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Chapter 311  Falling

'F*ck. What was going on? What was happening right now?' Alex whispered inside him. His body was losing its strength and he felt like his breath was being pulled away from his body. He had never felt like this before. In his countless years of existence, Alex had forgotten what it felt like to be on the brink of death. He had forgotten how it felt to be helpless and powerless because since he became an immortal, he had never gone through that experience again. He had become invincible.

But at that moment, he felt it. This was that feeling of helplessness, of dread and apprehension that he had long forgotten. His body felt like it had turned into ice. The warmth was no more as if something was sucking it out of his body. Every nook of his body ached with pain he never felt before. What was this? Was his immortality fading? Was he going to die now? But that was impossible, and why would his immortality leave his body?

He tried to push the girl back because she kept holding on to him. He knew he was going to fall because he couldn't even keep his feet on the ground without swaying. His body felt like it was going to crumble into pieces.

He smirked as he told her to let go. He didn't know what was going on. All he knew was that he was going to fall down from here because he no longer had any strength left in his body. He had become useless, as if the only thing left in him was his consciousness.

"Hold onto the… pole…" he said one last time as he looked at her face.

What the hell. What was that expression on her face? Was she worried? About him? No, she must just be scared to be punished by Zeke again. These words could only float inside his head because he couldn't even move his lips anymore. 'Sh*t. What is this? Am I going to finally die now that I've found someone I truly want? Damn, this is funny…'

He felt like he was floating. When did the last time he felt anything like this? He couldn't remember. He thought about that time when he jumped into the furnace to kill himself. His body burned and he felt the pain as the flames licked every inch of his skin but he had never felt like he was close to dying. All he felt was pain. He never felt helpless or powerless despite standing in there all day. Which was why he knew that this time was different. He didn't know if this was what dying felt like but he didn't know what else it could be. Was this finally it? Was he actually going to find the death that he had sought for many, many centuries?

Alex lips curved up slightly. If he had the strength right then, he would have laughed out loud because he couldn't believe that he might really, actually die. If he was indeed dying right then, wasn't he supposed to just smile and savor it? Savor the feeling of drawing one last breath until that final moment came?

He felt his body sway like a leaf blowing in the wind and in the next moment, his feet were no longer touching the roof as his body fell backwards. As he was falling, he decided that he would close his eyes and wait for what would come next. He wanted to know if he was really dying and if he was, he would just smile and let it happen. However, instead of closing, his eyes widened. 'Sh*t! Why? Didn't I tell you to hold onto the pole and wait for Zeke?!'

Alex cursed inside him. The little lamb did not follow his instructions and had actually jumped after him and now they were both falling, hard and fast, to the ground.

'F*ck! She was going to die! Even if he made sure to shield her with his body, at this height, there was no chance of her surviving. She's just only a frail human woman… she would die. Why? Why didn't she just let go of him and hold onto the pole like I told her?! Why did she jump with me? Did she have a death wish?'

The smile on Alex's lips had long faded. His brain that was filled with thoughts of dying was immediately replaced by panic and desperation. What should he do? He couldn't let her die! He wouldn't!

Those were the words that he could only utter inside him. He refused to let her die because he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if she died. It would be all his fault if this little spark of life disappeared from the world. His world.

With that, Alex found himself reaching out, desperate to his bones. All he could think about was his need to save her. He reached out for the strength that had long left his body and for the breath that was still being sucked away from him. He had never been in this kind of situation. This desperation was something alien to him.

He became desperate to bring back his strength, to rise from death's grip so that he could save her. His mind had no other thought than to save her, to not let her die, to keep that spark going even if he had to sacrifice the one and only opportunity that he might have to meet the god of death.

He willed his body to move, to comply with his instructions. He growled and screamed inside him as he imagined how she would die once they hit the ground and his cold body began to burn. The inferno inside him ignited and it burst out like a thunderbolt.

The next second, he felt his strength burst back and he immediately moved to wrap his arms around her frail body when they were just meters above the ground. He turned just before they hit the ground the ground shattered under him as his feet landed on the ground with a big crash.

The dust from the impact rose up and surrounded them as Abi looked at him. Her heart that had stopped beating since she jumped after him to save him, finally began to beat again.

Chapter 312 Anything and everything

Abi was breathless. She thought for a second that she was not going to make it because Alex hadn't moved to catch her the entire time they were falling. She thought that this was going to be her last moment here on Earth but he caught her at the very last second, just before she closed her eyes and prepared herself to die.

She gazed up at his face as the dust settled down.

"A-are you alright?" she asked. She felt his body temperature return to normal but the next moment, he wobbled and dropped to his knees. Abi quickly pulled away from him and held his face.

"Alex! Are you okay? Look at me," she told him but he just closed his eyes and buried his head on the nook of her neck. His body became limp.

Abi started to panic and she shook him gently. "Alex! Alex… please stay with me. Please be okay..." She pushed down her panic as she looked for signs of life. She breathed in deeply to slow down her racing heart and she breathed out a sigh of relief when she felt his heartbeat.

Now that her mind was calmer, Abi looked around to see if she could see someone who might be able to help her and was glad when she saw Zeke already approaching them.

Inside Alex's room.

"Is he okay? He suddenly… he just suddenly fell, Zeke. I think there's something wrong with him. He also looked like he was in pain before he fell," Abi told Zeke once the man was done checking on him.

Zeke looked at her and sighed.

"There's nothing wrong with his body," Zeke replied.

"Then why? I saw him struggling to breathe and his body suddenly turned as cold as ice too. I felt it."

Zeke turned and stared at Alex's sleeping face before he held Abi's arm and led her near the window. "Listen, Abigail," he started, looking intently into her eyes. "At first I thought that he had lost his soul but that theory was proven incorrect judging from his reaction towards you. So then I thought that his soul might still be lurking within him, half dead. But now, after what you told me, I have another theory. I think that he might actually be dying. I think I got it wrong again when I thought that his body wouldn't die."

Abi froze with what she heard. What? Her Alex was dying? But… he was an immortal! He had the dragon's blood running in his veins!

The thought made her feel like she was being strangled. No. Alex could never die.

Looking at her as she shook her head in denial, Zeke took a deep breath and made her look at him. "Of course, this is again just another theory. But there's no other way to explain the things that are going on with him. This is the first time something like this had happened to him. An immortal would never lose his strength and power even if he was being cut into pieces. What happened to him almost seemed like he had turned into a powerless, dying human for a moment. And now, he even passed out. That has never happened before."

"Wh-what should we do? Zeke… please, save him…" Abi's eyes began to well as they both looked back at Alex as he lay on the bed, sleeping so soundly.

"We only have one choice. We have to move now. I think he might be running out of time," Zeke said and Abi looked at him with questions in her eyes. "We are going to leave the castle at dawn to hunt those witches down."

"Are they going to help us save him?"

"No, they won't. These witches have wanted him dead for thousands of years now."

"Then why are we –"

"I told you before, right? Witches can see the future and also the past. They can see the answers of the mysteries that both vampires and humans know nothing about. Their knowledge is their power and that is what we need from them."

"So we need to catch them and force them to speak."

"That's the only way."

"But what if they will not tell the truth?" Abi asked him but Zeke just showed her a wicked smirk filled with malice.

"Don't worry. I have a plan," he replied and his expression returned to normal. "Watch over him closely. I'll go prepare for the journey," he added as he walked towards the door.

He halted by the door and glanced back at her. "Also, make sure to prepare yourself. You can't just follow us around like a useless piece of luggage. You have an important role, too, so I want you to prepare your mind and your entire being. Understand?"

Abi gulped by his words but she eventually nodded. "I understand."


Once the door was closed, Abi walked over to Alex. He was so peaceful when he was sleeping. As she looked at his face, her mind wandered back to what just happened, at how he still managed to save her despite the situation he was in. She knew he did that because he didn't want her to die and her heart swelled at that thought. This man did everything for her. He saved her and suffered for her.

Now that she thought about everything that happened, Abi thought that she wasn't really the one who was hellbent. Or she was, but not as much as him. She was the reason why all of this was happening. Unknowingly, he had loved her and saved her and suffered for the woman who was destined to kill him. And now, he might really be dying.

Her heart ached. She wanted to save him too. What should she do to save him? She wanted to do anything and everything for him. She would never let him leave her again. She would willingly give her life up for him if that was what it took because living without him was the same as dying every day.

Thinking about sealing her vow to herself by kissing him, Abi's lips were about to collide with his when…

"What a sneaky little lamb…" his hoarse voice jolted her.

Chapter 313 Reward

Abi gasped and jolted backwards but Alex's hand was already on her nape holding her in place. He was smiling, showing her that mischievous smile of his. There was no sign of the previous weakness she had seen in him and he was acting like nothing major happened.

Clearing her throat, Abi blinked and tried to think of something to say to explain the sneaky kiss she was about to steal.

"I was just trying to… give you a peck as thanks for saving me," she explained.

Alex fell quiet for a while as he surveyed her face, but in the next second, he stared at her lips and swallowed.

"That's right. I just saved you with everything I had. You have to reward me, little lamb. After all, without me, you'd be dead by now," he uttered, his breath hastening as if he couldn't wait anymore for her to kiss him. "You should be more generous and give me more than just a peck," he added as his finger traced her luscious lips.

Abi could clearly see his desire for her and she felt good goosebumps. She had seen that look on her Alex's face before. She remembered it clearly.

"O-okay," she answered and Alex's eyes widened in disbelief. But a triumphant smile was quick to replace the shock.

"So it happened? You did fall and I caught you and now you have fallen for me, right?" he asked with a confident and joyful look.

Abi looked away. "I am not sure… I just… I just want to reward you."

Alex bit his lips seductively as he pulled her closer. "It's okay. Just a little bit more and you'll submit yourself to me," he whispered before he sat up and leaned against the headboard.

He licked his lips as his eyes became intense.

"Come, little lamb. I can't wait to claim my reward," he uttered and Abi took a silent breath before she crawled on the bed towards him.

Alex watched her every move and just like that, he was seduced. All she did was crawl towards him and it seemed that that was all he needed. 'Damn,' he cursed within him, stopping himself from pinning her down. 'Calm down, Alex. The little lamb is finally coming for you on her own. Don't you dare scare her now!'

Once Abi stopped before him and knelt on the bed, Alex breathing hitched. F*ck. This was it. She was going to kiss him!

Her eyes locked onto his as her hand landed on his shoulder.

"Wait. Don't you want to position yourself into something more comfortable?" he told her. His voice was velvety smooth and sexy. She knew what he was up to and she let herself be seduced. She just wanted to stop thinking and just feel him. Even for a short moment.

So without a thought, Abi lifted her leg and trapped Alex between her legs. Alex had always asked her to do this before, if he wanted her to kiss him. She knew he liked this position and it seemed he still liked it even now.

She watched Alex's lips part in surprise with her bold move. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down. His eyes smoldered with desire. That was right. Both of them wanted this, needed this. They had been apart for way too long. They had missed out on each other's warmth so much, each other's lips.

As if she was running out of time, Abi didn't waste any more second and bent to capture his lips.

The instant their lips collided, sparks flew around them. Alex didn't even wait for a second for her to do the kissing. He was way too starved for her to wait. His hand moved around her waist drawing her closer as his other hand held the back of her head.

Their lips crashed against each other passionately and damn wildly. And she knew! She knew exactly how he wanted her tongue and lips to move. It was as if she knew everything that he wanted, all his desires. And he couldn't help but delve deeper inside her warm mouth. Sh*t, this was too good. Her mouth was the heaven he never tasted.

"Oh, Abigail…" he groaned, not letting their lips part as they caught their breath. "Why… why do you taste so good?" he uttered and kissed her again. He started to suck her tongue, taking Abi back to the last time when they had kissed passionately like this. She started to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach, that familiar feeling of desire. Her hands wrapped around his neck as her knees gave in and she sat on him.

Alex pulled her even closer, the hand on her waist gripped her hard, pressing her towards his body. Her softness brushed against his chest and his hard, raging, little big monster stood tall and mighty under her.

Oh no, they were both losing themselves. This was supposed to be just a kiss… a reward for him saving her.

"Oh f*ck, Abigail. I want you. Right now. I want to f*ck – no… let's make love." Alex didn't know why he changed his mind and used those words. 'Make love', he didn't know what that was. He was very familiar with the word 'fuck' because that was the word he used all the time when he talked about what he did with women in bed. Never had he used the words 'make love' nor even thought about it in all his years of existence.

Oh no, he had said it. Those words Alex used to always say and he even slipped and said the word 'f*ck' like how her old Alex had done. Abi didn't know what to do or say. She was intoxicated. She wanted him so much. She missed him to her bones. And her body longed for him, for his touch, for his lovemaking.

She wanted to just say yes because that was what she truly wanted but…

Chapter 314 The only exception

The arms that were wrapped around Alex's neck moved to his shoulders as Abi slowly pulled away from his. She wouldn't give in to him. Not yet. Not when he still didn't remember her.

Abi didn't know why but there was a voice inside her telling her to be strong and keep her ground, as if giving in to him was the last thing she should do, as if giving him what he desired right now would be something that she would regret. She didn't know why but the almost uncontainable heat and longing that were eating her right then was still not enough to make her heart and mind fully submit to him.

The last time Abi had given in to him was when they went on that romantic trip for two to the snow because during that time, she knew from the bottom of her heart that he loved her so very much, almost as much as she loved him. This was different, because even though her feelings for him were still the same, his feelings for her were not, because to him, she was a woman he just met yesterday.

"I… I'm sorry… I can't…" she uttered and the fire of lust in his eyes was immediately snuffed out. His gaze at her turned serious as his jaws clenched hard.

"Alex, I am already married," she added and surprise took over Alex's dejected look. 'What did she just say? Was she serious right now?'

His eyes narrowed, but he still did not loosen his grip on her. He surveyed her face and a coquettish smirk flashed on his face. "Do you really think I would let you go if you told me that?" he told her, a faint mocking tone evident in his voice.

"It's true. I have a husband," Abi stared deeply into his eyes, letting him know that what she was saying was the truth. There was a tinge of sadness in her voice as she said those words. "H-he left me…" she trailed off as her voice shook with bottled emotions. She looked away and her eyes caught sight of their wedding rings again as she continued. "But I'm still waiting for him to come back to me. I love him. I love him so much. He's the only one I want to be with."

She felt Alex's grip on her waist finally loosen up. "But you said you liked Zeke?" His deep voice echoed and Abi returned her gaze to him. His eyes now looked icy, obviously displeased.

"I… I just like him as a person… I didn't say I loved him," she explained, making Alex's eyes narrow again.

Abi then moved to climb off him when suddenly, Alex pulled her back to him and pushed her down on the bed with him over her, their bodies pressed together in an intimate position.

"Please let go. I am telling the truth. I'm a married woman. You can't –"

"I don't care," he replied, surprising Abi to her bones.

"You… you don't care?" she glared at him. "Do you really get every woman you want even if she has… she has –"

"Don't get me wrong, little lamb. I have no desire to steal another man's woman. And normally, I would not go for married women at all but…" he cut her off as the back of his fingers trailed on her skin. Abi was relieved for a moment but what he said next made her bite her lips and glare at him in disbelief. "But you are the only exception. Besides, your husband…" his voice hardened as he said the word 'husband' before he paused for a moment. "That bastard left you because he obviously did not see the treasure that he had. Since he left, that means your marriage is over, is it not? Let him go, little lamb, and forget about him. His loss will be my gain. I will make you forget about him."

Abi shook her head and struggled to pull away. She couldn't believe he was asking her to forget himself. There was no way she could do that.

"Fine," Alex finally let go and he climbed off the bed. He stood by the bed as he towered above her. He bent down and a wickedly sexy smile was curved on his lips. "It is only the first day, little lamb, so I guess I will take it easy for now. But… I will definitely make you fall for me and get over him. You will be mine… soon. Your body… your soul… and your heart," he declared and before she knew it, he planted a kiss on her forehead. It was the kind of kiss he had never given anyone else before so he was surprised at this small action that seemed so natural for him to do. But seeing the effect of that single kiss made him smile inwardly. "Now stand up my sweet maid, we're going to Zeke's quarters," he said as he turned and walked towards the door.

Abi got up and off the bed, straightened her clothes, before she followed him out the door.

Once they arrived at Zeke's quarters, Abi was left in Zeke's room while the two went to the study. Abi was certain that Alex would talk to Zeke about the things that happened to him so she really wanted to tag along. But she knew she couldn't and Alex didn't want her to come so she ended up waiting in the crown prince's room instead. Well, Alex also insisted that she stay there because it was the safest place for her to be in.

Zeke had informed them earlier that the witch who was currently imprisoned in the dungeon, had disguised herself as one of the guests last night and that she also had an accomplice. This accomplice could be disguised as a royal maid or a guard and who knew what that witch would do if they encountered Abigail on her own. That was why Alex didn't want to leave her in any random place that just anyone could enter.

His thoughtfulness over her safety made Abi's heart swell. In that respect, he hadn't changed at all. He was as protective of her as always.
Chapter 315 Different colours
Looking around this vast room, Abi silently walked towards the window. She remembered what Zeke had told her - that she must prepare herself mentally for their upcoming journey. Was she prepared? What kind of things were waiting for them on this journey they were about to embark?

Abi couldn't help but feel nervous but she was determined. She had to bring Alex back even if it killed her. Her eyes glimmered with hope and strong determination and willpower before she closed them in an effort to train herself. She took a deep breath and directed all her focus to her sense of hearing. And before she knew it, there it was… she started to hear voices… the sound of the wind and the chirping of birds… the creaks and swivels of doors and even footsteps… her world was suddenly filled with nothing but a myriad of different sounds.

Inside the study room.

Alex explained to Zeke the feelings he felt just before he fell off the roof. Zeke listened carefully to his story and when Alex finished, Zeke just nodded.

Zeke told Alex his thoughts on the matter. He told Alex that he thought that he might be in more danger now and that they had to quickly find these witches. Specifically, they needed to find their queen, the most powerful witch of them all because she was the only one that could answer their questions, the only one that could find out the truth about what was going on with him. However, Zeke didn't tell Alex about his latest theory - that he might be dying.

Alex obviously had some doubts from the way Alex looked at Zeke, but Zeke didn't care. The most important thing was that he agreed to go on this journey with Abigail.

After showing Alex his plans, he looked up at the man and asked, "any questions?"

Alex, who was sitting like a boss with one long leg folded over the other as he rested his face on his knuckles, looked back at him with a serious gaze.

"Do you know where he is? My Abigail's husband?" he questioned.

Zeke: ". . ."

Great. Just f*king great! He had spent all this time talking about his plans because their actions needed to be precise and quick and well thought out but did this man even listen to a single word he said?!

Was he f*king serious right now?! Zeke was so frustrated! There were far more important things to be talking about than the whereabouts of Abigail's husband was…

Sigh… Zeke could only sigh like a father who had an inattentive son, one that he might be angry at, but still loved deep down.

"So you finally found out that she was married. I hope your obsession for her is over now," Zeke said. Since he could remember, Alex had never shown any interest towards married women. He heard that back then, he never took any of the queens of the kingdoms he had conquered, even though that was what most of the kings did back in those times. And that hadn't changed for thousands of years. That sense of morality was one of the few things that he seemed to have retained throughout the passage of time, despite the huge number of beautiful, married ladies constantly throwing themselves at him.


"Who said it's over? I want you to find out if that man is still alive, Zeke," he ordered, making Zeke fall speechless.

"And if he's still alive? Then what?"

Alex became silent, a slight frown on his face.

"Are you going to kill him?"

"Maybe. But only if he refuses to divorce her."

". . ."

Idiot. Go ahead, kill yourself! "Sigh, I suggest you stop thinking about those matters for now, Alex. You need to focus on this problem. We need to figure this out first and then you can do whatever you want after that. What if you become weak again and that man beats you up instead and kills you?"

Alex glanced at him and a playful smirk danced on his face.

"Don't worry Zeke. I won't die. Not now that I've finally found something interesting in this boring world," he said as he stood up and turned his back to him as he walked away.

Zeke silently watched him leave. Once the door closed, his expression changed. His eyes became calculating and he wondered where this journey would really lead them.

Abi was still lost in her dark world.

She tried to focus on one voice because she understood nothing. She heard way too many noises. The voices were jumbled like tangled threads, impossible to unravel. She thought that she needed to learn to focus on one voice to be able to listen to what they were saying, because at this point, her ability was pretty useless.

It was useless that she could hear everything if she couldn't decipher one sound from another, let alone listen in to any conversations. She thought that if she could learn to focus, she might ever hear conversations between the witches. If that happened, she would definitely become useful on their journey.

Thus, Abi tried to delve even deeper in her concentration. She let her mind form a picture of all the different sounds she heard and gave each one a different colour. Her mind saw a wavy mass of long strings of all the different colours in the world. She stared at the moving colourful waves in her mind's eye and mentally tugged on a piece of coloured string. That vibration echoed louder and she followed that trail along, trying to pull it away from the tangled mess.

As she followed the coloured string along, she drew closer to its source. She had picked this colour because it was a vibrant yellow, a happy colour and it seemed as if it corresponded to its owner's pitch and tone of their voice. It was a pleasing voice, a happy voice, just like the colour yellow. She thought that the owner of the voice must be a cute, cheerful, young lady.

As she focused more on the source of the thread, the vague, jumbled noises slowly became clearer, as if she was turning the tuner dial on a radio to get a better signal. Then, in the next second, she clearly heard a young lady say, "what's the name of this tea?" and Abi rejoiced at her success.

However, her concentration broke when she heard loud heartbeats moving closer towards her.

Chapter 316 A deal
The heartbeats were slow and deep and they sounded familiar. Abi slowly opened her eyes. "Alex?" she uttered before she turned around.

"How did you know that I was here? Did you feel my presence?" Alex asked as he leaned in on her. He was surprised that she knew he was there because he had concealed his presence, intending to surprise her.

Abi blinked, stepping back as she answered. "I heard your… heartbeats."

"Hmm… that's pretty interesting. How does my heartbeat sound?" His hands landed on the window frame behind her, trapping her. "Did you hear the song it sang only for you?" he smiled and Abi gaped at him, speechless.

Was Alex always this good at flirting and hitting on girls?

Abi cleared her throat and, so that she would not be sucked in by his charm, she changed the topic. "Uhm… when are we going to eat? I'm… hungry," she told him. She hadn't eaten lunch because of what happened to him and she hadn't left his side since then so she was starving now.

Alex let out a quiet sigh and she picked some strands of her hair and played with them. "I'll let you eat but… you should let me eat as well later tonight, okay?"

Abi blushed. She knew what he was talking about and she suddenly remembered their precious moments in that snowy place where he ate… her for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a midnight snack. This man was still as naughty as ever!

A smile curved on his lips as he watched her pale cheeks turn pink. "You know what I'm saying right?"

"Uhm… please. I am your maid. Not your pleasure t-"

"Shh… I have never seen you as a toy."

"You only want my body."

Alex's shoulders dropped as he looked down. "Fine. I'll show you that I'm not just after your body. If I manage to contain my lust for you and not touch you for five days, would that be enough for me to show you I'm not only after your body?"

"J-just for five days?"

"Oh c'mon, little lamb. There's no sane man in this world who could contain themselves for longer than that, especially when I want you so much! In fact, that timeline is already close to impossible especially in my case because I'm crazy for you. We'll be together 24/7 for who knows how long. You'll be torturing me every single minute of every day! That's the world's most challenging battle I have ever decided to go through."

". . ."

"Now say yes, sweet girl. Let's make a deal, shall we?" he smelled the scent of her hair as his eyes looked at her seductively through his dark thick lashes.

Abi wanted to decline but for some reason, she suddenly felt a thrill inside her stomach.

"What if I agree and you fail the deal?"

"Hmm… you can do anything you want with me," he said confidently, flashing her his all too familiar, heart-fluttering smile.

Abi swallowed because he seemed so certain he would not lose but then, a sudden mischievous thought sparked in Abi's mind. He was using this to show her that he was not just after her body? Fine… she would teach him a lesson. Her Alex never used this method to prove his love for her, so she would teach him that this was not the right way.

"Okay, deal," she agreed. She would make sure that he would lose this game he created.

Alex smiled, biting his lips as he looked down at her. "So, are we going to start now, little lamb?" he asked and he let go of her. "Now, come. I have to feed you because I think you're way too frail," he added as he sized her up.

'I lost weight because of you, stupid.' She could only glare at him as they both walked towards Alex's place.

Somewhere in the city.

It was already past seven in the evening as Kelly and Chris found themselves inside a bar. The bar wasn't like the usual noisy bar Kelly was accustomed to. It was pretty quiet and harmonious. There was a girl singing on the stage and the people were quietly singing along.

Kelly wondered if everyone aside from them were vampires, but she didn't care. She wasn't afraid. She had loved this place ever since the first time she came here when she was a young kid. Kai said this place had more vampires than humans but it was one of the safest places in the world. It had the lowest crime rate in the world! This place was the most peaceful country she ever saw. And it was the place that Kai, the vampire prince lived in. How could she not like it.

Her thoughts drifted back to Kai, the man she loved, and she thought that these vampires weren't dangerous at all. As long as they didn't…

Ugh! Kelly slammed her glass of beer on the table.

"Hey, why are you sulking? I am supposed to be the one sulking and being angry at the world like that," Chris told her.

"Shut up. You're not the only one who's heartbroken here."

"Oh. So this rich kid also got rejected, aye?"

"Yeah. That's right. At least you were able to confess properly. Unlike me!"

Chris laughed. "Oh, you didn't even manage to confess. But isn't it better that way?"

"Not at all, idiot. I was rejected before I could even say those three words!"

"Oh… that's terrible then. R.I.P Kelly's heart. Haha."

"Shut up, childhood friend, or I'll beat you up!"

"Geez… stop being so violent. That's why guys don't want to get near you. They're too afraid of being beaten up by you."

"I said shut up, damn it! Damn! I'm really itching to beat someone up. Can you volunteer?"

"Hell no! Don't you even dare. I'm a famous person. That would make headlines! I'm broken enough as it is!"

"I don't care."

"I care, geez. Go pick someone else. Anyone but me!" Chris even prepared himself to flee at the smallest sign from her. He had experienced this woman's wrath before. She was a pure amazonian, jungle lady. And since then, Chris had never seen her as a dainty woman again. He always imagined her as a bulky wrestler lady and she definitely scared him. Who the hell would stand a woman like her?

"Look. There's a guy much more good looking than me. Right there, he's been looking at you for a while now. I think he wants a beating. Now go. I believe that guy definitely wants a good beating from you," he coaxed her and even held her shoulders to make her face the man he was talking about.

He pushed her a little but to his surprise, the amazon suddenly froze as her eyes focused on the pretty man he was talking about....

Chapter 317 Did it matter?
Kai didn't plan to show up in this place. He was sent by Zeke to make sure that Kelly and Chris didn't create any trouble before they went back home. He was also warned by Zeke to make sure that Kelly did not do anything outrageous for her own sake. That was why Kai was there. At the same bar. Watching them.

He had been following them for a while now until they ended up in a bar. Kai was too engrossed at listening to her rants that he subconsciously turned to look at her because he became worried that the girl would actually go and try to beat someone up. He knew that Kelly was a strong girl and definitely a well-trained fighter but she was still only a human and she wouldn't be able to beat just any random man in this place, except for the human guy who was with her. And that was why it was too late for him to hide when she suddenly turned towards his direction.

Their eyes met and Kai didn't know why but he held his breath. He had been there the whole time and he heard it when she said that she didn't even have the chance to say those words. His heart skipped a beat when he had heard her say that. He didn't know that she had felt that way towards him. He thought her feelings towards him weren't to that extent.

With their eyes still locked on each other, Kelly began to move. She didn't release him from her gaze. Kai's grip subconsciously tightened at the edge of the table. It was not because he was afraid to be beaten up. He didn't mind being beaten up by her. It didn't hurt him anyway. But he was afraid of what could happen between them afterwards. He had already decided to let her go so she could go back to her usual life and live the normal, carefree life she had been living before he came into her life. He didn't want to put her life in danger any more than he already had. But then, here she was, approaching him again. He thought she would never come after him again. He thought she would just go home and forget about him.

She stopped in front of him, slammed her hands on the table as she leaned closer to his face. She was close enough to smell her breath and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. Thank goodness the bartenders didn't forget to give them drinks for humans.

"Why are you here?" she asked, not beating around the bush.

Kai found himself spacing out for a moment. "I came to make sure that both of you got home safely," he answered, meeting her intense gaze.

"Oh. So I'm under surveillance now? Are you going to keep following me until I reach home?"

"No." He looked down. "Just until you board the plane," he added, as honest as ever.

Kelly's gaze deepened. She suddenly felt like laughing. If this was someone else, Kelly would have never approached him. What she usually would do if she saw the man that rejected her in the same bar was to approach and grab another guy and dance with him to show the guy that rejected her that she didn't care. But why could she not do the same to this damn prince. Why did she approach him in an instant upon spotting him?

It seemed she was truly smitten. Innocent looking people, like her Abi, seemed to be really dangerous for her. She just couldn't resist them. She realized she was smitten by this beautiful creature. Why couldn't she have him? That damn icy devil Alexander Qin managed to marry her innocent Abi so why couldn't she also have this little cutie pie before her? This just wasn't fair! She finally fell in love for the first time and it had to be to someone she couldn't be with. Why was fate so cruel?

For the first time, she felt beaten but she also wanted to hold on and not let go. And because of that, Kelly felt a boldness that she had never felt before – the boldness that a young woman in love possessed, where nothing scared her.

"Your flight is to –"

Before he could even finish his statement, he swallowed his words and looked at her in disbelief. The girl suddenly lifted her long legs and sat on his lap, straddling him as she faced him. She then wrapped her arms around his neck, gazing at him intensely.

Next, she took his hand and pressed it against her chest, to make him feel her heartbeat, the heart that beat for him only.

"I love you," she confessed, as straightforward as ever. She had said that she had regretted not being able to tell him how she felt about him and now that he was here, she took the first opportunity to confess her feelings for him.

Kai opened his lips and closed them again. He was lost for words. He didn't know what to say. He felt like his brain was shutting down.

He didn't know how to feel at that moment. Her words made him question his own feelings towards her. Did he feel the same?

Their interactions with each other had always been her making a move towards him. He thought it was just a game for her, a game of cat and mouse. He thought that she was just doing it for entertainment. That all changed last night when they had… well, become more intimate. That was the turning point in Kai's eyes. That was when he realised that his feelings for her may be deeper than he thought. His admiration for her somehow turned into something more, something deeper than that. He liked her in the way a man liked a woman. He did have feelings for her. But was it love? Even if it was, did it matter?

He knew that it was impossible for them. He already told her that, already explained it to her so why… Why was she doing this now?
Chapter 318 The most selfish line
"K-kelly… I –"

Once again, he was cut off. This time, she kissed him, in that oh so intimate position, in front of many eyes. Kai was again losing it. Why did she have to be so bold? Her boldness was driving him insane!

His hand moved on her shoulders to pull her away from him before… before all hell broke loose.

But Kelly activated her koala grip. She refused to let go. "I won't let go. I will kiss you until you agree to become mine."

Kai saw everyone's eyes on them. He knew they could hear what she was saying so without a choice, Kai stood up, with Kelly the Koala still clinging on him. He carried her out of the bar like he was cradling a baby - a big baby.

Once they reached the car, Kai put her down in the passenger seat but the hooligan Koala still wouldn't let go. He sighed and walked towards the other side and sat on the driver's seat with her.

He dialed a number on his phone, ignoring the girl cradled in his arms. "I will leave the man to you. Make sure to watch him closely," he said on the phone and when someone said 'yes', he ended it.

"That was a girl Who is she?" she asked.

"One of my female cousins."

"Oh. So she's royalty as well? Why would she be the one following Chris around and not some vampire guard or cop or something?"

"She volunteered. She's a fan of that Chris guy."

"Oh, so she's his stalker? Is she cute? Cute stalkers can get away with being a stalker. Wait, where are we going? Are you bringing me back to the palace?" Kelly smiled coquettishly.

"To the airport," he answered, eyes looking straight towards the road.

Kelly's smile instantly faded. Uncaring that they were in a moving car, Kelly kissed him. The car immediately slowed and Kai somehow managed to park it safely on the roadside.

"Kelly!" his voice thundered as he pulled her back. This was the first time this prince yelled at her. He closed his eyes and looked down, feeling guilty, when he realized his tone. "Please… I already told you… it's not… it's not possible for us."

"You never know unless you try, prince."

"They tried Kelly. Someone I knew tried and it ended in disaster. So please listen to me. This is for your sake."

"So you're pushing me away not because you don't love me but because I would be in danger, right?"

Kai couldn't reply. Not because he didn't love her? He didn't know. All he knew was that he just couldn't leave her alone. And he couldn't resist her. His heart right now sped up abnormally every time she kissed him. Since they left his room this morning, he had this feeling deep within him that he didn't want her to go.

"It's okay, baby, don't be scared." She cupped his face and smiled. "I don't mind being in a relationship without sex," she added, making Kai close his eyes and throw his head back. "Well, I am lusting after you so I might not be able to stop myself from doing naughty things with you but… doing naughty things like what we did last night didn't harm me, no? So it's fine, right?" She grinned as Kai opened his eyes again and looked at her.

"Don't worry too much, baby," she whispered as she licked his lips. "Let's give each other a chance, shall we? Let's just test it. If… if we're really not meant to be then I will give up. But right now, I don't want to give up without even trying."

Kai knew this was a bad idea. He had seen it before. Doing this would only cause more heartache and if it ended badly, that ending would be brutally… painful. So why couldn't he say no? Why couldn't he push her away? Why did he… why did he suddenly want to be selfish now?

In a way she was right. A sexless relationship might actually work… No! Damn, what was he thinking?

Kai buried his head on her shoulder. His silky hair rubbed against Kelly's face and she smelled his fresh and yummy scent. He was like a spring flower she wanted to smell all day, all night.

"If I say 'no', what will you do?"

Kelly froze and didn't respond. She was silent even when Kai lifted his face and looked at her. She just stared at him, unmoving like a doll.

Kelly didn't really think of a plan B, of what she would do if he had rejected her. When she decided to confess to him, she had only meant to do it so that she would have no regrets. But as she said those words, she realised that she didn't want to just leave things like that. She wanted to at least push and try and do everything she could to make it work so that even if it didn't work out in the end, she could look back and tell herself that she had done everything she could possibly do. At that point, she would move on without looking back, without regret. Maybe.

The silence dragged on. It was deafening and the intensity of her gaze was something Kai couldn't bear.

"Fine." he gave in. "Let's try..."

A smile broke on Kelly's face and she hugged him. "Oh gosh! You really are such a sweet, cutie pie. This is why I fell in love with you." She kissed his cheek. She looked so happy and relieved and excited.

"Thank you," she whispered and then, her lips found his. She parted his lips and he let her in and in just a matter of seconds, the car started to be filled with moans from their intense kisses. She was just so good at this whole kissing thing and it didn't help that he was very attracted to her too. She pressed her body against him until there was no more space left between them.

She was like a merciless wildfire, burning him. Even his guilt didn't escape. It felt crazy but it seemed he wanted to be burned by her. And for the first time he uttered the most selfish line he had thought in some time, 'come what may'.
Chapter 319 Rings
"Okay, can we have a proper date tonight, my Prince?" Kelly asked when their lips finally parted. He was glad that she pulled away because he found that he just couldn't.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked her and Kelly showed him a playful yet expectant smirk.

"I want you to show me your powers," she grinned, cupping her fists as she looked at him with excitement.

"You said you wanted to have a proper date."

"Well, don't vampires have their date on top of trees, under the lover's moon?"

Kai was speechless. "That's the kind of date you want?"

She nodded like an old monk and Kai couldn't help but smile.

"Alright, but you're gonna have to unglue yourself from my torso first."

Kelly, the koala, finally let go and she climbed off the car.

Kai followed and he squatted on the ground in front of Kelly. She immediately hopped on, piggy back style, before he could say anything.

"Ahhh! I'm so excited," she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Don't girls like to have romantic, expensive dinners or things like that on their first date?"

"Oh c'mon, baby boy, what's the fun in doing all that boring stuff! I have a vampire boyfriend so, of course I would rather do new and fun things that no mortal human man could ever give me. Oh wait… you are my boyfriend now, right?"

Kai: ". . ."

"Silence means yes. Okay. Got it." She craned her head over his shoulder to look at him. "I'm ready for the ride of my life, my man," she added as she kissed his cheek. She didn't see it but his ears reddened when she called him 'my man'.

Surprisingly, it tickled him and he liked it.

"Hold on tight."

"Yes, boss!"

And thus, he jumped. Kelly screamed from excitement so Kai landed on one of the street posts. "Don't scream. I told you, vampires can hear you."

"But it's amazing! It's like riding on a roller coaster!"

"Are you scared? We can go back to the car and –"

"No, no, no!" she protested before she leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "I love roller coaster rides, baby, especially when you're the one I'm riding."

Kai coughed. Damn. Was she really trying to seduce him right now?

Trying to hide his reaction from her, Kai jumped again, causing the girl to cling tightly onto his neck and shut her mouth. He leapt from post to post in a very fluid manner. He was slow and graceful because he wanted her to enjoy the experience. Kai knew this was wrong. He knew he was being selfish. He should be pushing her away instead of pulling her in. Even though she chose to take this leap, it was his responsibility to keep his ground and say no because he was the one who knew better. Only an impossible future was for them at the end of this.

But he just couldn't say no to her. Maybe he had been longing for someone to love too, for someone to stay beside him no matter the danger it brought. He didn't know he was this kind of person. He didn't know he was this selfish and starved for someone's affection, for someone who would tell him that she loved him despite it all.

At that moment, there was only one thing in Kai's mind and that was to make her happy as long as he could until the day came when she would finally get tired of him. When she couldn't stand the kind of relationship they agreed on, he thought that she would eventually leave him. He was surprised at the tinge of pain he felt as he imagined that day, but he told himself that it was alright because he was still thankful that someone at least fought for him. He would still be thankful that he had crossed paths with this interesting girl that was hugging him right then. All he wanted was for that time to come slowly so that he could prepare himself.

Kai landed on top of the tallest birch tree which overlooked the city.

Kelly's mouth was opened wide.

"Haha. I feel like I'm a heroine in a movie." She giggled.

"How was that?"

"Inexplicable. I wished I could yell and scream at the top of my lungs! Darn. Can you imagine riding a roller coaster and not being allowed to scream your heart out?!"

"Well… I never rode one so…"

"Geez… you don't have any idea how …uh, never mind. Anyway, was that your fastest speed?"


"Aww. So you're being so considerate of me?" Her gaze turned sexy. Kai had let her stand on a tree trunk with her hands wrapped around his neck. "I think I should reward you for being such a good boy," she added and she kissed him again.

This time, their kiss was more passionate. Slow and sensual. Kelly was not a wild beastess anymore and her kiss was soothing, as if she was telling him that it was okay, that everything will be okay and he needed to just enjoy the flow, live for the moment and not worry about tomorrow.

Back in the palace.

Abi was busy packing. Her luggage from the hotel she checked in at had just arrived. Zeke told her to just take the bare necessities because they would be going to the mountains and remote villages.

Alex was just sitting there, like a good boy watching her. He was really doing his best, it seemed, to win the deal.

Abi ignored him until she finished everything. Finally, everything was ready. She looked at him and their eyes met. She wanted to start pushing him to break the deal but it was already late and they had to wake up early for the journey. The plan was for the three of them to leave the palace without notice.

Taking a deep breath, Abi decided to back off for now. She needed a proper rest, too.

"Are you still not going to sleep?" she asked. "I am a little tired now."

Alex tilted his head as he glanced at the bed. "Go ahead. I'll join you later." He sounded pretty calm.

"Okay." Abi then sat beside him, ignoring his gaze on her. She was about to lie down but her eyes caught sight of the rings again, creating a lump in her throat. She felt hurt seeing these precious rings just being left there like they were just a cold display. "Uhm… Alex… you said you don't know who owned these rings, right?… Can I have them? I will give them back to you when you find the owner."

Alex's eyes finally moved away from her face. That was right. Those mysterious rings. Those rings were as peculiar as her.

"Why do you want them?"

"Because, uhm… I feel bad that they're being left there all alone."

Alex stood up and walked over her. He picked the rings and leaned by the table, facing her.

He held the necklace and let the rings hang between them.

His eyes smoldered. "Okay, I will give them to you." he said. "But in one condition…"

Chapter 320 Mistake
"But in one condition."

She looked at him in anticipation. Was he going to try and renegotiate their deal? Somehow, Abi could already tell this man was up to no good but it didn't matter what his conditions were because she was determined to have those rings. She was willing to do anything to get them.

"What is it?"

"Tell me you'll agree first," he said as he flashed his killer smile.

Abi hesitated. "That's not nice. You should at least tell me the condition first."

"Well, fine… I changed my mind. I'm not giving them to –"

"Fine! Okay. I'll agree as long it's something I am capable of doing. Happy?" Abi panicked for a moment and she immediately agreed. She tried to convince herself not to agree with his ridiculous request but… these were their wedding rings and she really wanted to keep them with her. Those rings symbolised the most memorable moment of their life. Those rings symbolised their love for each other, all the experiences they had gone through together and all the promises that they gave to each other. Those rings were one of the most important things to her, to them.

She couldn't help but glare at him. This Alex was really pushing her to the edge and she couldn't help but want to punish him for playing with her like that, especially when she saw him flashing that mischievous triumphant smirk of his.

"I can't believe you actually agreed so quickly, little lamb. Did you actually want to have these things that badly?" he narrowed his eyes, curious as to why she actually agreed just like that.

Abi pressed her lips tightly. She realized that her actions had given her away. She was being too obvious. "Yes. That's right. The jade ring is beautiful, who wouldn't want it?"

Alex's smirk faded and a flare of wonder and curiosity flared in his eyes. "You really are such a peculiar girl. You refused me when I said I would give everything in the world to you, yet now you're doing all this just for a little old ring."

"Because I don't want everything in the world, Alex. I don't need them. There are only a few things I want in my life."

Their eyes locked and silence reigned between them for a moment. "And I'm not among those few things, right?"

Abi didn't answer. She didn't know what the safest thing would be to tell him. She couldn't refute it and say that it wasn't right because she knew he would lock on to that like a dog with bone. She knew that if she said that then the man would probably take it to the extreme and hound her to no end and then she would be in a world of trouble. But then again, she couldn't say that it was right because that would have been a lie and one that had the potential to hurt them both. That question really stumped her and the silence dragged on as she tried to find an answer that wouldn't backfire on her.

Gladly, Alex straightened up and didn't wait for her answer. He stepped a little closer to her and he leaned over her until their faces were only inches apart.

"Okay, this is my condition, little lamb…" he started and Abi almost swallowed.

Could it be that he was going to ask her to divorce him, my 'husband'? She did say that she would do it as long as it was something she could do.

"Touch me."

Abi: ". . ."

For a second she felt relieved that he didn't ask her to divorce this runaway husband but after the initial relief, Abi felt dumbfounded. 'Huh?'

"Our deal is that I can't touch you for five whole days. Doesn't that mean that it's okay if it was you who did the touching instead?" He raised his hand and put the necklace on her, being very careful not to touch her skin. Alex had realized within these few hours since he made the deal that this deal would be more than torturous for him. He knew that it would take all of his self control and restraint to win this deal but only just now realized that this just might be an impossible task. How the hell was he going to survive five whole days without any body contact with her? He thought that he might have a chance, that he could at least bear it, if he could hug her and cuddle her.

He had been thinking about what he should do about this since they first made the deal. That was why he was glad this chance just magically showed up. It seemed lady luck was on his side tonight.

With a playful smirk, Alex straightened but he didn't avert his eyes off her. "I have chosen the easiest task, little lamb, in exchange for these rings. You should be thankful," he said and he climbed on the bed.

He laid down on the bed, relaxed, as if he had finally solved all his troubles and now his mind was calm enough to get to sleep well, and sleep well he would.

"Now come, my sweet maid. Let's go to bed." he said, folding both arms under his head. "Touch me," he then said, as if she had already forgotten the deal they made just less than a minute ago.

Abi finally moved and laid down on her side of the bed. He did make a good point, there. Their deal was that he wasn't allowed to touch her, but that didn't mean she couldn't touch him. But because he wasn't specific with the instructions of how he wanted her to touch him - this reminded her of all those times he had asked her to do something and she did the wrong thing because he wasn't very specific - she decided to literally follow his words like her old self and turned to her side and just poked him in the cheek. She then lay down on her back again, drew up the covers up to her chin and closed her eyes to get some rest.

Alex looked at her. "What are you doing?"

"I touched you, like you asked me," she answered matter of factly as she opened her eyes and turned to look at him.

A throaty chuckle left his mouth.

"Fine. I will let that be since you look really cute right now," he said as he faced her and felt her ear turned a little hot.

They stared at each other and then Alex lay back down and turned to his side facing her. Not even five seconds later and he closed his eyes and gave her another set of instructions.

"Move closer, little lamb. This time put your arm around my waist," he instructed clearly as he smiled invitingly and Abi knew she could no longer get away with her plan. With a soft sigh, she turned to face him and she placed her arm over his waist.

Alex bit his lips the moment he felt her heat envelope him. Abi yawned. It had felt like a very long day for her and now all the events that took place finally caught up to her.

"Goodnight, Alex," she said sleepily. Alex felt the urge to tuck the stray strand of her behind her ear but he forced himself to keep still, his eyes contemplative.

The next moment, the girl closed her eyes and fell asleep in no time, leaving Alex wondering once again if he had made a grave mistake in asking her for this condition.