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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 341 - 350 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 341 Not the only one

Alex searched for her and to his relief, he finally saw her.

He swam towards her and caught her w**st as he brought her to the surface.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his hands on her bottom lifting her up. But Abi blinked at him as he looked at her.

"I'm fine. Why did you… wait… you think I drowned?" Abi questioned and when Alex realized that he did something unnecessary, he cleared his throat and averted his gaze.

However, his reaction made Abi chuckle and without thinking, she reached out and held his face, pinching his cheeks lightly. "Geez… you're such a worrywart," she said but she soon realized what she just did and her smile slowly faded.

She attempted to look away and pull away from Alex but the man didn't let go. He instead held her tighter as he brought her to the shallow part of the lagoon where he could stand up.

Abi realized their position. She was being cradled by Alex.

"Uhm… Alex, you can now put me down," She told him when…

"Abigail, I want to k*"s you," he stated. His eyes were already scorching hot, causing Abi to swallow. Their bodies collided once again and the heat that she had missed every night burned her skin.

Abi's grips on his shoulders tightened for a moment. She couldn't say yes even if she wanted to. But he didn't let her answer and his l*p* s**z*d h*r*.

"Nnnn…" Abi tried to protest but Alex didn't let her until she found herself giving in.

"Open your mouth for me, Abigail…" he whispered. His voice deeper and huskier as he said those words and Abi did as he said. He was truly like the god of temptation and sed**tion. Abi could not resist him if her senses weren't prepared enough before his attack.

With that, Alex k***ed h*r ha*d like a hungry starved beast. And even the noise of the falling water ceased to exist. He skillfully ki**ed her, slowly, passionately.

Their heat dominated over the cool water and even the water began to feel hot for them. Ahh… how they loved this feeling… this indescribable pleasure and warmth between them was something they both would kill for.

Alex's h**ds started r**m**g around h*r b**k, p*ll**g her even closer as if he couldn't get enough of their closeness.

And then the molten lava started to flow down her neck. His lips nibbled and licked her and she could only moan. It seemed she was close to her limit too. She was able to stand her ground before because of her anger towards him but now, that anger had been replaced with worry and longing. Abi didn't have enough grunt left to fight his hot and unbearably delicious onslaught. How could she still stop him at this point when her own body was already on fire along with him?

"A-alex…" she uttered his name. She could feel it, the h**d and h*t r*d poking h*r d*wn there.

"Oh… Abigail… I want you right now…" he responded and she felt h*m m*ve. Abi was surprised to find that he had put her down on the rock as he st**ted b**ying his face between the soft valley of h*r ch**ts.

His hands crawled their way up her back to unh**k h*r b** when Abi flinched, grabbing his hair and pushing him away.

"A-alex wait… someone might see –" Abi was anxiously looking around. Her face was so red with embarrassment. She couldn't believe she was allowing him to do these naughty things with her in such an open place. Had she become so naughty or desperate for him?

"Shh… it's okay, no one is around –"

"N-no… someone might come," she insisted, burning red as she pushed Alex's face away again.

Alex licked his lips. Even though she was resisting, he was damn happy because he knew she was doing that because she was afraid to be seen. She was just such a shy and innocent little lamb. Meaning, as long as they weren't in an open place, this woman of his would not push him away again like that night.

Thus, with that thought, Alex suddenly gathered her in his arms, picked up their clothes in one swoop and like lightning, he leapt up with her with only their u*d**w**r on, up to the roadside.

Alex threw the clothes on the front seat and just when Abi thought he would put her down on the passenger seat, Alex opened the back seat. He didn't put her down. He entered with her and shut the car door with a soft thud.

Straddling him, Abi pulled h*r up**r body away from him to look at him but Alex pulled her head towards him and ki**ed h*r h**d again. He was the epitome of the saying 'all hell let loose'.

"Oh god, Abigail…" he uttered against h*r l*p*. His hands had unh**ked h*r b**, releasing her soft tw** p**ch*s.

Alex pulled her up, making her kneel with him between her legs and dev**red one of her br**st*.

Abi's m**n ech**d inside the car. Oh no… this was bad… they were losing themselves…

"A-alex…" she m***ed, her fingers clasped his h*ir h**d, not pushing him, but p*lling h*m. Has she really reached h*r l*m*t as well?

Abi began to feel the t**gling sen**tion, the molten lava inside her stomach as he continued s**k**g h*r br**st*.

And it didn't end there, she felt his h*"d m*ve downwards, between h*r i**er th**hs and he t**ch*d h*r th*re. He ru**ed and mas**g*d h*r there as his l*p* continued to pleasure h*r br**st*.

"F**k! You're so w**, my girl…" he uttered the moment he p**led o*f h*r p**t**s and to***ed h*r dir**tly.

Abi bit her lips. This wave of pleasure was too much… she missed this… she wanted this… she'd been dreaming for her to become one with her beloved once again. He was not the only one… she wanted to make l*v* with him too…