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Chapter 211 Last night

At the camp…

Abi and Alex were feeding each other with the fish they grilled. They both chuckled under the dark sky every now and again. They looked extremely happy, fulfilled, content. The lights in their eyes were brighter than the stars above them.

They had grown so much closer in the last five days. No more holding back, no more being careful around each other. They completely forgot about anything else but them. Their eyes were irrevocably enchanted with each other and at the back of their consciousness, they wanted this spell not to end. They wanted to stay in this paradise for a little longer and enjoy each other's company some more. They wanted time to stand still.

"Eat more, Abigail," he said as he stuffed more food in her mouth. He was starting to act like her strict diet coach, always thinking about nutrition and energy, which really amused her.

After their fulfilling meal, they sat there, wrapped up in a thick, white blanket. Abi was leaning against his chest as they both looked up at the sky.

"The northern lights might come a little later," he told her and Abi threw her head back and looked up at him.

"I should watch your face for now then," she replied and Alex smirked.

"Sure. Watch my face all you want." He sounded confident with himself, as he always did.

Thus, she did. She moved and knelt before him, between his legs. "Can you close your eyes?" she asked and the man did as she said.

She started tracing every contour of his face lightly, like a delicate feather. He was breathtaking. So heartbreakingly breathtaking.

Her heart was pounding inside her chest again, messing with her system. And then, she kissed his forehead.

Alex opened his eyes and her smiling face came into view. She leaned and kissed him lightly before she pulled away and said, "I love you… I love so much, Alex…"

Alex's lips curved up and he cupped her face gently and pulled her in. His lips landed softly on her forehead before he gazed deeply into her eyes.

"I know, Abigail… I know you love me and I also love you… much more than I could have ever imagined…" he uttered and as Abi's eyes welled up. She hugged him, hard, while a teardrop fell from her eye.

"Look! The aurora is here," he then said and Abi let go of him. She turned around and that spectacular light felt like it was green blanket up there that was about to cover them.

Her mouth gaped as Alex held her waist. He positioned her so that she could lean back on his chest again.

"It seemed the password for it to appear were the words 'I love you'," he chuckled and Abi laughed as well.

"Looks like it."

Watching the magnificent dancing lights overhead, Alex and Abi stayed there, cuddling, until the light began to fade.

"Shall we kiss before the show ends?" Alex asked and Abi willingly turned to him with a smile. She wrapped her hands around his neck and she moved to kiss him. Alex smiled, not doing anything, just letting her do the work. It seemed Abi had already gotten used to his tricks so she didn't wait for him anymore, instead, she poked her cute tongue out and pried his lips open.

She entered his mouth and he let her wildly explore inside, although, it didn't take long for him to lose his cool and respond.

Their tongues played tag and their kiss became more heated. The temperature was rising to boiling point, despite their cold setting.

Alex held her and he lifted her up without breaking the kiss. He moved towards the tent and laid her on the bed.

"We're not going to sleep tonight, Abigail, as per your request," he smiled and Abi swallowed.

"Yes, we'll stay awake all night long, Alex," she said and she pulled him in again, kissing him. This was their last night so she was determined on not going to sleep. She was going to spend every single second with him because this was their last night here. She knew she couldn't stop time from running so no matter what, she was not going to sleep.

Alex's hand began to do their magic, igniting the fire inside her. And when their lips parted, Alex whispered in her ears.

"Shall we undress each other?"

Abi nodded. "Okay… I'm going to undress you first…" she volunteered and Alex happily let her.

"Do it slowly, Abigail, and look at me," he told her and Abi obeyed. She started with his jacket, then moved on to his shirt, unbuttoned it as slowly as possible. Once she was done, she slid her hands over his shoulder and down his triceps to his wrists, and the shirt fell to the floor. Abi gawked at his muscular chest and her hands couldn't help but roam over it. Alex let her, reveling in her touch, in the knowledge that she had taken the initiative.

After some time, Abi went back to business. She pulled Alex's buckle, silently telling him to get up so she could continue undressing him.

He got the message and he stood up.

Abi followed him and her hands moved to unclasp his belt.

"Look at me," he asked again and she looked up. As her hand unbuttoned his pants, Abi suddenly tiptoed and kissed his neck, sucking on it, marking him like he did to her.

Alex almost lost it when she did that. His little big monster raged as his pants fell on the floor and when she pulled away, he didn't waste a moment and undressed her.

In no time, they were back on the bed, completely naked.

Alex kissed her lips going south until he reached her there. He parted her legs and he kissed her pink flower like he was a starving man.

Abi moaned and tugged his hair, pulling him closer, wanting him to delve deeper.

He glanced up and when Abi began to beg, he returned his lips back to hers and then, his raging big monster entered her cave.

"Oh… you're torturing me hard, Abigail," he groaned and he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Do you want me to go faster, Abigail?"

"Mm. Faster, Alex…"



"Your word is my command, my queen," he declared and he started to ravage her as Abi began to gasp and cry in extreme pleasure.


As they both rested, cuddling each other under the blanket, Abi could feel him still standing strong. She knew Alex wanted more but she was always glad that he was always thinking about her, giving her some much needed rest.

They were staring at the sky when Alex spoke.

"Abigail, do you remember when you said you love riding on me?" Alex asked, with a serious look on his face.

Abi didn't quite understand why he was asking her this question but she thought of all the piggyback rides he had given her and she answered honestly. "Yes, I do. And you said you will let me ride however I want."

He smiled. "You love riding me still, right?

Chapter 212 On top of 'me'

"You love riding me still, right?

"Yes, I like riding you very much."

His sexy smirk played at his lips when he heard her answer. Abi felt her skin tingle as goosebumps travelled up her arm. She knew he was thinking of something naughty when that smile came out but she couldn't think of what that could be? What did riding have to do with what they were doing now?

"That's good. Would you like me to teach you how to ride me properly?" he asked, caressing her skin with his fingers, leaving a trail of tingles along her skin.

Abi became distracted by those caresses and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands on her body.

"Well, Abigail?"

His words brought her back to the present and she forced herself to think about what he had asked her. Abi's brows knotted. What did he mean by 'ride him properly'? Wasn't there only one way to piggyback? What else did she need to know?

Alex could see the confusion in Abi's face. In the next second, he put his lips next to her ear and whispered in her ear, so seductively. "Let me show you how."

With that, he snuck his arm under Abi's waist and rolled onto his back, taking her along with him so that she was now lying on top of him. He expertly parted her legs with one of his so that he lay between them.

Abi didn't know why Alex changed their positions. Usually, when he was raring to go, he would always be on top, and from feeling how hard his little brother was, she knew that he was definitely raring to go again. She was about to move off of him but his arms held her tight.

"Sit up, Abigail," he instructed her. She tried to move off of him again to do as he asked but his arms kept her in place. "On top of me," he added when he realised his little lamb didn't get what he had meant.

Her eyes widened. "S-Sit on top… of you? On your stomach?"

"No, on top of 'me'."

Abi's eyes widened in shock. She knew exactly where he meant but she couldn't comprehend it. "B-but I might squish it!"

Alex marvelled at how this little fruit managed to turn a sizzling hot, intense lovemaking kind of mood to this! He could only chuckle and shake his head in response.

"You won't squish it. Since when did a little fruit ever manage to squish a hard rock?" he reasoned.

Before Abigail could think about his words, he suddenly sat up, still holding on to her in his arms so that she was forced to straddle him. Once he had her in place, he held her hips. He didn't enter her, only placed her so that she was sitting on top of his little big monster.

Abi could feel his hard and ready little big monster under her and the thought that it was so close to her entrance made the heat in her stomach bubble up again. Her body reacted to its closeness, producing its own natural lubricant, readying itself for the onslaught. Before Abi could think again, Alex guided her hips, moving it forward and backward slowly so that she was rubbing against him.

Abi's eyes flew to his as this new sensation rocked her body. She never thought that she would still feel different kinds of stimulation after the many, many times that she and Alex had made love but she was wrong. This feeling was completely different to when his fingers played with her, or when his manhood was inside her. Even so, it was just as amazing and pleasurable as all the other times.

In no time, she was wet and ready to go again.

"Can you put it in yourself please, Abigail?" he asked and Abi's face burned red. She put it in? H-herself?!

Seeing her reaction, Alex smiled again. His heart jumped with joy and excitement.

"Yes, Abigail. Hold the little monster in place and slowly slide down on it," he instructed, his eyes serious and burning wild.

Abi swallowed. She thought that was such a shameless thing to do for a woman but when she looked in his eyes and saw how he much wanted her to do it, Abi just couldn't say no. She wanted to please him too. She wanted to make him feel good, too, like how he always made her feel good every time.

As per his instruction, Abi held his manhood in place. She paused for a moment and then, she slowly slid herself down his shaft. She did it so damn slowly that Alex almost lost his mind.

"A-am I doing it, right?" she pulled out again and Alex groaned. Damn! What is this? Is his little lamb teasing him now?!

She waited for his response. "Please Abigail, don't stop. You're doing good." He begged and Abi felt more confident.

She slowly slid herself again and it went in smoothly, as if she was made for him. Abi was shocked.

"Straighten up and sit back, Abigail," Alex told her, almost groaning in pleasure.

Listening to him, Abi then straightened up and sat back on him, fully taking him inside her and it felt somehow different again. It was as if he had reached the deepest part of her. She felt like electricity struck her.

Alex cursed as her muscles contracted tightly and squeezing him.

She stayed still, dazed, as she got used to this feeling.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Mm, I'm fine."

"Once you're comfortable, you can start moving, Abigail."


He smiled. "Move forward and backward, like I showed you just then, like a cowgirl," he said and Abi meekly started doing what he said. She began to move forward and backward, slowly riding him like a cowgirl.

"You can increase your pace, Abigail."

But Abigail kept her slow and maddening pace that Alex thought she really was trying to tease him.

"Please Abigail." He begged and as she felt more and more comfortable, she listened to Alex and she increased her pace. She stopped thinking and just let her body do the talking. Her movements were smooth and swift and Alex was held captive. Freaking hell!!! This felt so damn good… his Abigail, his goddess was finally riding him…

Alex was in heaven. He watched her, now rocking slowly on top of him and his hands moved involuntarily towards her breasts. He wasn't going to let her have all the fun, so his fingers played with her breasts and nipples, squeezing, stroking and flicking them.

Abi eventually placed her hand over his to stop their torment but he didn't let up. And then, with a mischievous look in his eyes, Alex took her hand and put her finger in his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Abi's eyes widened. She closed her eyes in pleasure and before she knew it, she copied what Alex did and she began licking his finger that was caressing her lips.

Alex was dumbstruck. He didn't know why, but the sight of her sucking his finger while riding him was enough to shut his brain down. He closed his eyes and his desire started to take hold. He could feel the rush start to build inside him, heading towards the peak.

"Faster Abi! Please…"

He pleaded and Abi kept up the pace and even increased it as she saw him close his eyes in surrender. She sucked on his finger, running her tongue over it, licking it and treating it like the best tasting ice cream in the world, all the while making sure that she kept up the rhythm of her hips.

She knew he was close and suddenly, she felt it again, that bubble of desire, that molten lava slowly rising upwards, building up pressure, getting ready to erupt.

Alex moaned and raised his hips in time with her rocking motion, as if he was trying to dig deeper into her, to fill all of her until there was no room left for air.

Their two bodies moved in unison, dancing to the music of love. Both of them felt that pressure rising up and with one last thrust, the volcanoes erupted with a big bang.

Afterwards, Abi weakly fell on top of Alex's heaving chest.

Chapter 213 Never

That night, Abi and Alex stayed awake through the night. Abi sang him a funny song and he told her a horror story. And then, he ate her again at midnight, telling her it was time for his midnight snack. Of course, Alex also made sure to feed her a real midnight snack so she could regain her drained energy back. Afterwards, to keep themselves awake, Abi thought about a fun game, drawing something on each other's back using their fingers and trying to guess what it was. Of course, there was a punishment if one said the wrong answer.

At dawn, they succumbed to passion once again, one last time before they were both sucked into the land of sleep. It was a sizzling hot night that both of them would never forget.

They cuddled in bed, sleeping peacefully until the sun rose high above them, kissing their skin.

Alex woke up and got dressed. His beloved little lamb was still asleep and there was no sign of her waking up anytime soon, so Alex wrapped her up with a blanket and carried her back to the house. She didn't wake up even after the movements, making Alex smile in amusement.

He kissed her forehead before he went to prepare something for her to eat once she woke up. It was exactly noon time when the sleeping goddess woke up. She was already dressed when she came out of the bedroom, her long black hair tied back neatly, no longer messy and damp with sweat from their activities last night.

They both sat down and ate their meal in comfortable silence, and when they were done, Abi looked like a cute little peach again. She looked revitalized and was filled with energy once more.

After lunch, they started to pack their things.

Abi's heart was starting to feel heavy.

"Shall we go?" she heard Alex voice and she almost jolted. She raised her face and looked at him. He was already ready to leave.

"Mm." Abi stood up and she looked around the room one last time, trying to engrave it into her memory. She felt like crying. They only stayed here for a few days but here she was feeling heartbroken and not wanting to leave. This room, this entire house, no, this entire place was a safe haven and she didn't want to leave yet. She wanted to stay here with him, forever…

But she knew they had to go. They had to go back and face reality. This would have to be enough. The memories they created in the last six wonderful days would have to do.

Alex then carried her suitcase for her and they walked out of the room. Abi halted and looked around once more. The kitchen, that small sofa and the pool at the back… she blushed, realizing that they had made love in every corner of the house.

Finally, they were outside and she watched Alex lock the doors.

Alex walked ahead of her so he didn't see her tearing up as she glanced back at the house.

The van was already idling when they reached it. Alex put their luggage inside while Abi walked around in the open space. Her eyes surveyed the vast snow white plateau and she remembered the first day they arrived. Indeed, leaving was always the hardest part.

The memories they made in this place started to flash in her head when suddenly, Alex's arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in.

"Don't worry, we can always come back here whenever you want," he whispered in her ear and Abi almost burst to tears. Gladly, she was able to stop herself and just hugged him, burrowing her face into his warm chest.

"I will… never ever forget this place, Alex," she mumbled and Alex embraced her back tightly.

"Of course you won't." He smiled, looking satisfied.

After standing there for a long while, they finally boarded the van.

Alex started to drive away while Abi was saying her heartfelt goodbye inwardly. She watched as the house disappeared from her view and a small sigh escaped her lips. She wished they had more time.

Trying to shrug away her melancholy, Abi focused instead on the scenery outside the window, like she was absorbing the beauty, the cold breeze, as much as she could.

They didn't drop by that mansion anymore and went straight to the airport. The blue aircraft was waiting for them. The sun was still up when the plane took off so the view was magnificent. Abi was silent, her eyes focused on the view below, watching the place as it slowly faded from her eyes.

Time was passing and each second that ticked by drew them closer and closer back to 'Earth'; back to the real world to face the hard reality of life. As she thought about it, Abi felt an increasing sense of foreboding. She was nervous and scared but all she could do now was start preparing her heart, her soul. As they flew high up in the sky, she silently wished and prayed, not for herself but for Alex.

It was late at night when they arrived.

Alex initially wanted to bring her straight home but Abi told him to drop her back to her house. Alex immediately frowned. He had started to feel it, the looming dark clouds, from the moment the plane took off. Abigail rarely spoke on their entire flight back home. He could tell she was preparing herself for something. He knew she was preparing for that - that thing she wanted to tell him that night.

Alex couldn't explain what he was feeling. He didn't think she was still planning on going through with telling him that. After all the things that happened between them in the last six days, he had hoped that she would have forgotten about whatever it was that she was wanting to tell him or that he had managed to change her mind about whatever it was that she wanted to say. But it seemed he was wrong and he wondered if the last six days hadn't been enough. But how could that be? They were both obviously in love with each other. He knew how much she loved him, he could feel it, and he hoped that he had shown her how much he loved her and that she felt how much he loved her too. So why was she still wanting to talk about that?

The turmoil was killing him. He secretly hoped that what she wanted to tell him might not about breaking up again, but even if it was, he was determined to hold on to her and not let go. No matter what, he would never let her leave him again. Never.

The car stopped in front of Abi's house. They were silent the entire trip. The atmosphere between them was nothing like the excessive love and happiness that enveloped them just hours ago when they were still at that place.

The atmosphere was now both tensed and anxious.

Alex was the first to climb out of the car. Since he failed to take her home, he decided that he would stay here for the night instead.

Abi watched him walk towards the back of the car to get their luggage. She took a couple of deep breaths before she finally stepped out.

Alex was about to pass by in front of her towards the house with the luggage when Abi stopped him. Her hand caught his shirt and Alex stood still. He turned slightly to look at the girl behind him. He didn't know why but his heart started to pump crazily hard, and it was so loud in his ears.
Chapter 214 Denial

"Alex…" she called out. Her voice was weak.

His brows creased and his hand tightened around the handle of the luggage as Alex turned to look at her face. She was biting her lips, obviously to stop herself from crying.

Seeing her like that made Alex's jaws clench. He hated it so damn much when she looked so hurt like that, when she cried like that. He hated it so much he wanted to slaughter anyone who caused her to be in pain.

"Tell me… as promised, I will listen." He finally spoke. His voice sounded strained and his eyes were like a pair of black crystalized ice. He seemed to be mentally preparing himself which made Abi feel a little relieved.

She lifted her hand and held his face lovingly, with all the emotions in her heart and soul.

However, as she opened her mouth, she suddenly wobbled.

Alex was quick to let go of the luggage in his hand and wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Abigail? Are you okay?" he asked, worried. She raised her head but her eyelids only flickered, as if she was having a hard time opening them.

And then, she went limp.

Alex caught her as she passed out in his arms.

"Abi? Abigail!" he called out. His heart was like a racing chariot. His hands started to tremble. He remembered this feeling. This was the same feeling he had when he saw her on the ground that night in the forest. He felt that sickening feeling of fear and helplessness again.

This was supposed to be the time for him to act fast and think fast but whenever it came to her, he just broke down like a useless machine. He had seen countless deaths and he never cared but this person just passing out could destroy his logic, his senses, his reflexes, his everything.

"Alexander!" a voice pierced through the darkness and fear that cloaked him and he looked up. It was Abigail's father.

"Abi is… she suddenly fainted," he explained to Andrew, his voice hoarse with panic.

Andrew didn't look so shocked.

"Let's take her to the hospital. Carry her, I'll drive."

Andrew immediately climbed into the car and Alex finally moved, carrying her in his arms. Andrew calmly drove but he drove over the speed limit so that they arrived at the hospital in less than an hour.

Abi was immediately brought to the emergency room, leaving Andrew and Alex outside.

Alex stood by the door, head down and his fists clenched tight. Andrew moved closer to him after a long while.

"Come Alex, let's sit here," he told him and gladly, the young man followed him to the bench. They both took a seat, with Alex resting his elbows on his knees, fists full of his hair, looking down at the floor.

Looking at him, Andrew was heartbroken. He saw himself in the young man's situation. He had been there, after all.

"Did Abigail already explain to you about her health condition?" he asked and Alex slowly looked at him.

"Health condition?" His devastated face frowned in confusion. Andrew was surprised and his heart was pained realizing that the young man had no idea about it yet.

"Mr. Chen, what do you mean. What health condition?" Alex began to question. He was feeling utterly devastated and guilty to his bones, blaming himself because he thought that he was the reason why she fainted. So what was this that he was hearing? What health condition did Abigail not explain to him?

Andrew held Alex's shoulder and squeezed it slightly. He knew he had to tell him. This young man deserved to know everything. No matter how painful it was, he needed to know.

"Listen, Alex," Andrew started, his eyes filled with genuine care. He had been in his situation before and he was going through the same thing again but at least he had been prepared for this for a long time now, unlike this young man who might be going through something like this for the first time in his life.

"Alexander… our Abi is sick," he continued and Alex's frown engraved itself even deeper on his forehead, obviously unable to comprehend what Andrew was trying to say. A painful look flashed across Andrew's face as he kept going. "She's very sick, Alex, and her disease is incurable."

Andrew pressed his hand on Alex's shoulder again before he patted him and let go. No words left Alex's mouth. His Abigail was sick and her illness was…

Alex shook his head.

"T-there must be some mistake. The medical technology nowadays is incredibly advanced, Mr. Chen… t-there's no such thing as an incurable disease nowadays…" he reasoned. He knew incurable diseases still existed despite the boom of technology in this age but he couldn't accept it. There must be some mistake!

Andrew looked at the young man with genuine worry and concern. That was how he was back then, denying reality, and he knew all too well how that felt. But he needed to make this young man understand and accept the truth, for his own sake.

"Abigail was seventeen when she was first diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma." Andrew began to tell him everything. "She went through surgery when we first found out and it was deemed successful and because she was young and healthy, she successfully lived a healthy life without recurrence for the next three years. But she had another recurrence when she was twenty-one, following the exact pattern her mother went through. That child had to go through radiation therapy and year-long of chemotherapy. We know that patients who underwent surgery for recurrent glioblastoma exhibited a significant increase in survival compared with patients who did not but by contrast, we also know that a third surgery for a second recurrence does not contribute to any significant survival benefits. That was what happened to her mother. Because of our hope that she would survive, we agreed with a third surgery but unfortunately, my wife never woke up again after that," he paused and lifted his face to look at Alex.

The young man's eyes were wide in both denial and disbelief but Andrew looked up at the ceiling and continued anyway.

"We know that Abigail's tumor was not fully removed after the second surgery and we dreaded the day they discovered a growth in her brain again. The third surgery... We all dread it..."

Alex didn't react on what he heard, he just sat there, looking at Andrew, as if his entire being had shut down. And it was then that the emergency room's door opened and a doctor came out. Andrew immediately stood up.

"Doctor, how is she?" Andrew asked. Alex looked at them like a broken robot, but he could still hear them.

"Mr. Chen, she will need to undergo surgery as soon as possible."

Alex heard the doctor's voice and he felt like his world was crumbling down into ashes, as if the sun, the moon and the stars all fell down at once. His heart, his soul, felt like it was being crushed as his whole body went numb.
Chapter 215 Numb
Andrew was devastated. It was happening again. Why did it have to come to this? Why couldn't things go in their favor for once?

He had been praying for years that at least his daughter would be saved but it was happening again. The miracle he had been wishing for, waiting for, was again nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be found. It was not coming…

"C-can you give us time to think about this?" Andrew asked and the doctor told him that Abi would need to have surgery within the next two days.

After the doctor left, Andrew looked at Alex. He was standing there in a standstill.

Andrew walked towards him and patted his shoulder. He had no words to say to him. He remembered himself back then. He remembered how his parents had consoled him but no consolation could actually reach him. No amount of kind words could soothe the pain, or even make him feel better, not even a little bit. Nothing.

That was why Andrew didn't speak anymore. This young man had to accept the reality by himself to help himself cope with what was coming ahead.

Abi was then brought out of the emergency room and was transferred to a private room. Andrew followed her inside but Alex didn't. He remained there, outside her room, standing like a soulless statue, his face sunken, almost haunted. His world was growing cold again.

Despite the denial, Alex's heart was drenched by fear. The wild fire she had started that burned in his veins was slowly fading away, turning back to an icy numbness, numbness that was worse than ever.

Outside the hospital, Kai and Zeke arrived.

They went straight to the emergency room but found out Abigail was no longer there. Zeke spoke with the doctors who treated her, took her data from them and went to his office.

"Are we not going to go and check on him?" Kai asked but Zeke simply sat on his chair and started going through the information he got from the doctors.

After a short while, Kai sighed as he stood up. "I'll go and check on him."

"No need. He'll come here on his own," Zeke muttered and the door was opened with a loud bang.

Alex entered. He flew straight to Zeke, bent down and grabbed his collar.

Zeke was unfazed and calmly looked at him. He noticed Alex's trembling hands as he waited for him to speak but no words left Alex's mouth.

Alex's jaws were clenched hard. It was obvious he was having a hard time, but Zeke waited, just looking at him wordlessly until his lips finally opened.

"Zeke…" he started as he looked down, not letting go of Zeke's collar. "Go check on her again… those… those incompetent doctors… I'm certain there must be some mistake."

Zeke let out a quiet sigh. "All the doctors here are topnotch, Alex –"

"Shut up!!!" Alex gritted his teeth. His grip on his collar tightened. "Just do what I want you to do! If it's you… I know you can save her!"

Zeke creased his brows as he stared at him. He could see that Alex was still in denial. His mind was probably still numb.

"Fine. I will do what you want," he conceded, pulling Alex's hands off his collar. He wasn't planning to give him false hope but all he could do now was concede because if he didn't, Zeke was certain this man would go mad. And that was the last thing he wanted to happen. "But for now, it's best if we wait for her to wake up before doing anything. I heard she and her family are against the surgery. Don't worry, there's still plenty of time. So calm down and go back to her. She might look for you once she wakes up," Zeke calmly told him as he fixed his tie.

Alex stared at him and then, just like that, he dashed out of the door.

Kai, who had been watching like an outsider, swallowed the moment Alex was gone. He felt his throat dry up. He felt it, Alex was at the brink of going berserk. He wondered what might have happened by now if Zeke didn't tell him those carefully chosen words.

With an anxious face, Kai walked over Zeke.

"What's going to happen now? Can you really save her?" he asked and Zeke leaned back on his chair. His eyes were expressionless as he looked back at Kai.

"Don't be ridiculous, Kai," was all he said as he stood up and walked towards the floor to ceiling glass window and stared at the space ahead.


That night, Andrew left Abi with Alex so he could go back home to tell his parents about Abi. He did that because he knew that Alex needed to be alone with her once she woke up.

Once Andrew was gone, Abi was again transferred to the hospital's most expensive room.

It was past midnight when Abi woke up. She remembered what happened and her heart raced. She rose and sat up and she realized she was in the hospital. Seeing that her room looked like a luxury hotel's presidential suite, she could already tell that Alex was with her.

She breathed deeply, looking around, looking for Alex. Did he find out? Where was he?

Abi was about to climb off the bed when she paused. Her eyes zoomed in on the window. The white curtain was dancing and he was there, sitting on the floor, head down, between the dancing curtains. His one leg was stretched out on the floor and his wrist was placed on top of his bent knee.

Abi's heart squeezed in pain seeing him like that. She silently stood up and walked closer towards him. Was he sleeping?

Letting out a quiet sigh, Abi slowly bent down. She couldn't see his face but her heart was aching so badly, breaking apart for him.

She reached out her hand to touch his head when suddenly, he moved and looked up. Their eyes met. His pitch black eyes slowly widened upon seeing her.