✍️✍️✍️✍️ Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 145..... 147✍️✍️✍️✍️




Zarin woke up feeling as if his body was broken to pieces. Every little movement pained him. He turned on his back and realized that he was lying in bed and it wasn't his own. Where was he?

Sitting up, he looked around. For a moment he thought that he was in his parents' home and panicked. The last thing he needed was to see the faces of his parents as he leaves them again. Making them go through that pain once was already enough. Now he had to let them live their lives and he would go back to his. 

From the scent, Zarin could tell that he was in Zamiel's home. From afar he could smell brewed coffee and burning wood, and close he could smell burnt skin. He remembered getting hit by lightening and then everything afterwards was all black. Why did Zamiel bring him into his home? And even put him in a bed? 

Removing the blanket, he swung his legs down and groaned in pain. Every small movement pained him. He looked down at himself. He was damp, covered in dirt, and his shirt was torn. Beneath his shirt he saw burnt skin on his chest and down to his arm. Was something wrong with his healing? He was a full demon now so he should have already healed. 

"Burns caused by lightning takes longer to heal." Suddenly the strange-looking water demon who was Zamiel's friend stood in the room. "You shouldn't anger a smoke demon."

Zarin remembered saying things he shouldn't have said. He had been emotional and intoxicated. He was surprised that Zamiel actually brought him inside his home and let him sleep in a bed after the things he said. 

"I know. Love makes the man stupid." The water demon, Euphorion shook his head. "You are lucky the man loves your friend or you would be struck by lightning every time you stepped outside."

Zarin didn't feel lucky at all. 

He stood up from the bed and decided to leave, but Euphorion blocked his way. "Don't you think you have something to do before leaving?" 

Zarin was confused. What did he have to do?

Euphorion shook his head at him and then glared with anger evident in his eyes. "Do you know of something called an apology? Or how and when to say thank you?" 

Zarin blinked a few times. He was not going to say either of those things to Zamiel. 

Before he could finish his thought, Euphorion grabbed him by the collar. "Then you can forget leaving." He threatened. 

"I'll do it." Zarin said and then thought to himself that he wouldn't mean it, so it didn't matter. He knew Euphorion would hear his thoughts. 

Euphorion scoffed and released him. "I don't need you to mean it. Saying it will still hurt your pride." 

Now he didn't know whether he hated this demon more or Zamiel.

"By the way, why do you hate him so much?" Euphorion asked, suddenly curious. 

Zarin felt uncomfortable with this question, especially since Euphorion could read his mind. 

"I understand the envy, insecurity and feeling inferior, but there is something more." He said narrowing his eyes. 

Zarin took a step back. He didn't like having this ancient demon's attention. 

"Do you perhaps… like him?" 


"No!" Zarin yelled. 

Euphorion tilted his head, and a corner of his mouth lifted. He nodded as if he finally got the answer. 

Zarin shook his head. That was ridiculous. Why would he like Zamiel? He hated that man. 

"Hatred that comes from an unknown place is usually love in disguise." Euphorion smirked. 

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Zamiel's maid stood at the entrance. "I have the clothes you asked for, My Lord." She said and then walked in briefly and placed them on the chair in the room. 

"Thank you, Helen." Euphorion smiled at her, almost causing her to lose balance on her way out. "Could you prepare a bath for the boy as well?" He said talking about him. 

"Of course, my lord." She gave him a nod and left. 

Boy? He was no boy. And why would he have a bath? He was leaving. 

"You are not going anywhere." Euphorion said, turning to him. He became serious. "You will take a bath, change, and then come downstairs to have breakfast. And don't provoke me. I am not Zamiel. I will find you or your family." He threatened. 

Zarin blinked a few times, completely shocked by the sudden change of Euphorion's demeanor. Suddenly he saw the power of an ancient behind the playful nature. 

"I'll be waiting downstairs." He then continued, giving him a subtle smile before leaving him alone. 

Zarin contemplated to leave. He would be in the hidden kingdom where Euphorion wouldn't be able to find him and his family, well they weren't his family anymore and they could take care of themselves. Besides, his grandfather would be there in case they were in danger. 

But then he stopped himself. He didn't want to cause more problems to his family, and Euphorion wouldn't take his actions lightly. Despite smiling at him, he could see that the water demon disliked him. Very much. 

Zarin did as Euphorion ordered. Helen prepared a bath for him in the room. The hot water burned his already burnt skin, and then he wore the new clothes that were given to him. 

Hesitantly, he stepped outside the room. What was Euphorion and Zamiel planning for him? Maybe they had planned something together to have their revenge on him. But that didn't seem like something Zamiel would do. 

Standing upstairs, Zarin looked down. He saw Zamiel sitting at the dining table and drinking from a cup while reading a paper in his hand. He was focused. His hair was damp and a few dark strands fell down at the sides of his face. Zarin could tell that Zamiel had just bathed. He could smell the scent of soap mixed with his natural scent. 

Wait. Why was he noticing these things?

"Because you like him." Euphorion appeared from nowhere.

Zarin clenched his jaw in dislike, which caused Euphorion to chuckle. 

"There is nothing wrong with that. Look at him." He nodded toward Zamiel. "The man is exquisite. You can't deny that." 

Zarin walked passed him and went downstairs. He would apologize to Zamiel and leave. This water demon was making him uncomfortable. Besides, he wanted no more acts of kindness from Zamiel. 

Once he neared the table, Zamiel looked away from the paper in his hand and turned to him. 

Zarin clenched his hands into fists and felt his face heat up out of anger. He did not want to apologize or thank this man. "I apologize for what happened last night and thank you." He said in a flat tone. 

Zamiel stared at him without a change of expression. "Why don't you sit down and have breakfast?" He asked him. 

"No, thank…" Suddenly he was pulled by the arm and then pushed down to sit on a chair. 

"Breakfast was part of the deal." Euphorion smirked and then sat down at the table as well. 

It suddenly became quiet with Euphorion smiling, Zamiel remaining serious and Zarin shrinking in his seat. 

At first Zarin thought that they had definitely planned something now that Euphorion forced him to eat breakfast with them, but as they ate in silence Zarin realized that Zamiel had just simple offered him breakfast. 

Why? He didn't understand this act of kindness. 

Euphorion finished a whole jar of honey. It was like he had never tasted honey before. "I need more of this. I will take it with me to the ocean." He said. 

"It is expensive." Zamiel told him. 

"How would you like me to pay you? Gold? Silver? Pearls? Fish?" 

Zamiel shook his head at him and then turned to Zarin. "We are going out. Would you like to come with us?" He asked. 

Zarin was taken by surprise. The way Zamiel asked him so casually made him feel as if they had been friends forever. 

"Yes." He found himself reply.




"My lord, we brought the witch." 

"Bring him in." Lothaire ordered. 

His servants came dragging the male witch and then pushed him down on his knees beneath the throne. Lothaire looked at the young witch, who stared at him with utter disgust. Deep down he was also frightened, but he was good at hiding it. 

The servants held him in place, even though the witch knew there was no point in running away. Lothaire stood up from his seat and went down the stairs to get closer to the boy. He was young and didn't know how to defend himself.

Lothaire had found him through The Eye. His name was Ivan. He was a gifted boy, but he thought of his gifts as a curse and lived hiding them in fear of getting hurt. 

"Show your real self." The boy demanded. 

Lothaire was immediately amused. Witches knew that demons didn't always look the way they appeared. They believed demons were ugly. It wasn't entirely a lie. Demon's original form could be ugly, frightening, beautiful or all at the same time. The first time would almost always be frightening for humans. They feared everything that was unknown to them. 

Lothaire thought of himself as both beautiful and ugly, which made him frightening. It wasn't a good combination, but the way he looked right now was still him. 

Demons could transform and change their appearance from looking like their original self, the way they were created, or looking presentable so they could blend in with humans. Many demons have stayed in their changed form for so long that they evolved to look more like humans. Especially like the humans they lived amongst. 

People might say it is a disguise, but to Lothaire that was only their other form. Their evolved form. Today, most demons looked just like humans. Since demons were mostly male, they chose to stay in their changed form in order to find a human mate and reproduce. And most female demons were originally human and only turned demon after giving birth. 

"This is the real me." Lothaire said. 

The boy narrowed his eyes. "What do you want?" 

"Just answer my questions and do as I say and you will leave this place alive." Lothaire told him. 

Ivan clenched his jaw and gave him a deadly stare. 

Lothaire was impressed. He sat on the stairs so he could be at the same level as Ivan while talking to him. 

"Nature restores everything, is that correct?" Lothaire asked. 

"Nature restores itself." The boy corrected. 

Lothaire nodded. "Do you know anything about demon possession?" 

The boy frowned. "A little." 

"Tell me what you know." Lothaire said. 

"I know you shouldn't possess humans" 

Lothaire chuckled. "And if I do?" 

"Then you will be punished." He said simply, as if he was sure about it. 

"Who will punish me?"

"Nature." The boy said. 

Well, at least he didn't say God. Lothaire had expected this answer. "Does nature's punishment ever end?" Lothaire asked. 

"It depends on what you are being punished for. I can imagine your punishment never ends." 

Lothaire smirked. If the boy only knew. 

"The possession. How long will the punishment last?" He asked. 

"It depends on how long the possession lasted. I can't tell you an exact time." 

Lothaire nodded. He knew the boy wasn't lying, but this wasn't helping. He wanted to know when the effects of the possession would wear off. It was making him lose his mind. 

"Is there a way I can minimize the punishment?" 

"How about stop being the devil?" The boy suggested. 

Usually Lothaire loved people with a smart mouth, but he had been annoyed and itching to kill someone lately. 

He lost his temper fast and grabbed the boy's face, letting his sharp nails pierce his skin. "You better think before you speak if you want to be able to go back and tell the story of how we met." Lothaire threatened, bringing his face close to his. "Now tell me. How do I decrease the punishment?" 

The boy trembled. "You can't." 

"There must be a way." He spoke with clenched teeth. 

Blood ran down the boy's face from the wounds inflicted by Lothaire's claws. 

"Nature acts on its own. There is nothing I can do." 

Cursing, Lothaire released him. What did he expect? He had lived much longer than these creatures. They couldn't possibly know of a way out that he didn't. He was only acting out of desperation. 

He gestured for the servants to take him away. He would just have to wait for the effect to wear off, and only God knew how long it would take. 

Going back to sit on his throne, he opened The Eye. Things seem to come at him from many directions. Irene was, as usual, spending time with more males. Since she was spending time with a different male each time, he became concerned. What if it was true, and she found him? Her second mate. 

Lothaire had been in denial since the first time he found out about the second mate, but now he couldn't deny the possibility of it being true anymore. 

Irene wasn't originally a demon. It was possible that the restriction of finding one mate didn't apply in her case. Humans and witches could fall in love several times and have multiple soulmates. 

He cursed again. Why was this happening to him? 


Irene watched Heaven sleep. She had been sleeping for many hours, waking up just to eat a little and then sleep again. She had been tired for so long, but she was never able to sleep well. This time she was sleeping peacefully, and Irene was happy that she was finally getting some rest. Maybe Zamiel had visited her dreams and assured her that he would come and get her.

Covering her with a blanket, Irene left her alone to sleep. She went on to do her part of the plan. The second mate thing had been concerning her, but now she was relieved that it was all a lie. The last thing she needed was dealing with a mate again. 

Staying in this place made her miss home so badly. She missed her son, her pets, her plants, and her peace of mind. Now she realized she would rather be alone than in bad company. 

Speaking of bad company, he appeared in front of her. What did he want this time? 

He held his hands out in defence, keeping a safe distance between them. "I was on my way to you." He paused, as if unsure. It was unlike him not to know what to say. "Will you have dinner with me?" He asked. 

Was that hesitance in his voice? 

"No." She said and was about to proceed when he placed himself in her way. He grimaced at his own action, but then looked her in the eyes. 

"Then sleep with me." He said. 

Irene was taken aback. What did he mean? Did she hear him right? 

He stepped closer to her. "You being here is reminding me of all the times we had together. I wish you didn't come here with Heaven." He reached for her hair, holding it between his fingers as he continued. "Your presence is torturing me. I see you closer now. I smell your sweet scent and my fingers itch to touch you."

Irene took a step back and her hair slipped from his fingers. 

"I know you don't like me. But you don't have to like me to want me." He said, stepping closer again. "Let us relieve our frustration. Just one night without thinking of anything other than what our body craves."

Irene couldn't deny that she was tempted. She hadn't been with a man for so long. She hadn't been touched for so long and now he caressed her cheek with his cold fingers, reminding her of what it felt like to be consumed by heat. 

"Come with me." He whispered, taking her hand and bringing her closer to him. 

No! She shouldn't. 

How could she be so easily swayed? 

She felt him lean closer and shut her eyes tightly. "Don't please." She breathed. 

Why was she begging? And who? Herself or him?

Lothaire stopped and Irene opened her eyes, confused. 

He sighed while letting go of her hand. He pressed his lips into a thin line, and a frown settled on his face. He looked troubled. 

Looking away from her, he rubbed his neck before turning back to her again. It was the first time Irene saw him doing human gestures and showing so many emotions. He was usually very composed. He would stand still and keep the same facial expression most if the time. 

Seeing him like this was new to her. 

This had to be it. What Zamiel wanted to know. Could the possession have done this to him? 

Irene straightened herself. "You are right. I have been lonely but soon, I will no more be. I am going to find my mate soon." She said. 

It was time to remind him like he had been reminding her every time.



Zamiel took Euphorion and Zarin with him to work. They were sitting with him and a few old men and watched him in silence while doing his business. Zarin realized that these old men, despite pretending to be nice, envied him. They coveted his wealth and skills, but despite knowing that, Zamiel showed no hints of being aware of their thoughts. 

When they were done negotiating, the men invited them to stay and offered to treat them with food, drinks and women. Zamiel politely declined, and they left the place. 

The way Zamiel went on to live his daily life as if nothing was wrong, confused Zarin. Did he not worry about Heaven? He said he would bring her back, but he wasn't planning anything. 

When Zarin had visited Heaven's parents, it seemed like Zamiel had told them he was bringing their daughter back. Hazel had told him that Heaven would be back soon. What exactly was his plan? If he had any?

Zamiel took them to meet his workers. He spoke to them in a different manner than he spoke to the men he was negotiating with. With the people working for him, he seemed more approachable, and Zarin could see that his workers genuinely respected him. 

He was reminded of the days his father used to take him to his workplace. Just like Zamiel, his father was good with people. He was liked and respected by his workers. He would make them smile and laugh with his sarcastic humor. His heart felt heavy again, thinking of his father. 

He looked back at Zamiel. Watched the way he communicated with people. He was very clear with what he wanted and how he wanted it to be done, but he didn't have an aura of superiority. He spoke to his workers in a way that made them feel comfortable and trusted. 

But why were he and Euphorion following and watching him? 

"Because I enjoy watching him and so do you." Euphorion said. 

Zarin clenched his jaw, almost causing damage to his teeth. He hated having this demon in his head. 

"Do you always invade others' privacy?" He asked. 

Euphorion shook his head, his eyes still watching Zamiel from afar. "No. But your thoughts are entertaining."

Entertainment clearly had a different meaning to him. 

Euphorion chuckled. "What is entertainment to you?" He asked. "Women?"

Zarin rolled his eyes. 

"I am guessing nothing is entertaining you anymore. Nothing makes you happy or passionate or curious. Anymore." 

Zarin turned to Euphorion, feeling struck by his words. It was true. Nothing made him happy anymore. He could now do as he pleased, yet it didn't bring him joy. 

"The only thing you are passionate about is him." He said, nodding toward Zamiel. "That is why you are here." 

Zarin frowned, turning his gaze to look at Zamiel. 

"You hate him with such passion." Euphorion smiled. 

Was it like or hate? This demon was confusing him. 

Euphorion chuckled, but said no more. 

When Zamiel finished talking to his workers, he came to them. 

"You haven't nagged today." Zamiel told Euphorion. 

"I am getting used to being on land. Except for the heat." He said, tugging at his shirt. 

It was midday, and the sun was at its peak. The heat was also making him uncomfortable. His burned skin was still healing. 

"Let's get away from the sun." Zamiel said and began to lead the way. 

Euphorion followed him, looking relaxed while Zarin hesitated. "Are you coming, boy?" Euphorion called. 

Sighing, he followed them. 

As they walked through the market and downtown, everyone would would stop what they were doing and stare at them. Zarin was used to attention, but this was different. It reminded him of the time he went outside with his grandfather. It was the pull ancients had on others. 

The ancient demons were magnetic. People would follow them without even knowing. And unlike him, who attracted only female attentions, these demons had the attention of everyone. All ages and all genders.

"Where are you taking us?" Euphorion asked Zamiel. 

"To another meeting." 

Euphorion nodded and said nothing. Zarin knew what Zamiel was doing. He had made himself well known in the trading world and was trying to grow his name even bigger. He wanted everyone to know him, so he was busy. 

Zamiel could easily manipulate people and to grow his name and wealth, but Zarin was surprised to see him not even once use his demon powers. Maybe he would use this during this meeting because it wasn't going so well. 

This specific old man wasn't easy to please. Zarin wasn't following at first, but then he listened to the man's thoughts. 

"Let's talk about what you are willing to offer, Zamiel." He said, smiling with his rotten teeth. 

"What would please you?" Zamiel asked, remaining polite. 

"I have enough wealth. Do you have anything else to offer?" 

The old man was thinking in vivid images and Zarin felt disturbed and left his head. Wrinkling his nose in dislike, he waited for Zamiel to reply. Or maybe kill him, but knowing his personality, he probably wouldn't. 

"Are you sure you have enough wealth?" Zamiel asked. "To afford what you truly want?" 

The old man gulped and then opened his mouth to draw in a sharp breath. Again Zarin saw a flash of images. The old man had a rich imagination and his own thoughts were adding foul to the fire that was making him burn with lust. Zarin didn't know how Zamiel could keep a straight face. 

"How much?" He asked.

Zarin was baffled. The man was asking directly?! 

Euphorion crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head. Was he displeased or amused? Maybe he was baffled as well. 

Zamiel smiled, but it wasn't genuine. "How about all of it? All that you own." He let his gaze move over his body. "Your clothes seem expensive, too. I'll take everything." 

The old man frowned. "You are crossing the line young man." He said sounding angry. 

Zarin wanted to scoff. 

Young man? 

If he only knew. 

And who crossed the line first?

"I apologize, my Lord. I meant no offense. But I will take no less. That is how much an experience with me is worth." 

Was he serious? He must know that the man would say no. Right? 

Desperate to know the answer, he listened to the old man's thoughts again. The man was greedy and wouldn't give up his wealth. And he didn't want to lose the chance to gain more wealth as well, so he changed the topic and went back to negotiate about the trading. 

He agreed to use his ships to bring goods from other kingdoms and Zamiel would use his resources to sell them. They came to an agreement of how they would share the profit and then ended the meeting on a friendly note. 

Zarin was impressed. Euphorion was confused. 

"You left him alive." Euphorion said once they left. "It seems to be a habit of yours." He shifted his gaze to Zarin. 

"I have no use of him when he is dead." Zamiel replied.

Was he speaking of him or the old man? 

Euphorion put his hand on Zarin's shoulder. "The old man." He assured him. "You are useless, dead or alive." 

Shaking his head at him, he followed Zamiel, who already started to walk away. Zarin just stood there and watched them leave. He was indeed useless and even though Zamiel asked him to come with them; he didn't pay him much attention. 

He should just go back to the hidden kingdom while he could. 

Suddenly he was in Zamiel's home. Euphorion had teleported him so fast he didn't notice when he grabbed his arm. 

"I had breakfast. Can't I leave now?" He asked, annoyed. 

"You can. Just give the clothes back." He said. 

"I can't go back naked." 

"Then don't go back." He said. 

"What do you want from me?" Zarin asked. 

"I told you. I want the clothes." 

Zarin was sure this man just wanted to torture him. Could he not find a better way? He looked for Zamiel to help him, but Zamiel ignored them both and went upstairs. Zarin walked passed Euphorion and went after Zamiel. 

He walked straight into his room. Zamiel was already seated near the fireplace but there was no fire burning. 

Zarin clenched and unclenched his fists before he went to sit in front of him. "You can't keep me here forever." He said. 

Zamiel raised a brow. "Did you not follow me willingly?" He asked. 

Zarin opened his mouth, but then realized that he had agreed to go with him. Why? He hated this man.

'Do you perhaps like him?' The words echoed in his mind. 

No. He couldn't. 

He met Zamiel's eyes, knowing very well he heard him. 

"I don't like you." He said with disgust. 

"You don't have to convince me." 

Did he also think that he liked him? 

"If I have a choice, then I want to leave now." Zarin said. 

"Where are you leaving?" Zamiel asked. 

"To the hidden kingdom."

"I am asking about your final destination. Where are you going?" 

Zarin didn't expect that question. When he looked ahead, he saw nothing but darkness. He didn't want to go back. 

"You may stay here until you make up your mind." Zamiel said. 

"Why?!" Zarin suddenly asked. "Why are you kind to me?" 

"You are lucky to have a friend like Heaven."