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Chapter 216 Price

"What are you doing here?" she asked as she smiled, touching his face gently, before she embraced him.

The ice that started to envelop Alex's body started to melt. His cold and empty mind began to work as the icy numbness in his heart started fading away. It was like his lifeline had been re-activated and he became alive again.

He hugged her back, as tight as he could but suddenly, he pulled away, looking at her worriedly.

"Are you okay?" he asked, holding her face with all the gentleness in the world.

Abi smiled. "I'm fine."

His brows creased and then he lifted her up. He carried her back to the bed and slowly settled her there.

"It's still midnight. You're supposed to be sleeping," he told her as he tucked her in the bed. She noticed his hair was still damp. Did he just take a shower in the middle of the night?

"Alex…" she called out, softly, holding his wrist. "I'm sorry…" her eyes began to well. "I'm sorry I hid everything from you."

"Shh… Abigail, you can't –"

"Please, Alex, listen to me… please let me say it…" she begged as she sat up, clinging on his shirt.

Alex could only grit his teeth and nod. He promised her, after all, so he would listen to her. "Fine, tell me everything you want to say, I will listen."

Abi took a deep breath and wiped her tears before she looked at him intently. "I'm very sick, Alex…"

"I already know. Your dad already told me," he mumbled softly.

"I only have a little time left…" she continued and Alex's face turned dark. She knew he didn't want her saying that, she knew it was cruel but she had to tell him everything. Before Alex could speak again, Abi held his hand and placed it on her face. "That's why I… I approached you that night in the garage. I wanted to fall in love. To experience love before my time was up," she confessed, a tear falling from her eyes.

Hearing her, the memories started playing like a song in Alex's head. He remembered how she looked that night, when she told him to try her despite him telling her he was dangerous and that he didn't do love. He finally understood why she was so brave that night, so determined to be his girlfriend despite it all...

"So, you chose me because I said I don't do love?" he asked and Abi's tears fell as she nodded. A bitter smirk left his lips.

"I'm sorry…" she mumbled.

"Did you decide to leave me that night because you realized I was falling in love with you?" he asked again.

"Yes," she cried and Alex threw back his head, biting his lips hard. "I'm so sorry. I was scared. Even though I've been longing to experience love, I was scared because I didn't want to hurt anyone. You said you would never fall in love and I naively believed that, believed that you'd be fine, that you would not get hurt because you would never love me back even when I was gone…"

Suddenly, Alex rose and paced back and forth before her with his hands tugging his hair. And then he slammed his hands on the bed as he looked at her. Anger burned fiercely in his eyes.

"Stop! Please stop. Stop saying that, because you won't. You're not going to go anywhere. Understand?" he said between his gritted teeth.

"Alex…" she sobbed, seeing the shades of agony behind the rage in his eyes. "I'm sorry…"

Seeing her weep, the rage in his eyes slowly dissipated. He lifted his hands and held her face. "Stop it, Abigail. Don't worry, everything will be fine, I promise," he assured her and kissed her forehead before he hugged her tightly and let her cry on his chest.

Alex caressed her back. He could feel her pain, her sorrow and it ripped him apart. He thought he had experienced every worst kind of pain under the sun but he was wrong. Those kinds of pain were merely physical and it couldn't even begin to compare to this kind of indescribable pain they were sharing right now. It was maddening. The thought of losing her was like poison taking over his soul, threatening to kill him entirely.

He couldn't help but wonder if this was the price he had to pay for finally loving someone.

"I never wanted to hurt you, Alex… I love you so much. I never expected that you would come to love me too. I never wanted you to suffer because of me," she uttered between her sobs and Alex held her face making her look at him again.

He wiped her tears as he spoke. "If you don't want me to hurt then listen to me and trust me, okay? I will never let you go," he told her and he embraced her tightly again, his eyes burning with something unfathomable.

'I will do anything, everything for you. I will never let you leave me alone. I will never let you go.'

The next morning, Abi's family arrived but when they saw Alex and Abi sleeping on the bed, they immediately stepped out. They were shocked when someone brought them to the highest floor and even brought them to a ridiculously luxurious hospital room but they didn't ask any questions.

They didn't have the energy to ask because they were devastated. For the second time in their life, they were going through this again.

At least Abi looked to have been made comfortable by this hospital which was some consolation. Abi, oh dear Abi, their dear granddaughter… even though they already knew about it, it still struck them hard.

As the three silently stepped out of the room, a doctor approached them. They were brought to a sofa and they were asked to wait there until a doctor approached them. It was Zeke.
Chapter 217 No other

Abi's family, along with Zeke, saw a nurse bring some food inside Abi's room, indicating that the two were already awake.

They all waited for a while longer before they knocked on the door and finally entered her room.

Alex was feeding her like a worrywart husband while Abi flushed red the moment she looked at the door.

Her family smiled at her seeing that she looked fine.

"Finish your food first, dear," Abi's grandma said as they sat on the sofa.

Once she finished her breakfast, Zeke asked Alex to come with him. The two men stepped out of the room while Abi's family sat around her bed and began talking to her.

Upon closing the door, Zeke faced Alex. He was wearing his usual calm and unfazed expression but his eyes were serious as he looked at Alex.

"Alex, I hope your mind is clearer now," he started.

Alex just creased his brows. "Just say whatever it is you want to tell me," he said, not hiding his impatience.

"I'm going to tell you the truth about her disease, Alex. I'm certain you already know that there is no cure for her disease. Surgery, chemotherapy or radiation are just treatments, not cures," Zeke told him, without beating around the bush.

Alex's face immediately turned ten shades darker. His jaws clenched and he gritted his teeth. His rage began to envelop him but he kept it under control because he was aware that Abi and her family were just on the other side of the door. This was why Zeke chose to talk to Alex right there, because he knew Alex would keep himself in check despite his blazing rage.

Alex let out a bitter sardonic laugh. "Are you saying you can't do anything to save her?" He was laughing like a devil, a devil ready to burn everything to hell if anything went wrong.

His eyes started to dim but Zeke ignored him and remained calm. He knew that Alex wouldn't do anything crazy at that moment, not in this place, so Zeke felt that it was safe to tell him everything he needed to know. "The biggest problem here is that this will be her third surgery. She has completed all the treatments that are known to work but still, her tumor grew back. At this point, her next treatment options available are merely experimental. I already spoke with her family. They said that Abigail had decided since long ago that if her tumor came back again, she would opt for comfort care* instead of going through surgery again."

Zeke paused, reading Alex's expression before he continued. "She had already fought the battle twice so I understand why she and her family came to that decision. And they are obviously terrified. Abigail's mother never woke up again after her third surgery so the family are afraid the same thing will happen to her."

"But it's not just any doctor in this world that would perform the surgery this time, it's no other than you, Zeke," Alex replied. His voice was hard and firm, leaving no room for argument. "The problem with her disease is because the surgeons failed to remove the tumor completely, no?"

"It's because the tumor is in a tricky area, Alex. They removed as much of the tumor as possible, but they couldn't get all of it because of where it is located. The main priority was to make sure she didn't get brain damage while removing as much of the tumor as possible. Several techniques have been developed to help with this, but even small bits of tumor left behind will relentlessly grow and invade their surroundings –"

"You're not like any of the other doctors in this world. You can do many things that they can't!"

Zeke sighed. "That's not the only problem here, Alex. If Abigail chose to opt for comfort care –"

"Leave that to me. I'll talk to her," he said before his eyes blazed with nothing but certainty as he looked at Zeke. "I'm not going to let her die. I would trade my soul for her."

Alex then turned to the door but before he could open it, he spoke one last time. "If you want to win, then save her. Use whatever method you have to. If you can't… then, you know what will happen."

Once the door was closed, Zeke leaned on the wall. His hands were in his pockets as he threw his head back. A smirk played on his face but it faded too soon and his gaze became serious before he walked away.

He entered another room and walked towards a little child on the bed. He stared at the little girl for a while, stared at the monitors before he sat on the chair next to the bed. His aloof eyes stared at the ceiling as he rested his head on the chair when a soft voice pulled his attention.

"Uncle Zeke?"

He glanced at the girl to see that she was already sitting up, looking at him.

"I'm not your uncle," was all he said, unfriendly as always. But the little girl smiled.

"I'm happy you came again," she beamed and Zeke creased his brows. "I knew you were the one treating me."

"Who told you?"

She shook her head. "No one... but I heard your voice once."

Zeke stood up and rubbed the girl's hair. He was about to speak again when the girl started coughing. She seemed to have a hard time breathing. He saw her heartbeats becoming weaker and weaker and his usual calm face changed.

"Uncle Zeke… Please… Don't… leave Betty…" she uttered before she lost consciousness. The monitors started beeping as the alarms were set off.

Zeke was quick to move, trying to revive her. The doctors and nurses came rushing into the room but seeing that Doctor Qin, their CEO, was treating her, they stood back and gave him the room he needed. After a few more seconds, the little girl's heart started beating again.

A quiet sigh left Zeke's lips as he looked at the monitor and then the little girl.

"Sir, I'm afraid she won't be able to hold on before a donor match can be found. We still don't know if one would ever come," one of the doctors said. "Also, her guardians expressed their desire for her not to suffer anymore. They want to take her home."

Hearing them, Zeke paused, and then he looked at the doctor with his intimidating gaze.

"Who said her guardians would be the one to decide that? Are they the one paying her bills?" he asked and the doctor swallowed.

"N-no sir."

"Tell them I'm adopting this child. I'll be the one to decide for her," he firmly said and everyone's eyes widened in shock.

Chapter 218 Unrecognizable

Back in Abi's room, Alex joined the family until Abi's family said goodbye. Abi's family made it clear that they were going to leave the decision for Abi to make. They left so that Abi and Alex would have a chance to talk about the surgery alone.

Alex told her he wanted her to go for the surgery and just like what Zeke said, Abi was reluctant to do it. She had heard about what happened with her mother and she didn't want that to happen to her. It scared her.

"Don't be scared. You will be fine," Alex assured her but Abi couldn't remove the fear in her heart.

However, now that it had come to this, now that Alex had fallen for her and was not going to leave her side, Abi wanted to fight, one last time, despite the hopelessness. She wanted to bet for another miracle but she had already gone through two surgeries and it took a huge toll on her body. She had already been lucky twice because both surgeries were somewhat successful. She had woken up and hadn't suffered any brain damage from that. But what if her luck had run out? What if this time she wouldn't wake up again? Wouldn't it better if she just spent the rest of her days with him until her last breath?

She could see that Alex trusted the doctor that would attend her this time but even if the surgery was successful, she would never be cured. It was a gamble and Alex wanted to take that bet.

"I'm afraid, Alex… what if…"

"Shh… don't worry, the surgery will be successful. Zeke is the best doctor this world has ever seen so trust me, okay? I know I sound ridiculous but… I'm telling you, this is not blind faith or anything like that. I wouldn't ask this of you if I had any doubts at all about Zeke's capabilities." He held her face and kissed her before he continued, "Zeke is… I can't tell you who he really is right now but all I want is for you to trust him. You want to spend more time with me, right?"

Abi nodded. "Yes. All I want is to spend more time with you, Alex." She teared up and Alex wiped away her tears.

"Then, do this for me. Trust me, please…"He kissed her hand and Abi could only give in. She buried her face on his chest and hugged him tight. That was right, there was no more reason for her to be scared. This wasn't the time to be scared but the time to fight even harder and not give up. This time, she will not fight for herself but for Alex. She was going to fight for him until the end, no matter how futile it was.

"Okay, I will go for it, Alex… I will fight again…" she told him and Alex smiled. Abi had already vowed to herself that she would do anything for him so even though this scared her, she agreed. She believed in his love for her and if he believed in Zeke, then she would do so as well.

He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. "Good girl… you're strong, Abigail, stronger than you could ever imagine. You can do this," he said and their grip on each other tightened.

"But Alex… is it possible to postpone the surgery? Can I spend more days with you first?" Abi wanted to go home and spend more time with him while her body was still going strong. She was scared that after the surgery, even if it was successful, she might not be able to walk and move around for many days or even months afterwards. She wanted to utilize her remaining strength while she still had it.

"I will ask Zeke about it. I'm sure it's possible."

"Thank you…"

At that moment, a knock separated the couple's hug. The door opened and Kelly entered the room.

Kelly was emotional but when she saw Alex there with Abi, she almost turned around and left again, but Alex stood up.

"I'll go speak with Zeke," he said to Abi and after Abi nodded, Alex kissed her forehead before he left, leaving Abi blushing as she looked at her friend.

In the CEO's office.

"Geez, what's going on with you? Why do you want to suddenly adopt a child now?" Xavier was pinching the skin between his brows. "If you want a daughter that much, why don't you just find a girl and make a baby?"

"Who said I want a daughter?" Zeke nonchalantly asked and Xavier's mouth dropped.

"Then why the hell do you want me to arrange these papers?!"

"It's not me who will adopt her, it's Alex."


Xavier and Kai could only look at each other in confusion. But before they could ask, the door opened and Alex entered.

Everyone fell silent. Alex leaned on Zeke's desk, his hands in his pockets. "Abi's asking if the surgery could be postponed," he asked.

Zeke looked at him before he leaned on his chair. "She's MGMT positive so her surgery could be postponed but under close monitoring procedures. We can control the progression by giving her TMZ for now," he explained and Alex just nodded. "But how long do you want to postpone it?"

"How long is advisable?"

"A week."

Alex nodded again. "That's long enough," he mumbled as he looked out the window.

Kai and Xavier couldn't even speak as they looked at Alex. They hadn't seen him for days yet he looked so different now. Totally different. The beast had turned to a harmless spirit animal. His deadly horns and terrifying fangs and claws were nowhere to be seen. Was this still the Alexander Qin they knew? This man was truly unrecognizable now!

After a long silence, Zeke asked. "But what's the reason behind the postponement?"

Alex silently took something out from his pocket. He stared at the old emerald ring in his hand before he spoke. "I'm going to marry her," he said and one of the boys choked in shock.
Chapter 219 Flowery nonsense?

"M-m-marry? You're going to get married?!" Xavier stammered. His eyes were almost bulging out from their sockets.

Everyone was shocked. Alex getting married was something they couldn't imagine at all or even joke about. But now, the man himself was actually saying it! Was he kidding? Was he in his right mind?!

They were all looking at Alex, utterly dumbstruck, except of course for Zeke who only widened his eyes for a moment before his expression returned to normal again.

"Haha, is this some kind of a prank?" Xavier forced a laugh but what he got was cold chill piercing through his bones. Freaking sh*t! He wasn't kidding! This wasn't a prank!!!!

Ignoring the men's reactions, Alex simply stood there, looking at the ring, deep in thought. He didn't care if this came as a shock to anyone or not. All he wanted right now was do the things he wanted to do; the things that could make Abigail happy.

But this wasn't just for Abigail. This wasn't a decision he made on the spot either. Back when they were at that place, when Alex was doing the kitchen chores and Abi said he was like a good husband, Alex actually felt something indescribable surge within his chest. Abi calling him a good husband made him happy and he wanted to hear her say that over and over again. Since then, he had been thinking about it, and he even wondered what it would feel like to call her his wife.

He remembered this was her biggest wish. He had proposed to her before just to fulfill her wish but this time, things had changed. His desire to be with her forever had been elevated to the highest degree during the time he spent with her in their safe haven, the little part of the world that was theirs. Now that he found out about her illness, Alex didn't know why but this was the first thing he wanted to do, not just for her but also for himself.

He wanted to show her that he was willing to spend his life with her from now on, no matter what the future held. He wanted to show her that he was in this for life and that he would not leave her. Even though marrying her may not change anything, he just knew that this was the right thing for him to do and he wanted to do it.

"W-why? I… I mean…" Xavier pressed his lips tightly. He badly wanted to ask but then again, he also wanted to stay in the land of the living. But in all honesty, he didn't understand Alex's decision. Alex and Abi were only in a contractual relationship for a month. That was common knowledge. Well, sure, he fell in love but Abigail was dying. Why would he want to marry her at this point?

Alex's gaze flew towards Xavier and the guy flinched. Alex was calm, so calm it was terrifying for Xavier. They were so used to the coldness and darkness that surrounded Alex so seeing him without any of that cloaking him was somewhat eerie to them.

"Haha, never mind me. That was just mindless blabbering." He waved his hands but to his surprise, Alex actually answered him.

"Why? Do I need to have an explanation for wanting to marry her? I want to marry her because I love her and I want to be with her, it's that simple."

Everyone: ". . ."

Xavier's inner self screamed upon hearing Alex's words. F*ck! Who was this man? How and when in the world did he learn to spout such flowery nonsense?!

Completely not caring about what everyone was thinking, Alex let out a sigh and he looked out the window, seemingly lost in thoughts again, when Zeke's voice rang inside the room.

"So you're going to propose?" he asked, looking at that ancient emerald ring in his hand.

Alex glanced at him. "I've already proposed to her a week ago."

It was Kai's turn to almost choke to death. Already?! When did he do that? Had he been planning to marry her even before he found out about her illness? Meaning, he wasn't doing this just to make his dying girlfriend happy?!

"But she returned the ring to me that night she left," Alex continued, causing everyone to crease their brows. "So, I guess, I'm going to have to propose again," he concluded and the room fell utterly silent.

There were no more words they could say. This Alex was completely and irrevocably smitten. It seemed it was true that the thing called love could change someone entirely, even if that someone was the devil from hell. This was proof that love was capable of bringing out something unthinkable from even the darkest soul and the iciest heart.

"Since I can no longer take her away somewhere, it seems it will be best if I do it here," he mumbled to himself and then, he turned to Kai and ordered him.

"Kai, go get her friend, I have to speak with her."

"Kelly Yang?"

"Yes. She's in Abi's room right now."

Kai sighed before he said "Okay," and left the room.

Earlier inside Abi's room.

"How are you?" Kelly asked Abi as she sat on the edge of her bed, holding her friend's hand gently.

"I'm good," Abi smiled at her and Kelly struggled not to tear up. She embraced her dearest best friend and Abi told her she was going for another surgery soon.

Kelly was heartbroken. She knew that her illness was hopeless and all they could rely on right now was for miracle to come. But seeing the light in Abi's eyes, that unyielding spirit, that warm light that could touch anyone's heart, Kelly could only smile back. This girl was really strong. She wondered if she could still smile like this if she was in her friend's shoes.

Time passed and the best friends began to talk about Abi and Alex's vacation. Abi was blushing and looking so animated as she told Kelly about the aurora, the tent, the fishing, the beauty of the place and everything else she could remember.

Kelly was happy for her, excited and, at the same time, jealous. "Gosh! That Alexander Qin is truly not the man I thought he was. Haha. Darn. I should go and look for someone like him soon, geez… I'm so jealous, like hello… no man would do all that for his girl nowadays!" she playfully sobbed and they both laughed.

Chapter 220 Difference

"Ah, I wanna fall in love too, soon, sigh…" she sighed and Abi encouraged her, telling her she would find the one someday. Kelly laughed. Who would've thought her innocent bestie would be the one advising her about love?

Somehow, their conversation diverted their attention from Abi's situation and they were able to speak like usual, laughing together and teasing each other. Kelly's heart was really relieved to see Abi was happy, despite everything else that was happening. But knowing this angel, this wasn't a surprise.

A knock on the door echoed inside the room and the two besties finally stopped talking. A nurse and a female doctor entered so Kelly excused herself, telling Abi she would be back later.

Kelly stepped out as Abi waved her goodbye and the moment she closed the door behind her, she sighed deeply, thinking about her friend. If only she could do something for her. What could she do for her dearest friend?

Kelly was lost in her thoughts that she didn't see someone walking towards her. She bumped into him and when she raised her face, that bright, shimmering delicate face appeared before her eyes. But Kelly's heart was too heavy at that moment. No matter how much she enjoyed flirting with this pretty boy, this wasn't the time and she wasn't in the mood. She just wanted to think about what she could do for Abi for now.

"My pretty boy, stop appearing in front of me during the wrong time, sigh," she uttered not looking at him. She was about to walk past him when Kai held her hand to stop her.

Darn… why were all boys like this? If you chase them, they run away, but if you ignore them they come after you! What the hell was wrong with them?! Here I thought this pretty boy was different!

Kelly was about to tell him this wasn't a good time but Kai spoke first.

"Alex wants to speak with you," he told her with his normal polite voice and Kelly blinked. She cleared her throat before she straightened up. But wait, what? Alex? Alexander Qin wanted to speak with her? Why? Did she do something wrong?

"Eh? Alexander Qin wants to speak with me?! W-why?"

Kai immediately notice the slight hint of apprehension in her voice. "Don't worry, he's not scary today." Kai didn't know why he said that but it seemed to be the right thing for him to say to this girl.


"Yes. So come with me, I think he just wants to speak with you about Abigail."

"Oh… I see. But you should come with me, okay?"

He nodded and led the way.

Entering the CEO office, Kelly swallowed when she spotted Ezekiel Qin sitting on his chair. Alexander was standing by the window, looking out the dark space with another cute guy, named Xavier, sitting there, smiling at her so widely.

Kai led her to the sofa and they both sat there. The atmosphere was not comfortable. She had felt this feeling before during Abi's birthday but being with these four people was making her feel like she was a little chick in the middle of majestic eagles, with one good angelic eagle closer to her.

"I want to know if Abigail ever mentioned to you what kind of wedding she wants" Alex didn't waste a moment and started the interview.

Kelly took a deep breath. She wanted to ask why he was asking this but she was afraid.

Gladly, the man suddenly answered her without her even asking. Could it be that he could read her mind? Ha.ha. Relax, Kelly.

"I'm going to marry her soon. That's why I want to know."

Kelly was shocked. This man. This mysterious Alexander wanted to marry Abi?!

She was speechless but she had to respond. She couldn't possibly make this biggest and darkest eagle wait or she might not be able to come out of this room alive.

"Uhm… I… I remember Abi telling me she wanted a simple wedding. I don't know if that has changed now but Abi isn't overly fond of extravagant weddings. She said she would prefer a simple wedding."

"Simple, huh? How simple do you think is the simple she's talking about?"

"Er… uhm… I'm not really sure. But Abi's such a nature lover. She loves the little things in the world and she's easy to please. I think if you're thinking about what she wants, it's best if you just do what you think will make her happy."

Alex fell silent after Kelly's words. He silently turned to the glass window again, looking outside with a serious gaze.

Kelly somehow felt a little calmer. The moment she saw Alexander Qin a while ago in Abi's room, she immediately felt the huge difference in him. It was like he had become more like a human being. She had always been scared just by the sight of him, and his mysteriousness and shadiness always made him feel so inhuman to her. But now, she felt the difference in him.

The sun was already setting but Alex still hadn't returned. Abi spent the tail end of the day with her grandma as she had some visitors come to visit her.

Abi was also well enough that she went to Betty's room to visit the little girl and the two of them spent a heart-warming reunion.

Abi read a story to Little Betty and once the little girl was asleep, she returned to her room.

Alex still wasn't there and she couldn't stop herself from looking for him. Did he go to work? But he didn't tell her he was leaving so where was he?

Feeling a little down, Abi walked towards the window, watching the sky as the darkness slowly swallowed the light.

She watched the sun set behind the horizon and as she was about to return to her bed, when someone drape a coat over her shoulders.

"Alex! Where did you go?" she asked as she turned and her eyes slowly widened.