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Chapter 221 Marry me

Alex was wearing a fine vintage classic three-piece suit. His inky dark hair perfectly tousled, looking like it was combed by his fingers and swept back away from his face. Abi hadn't seen him in a suit for a while that him, showing up in this get-up made her eyes widen in awe. Alex was always devilishly good looking but Abi thought that he bypassed the peak of his gorgeousness tonight.

"Where have you been?" she asked once she recovered from her daze. "Did you attend an important event?"

She asked him with her curious tone but Alex smiled seeing that look in her eyes.

"You missed me already?" his finger delicately touched her cheek as she blushed. He loved it when she misses him as bad as he did.

"Yes," she confessed. "I was looking for you."

"I know," he replied without any hint of mischief in his voice.

Abi knotted her brows but Alex flashed his deadly smile as his finger moved between her brows. "I came to take you somewhere," he whispered before he bent and lifted her up. He was extra careful as he held her like a princess in his arms.

Abi wanted to ask but knowing Alex, she knew he would only tell her to wait and see. So she didn't ask anymore and just hold onto him and leaned her head on him as he brought her out of the room and down the corridor. He then walked up a flight of stairs and when they got to the top, Alex put her down.

Abi's heart felt warm as she could already tell that Alex had prepared a surprise again. She remembered all the wonderful surprises he had prepared for her just a few days ago and it felt like a lifetime had passed since the trip they made to this moment. And now here he goes again...

Alex looked into her eyes before he push the heavy doors. It creaked open and Abi immediately felt the cool breeze of the night caress her skin. They were in the rooftop. Why was he taking her up here?

His hand grabbed hers and he led her out. It was then that Abi realized what was waiting for her. The rooftop was pretty empty but right at the left corner, near the view deck, lies a small table for two with a red and white motif and a candle on top of it. There was no extravagant or over the top decorations anywhere but the atmosphere was utterly romantic and Abi liked how simple the setup was.

Alex pulled the chair for her and she sat, smiling. This man had managed to surprise her once again. When she thought he was going to show her something above and beyond like he always does, he actually showed her something ordinary instead. A simple dinner on the rooftop was definitely romantic.

"I hope this is good enough," he said as he sat across her and Abi chuckled. What did he mean by this is good enough? This guy…

"I love it, Alex," she replied, eyes sparkling as she gazed at him and Alex sighed in relief. Abi didn't know it but it was actually Alex who prepared everything. This time, he did it all without ordering workers to do the work.

"I'm glad."

They then started to dine. As always, Alex enjoyed feeding her more than feeding himself. They were talking about mundane things and it was such a lovely moment for them.

Once their dinner was over, Abi looked around to appreciate the surrounding. The view at the rooftop was incredible. Although the stars aren't there because of the city lights, it was still beautiful.

She stood up from her chair and walked towards the view deck, leaning on the railing.

"It's so nice here, Alex. The breeze is cool," she told him when Alex stood behind her and hugged her from behind to shield her from the cold, even though he knew his coat would do most of the work.

"Well, everything looks beautiful as long as I'm looking at it with you," he whispered in her ear and she shivered from feeling his breath on her neck. She blushed because of his words as she smiled.

She turned and gazed into his eyes. "Thank you for this romantic dinner, Alex," she uttered, and then, she tip-toed and kissed him.

Their lips locked and they kissed passionately. But Alex pulled away and he took a deep breath like he was nervous, trying to draw strength from the air around them.

Abi blinked at him, noticing that he seemed to have something he wanted to tell her. She smiled at him, showing him she would wait patiently with what he wanted to say.

However, no word came out of Alex's lips. He just stared at her, and then, he turned away, looking up the sky.

Abi was about to speak but she held back and decided to follow his line of sight. Once she turned her face away from him and looked at the sky he was looking at, Abi's lips slowly parted.

There were small lights in the sky, like stars chasing each other, forming something up the sky.

"Abigail," Alex called out and her eyes flew towards him. He was not looking at her, his gaze still focused into the sky so Abi returned her gaze towards the dancing tiny lights and her eyes opened wide as her mouth dropped.

The words 'MARRY ME', were written in the dark sky.

Abi felt like her heart stopped. Time stood still as her heart felt like it wanted to burst. She never thought Alex would propose to her again.

Tears began to well in her eyes as she looked at those seven letters in the sky. When she turned to look at him, Alex held her hand and he slowly knelt in one knee.

He looked up, eyes burning with overflowing emotions as he spoke, "Abigail, let's get married."
Chapter 222 Answer

On the other corner of the rooftop, Kelly and Kai were standing by as back up in case Alex needed something. They hid behind the wall the whole time that Alex and Abi were dining and only peeked out again when they saw the lights moving up in the sky to form those two words.

"Hey my pretty boy, if I propose to you like that, would you say yes?" Kelly teased as she elbowed the man next to her as they looked up at the sky.

"..." Kai was speechless. He didn't know what to say. Wasn't that something a man should be saying to a woman?

Kelly looked at Kai's face and smiled at the shocked expression she saw on his face. Sigh. It really was so much fun teasing this guy!

Kelly was about to keep on teasing him but she stopped herself because she had an important mission to do at this moment. She peeked out and when she saw Alexander Qin begin to kneel, she quickly brought out her camera, ready to capture that most awaited moment.

"Oh god! I'm so jealous!" she mumbled in excitement while Kai simply watched her, looking mystified before his gaze flew towards the couple on the view deck.

"Abigail, let's get married," Alex said as he looked into Abi's beautiful eyes. He began to see the fantastic future they could have together. He thought that proposing was an odd feeling. The emotions he was feeling was overwhelming, simply inexplicable.

Alex already proposed to her before but this was completely different. He had never prepared for anything like this in his life. He felt that it was the longest day of his life, waiting for this moment to come. And now that it was finally happening, his heart was going a mile a minute as he waited for her answer.

Abi's eyes immediately welled but she fought hard not to tear up. Her heart felt so full of happiness that she thought it would burst. The sight of Alex, going down on one knee, asking her to marry him... There were no words to convey how wonderful it felt.

Even though Alex had already proposed to her once before, somehow, this time it felt a thousand times better. Her heart soared and flew with the birds above the sky. She just couldn't believe that this was happening again and this time, she could tell that he wasn't doing this just because of her wish. She could see it in his eyes, that he was doing this because he wanted to, because he wanted to stay with her forever.

If she wasn't dying, she would've been jumping in happiness right then. She was ecstatic and shocked and happy and amazed but at the same time, fear and sadness and pain lurked in her heart. She wished she wasn't sick. She wished she didn't have to cry at this very special moment. But she knew there was no use wishing over those things anymore. At this moment, all she wanted was to stay with him, love him, and love him and love him and love him.

As she gazed down at Alex, who was looking up at her so seriously, so passionately, she smiled the widest smile he had ever seen yet. And then she nodded her head before saying, "Yes, Alex! Let's get married!"

The moment Abi answered him, Alex took her left hand and immediately slid the emerald ring back on her ring finger, in case she changed her mind. Once it was firmly placed on there, he drew her hand to his lips and kissed her on the back of her hand before moving to get up.

Abi's restraint finally crumbled and she jumped on him the moment he was up on his feet again. Alex caught her around the waist as Abi wrapped her arms around his neck. His face broke out in a big smile, almost as big as Abi's, as he twirled them around in a circle. He then stopped and carefully placed Abi's feet back on the ground. Abi looked up at him, eyes shining brightly, and in the next second, his lips were on hers as they sealed their promise with a deep, passionate kiss under the moonlit sky. Alex cupped her cheek with his hand while the other was wrapped around her waist, drawing her closer to him and preventing her escape, not that she wanted to escape. No, she would never run away from him again.

Alex deepened his kiss, probing with his tongue, playing havoc within Abi's mouth and Abi responded with as much passion and love as she felt in her heart at that moment. She thought that her feelings for him had already reached their peak during their little holiday but it seemed she was wrong. She was so overwhelmed by what she was feeling that her eyes started to tear up. It seemed she just couldn't contain all these emotions that it spilled out of her in the form of happy tears. Her tears flowed silently and when Alex felt them on his face, he quickly pulled away, instantly worried that she was hurting somewhere.

"Why are you crying, Abigail? Are you hurt somewhere?" he asked. She could hear the worry in his voice and see it from his expression.

Abi chuckled at how sweet this man was being. She couldn't get enough of it. Gone was the frozen iceberg to be replaced by a melting snowman. After another moment, she put him out of his misery by saying, "I am fine, Alex. These are tears of joy."

Letting go of the breath he had not realised he was holding, he pulled Abi closer to his chest and hugged her tight and then he kissed the top of her head, a gesture that spoke volumes, a gesture that said 'you are mine and I will take care of you until my last breath'.

Abi rested her head against his chest with her eyes closed, savoring the feeling of protection and safety she felt within his arms. When he hugged her, she felt that nothing else mattered. She didn't think about anything else except for the love she felt for this man and the love he felt for her.
Chapter 223 Sweeter

Back on the corner of the rooftop, Kelly could barely contain her happiness the moment they heard Abi say 'yes' to Alex's proposal. She jumped up and down like an excited little kid and then grabbed Kai's arm and shook it the way a little child shook their parent's arm when they were trying to get their attention.

"Oh my gosh!!! Did you hear that? Abi said yes! They're going to get married! There's going to be a wedding!" she whispered to Kai so that Abi wouldn't notice their presence.

Kai merely blinked at her, amazed. This hooligan was too excited and he couldn't understand why. Kai had seen many weddings since he was just a little boy but he never thought a wedding was something to be happy about because he grew up knowing the fact that all the weddings he had witnessed were nothing but political. Although, this time, it seemed like he would really witness a wedding he had never seen before.

Before he knew it, Kelly had snuck up closer to the couple, holding out her camera in front of her, and in the next second, he heard the sound of a photo being taken. Kelly took more than one photo and Kai had to grab her arm and drag her back behind the wall.

"What are you doing?!" Kelly whispered.

"I'm stopping you from earning the nickname of Miss creepy stalker! You should be thanking me!"

Kelly's lips curved up and she leaned in on him.

"What other nicknames have you got for me, pretty boy?" she rebutted, unfazed by what he said. "I didn't think we were at that point in our relationship yet," she added, sending a wink his way as she said it.

Kai was beaten. He had no idea how to deal with this woman! She was not like any other woman he had ever encountered before. He looked at her and just silently prayed that this night would soon be over.


Abi and Alex went back to her room after they spent a bit more time enjoying the view from the rooftop. Alex picked her up and carried her again, princess style, to the room and gently placed her on the bed. He took her coat off her and tucked her into the bed, under the blanket.

Alex then went to the bathroom to get changed and when he came out, wearing only his sexy pajama bottoms, Abi peeked at him from under the covers.

"You need to get some rest, Abigail. Go to sleep," Alex ordered as he headed to her bedside. He sat on the edge of the bed and caressed her cheeks, with the back of his fingers.

Abi moved a bit to the side and then raised the blanket, silently telling him to join her under the blanket. Alex couldn't refuse her so he climbed inside. The bed was huge so they had plenty of room. The moment Alex was inside the blanket, Abi then wiggled closer to him and lay her head on his chest as Alex snaked his arm under her so that he could pull her closer.

Abi could hear his heartbeats, strong and steady, just like the man himself. She felt herself relax and a big yawn escaped. She looked up at Alex and smiled.

"I love you," she whispered and Alex lips curved up.

"And I love you, Abigail, my soon to be wife," he said and Abi felt her face burn red. His words 'my soon to be wife' echoed in her head over and over again. "Okay, now sleep," he added as his smile went wider, seeing her reaction at what he just said.

The next morning, Alex had just come out of the bathroom and was changing when Abi woke up. What a view to see so early in the morning.

"G-good morning, Alex," she greeted and for the first time, Alex greeted her back.

"Morning," he uttered, causing Abi to climb off the bed and hug him from behind. Her Alex was really changing and becoming sweeter by the day!

"Are you going somewhere again?" she asked. She knew she was being selfish but she wanted him to stay with her 24/7. She wanted to just hold him like this.

Alex turned as he removed her arms from around his waist. He bent and bumped his head gently on hers. "I'm not going anywhere, Abigail."

"Then why are you…" she trailed off looking at his fine, manly and casual outfit. If he was going to stay with her all day, he would've worn a more comfortable clothes.

Alex smiled, reading what she was thinking through her expression. "Of course, this fiancé of yours needs to look good in front of your family."

Abi's lips parted as Alex held her face and kissed her lips lightly. "That's right, I will tell them about us and…" he trailed off as he stared deeply into her eyes. "We will talk about the wedding as well. I want to marry you as soon as possible."

After telling her those words, Abi was quick to enter the bathroom. Her heart was racing so fast that she didn't know if it was because of excitement or anxiety or both.

She struggled to calm herself in the bathroom and gladly, she was able to calm down once she stepped out.

Her dad and grandparents were already waiting on the sofa with Alex.

She welcomed them with a smile as she walked towards them. She sat right next to Alex and their hands intertwined together.

Abi's grandma of course noticed that little precious thing on Abi's ring finger and she finally understood why this young man, Alexander, was looking a bit off this morning. It seemed he's going to tell them that they were now engaged.

However, Alex told them something so unexpected.

"I would like to marry Abigail, tomorrow," he told them and the three looked at them both in shocked surprise.
Chapter 224 Blessing

There was silence for a few seconds as Abi's family finally recovered from their shock. Even Abigail was very stunned at his words. She knew he was going to tell her family but to get married tomorrow?! That was completely unexpected!

Abi's grandmother began to feel emotional and tears pooled in her eyes. She was so happy for her very well behaved granddaughter to have found her special person and she could see that Alex really treasured their Abigail. She could see it in the intensity of his eyes and she knew that Alex was doing all of this because he loved Abigail. Even the men, who aren't normally so emotional, were also quite moved by Alex's declaration of love. Although Alex didn't explicitly say it, the way he held Abigail's hand and the way he looked at Abigail showed them all how deep his feelings were for her.

However, getting married tomorrow seemed too hasty.

"Alex, can I speak with you outside for a moment?" Andrew finally broke the silence.

Alex agreed and the two men excused themselves from the room. Abi watched as the two men walked out of the room and when the door closed behind them, she turned her attention back to her grandparents.

"My dear granddaughter, I can see how happy you are. I am glad he chose to stay by your side. That is a trait of a good man."

Abi was moved by her grandmother's kind words and she moved closer to her grandmother and hugged her tightly. "I am happy, grandma. I am so lucky!"

The two women hugged for a little while and then her grandmother cleared her throat.

"So, you're going to need some help planning this wedding, aren't you? Do you know what you want to do?" her grandmother asked.

The conversation turned to the wedding plans inside the hospital room and the air was filled with excitement. Abi's grandfather just smiled dotingly at the two happy women next to him as his eyes wandered towards the door, wondering what the two men were talking about.

Meanwhile, outside the room, the two men were having a serious conversation. Alex spoke first.

"Mr. Chen, I apologise for not asking for your permission first before asking Abigail to marry me." He slightly bowed in apology to his soon to be father-in-law. "So please allow me, sir, to ask you now. Mr. Chen, can I… please have your blessing to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage?" Alex continued as he straightened up.

Andrew was quite shocked at this. This Alexander really had changed a lot since the first time he met him. He didn't know why but this young man, bowing and apologizing to him was making him feel like he wanted to stop him from doing that because he had this feeling that was almost akin to having the president or the king bow to an ordinary man like him.

Clearing his throat, Andrew composed himself. He realized he barely knew anything about this young man. Although he believed that this young man was honest when he answered his questions back at their house, Andrew always felt that he wasn't someone ordinary, most especially now, seeing that his daughter was in a hospital room meant for the richest and most important people in the country. He honestly wanted to know just who this young man was before he gave his blessing. But, he didn't want to ask and he knew this wasn't the right time to do that. Andrew believed that who he was really didn't matter anymore because he could see just how much this young man loved his daughter. He loved his daughter far more than he thought and that was more than enough for him, as Abi's father.

"Alexander," Andrew started. "All I want is for my daughter to be happy and I saw through her eyes and her smiles that her life had become brighter since she met you. I am truly glad that you found her and that you continue to love her even more despite her situation. That's why, as her father, all I can do is give you all the blessing you deserve."

Alex's eyes lit up and he bowed again, thanking him. Doing all this, bowing to someone else, was something Alex had never imagined. He had only ever experienced other people bowing to him as far as he could remember and he never thought he would bow to anyone in his life. However, in that moment, none of those things mattered anymore. He was amazed at how easy it actually was to do, bowing his head to someone.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen," he said, lifting his face again to look at him. He wanted to correct him though. He wanted to say that he wasn't the one who found her, she was the one who found him. She found him and loved him and turned his world upside down. She embraced his darkness, his deadly thorns, his chilling coldness and planted flowers in his stone cold heart which forcefully wound its way through the chained window of his soul, letting the sunshine in.

Andrew patted his shoulder as he smiled at Alex before his face became serious.

"But Alex, I am not sure about you two getting married so soon. Planning a wedding is a big deal and to do it so quickly might be too stressful for Abigail," Andrew started.

Alex frowned in deep thought as he contemplated Andrew's words. He knew that Abigail's father was only worried about the toll this would take on Abigail and he wasn't offended at all. In fact, he had a point. If Alex were to marry Abigail tomorrow, they wouldn't have enough time to plan everything to perfection and that was what Alex wanted to give Abigail - the perfect wedding. Maybe rushing this may not be the best thing after all. As much as he wanted to call Abigail his wife as soon as possible, he also wanted her to be able to enjoy the process. He heard planning a wedding was something every girl out there wanted to do and that it was part of the attraction to them.

Andrew studied Alex's face and saw him waver from his decision for a moment. Seeing that Alex was taking his words in, he continued. "Since Abi has decided to go through the surgery, I think that we should postpone the wedding until after her surgery. I just think that if she has this to look forward to after her surgery, she will have an even bigger reason to fight and live, and a higher chance to survive the surgery."
Chapter 225 About me

Earlier, Kelly headed towards Abi's room but stopped when she saw Alexander and Abi's father outside the door. It seemed that Abi's family was in there so she decided to go home first and come back later to visit Abi. She knew that Abi and her family would have a lot to talk about once they found out about Abigail's engagement with Alex.

She did a u-turn and headed down the corridor towards the stairs, with a spring in her steps. She felt elated from last night's events. Her best friend was engaged! She couldn't be happier for Abi.

She had stayed at the hospital overnight because it was late by the time they had cleaned up the rooftop so Kai offered her the use of a room that was unoccupied.

As her thoughts returned to last night, she started to wonder where the pretty boy was and just like magic, he appeared in front of her as if she had conjured him up. Well, not quite. Kai was actually just coming out of Zeke's office, with Xavier trailing behind him.

"Hi there, pretty boys," she greeted them with a hearty wave.

Kai didn't notice her until she called out to them. She dashed towards Kai and leaned in on him.

"I'm heading back home. Prince, would you like to escort me?" she teased, as shameless as ever.

Kai as usual was stunned while Xavier almost whistled. This Kelly girl was really bold, totally his kind of girl. But seeing Kai looking so beaten up by her was also such a nice view to see.

"I have something to do," Kai told her and Kelly pursed her lips but a second later, she grinned at him widely.

"Tsk, stop being so wary of me. Don't be scared, I'm not going to eat you, baby boy," she flirted, moving her face close to him as she whispered.

Kai could only close his eyes as he breathed in, long and deep, not knowing how to respond. He had never met a girl as shameless as her in his entire existence!

"Miss Yang, how about I escort you? This guy here is too busy anyway," Xavier butted in, flashing his cute smile at Kelly as he winked at her. Kelly could tell the first time she saw Xavier that he was an ultimate player. Even though he was cute, he was absolutely not her type. In fact, her fists were itching to beat him up right then.

Before Kelly could even respond, Xavier shamelessly moved towards her. He offered his hand to her, in a prince-like way.

Kelly was about to reject him when suddenly, Kai took her hand, surprising her.

"I will send her home," Kai told Xavier and pulled her away from the playboy.

Back in front of Abi's room…

Alex fell silent upon hearing Andrew's suggestion. He looked away, unable to respond. His silent reaction was enough for Andrew to understand that he couldn't change Alex's decision anymore.

One of the reasons why Andrew suggested that was actually because he was still terrified. He could see how optimistic Alex was about her surviving this and he was glad about that, but at the same time, it worried him. He had been through all this before. He was exactly like this during those times, filled with faith and optimism that his wife would definitely wake up again. But she didn't, no matter how much he prayed and grieved. That was why he wanted to do anything that could at least increase Abi's chances, thinking that maybe delaying the wedding would give them the miracle they were wishing for.

However, looking at Alex eyes, Andrew didn't have the heart to insist on what he thought was the right thing to do. So he could only nod and pat Alex's shoulder once again.

"But of course, I am going to support whatever you two will decide." Andrew told him before he went back inside the room.

Alex stared at the closed door and leaned on the wall. That was when Zeke walked towards him and he seemed to have heard Alex's and Andrew's conversation.

"So you're going to marry her without even telling her anything about who you really are?" he suddenly asked. Alex immediately froze upon hearing him before his fists clenched into tight balls.

"She doesn't… need to know…" he said coldly and he left, leaving Zeke staring at his retreating back.

Alex went back inside Abi's room and he took her to the rooftop. The sky was bright that morning and the breeze was cool and refreshing.

Abi was sitting on Alex's lap as she rested her head on his shoulder. They both were watching over the horizon. Alex brought her here because he wanted to know if she would agree with his decision.

However, his mind was disturbed. He couldn't forget what Zeke told him and now that he thought about it, he realized Abigail never once asked him about his past. She didn't ask any questions about him, even though he knew that everyone thought he was shady and mysterious. She never asked. He wanted to think that she was not interested to know or maybe that she didn't have any curiosity about him but knowing Abigail, that was not possible. He knew how observant and curious and intelligent she was. Was she actually waiting for him to tell her all this time?

The fact that he was hiding dark secrets from her started to haunt him.

"Abigail… I want to know if you're okay with my decision," he said and Abi looked at him. She smiled sweetly.

"Yes, Alex. I want to call you my husband as soon as possible," she replied decisively and Alex hugged her tight, burying his face in the nook of her neck.

"Don't you have anything you want to ask about me… before marrying me?" he mumbled softly and hesitantly as his grip on her tightened.

Abi fell silent. She felt his heart thumping strongly as he said those words. Was he nervous? Scared?

Abi couldn't speak because it was the first time Alex ever acted like that.