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Chapter 371 Stronger

Because Alex's hand gripped her neck just before she could touch him.

Abi bit her lips but she didn't feel any fear, despite Alex trying to choke her. His grip was tight but not enough to strangle her.

"A-alex…" she called. "Alex…"

He didn't respond. His fiery eyes continued to blaze with hellfire but they were blank. It was as if all he could see was fire and blood and darkness.

But she knew that something was happening the moment he grabbed her neck. His grip on her didn't loosen but it didn't also tighten. She could still breathe. Did the witch cast a spell on her to protect her or was there something stopping Alex from fully strangling her? It didn't matter. What mattered was that she now had the opportunity to do something.

Tears began to flow from her eyes as she lifted her hands to touch his hand.

"Alex… please come back to me. It's me… Abigail… your wife," she uttered. "Come back to me. Let's go home. I miss you… I miss you so much… Alex…"

She stretched out her hands and she was able to finally touch his face.

"Oh, Alex… I am here to get you. I am here to take you back home. I will never… never leave you all alone again. So please, come back to me. I am here. Your Abigail. Your wife…"

The moment those words left Abi's mouth, Alex suddenly let go.

He stepped backwards, confusion carving on his face as he watched Abi coughing on the ground.

He kept stepping back as if he was trying to get away. When Abi saw this, she immediately got up and took a step towards him.

"Please… Alex… don't go away…" she begged, stretching her hand out towards him.

But Alex didn't take her hand. He just continued stepping backwards with his eyes locked on her.

Abigail looked worried. She didn't know what was going on with him. She didn't know what he was going to do next. Was he going to leave? Was he going to run away from her?

She panicked because if he did that, she wouldn't be able to follow him. He was too strong and too fast for her and if he left, how was she going to stop him? She wouldn't allow that to happen. She needed to stop him from running away. She looked at Alex, surveying him, watching to see what he would do next and that was when the necklace with the rings finally caught Abi's attention. They were wrapped around his left hand. She subconsciously held her neck and realized that the necklace and rings in his hand were the ones she had been wearing.

Did he pick it up and thought that I was…

Abi's eyes widened. She realized that he must have gone berserk because of this. Once again, she was the cause of all this.

Tears flowed from her eyes. She didn't know why her tears kept flowing. It seemed she had a river of tears inside her. She wished they would stop flowing now. She was tired of crying.

She took another step and Alex stepped back once again.

"Alex!!!" she snapped, screaming his name with all her might. The man's eyes slightly widened and that was when Abi charged in on him and immediately captured his lips.

Alex froze from Abi's attack. His consciousness was finally reaching the surface. He was about to reach the light; the warm and soothing light that kept calling him for a while now.

His numbed mind and body started to think and feel again. He could now tell his mind was in chaos. His consciousness fought with the darkness that seemed to have eaten him whole. He didn't know why he was fighting to reach that bright light. All he knew was that he wanted to touch that light shining before him. He wanted to feel its warmth.

But the darkness was strong, enveloping him, controlling him, unwilling to let him go.

That lone light and the darkness fought as he stood in between. He felt like his body was being split into two. It seemed he couldn't choose between the two. But then, he suddenly heard a voice calling out his name.

Something snapped within him and the light intensified, shining brighter than before. The light was starting to defeat the darkness.

Seeing it, he finally moved to reach out to it. He was able to leave the darkness. He could because the pull of this light was so strong, much stronger than the darkness.

And with that, the light finally swallowed him whole.

The moment he opened his eyes, he felt his lips burning. Someone was kissing him.

"Alex… please wake up. It's me. Please," she uttered between her kisses, with closed eyes.

Alex's eyes widened. His hands moved on her shoulders and he pushed her back slightly to look at her.

"A-a-abi –" he stuttered. His eyes filled with confusion.

Realizing that Alex was finally back, Abi's tears burst out. "Alex…" she uttered, crying hard. "You're finally back. Alex…"

She wept and before Alex could process everything that happened, Abi pulled him in and kissed him again.

Abi's kiss was wild yet passionate and her tears still fell as she devoured his lips and Alex couldn't resist such passion. He was supposed to think about what the hell was going on but before his brain could start to process everything, she blew his thought away with her kisses and he couldn't help but get completely lost with her.

Her kisses were damn hot, burning every thought into ashes. All he could do was kiss her back with the same hunger, the same intensity that she was giving him.

Everything ceased to exist and at that moment, they were the only ones left on the planet. At that moment, they didn't feel any pain or sadness, only the overwhelming, overflowing love and desire for each other. There were no superlatives left to describe what they were feeling.
Chapter 372 Guilty

When their lips parted, they were panting so hard, gasping for air.

Alex was pulled back to the present and he finally noticed her tears. His face flooded with worry but before he could ask if she was alright, Abi kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him as fast as she could.

And then, as if all her strength had left her, she became limp in his arms. She had fainted.

Alex was shocked as he embraced her. "Abigail!" he called out as he held her. He tried to pull her hands off him so she could gather her up and bring her to a better spot but Abi's grip on him was so tight.

That made him realize she was fine.

Relieved, Alex slowly sat down on the ground, with her still hugging him.

His brain finally started processing the situation as he looked around. The dead vampires and witches and the destroyed forest. He could tell what had happened. He lost himself the moment he saw the necklace in that vampire's hand. He thought they had killed his Abigail.

His eyes then caught the silver-haired witch standing there. Alex started to remember the things he did while he was in that state. He remembered how this witch protected his woman so the dangerous aura he was giving her at that moment immediately disappeared.

But the moment he remembered how he grabbed Abi's neck, his face turned dark. He immediately checked her neck and he gritted his teeth, seeing the mark of his fingers around her neck and wrists.

His jaws clenched. He wanted to hit himself a thousand times but even that wouldn't be enough to atone for this. How could he have hurt his beloved like this? 'Damn you, Alex! How could you do this? I want to kill you!!!!'

He really did want to kill himself. if someone else had done this to her, that someone would be dead by now. It seemed all he could do was beg for her forgiveness and atone for his sins by asking her to punish him. He wished that would be enough, because he felt guilty to death.

However, as he was busy thinking about what kind of punishment Abigail would give him, the words she said began to echo in his head.

'Alex… please come back to me. It's me… Abigail… your wife.' These words kept replaying in his mind and he was utterly shocked and confused.

After a long while, Alex looked at the witch. He didn't understand why she said those words? Why?

"Witch…" he called out. "Why did Abigail come here? Were you the one who lured her here?" he asked. Somehow, he was calm, knowing that Abigail was safe while she was in his arms.

"I… I didn't lure her here. She came here on her own… crying." The witch half lied. She couldn't afford to anger him again by saying the truth. She would let Abigail tell him everything because she knew this vampire would not believe anyone but her.

Alex gathered Abigail in his arms.

"I need to bring her to a place where she can rest," he told her and the witch immediately moved.

"Please follow me," she said and she led Alex and Abi not to the crystalized cave but to a small wooden house hidden deep in the forest.

The house was completely hidden behind nature. It was a two-story building made of bricks and had a haunting look to it. Tall trees surrounded it and it looked very old and desolate, as if it hadn't been used for a very long time. If someone were to discover it by chance, they would no doubt think that a witch lived there. It just gave out that kind of vibe.

However, surprisingly, the inside of the house was neat and tidy. The silver-haired witch led him to one of the rooms with a nice bed inside it.

"Give us some clothes to change into," he ordered her. The witch was surprised but she eventually nodded.

"Please give me a moment. I will go get some from the human village nearby."

"Make it quick," he told her as if the witch was his personal errand girl.

The witch was about to leave when Alex stopped her.

"Where can we take a bath?" he asked, showing her the girl still clinging to him like glue.

"There's a hot spring in the back," she answered as she led him in the backdoor. There it was a small spa-like white-bluish colored pool carved on a flat stone.

"Prepare the towels for us before you go," Alex ordered one last time and he walked towards the hot spring.

The witch's minions were nowhere to be seen and she couldn't defy this man, so she could only do as he said, thinking that she was doing this for the sake of her queen.

After putting the towels by the back door, the witch then left.

She had to get back as soon as possible. Who knew what that man would do if he was displeased? She needed to please him and give them clothes first and then she would check out where her comrades were hiding while Abigail was still sleeping.

However, before she could even leave the forest. Ezekiel appeared before her, giving her the set of clothes she was going to fetch. How? How did he know she was going out to get clothes?

Chapter 373 Mission

Alex walked into the hot spring with Abi still in his arms. He held her so gently, as if she was a newborn baby he didn't want to drop. As he walked deeper into the water, he slowly dipped Abi's body until only her head was above water. He sat down on the second to last step with Abigail sitting in his lap.

Alex looked down on Abigail's face with an unfathomable expression on his face. He then traced the outline of her face with his finger, gently starting from her temple down to her chin. She was so fragile, his little lamb. Her skin was so soft to the touch and he wondered how such a fragile being could be so brave.

He could only shake her head as he remembered what she did just before. He couldn't believe that this little lamb actually dared to stand against him, dared to face his raging self. He couldn't bear to think of what would have happened if he had actually tightened…

No! It didn't bear thinking about. He forced the thought away. His little lamb was fine. She was alive and breathing and in his arms now. He was never going to let her leave his side again. Never. She was safest next to him and he was safest next to her, it seemed. He still couldn't fathom how she had actually managed to make him snap out of the raging state he was in. He had been swallowed so deeply in the darkness but she managed to drive that away with her light. As long as she was around, that darkness would never be able to take over him again because her light was too strong.

He stared at her peaceful face and then he lowered his head and grazed his lips against hers. He placed the softest kiss on her lips, feeling like his heart would burst from all the emotions that even he couldn't put a name to.

"I'm so sorry, Abigail," he whispered as he pulled away.

He stared at her for a second longer before he finally moved to wash the dirt off her body. He dipped her head back so that her hair floated on the water. He used his fingers to brush her hair, cleaning it in the water. He then used his thumb to wash the dirt off her face, wiping her cheeks, her forehead, her nose and chin.

He took off her shirt and pants, leaving only her underwear on. He carefully cleaned her whole body, making sure to get rid of every speck of dirt on her. Once he was done washing her, he then took off his own clothes and also cleaned himself, as much as he could while still holding onto her. He didn't know how long he had spent in the hot spring but the moment he was done cleaning them both, he then grabbed a towel and dried her body quickly before wrapping the towel around her so that she wouldn't catch a cold. He grabbed the rest of the towels too and walked back inside the house, straight into the room that the witch had shown him earlier. He saw that the clothes he had asked for were already on the foot of the bed, folded neatly.

Alex closed the door and headed straight towards the bed. He lay a towel over a pillow and gently placed Abigail down on the bed, with her head on the towel. He then put a blanket over her body.

Her grip on him had finally loosened so he could move freely again. He dried himself and changed into the clean clothes before he grabbed the other set of clothes for his little lamb.

He swallowed. For him to change her, he would have to take her underwear off. 'Should I change her or just leave her like that?' he asked himself. 'Wouldn't she get a cold if I left her wearing her wet underwear?' he reasoned with himself.

That was enough for him to decide what to do. The thought of his little lamb being sick was not something that sat well with him. And besides, he had already undressed her before. But still, this was different. His little lamb was asleep this time and couldn't give him her consent.

With a deep breath, he moved closer to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. He kept the blanket over her as he placed an arm behind her shoulders to pull her up against him. With his left arm holding onto her, his right hand went to her back and with a swift flick of his fingers, he unhooked her bra. He then gently lay her back on the bed. He slid her bra straps down her shoulders and removed her bra. He had kept the blanket over her all this time and his hands did all the work.

He was a little surprised on what he was doing. He thought that it should be alright for him to see everything since he had already saw her naked body but that thought didn't sit right for him. Was he really turning into a real gentleman now?

A slight smile curved on his lips as he shook his head. Gentleman? He didn't think so. No, he could be a gentleman just to his future wife. If this would make Abigail happy, he wouldn't hesitate to behave well and treat her properly.

Once her bra was off, his next target was her underwear. His hands snuck under the blanket and he pulled down her underwear as fast and efficiently as he could. He had to imagine himself as a doctor, a professional. He breathed a sigh of relief once he succeeded in his mission.

He decided that it would be too much of a mission to put underwear on her - it was easier to take off than put on - so he grabbed the pajama top and bottoms and put them on her. His next mission was to dry her hair. He used the towel that she was lying on to softly dry her hair. He didn't know how long he sat there for, just rubbing her hair with the towel but he didn't care. It was the least he could do.

After he was satisfied with his hair drying mission, he removed the towel from under her and sat up. He couldn't help but look at her face again. Her face was still a little flushed from the warmth of the hot spring. She was so beautiful. He really had not seen anyone else as beautiful as her. She was the definition as sleeping beauty.
Chapter 374 Remnants

His mind then brought back the words she had uttered to him. "Alex… please come back to me. It's me… Abigail… your wife," she had said. 'My wife?' he thought. What was she saying? Why had she said those words? Was it only to try and make him snap out of his rage? To try and shock him with those words?

So many questions floated in his mind about this. He didn't know what to think. This little lamb, his wife? He had already decided that he would marry her. Only she would bear the title of his wife. Was that why she had said it? Did that mean that if he proposed to her, she would accept? Was that her way to telling him that she wanted to be his wife?

He didn't know. He shook his head. He would try and find out some of the answers to these questions when she woke up. He would ask her to explain what she meant when she said those words.

However, he couldn't help the small wisp of hope blooming within him. Had she finally fallen for him? Was it because of what happened last night?

He looked down at her face again as if he was just really seeing her for the first. Her long eyelashes grazed the top of her cheeks. Her soft, full lips were red. Her cheeks were pink and soft. He felt his heart flutter a little as he watched her. He then tucked her hair behind her ear before he cupped her cheek, closed his eyes and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

He pulled away and surveyed her face again but then his eyes drifted lower and landed on the bruises around her neck.

His soft expression instantly became hard. His eyes blazed with an anger he could barely contain. He was more than angry at himself. His fists clenched so hard that his knuckles turned white as he gritted his teeth. How could he do that to her? How could these hands of his mark her like that?

He closed his eyes because he didn't want to see that vision of him gripping her neck. How easily he could have squeezed the life out of her.

In the next second, Alex's face was filled with agony and guilt and self-loathing. He hunched over with his hands tearing at his hair, his whole being trembling from all these emotions. How could he live with himself from now? How could he look at her again knowing that he had hurt her? Could she forgive him for this? He didn't know but no matter how long it took, no matter how many times he had to say sorry to her, he would do it. He would beg for her forgiveness endlessly until she forgave him. He would whatever she wanted, take whatever punishment she threw at him because no amount of pain could ever compare to the agony he was experiencing at that moment. Everything else would be a walk in the park compared to this.

Alex stood up and walked towards the window, looking up at the sky. His thoughts were running a million miles an hour but everything came back to one thing, one person. It seemed that his world now revolved around her and he didn't know when it started.


Abigail had the most wonderful dream. She dreamt that Alex was holding her, surrounding her with his warmth, causing her body to warm up. They were back in his little house, looking up at the northern lights, cuddling by the fire. She was so happy that words couldn't describe what she was feeling. The dream jumped and they were suddenly in the hot pool, kissing passionately.

Her body felt very warm and she moaned in her sleep. "Alex…"

However, the next scene in her dream was of Alex lying on the floor of that dark castle, flames surrounding him, about to devour him whole.

"No!!" Abigail inwardly screamed as she sat up on the bed. Her heart was beating wildly as she clutched at her chest. Her breaths were shallow and she felt a tear trail down her cheeks. Her eyes were glazed over, her mind still inside the fading dream.

As her consciousness slowly took over, she finally realised that she was inside a dark room. A couple of candles were lit up on a small side table, throwing shadows on the walls.

"Alex…" she whispered. "Alex!" she then exclaimed as she remembered what had happened at the forest. Where was he? Where was he?! She frantically moved to scramble off the bed, intending to run towards the door to look for him when she heard his voice next to her.

"What's wrong, little lamb?" Alex asked, his voice full of worry.

Abigail turned to look at him and without wasting another second, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. She was so relieved to find him right next to her. She was so glad. The remnants of that scene still played in her head and she couldn't help the tears that fell from her eyes. It was like she had no more control over her body. Her emotions had taken over and she let it. All the emotions she felt as she watched him lying weakly in that castle floor poured out of her yet again.

She couldn't stop her body from shuddering as she cried her heart out, hugging him tighter, as if she was afraid that he would leave again. Everything that he had done for her, his belief in her, his love for her was all she could think about. She wasn't going to let him leave her again. She would never get angry at him again over him forgetting her. She had seen the extent of his love for her and though her heart broke He trusted her so much that he was willing to bet his life on her.

He loved her so much that he would die for her but there was no way she would let that happen.

Now it was her turn to bring him back to life.
Chapter 375 Just for now

Abi pulled away and stared into his face while Alex lifted his hand to wipe her tears away. His brows pulled together because seeing her cry was unbearable for him.

"Shh… don't cry…" he uttered. His fingers continued caressing her face gently but her tears continued flowing as she stared at him.

"Such a crybaby…" he continued and he pulled her face towards him. His lips replaced his fingers and he kissed her tears away, trying his very best to calm her down, to make her feel better, and to make her stop crying.

His lips trailed down until their lips met but after a second or two, he halted. He didn't dare devour her lips even if he badly wanted to kiss her because his mind flashed back to that moment again when he had grabbed her neck. That scene was still too vivid in his mind and he couldn't help but curse himself.

He pulled away, bumping his forehead on hers.

"I'm sorry…" he began. "Forgive me, Abigail."

His voice was weak and a little choked. He sounded incredibly remorseful. This was the first time she ever heard him speak like this, as if he loathed himself to his core.

This made Abi feel nervous. She remembered that moment she saw in her dreams when Alex was saying goodbye to her at the hospital, asking her to forgive him.

With a panicked expression, Abi's grip on him suddenly tightened. "No… Please… don't ever leave me again, Alex," she begged, tearing up again.

Alex was surprised and confused. "Abigail, I'm not leaving, okay?" he told her, a little worried because this little lamb of his seemed to be acting out of character. And what did she mean by 'again'? He never left her. She was the one who left him! Was she talking about the first night they met, after the party?

"R-really? Then why are you saying sorry?" she asked, looking relieved. She had thought that she was saying sorry because he was leaving her again.

Alex's eyes fell on the awful marks on her neck and his eyes sunk with regret. He looked away, guilt flooding in his eyes. "I'm saying sorry because I… hurt you. And I nearly killed you…" he uttered as he looked down at his hands. "With these hands."

Abi finally realized what this was all about. She held his face and made him look at her.

"Alex… I'm fine. I'm here. Even in that state, you didn't hurt me. This is nothing. They're just bruises. They will fade away in time," she frantically said, trying to make him understand that she wasn't hurt. That she was okay.

But Alex didn't look convinced.

"If… if that witch didn't save you from my attack, you would be…" he gritted his teeth. He only just realized that he would have killed Abigail if that witch wasn't there. That log he threw at her would have been enough to kill her…"I am really a monster... Even after saying that you are the person I love… even after saying that you're everything to me… I still didn't recognize you and even almost killed you." He smiled bitterly and he subconsciously bit his lips so hard that it started to bleed.

"Alex!" Abigail yelled at him, jolting him. Her eyes were filled with worry as she looked at his bleeding lips. But thankfully, she saw that they healed quite fast.

Abi looked at him, feeling a little angry.

"Please… stop doing that!!!" she begged. "Stop hurting yourself because of me!!! Didn't you hear what I just said? I said I was fine! I am here, alive and kicking, Alex! This isn't your fault. This is all my fault for coming here because I got jealous and angry! Had I not come here, you wouldn't have gone berserk!"

Alex stared at her, wide-eyed. He was really hopeless. He couldn't believe that from all the words she said and despite her shouting at him angrily, the only words that registered in his brain was 'I'm jealous'.

"J-jealous? You were jealous?" he asked, even stammering and gaping at her, as if he just heard something unbelievable.

His reaction made the raging little tigress fall speechless.

The next moment, Abi pinned him down on the bed and straddled him.

There were so many things that happened yesterday. Too many that she almost thought she couldn't handle it. And she knew that from today onwards, trouble would just keep on coming and it wouldn't stop until Alex's memories returned.

Even now, she knew that she couldn't waste any more time. However, finally being together with him again made Abi want to spend this moment with him peacefully. She just wanted a little peace even if it was just for a couple of hours. She wanted to just hold him and be with him until daylight came, because she knew that the rising sun would bring chaos along with it. Because she knew this battle was nowhere near over.

"Alex…" she called out. Her eyes that were filled with worry a while ago now glimmered with longing and gentleness as she looked down at him.

Alex was about to speak but she put her finger on his lips, stopping him from talking. She just realized he remembered everything that he did and heard when he was in that state, so she anticipated that he would ask her why she said those words.

Because Abi believed that witches here weren't a threat to Alex, she realized there was no more reason for her to hide it anymore. Even though she knew it would only confuse him, maybe it would at least trigger something.

But, she decided not to tell him right then because she didn't know how he would react. She decided that she would tell him tomorrow instead. Moreover, she didn't know what might happen next. What would be waiting for them tomorrow? That was always uncertain so she wanted to seize every moment and spend it with him and give him all the love she could give him while she still could. So for now, she wanted him to think of nothing except her. Except for them. Just for now. Just for a little while. Just while there was still a little peaceful time they had to themselves.

"Alex…" she called his name again. Her voice sounded damn sexy and hypnotic. "Let's make love." She added and Alex's already wide eyes, became even wider.
Chapter 376 What if

Sparks started flying around them as they gazed into each other's eyes. The intensity in air skyrocketed as everything around them disappeared. There was nothing else and no one else in the world but the two of them. The air seemed to stop, as if it too was waiting for Alex's reaction at Abi's words.

Alex was dumbstruck at what his little lamb just said. Was he dreaming? He felt like pinching himself to confirm whether this was actually happening, to make sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him. This little lamb who had been playing hard-to-get just yesterday was now saying this? And even after everything he had done to her a few hours ago?

He didn't break away from her gaze. He was too mesmerised, as if she had actually hypnotised him with those clear, clear eyes. Why did she look like that? Why was she looking at him the way he looked at her? As if he too, was her life? As if her world also revolved around him?

Alex eventually closed his eyes and he tried to digest everything that was happening. This moment was just too good to be true. He never thought this moment would ever happen. Even though he had sworn to make this woman fall for him, he knew that it wouldn't be easy. In fact, the thought that it might be close to impossible, because she was the loveliest angel he ever saw and he was… an evil creature, not worthy for anyone's love.

She had witnessed what kind of a monster he was and had even become one of his victims. So why? Why was she saying all this? Why now? Was this actually real or did that witch cast some spell on him to stop him from going berserk again?

But Alex knew this wasn't a spell or a hallucination. Even though it was very hard for him to believe it, he knew that this was reality. She was really here, next to him and she really did say those words. However, as much as he was overjoyed at her words, that image of him choking her appeared in his head. That scene had become a recurring nightmare, a nightmare that he would never wake up from. He couldn't say it out loud but… fear had started to creep into his heart; the fear that he might do it again.

As he thought more about it, Alex remembered his very own soldiers and family and allies who died by his own hands. What if… in the end… he would also be the one to take the life of the only person he ever cared about?

The desire in his eyes was replaced with darkness. He never once thought about this in his existence. He never once loathed his powers.

"Abigail…" he uttered her name. "Shouldn't you be punishing me right now for hurting you?" he asked her and Abi immediately saw the extent of how much this was affecting him. She realized how deep the damage went and what it cost him. She would be lying if she said she fully understood what he felt because she didn't. But if she was in his shoes and she was the one who hurt him even if it wasn't intentional, she would also feel utterly guilty and sorry.

"No matter how much I justify it, I can never change the fact that I still did that to you, Abigail. And the guilt will never leave as long as I am unable to forgive myself. So… please don't treat me like this just after I hurt you. Make me regret what I've done. Punish me until you're satisfied. I don't know if this guilt will go away even after that but I just don't deserve to be treated well by you right now," he told her, his tone grave and serious.

He was desperately trying to find a way for him to lessen the guilt that ate at him and getting this kind of treatment from her was making him feel even worse. He didn't deserve this. He deserved the complete opposite of what she was showing him. He needed to face the harsh consequences of his actions so that maybe that way, if and when he lost himself to his inner demon again, his body might remember this lesson. The reason behind these thoughts was that Alex knew that he could not stop himself from going berserk, but he knew that his body would at least remember. It was a form of muscle memory. Even if his brain was hazy, his body might be able to remember. Way back then, his body also learned to recognize his own soldiers when he asked his dead men's family to vent their anger on him.

He was used to sacrificing his men in the many battles they fought but that one time, he was the one who killed them. Back then, he was more demonic than his current self. At that time, he went berserk and he had killed some of his closest allies and many more who were loyal to him ever since he was a child. They were there for him after he was cast out from his family. Back then, he didn't feel the same level of fear and guilt that he felt when he realised he had hurt Abigail, but he did feel the need to atone by punishing himself. That was why he asked his closest men's family to stab him and cut him and hurt him until they were satisfied. Some of them cried when they stabbed and slashed him but they all went up and took their turn, one after another, because he had ordered them to do so. Somehow, after that punishment, his body learned to differentiate between his own men and his enemies.

After many years, when all his remaining men had died, his body no longer had anyone to recognize. He left his throne and left the country on his own. He didn't play at war anymore. He didn't have an army. He didn't have allies. All he had was himself because it was better that way. Because of that, he never had to do this again. All he did now was warn the good vampires to run for their lives if they saw him start to go berserk. Even the Reign family, whom he vowed to protect, were not an exemption when he was in that state.
Chapter 377 This kind of punishment

"Punishment is a better dish to serve me, tonight, Abigail. Punish me all you want," his voice hoarse as he said it once again, as serious as ever.

Abi, who was silent for a long while, pulled away but she didn't climb off him.

"You want me to… torture you?" she asked and Alex didn't hesitate to nod.

"Yes. Don't worry. I heal fast. And know that I will not hesitate even if you ask me to go punish myself and jump into a furnace." He smiled and Abi almost lost it. How could he say those things so casually? She remembered it again, that one scene in the castle. He had smiled so casually as the flames swallowed him. He never screamed in pain even though he was obviously hurting. Just what kind of things did he go through in all his thousands of years of his existence?

"You really think I could do that to you?" she asked him, looking hurt.

Seeing her expression made Alex realize that he was being inconsiderate. How could he forget that this little lamb of his was such a good girl? She was not an evil creature like him.

"I'm sorry." He looked away, instantly apologetic. "Maybe you kicking me out of this house and making me sleep outside will be enough. The agony of not holding you tonight and being cast out by you for a few hours is much worse than standing in the furnace anyway," he added before he looked at her again. "Anything, little lamb. I'll be fine with anything as long as you don't ask me to leave you or vice versa. Because you leaving me is not just a punishment, it is a life sentence."

His last sentence made Abi's heart swell. This man was still going above and beyond for her, despite him losing his memories. Everything he did and said was still just too much for her, sometimes in a good way and sometimes not so much. How could he make her angry and then make her heart swell at the same time?

Letting out a quiet sigh, Abi leaned over him once again. Her hands landed on his pillow as her gaze burned with such intensity, as if she had turned into a little villainess.

"Okay, I understand. I will make you feel better by punishing you, Alex," she said.

Alex thought she was going to climb off him but she didn't. She instead moved back a little and her fingers trailed to his collar.

She started to unbutton his shirt slowly, one by one.

Alex creased his brows. He lifted his hand and was about to stop her when Abi spoke.

"Don't touch me," she told him, surprising Alex. "You are not allowed to touch me until I say so, Alex," she ordered like a boss.

Alex almost gaped at her. Don't tell me… was she going to torture him this way?!

He was shocked. He never expected anything like this at all. When he asked her to punish him, this kind of punishment never crossed his mind. But… was she really going to do what he was thinking? His little lamb?

Alex wanted to protest. This wasn't the punishment he was asking for but the words became stuck in his throat.

By the time Abi had undone all the buttons, she peered at him, slowly fluttering her butterfly wing eyelashes.

And then, her fingers traced the maze made by his abs and made their way down to his pants.

Alex finally moved, using his elbow to rise. But once again, Abi stopped him.

"Did I tell you to move?" she asked him and Alex immediately halted. "Lie down, Alex, and don't move until I say so," she ordered. She was so strict and firm that Alex was rendered speechless. He didn't see this coming.

She knelt with him between her legs and she started to unbutton her shirt this time, keeping her eyes locked on his.

'F*ck!' Alex cursed. What was his little lamb doing? Was she really going to do this?!

As Abi undressed, she realized she had no underwear. Her eyes widened but she didn't say anything. She could already tell that he was the one who dressed him, not the silver-haired witch.

Slowly, Abi slid the clothes over her shoulders and down her arms as she removed them. She did it in such a slow and sexy way and her beautiful, milky white breasts came into Alex's view.

He could only curse again.

"Don't look away, Alex," she told him, causing Alex to bite his lips. How the hell could he look away at this point?

His member was already up and raging. There was just no way it would stay calm. He wanted to stop her because he still thought that this wasn't the kind of punishment he should be getting for what he did. This wasn't right.

Before he could speak, Abi started to remove her pants, slowly, as she peered at him. Her cheeks were a little red but there was no hesitation in her eyes.

The moment she stood there naked, Alex's mind had already been pulled to her realm. The thoughts in his head were disappearing, like clouds, drifting away. This… this shouldn't end this way.

Abi took hold of his pants and was about to pull them down when Alex stopped her.

"Abigail… at least… let me do that," he said and without waiting for her response, he quickly climbed off the bed and undressed himself.

Once he turned and looked at her, Abigail was frowning at him.

"I told you not to move and not to touch me," she told him.

He bit his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair. He didn't know what to do in this situation.

"That's the first and second offence, little lamb. Let it slide," he answered. "Abigail… I think this is –"

"Lie down, Alex," she didn't even let him finish what he wanted to say. "You said I can do whatever I want with you." And with those words, he did as she said, not knowing why.
Chapter 378 Angel of no mercy

She moved on top of him again, both of them completely naked. She supported herself with her hands and knees as her face hovered above his, looking at him intensely.

"If you touch me and if you move one more time, I will stop and will never punish you again even if you beg me a million times," she told him seriously. Did the little lamb just threaten him? This was getting serious. She was really serious. It was like he was seeing a new side to his little lamb.

Before Alex could even agree or disagree, Abi bent and planted kisses all over him. She kissed him and Alex was about to respond but she moved away, leaving him hanging.

And then, she continued. She began from his nape, kissing him there. Her hands crawled over his body, making him become even harder.

She continued her onslaught and he was surprised at how good she made him feel. How? How was she so good at this? They only made love once and she never had the chance to do any of this to him, so how did she know what made him feel good?

Alex was easily sent into the world of ecstasy. He couldn't believe all his thoughts about this being the wrong punishment had completely disappeared. He just couldn't help it. This woman seemed to be the very definition of the word 'impossible'. She was impossible for him to resist.

His excited big monster was desperately calling for attention, wanting her to touch him there, but she didn't. Somehow, he was starting to feel that this might be the right punishment after all. This was pure torture. He wanted so much to touch her, to have his hands roam all over her body. This was definitely more tortuous than any beating he had ever gotten.

Meanwhile, her tongue skillfully teased him. It travelled down and he sighed in anticipation, thinking that she would put him inside her delicious mouth again. But she stopped just an inch away and she climbed up on him again. Holy Shit!

He groaned and cursed inwardly. His grip on the blanket tightened. This torture was too much. How could he forget what he felt when he wasn't allowed to touch her? Maybe it was because Abigail didn't tease him this much that last time.

"Ahh… Abigail… please… at least, touch me there," he begged. But Abi pulled away and planted a kiss to his lips as if telling him to shut up.

She broke the kiss midway once again and continued her onslaught, her merciless teasing.

Alex couldn't tell how long she had been torturing him for. He felt like a lifetime had passed.

His body started to sweat from the heat. His body was so hot and ready for her but it didn't look like she was going to end his pain anytime soon.

He begged for the third time and Abi finally granted his request.

Her divine hand finally wrapped around his raging member. She clasped it tightly as she moved her hand up and down.

But oh f*cking hell! She was moving her hand so damn slowly that Alex felt like he wanted to disappear so that this torture would finally end.

He had begged her three times and she didn't give in.

She seemed to finally concede after the fourth time. She knelt on the bed and her lips drew closer to his hard, excited member. She looked up at him, held his gaze as she licked her lips. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed him whole. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue was playing havoc with his mind. She licked him and sucked him like he was the most delicious lollipop in the world. She was deliberately moving her tongue slowly, making him feel everything she was doing.

She then pulled away again and then she lightly bit his tip, earning groan from him. It was painful and arousing at the same time. She did it again before she swallowed him whole again. After a few seconds, she started to increase her pace. She drew back and swallowed him deeply, with his member hitting the back of her throat each time.

He was climbing up the stairway of pleasure and he was so close to reaching the top. He was almost there, he could feel it! He groaned again as she kept up her pace.

Alex was high on pleasure, thinking that she was finally done with her torture, that she was finally going to release him from her chains. But once again, he was wrong. Because the moment he was about to burst from her torment, she pulled away, leaving him hanging.

Alex had never felt this kind of pain. This kind of torture. He regretted it again. He laughed at himself because he had thought that this punishment was not the right one. Ha! This punishment was the worst of them all. The worst torment he had ever gone through in his lifetime.

The physical pain, although painful, was tolerable and he could actually smile despite it all. But this one was... Goddamnit!! He couldn't endure it anymore. He even surrendered to her so many times already. That was right!. She had made a man like him beg but Abigail was an angel with no mercy tonight.

He didn't know his little lamb had this wicked side. She was so cruel, this punishment of hers. He would never want to ask her to punish him again. NEVER AGAIN!
Chapter 379 Defeat

"Abigail…" Alex murmured, looking utterly defeated. His lips parted as he breathed in quick and shallow breaths. "Please… I can't take it anymore," he grunted through his gritted teeth.

Abi stared down at him and she subconsciously licked her lips because her Alex looked so deliciously sexy at that moment. This oh so powerful man now being under her mercy made her feel like she too, was powerful.

But that thought didn't last long because the man under her seemed to have finally reached his very limit.

No, Alex had actually gone beyond that. He didn't know how he managed to. Maybe it was because of the thought that this was his atonement for what he had done to her. He had let her torture him to his breaking point and yet, the angel of no mercy still didn't stop. She was just so unbelievable. It seemed he would have to refrain from calling her little lamb after this. This little, fierce woman of his had really taught him a lesson in the worst possible way.

And thus, finally accepting defeat, he moved and pulled her into him, breaking her rules.

"I'm sorry… but you win, Abigail," he told her, his breathing still rugged. She said that if he moved and touched her again, she would never punish him again even if he begged her. Fine. He could bear those consequences. He would never ask for her to punish him ever again.

"This punishment should be enough now, right, Abigail? Please… let's make love now. I can't take it anymore," he whispered and he pressed his lips against her nape so impatiently, wanting to taste every inch of her skin. "Please… say yes. You've tortured me enough."

Alex continued begging. He couldn't believe he was actually begging for something and for someone but he didn't really care anymore. He had now accepted that his life was in her hands.

At last, the girl on top of him moved her hands and embraced him, pulling his head towards her. Her fingers swept through his hair and she kissed his forehead, surprising Alex.

She pulled away, eyes glimmering with overflowing emotions as she stared at him. "I thought you were going to keep on being stubborn, Alex…" she uttered and Alex's lips parted once again in disbelief. Was she actually waiting for him to give up? Before she came into his life, 'defeat' was not a word that was in his dictionary. He didn't know it then but that word somehow snuck in there without him noticing, probably in the exact moment she appeared before him. The undefeated legend was brought down to his knees but this avenging angel. This woman defeated him with one blow.

Damn... his little lamb was cruel.

She cupped his face and kissed him, slowly and sensually before she pulled away again. "What do you want me to do, Alex?" she asked him. Alex could tell she was trying to tease him. Ahh… where did she learn all these tricks?

But f*cking hell, this was erotic. He felt like his mind was about to blow up.

Before he knew it, "I want you to ride me, Abigail," he said. And there it was again, the feeling of déjà vu, as if he had been in this situation with her before, as if he had already said this same sentence to her before.

Abigail just stared at him for a moment. Her eyes travelled down to his hands before she looked into his eyes again. "But in one condition, Alex."

With creased brows, Alex responded, curious. "Tell me. I will agree to whatever your conditions are, except for that life sentence," he didn't even hesitate. He was damn impatient. Oh f*ck. He wanted to be inside her now! This delayed gratification was killing him!

"I want to tie your hands, Alex," were the words that left her lips and Alex's mind was brought to a halt for a moment. W-what? He couldn't believe this. Was this little lamb into that kind of thing?!

This was a shock but hot damn, he couldn't say no! In his eyes, she became even sexier when she was being this domineering. Damn it, Abigail. He didn't know that this angel was actually a demon in bed and Alex felt thrilled and became even more aroused from discovering this side of her.

"Okay… do whatever you want, Abigail," he told her and he watched as she bit her lips, perhaps to stop herself from smiling. Mischievous little lamb.

He watched her look around and then she climbed off him. He could only pray for her to make it quick. She found the belt he didn't wear and she grabbed it.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed completely naked and holding a belt… Alex couldn't help but bite his lips in awe. She was like a fierce goddess who was about to punish him for real.

Slowly, she crawled up towards him and knelt on top of him, with him between her legs.

"Your hands, Alex," she asked and he obediently held out his hands to her, wrists touching.

She started to tie them up and she tied it like a pro, as if this wasn't the first time she had done this. Did she tie some other man like this before? His face somehow darkened but he immediately scolded himself and stopped himself from thinking about it.

Once she was done, Abi lifted his hands over his head and wound the belt around the headboard.

Alex swallowed, not just because of how arousing this situation was but because he felt like this had happened to him before.

And all of a sudden, a picture flashed in his mind of himself being tied up exactly like this. His eyes widened. What was that?!

Confusion began to set in. In his entire existence, he had never let anyone do this kind of thing to him because he didn't like not being in control. He was always in control, no matter the situation, whether it was in battle on the field or in bed. He never even once let a woman have control over him like this until now. She was the first woman who made him insane, who made him feel, who made him beg. She was the one and only woman to defeat him and the only one whom he let do this thing to him. So what the hell was that vision?
Chapter 380 Wildest

Abi's heart was pounding hard. She didn't really know how she ended up doing this. She just wanted to fulfill his wish because she didn't like looking at the guilt in his eyes. She didn't want him to blame himself so she gave in to his request. She really didn't want to punish. That wasn't something that she could ever do. She could never hurt someone, let alone the man she loved. So she thought of a compromise and did this instead.

When she started, she was a little unsure but then she told herself that there was no point in holding back. She had already decided to do this so she might as well do it properly. As she kept going, she started to like hearing his groans. She liked the way he begged her and that pleading look in his eyes that screamed their desire for her made her feel really good. She liked it. She really liked the feeling of being in full control over him once in a while.

And thus, she continued her onslaught, enjoying his every little reaction to her touch. Even though she too was so damn aroused, she was able to hold herself back because she wanted him to reach his limit. She wanted him to break his own rules for her. And she wanted to see how long he could hold on for.

But suddenly, when she was finally unable to resist his pleas, she saw a confused expression on his face when he told her that he wanted her to ride him. That triggered her memory and she remembered it. Those words were almost exactly the words he said to her before, on one of the nights after their wedding.

This made Abigail think that maybe re-enacting the things they did before might help. So she went and tied him up in exactly the same way she did back then.

"Let me do the work, okay?" she told him and when Alex agreed, she leaned down and kissed him. She delved slowly inside his mouth and then she trailed down to his neck, just under his ear. She remembered that she sucked him there before and gave him a hickey. So she did exactly that as well.

As her tongue trailed downwards, she peered at him through her long eyelashes, watching him as he hissed in pleasure. Her tongue began to play with his nipples, causing Alex to throw his head back, gnashing his teeth.

"Abigail… please… that's enough," he begged once again, Abi lost count of how many times he had said the word please that night. His body stiffened and his face looked a little pained.

She smiled at him and finally she straddled him. His tip touched her wet flower and he groaned. He was so close now. So close, yet so far. All he wanted was to feel her softness surround his hard member, to dive deeply into her and fill her up as much as possible.

His deep groans sounded so sexy in Abi's ears and hearing it aroused Abi even more. She couldn't get enough of it.

Exactly like she did before, she began moving her hips. She didn't let him go inside her, not yet. She instead rubbed herself against him, forwards and back with her killer slow pace.

"Oh… Abigail… you're so bad. You're killing me," he murmured as he sucked in quick, shallow breaths.

She had planned to observe his face to see if there was a hint of that confused look again but at that point, she had become too engrossed in the feeling of desire and pleasure. She wanted him so badly as well and she was so wet and ready for him. He had seduced her and he didn't even have to do anything but groan in pleasure and look at her with tormented desire.

Her juices coated him and in the next second, she lifted herself up slightly and held his long, thick member and guided it inside her slick, slippery entrance. She closed her eyes as she bit her lips, as if she was savoring the indescribable pleasure of him finally sinking inside her again.

She heard him hiss and grunt in both pleasure and pain and the corner of her lips curved up. 'That was an oh-so-sexy sound, Alex…' she thought inside her.

Alex wasn't even halfway yet inside her but she somehow felt like his size had become bigger. Or was it just her imagination? She pressed her palms on his hard, defined abs so she could pull herself up since her knees had become a little weak. But suddenly, her hands slipped down his slippery abs causing her to lose control of her body and her body slammed down on him without a warning.

She swallowed him whole, and that was enough for Alex to explode, just like last night.

Unexpectedly, Abi also exploded as she felt him slide all the way inside her with a slam.

"Bad… bad girl…" Alex murmured and the next moment, Abi heard him rip the belt off his hands. He sat up, holding her on top of him.

He made her look at him and he caressed her cheeks. "Have you finally had enough with your torture?" he asked gently and when Abi nodded, he smiled.

"You are unbelievable. But I haven't had enough of you yet. After what you did to me. I will make love with you until the sun rises until you return to being my good girl again."

"Why? Don't you like me being a bad girl?"

Alex's signature smirk made a comeback. He caressed her lips with his thumb as his gaze at her intensified.

"I like it, this devilishly domineering side of you. But I like my innocent and submissive little lamb, too," he whispered before he devoured her lips with fiery, hungry kisses as his member turned rock hard once again.

He put her down on the bed, switching their positions. He took over and it was his turn to torture this bad, bad, little lamb. He started to move inside her, slowly at first and then faster and faster, sending Abi to the sky every single time he filled her.

However, he couldn't withstand the effect she had on him. He couldn't stop himself from exploring her, from taking her to the highest mountain and then making her fly up high in the sky.

Moans and groans and many other sounds from their love making filled the room and that night, Alex and Abi had the wildest love making ever.