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Chapter 321 Village

A soft alarm echoed inside their room, waking up the sleeping beauty. She turned over on the bed and lay on her back, moaning at the sudden interruption. Was it time already? She felt that she barely got any sleep at all!

She counted to ten before she forced her eyes open, and rubbed the sleep from them. 'Alright! Wake up, Abi. It's time to go,' she encouraged herself. She turned the bedside lamp on, flung the covers off her and got up off the bed. She stretched and then looked back at the bed to see if she needed to wake Alex up.

Her eyes were met with a pair of charcoal eyes already awake and alert. Her heart thudded in her chest for a wild second.

"Good morning, Alex. How long have you been awake for?" she asked, trying to calm her racing heart. God, why did he have to look so damn good?

"Good morning, little lamb. I woke up not too long ago," he answered.

"Oh. Okay. Well, I'm going to go and get ready," she told him before she escaped to the bathroom.

When Abi left the bathroom, she was already changed and she looked like she was ready for the day ahead. Her eyes were bright and sharp. She saw that Alex was also ready to go.

They both grabbed their backpacks and put them on before they finally left the room.

The outside world was still under the cover of darkness, the perfect time to sneak out of the castle. As they entered the corridor, Alex and Abi stopped by an open window. In the next second, Abigail was lifted up by Alex as he jumped on top of the windowsill.

Abi didn't kick up at him touching her because this was all part of the plan. Alex had to carry her because he was going to jump out from the window to the ground and there was no way Abi could do that on her own. This was the quickest and safest way to sneak out without being seen by any of the guards or the residents of the castle.

Still, Abi couldn't help but give him a look of warning, as if to tell him that she was on to him and that he better not try anything funny.

"What? This is an exception," he said in response and just smirked. "Hold on tight," he added and when she wrapped her arms around him, he leapt off the windowsill and they were falling to the ground. Alex landed with a soft thud and he looked around, making sure no one was around.

They then headed towards the foot of the hill, with Alex still carrying Abi because it was faster that way, to their rendezvous point.

When they got there, they saw a nondescript car waiting for them, with the engine already rumbling. Zeke was sitting in the driver's seat, waiting for them to get in.

Alex finally, reluctantly, put Abigail down and she climbed into the back seat, while Alex sat in the front passenger seat. The moment the doors closed, Zeke accelerated off towards their destination. He drove the car like a maniac that Abi put her seatbelt on and held onto it tightly.

Eventually, she spoke.

"I didn't think we would be taking a car," she said, voicing her surprise at their mode of transport. She thought that because this was a reconnaissance mission that they would prefer a less conspicuous approach.

"Yes. Why? Would you prefer to go by foot?"

"Well, no, but… I thought…"

"Unfortunately, running with you isn't an option. You'd be destroyed by the time we arrive there if we did that."

The conversation ended at that. Abi knew that Zeke had a plan so she would just go along with that.

Meanwhile, Alex was still savouring being able to hold her for a short time that he didn't listen to the conversation at all. He just closed his eyes and pictured that moment when he picked her up and was able to hold her close to him. He still felt the heat of her body on his skin and she smiled at the thought.

As they drove along, the sun started to rise up, spreading its long wings over the country and Abi could not help but gasp in awe again at how amazingly beautiful this country was. The snowy mountains were almost blinding from the sun's kiss. The trees that lined the roads reached out towards the sunlight, ready to receive its warm blessings. Abi could not get enough. Even as they sped through the windy roads, her eyes were glued to the outside world, trying to memorise all the wonderful things she was seeing.

After a few hours, the car finally started to slow down so Abi immediately sat up from her seat to take a look outside and holy moly, what a sight it was.

They were entering what seemed like a small village that was built around a small river which flowed through in the middle of it. That village itself seemed to be much the same as the other villages they had passed by, which mainly consisted of a small cluster of gray-toned, stone houses scattered along the land. The main difference between those other villages and this one was that this village was built beside a tall cliff with a huge waterfall down the side of it, feeding the village's river.

The waterfall started from the top of the cliffside and made its way down the bottom of the cliff, showering the village with many small rainbows as the sunshine poured through the sprays from the waterfall. She didn't know a place like this existed! She thought that she had seen the most amazing sight she would ever see when they went to see the Northern Lights but this was just as spectacular. She was speechless!

There were so many things that this kingdom was hiding from the world and she felt very lucky to be able to see these things that not everyone would have the opportunity to.

Chapter 322 Date

"This is such a beautiful place. Do witches really live here?" Abi asked. She was simply awed. It was just too beautiful, it could be called paradise.

She couldn't believe that a witch was actually living in a place like this. Of course, from all the books she had read, she had imagined a dull, eerie place in the woods or something akin to that when she found out that they were heading to the northernmost village of the country! So seeing this village, which was as far from her imagination as it could be, she was completely awestruck by the natural beauty and this feeling of peacefulness coming from the place.

"Yes. The witches like to stay in places like this, close to the black forest, where they can run to escape from danger. They know the dark forest well so they have a high chance of escaping when vampires spot them." Alex replied.

"So you're saying that they are living and roaming around as one of the villagers?"

"Yes. This village in particular is composed of only humans."

"Really? All of them?" Abi looked at him with wide eyes, surprised.

"Yes. These people are the descendants of one family who came to live here hundreds of years ago. The first family who settled here were the royal family of an overthrown kingdom. The exiled king happened to be this country's king's friend so he had allowed them to settle here in peace. They vowed to keep the country's secret and never leave the place in exchange for the protection from vampires. Now, that family grew into a village."

"That's a very interesting story," she uttered, still gushing at the sight before her eyes. "They must've been so thankful to be living in this paradise peacefully."


"What's the name of this village?"

"White Falls Village."

"White falls... It's a nice name."

The car idled in front of a small hotel. It looked picturesque. It was made of wood and there were flowers hanging all over the bricks.

"You two will stay here for the day," Zeke, who was a mute the entire trip, finally spoke.

Alex stepped out and took their luggage out and placed them by the stairs.

Abi watched Zeke's car leave with a slight frown. He was supposed to stay close to them, right?

"What? You want Zeke to stay with us in the hotel?" Alex leaned behind her. "Too bad for you but Zeke isn't interested in becoming a third wheel."

A smirk played on his face before he turned and walked up the stairs towards the door. Abi could only follow him in silence as an old lady welcomed them.

She led them upstairs and showed them their room.

Once the lady left, Alex walked out the door towards the small terrace. Abi got attracted by the beauty outside as well and she followed him. They could now see the village, the huge rock mountain in the background and the majestic falls.

Ah, this was so refreshing…

Abi closed her eyes to savor the cool, fresh air. There was no pollution in the village. There were cars parked up around the place but there were only a few of them. It looked like these were only used for long trips outside the village as she could see that all the people were mostly going about their business on foot or on bicycles.

The greenery was just too breathtaking to ignore. She just couldn't believe it! She breathed in deeply to take in this unpolluted air into her lungs. Again, she felt a very keen sense of something extraordinary in the air, as if magic surrounded the entire place.

She never thought that this was the kind of place they were going to. She almost felt like she was off on a vacation, and not on a witch hunt.

When she opened her eyes, Alex was observing her face closely.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

Abi blinked. Well, Alex had been very well behaved since this morning and it seemed that he really was taking their deal seriously because he was actually maintaining a safe distance between them. It also seemed to her that he was abstaining from teasing her.

"I was wondering if we were allowed to go out." she said. Well, she really wanted to explore the place. She didn't know how long they would be staying there so she wanted to at least look around while she still could. She thought it might be okay for them to look around since Zeke still hadn't given her any instruction at all. He didn't even say anything before he left them.

That was why she could only deduce that they were not going witch hunting just yet. Maybe he was giving her time to rest? Or maybe, he was waiting for night time to come? If that was so, then going exploring might be alright while they waited for Zeke's signal.

"So you want to go on a date with me, huh? Sure…" he smiled and Abi was once again speechless. Just when she thought he was behaving himself, he then went and threw this her way. She could only shake her head as she headed towards the door.

They left the hotel and Abi skipped on the narrow street made of bricks, with flowers hanging from the walls.

'This place was really unique,' she thought, and for a long while she lost herself, too engrossed from enjoying their exploration. Well, it had been too long since she went out for anything like this. The past three months were like a whole season of gloomy weather. Those past three months felt like the sun never rose and she couldn't see the beauty in anything. That was why she felt really revitalized at being able to at least see these things now because Alex was with her now, despite the fact that he had forgotten her.

Stopping in her tracks, Abi turned around with a wide smile but what she saw was Alex standing far behind her.

Abi immediately jogged back to him. She couldn't go too far away from him. Who knew if there were witches in disguise lurking around?

Seeing his face as she approached him, Abi suddenly remembered how Alex looked when she had forced him to help her to sell those cakes from their booth. Somehow, this bored expression looked exactly like the expression he wore at that time.

"If you want to go back we can –"

"Aren't you supposed to be holding my hand, huh? Little lamb? What if someone takes this stunning creature away?" He pointed to himself cheekily.

Abi could only gape at him. But without any more ado, she took his hand, causing Alex's lips to curve up. His bored face literally brightened up as he intertwined their hands.

This feeling made Abi's heart flutter. It was like they really were on a date and it made her feel nice.

Time passed and they arrived at a café in an old house made of bricks. The front door had flowers draped over it like a curtain and it looked very inviting.

The sun looked to have hidden behind some dark clouds and when she looked up, she felt a few small drops of rain land on her face so she pulled Alex inside.

They sat by the glass window, overlooking the street as they waited for the coffees they had ordered. A waitress soon brought over their order and placed the mugs on the table.

Abi was all smiles and Alex had been watching her bright smile since the moment they stepped out of the car. He felt something different whenever she smiled like that and he liked it.

"This place is really romantic," Abi told him as she sighed.

"Hmm? It's romantic because the one you're with is me, Abigail. The place is only 10% of it," he smirked.

Oh God, why was he getting cheekier by the day?

Abi glanced at him through her mug. He wasn't wrong. She probably wouldn't have enjoyed this without him, well, at least not as much as she did now. She was happy. She was so happy to be able to spend moments like this with him again. But she couldn't say that to him.

Clearing her throat, Abi looked away and stared through the glass window. The sky was becoming more gray now. Gone was the blue sky. The village was still beautiful but seeing the sky right then made Abi finally feel like they were there for something else, and not for a vacation. She wondered why Zeke didn't tell them what the next plan was. What were they supposed to do now? She was still in the dark as to the details of this witch hunt. She wondered where he was because at that moment, she really wanted to know it too.

"What are you thinking?" Alex's voice pulled her out her thoughts.

"Uhm… I was wondering where Zeke is." she answered and Alex's face immediately darkened with displeasure.

Abi looked down, sensing how he seemed to really dislike her mentioning Zeke's name. "Uhm… I…" she tried to think of another distraction but as she tried to say something, her ears suddenly picked up a familiar type of heartbeat and her eyes widened.

Chapter 323 Take me

Meanwhile, at the capital…

Kelly groaned as she woke up. She opened her eyes but then she quickly closed them again as she put an arm over them to shield them from the brightness of the sunlight. With her arm still blocking the sun from her eyes, she slowly opened them to see that she was inside a large room, lying down on a huge black bed. She noticed that this didn't look like Kai's room at the castle but then her mind was instantly diverted towards the man himself!

She looked around, looking for Kai, but found that he wasn't there. She slowly stood up, noticed the big shirt she was wearing and a big smile formed on her face. She was about to fall back on the bed to reminisce about her hot date last night when her stomach protested.

It was already past noon and she was famished. Deciding to get up and search for some food instead, she walked out the door and was instantly met with a delicious aroma of food, making her stomach grumble even more. 'Feed me,' it complained.

Kelly followed her nose which led her to the kitchen and while the aroma of the food was very enticing, it wasn't nearly as yummy as the sight that met her. Her delicious Prince charming was standing by the stove, wearing a cute apron, stirring something on a pan. At that moment, he really looked like a very doting, domesticated husband.

Aww, she couldn't help but imagine him as her husband and her heart swelled. Without calling out to him, she quickly ran towards him and gave him a tight hug from behind as the things that happened the night before flashed in her head.

Last night…

"I don't want to go home yet," Kelly said as Kai carried her on his back. The darkness had truly settled at this point and Kai had been intending on dropping her off to her hotel room, sooner rather than later.

"Let me stay with you for a while, please?" Kelly asked when she felt that Kai was thinking of finishing up their date.

They were on top of one the tallest buildings in the country and the view was magnificent. The lights that were scattered throughout the city made it seem like the sky was now below them instead of up above. Kelly looked down at the scenery and sighed inwardly as he continued trying to persuade Kai to let her stay.

"I'm on vacation anyway so it's not a problem for me to stay for a while. Please?" she negotiated. However, there was an undercurrent in Kelly's tone, as if she was hiding something or running away from something.

Kelly also had her own life changing secret. What was waiting for Kelly back at home was her engagement to some man she didn't really know.

Her family was quite wealthy and she was the only daughter. Over the past three months, her grandparents had been busy setting her up on a lot of blind dates with sons of other wealthy families. She was now 23 and her grandparents were very unsubtly telling her to get married and give them their great-grandchildren. Kelly was the only hope of the Yang family. She stood to inherit the huge amount of wealth of the Yang family, being the only grandchild, but only under the condition that she marry the man her grandparents chose for her. It sounded stupid but her family was the typical, wealthy, traditional type where money and prestige mattered. Even her parents couldn't escape its claws and Kelly herself was the product of that arranged marriage.

She knew this was coming. And being the only daughter, she knew she couldn't escape it. She had made a deal with her parents to give her a year of freedom, a year to do whatever she wanted and after that time, she would go home and take on the responsibilities of the sole heir of their family's line. That burden was hers to bear.

She felt like the whole world was on her shoulders and she had just barely finished school. Was she supposed to grow up straight away and take all those responsibilities at such a young age? Was she going to even be able to live a little? She had all this money but she couldn't even do what she wanted with it! She knew the kind of life that awaited her, the kind of life she would have to live to fulfill her family's wishes and the thought of it scared her a little.

And so, she made a deal with her parents.

Kelly had spent the year doing whatever she wanted. She partied hard, travelled to all the places she wanted to see, met plenty of people (as well as beat up many more) and it felt amazing. For someone who had been living like a caged bird, that year of freedom was like air to a drowning man. The freedom of being able to fly as high as she could felt exhilarating. She wasn't looking for anything in particular. She just wanted to do as many things as she could with that small window of time she was given.

But that one year was about to end and as that deadline drew closer, she found the fruit she didn't even know she had wanted, and what was worse was that this delicious fruit ended up to be the forbidden one.

As she thought about it more, if Abi hadn't insisted on coming back here, she wouldn't have remembered this prince. If she hadn't come here, she would have been at home in some party, all dressed up and dancing with the fiancé that she would have just met.

"Why don't you want to go home?" Kai asked, putting her down gently on the rooftop.

"Well, I want to stay with you a little longer. I finally reeled you in and am just about to eat you up so it'd be really silly of me if I leave you before doing that. So I will stay here for now, whether you like it or you love it." She grinned at him with such confidence.

"Are you sure? Your family might –"

"Don't worry about them, my man. I'll deal with them tomorrow." She winked at him. "Now, take me to your lair!"

Chapter 324 You

She turned him around and jumped on his back and Kai could only shake his head and chuckle as he did her bidding and took her to his 'lair'.

He landed on a large deck in front of a very beautiful house in the middle of the forest.

Kelly's mouth hung open as he put her down.

The house had a masculine vibe to it because of the dark tones that it was painted with. It looked a little like a lego house, with its straight, angled shapes, but the shapes worked. It was a beautiful piece of architecture.

The lights inside the rooms were on which illuminated the two storey structure. The walls facing her were made of glass, and she could see straight inside the rooms on the bottom level. There was a bedroom on the right side of the house and a large kitchen/lounge area on the left. In the middle was a small, open area with a couple of outdoor lounge chairs overlooked out the deck to the forest. There was also a built in pool to her left which sparkled under the lights.

There was a second storey but she couldn't quite see what was up there. Nonetheless, whatever was up there would surely be as amazing as what she saw on the ground floor.

"Oh gosh, is this your villa?"


Kelly lips turned 'o' as she peered inside, trying to take a better look. 'As expected of this prince,' she thought. Kai then moved towards the door and Kelly followed closely behind him. He opened the door for her and she walked inside. They had come in through the left hand side of the house which had the kitchen and lounge area. The kitchen was huge and amazing and shiny and she wondered if it had ever been used before. She then walked towards the lounge which had a couple of lounge suites and a small coffee table. The window looked out at the pool. The set up was very well thought out, with a smooth flow from the kitchen to the lounge. As she looked around, Kelly could tell that this was definitely a bachelor pad. The room had a minimalistic feel to it. It was neat and tidy and very organised.

She looked back at him with a sense of wonder. She had thought that his house would be like those cold, ancient castles but he actually had a very modern place. This pretty boy really had such an unexpected preference.

"Do you often stay here?"

"No, not really. I only come here when I want to be alone. You are too noisy so I couldn't take you back to the castle. That's why I decided to bring you here instead."

Kelly smiled as she licked her lower lip. "Oh… that was a very good decision, baby boy."

She looked around and her face became serious as her gaze found their way back to him. "How many girls have you brought here with you?"

Kai stared back at her. "This place has just been finished recently, so just one. You." Kai didn't break eye contact with her as he said that last word and a tingle ran down her spine. She instantly thought that her prince was obviously trying to seduce her so she walked up to him and wrapped her hands around his neck.

"Kiss me," she whispered and Kai didn't hesitate. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body close to him before he lowered his head to kiss her. They kissed for what seemed like a long time until Kelly moved away to take a breath. That kiss literally made her breathless.

She cleared her throat before a sexy smile formed on Kelly's face. She had been eyeing that swimming pool since they first got here and she thought it would be the perfect way to wind down after their date.

"I want to swim in the pool. Let's go together, shall we?" she said as she stepped back from him. Without waiting for his response, she grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards the pool. She stopped just a meter from the edge and then she turned back to face Kai. She then started to unbutton her shirt, slowly, one at a time, holding his eyes with hers.

Once she was done with her shirt, she then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and again, slowly undressed in front of him. There was no hesitation in her eyes or in her movements. This girl was as confident as ever. She kicked her pants off and then her hand went to her hair. She pulled her hair tie off and then ran her fingers through her hair, shaking them loose and letting them fall naturally over her shoulders. Kelly was standing in front of Kai in nothing but her underwear, showing off her lean and sexy body and Kai could only swallow.

"Your turn, Kai. Or do you want me to undress you?" Kelly asked, breaking the spell that Kai was under.

Kai let out a sigh and he undressed himself, not sure that he would be able to hold back if she touched him at that moment, and Kelly just smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

She turned around to walk towards the pool and Kai tried not to look at her backside, trying to be respectful, but the demon in him was too much to control and he ended up watching her, admiring her cute little bottom.

He watched her walk towards the pool and in the next second, she jumped in, just like that!

"Whoa! It's cool and I love it," she said loudly. "C'mon Kai. Join me. Fast!" she called out to him. Her voice somehow made this dead-quiet house feel alive.

Kai approached the small pool. He was in his boxers as he walked to the edge, looking at her.

"Are you not cold?" he asked.

"I am," she replied and Kai creased his brows.
🔞🔞🔞🔞Chapter 325 0.00001% chance


Kelly chuckled. She already knew what he was thinking.

"Come along, my prince." She reached out and Kai took her hand and let her pull him down. Kelly quickly clung onto him like a koala, stealing all the heat from his body, as she whispered. "Let's go crazy tonight, shall we?"

Kai held her waist and looked at her. "I don't think that's a good idea. If I lose myself, I might end up killing you," he said, worried. But Kelly's smile didn't fade.

"Geez… have some faith in yourself, will you? And also, this whole thing has been bugging me. You said humans and vampires never work, then how come Alexander, a half vampire, exists?"

Kai fell silent with her question. "Alex's case is from thousands and thousands of years ago. We have no idea how that happened up to now."

"You didn't ask him?"

"Alex doesn't remember most of his memories before he became immortal, so there's no way to find out unless you travel back to the past. All we know is that all human and vampire relationships end tragically. He is the only half vampire that we know exists," he answered. He was being brutally honest, yet the heat between them wasn't subsiding.

Kelly looked a little affected by it but she still smiled in the end.

"Well, maybe, there's some secret behind that? It still means that there is 0.00001% chance that it might be possible."

"I don't want to give you any hope."

"Sigh… never mind then. We'll talk about that next time. For now, let's…" she ran her hands over his broad chest. "Let's experiment and find out where your limit is. How about it?"

Kai's eyes widened for a moment.

"Last night… we did that what I think was close enough to sex and you didn't lose control, right? Tonight… I want to know the things that we can do," she said seductively as her finger traced his lips.

Kai's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. And just like that, he said "Okay." He really had no strength left to say to no to this girl… It seemed it was finally confirmed that he was just putty in her hands now.

With that, Kelly started to explore with her hands. She started by touching him all over, his neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen and back just trying to gauge his reactions to her touch. Once she finished, she put her hands behind his head and pulled him down for a rough, wild kiss. She just couldn't resist him at all!

After a few seconds, she went back to exploring, this time, a little further down. She hopped off him and pushed him until his back hit the edge of the pool and then her hands trailed from his chest to his groin. Kelly wrapped her hand around his already excited member, and she started to move her hands up and down along him.

Kai groaned and closed his eyes as she started moving.

"You're so good at this," he couldn't help but say.

"Well, the bunch of smuts I have read and the porn I have watched… are a huge help…"

His eyes widened in shock. Kai became distracted for a moment as her words registered in his brain. He was about to say something but thought better of it. Of course she would have read those kinds of books and watched those kinds of videos. This was Kelly, after all - the bold, shameless, enchantress.

"Hop up and sit on the edge of the pool," she suddenly instructed. "We know that doing this is fine because this is what we did last night so I want to try something else."

Kai looked at Kelly and he saw a glimpse of mischief in her eyes but they were quickly overtaken by desire. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her, it seemed.

Kai jumped up and sat down at the edge of the pool and Kelly paddled her way to stand between his legs. The pool wasn't too deep. In fact, it was the perfect height for her to do what she was about to do next.

Without wasting anymore time, Kelly freed his not so little brother and she licked her lips, as if she was about to devour a delicious meal. She looked up at Kai once more, gave him a wicked smile, before she lowered her head and placed him inside her mouth. The heat of her mouth felt so good and warmed him up real well. But then, she started sucking and licking and his body blazed like an inferno!

Kelly heard Kai's moan and she felt gratified. She liked it when he reacted to her like this. It made her feel good to know that what she was doing made him feel good too.

'Oh, heavens help me!' Kai couldn't help but exclaim inwardly. What she was doing to him right then was pleasurable beyond anything he had ever experienced before. Her tongue was playing havoc with his body right now, twirling and flicking and licking him, and then she would suck him like a lollipop as she drew back towards his tip. She kept a steady pace, her hands and mouth working together in unison to create that feeling of sexual desire within him. And it didn't take long for him to feel like he was climbing up towards the sky.

Kai gripped the edge of the pool hard until he felt some of it crumble into dust but he couldn't help it. She was driving him to the very edge with what she was doing right then! He tried to maintain his self control as he drew closer and closer to the finish line. He was determined not to lose control!

Kelly knew that he must be getting close to finishing. She could tell by the way his shaft twitched in her mouth and how tense his muscles were. She knew she was so close to giving him that satisfaction that she increased her pace and swallowed him deeper inside her mouth. She heard Kai moan and groan and finally, after one more time of swallowing him, she finally tipped him over the edge.

He didn't lose control but Kelly didn't see his eyes turn red as he exploded because he had closed his eyes.

🔞🔞🔞🔞Chapter 326 More


After he had calmed down from the fireworks, Kelly looked up at him and said, "Maybe it's fine as long as I'm the one to do the movements?"

However, Kai didn't hear her as he looked intently at her. In the next second, he pulled Kelly out of the pool and jumped up the deck on the second storey, where he walked through the door and placed her on top of the bed.

"Now, it's my turn," Kai said as he crawled on top of her. He kissed her passionately, his hands roaming all over her bare skin, making Kelly shiver but not from the cold. After spending a few minutes on her lips, he trailed down south, sucking and licking her each of her breasts, giving them the same amount of attention as he gave her lips. Then, he went further south to her abdomen, over her belly button until he reached her core. He tore her flimsy underwear off and paid her back, in full.

He licked her there, starting from the bottom to the top, stopping for a bit at her bud and sucking on it. She was already wet, the silky, creamy wetness that only desire could bring. She tasted so good. He then delved his tongue inside her entrance, exploring it as he licked and sucked her juices. He savored her like a famished man.

He continued his torturous manipulation of her and her mind was blown. Every touch caused her to shudder from the sensation, every lick caused her body to twitch, every suck caused her body to arch towards his mouth, begging for more.

Kelly clutched the sheets with her hands, her knuckles almost white from it. This felt so good.

Kai didn't stop, his mouth playing with her, making her want more. As she started to feel that feeling build up inside her, her hand went to his hair, clutching at them, wanting to move him away but also wanting to push him closer, deeper. She wriggled under him but he didn't let up. He licked and suckled and kissed and in the last moment, when he knew she was about to finish, he slid two fingers deeply inside her, sending her flying up to the sky.

Kai pulled his fingers out and went to lay down next to the sweating Kelly. They were laying down, breathing hard as they tried to catch their breaths.

After some time, they finally got up and Kai dragged Kelly to the shower to clean up. The steam from the hot shower surrounded them as they washed each other. However, it seemed that the heat had somehow energised Kelly because she suddenly turned to him and said, "I want to do more naughty things to you my man."

Straight after saying those words, Kelly's hand went to his penis and she started stroking him again whilst kissing him, the hot water from the shower still pouring over them. She didn't know if she would ever get enough to this man. Her body had never reacted like this before and she wondered if this was because she loved him. Did these sexual sensations feel so good, so intense because she was in love with the man who evoked them?

Her train of thought was disrupted when Kai picked her up and headed back towards the bedroom. They both ended up back on the bed where they kissed more passionately than before. It seemed like they just both couldn't get enough of each other. Kai was half on top of Kelly as they kissed and his hands once again explored her naked body. Just as he was about to touch her there, Kelly rolled over and pinned him down instead. She climbed on top of his and sat on him like a cowgirl.

"This time, you're not allowed to touch me, okay?" she instructed.

Kelly followed Kai's lead and started to kiss him all over his body. He was so muscular and toned and hot that Kelly wanted to kiss every inch of him.

Trying something a little more daring, Kelly settled herself on top of him. He wasn't inside her but they were both naked and their most private parts were touching, skin to skin. She wanted to see if this was okay too, so she started to ride him. She moved slowly at first, forward and back, as she rocked on top of him. She saw Kai close his eyes and she knew that this felt good for him too.

This sensation was pure ecstasy. Even though he wasn't inside her, the way their skin rubbed against each was just sensational. The friction between them was so good, so intense that they both got lost in the sensation. She kept going, increased her pace and pressure and in no time, both of them were drowning in that feeling of pleasure. They climbed up higher and higher and just before they were about to enter the realms of euphoria, Kelly said, "I love you, Kai!"

Kai sat up and embraced Kelly as they both erupted with pleasure.

But then, at that same moment, Kai's eyes turned red and his canines grew.

As Kelly was falling back down from the high, she felt his grip on her tighten and in the next second, she felt his lips on her neck and his canines grazing her skin.

"K-kai?" she called out. He didn't seem to hear her. Then she felt his canines dig into her skin.


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Chapter 327 Limits

"K-kai?" she called out. He didn't seem to hear her. She felt his canines dig into her skin and she called his name out louder. "Kai!!"

Kai snapped out of the haze and pulled away as if he had been burnt. Kelly saw his face, his eyes and his canines.

The next second, he pinned her down on the bed and he disappeared from in front of her.

The last thing she heard was the bathroom door closing with a loud bang.

Kelly's heart thudded against her ribcage. They didn't even fully do it yet. Was that his limit? But he snapped out of it from her calling out his name.

Her heartbeat slowly calmed down. She then sat up and stared at the bathroom door.

She cleaned up herself and went to the closet and grabbed one of his shirts. Her eyes caught the mirror and she looked at the wound on her neck. A small trail of blood was flowing down to her chest.

Seeing it, Kelly suddenly felt worried, worried that Kai might push her away after this.

"Are you okay?" she suddenly heard his voice come from beside her. His voice was filled with guilt.

When she turned to look at him, she saw that he was already wearing his robe. His hair was still dripping wet as he looked at her with that expression she didn't like.

Like lightning, he was suddenly only inches away from her. His eyes were locked on the wound on her neck and his fists were clenched into tight balls.

"I'm fin–"

"No, you're not." He cut her off and he held her face, bumping his forehead on hers. "I… I was about to… kill you," he choked with raw emotion.

"But you didn't. You controlled yourself well, Kai."

"Kelly… please… don't," he begged. He was so scared. He had never felt this kind of fear in his life before. The thought that he had almost killed her scared him to his bones. And now, just seeing the wound and her blood trailing down her neck, made him want to punish himself in the harshest way. "I will never… never forgive myself if something happens to you."

Kelly could hear the emotion in his voice. Was he giving up now? Because despite this, she still couldn't. She probably should have been scared too, like him, but she wasn't. Was she a masochist? She didn't know. But one thing she was certain of was that he wouldn't hurt her more than this. And she now knew his limits, at least.

"So are you going to push me away now? Kai… look at me. I am unfazed. My heart knows you won't hurt me more than this. This happened because I pushed you too much. Despite it, you managed to snap out of it. This wound is just shallow. Call me crazy but this is not enough to make me give up on you."

Kai's eyes widened in disbelief. He couldn't believe what she just said. She was supposed to be running away from him now, right?

Damn. He knew this was just going to get worse but just like her, he appeared to be crazy as well. Because instead of pushing her away, he pulled her into him and hugged her tight.

"I'm so sorry…"

"It's okay. It's my fault for being too horny," she teased, grinning as he patted the back of her head.

Kai pulled away and stared at her. She was wrong. It wasn't her fault. It was his for wanting more. For wanting to see more of her dirty side. For wanting more of her.

His eyes travelled down to her wound and he drew closer. He then began licking her blood, savouring its taste as he closed his eyes.

"I-is it okay for you to do that? You said it's no longer allowed for you guys to drink human blood."

He looked up. "Yes. We royal princes still drink human blood. We are the only exception to the law because we need to stay powerful in order to keep the peace."

"Just the princes."

"Yes. Just the princes who are in line to succeed the throne. But even we don't drink it directly from ppeopl. The blood came from willing people who donate it."

"Willing people? Men and women?"

"Just women."


"Female's blood is purer and to male vampires, the blood of male doesn't taste good."

"How does my blood taste to you? Does it taste the same as the blood from other women?"

Kai started licking the blood again.

"Yours is… different."

"How so?"

"It's sweeter than anything else I've ever tasted."


He licked the wound directly and Kelly closed her eyes. "I don't have bandages or anything to treat your wound. But my saliva can heal you better than any medicine."

"Oh, that's cool."

"You don't think it's gross?"


Kai was relieved. Some people find this fact disgusting so he was glad she didn't think the same way.

"Kai?" she called his name as Kai helped her wear into his shirt.


"If I ask you to drink my blood, would you?"

Kai halted, shock written all over his face as he looked at her.

"I won't die as long you don't suck it all. I used to donate blood as well you see."

"I… I won't."

"But why?"

"I'm afraid I might crave for you. A little taste is enough. I will never do that so please don't ever bring that up again."

Kelly bit her bottom lip, seeing that he was very serious about it.


She surrendered and she finally yawned. It was nearly dawn so she pulled him back towards the bed. They quickly changed the wet sheets and snuggled in bed together.

"Don't give up just yet, Kai, okay?" she uttered with closed eyes and Kai pulled her close to him. He wasn't planning on it. Never.

'I was the one who should ask you that, Kelly,' he murmured to himself before he too finally drifted to sleep.
Chapter 328 Shameless

Back in White Falls Village.

Abi suddenly stood up and almost jumped towards Alex. She wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him into her bosom and Alex just obediently let her do whatever she wanted. He wasn't going to stop her from cuddling him.

His mouth was about to curve into a sexy smirk but it never formed because he could hear her heartbeat going wild and that alone was enough to tell him that this girl wasn't just playing around. She was very nervous and the way she held him that moment was just…

This made Alex speechless as a slight frown registered on his face. He remembered that Zeke said she was able to tell if a person was a witch from the sound of their heartbeats so judging from her reaction alone, he already concluded that she had probably heard that a witch was nearby. He was pretty amazed at her ability to do this - to be able to distinguish a witch's heartbeat in this busy place - but that was not what surprised him most.

Alex was most surprised and confused about her reaction and emotions. She acted like a terrified little lamb as she held him, as if she was scared that someone would snatch him away from right in front of her, as if she was scared to lose him. She clung on to him for dear life, but it didn't seem like it was her life she was worried about.

He then remembered the incident on the rooftop when he fell. Instead of staying put and being safe, she jumped after him, arms wide open, as if she wanted to envelop him into her arms and never let go. She was doing the same thing again, at that cafe. Why did she do that? Why did she jump after him like that? Did she not care about her life at all? Why did she need to go to such extremes for him? She was only human and yet, she had tried to save him, not caring that she could have lost her life in the process!

And now she was doing it again, pulling him into her arms in a protective gesture. She had pulled him so close to her body that he felt the slight trembling of her fingers and heard the loud, rapid thudding of her heart. Why? Why would she react like this? She had made it clear, time after time again, that she was only his maid and besides… she didn't even like him… so why would she go that far to save him?

While questions flooded Alex's head, Abi was inwardly praying that Zeke would pop out of nowhere so she could finally breathe again. She was starting to panic because of what she heard. She had just been enjoying the view but she had decided to activate her skill just to take stock of their surroundings. Just because they were only looking around didn't mean that she should let her guard down.

So, as she sipped her coffee, she listened. She listened to all the sounds around them and once again pictured the sounds as coloured strings woven together. What she then did was block out all the background noises - turning their string colour to black - so that the only noises left were the sound of heartbeats.

She 'pulled' each of the coloured strings that were left and followed the source. It was when she picked a dark violet one that she heard that familiar heartbeat, fast and high pitched - the same heartbeat she heard when that witch showed up in that dungeon. She was positive that this was the heartbeat of a witch!

Her concentration broke for a second as she realised that a witch was this close to them! That was why she was scared, not for herself but for Alex. If the witch somehow managed to bewitch Alex or control him, they would be done for! Abi was in a panic because she had no idea how she was supposed to stop this witch from taking control of Alex? She had no super powers like they did! How the hell was she supposed to stop a witch?! Zeke, where the hell are you?! You're supposed to be Alex's bodyguard!

The sound of the heartbeat was making Abi's hair on her skin stand up. She tried to calm herself down enough to follow that dark violet string so that she could find this witch's location. Where was this witch? Was she inside the café or was she outside?

Abi tried her best to concentrate, despite her fear, but then Alex's voice disturbed her and pulled her attention back to him.

"Little lamb, if you don't let me go soon… I might start licking your soft peaches through your clothes."

Abi: ". . . !"

Abi looked down at him, utterly shocked and speechless. She finally realized that his face was buried in her chest. Her face burned red as he smiled mischievously, before he teasingly licked his lips at her.

"S-shameless!" she couldn't help but exclaim as she pushed his head away from her bosom. He really was becoming too much. In fact, his shamelessness was getting worse by the day!

"What? You were the one who pulled me, Abigail," He lifted his body up to whisper on her ear. "Did you miss my tongue and lips on them? I remember how you loved it when I licked and sucked on them."

Abi almost wanted to smack him. Why was he being so naughty in this situation? This was serious!

"Please stop. Stop distracting me!" she begged, blushing hard. She couldn't believe that her main enemy right then wasn't actually her fear, but Alex!

As she said those words, Abi heard the heartbeat getting louder and her heart almost leapt out of her chest. She subconsciously pulled Alex again and wrapped her hands around him even tighter, like a mother hen sheltering her chick beneath her wings from predators.
Chapter 329 My maid

The mischief and playfulness on Alex's face slowly faded and his eyes became serious. He somehow felt warm and he unexpectedly loved it when she hugged him this way. But he really didn't like hearing the obvious fear in her heart. He despised it and he didn't know why. Maybe he just didn't like that someone or something was scaring her?

He grabbed her hands and forcefully pulled them away as he looked at her despite her protest.

"Tell me, why are you acting like this?" his gaze was suddenly intense.

Abi's heart skipped a beat at his question and that look in his eyes. The look that was filled with curiosity and suspicion made her swallow. But then, her eyes looked around again because the witch was scaring her more than Alex's suspicions.

"Please, Alex, let me –"

"When did you start thinking that I am some retarded weakling you need to worry about this much?" He sounded displeased and his eyes turned cold and hard. There it was, the scary Alex was showing up.

Abi could only grit her teeth. What should she do? She wasn't acting like this because she thought he was weak. It was only because she knew that he was prone to manipulation by a witch! And that was something she would never let happen to him!

Alex finally stood up and faced her still holding her wrists. He bent down to look Abi straight in the eyes.

"You. are. my. maid." He stressed, word by word. "Stop acting like you're a soldier or my bodyguard. Understand?"

Abi pressed her lips tightly. She didn't like what he said. Why couldn't she act like his soldier? Why couldn't she act like his bodyguard? Was it so wrong for her to want to protect him once in a while?

Gritting her teeth, Abi violently pulled her hands off him. But then, the moment Alex let her wrists go, she wrapped her hands around his waist and hugged him. No, she was trying to tie him on her.

"Please don't push me away and let me do my job and stick to you. Let's go back to the hotel, Alex. This is my fault, I shouldn't have dragged you out," she whispered, pleading. "Let's leave now, please."

Alex stared down at her. "Little lamb, have you forgotten that we're here to hunt? We're the hunters here, not the prey. And I am here with you. Tell me where she is and I'll catch her in a blink of an eye."

He was serious as he said it but what he said had only made her more scared. No, that was not the plan! Zeke said he needed to be there to protect Alex during the hunt.

What if something happened? What if the witch succeeded in manipulating him instead once Alex touched her? Or the moment she saw him?

Abi still didn't have that much knowledge about vampires, let alone witches. She didn't know much at all except for the few things that Zeke had told her. That was why she had to rely on Zeke's instruction. She knew that Alex was strong but after seeing what happened yesterday, Abi couldn't ignore the fear in her heart - that something bad would happen to Alex.

"Please… I'm scared…" was all she could utter, because she truly was. She wouldn't feel like this if Zeke was around. She wanted to catch the witch too, but she didn't want to risk Alex's safety. Where the hell was that prince? Why did it seem like he just disappeared and left them in this place to fend for themselves?

Gladly, she felt Alex let out a sigh - although she didn't know if that was a sigh of annoyance or surrender.

At that moment, a waiter girl approached them for the bill Abi had called a while ago.

"Sir, ma'am, here's the bill," the young lady said. Abi was glad she was human. She wouldn't know how to react if the one who approached them was the owner of that heartbeat.

Alex gave her a bill and before the waitress could tell them to wait for the change, Alex picked Abi up and then smashed through the glass window and like lightning, he jumped up to the roof with her, shocking the people inside the cafe as they looked at the broken window. The waitress was the only one who saw what happened but the others didn't because it had happened too fast, as if someone just threw a rock at the glass window and it broke.

Alex lightly landed on the roof and he jumped again, carrying her like a princess, while Abi held onto his neck.

"Alex… what have you done?" her eyes wide, shocked with what he just did because he flew off in broad daylight but even smashing a glass wall?!

"Don't worry, I left more than enough money to compensate for it."

"That's not… Why did you do that?"

"Weren't you desperate to leave? You were so terrified to death so I could only do that to leave the place as fast as possible."

Abi was speechless. Wasn't he just showing off? To show her that he was strong and she didn't need to worry?

"Can they follow us this way?"

"Don't worry, little lamb, they are basically powerless during the day. They can't fly like us unless they turn themselves into birds. And they can only do that when it's dark."

Abi was finally relieved after hearing that.

After another moment, Alex landed on the balcony of their hotel room.

"What a scaredy cat. You don't really need to be that scared. Witches are nothing compared to us. All you have to do is point out who the witch is and I'll smash her head in one go. There's no need to shiver in fear like that," he said as he put her down.

Abi was about to drag him inside but Alex's hands already trapped her in between himself and the door. His eyes were incredibly serious again as he bent down and whispered with narrowed eyes. "Or… was it because you were scared about something else? Explain yourself, Abigail. Why were you so protective of me like that? Aren't you just my maid? Why would you care so much?"
Chapter 330 Not enough

Abi stepped back but her back hit the door. Oh no, what should she do? What was the right thing for her to say?

As Abi tried her best to think of something, Alex moved even closer, close enough for his cool breath to touch her skin. "Tell me, little lamb," his eyes searched hers for answers through his thick eyelashes. "You're starting to like me now, right? You're falling for me now, right, Abigail?"

His words rendered her speechless. But she was glad that that was what he was thinking. It seemed she didn't need to worry about him getting suspicious of her actions because all this Alex could think about was how to get her to like him, to love him. Silly… silly Alex!!

Averting her gaze from him, Abi could only bite her lips, not wanting to answer him. It was better this way. She couldn't afford to get him all suspicious now, especially when she just saw how stubborn he was. He was scared of nothing and that was why Abi was worried.

"A-alex… we're going to get drenched. Let's go inside," she said, avoiding his question. The rain hadn't had a chance to drench them yet because Alex was very fast. But because the balcony had no roof, the rain was falling directly on them now.

"Well," he pulled away, smiling mischievously. "You get inside scaredy, little lamb. Stay safe while I go catch that witch," he added, causing Abi's eyes to widen.

He then turned and before he could reach the railing, Abi crashed to him from behind, wrapping her hands tight around his waist.

She didn't see the smile that broke on Alex's lips as she did that. He just wanted her to touch him. Even Alex knew that it would be futile for him to go back without knowing the appearance of the witch in disguise. Unless, of course, he just gathered all the people who were present at that place and killed them one by one until he found out who among them was the witch. But that method was something even he didn't bother doing in this era anymore. He was pretty tired of it, of all these pointless killings. It was not because the vampire's law prohibited it - he was always exempt from having to follow their laws - but to Alex, killing the powerless humans was something he wouldn't do anymore because it was an unfair battle. Besides, why would the great him bother killing the good ants just to find the stinky rat? Ridiculous!

"Don't, please. That witch might have left already. She wasn't there anymore. Let's just stay here and wait for Zeke's instructions, okay?" she coaxed him, tightening her grip on him.

Alex sexily bit his lower lip to stop himself from smiling. Damn, he liked this. Teasing her was the best entertainment he ever found in this life.

After clearing his throat, Alex turned and faced her. She didn't let go as she looked up.

"Little Lamb, are you saying that we should stay in that hotel and just sit around waiting for Zeke? Wouldn't that be very unfair for me?"

Abi creased her brows. Huh? What was he talking about?

"I am talking about our deal, Abigail. I am determined not to lose and that was why I wanted to hunt rather than be stuck with you inside a room for who knows how long! It's too risky and torturous… at least for me, since I am not even allowed to touch you," he explained, rendering Abi speechless once again.

She was perplexed, and she didn't know how to respond because all her brain could think of was the danger, the fear and her will to never let him go. She was here, worrying about his safety, while here he was, only thinking about their deal, calling it risky and torturous. Oh god, Alex…

"It's okay, you can always ask me to touch you, remember?" was what left Abi's mouth. She immediately regretted it but it was too late. In her desperation, she had blurted out the one thing that would make him stay.

As expected, a wicked smirk curved on Alex's face as his eyes glimmered with excitement.

"Oh, that's right… I almost forgot." He licked the raindrop from his lips. "Well then, why don't you convince me to stay? A hot kiss on the lips would be enough to stop me from leaving," he added, causing Abi's lips to part in disbelief.

"Okay, I will give you ten seconds. If the kiss doesn't come, I apologize in advance, little lamb, but I'll have to go and hunt." He smirked before his gaze turned serious. Oh god, how did it end up like this?

"One, two…" he started counting, gazing down at her with his oh so seductive look.

Abi knew he was doing this on purpose. He was truly cunning, a sly fox. He was attacking her when she was not ready, when she was worrying about something and couldn't think properly. How could he do that in this situation? She had underestimated this guy's shamelessness!

"Nine… te –"

"Fine!" Abi could only surrender. If only she was gifted with superhuman strength, she would definitely have used it to tie him down.

She tiptoed and slammed her lips on his, eyes open, because she didn't want to get lost in him again. She had to stay alert.

She pulled away after five seconds. But as expected, he wasn't pleased at all. "My condition is 'HOT KISS', little lamb. Do you even call that a kiss? Kiss me until I am satisfied or I will go," he threatened again.

This guy was just so damn unbelievable.

But Abi couldn't say no right now. This moody, cheeky Alex was becoming unpredictable. What if he really left if she said no? She really couldn't take that chance.

Thus without a choice, she pulled him in and kissed him. Alex opened his lips for her, inviting her in. Oh damn, he was seducing her again.

She didn't delve inside and just kissed his lips, but once their mouth parted, Alex complained. "Not enough, Abigail. Not hot enough at all."

Damn it, Alex… if she did more than this… she would…

Abi couldn't do anything but listen. The drizzle that fell on them was starting to feel warm and Abi recalled her first kiss, under that artificial rain he created. The memories started to fill her head and the emotions started to rush out. Oh… how she missed him… how she missed his lips, his tongue, his mouth…

And before she knew it, she finally delved inside his mouth and kissed him like a wild, little beast.