himself if he wanted, but Zamiel already knew that there was nothing he could do. Because the people Zamiel cared for were the people Irene cared for.

He wished to just kill them all. Maybe even Irene. He wouldn't be in this position if he had stopped caring. 

"Keep your loved one's safe." He told him. He could at least scare him. 

Zamiel remained unprovoked. "Keep your kingdom hidden." He said. 

Lothaire froze. What did he mean? What did he know?

Unwilling to show weakness, he pretended like he had nothing to fear and disappeared. 

He went home, raging. "Tezznin!! Hezznin!!"

They appeared immediately. "What is wrong?" Both looked shocked. 

"Do you want to die?! Because I have nothing to worry about."

They looked at him, confused. "Find a way to protect our kingdom or an ancient demon is coming to destroy you all."

Hezznin clenched her hands into fists while Tezznin's eyes widened. "I told you it wasn't worth it. I told you not to provoke him." 

"Don't tell me what to do?!" He snapped. 

"What is happening?" Tezznin asked. "Are we in danger?" 

Lothaire felt like tearing his hair out. He knew that Zamiel knew something he shouldn't have known. 

"Of course we are in danger. The kingdom is hidden to protect those who manipulate. Not those who cause any other kind of trouble. It was rules father established but broke himself." Hezznin was furious. "We can't protect the kingdom if you keep breaking the rules. Now do nothing. Irene and Heaven are not worth it unless you plan to abandon your mission." 

She was right, but Lothaire didn't want to listen. "I want you to find the kingdoms under the water and destroy them." 

If he couldn't have his revenge on Zamiel, he could have his revenge on Euphorion. 

Tezznin looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Father, we don't have enough power under the water to fight water demons."

Hezznin crossed her arms over her chest. She was baffled. "Your army is to manipulate. Not to go to war with other demons. You will lose everyone you fought for to get on your side."

Tezznin put her hand on her sister's shoulder to quiet her. "Father, why don't you calm down and we will be back after a while?" She suggested. 

Lothaire fell back in his seat. He wasn't thinking rationally. He had to calm down. His mission was the most important thing. He had to remember that.


"The devil wants you." The words kept echoing in her mind. 

Irene had a hard time believing it. Lothaire had left her by choice, and she had decided not to follow him by choice. Why would he want her now? And if he did, why would he do all of this to get her? She couldn't understand. 

Euphorion saw her confusion and went ahead to explain to her what he and Zamiel had found out. Irene listened, both in disbelief and fascination. It was the first time she heard this version of the story. It made sense, yet not. 

So this was all to corrupt her and make her the devil's mate. Not just his mate as a demon. 

All this for revenge? 

"Not just for revenge. He does want you for himself as well." 

She shook her head. She couldn't believe it. He let her children go through hell, all because he wanted her to himself and to have his revenge? All this was because of her? How couldn't she have figured it out? She would have ended this a long time ago. 

She stood up. "I need to go back." She said. 

Euphorion stood up as well. "You don't have to do anything. Your children are safe now." He told her. 

"How can you be sure? Lothaire will not let this go?" 

Euphorion shrugged. "He doesn't have much of a choice. He already risked a lot to get you. He can't afford to risk more." 

She shook her head. "I don't know what you mean but I still need to go." 

"And do what? Sacrifice yourself? Do you think you will be doing your children a favor?" 

Irene halted. 

"Zamiel brought you here so that his mate wouldn't have to lose her grandmother. You are the only close grandparent she has." 

Oh, he really knew how to make her feel bad. 

"I just want my children to be safe." 

"You will keep them safe by staying here." He told her.

"What is Zamiel's plan?" She asked, wanting to know if he would truly keep her family safe. 

He motioned for her to sit down again. Both of them sat down before he spoke. 

"There is one thing the devil cares for more than anything. His mission. His revenge on humans. He spent years building his army, finding demons willing to join his cause. His kingdom was built to keep his army safe from anyone who wanted to destroy them, and those who join him have to join him willingly. If he uses his kingdom to force people into his mission or to protect those who cause damage in any other way than manipulation, then he could lose his kingdom. If he loses it, then demons won't be willing to join his cause singavece they won't be safe." 

"How could he lose it?" She asked. 

"I am not sure how, but the devil was given special powers with restriction. He is not all that powerful as everyone believes him to be. It is all about finding the restrictions to his powers."

"What if he doesn't care about losing his kingdom?"

"His kingdom makes his mission possible. Not caring about the kingdom means not caring about his mission. He is the devil." Was all he said, and Irene knew what he meant. His mission was what made him the devil. If he gave up his mission, then they wouldn't be having any problems. 

"The other part of the plan is you. Losing a mate is very painful. He won't hurt your children." He assured. 

Did he care about losing her? 

"Even if he didn't, there is a more than just an emotional pain connected to losing a mate. For the demon, nothing hurts more. When demons lose their mate, it is very difficult for them to keep living. That is why most decide to end their lives to follow their mate's." 


If the devil wanted to stay sane and focus on his mission, he wouldn't do anything that would cause the death of his mate. The way he went about getting Irene already told him that the devil was very careful to not let anyone find out that it was Irene he wanted. It was a matter of reputation but also fear of losing her. He was well aware of the pain that followed the death of a mate. 

This made Euphorion think of Zamiel. The demon had not just lost his mate, but also his child. He could only imagine the agony he went through, and the devil was a fool to want to fight a man who had already been through hell. 

This is why Euphorion decided to live alone. He knew nothing about heartbreak or loss. This whole love thing was like walking into fire, knowing you would burn. Even the devil fell into that trap and now he was suffering. Euphorion would save himself all that pain. 

"Why don't you rest and then take your time to think about everything?" Euphorion suggested. "Let me show you to your room." 

Irene followed him in silence, still fascinated by her surroundings. The water kingdoms and the water demons were fascinating to everyone. Even to those who knew more about them. It wasn't strange that Irene was mesmerized and had many questions. 

Euphorion took her to a quarter in the castle that he emptied just for her until she got used to being around water demons. He didn't want her to feel frightened. 

He showed her around. "You are free to walk around here as you like. The place is only for you." He said. 

Euphorion thought she would be relieved, but the way the corners of her mouth tilted down made her look sad. 

'I am alone again.' He heard her think as she looked around. 

Euphorion was hit with realization. She must have been excited to be finally be reunited with her family, only to end up here. 

"You won't be here forever. You will go back eventually." He assured her. 

She gave him a faint smile. 

Euphorion wondered how someone like her ended up with the devil? He had expected something else, not exactly sure what, but definitely not someone like her.



After showing Irene her room and leaving her to rest, Euphorion went back to his nonexciting life. He already missed to be on land and discover new things. He didn't know why he never visited the lands for a very long time. Things had changed a lot, and he had been fascinated by many things. 

Even the humans were fascinating with all their disturbing and confusing thoughts. They thought loudly, unlike demons who had learned to control their thoughts while in the presence of others. 

Now, after many days, it was finally quiet in his head. Unlike land demons, he didn't know how to easily shut out so much noise. He didn't have to do that here at home. 

He sat on his favorite couch of feathers and relaxed. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the quietness. He was also finally cold like he was used to be, leaving the hot weather of the lands behind. 

It made him suddenly think of Irene. She was probably not used to the cold in the ocean. 

Euphorion went to her room to check on her and found her sleeping, curled into a small figure to keep herself warm under the thin fabric they covered themselves with. She needed something thicker; he thought. 

He went to bring a blanket of fur and covered her with it. After a while, she relaxed under the warmth. 

Euphorion couldn't help but watch her for a while. For a turned demon, she was beautiful. And her eyes. He remembered when he first looked into them, they were bewitching. 

Well, she was a witch. One that had managed to put a spell on the devil himself. She made the demon lose his mind, and now he didn't know whether to look for his brain or his mate.

Oh, how he wished he could see Lucifer's face the moment he found out. Euphorion could imagine him setting himself on fire. He would be furious to know that his little witch turned into a fish. That is what he liked to call the water demons. 

If the fool only knew. Euphorion have had more intellectual conversations with fish than he'd ever had with Lucifer. 

Irene stirred in her sleep, and Euphorion quickly made himself invisible. She opened her eyes and turned on her back. She then took notice of the fur blanket that covered her and wondered where it came from. It didn't take her long to know that it was from him. 

Removing it away from her body, she swung her legs down the bed. She slid her feet into the shoes she wore when he brought her here and then headed toward the door. Curious to know where she was going, Euphorion followed her. 

Irene was fascinated by the interior of his castle. She walked around, not caring where she was going and only admiring her surroundings. Then slowly her thoughts drifter away and she thought of her home and family. She worried for them, missed them, and again she felt lonely. 

She felt anger and resentment toward herself and Lucifer. From her thoughts, Euphorion sensed that there was more than just anger and resentment in her heart. There was guilt, self-blame, disappointment, and helplessness. 

Her dream had always been to have a wholesome family, and the time she had that was short-lived. She even wondered if any of it had been real. Euphorion knew nothing about family, so he couldn't sympathize with her, yet her sadness reached him. 

But he didn't care. She had chosen to be with the devil, and now she was paying the price. 

Lost with her in her thoughts, Euphorion walked too close behind her that when she slipped and fell back, he instinctively caught her by the waist, revealing himself to her. Startled, she looked up at him with eyes wide open. Euphorion found himself staring into those mesmerizing emerald eyes again before he gently pushed her back on her feet. 

He cleared his throat, feeling as if he was caught doing something bad. "Are you alright?" He asked. 

She blinked a few times. "Yes. Thank you." She said, adjusting her dress. 

They looked at each other awkwardly before he spoke. "Would you like to have dinner?" 

Dinner? Lunch?

Well, it was… something in between. 

"I would love too." She smiled. 

He walked past her to lead the way but she was slow to follow him. He turned back to see what was going on and found her looking at the floor and walking carefully. She looked up with an embarrassed smile. "It is very slippery." She said. 

With a sigh, he offered her his hands. She looked surprised at him and then hesitantly put her hand in his. Her skin was soft and warm against his cold one. He shouldn't like it as much as he did. He was probably just lusting because he hadn't taken a woman to bed for too long. 

"Thank you." She smiled, faintly. 

She walked beside him, holding his hand to keep her balance. Now and then she would slip slightly and squeeze his hand to hold herself up, and every time she did that, a wave of heat would travel up his arm and settle in his chest. 

How he regretted offering his hand. 

Once they arrived at the dining room, he was relieved to finally let her go. They sat opposite each other at the small square table. He had learned what land demons ate, so he had told his servants to prepare land food as soon as he arrived. He would have to wait and see what they served. 

"The food will be served soon." He said. 

She looked into his eyes. "Thank you." She said, while trying to figure out the color of his eyes. 

He didn't have a single color if she was looking for one. His eyes were different shades of blue and green. 

She found them beautiful. She found him beautiful. 

Euphorion looked away from her gaze, hoping not to hear more of her thoughts. A conversation would be a good distraction. 

As if reading his mind. "Can you know if everything is alright up there?" She asked. 

"I can find out for you, if you want." He was close to rolling his eyes. 

When did he ever do things because others wanted him to? 

"I would be grateful." She said with pleading eyes. 

He just nodded. 

"When will I be able to go back?" She asked. 

She could go back now. Zamiel only asked to keep her here so she wouldn't have to harm herself to save her family, or for the devil to not be able to manipulate her. Here she could save them while being alive and safe. 

"Hopefully soon." He said.