✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 301 - 310 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 301 We're just vampires

Kai was silent. It seemed there was no more way out of this. Now that he confirmed that she really remembered everything, Kai was starting to feel uneasy. No, it was worry and fear. And he could tell he was worried about her. Because Kelly was in danger now. What should he do? This was his fault. He shouldn't have let her catch him last night. It seemed that his worry about her backfired on him and now he had put her in an even more dangerous situation.

He finally stared at her eyes and he could see anger and a little fear in them. There was no more way out but to tell her. "I'm sorry…" he muttered again, causing Kelly to grit her teeth.

"Stop apologizing, you damn prince, and just tell me what is going on! If you won't speak then let go!" she pressed, struggling futilely again.

"That's right. We're the ones behind it all. We erased your memories so you would forget about us."

Kelly was speechless as she shook her head in disbelief. "How?"

"We used a special incense to cast a spell on you guys."

A forced smile escaped her lips. "What now? Are you saying that you guys are wizards? What is all this b*llshit about spells?"

"No. We're just vampires, not wizards."

Kelly's eyes narrowed at him, obviously not believing his words. She gazed deeply into his eyes. She thought that he was just procrastinating, saying something so outrageous to distract her from the issue at hand. But she was having none of it. But he looked so serious and there was no sign of him lying at all.

"Stop joking around, Prince," her lips slightly trembled. There was no way this was actually happening right now. Vampires were not real. They were baddies that Hollywood made up to increase their ticket sales. There was just no way… but what other explanation was there for all this and his super human speed just now and this strength? Radioactive spider? Alien?

Kelly's mind was starting to race as her thoughts began analysing, building theories to try and explain what she just saw but nothing made sense. Science couldn't make sense of it.

"I am not joking," Kai said with as much seriousness as he could muster, which made Kelly waver.

"So, you're saying that you and Alexander Qin are vampires?" she asked. Her voice now turned quieter.

"Yes. Not just us. Most of us in this country," he answered before he let out a sigh and let his body fall on top of her as if he was exhausted. "I'm sorry for putting you in this situation, Kelly. I know this is hard to believe. We are not supposed to be known to the world. And you knowing all this now puts you in danger. That's why I am telling you all this. Because I want you to understand and keep this a secret. This is the only way to save you. Act like you don't know a thing and act like you don't remember a thing. Can you do that?" he whispered.

Kelly slightly shivered because of the graveness of his voice. She was still processing if everything he was saying was real but him speaking with all the seriousness in the world made her stomach churn. How did things end up like this? Was she still dreaming?

He pulled away but his face was still close to hers. "Listen Kelly, I will let you meet Abigail right now, but you have to promise me that you will act like you know nothing."

"And if… I won't?"

"I'll have to force you to stay in this country and you will never get to go back home again."

"And if I refuse?"

Kai stared into her eyes before he answered. "They would… execute you."

His answer made Kelly gulp. She took a deep breath and forced a smile. "You know… I still don't believe you. Like who would…"

Kelly trailed off as Kai's eyes slowly turned red and his canines grew. "Believe it, Kelly. This is your only choice," he begged, his eyes pleading. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you and I don't want to imprison you here. Just act like you don't know a thing, please, and you will be fine… okay?"

His eyes slowly returned to normal again and Kelly didn't know why her heart skipped a beat as she looked at him, and it wasn't because of fear. Her heart ached as well for a reason she didn't know.

"Darn. So you creatures really exist, huh?" She finally gave in. There was no more use denying things.

"Unfortunately, we do exist." He smiled. "And you're supposed to never know that."

"Because you guys enjoyed the fact that we thought you guys were nothing but fictional?"

"Not really. It's because we can't…" Kai trailed off. Kelly waited for what he had to say when a phone disturbed them.

Kai gazed down at her. "I'm going to let you go now but please don't yell. Vampires can easily hear your voice if you yell like that," he urged and Kelly could only nod.

Kai moved away from on top of her and Kelly reached out for her phone. It was Chris.

She cleared her throat and answered the phone while Kai was watching her.


"Damn it, Kelly. Where the hell are you two? Where is Abi?"

"Chris, stop shouting! Abi and I will not be going home today. We will take another plane so you go back first."

"No, I won't go back without Abi. Where is she? Tell me, or I'll report to the police that she's missing."

"Relax Chris!" Darn. How was she going to deal with this guy? It seemed that the only way to calm him down was to let him see for himself that Abi was okay.

"How can I relax, Kelly? I've been looking for you guys since last night! And now I am in some weird room. I won't go back home until I confess to her."

Oh man.

Chapter 302 Just superstitions
"What? You guys are still in the palace?" Chris sounded so shocked.

"Well, yeah. How about you? Where are you?"

"I tried looking for both of you to take you home but once the party was over, the guards pretty much kicked us out! My manager and I were drunk despite just sipping the wine and now I'm... I think I'm in a hotel."

"Oh, that's good then. At least you're still alive. Maybe a good lady vamp out there picked you up like what happened to me."

"Huh? Lady what?"

Kelly abruptly glanced at Kai and his face was dark and grave, hearing her slip of the tongue. "Haha. Nothing. I'm talking about beauties. Perhaps a beauty picked you up and took you with her. But anyway. Don't worry, Chris. We are both okay. Just a little hungover."

"Okay, I'm going back there and pick you both up." Chris sounded quite frustrated.

Kelly understood his frustration so she said "A-alright."

"I'll call you once I'm there."

"Okay. See you soon."

Kelly hung up and turned to Kai. Her expression became serious as she looked at him. He was as beautiful as always, having the appearance of a delicate pretty boy that she liked. She couldn't help but smile, thinking about those times that she had beaten this man up and teased him to no end. She even remembered how she swore to protect him from bitches but damn... what the hell... this guy was actually a vampire?

Pressing her temples as she took a deep breath, Kelly surveyed herself. She still didn't know what to do or say to this man now.

The silence dragged on and Kai finally moved. "You go and get ready now. Your friend will be here soon so you have to go and –"

"Wait." She looked up. "So Abi's husband, Alexander, is a vampire as well? Although that doesn't excuse his behavior!"

"Yes, he is. The reason why he is acting like this is because..." Kai paused, wondering how best to explain what happened to Alex to her. "He kind of lost his 'humanity' after Abi's surgery. Long story short, Alex was attacked and they used Abi as bait and he got hurt from trying to save her. This is the result. That part of him that loves and cares, he lost it all so that's why he is like this. He doesn't remember being with Abigail at all. He had no memories of her or you or her family."

"Geez... that's intense!" She said, once again shocked by this new knowledge. She fell silent for a while and then she shook her head. She supposed she could somewhat understand it now but still, she couldn't help but feel somewhat angry that all this was happening to her best friend. However, there wasn't much she could do or say to make it better. "So my best friend married a vampire who loved her but has forgotten all about her. But Abi knows everything, right?"

Now that Kelly thought about it, she realized that Abi must have known their secrets. Maybe not everything but since the beginning, despite how she told her that that Alexander Qin was dangerous, she didn't listen and even ended up marrying him. She also never told her anything about him.

"She already knows."

"Great." She bit her lips. "So, you guys can marry humans, huh."

"We can't. Alex is an exception."

Kelly creased her brows. "Why? Why is Alexander an exception? And why can't you?"

"He's halfblooded. We pure blooded vampires can't be with humans because it's dangerous for them."

"Dangerous... are you saying that I'm in danger right now from being with you? Do you crave for my blood? Is that why you've been running away from me?"

"We don't crave human blood that much anymore. Vampires in this era have learned to live without tasting even a drop of human blood. We have laws too that everyone needs to follow to stay hidden from the world."

What he said silenced her. God knew how many books she had read about vampires. Yet now... this was really unbelievable...

"It must be hard for you guys to live in the modern world."

"Why would you say that?"

"Well, it's hard to hide nowadays with all this new technology coming out. Unlike the nineties and before where you guys didn't need to hide that much."

A small smile curved on his pretty face as he looked away. "Not really. I think this era is the best time for us."

She pulled her brows together, unable to understand why he would say that.

"Of course, it's a bit harder now but it's easier at the same time, because the modern world doesn't believe in things that science can't explain. To this modern world, we are just superstitions. Even if someone would see us with their very own eyes, do you think the world would even believe that person if they yelled out to the world that we exist? They will just smile and call that someone a fool."

"Then why do you need to execute me?"

"Because you are different from those people who just 'saw' us. You know too much and most importantly, you broke the spell. You also have connections that is enough to make people pay attention towards us. We consider humans who break the spell as threats."

She fell silent again before another question came out from her lips. "You said it's dangerous for a pure blooded vampire and human to stay together yet you said you guys don't crave human blood anymore. Is the danger you're talking about different from what I'm thinking?"

Kai let out a quiet sigh. He stared intently at her and he could see her eyes fill with curiosity. She was not scared at all. She even looked like she was fascinated by this new thing she discovered. Kai wondered if he was doing the right thing, explaining all these to her. Yet, he found himself answering her every question.

"There's no danger actually as long as the human and the vampire avoid intimacy."

"Intimacy..." she echoed. She remembered how he just kissed her just now and no danger arouse. But then, the memories from last started to flash in her head. They were basically very, very intimate except..."Sex?" she uttered and Kai looked away, not meeting her gaze.

Chapter 303 Impossible
Kelly got the answer and she was speechless.

"That's why…" Kai spoke, still looking out the window. "Our law forbids vampires to have romantic relationships with humans. Alex is the only exception as well…" he trailed off as he slowly returned his gaze towards Kelly.

He didn't know why his heartbeat became even louder, as if he was scared to see her reaction. But this was what he wanted to do and the only thing he could do for her. To tell her the truth.

Her eyes were locked on his. Her gaze was piercing. Kai had always thought Kelly was attractive and there was something in her that was pulling him in but he always forced himself to ignore her. He had been going a bloody good job until last night, when she said she like him.

No, stop. He told himself and averted his gaze away from her stare as he moved.

"Please go and get ready. I'll ask someone to bring some clothes for you," he said and he walked towards the door as he brought out his phone while Kelly's sight just followed him.

So he was saying it was impossible for them. Yes, this was him telling her that they couldn't go any further. Because it was dangerous and forbidden. She thought and a bitter smile flashed on her face. She couldn't help but want to laugh.

So this was it? The chase was to end here?

Kelly closed her eyes and she felt like her heart had become 100 times heavier. Oh no, what was this feeling? Was she devastated? Why? Because she liked him? No, it shouldn't be this heavy if she just liked him right? She had liked someone before and she was not devastated when he eventually got married to someone else. This was differ – wait… oh damn, holly cow… was she… was she in love?!!

The realization made Kelly's eyes almost bulge out of their sockets. What the hell! This was bad!!

Her eyes flew towards Kai. He was only standing there with her back to him, speaking to someone on the phone, so why did her heart started to accelerate? No one ever made her heart flutter like this. And last night, she remembered the heat, the feelings and she thought that was just her body craving for the pretty prince. But now…

Suddenly, Kelly slapped herself, jolting Kai.

"H-hey, what are you doing?" he immediately jumped towards her and held her face. Damn pretty boy. Why did he need to be so concerned about her now? Damn it! She suddenly wanted to throw tantrums. She couldn't believe this. She realized she was in love with him the very moment he said it was impossible for them. Ha.ha.ha. Oh my goodness Kelly.

"I want to go berserk," she told him, causing Kai to blink.

"Hey… we just talked about it –"

"I never agreed."

"Kelly, please."

"Kiss me or I'll scream."

Kai almost choked. He was lost for words. He froze there and he didn't know what to do. Why? Why was she still asking him to kiss her?

He watched her close her eyes and his eyes fell on her lips. No, he couldn't, he shouldn't! He was about to turn away when he realized something. Was this a goodbye kiss? Was she asking him for one last kiss?

That thought made Kai feel like a needle was poking his chest. Why? Was he sad? It seemed he was, yet the only thing he could do was curse within him, close his eyes before his lips landed on hers.

Their heart thudded louder than usual as their lips collided and Kelly's arms were immediately wrapped around his neck. She opened her mouth and his tongue slid inside. Suddenly, they were in a heated kiss, passionate and wild, kissing like there was no more tomorrow.

They found themselves on the bed, kissing nonstop in the broad daylight. For some reason, neither of them wanted to stop. Their bodies were getting hot as their tongues continued paying tag with each other. It was intense and they couldn't figure out why they were doing this.

Gasping for air once their lips parted, their eyes gazed at each other with desire. They both never desired anyone in their lives like how they felt at that moment. Why? Why were they feeling like this now?

Kai was the first to snap and his hand covered her lips. Perhaps to stop himself from kissing her again. This was not good…

A knock on the door disrupted his jumbled thoughts and he climbed off her.

The clothes he asked for had arrived and he held them as he walked back to the bed.

"You can wear this for now," he said and Kelly silently took them.

She stood up towards the bathroom but suddenly halted halfway there.

"I just want to confirm one more thing," she said, not looking back. "You are saying that it's impossible for us, right?"

Kai stared at her back with a sad look. "Yes," he answered and all she said back were the words "I see."

The moment the bathroom door closed, Kai lifted his hand and ran his fingers through his hair and tugged them as he plopped on the bed. Damn. What the heck just happened? Did he just have the best and worse morning of his existence?

When Kelly stepped out of the bathroom, her expression was normal, as if nothing had happened. She then received a call from Chris saying that he had arrived.

She let him know she was on her way before she ended the call.

"I need to see Abigail. Chris is going to want to see her for himself otherwise he won't leave quietly. He's a huge star so he definitely has the power to make trouble for you guys if he thinks you have hurt her or are keeping her against her will," she said.

Kai understood what she was trying to say - that Abi needed to be there to tell the man herself that it was her choice to stay. He then took his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

Chapter 304 Hellish to heavenly
In Alex's room.

Abi finally opened her eyes. She looked around and saw a man sitting there by the window with his long legs crossed, looking like an olden day emperor. No, a handsome deity?

"You're awake," his deep voice echoed in her ears and she watched him walk gracefully towards her. He bent down and his perfect face hovered over her.

The events in the dungeon slowly returned to her as her brain started to make sense of what had happened - that someone else was there with her, that she felt like something was strangling her, that she had tried to call for help but couldn't and then she lost consciousness.

Abi shut her eyes again to stop herself from reaching out and calling his name. But then, she felt his cool fingers touch her cheek.

"Are you alright?" she heard him ask. "Shall I call the doctors to come?"

Abi could only open her eyes and she shook her head. She felt fine. She didn't feel anything wrong with her body. She just felt a little sluggish but his touch and voice were enough to jolt her fully awake.

She pushed herself to sit up and she stared at him, wondering. She knew that he was the one who jumped down and rescued her from that abyss. Did he remember anything?

He bent forward and gently pinched her chin. "Don't worry, little lamb, that will not happen again. I will kill anyone who dares to harm you," he told her, eyes dangerous and a serious warning in his voice. It seemed he still didn't remember anything, because if he did, he would be calling her by her name right then.

She looked away and stared at the open window. This was really, really hard. She just wanted him to hug her, to console her and soothe her battered heart, the way he used to. She just wanted to lay her head on his chest, hear his soothing heartbeat, and feel the warmth of his body settle into hers.

"I don't know why you are saying that when you're the reason why I was punished in the first place. You're the reason why I experienced all of that," she uttered, sullenly, not looking directly at him to stop herself from wrapping her arms around his neck, and to try to dredge up a different emotion to help relieve the pain.

"You're the one who kicked me away," he replied and Abi glared at him, her eyes sharper than ever. This was good. Anger was good and this ice cold creature was doing a fabulous job of driving her to the edge and now, all she really, really wanted to do was to beat him up.

"Yes, that's right... it's my fault. Are you happy now? Did it make you happy to watch me suffer? Did you have fun?" Her anger rose to the surface, but in the next second, her eyes started to well with tears. "Were you thinking it was too bad I didn't die –"


Abi was suddenly pinned by him on the bed. His eyes were blazing infernos as he looked down at her.

"Why are you always... always riling me up like this? Do you like making me angry? You must really hate me so much! Why?"His eyes narrowed. He was so angry that he was clenching the bedsheets like he was going to crumble them into dust.


He was losing it again. This woman was messing him up. And the thought that she hated him was something that was unacceptable for him to accept. Why did she matter so much? So what if she hated him? Everyone hated him anyway so what was the difference if this woman hated him as well from the bottom of her heart?

F*ck. His anger was starting to eat at him. He needed to leave or else he might end up hurting her with his own hands. It seemed that he couldn't accept her hate for him. It seemed that this was something his demons would never accept. And he would rather...

His jaws clenched and he pulled away, ready to disappear from the room again and leave her when out of the blue, he felt something warm touch his hand.

He froze. His eyes fell on her fragile hand holding his wrist. And just like that, everything, even his uncontainable rage, stood still.

His eyes traveled upwards and he saw her crying. Tears were falling down her cheeks silently and she was looking at him with eyes filled with sorrow.

"I don't..." she uttered. "I don't hate you..." I love you... I love you so much I could die... Abi's lips trembled. She couldn't take it anymore. Alex thinking that she hated him was more than she could bear. Seeing the look in his eyes, his rage in thinking that she hated him made Abi's heart squeeze in pain. Maybe she was being too hard on him. Maybe the both of them were being too hard on each other.

Alex didn't remember anything about her but he was somehow here by her side, not leaving her and getting angry at the thought that she hated him. He also came and saved her and he had even said that he wanted her. He was doing all this despite the fact that his current self didn't know her at all.

Abi realized this was getting too much for her. She was tired and she didn't want any more pain. She could see he was struggling too and he ended up like this because of her. It was senseless to keep hurting each other at this point. And it seemed like this wasn't working. Whatever she and Zeke were doing to make him remember wasn't working at all.

Maybe, they were doing it wrong. Maybe she was pushing too hard, way too hard. She was so desperate to bring him back that she didn't care if the process would end up breaking her or him, or both of them.

A full twenty-four hours hadn't even passed yet and already too much had happened. Too much heartache in less than a day. This was not what she wanted. This felt wrong!

"Y-you don't hate me?" he asked. His rage seemed to have disappeared with just her words and touch.

She shook her head and his brows pulled together. "Then why are you pushing me away? Why do you glare at me and why are you crying?"

"I just don't like that you're too forceful! You're not gentle at all. You keep threatening me and you keep hurting me." she told him as she wiped her tears.

Alex swallowed. His eyes widened for a moment as if he just heard something unbelievably good. She didn't hate him. That was right, she said she didn't hate him.

As if the sun had finally smiled to him, a smile curved on Alex's lips, surprising Abi. He was smiling? He was raging like he would go out and slaughter people just a while ago.

Suddenly, he pulled her hand to his lips and softly placed a kiss on the back of her hand. His gaze scorched through his long lashes as he looked at her.

"Rest assured, little lamb. I will not force you again," he uttered and he reached out, wiping her tears away gently. "I'll be gentle... yeah, I will try. No, I will!" He smiled again. "I won't hurt you either."

Abi almost melted, completely. How could he switch from hellish to heavenly so fast? Here she was still sniffling and he was already smiling?

"What about your threats?"

"Hmm... depends."

Abi creased her brows and he let out a throaty chuckle.

"Okay, that too," he uttered and his smile faded. "But don't rile me up too much. I'm afraid I might lose control over myself and do something you don't like," he whispered as his hand slowly traveled down her nape.

"I-I'm not sure about that. Everything I do seems to rile you up for no reason."

"Yeah, you're right. I wonder why that is. Even now you're riling me up even without doing anything. Right now, I want to break my promise of not forcing you because I really want to kiss you so deeply that your brain will never forget my name."

". . ."___________

Chapter 305 Truly, madly, deeply

Abi could only press her lips tightly. She was speechless. How could he start seducing her right after he made her cry? He was simply impossible!

She averted her gaze away from him as she told herself to calm down.

However, Alex sat beside her. He rested his elbow on top of his bended knee as he leaned his head on his knuckles. His eyes were still smoldering towards her.

"Anyway, little lamb…" he pulled her attention back to him. "What's your name?" he asked and Abi momentarily shut down.

Great. Her husband was just asking for her name and she almost forgot to breathe. She suddenly remembered the very first time he had asked her for her name, their first ever encounter in that cold, dark garage and how back then, this man was as cold as a glacier.

Abi almost laughed out loud. She couldn't believe she would feel this way just by him asking her name again. It was a strange feeling. All she knew was that she felt a tinge of pain and joy collided inside her at once. That was right. She was glad to know that he might start using her name again. She would at least finally hear her name come out of his lips again.

Staring at his eyes intently, Abi took a deep breath and answered him. "Abigail."

"Abigail…" he echoed. There it was, her name. He momentarily fell silent as if her name had stirred something inside him. "Abigail…" he uttered once more and Abi felt her heart race as she watched him tilt his head. He looked like he was trying to recall something as he uttered her name, something that was trying to claw its way to the surface, to his consciousness, and Abi held her breath, hoping against all odds that he would.


"That is a beautiful name," he simply said. He smiled at her but Abi's shoulders subconsciously dropped. "As beautiful as you," he added, flirting with her again.

He bent forward and whispered in her ear. "You can call me Alex, Abigail." He was obviously and purposely blowing his warm breath into her ear and he was way too close. So close that their noses were about to collide. "I want to hear it. You, calling my name."

"Please… uhm… you're too close…"

"Okay, I'll back off if you call my name."

"You said no more threats."

"But this isn't a threat, Abigail. It is merely a request. A mutually beneficial one where we both get what we want." The smooth-talking man tried to persuade her.

Abi clenched the blanket under her hands. He was certainly trying to seduce her and it was working. She had dropped her guard a little and now she had to force herself to behave and not lean towards him and kiss those damn teasing lips. If he didn't back off soon, her desire and longing for him might take over and betray her.

"O-okay, please back off, A-alex…" She finally gave in and thankfully, Alex kept his word and backed off as he said. He bit his lips sexily. F*ck, why did his name sound so sexy when she said it? Just her uttering his name turned him on. He truly, madly, deeply wanted her. He was already thinking about all the things he could do to her to make her call out his name as he pleasured her.

Gladly, before he could say or do anything more, a knock pulled his attention away from her. His lips twitched at the unwanted interruption, obviously pissed.

He stood up and walked over to the door, not bothering to hide his menacing aura for the unfortunate soul to feel as the door opened.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice cold and unforgiving as he glared at Zeke. Ever since his maid declared that he liked Zeke, he started to look at Zeke in a different light. No, this guy had turned into an enemy in his eyes.

Alex had stopped considering anyone as an enemy. He didn't have anyone whom he called an enemy since he turned himself into an immortal. Maybe it was because feuds and wars were no longer interesting to him; they all just seemed like petty squabbles between petty individuals. There was no point because he was basically a cheat. Of course he would always win against any of his opponents because he would always be the last one standing, alive. Nobody was strong enough to go against him, with the exception of this vampire before him. In all his existence, Zeke was the strongest opponent he had ever met. If this guy was an immortal like him, or if he wasn't an immortal, then things could have been more exciting.

Zeke was exceptionally strong and he was close to being on par with Alex when he was in his best state. In all honesty, he was the only one who could awaken the rotting demons inside him to bother having a fight.

He remembered that he used to make fun of him when he was younger, riling him up to no end, just so the young Zeke would lose his self control and fight with him. It was all for entertainment, all those times they fought, and he had never thought of or saw Zeke as someone he should be wary of. As far as he could remember, he had never had any negative feelings towards this man. But now, everything was different. All because of her. Abigail. And now here he was, glaring at this man who was as close to an equal as anyone could be, feeling displeased by his mere presence.

"I have to speak with the maid." Zeke ignored the menacing, dark, cold welcome he was greeted with and got straight to the point.

"Her name is Abigail," Alex immediately corrected, surprising Zeke. His eyes flew towards Abi on the bed.

"Okay... Well then, I need to speak with Abigai –"

"I didn't say you could call her that," Alex butted in quickly, refusing to let Zeke finish saying her name. Only he was allowed to say her name.

Zeke was speechless. He felt it, Alex's animosity and jealousy. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Alex closely. He had changed from his cold, uncaring person. He now seemed very protective of Abigail as if he had accepted these unknown feelings he was having instead of fighting against them. What happened? He seemed to be acting a little like the old Alex but he could tell that Alex still didn't remember Abi.

"So what exactly do you want me to call her? Should I call her little lamb?"

That made Alex's glare become even more razor sharp. The saying 'if looks could kill' was a very appropriate description of Alex's expression at that moment. He bent forward and whispered to Zeke.

"No. Call her Mrs. Qin."

Zeke: ". . ."______________


Chapter 306 Princess or piggy
"No. Call her Mrs. Qin."

Zeke: ". . ."

Zeke pinched the skin between his brows. "When did she even become Mrs Qin?"

"Well, just now. She'll be my future wife." He smirked at him and then in the next second, he became serious again. "So give her the respect she deserves and address her as Mrs Qin, understand?"

"Oh, so Alexander the great actually wants to marry now? And what's ever more newsworthy is that he wants to marry a human maid of all girls he can choose from in this world?"

"Well, isn't it time for me to settle down? I'm sick being single! I have been single for thousands of years!"

". . ."

Zeke silently sighed. When did this man become so annoying? Was he actually being serious right now?

"Great. Yeah, Alex. But I personally think you're getting way too ahead of yourself. Does the girl even like you?"

"She will. Soon," he declared, confident. "So don't even think about hitting on her, Zeke. You will just get rejected and then I would be forced to say 'I told you so' as you nurse your broken heart."

What the hell is he even talking about now?

"What if she's already married? Did you think about that?" Zeke rebutted.

"She's not! She isn't wearing a wedding ring," Alex said proudly, as if he had actually done his research on the matter, as if that was the one and only thing that he needed to look for to come to that conclusion.

Zeke threw him a disbelieving look before his poker face took over. "Enough with this nonsense, Alex. I have an important matter to tell her. She needs to know about the journey we just decided to go on because there's someone out there who wants to take her home."

Alex's face darkened. The dragon seemed to be ready to devour whoever this 'someone' was.

"Don't even think about it. The guy is important to her. You will make her hate you if you touch him so control yourself."

"Important to her..." he echoed. "How important?"

"Her childhood friend, I hear."

Alex's face brightened. "Oh... just a little childhood friend." He leaned against the wall, looking relieved that this 'someone' wasn't a threat.

Zeke could only shake his head and finally entered.

"Your friends are coming," he told Abi and Abi finally remembered Kelly and Chris.

She looked for her phone and found it dead on the table, literally.

"I killed it. It was noisy," Alex butted in as he leaned against the door.

Ah, this man...

"You will deal with them. Make sure that your friend Chris won't make a scene," he instructed like a king.

Abi turned to Zeke and nodded at him. Abi knew what he was trying to say and she knew she should be the one to deal with this. She understood that she had to send Kelly and Chris home

"Okay, I'll go speak with them."



Meanwhile, Kai and Kelly were walking down long corridors and down many flights of stairs when Kelly started mumbling. "How the heck did you carry me up all these stairs? No wonder you're so yummy. This is like a daily gym routine just to get to your room!"


It was an old castle so there were obviously no elevators and her heels were starting to become her mortal enemy.

"I didn't carry you up these stairs. I jumped up to the veranda from the lower levels. It was much faster that way," he said casually as if he was saying the sky was blue and the grass was green. Kelly looked at him with an impish look on her face as a great idea popped into her head!

"Hmmm, well then, can you carry me and jump me down from here?" Kelly asked, her eyes full of mischief.

"Sorry, but you're walking today," Kai said. It was too risky to be doing that kind of thing in broad daylight but he didn't tell her that.

"Well then, how about you just carry me? You don't have to do any jumping." Kelly tried her luck again. This time she tried to pull a sad face at him, poking out her bottom lip like a little child pulling out all stops to get her parents to buy them that doll she really wanted.

Kai looked at her face and just shook his head. How could he say no to that face? Besides, he knew there were still a lot of stairs to go before they got to the ground floor.

He sighed and asked, "Princess or piggy?"

Kelly looked at him, a little confused at his question. What?

"Pick one. Princess or piggy?" He asked again.

"Princess, of course! But what does that have to do with anything?"

Instead of telling her, Kai answered by picking her up, princess style. She was taken by surprise but she immediately wound an arm around his neck. She smiled, feeling pampered. They walked down the stairs like that, with Kai tirelessly carrying her, until they arrived on the ground floor, where he gently placed her feet on the ground.

Kelly stood up but didn't take her arm away from his neck. Instead, she used it to pull him closer to her and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Thanks, my charming prince," she said before she gave him a wicked wink.

The two eventually found their way to the courtyard.

Abi was sitting on one of the benches, all alone. Abi looked a little worse for wear and Kelly immediately felt worried. She half ran towards her friend to make sure she was okay.

"Abi, are you okay?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Kelly," Abi replied and she even managed a smile.

They sat on a bench as they waited for Chris to arrive. Zeke had given the order for Chris to be allowed to come through.
Chapter 307 A threat

They saw a white sedan drive up the long driveway and it stopped by the footpath. Chris basically leapt out of the car and ran towards them.

He looked worried and his eyes immediately surveyed Abi.

Kelly couldn't blame him for being worried about Abi. Chris had been spending a lot of time with Abi since Abi went home from the hospital. She knew that the boy was smitten and she had actually been rooting for them to get together. That was of course because she had forgotten about Alex at that time. Chris had been the epitome of a good friend, always trying to cheer Abi up and take her out of the house. He even obviously got them into Country V because he knew how much Abigail wanted to come here. He wanted Abigail to be happy and he did everything he could to help her with that. He knew that Abigail was a little fragile and he was very considerate in that he didn't push his feelings on her.

However, looking back on it now that she had her memories back, the poor guy really never stood a chance. Even if Abigail had forgotten about Alex, there might still be no way that Chris would have been able to dislodge Alex from Abi's heart. Even in the years to come, she felt that Abigail would have chosen to die alone if she didn't find Alex again. That was how deep her love was for that stupid man!

"Abi, Kelly, let's go back to the hotel," Chris immediately said, not wasting any more time. This was why he was here after all. He started walking back to the car expecting the girls to follow him.

Kelly stood up but Abi remained on her seat. Chris frowned, thinking that Abi might not be feeling too well.

He walked back with the intention of helping her but Abi stopped him with her next words. "Chris, I-I have decided to stay here for a while. I won't be going back with you two."

Chris felt his world spin. What was she saying? Why did she want to stay here? What about his plan of confessing to her when they got back?

"But, Abigail... why?"

"Because I found a job here that I really like. I think this will be good for me. I want to stay here for a while to heal myself. I hope you guys understand."

Chris couldn't say anything. He knew that Abigail had been looking for something since she had her surgery. He had not seen her smile once since then and it had broken his heart. He had tried so hard to make her smile a real smile, but he hadn't succeeded. And when she said she wanted to come here, she saw something liven up within her. There was a small spark in her eye when she mentioned coming to this place. So he tried his very best to do that, because he thought it would make her happy. But he never thought that she would end up wanting to stay!

"But Abigail, what about your family?" What about me?

"I'm sure they will understand and be happy for me," she said. "I will call dad later and explain everything to him. I'm sorry guys. Please understand my decision. If I go back home, I don't think I will ever be able to smile again. That's why I want to stay here. I just know this is the place that will heal me. That will make me smile again."



Alex and Zeke were standing from afar watching the three of them. Kai was also leaning by the pillar, staring at Kelly.

"What are they talking about?" Alex asked and Zeke was glad that he couldn't hear a thing.

"Nothing important," Zeke nonchalantly replied.

But Alex was obviously doubtful. His eyes zoomed onto the man standing in front of his little lamb and he didn't know why but red flags immediately raised inside his head. Okay, it seemed this guy was a threat.

He zoomed in on his lips and he started to read them.

"Abi... wait..." Chris suddenly looked like he was in a dilemma.

"Chris, I'm sorry. Please go home without me. I'll be fine here, I promise. I'll call you guys and keep you up to date on what I am up to," she assured him when suddenly, Chris held her hands.

"Abi, uhm... listen to me first. I... I was planning to tell you this once we go back but now that you're refusing to go home, I have no choice but to say it here." He took a deep breath.

"Abi, I..." for some reason, Chris suddenly felt chills run down his spine before he could even say the words he had been practising to say to her for a long time now. He immediately looked around and his eyes caught two men from afar looking at them. He didn't recognize them as they were too far away for him to distinguish their features.

He took another deep breath and ignored the chills, thinking that it was just his imagination running wild. Maybe it was because of the nerves.

Facing Abi again, Chris squeezed her hands and stared into her eyes. "Abi... I..."

"Stop it, Alex. Don't worry, I don't think Abi will go with him." Zeke tried his best to convince the man to stop whatever it was that he was up to. He already knew that Kelly had broken the spell. If this Chris person was to do the same thing, it would be damn troublesome, especially when this Chris was a celebrity. If things got worse, they might be forced to bring another private jet down to fake accidents.

"How can you be so sure?"

"I just know, trust me."

Despite Zeke's assurance, Alex couldn't stop his demons from surfacing. Watching her being touched by some man made him want to kill. His bloodlust intensified to its limit and the only thing stopping him was the thought that the little lamb would hate him if he attacked that man.

He clenched his fists tight and zeroed his eyes on his lips again.

"I love you, Abigail," were the words he read from his lips and his world seemed to have halted.
Chapter 308 Earthquake

"I love you, Abigail." Chris confessed. Chris held his breath subconsciously as he waited for her to say something.

At long last, he finally said it. Those four little words that he had been holding in his heart. He had planned for a grand confession, an unforgettable one, but he had no choice now that it came to this. He hadn't expected that Abigail would end up wanting to stay in this country. The thought never crossed his mind at all. He had everything planned out in his head. The moment they landed back in their country, he was going to drive her home and ask her for a romantic dinner out. He would have booked out an entire restaurant so that only they would be dining there, set up a fireworks display just outside the window and then he would hold her and say these four little words to her.

His heart thudded against his chest. He had received many, many confessions since he became a famous actor but now the tables had turned. Now that the shoe was on the other foot, and he was confessing his feelings, he realized just how much courage it took to say those three words to someone you really liked. He hadn't really thought about romance or relationships before he met Abigail again because he had been too focused on his career. He thought that it wouldn't have been fair to go into a relationship if he couldn't pour 100% of himself into it. So he stayed single, much to the delight of all his single fans.

At that moment however, a layer of sweat was starting to form on his forehead as the seconds ticked by. How overwhelming it was waiting for her response. He really, really hoped that her response would be positive, that she would say that she liked him - even that, he would be content with - which would lead to both of them going home together and maybe starting something.

But Abigail looked shocked and her body froze from his words. She could only stare back at him silently.

Chris had been such a good friend to her. They had been friends since they were little and he certainly was an important friend to her because of that, but that was all she felt for him - friendship. Abigail never felt anything more than that towards him because to her, he was like the brother she never had. And she never thought that he liked her romantically. She thought that he was just being a good friend.

"C-chris..." she finally opened her mouth. She looked down at their hands and she pressed his palms before looking up into his eyes again. She had to give him her answer now. She didn't want to hurt him but she thought that the best thing for her to do was to squash down any hope he had of ever being with her, because that would just be too cruel. It would be cruel to leave him hanging, to have him think he still had a chance. The best thing she could do was to make him give up on her so that he could start the process of healing and potentially find the right person for him. She had to do this because she knew that she would never be able to be with another man after Alex. Even if Alex didn't remember her for the rest of their lives, she would still choose to be with him. Because he was the one she loved. He was her soulmate and no one could ever take his place in her heart, no matter how much they might try to.


"Chris, I –"

Before Abi could even form a phrase, the ground slightly trembled followed by a rumbling noise.

"Damn! Earthquake!!" Kelly yelled as she quickly dropped down to the ground while Abi's first reaction was to look around, searching for something or someone.

Her eyes widened when she saw that one of the huge pillars by the corridor was falling down. And he was right there, Alex. He was far away but Abi could see his arm stretched out and his fist was positioned at the spot where the pillar was originally standing. Did he just punch the pillar?

Abi finally felt that familiar chill. His head was turned in her direction like he was looking at her - no, he was glaring hard at her. She began to feel bloodlust in the air and Abi was immediately worried about Chris.

Oh no, this was bad... She had to do something or Chris might...

"That was just a weak earthquake but one pillar actually fell? It seems this castle is really old and unstable," Chris said, staring at the falling pillar.

While he was distracted, Abi quickly retracted her hands away from his. She stepped back, pulling Chris's attention back to her.

Chris looked at her and she saw the expression on her face. His heart stopped beating as he realised what her answer was going to be before she even said the words.

"Chris, I'm sorry but I cannot return your feelings. You are like a brother to me and I just don't feel that way about you. I'm sorry. Please go on without me. I won't be going back," she said before she turned around and ran away.

Chris stretched out his hand but his body felt like it was suddenly made of stone. He couldn't seem to move so all he could do was watch her running away from him. He looked down and clenched his fists. Damn, he was actually rejected by her.

"Let's go, Chris. Let's just honor her wish, okay?" Kelly coaxed him. She knew that Chris was in danger because she literally watched that Alexander Qin smash the pillar with his bare hand. She knew the man was angry and who knew what he would do to Chris if he stayed around?

Chapter 309 Fall for me

Kelly started dragging him towards the car and forcefully pushed him into the back seat. Chris was still shocked from her rejection so he just sat there like a broken robot. Kelly's mood wasn't that far off from what he was feeling. She, too, felt brokenhearted.

She sat in the driver's seat and started up the car. Her eyes went to the place where Kai was standing a moment ago. He was still there, looking at her with an unfathomable expression on his face. Her throat constricted.

Ah, they were really unlucky it seemed - she and this guy behind her.

Biting her lips, Kelly took a deep breath and drove the car away before she could change her mind and go after that pretty prince again. She wasn't persistent. She liked chasing after the guy she liked but she always had a limit. If that person told her it was impossible for them, that they just couldn't be together… Kelly would stop. She was just not the type who would keep persisting and keep chasing a man to no end. That was just not in her personality, or maybe, she just didn't know how to do it because she had never tried it before, fighting for something like love. Maybe, her being like this was the reason why she was so unlucky with love.

"Goodbye, my prince," she said as she smiled bitterly.

Back in the courtyard, Zeke was utterly speechless with what Alex just did. The guards were running over and some vampires looked down from the higher floors to see what just happened.

He never expected that this guy would actually lose it. It seemed he really needed to drag this guy out of the palace or he wouldn't even hesitate to destroy this historic place every time his damn jealousy ate him whole.

Zeke was on alert, ready to stop him in case he decided to jump towards that Chris guy. Gladly, Abigail's friend was smart enough to drag him away and Abigail was finally running towards them.

Tch! These troublesome creatures! His lips could only twitch before he faced the guards.

"Get the servants to clean this mess up and repair the damage," he told them and the men immediately nodded.

"A-alex…" Abi panted for a moment as she stopped before him. His face, that was still dark, somehow changed the moment he heard her voice call out his name. The darkness and bloodlust that cloaked him as he shot daggers at the man in the disappearing car had finally broken and he looked at her.

"I sent them away," she added, a little nervous that this man might still go after them.

Alex narrowed his eyes as he surveyed her face. He missed finding out what Abi's answer was to Chris' confession because he was too busy breaking pillars and shooting deadly arrows at the man!

"That guy… Do you like him, too? Didn't you say you liked Zeke?" he asked and Abi's glance flew towards Zeke who maintained his poker face despite Alex's words.

Suddenly, Alex grabbed her. His hand was on her waist as he pulled her body so close to him that they could feel each other's heat.

"How many men do you like, huh, Abigail?" His voice was cold again. It seemed he was still damn jealous.

"H-he's my –"

"Damn!" He cut her off as he buried his face on the nook of her shoulder. His lips grazed her collarbone as he spoke. "I really want to punish you for this, Abigail. I want to punish you damn hard until you never want to touch any other man again" he added. His voice was hoarse yet serious and at the same time sexy. She should flinch at the mix of anger and warnings in his voice but it seemed Abi was already used to his possessiveness. He used to tell her this before they got married, that he would punish her hard but his punishment would always end up actually not being hard at all. His punishments were something she didn't hate and if she was honest, sometimes, she wanted to be punished by him.

"Stop flirting in broad daylight, Alex. Get out of here so the servants can start fixing the mess you created," Zeke's voice jolted Abi and she immediately pulled away blushing as she realized just how many people were there watching them.

But Alex's hand on her waist gripped her even tighter. He looked at Zeke and a possessive smirk appeared on his face. "Shut up, Zeke. This girl is mine," he suddenly declared, loud enough for everyone to hear, making Abi blush even harder. "I can flirt with her whenever and wherever I want and you certainly can't do anything about it." He concluded and before Abi could react, her vision became blurry.

Oh god, they were flying!!

She subconsciously held onto Alex's neck as hard as she could as they landed on the first veranda.

He smiled at her reaction and he jumped again with Abi closing her eyes and gripping him hard. "That's it, my girl, cling onto me and never let go," he whispered in her ear before he finally stopped moving.

"Oh my god!" Abi held on to him. The wind was cold as it blew on them.

Abi slowly opened her eyes and her mouth hung open at what she saw. They were on the highest part of the castle's roof.

"Haha. Do you know why I brought you up here, little lamb?" he asked and Abi, who was too dumbstruck looking around the magnificent view of this ancient city, barely registered his words. This somehow reminded her of one of her wishes, of them sitting up on the roof of his mansion, watching the sunset together.

She eventually looked at him with questions in her eyes.

"I brought you here so that I could drop you from this height to make you..." he trailed off. He then flashed his mischievous smile at her, causing Abi's jaw to drop. She was utterly speechless. "Fall for me, Abigail," he whispered into her ear.

Oh god! This man…
Chapter 310 Devil

Abruptly, Alex's expression changed again. His mischievous smile faded and his eyes smoldered with intense emotions. His long and elegant finger found its way to her lips and he brushed them so slowly.

"Tell me… those words that that man told you…" he uttered seriously, making Abi's heart thump erratically. "Did you like hearing them?"

Abi subconsciously swallowed because Alex was again exuding a cold, chilly aura. He really changed way too fast; his moods, his expressions, the way he spoke. He was changing as if someone was pointing a remote control on him and switching his channels in a blink of an eye.

But somehow, she felt calm and relaxed despite the fact they were in a dangerous place. Well, dangerous for her. There was no way she would still be alive if she fell from that height. But again, she was calm because she knew he would never let her fall despite him telling her he would drop her.

Looking back at him, Abi could only give him an honest response. She was not going to anger him anymore. She would go back to acting like her normal self and answer him without the motive of pushing him to the edge.

"Of course, I like to hear them as long as they come from the lips of the man I love," she answered and Alex fell silent for a moment.

"So you wouldn't like it if I say it?" his gaze intensified.

"W-why would you say it? You don't love me. You only want me."

He narrowed his eyes again. "Then I'll change my previous statement." He cupped her face, moving his face closer to hers. "I want you. I love you…" he uttered and Abi's heart clenched at hearing those words. How could he say these things so casually? As if love was just a simple word that meant nothing at all.

Trying her best not to show the slight tug of pain in her heart, Abi looked away. "Do you… do you even know what 'love' is?" she asked before returning her gaze on him.

Alex tilted his head. "I don't," he answered and a small, ironic smile curved on Abi's lips. Of course he would say that.

"But if love is something that surpasses wants and needs and addictions then I'm certain I love you."

At those words, Abi felt her heart flutter within her chest. She gazed into his eyes with wide eyes. She couldn't believe what he just said. She was totally thunderstruck.

"I'll say anything you want to hear, Abigail. Just choose me already. Forget about them and like me instead. You don't know what you are doing to me. I smashed a pillar because I was trying to stop myself from hurting that man, because I knew you would hate me if I did. You may call this an obsession but if this is just an obsession, it wouldn't matter to me if you hated me. I would have hit that man with everything I had and I would just drag you to my bed and tie you there for the rest of your life. But the fact that my body refuses to do that means that this is not an obsession. I want to give you everything you want. Whatever it is, I'll give it to you. Even if you ask me to give you the world, I'll make it happen!"

Abi couldn't speak. Everything he said pierced through her heart. She realized that her Alex's heart must not have forgotten her. All these words he was saying sounded like something her Alex would have said and that was more than enough to melt her entire being.

He sounded like the devil tempting her. But, she didn't want the world. All she wanted was for him to come back to her, to remember her and their love for each other. She wanted the Alex she married, the Alex that shared those precious memories with her, the man who stayed with her through the good and bad times. She wanted him to remember everything. He had to remember everything.

Abi really wanted to just spit it out. That she was his wife, that she was his beloved that he had forgotten so that she could finally hug him and hold him right then and there. But she couldn't. Zeke had warned her about the risk. Zeke told her that if Alex would find out that he had lost his memories, the man would definitely make a move to find out if that was true. He would do everything he could to try and get them back, possibly even go on a rampage and become uncontrollable. The first thing he would definitely do would be to leave by himself to look for witches to get an answer and that was the last thing they wanted to happen because then he would be putting himself in danger. They needed to hunt the witches together, so that these witches stood no chance of being able to manipulate Alex.

That was why Abi couldn't say it. All she could do was wait until his memories returned. Until then, she would be his maid and not his wife.

As the silence dragged on Abi didn't realize that she was looking at him with sadness in her eyes. Alex misread her emotion and thought that what he said was still not enough to get this girl. He thought that she was looking at him like that because she was sorry. And that lit up the inferno inside him that he couldn't contain.

And before he knew it, he cupped her face. Damn. He was angry. His desire for her was beyond redemption. He had never felt desire like this for someone in his entire existence. His desire to make her his was far greater than the desire he had when he had wanted to conquer the world. This woman surpassed everything else. Yet she seemed to be harder to conquer than the world.

His inner demon was telling him to break his promise and just grab her and tie her to him. It was all his mind could think of. He was the king of Kings. The strongest in this world. Yet he couldn't get this single woman?!

His eyes blazed like a furnace as he looked at her and goosebumps enveloped Abigail. This was the first time in a long time that Abi felt like this towards him.

"You are mine, Abigail. I am not going to let anyone else have you. You are mine," he pressed as he moved closer to kiss her when suddenly, he froze.

Abi, who had forgot to breathe for a moment, snapped out of it when he didn't move an inch. And his body temperature seemed to have drastically dropped down. Was it her imagination?

"A-alex?" she called out when she saw that he was standing still as if he had just looked into medusas eyes.

His forehead then creased and his grip on her tightened.

Abi didn't know why but her heartbeat accelerated. He was cold, so cold Abi felt like she too was going to freeze with him. "What's wrong?" she asked. Seeing him suddenly sweat and start to pant like he couldn't breathe made her panic. She had never seen Alex in that state before. "Alex… what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Let go of me," he managed to say between his breaths.

"No, you will fall!"

They were standing on the roof of one of the towers that stood taller than any other structure of the castle. The roof was quite steep and there were no flat areas for them to stand on. The closest flat area was way down below. Abi was holding tightly on to Alex who held on to a solid pole that held the country's flag up.

"It's okay, I won't die even if I fall from here." He smirked. How could he still smirk in this situation? "Let go now, or I might drag u down with me. Zeke will come get you later…"

He started to look like he was in intense pain as he grabbed her hands and yanked then off him. "Grab the… pole…"

"No! I won't let you fall! No! Alex!"