✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 226 - 240 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 226 Not now

Alex felt the frequency of his heart being messed up. He regretted bringing that up. She didn't need to know about that, especially not right now. He was determined from the very beginning that he would never let Abigail discover or know anything about his secrets. In fact, telling her the truth had never been an option. Telling anyone who didn't already know had never been an option. But now, he started to feel guilty that he was hiding such a secret from her and that feeling of not wanting to hide anything from her was haunting him.

When Abi pulled away from him and looked into his eyes, Alex felt his heart skip a beat. He never thought about doing this before, telling her anything because it was too much of a burden for anyone to bear but now it seemed like having feelings for someone, falling in love, was making him waver and he felt utterly torn.

But then, Abi suddenly smiled at him, held his face and bumped her forehead gently on his.

"It's okay, Alex," she uttered, surprising him. "I do want to know everything about you but if it is hard for you to talk about it, don't force yourself. Maybe you can tell me tomorrow or next week or next month… I don't mind waiting. Tell me when you're ready, okay?"

Alex averted his gaze away from her shining eyes. "You would marry me even without knowing anything?" his voice was almost a whisper and his gorgeous face looked grave.

Abi tilted her head as she pressed her lips together. And then, she straightened up and her eyes flashed back at him.

"I don't care about your past, Alex."

"But this is not only about my past, Abigail. It's about who I really am." He looked at her anxiously. There was something in his voice that made Abi's heart squeeze tightly. She wasn't sure but it seemed to be sadness and anguish and pain. Things she had seen in his eyes, many times before.

"No matter who you are, you're still the Alex that I have come to love. You are still the person I have come to know, the person who granted me my many wishes, the person who loves me even in this condition, the person I want to spend the rest of my days with. That is the Alex that is sitting next to me." She nodded slightly as her fingers caressed his perfect face, her eyes brimming with intensity. "I will marry you whether you tell me anything or not, Alex."

Alex half bit his lips. He closed his eyes to hide the spasm of fear within him because he suddenly had the urge to just spill everything to her and leave the future up to fate and her.

He moved his hand and covered his eyes. His Abigail, being so considerate… His Abigail, not wanting to pry anything out from his mouth… His sweet Abigail being willing to marry him even without knowing a thing… was making him feel even more guilty.

When he put down his hand and looked at her, she smiled at him with encouragement. "It's okay," she uttered and she hugged him again. "I don't want you looking like you're at war with yourself, Alex. Please don't think too much about it, okay?"

Hearing her, Alex let out a sigh and he didn't even realize how stiff his body had become until she made him relax with her understanding words. But she was right, he must stop thinking about it for now, and think about the good things instead, the things to look forward to like their wedding tomorrow. He couldn't risk ruining everything, not now that he had finally found her… that he would finally marry her.

Hugging her back tightly, Alex kissed her hair, silently thanking her. He really didn't know what to do if she had insisted on knowing the truth at that moment and his heart trembled thinking about the possibility that the wedding might not happen once she knew the truth. He never doubted her words and her love but he was afraid that something might happen if the truth came out and that was something he would never let happen.

"I'm going to have you come home with me, Abigail," he told her, finally changing the topic.

"Back home?"


Abi smiled. She was excited to go back to Alex's house.

"We'll just wait for a while until everything is ready. Preparations have been made in the house since last night and I'll have Zeke and the doctors to live there with us as well until your surgery," he explained and Abi could only nod.

In the garage, Kai was giving a helmet to Kelly. But the mischievous Kelly wasn't taking it and just raised a brow at him instead.

Kai could only sigh in surrender and carefully put the helmet on her, not wanting to wait.

"My pretty boy, are you finally falling in love with me? Huh?" she asked, her eyes narrowed as she leaned in on him.

Kai just creased his brows. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Geez… don't be like that baby boy," she lifted her hand and pinched his chin, causing Kai to step back involuntarily.

Kelly chuckled with his reaction as he shook his head. "Please, stop doing that," Kai told her, looking frustrated.

"Oh c'mon, just admit it. You were jealous a while ago. I know it. Else, why would you pull me away like that?" She was smirking at him, looking triumphant, as if she had just won a fierce battle. However, Kai simply moved and strapped the helmet on her.

"I did that because Xavier is…" he paused.

"Xavier is what?"

"He's not good for you."

Kelly's laughter echoed in the garage but Kai ignored her and he climbed on the bike.

Kelly moved in front of him, flipped the visor of his helmet up and made him look at her. She did the same on hers as she bumped their helmets together.

Chapter 227 Tomorrow

"You're so cute. If not for these helmets, I would be kissing you right now," she told him, pursing her lips.

Kai almost gaped at her. How could a girl speak like this? How could she be so bold?

"Climb on behind me now. I still have things I need to do." He ignored her and Kelly smirked.

"Sigh… what a hard to get baby boy. I don't hate it though," she mumbled and climbed up behind him. She wrapped her hands around his waist but as soon as Kai started the motorbike, her unruly hands started to crawl up his chest.

Kai closed his eyes and sighed.

"Please, stop that. Have some decency and act like a lady," he scolded her and Kelly chuckled again.

"But what if I don't want to be a decent lady to you?"

". . ."

"What if I want to be a dominant lady to you?"


"Haha. Okay, okay. I think that's enough for now."

Kai was so speechless he didn't know how to even react. He was really going to go crazy at this rate if he spent more time with this woman.

They were about to ride out of the hospital's garage when suddenly, Kai stopped. He brought out his phone and answered a call.

Once the call was over, he turned to her and removed his helmet.

"Alex wants you up there," Kai said and Kelly creased her brows.


"The wedding is tomorrow."

Kelly choked. Omg! Tomorrow?! He just proposed last night!!

"Are you serious?!" Her eyes wide.

"Yes. It seems the talk is over and he has made up his mind."

Kelly's hand flew over her face. "OH MY GOD!! This is like a soap opera!! This is the flash marriage I am talking about, baby boy!!!" She was screaming as she excitedly shook Kai's arm.

Kelly rushed in Abi's room with a big smile. She was so happy as she hugged Abigail, congratulating her.

When Alex left the hospital and went somewhere, Kelly was with Abi's grandma started to help her look for a wedding dress. But to their surprise, a world-class designer arrived at the hospital that same hour to discuss the dress.

Kelly almost freaked out seeing this God tier designer who actually designed wedding dresses for royals and the biggest personalities around the world. But knowing the ridiculous Alexander Qin, she wasn't that surprised anymore.

The designer seemed to be well informed that this was a flash marriage so he didn't waste a moment and immediately made a sketch of the dress Abi wanted. In just a short time, they both came up with a simple yet breathtaking piece. The designer praised Abi for her simplicity and refreshing taste and promised to bring the dress back this dawn.

Meanwhile, Alex and Kai entered a shady looking shop owned by the infamous old man who was well known for making personalized wedding rings.

The old man immediately recognized them and he bowed his head to Alex. Alex didn't waste a moment to tell him about his request and the old man looked shocked. But in the end, he looked extremely excited to make the precious thing Alex wanted him to make especially when he saw that look in Alex's eyes.

After that, Alex and Kai went back to his mansion.

Workers are busy in the spacious, grassy backyard as Alex went around, talked to the designers, and making sure that everything was perfect.

He also went and checked the room on the second floor that was prepared for Abi and spoke with the doctors that were already there.

Zeke wasn't around but Alex had called him and demanded for him to be around the house once Abi arrived.

Back at the hospital, Abi was waiting for Alex to pick her up. Her family was still inside the room, talking to her happily.

Kelly went out for an errand so she wasn't there anymore when Alex arrived.

They spoke for a while and the family decided not to go with them. Well, the family thought about giving them some time to spend together alone, not knowing how vast Alex's mansion was, so in the end, Alex told Abi's family that a chauffeur would be picking them up early in the morning.

Everyone was excited along with Alex and Abi, who were both excited but also a little nervous.

The family sent them off after hugging Abi and kissing her goodbye.

All of them then proceeded to head to the parking lot and her family got into one car and Abi and Alex went in another.

Alex wasn't driving the car. He was sitting with Abi in the back seat, holding her tightly in his arms with utmost care.

"It's okay, Alex. Let me sit," she said and Alex took a while to agree to her request. She could see him looking a little uneasy so she smiled and held his face.

"Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine," she told him and Alex tried to relax. He told the chauffeur to drive carefully so their trip took a bit longer than usual. Abi's heart melted at hearing these orders from him, knowing that he was worried about her. This showed how much he cared about her wellbeing and she just shook her head wondering how she got so lucky.

The sun was going down but the world was bright and filled with sunshine in their eyes. This was it, after one more night, they would be married and be able to finally call each other husband and wife.

The feeling in their chests was incredibly amazing and wonderful. They could feel it. This was the best decision they ever made in their lives.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked her again and Abi showed him her biggest smile.

However, her smile slowly faded the moment she saw Alex's face abruptly become grave as he looked past her with wide eyes.

And then, before she could even turn to look at what he was looking at, with speed as fast as lightning, Alex pulled her into his arms, and everything around them shattered.

Chapter 228 Collision

Everything happened so fast that Abi didn't have time to react. Her mind somehow was able to process that something big had happened, that they were probably involved in an accident but it didn't happen in slow motion like she had seen in movies. It all happened as fast as a lightning strike.

The last thing she saw was the terror in Alex's eyes followed by a painfully loud sounds – groaning metallic screeching and glass shattering.

And then, there was an absolute silence as everything settled down. It was then that Abi realized that Alex had wrapped her up within his arms. His big palm was covering her head protectively, her face was buried in his chest like she was almost cocooned by him, using his entire body as her shield.

Abi couldn't hear anything for a moment, until the iron grip that was holding her moved.

"Abigail! Are you okay?" Alex's frantic voice echoed in her ear and she lifted her face to look at him, to see what had happened.

"I'm fine," she replied and her eyes widened in horror the instant she saw his face.

Alex was quick to cover her eyes with his hand, but Abi had already seen it. Blood was flowing from his head like waterfall, drenching his face and trailing down his neck. He was hurt, he was injured!

"A-a-lex…" her lips trembled. She lifted her hand to pull his hand off her eyes but Alex didn't budge.

"Stay still, please…" he begged. She felt his body stiffening, moving slightly, but she heard no groan of pain or anything else, just his breathing.

"Please Alex… y-you are… you need to…"

As her entire body began to tremble in fear, fear that Alex was badly hurt, Alex finally removed his hand from her eyes.

"I'm fine," he told her when their eyes met.

"No! Y-you're not!" Tears began to flow from her eyes. She was terrified from seeing him covered with blood all over, especially after seeing the front of the truck that crashed into them, into him!

"Shh… don't cry, believe me. I'm alright," he assured her and after checking her body, he calmly moved again. He pushed the door behind Abi open and asked her to stay still.

He moved to climb out first and it was then that Abi saw his back. His clothes were shredded up. His inner white shirt under his black jacket had turned blood red. Her eyes constricted in horror at the sight of it.

However, Alex was moving like he wasn't injured, like his back wasn't covered in blood. He didn't wince in pain, and nothing on his face or actions indicated that he was injured. If she hadn't seen the evidence with her own eyes, she would have thought that nothing had happened to him at all. Alex carefully took her out of the car. Abi opened her lips but closed them again because no words came out.

Alex was looking at the truck that struck them, his eyes as black as the deepest pit of hell.

Abi could only follow his line of sight as she tried to find her voice. She saw that door on the driver's side was hanging open and that the driver's seat of the truck was empty. Where did the driver go? Did he run away right after striking them?

Her eyes then wound their way to their little car and her mouth dropped. The side of the car where she was sitting was completely crumpled like a toy. The car went from being straight to an arc, the deepest part being where Alex had been.

How were they still walking? How were they still alive?!

She remembered that in the split second before the collision, Alex had pulled her into his arms and he managed to switch their positions around, placing his body between herself and the oncoming danger. Looking at where the truck had hit, she knew there was no way she would have survived.

Her eyes slowly found its way back to Alex, because he was the one who took the force of it all instead of her.

Her trembling body moved and she held him, looking at his body, feeling terrified as she surveyed him.

Alex looked down at her, held her hand and then suddenly, he lifted her up.

Abi was shocked. How was he still… was he really fine? How could he be fine?

Carrying her, Alex walked in the middle of the road. When a car stopped to see if they were okay, Alex gently put Abi in the passenger seat and silently forced the driver out of his own car.

Alex took over the driver's seat and drove the car away. He was silent and cold and didn't look into her eyes again during the entire trip.

Abi was staring at him as she tried her best to calm down, breathe and think. It was then that she noticed the murderous fire in his eyes as he looked ahead. His grip on the wheel was tight she saw his knuckles turn white from the force. He seemed to be struggling internally, maybe struggling to control himself, his rage.

In the end, Abi remained tongue tied until the car stopped. They had arrived in front of his house. Alex was quick to climb out and ran around the car to open Abi's door.

She had just moved her legs to climb down when Alex took her, carried her in his arms like she was disabled.

"Alex… I'm fine… I'm not hurt anywhere…" she told him but Alex just hastily walked inside the house, dashing up to the second floor.

Abi was surprised to see that there were doctors already waiting there. When they opened the door, Abi could only blink again. It was just so like Alex to transform the ballroom into the most luxurious hospital lobby and the largest receiving room which housed her private bed.

Chapter 229 "I'm fine"

He put her down on the bed, telling the doctors to check on her immediately, letting them know that they were just involved in a car accident on their way there. Even though he totally protected her head, he still asked them to put her through on x-ray just to make doubly sure she was ok.

"Alex… I'm fine, it's you who –"

Alex abruptly bent down and kissed her lips, stopping her from talking. "Hush, Abigail… you don't need to worry about me, okay? I'm not injured at all."

"Alex please, you're drenched with blood…" she insisted, worried death for him.

Alex's jaws clenched but he looked at her with a tender gaze. "This is nothing, believe me," he insisted and Abi shook her head again.

"It's not!"

Seeing the worry and fear in her eyes Alex could only bit his lips in surrender. "Okay, I'll have someone check on me in the next room. So please, let them check on you, now, okay?" he told her and gladly, Abi finally let go of him.

She hesitantly retracted her hands and she watched Alex leave the room.

The moment Alex was no longer in Abi's sight, he leaned on the door, shutting his eyes closed as he threw his head back. He clenched his fists tightly and gnashed his teeth in plain fury. To distract himself, he brought out his phone and dialed Zeke's number.

Inside a car that was speeding like a bullet, Zeke was having a calm yet a little tense expression as he received Alex's call.

"Where are you?" Alex's voice was tight, controlled, but still sounded frantic.

Zeke already knew what happened and he knew this call was coming.

"On my way," He immediately replied knowing what came with that tone in his voice. "I'll be there in minutes."

Once the call ended, Zeke told his chauffeur to speed up. He was certain that Abigail was okay because Alex was with her but knowing Alex, it's best if he arrived there as early as possible.

In no time, Zeke arrived in Alex's house. He didn't waste a second and hastily entered the house.

He saw Alex by the door and he creased his brows upon seeing his clothes and the blood all over him.

Zeke went straight to the door but as he held the door knob, he paused and glanced at Alex.

"Go wash those blood Alex, she'll freak out is she sees you like that." He told him, even though he knew that Abigail might have already seen him in that state.

He then pushed the door open and entered the room. When he saw that the doctors had just finished with her x-ray, he calmly looked at her before he spoke with the doctors and looked at her x-ray film.

Abi watched him the entire time, obviously waiting for him walked over to her.

Once he nodded at the doctors and finally approached her, Abi immediately sat up.

"Mr. Qin, I'm perfectly fine. Please check on Alex instead, he's –"

"He's alright, Miss Chen. Don't worry about him."

Abi shook her head. How could she believe that he was fine? She saw what happened with her own two eyes. His face was covered in blood, his back was covered with blood and they were just hit by a truck!

"No, he's not. He's… he's…"

As Abi's lips began to tremble, the door opened and Alex came in. The blood over his face was gone but the traces of blood on his inner white shirt were still visible.

"Look, he's all bloody. He's injured!" she told Zeke but Zeke simply glanced at her before facing Alex.

"She's alright, Alex," Zeke assured him, ignoring Abi's plea.

Alex's shoulders dropped down, letting out a long and deep sigh of relief. He then bent down over her and held her face with his gentle hands.

Before Alex could speak, Abi's hands reached out and held his arms. "Are you okay? Did they treat your wounds?" she asked, worried sick for him.

Alex blinked and slowly looked away. "I'm fine," he told her for the third time. There was an undercurrent in his voice that was seemingly begging her not to ask anymore, making Abi feel like something was stuck in her throat, rendering her unable to speak any further.

"Let's go upstairs and get changed, or should I go and get you some clothes?" He swiftly changed the topic. He was calm. No - this wasn't calm. There was an undercurrent to this seeming calmness and she could feel that he was repressing something, his rage.

"I will come with you." She climbed off the bed and before Alex could lift her up again, she said sternly, "I'll walk."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Alex. I'm very sure. You protected me… you used your body to…" she bit her lips, stopping herself from crying. She knew that he protected her, that he was willing to sacrifice himself for her!

"Okay, let's go." He held her hand and they walked out of the room, hand in hand, in silence, taking their time as they climbed up the stairs.

Abi was doing her best not to burst out in tears. Alex looked composed on the outside but she could tell he was not on the inside. So she stopped herself from questioning him and decided to give him time to calm down.

By the time they reached Alex's room, they both halted.

"I'll go get changed," he broke the silence.

Abi looked at him and nodded, letting go of his hand.

He held the door handle and pushed it. He stopped midway and Abi looked away. She was about to head to her room when suddenly, Alex's said something unexpected.

"Want to come inside?"

Chapter 230 Desolate

Abi was dumbfounded. She never imagined that Alex would finally invite her into his room. She had been thinking a lot about what was inside his room, about the reason why he never invited her inside before. Since the day she started living in his mansion, this room was like the forbidden place that no one was allowed to set foot in, even her. So now that Alex was suddenly inviting her in, she didn't know why but her heartbeat began to thunder loudly in her ears.

"It's okay if you don't want –"

"I want to!" she cut him off. How could she not want to see what was inside his mysterious room?

Alex finally smiled, though quick and slight, and Abi felt her body slowly calm down seeing that his silent rage might be somewhat dissipating.

"Okay, come in," he told her and he pushed the door open. Abi's heart raced in anticipation and curiosity. For a moment, her worry about him and his injuries were forgotten.

"There's really nothing much in here for you to see, though," he said as he walked towards the darkness. She was surprised that Alex didn't go to the side to switch the light on. Instead, he lit up a… candle?

Abi's mouth dropped as the candle's light started to light up the room.

"I'll go for a quick shower," he told her and Abi just nodded, still speechless with what she was seeing.

His room was not what she expected at all. Far from what she had imagined. It was like this room didn't belong to this grand palatial house. It looked old, completely ancient, and cold. His four poster bed was made up neatly, with only one black pillow and no blanket. The room was bare except for his bed and an old table, just like his room in Country V. But this one looked incredibly desolate, as if no one was actually living in this place.

If Alex wasn't here, if she didn't see him coming and going from this room countless times, she might not have been able to believe that he actually slept here, that this was his room. It was eerie and dark and nothing more. It was like the architect who made this entire house purposely left this room untouched and never bothered to do anything to it.

This place was just as cold and dark as Alex the first time she met him.

She looked around once again, trying to see more, despite him telling that there was nothing to see inside. She wondered if the reason why he never invited her inside was because he thought this would scare her. She wondered why his room was like this.

Her eyes fell on the door where he headed into and she peeked inside. She was glad his bathroom at least had a lightbulb and not just being lit up by a candle. She saw his large wardrobe and she had a strange thought run through her head. She thought that Alex might only be using this room just to go and get changed or take a shower. She somehow felt that he might not even use the bed. It was totally strange.

Looking at the tinted glass on the far end of the room, Abi saw his silhouette. She stepped back and looked around his bedroom again. She noticed the candle he lit up. It was set on another ancient looking candelabra. The type that one would see in museums.

She slowly sat on the bed, threw back her head to look at the ceiling before her eyes fell on the other table. Curious, she got up and approached it. She saw what looked like an ancient incense pot sitting on the table and a figure of a dragon was intricately crafted on it.

Abi creased her brows. This pot felt familiar but it wasn't because of the image of the dragon which immediately reminded her of Alex's tattoo, it was the pot itself. She was certain she had seen this before. In her mind, she saw a wisp of white smoke coming from it.

Abi forced herself to recall where she had seen this before but unfortunately, the memory evaded her. She stretched out her hand, thinking that she might recall something if she touched it, when suddenly, Alex caught her wrist, stopping her from touching it.

"Don't…" Abi was surprised, not just with his sudden appearance from behind her but also because of his voice. He almost sounded like he was stopping her from touching something forbidden. Don't touch that, Abigail…" his voice softened when he saw the shocked look on her face.

His hair was still dripping wet and his towel was in his hand. He was already wearing his grey sweater and black trousers. "Come, I'm done. Let's go to your room. This place is… well… dark," he said and he killed the candle before taking her hand and led her out of the room.

Abi's grip on his hand was tight. She didn't get a thing. She thought some mysteries about him would come out to light but after finally seeing his room, the questions in her head only increased.

She looked at him and wanted to ask if he's alright, especially his injuries and everything but something was stopping her. And maybe, she didn't want to ask anymore because she knew he would answer her with the words 'I'm fine'. She watched him carefully as they walked and he looked so fine, moving like nothing had happened at all.

"I think I should accompany you inside, want me to bathe you?" he asked as Abi walked to her bathroom.

"No, Alex. I'm fine. I'll bathe on my own," she firmly replied and Alex hesitantly nodded.

"Make sure to take care not to slip."

"Don't worry, I'll be very careful."

Once Abi closed the door, Alex sat on the edge of her bed. His hands covered his face before they swept up through his hair as he looked down on the floor.
Chapter 231 Hellbound with you

Meanwhile, downstairs.

Xavier was wearing a serious expression as he sat across Zeke in the vast living room.

"So, the wedding will still be on even after what just happened?" Xavier asked as he looked intently at Zeke.

Zeke elegantly twirled the wine glass in his hand as he mumbled, not bothering to look at Xavier. "You think anyone would be able to change Alex's mind?"

"I don't know what's going on anymore," he shook his head in disbelief before he shot a disapproving gaze at Zeke.

"I think you should be honest with him, Zeke. No one can save Abigail from dying. Her disease isn't something anyone can cure, not even you. And is he serious? He's actually okay with you using her as a guinea pig for experiments?" he blabbered on but Zeke remained silent. "Alex is too optimistic. Even if the surgery is successful, her body will not last long. She will still die, sooner or later."

"Yes, she will die, sooner or later," Zeke finally looked at him. "Unless…"

Back in Abi's room, the sound of a blow dryer echoed inside the room. Alex was carefully drying her hair as Abi closed her eyes, enjoying this blissful feeling.

His hand was so gentle as he held every strand of her hair, treating them so delicately and she loved it. She loved the feeling of his fingers combing her hair. She loved this peaceful moment with him.

"Alex?" she called out, throwing her head back on his lap to look at him. "Are you okay?"

Alex stared at her for a long while before he turned the blower off. He pulled her and made her sit between his legs. And then, he hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.

"You're not going to ask me anything, still?" his deep voice sounded anxious.

"D-do you want me to… ask? W-would you… tell me everything if I do?"

A long silence went by before Alex spoke again.

"I don't know. I'm afraid things will only get worse once you… know."

"Is it really that bad??"

"Yes. I don't want to burden you with more than what I have already given you from the moment since you chose to be with me. I told you before, my world is hell. You don't deserve to live in it, and yet, here I am… dragging you into it."

Abi moved to look at him. His breathtaking face looked grave. "No, actually… even if I let you go, it's too late now, Abigail."

"Because… I… I was already hellbound with you since the day I chose to live with you?"

Alex fell silent and his lips slowly curved up. "I think… those words perfectly describe it," he smiled, shaking his head before he became serious and caressed her face.

"What happened today didn't make you change your mind, right?" he continued.

"Change my mind?"

"About the wedding, Abigail."

It was Abi's turn to smile and shake her head. "I will marry you, Alex. As long as you want me, nothing can change my mind."

"Even if I turned out to be someone horrible or even more than that?"

Abi wrapped her arms around his neck and she hugged him. "I told you, I don't care who you are. You are my Alex, the man I love. The man I'm going to marry," she told him with a determined, decisive voice. "Like you said, it's too late, Alex."

Alex's stiff body finally relaxed and he tightly hugged her back. Tomorrow, they're going to get married and nothing was going to stop them. Nothing.

"Time for you to sleep, Abigail. You still need to wake up early."

"Oh, right. You too, Alex."

"Don't worry about me," he smirked at her and Abi was relieved, seeing that smile again after it disappeared for what seemed to be a very long time.

"Can you read me a book?" she requested and Alex stood up and went through the bookshelves.

"What book do you want?"

"Any. Choose what you want, Alex. I believe there are no r-18 books in there."

Alex's pleasant chuckle tickled her ears.

"Well, it'd be nice if there was at least one bold ancient author. I'm curious how they would write an ancient sex scene."

Abi couldn't help but blush, hearing him say the word sex. They hadn't made love since the night they returned.

It seemed Alex also regretted bringing that topic up. He cleared his throat and chose a book from the upper shelf.

Alex then positioned himself on the bed. He sat, leaning on the headboard while Abi's head was on his lap.

"Long ago," he started and Abi smiled in excitement, but Alex suddenly paused for a long while and only continued when Abi looked up at him.

"There was a prosperous kingdom ruled by powerful creatures. They were more superior than humans, stronger, more powerful and they could live for hundreds of years. A prince was then born by one of the King's wives. They expected him to be another powerful creature but the prince was born without any superior qualities at all, as if he was only a normal human. He was the only one among the horde of princes who didn't have the qualities that everyone else had. He was shunned by his family and became an outcast. However, this made him hungry for power. He wanted to become the strongest man who ever lived so he did everything he could to make this happen. Over time, from the bottom, he clawed his way to power. He trained long and hard and in brutal conditions. He used his charisma and charm to gather loyal followers and built an army that was the envy of every kingdom. On one fine day, this outcast prince decided it was time to take back what everyone else took from him. He led his army back to the kingdom where he took his first breath and conquered them. He might not have been strong when he started, but in the end, he towered over everyone else. He became the strongest man the world had ever seen. He became King but his desires weren't sated. He wanted more! He was hungry enough to want to conquer the entire world. Insatiable, he destroyed and conquered hundreds of kingdoms and countless died in his hands." Alex paused and Abi quickly asked a question, completely drawn into the story.

"Did this greedy king manage to conquer the world?".

Chapter 232 Changed

Alex paused and looked at her when Abi looked up. She blinked at him, her big beautiful eyes silently pleading him to continue reading. But Alex didn't give in and he slowly closed the book.

"Reading to you was a bad idea," he said. "You should be sleeping by now."

Abi pursed her lips. "But… the story is interesting. I want to know what happens next."

"But you need to sleep." He reached over and put the book on top of the bedside table. "It's time for you to sleep," he insisted and without waiting for her response, he slipped his body under the covers, facing her. "I'll read the continuation tomorrow night."

"Really?" Abi's eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

"I can read you a book every night if you want me to."

Abi's lips curved up into a big, bright smile before a soft cute chuckle left her mouth.

"I remember how hard I had to work just to make you read me a book but now, I don't even have to ask. You're even offering to without me asking." She giggled, causing Alex to bite his lips.

He suddenly pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's enough. Don't remind me how a na?ve little lamb actually managed to seduce a big bad wolf into submission."

"I don't remember seducing you. You were the one who was always seducing me."

"Rubbish," he snorted and Abi giggled again. "Just because you had no idea how you were seducing me since the day I met you, doesn't mean you weren't seducing me." Their eyes met and sparks started flying, but Alex shut his eyes closed and pinched the skin between his brows. "Damn it, Abigail, listen to me and go to sleep," he sighed in frustration, feeling his little big monster waking up from its long slumber.

"Okay, okay. Let's sleep now." She finally gave in, buried her face on his chest and told him the sweet words, "Goodnight, Alex."

"Goodnight." He kissed her head and Abi closed her eyes with a smile still playing on her lips. She wished silently that they could stay like this… forever. She prayed that Alex was truly alright.

The next morning, Abi's family were standing in front of a huge mansion, looking up with extreme surprise written on their faces.

Charles, the butler, opened the door revealing Alex standing just inside the huge double doors. Charles bowed, greeted them all and gestures for them to enter.

Alex immediately greeted them as well and led them inside the house.

"Abi just woke up but they took her away and are not letting her to leave the room," Alex said to them.

"What? What do you mean?" Andrew butted in, looking concerned.

"I mean, the stylists and make-up artists, Mr. Chen."


As the Chens looked around the palatial house in awe, Andrew spoke again.

"As far as I remember, you said the wedding will be at your house, Alexander." Andrew sounded more like he was asking a question rather than stating a fact. He looked at Alex and the old couple also looked at him in curiosity because they also heard the same from him.

Alex halted and blink at them. "This is my house," he nonchalantly replied before he saw Kai signaling him to come over.

He didn't even notice the shock on their faces as he quickly asked them to sit on the luxurious sofa, ordered the maids to look after them, before he excused himself and approached Kai.

Kelly then emerged from the grand staircase and walked over to the Chens who were still looking around in disbelief.

"Uncle, grandma, grandpa!" Kelly kissed everyone and Abi's grandma immediately questioned her.

"Is this really Alex's house?"

"Yes, grandma. I know it's ridiculous of him to call this place a 'house' but to him this is just a 'house'. Anyway, please come with me. I have to show you the setting and uncle Andrew needs to practice." Kelly grinned in excitement as she clung onto the old grandmother's arm and walked towards the back door, glancing at Kai who was whispering to Alex with a serious expression.

Time passed and the most awaited moment was fast approaching. It was past noon time when the guests started to arrive.

Inside a large bathroom, Alex was looking at himself in the mirror. His hands were resting on the marble tiles, taking a few deep breaths. He bit his lips, fixed his already perfect tie and an involuntary smile curve on his face.

He was nervous, and overwhelmed and damned happy. Looking at his reflection, Alex couldn't help but look at himself in awe. He saw a man, a totally changed man, from the man he had always known, from the man who had always looked back at him with dark, cold eyes. It had only been barely more than a month since she came into his life, and just look at what she had done to him. In all honesty, Alex was the one who was experiencing the biggest shock from all this.

Everything happened so fast. It felt like it was only yesterday when his little lamb first set foot in his house and started asking her very ridiculous requests. And today, he was going to marry her. He still could only shake his head at how unbelievable the series of events had been, from their meeting in that underground carpark to this day, their wedding day. It was still very strange for him to think that it all ended up like this. All the things he could never even begin to imagine before she arrived in his life was truly happening as if Antarctica had melted and trees and flowers began to bloom.

Taking another deep breath, Alex's eyes burned with intensity and he finally walked out of the bathroom towards the backdoor.

Taking one more deep breath, he turned the door handle and the moment he stepped out, all eyes turned towards him.

Chapter 233 Husband and wife

Everyone gushed upon seeing Alex. His jet black hair was swept to the side away from his face, showing off his ridiculously gorgeous visual. He wore a very well fitted black tuxedo with a matching black tie. His crisp white shirt peeked out from under his black jacket which showed off his muscly arms. His black pants looked like they were tailored to his exact measurements and showed of his strong, lean legs. He was simply the epitome of perfection.

But what made him so eye catching was the quiet happiness that could be seen in his eyes. He was happy and excited and this made all the girls in the audience sigh.

Almost all of the guests were from Abi's side and even then, there were no more than thirty individuals present. From those thirty people, there were only three people from Alex's side. These were none other than Kai, Xavier, and Zeke.

Gladly, no one asked anymore questions about Alex's family because the Chens already told everyone that Alex was an orphan, although they failed to tell the guests that the man Abigail was going to marry was actually filthy rich.

Alex stood nervously as the procession began.

The door then opened and the bridesmaid, Kelly, walked up the aisle. Kelly wasn't the type to wear delicate dresses. She usually wore bold and colorful clothes so it was the first time for everyone to see her looking like a dainty lady. She was absolutely gorgeous in her cream bridesmaid dress.

The sweet music in the background started to change and the door opened again. Alex found himself holding his breath, knowing that Abi was about to come out.

Abi stepped out on the arm of her father and there was an almost audible 'whoa' of awe from all the guests. Her hair was pulled back away from her face and was set in a bun where her 2 metre long veil sat on.

Abigail looked like a princess in white. Her dress was magnificent. Her strapless, heart shaped bodice was dotted with many small diamonds which caught the sunlight, producing rainbow sparkles as she walked down the aisle. Her bodice enhanced her slim waist and the rest of the dress ballooned from there in the shape of an A, slim in the waist and widening towards the ground.

The setting was very simple set in the garden. The grass was so lush that it created a very eye catching contrast to the white of the chairs and the aisle. The aisle was made of a long, white carpet with white and pink rose petals scattered on each side of the aisle. White chairs were set on either side of the aisle in three rows of five to seat all thirty guests.

At the end of an aisle was a simple, wooden wedding arch, decorated simply with greenery and white lace curtain while a blooming wisteria was like a painting in the background. While the setting was very simple, it was also very elegant and romantic, which was exactly how Abi wanted it to be.

Abi clutched her bouquet, smiling at everyone, at Kelly and her grandparents before her gaze finally fell towards the man waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Their eyes met and everything around them began to disappear.

Alex was utterly awed. He remembered the exact conversation they shared before. 'I want to wear that white wedding dress, walk down the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband, and say those vows. To dance and celebrate and live happily ever after…' These words she had told him and her expressions were still crystal clear in his head and he remembered how he told her that she would marry one day but the groom would never be him.

Recalling it, a smile curved on Alex's face.

He could hear his loud heartbeat as she walked slowly towards him. He thought he had seen his Abigail at her prettiest, no, she was always the most beautiful in his eyes but right then, Alex just couldn't find the right words to describe her. All he knew was that at that moment, Abigail was taking his breath away.

"Alex…" Abigail whispered his name as she reached him and they gaze deeply into each other's eyes. Abi couldn't believe it. They were actually getting married. Alex was going to be her husband very soon. This was so overwhelming that she wondered if she was dreaming.

"You're so beautiful, Abigail," he complimented her, his eyes brimming with raw emotions and Abi fought the urge to hug him.

As the ceremony went on, everyone became quite emotional. All of the guests knew that Abi was sick and that she would soon undergo a surgery. They all thought that Alex was such a man and that he loved her so much, not only because he was willing to marry her despite her situation but because of how he looked at her since Abi emerged from the door. He looked at her like she was his entire universe, like she was his newfound life.

Looking at them, everyone silently prayed as they listened to the couple's heartfelt 'I dos', that these two would live happily and that Abigail would survive the surgery.

The moment they were pronounced as husband and wife, everyone stood up as Alex finally kissed his wife.

The reception was set in the ballroom at the mansion's second floor. Alex choose that place because it was close enough to her hospital bed.

The candles were lit up and the guests thought that they were suddenly teleported back to the past.

Abi and Alex were happily speaking with the guests when suddenly, the music changed. Someone was playing the piano, accompanied by a violinist.

Abi immediately turned to Alex upon hearing the introduction of the song but her husband was already reaching out his hand. "May I have this dance?" he asked and with a big smile, Abi took her husband's hand and they walked towards the dance floor. They began to dance, eyes locked on each other as the pianist and violinist played their song 'Can't help falling in love'.
Chapter 234 What will happen next?

"I can't explain how happy I am, Alex." Abi's eyes welled as they swayed along with the sweet song in the middle of the ballroom. "I can't believe you're now my husband."

Alex flashed a sweet smile and pulled her closer to him. "I love you, Mrs. Qin, my one and only wife," he whispered with his eyes brimming with almost delirious happiness. He had never been so happy in his life. He didn't know what happiness really was until now, until Abigail said two little words 'I do', until he could finally call her his wife.

He was overwhelmed with all the emotions he never expected to feel but seeing that his beautiful wife was as happy as he was, Alex felt like this was the best thing he had ever done in his life. For the first time in his life, he was confident that he had finally done something right. He had finally found something worth fighting for.

"I love you too, Alex… I love you so much," she teared up and Alex was quick to gently dab her tears with his handkerchief.

"Shh… don't cry."

"It's because you chose this song as well. You don't know how emotional this song is for me. It reminds me of all the things we shared together."

"It's because this song is the only special song to me," he smiled, still leading the dance gracefully. "It has been stuck in my head since that night. I did think about having you sing it for me but I changed my mind."


"Because I didn't want anyone else to hear your voice. I want to be the only one that you sing this song for," he smirked playfully and Abi finally grinned back.

"Why do I feel like my husband is becoming more possessive."

"I'm always possessive when it comes to you, my wife."

Abi leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you so much, Alex. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for loving me, for staying with me, for making me happy… for everything. Thank you for coming to my life," she murmured before looking up to his face again.

Alex stopped swaying and held her face with his palms instead. He bumped his forehead on hers as the world around them crumbled into nothingness.

He wanted to tell her that he was supposed to be the one thanking her. He wanted to tell her that words were not enough to convey how thankful he was that she had come into his life, that she came and wreaked havoc inside his heart destroying all the chains and shackles around his soul, not minding the coldness, the darkness that welcomed her, and freed his heart without his permission. He wanted to tell her that he had never truly felt alive before she came along, that she was the one who breathed life into his dead heart and soul and made him feel human again.

"You are… my entire life now. I will stay with you, love you and make you happy forever," was all he said and Abi embraced him as the music ended.

In the corner, Zeke, Kai and Xavier were all leaning by the wall with their wine glasses, their eyes on the couple dancing in the middle.

"Darn, Alex looks so damn happy," Xavier softly exclaimed. "This is too good to be true honestly. I still can't believe I wasn't hallucinating when I saw him come out of that door and stand at the end of aisle. I never imagined this was even possible."

"Alex has a heart too, Xavier," Kai mumbled, not taking his eyes off the newlywed couple.

Xavier's lips twitched. "Alexander never had a heart, Kai. Even the dogs in the street knew that very well. I don't know why you guys aren't reacting like me when you both know Alex's reality."

"That's the Alex of the past, Xavier. Get over it and accept what he is now. This is now his reality whether you accept it or not!" Kai burst out, bemused that Xavier was bringing up that kind of topic on what was a joyous occasion.

Xavier shook his head. "Geez, Kai… you don't get what I'm trying to say at all. Look, someone like Alex having a family is something… well… something… this just messed up everything, don't you think? I'm just thinking about what will happen next after this."

Kai closed his eyes and sighed. He wouldn't kid himself. He had also been thinking about this since Alex told them he was getting married. What would happen next?

Finally, the silent statue between them spoke.

"If I were you, I'll just stay alert and keep watch. Everybody knows, even Alex himself, that from now on, things are going to change. None of us knows what the future will hold and that's part of the thrill, no?" Zeke nonchalantly said before he moved and walked towards the couple who just left the dance floor.

"Geez, that guy is not helpful at all. He's supposed to be the one freaking out right now, you know?!" Xavier exclaimed in frustration but the moment he spotted Kelly, his frustration disappeared and he wrapped his arm around Kai's shoulders.

"You're not going to ask that hot lady for a dance?" he asked Kai as another melody started.

When Kai ignored him and just looked at the elderly couples dancing on the dance floor, Xavier smirked and patted his shoulder.

"Okay, good. I'll go and ask her then." He raised a brow and left.

Kai watched Xavier as he walked towards Kelly and he didn't know why he looked away.

His one hand was on his pocket as he silently stared at the red wine in his glass. He had seen how happy Alex's was. He had seen how he changed and for the first time, Kai wondered how it felt, felling that so called love.

Lifting his wine glass, Kai was about to drink when he paused. Kelly was walking towards him. She was supposed to be dancing with Xavier right now...

Kai was momentarily stunned looking at her. This girl always wear badass clothes and dark bold lipstick so he was quite amazed how huge the change in her appearance right then. It was like the tigress turned into a white cat.

Kelly stood before him and Kai was about to compliment her looks but Kelly reached out her hand and spoke first, causing Kai to become utterly speechless.

"Can I have this dance?" She asked.
Chapter 235 Wedding night

"Can I have this dance?" Andrew offered his hand to his daughter as the couple was about to take their seat.

"Oh, dad," Abi smiled and happily took her father's hand.

"You still have the energy?"

"Of course, dad. I feel energetic today!"

Andrew then looked at Alex. "Will you let me borrow your wife?"

"Of course."

As he watched Abi being taken away by her father, Alex sat back when Zeke approached him.

"Congrats," he mumbled as he sat next to him. "How does it feel being a married man?"

Alex somehow found it weird, hearing these words coming from Zeke. Alex smirked at him and shook his head. "It's weird when you're asking such things, Zeke."

"Not as weird as you suddenly becoming a married man."

Alex just bit his lips, not denying Zeke's words. "Well, I don't know how to put it into words. And I doubt you would even understand," he answered, his eyes locked on Abi's graceful figure as she danced with her father.

Andrew looked so happy as he spoke with his daughter. "Congratulations my daughter."

"Thanks dad. This is the happiest day of life."

"I am happy for you Abi. I am so glad you found a man like Alex."

"I am so lucky. Thank you for everything dad."

As the father and daughter continued dancing, a certain pair also owned the dance floor which caught everyone's attention.

"Oh my prince, stop being too graceful, I can't keep up." Kelly complained with a mischievous smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about Miss Yang. I'm simply dancing."

"Yeah, yeah. What can I do when I am not born a princess? Sigh…"

"I don't know how to stop being graceful. Should I go slower?"

"Pfft… why are you so cute?"

". . ."

The night was still young when Alex and Abi said goodbye to their guests. Everyone left, knowing that Abi might be already exhausted.

Alex offered that the Chens would stay for the night but Andrew politely declined, telling them that they will stay for the night next time.

After seeing them off, Alex carried Abi back inside the house.

They ascended the stairs and when Alex stopped in the second floor, Abi looked at him and she could already tell why he's not taking her in her room.

"Alex, I don't want to sleep there." She told him and Alex looked at her.


"Please hubby… let's go upstairs."

With that Alex couldn't refuse and he hesitantly continued climbing the stairs.

Alex sat Abi on the bed and removed her heels.

He then proceeded to massage his wife's sore feet, not taking no for an answer. Abi could only enjoy the special service her husband was offering her and it felt incredibly good.

After some time, he helped Abi up. He was silent and Abi knew why. He was trying to behave.

"Uhm… hubby, can you help me out of my dress?" she asked him and Alex cleared his throat. The reason why he wanted them to sleep in the hospital was because Alex wanted to restrain himself. He's been so damn hungry for her but she was ill and even if tonight was their wedding night, there was no way he would let his desire take over.

But his hesitation and restraint didn't escape Abi's notice and she held his hands. She looked into his eyes and gave him an encouraging smile.

"I'm fine Alex. I'm not in pain and my body isn't that weak right now." She said and Alex looked at her in surprise. "I'm not lying, promise," she vowed, tiptoed and kissed him before she turned her back.

Alex remained still for a while but the next second he moved and he unbuttoned her dress slowly, letting his fingers trail on her naked skin as each button was released, sending shivers down Abi's spine. As if she wasn't already aware of his touch, he followed his touch with warm kisses, starting from her neck and moving towards her back and straight down to her waist. As he kissed the base of her spine, he undid the last button that held her dress up and a second later, her dress fell down with a soft swoosh, revealing her white lacy underwear. She didn't wear a bra because it was built in the dress so she stood half naked, with her back to Alex.

The moment he saw her naked skin, he sucked in a breath, trying to control his raging little monster.

Abi turned around, as if noticing his slight hesitation, and looked at him with her pure, clear eyes. She then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck before she planted a soft kiss on his lips. She knew that he was struggling because he didn't want to tire her out, but she wanted him, too. And tonight was their wedding night. There would never be another night like this again so she would take this opportunity to show her husband just how much she wanted him too.

Abi undressed him, feeling slightly embarrassed at being half naked but this paled in comparison to her desire to be one with her husband.

She removed his jacket, untied his tie and unbuttoned his shirt faster than she thought was possible. She would never get tired of admiring his physique. He was just so well built and strong and muscular that she felt the fire of desire ignite within her.

Alex carried his wife and placed her on the bed. He removed his pants in haste and jumped on the bed next to her.

He gazed at Abi, as if asking her for permission and she answered him by pulling his head down to her so she could devour his lips. It wasn't long before a moan escaped from her as Alex's hand roamed all over her body. His movements were gentle and slow and he caressed her like he had all the time in the world.

As they kissed, his hand wandered down below, curious to know if she was ready for him. His finger rubbed her over her lacy panties and he was gratified to see it become wet from her juices. She was excited and he loved it.

However, knowing how long their day had been, Alex didn't want to lose control this time. He wanted to savour this night and he needed to be gentle to not exhaust her.

So he removed her underwear and played with her using his fingers until she saw stars. After she came down again, he used his lips and tongue and sucked and licked her as if he was licking his favorite ice cream, taking her to the heavens and back again. After her second flight to the moon, he moved upwards again and devoured her lips as he released his little monster from its cage.

Abigail didn't know where she was anymore. Her brain had melted down from Alex's deft hands, mouth and tongue.

And then, Alex entered her, inching in slowly, resolutely keeping in control.
Chapter 236 My wife

Alex pushed his little brother through her slick entrance and stopped when he could no longer go further. He stopped and closed his eyes, savouring the feeling of being inside her once more. Oh, how he had missed this, missed being inside her in this most intimate way. But this time felt different again because she was now his wife. She was his from today onward, to spend the rest of his days and nights with.

When he opened his eyes again, he looked down to see Abi looking at him with eyes clouded with so much love and desire for him. That look was enough to make a man lose all semblance of sanity and control but no, he would not let himself do that, not tonight. He would stay in control to take her to Jupiter and back if only for this one night.

Gazing down into her eyes, he started moving again, painstakingly slowly, as he pulled himself almost out of her and then he thrust himself inside her, filling her up whole. He repeated this over and over again, pulling out slowly and then thrusting inside her quickly and the sensations that Abi felt was out of this world.

Abi had experienced being made love to by this man in so many different ways since that first night they made love, but this was a whole new experience for her. During their vacation, Alex was almost wild with his lovemaking, insatiable, though he always made sure not to hurt her and those experiences were mind-blowing.

However, the way he made love to her at that moment, was so tender, so gentle that each stroke felt more intense than the last. This was because when he pulled himself out slowly, she could feel every inch of him stroking every inch of her sensitive walls and then the sensation of him thrusting inside her brought out a different kind of sensation again.

Abi felt like she was in cloud nine. Alex knew exactly where to touch her, how to touch her, to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Everything he did just lit up her body like never before. She had never felt herself get lost like this, not even during their vacation. This time, she felt like every single cell in her body was tingling with this every touch. This time, she felt like she was giving him all of her, letting go of any reservations, doubts or worries about the future. This time, she thought of nothing except for him. And because of this, the explosions of pleasure that she felt were a hundred times more explosive than the other times they had made love.

Alex didn't increase his pace. He kept a steady, slow rhythm and Abi felt her desire bubble up for the third time that night. She moaned and her body arched toward him, wanting to take him deeper inside her with each thrust, but still, he didn't increase his pace. His body was trembling from trying to keep himself in control, but also because of the pleasure building up inside him. He had no idea that going slow like this could also ignite that feeling within him. Trying to hold on to his sanity, he kept a constant, slow pace but the feeling inside him was building up higher and higher as he pushed inside her and pulled out of her, inch by slow inch.

He didn't know how long he kept this up for but the pressure was building within him and he could tell that Abigail felt the same. She would moan and beg and plead and pull at him to make him go faster but he was determined to keep true to his intentions. He kept going, each thrust increasing the pressure within him and within Abi.

Their sweaty bodies moved in unison, like they were one being, thinking of nothing else and no one else but each other. With each movement, they climbed higher and higher until finally, their bodies shook from pleasure.

Alex woke up early that morning. He sat up and watched his wife's peaceful, sleeping face.

A smile curved on his face realizing that this girl was now his wife and he was now her husband. It was still a little hard to believe but he couldn't just sit there and think about all these surreal feelings anymore. Today was the beginning of a new fight. And he would fight for her. He would never let her leave him alone. Never.

After planting a loving and soft kiss on Abi's head, Alex silently left the room.

He descended the stairs and saw Zeke by the fireplace, seemingly waiting for him.

Alex sat across him, his face serious. "Is there anything that should be done before the surgery?" he asked Zeke.

"I don't think you should be worrying about the surgery, Alex," Zeke replied and Alex's face darkened. "You know that everyone already knows that you got married. I'm certain you know what that means to them."

An evil smirk flashed on Alex's face. "You think anyone would dare harm her? Do you think I can't protect my wife?"

Zeke looked at him. He was a little thrown off by Alex calling Abigail his wife. Although they were already married, it was such an amazing surprise that Alex would now call her that so swiftly.

"I know you can protect her but I just wanted to warn you. They will do anything and everything to achieve their goal. And you must not forget that Abigail can't afford to get hurt again, even a little."

"I know. I'm not going to ever let her out of my sight, even for a second. I will happily stay by her side."

Zeke leaned on the couch, looking amused. "Then, I have nothing more to say. There are still six days before the surgery. I know you already know what you have to do, Alex."

"I know."

"I'm going to Country V. I have something to deal with."

Alex looked at him with disapproval.
Chapter 237 Postponed

Alex looked at him with disapproval but because Zeke already saw this coming, he immediately started to explain.

"You don't have anything to worry about. There are doctors here on stand by. I assure you nothing will happen. She is currently pretty stable. The good thing is she isn't showing any symptoms so she should be able to enjoy the rest of this week normally. Just prepare her for the surgery and make sure nothing happens to her externally, that's all. I'll be back after two days."

Alex relaxed and Zeke finally stood up.

He started to walk away but halted. "Also, sex is still safe for her. Just don't overdo it. I suggest just once a day," he added before finally leaving the house.

The sun was yet to rise so Alex headed back to Abi's room, their room.

He gently pushed the door open, not wanting to wake Abi up but to his surprise, his wife was already sitting on the bed.

Alex was about to greet her good morning when he noticed that she seemed to be trying to catch her breath. Worried, he rushed towards her and held her shoulders.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt? Come, I will bring you downstairs!" He was in a panic. Abi was sweating and she looked terrified.

As Alex tried to lift her up, Abi suddenly hugged him. Her grip on him was tight as she tried to stabilize her breathing.

"I'm fine… I'm not hurt… I'm just…"

Alex noticed that she was shaking and he gritted his teeth. "Did you have a nightmare again?" he asked, his voice tight but controlled.

Abi buried her face on his chest as she clutched his shirt harder. With just that, Alex already knew the answer. He caressed her back patiently until her breathing returned to normal.

"I'll take you downstairs," he told her and despite Abi's protest, Alex didn't give in this time. The doctors immediately checked on her and gladly, she seemed to be alright.

Alex felt the huge weight being lifted from his chest when they told him she was fine.

"I told you I am alright." She pursed her lips.

Once the doctors left the room, Alex gazed at her and kissed her lips softly.

"Tell me, what kind of nightmare did you have?" he asked her and he saw Abi's eyes dilate. He could see fear in them no matter how much she tried to hide it.

She swallowed and looked away, clutching the blanket.

"It's just a bad dream, Alex," she answered but Alex insisted on knowing what it was about.

His eyes narrowed a little as he spoke. "Was it about me?" he asked and Abi's lips began to tremble.

Seeing her reaction, Alex pulled her into his embrace. "It's okay, you can tell me."

"No!" she suddenly pulled away. "That's just a bad dream. You don't have to know! It's just a dream! It's just…"

Seeing her suddenly acting strange, Alex started to feel an indescribable unease in the pit of his stomach. Abigail never acted like this before. What were these nightmares about?

"Okay, I'm sorry… you're right. That's just a bad dream, so don't be afraid, okay?" He embraced her again, coaxing her. He could feel her messed up heartbeats. He knew she was terrified and he knew her nightmare was about him.

Abi slowly calmed down and she began to tear up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you like that."

Alex flashed a smile as she pulled away and looked at him in the eyes. "No sweat, my wife. I think you're just hungry. Come, let me prepare you something to eat."

In the kitchen, Abi sat on the table, watching as her husband cooked for her. Apparently, he had sent everyone away from the first floor for a day. The maids and staff took a day off and the only people with them were the doctors residing in the second floor and Charles, the butler.

"What do you want to do today?" Alex asked and Abi, who was happily eating the food Alex made for her, looked up to think about his question.

"Can we go out?"


"Then, let's stay in the house and do lots of things that newlyweds do… what do you think?"

She was finally back to her sweet, energetic self.

"And what are these things newlyweds do?" he asked, flashing his mischievous smile.

Abi blinked and tried to think of what these activities could be.

"I think after the wedding, the newlyweds usually go for a vacation, I mean, a honeymoon," Abi said and Alex stood up and leaned closer to her across the table.

"So you want us to go on a honeymoon?" he sexily asked.

"But you said we can't go out, Alex."

"Who said we can't have our honeymoon inside the house?"

Abi wasn't sure what to say, but she actually liked that idea.

"Okay. So, starting from this second, we are officially on our honeymoon," she declared and it was Alex's turn to look at her in surprise. He was only trying to make her laugh but she actually agreed.

He sat and cleared his throat.

"Hmm? What's wrong? Did my hubby change his mind?" Abi teased when Alex moved. He lifted her from her seat and made her sit on the table in front of him.

He started to kiss the soft spot below her ear as he whispered.

"My wife, you know what it means to be on a honeymoon, right?"

"Of course."

"Unfortunately, I am only allowed to make love with you once a day so we really can't go for a real honeymoon. The official honeymoon will be postponed, once you're better."

". . ."

Seeing her dumbfounded expression, Alex chuckled and as he bumped his forehead on hers. "Too bad I can't let you ride on me this entire week, wifey…" he teased and Abi couldn't help but blush, recalling that spectacular all nighter they pulled on their last night in the snow.

Chapter 238 Calm

The couple spent their time just cuddling and watching movies. Alex wanted her to have a good rest so he didn't let her do anything physically challenging and opted to spend the day relaxing and watching movies.

She was energetic and she laughed a lot during the movie marathon. Alex also found himself smiling, not because of the movie, but because of the happiness and relief he was feeling from watching her laugh and smile like everything was alright.

It was mystifying, how just sitting here beside her, doing nothing, made him perfectly happy and content. It was mystifying how he couldn't see himself anymore, without her by his side.

Later that afternoon, Alex brought her to her hospital bed to take a nap after stuffing her with all the nutritious food her body needed.

Abi felt so pampered. Her husband was being so protective, acting like such a mother hen, and she liked it. Although she wanted to do something for him too, Abi didn't insist on what she wanted this time. She knew that Alex was doing his very best and that this was possibly his way of coping with what was coming. Her surgery was fast approaching and she knew what it meant. That was why for these remaining days, she would listen to him and let him pamper her. She also loved that she could cuddle with him as much as she wanted. She was not going to waste a single moment and she was determined to just be happy with him with all her heart and soul.

When Abi woke up from her long afternoon nap, she immediately looked for Alex. He was there, sitting by the window, facing her. He was busy with his phone; a slight frown was playing in his gorgeous face.

"You're awake," he said upon noticing her gaze on him. Her hair was messed up but she still looked beautiful and… seductive, at least in Alex's eyes.

Alex stood up, slipped his phone inside his pocket and leaned in on her. His palms were on the bed as he nibbled her lips. "You slept like a log," he smiled, mischievously.

"A log? It's sleeping beauty, Alex."

"Haha. Nope, my wife. I'm certain you're not sleeping beauty. You know why?" he traced the line of her cute and pointed nose. "Because no matter how many times I kissed you in your sleep, you never woke up," he smirked and pulled away. "But I'm not complaining that my wife is such a sleeping log." His smile became even wider and Abi could only gape at him before she managed to retort.

"Well… That's because sleeping beauty won't wake up if the one who kisses her isn't a prince. But I am not complaining that my husband isn't a prince." Her comeback made Alex chuckle.

He bent over again, taking strands of her hair and pulling them close to his nose and breathed in her scent. She looked up at him and caught his eye through his long gorgeous lashes. "But your husband was a prince."

"Was a prince...?"

Alex suddenly paused and the smile on his face slowly faded. He looked like he regretted what he just said.

"Okay, I have something to show you." He changed the topic and lifted her up.

Abi silently held onto him, thinking about what he just said as they walked out of the room. It was obvious Alex still didn't want to open up. No, it was like he found it utterly dreadful to even speak a single thing about himself.

Alex carried her until they stepped out of the backdoor. Their wedding venue was no longer there and the backyard was now back to normal. The only thing that was left was the beautiful wisteria, still blooming so breathtakingly.

He put her down and he held her hand as they walked on the green grass.

Abi was curious but she didn't ask any questions and just silently followed him, knowing that Alex was probably going to surprise her again. But, it wasn't really a surprise if she was expecting it, right?

Abi was busy admiring the wisteria tree that she didn't notice an animal tied behind it. So when she stepped around it and saw that gorgeous horse lightly tied on the wisteria tree, she gasped in surprise.

"200,000!" she exclaimed and Alex frowned at her.


"This is the horse you bought for 200,000, right?"

"Well, yes. That's him. He became more gorgeous now under my care," Alex boasted and Abi suddenly hugged him in excitement.

"I really missed 200k. Thank you for letting me see him again, hubby," she gushed as she kissed his cheek.

Alex was speechless. Did she just name the horse 200k?

After letting go of him, Abi approached the nice and beautiful horse. She stroked his shiny mane with a big smile.

"How are you, 200k?" Abi asked the horse, enjoying how smooth and silky his coat felt in her hands.

"I can't believe that's what you're going to call him," Alex said and Abi glanced at him with a raised brow.

"Why? 200k is a cool, unique name, no? It just screams prestige. He's definitely not a cheap horse."

Alex just laughed at his wife's explanation. He never would have thought about naming a horse from the amount of money that was used to purchase him. How endearing this wife of his could be?

"Fine, if that's what you want." He nodded, before he climbed on the horse. He reached out for Abigail and made her sit in front of him.

The couple then rode around the spacious backyard, laughing so happily as they talked, enjoying every single moment. They looked so perfect, so in love, so happy in each other's arms. Anyone who would see them that moment would feel like believing in true love again. But to those who knew what was waiting ahead of them, this peace, this contentment and this overflowing love was just the calm before the storm.

Chapter 239 Are you really sure

"Are you sure 200k would be fine out there?" Abi asked as her husband stepped out of the bathroom, drying his hair with the towel. She was looking outside the window, even though she couldn't see the backyard from there.

Alex moved and he embraced her from the behind.

When Abi felt his crisp breath caressing her skin, she moved to look at him but the man didn't let her.

"I might send away 200k at this rate," he suddenly said and Abi's eyes turned wide as she turned around.

"Can't you tell when your husband is jealous?" he asked, causing Abi to blink and fall speechless. How could he be jealous of a horse?

A soft chuckle left Abi's lips but Alex still looked dejected. She thought he was faking it but when she saw how serious he looked, she began to swallow. Oh god, this husband of hers, was he seriously jealous?

"Why would you be jealous of a horse? Huh, my husband?"

"Well, you really enjoyed riding him and now you're worried about him."

". . ."

Abi didn't know what to say. At the same time, she couldn't help but smile with his expression right then. And then, she chuckled.

Alex narrowed his eyes and the next second, Abi was pinned on the bed. "Well, fine then. I'll make sure you forget about that little 200k, throughout the night," he told her, smiling devilishly sexy and was about to kiss her when Abi caught his face, still smiling. Ah, her husband looked so cute when he was jealous.

"Hubby… thank you for bringing 200k here to make me happy," she told him and Alex half bit his lips before he moved and let himself fall beside her.

"I'm glad you're happy," he said and Abi sat up.

She looked into his eyes before she bent and planted a kiss on his lips.

"I want to make you happy as well so…" she trailed off and then she moved on top of him, straddling him, causing Alex's eyes to widen.

She started to strip right before his eyes, and Alex's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. His little big monster stood up, raging!

"You said you weren't going to let me ride you…" she blushed, embarrassed but still continued anyway, seducing him. "But are you really sure you don't want me to?"

Alex cursed within him. F*ck! How the hell could he say no when his wife was willingly wanting to ride him?!

She continued stripping off her clothes until only her panties were left, Alex gulped and pinched the skin between his brows. When he looked at her again, his eyes were blazing with uncontrollable desire.

"Please my wife, I freaking want you to ride me again…" he begged and Abi didn't know why but having her hubby begging her like this made her body react. "But I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself," his face became grave.

"D-don't worry about me, I am going to do it slowly," she told him.

"That's the problem, Abigail. I can't promise that I won't pull on you and move you faster. You know what I did in the tent, right?"

Abi blushed again. She could feel his raging big monster. And then, an unexpected suggestion left Abi's mouth. "H-how about I tie your hands? T-that'd be okay, right?"

Damn, this wife of his… did she have any idea how her suggestion was affecting him?! She was such a seductress!! Alex was stunned. Speechless. He never thought his wife would suggest something like this.

"That way, you can't pull me," she continued.

Alex began to imagine it, being tied up while his wife rode him. Oh f*ck! Why did it feel so erotic?

He rose up, he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled his belt out and told her to tie his hands together with it. He knew this would be useless but it would at least restrain him a little and it would remind him about the limits while they were at it.

Abi tied his hands together and then lifted them up over his head and wound the belt around the wooden headboard. Once she was satisfied that he was tied up securely, she then began to seduce her husband. She started by kissing his lips, delving into his mouth slowly, like a true seductress. Then she trailed down to his neck, just under his ear and sucked until a hickey was formed. Then she licked his neck all the way to his chest. She played with his nipples, mimicking how he played with her and she heard him suck in a quick breath. She felt his body stiffen and she smiled.

She kept going down, kissing his abdomen, licking his navel and she drifted downwards even more. She licked and bit and kissed him, not sparing a single part of his chest while her hands roamed freely all over his smooth hard skin.

At this point, when she was supposed to straddle him again, she stopped and looked down at his engorged manhood.

"Abi… you shouldn't do that," he warned her, weakly but Abi just looked at him questions in her eyes. "Staring at it like that."

"W-why not? Don't you like it?" she asked, confused and curious because Alex always stares at hers and even always taking his time to admire her there every time he had the chance. Maybe guys didn't feel the same when it was done to them?

"No, it's not that. It's just that… I might explode before you could even start!"

". . ."

Speechless, Abi blushed and she began to straddle him again. Following the instructions, he had taught her that night, Abi started moving her hips, forward and backward, rubbing hers against him.

Alex was in pain, in pleasure. He could not contain himself and his big little monster jolted from his increasing desire. Her slow pace was killing him. Damn, he couldn't wait anymore! He wanted her inside! So damn bad!

Chapter 240 Son-in-law

Abigail straddled him and rode him slowly, enjoying the sensation through her lacy underwear. She was already wet with desire and she couldn't believe how eagerly her body responded to him.

"Wife, please…" Alex begged.

"Am I doing it wrong?" Abi asked.

"No! Yes! Darn, Abigail. Are you trying to ride me to drive me insane?! You're torturing me right now, you know?"

Abi looked at his pained face and she couldn't help but smile. In all the times they had made love, this was the first time she was in control. It was a very different feeling to everything else that she had ever known. She had never been a dominant person. She was shy and she was the type of person who would follow other stronger personalities, unless it was something that she was truly passionate about. Only then would her stubborn personality come out to play. She was definitely feeling very passionate at this moment and she found that she did enjoy this feeling of freedom, of being able to 'torture' her husband like this. It was an odd feeling but it wasn't an unwelcome one.

Abi paused on top of him before she hopped off him. She stripped the last piece of clothing she wore, her eyes holding Alex's gaze and the heat in the room rocketed.

Seeing his wife stripping before him, making eye contact with him was the most arousing thing he had seen thus far. He couldn't believe how daring his wife had become and he was nearly going out of his mind from desire. The little monster was so hard and so big that it was becoming almost painful for him.

Seeing her husband's pained expression, Abigail didn't dawdle any further. She straddled him again and guided his little monster inside her slick, slippery entrance. She then settled herself down, taking him wholly inside of her. He was so hard that it took a few seconds for her body to get used to his size. She wiggled her bottom a little, trying to adjust and a tortured moan echoed in the room as well as the sound of the belt pulling against the headboard.

This was such sweet torture that and she hadn't even really begun yet. Alex's hands clenched on his restraints and it took all of his remaining sanity not to break through it.

"Abigail… please have mercy on your husband," he begged, clearly needing her to help relieve him from the pain.

Abi started to move, forward and back, in slow motion, just like how he guided her that night under the stars. Her hips moved forward and back, riding his massive member into a slow trot around the racecourse. Her hands fell on his chest, pushing on them for support as she rode him. She had had a lot of rest during the day so she felt like she had quite a lot of energy so instead of going slow like she had originally planned, she increased her pace.

Abi's slick juices ran down her thighs as she rode him. She increased the pace to a canter and then into a full gallop and it didn't take long before they felt themselves building up to a climax.

"Yes, Abi…" Alex groaned as his muscles tightened. He knew he was going to burst soon and his mind started to fade into the realms of pure ecstasy. Abigail kept her pace up and in the next second, there was a ripping sound as his hands became free of his restraints. His hand then went straight to her hips as he thrust into her with his hips. He helped her, guided her until they both couldn't take it anymore and the fireworks exploded in a wonderful display of many colours.

It took a minute for them to catch their breaths again. As they panted, Alex sat up and whispered in her ears.

"What are you going to do to me next? Huh? My wife?"

Abi's parents came to visit the next morning. They stayed with them until lunch and spent a pleasant time together. Abi showed them her lovely 200k and her grandparents were amused.

They were so glad to see that their Abi was glowing with happiness. Her husband must have been pampering her a lot with all his love.

After lunch, they all headed off.

"Thank you for making my daughter… no, your wife, happy. I can see that she is very, very happy right now." Andrew didn't know how to thank Alex enough. They'd been a little worried when they were on their way to the mansion. They even prepared encouraging speeches because they knew the newlyweds were in a difficult situation but they were surprised by what they saw. The couple wasn't depressed and worried like they thought they would be. It was completely the opposite and they were the ones who got comforted by visiting them instead.

"It's my duty as her husband to take care of her and make her happy," Alex replied, making Andrew nod in satisfaction.

Andrew raised his hand and held Alex's shoulder, like a father would do to his son as a sign of respect and approval. "Okay, we will leave her to you… son," he said as he smiled and then he turned his back and headed to the car.

Alex tensed up for a moment. He knew he was now Andrew's son-in-law but he actually still couldn't imagine himself calling him father-in-law. He had actually been struggling since they came, about how he would call Andrew from now on. But now that he had called him son, somehow, Alex didn't find it as weird as he thought it might have been.

Watching their car leave, Alex grabbed his wife and brought her upstairs.

"It's time for you to take a rest," he told her and Abi just smiled as she pulled her husband into her embrace.

"You deserve a rest, too. Let's take a nap together."

"Sure. Your wish is my command." Alex flashed his sexy smile and they both cuddled on the bed as they drifted to a peaceful sleep.