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✍️✍️✍️✍️Married To the Devil's Son Volume 3 Chapter 118.... 120✍️✍️✍️✍️




"Being there isn't the same as belonging there." -Rigel J. Dawson


Heaven waited for her father, who insisted he would go in her place, ignoring her wishes completely. She found out that her grandmother had already offered herself in exchange, but her grandfather only wanted her. So Heaven hoped he wouldn't accept her father's offer. 

Her grandmother started to pack her clothes. "What are you doing?" Heaven asked. 

"If you are going, then I am coming with you. Your grandfather doesn't want Lucian." 

"No! You need to stay. Father and mother will be sad once I leave so you need to stay with them." 

"They have each other. I am not letting you go alone." She said with finality. 

"I don't think Lothaire will allow you to come with me." 

She stopped packing and turned to her. "Lothaire didn't accept an exchange, but he told me I could come to him if I wanted too." 

"That is why you shouldn't. He will be happy to have more of us joining him." 

"Heaven. We will go there but we will never belong there. We have to make him realize that." She said. 

It wasn't a bad strategy. Following her grandfather to his kingdoms but not following his footsteps. Wouldn't he tire eventually and let her go if she didn't become the person he wanted her to be? She would have to keep her mind strong. 

Just like her grandmother suspected, Lothaire didn't accept her father's offer. Now it was time for her and her grandmother to leave. Her mother was still not convinced, but Heaven used the mate excuse. 

"Would you not do the same for father?" She asked. "I don't want to lose Zamiel or any of you." 

Her mother understood her reasons, but she just had a hard time accepting them. 

While her mother struggled to accept her decision, Heaven was still confused by how easily Zamiel let her go. She shouldn't be. All of them should have realized sooner that there was no way out. The devil could and would do whatever he wanted. 

Zamiel watched her in silence while she packed. She tried to focus on the task and not think of anything else, otherwise, she would end up crying. 

No! She wouldn't think of how the separation would feel for all of them. She would just go and leave her emotions behind. 

Once she was done packing, she turned to Zamiel. She dreaded this moment, but she would have to say goodbye. She couldn't avoid him. Besides, he had been supportive, so she owed to thank him as well. 

Don't cry Heaven!

She smiled at him. "I guess it is time to leave." She said, trying to sound as optimistic as possible. 

Zamiel walked up to her and grabbed her face between his hands. "You don't have to pretend with me." He told her. "Just tell me what you truly want to say before you leave." 

She placed her hands on top of his and looked into his silver eyes. "I will miss you." She said. 

A selfish thing to say when she was leaving. 

He smiled. "I will miss you too." He said, and then he leaned down and kissed her. 

One kiss. Just one kiss made her feel at peace at that moment. It chased away all the fear and exhaustion and oddly; it made her feel strong instead of weak. The way his kisses usually made her feel. 

He kissed her as if he wanted her to remember what kissing him felt like and hold on to that memory. When their lips parted, all the emotions she had been pushing away started to come swim to the surface. 

She wouldn't be able to kiss him or hold him once she left. She wouldn't be able to hear his voice or smell his scent. She wouldn't…

Stop Heaven! She had to stop because her eyes teared up and she didn't want to cry while saying goodbye. 

"Heaven. I will be happy as long as you are happy. So I don't want you to be sad." 

Zamiel knew her so well. He knew why she was leaving, even though she lied to him, and he must have had his reasons for letting her go so easily. Maybe he had a plan and he couldn't tell her. Whatever his plan was, she didn't want him to be in danger. 

"I won't be sad as long as you don't get yourself hurt." She told him. 

"I won't get myself hurt. Lets both take care of ourselves." He said. 

She nodded. 

It wasn't easy to say goodbye to everyone, especially her mother, but Heaven promised to see her again. She didn't know how that would happen, but she knew it would. 

Her grandmother had already made up her mind to follow her. "We will be back." She said determined. She didn't know what her grandmother had in mind, but she made her parents calm down a bit. 

If there was anyone who could have a plan without Lothaire knowing, then it was Zamiel and her grandmother. She made sure that Zamiel wouldn't get himself hurt, but her grandmother worried her. 

Lothaire didn't come to escort them. He had told her that once she was ready, a portal would open in her garden, and she just had to walk through it. 

Heaven and her grandmother walked outside to her garden, and soon after, a portal opened. This proved that her grandfather knew their every step. Her grandmother took her hand and they slowly but steadily walked inside. 

It went by fast. It was almost as if someone pushed them from behind, causing them to stumble forward, and suddenly they were somewhere else. 

Heaven looked around. It felt like she was inside a castle, but with the strangest interior. Everything was dark. Mostly black, red or grey. The lights were dim, casting shadows everywhere and giving a mysterious feeling. 

It was quiet until the clicking sound of footsteps echoed in silence. Heaven and Irene turned to where the sound came from.

It was her grandfather. Lucifer. The devil. He appeared from the shadows with an amused smile on his face. 

"Welcome." He said.



"The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem." - Captain Jack Sparrow. 


Lucian gave Zamiel a confused look when his daughter left. Zamiel detected a hint of doubt in the demon's eyes. He was questioning how he was doing things, but he didn't say anything because he knew he didn't do anything better himself. He had also let his daughter go, so he couldn't blame anyone else. 

Hazel was very sad, but she didn't look at him with doubt or resentment. To his surprise, she crossed the distance between them and took his hand in hers. "You are not upset with her, are you? She suffered with you while you were suffering. She died on the inside. I saw her empty eyes. She was even willing to give you up, just to end your suffering. Are you giving up on her?"

Zamiel had no doubt that Heaven suffered as much as him, if not even more. No one knew the feeling of seeing your loved one hurt more than him and not be able to do anything. It was something he never wanted Heaven to go through, and that was the reason he let her go. He couldn't be selfish and force her to stay, just because he was willing to go through the same pain again. 

If he got hurt, he could always assure her that it wasn't her fault, but if anything happened to anyone in her family, then there would be nothing he could do to assure her. She would blame herself forever. 

Besides, letting her stay and assuring her all the time wasn't working. It wasn't effective. Letting her go, on the other hand, would confuse the devil. Zamiel knew that Heaven had a plan. She was going to get closer to her grandfather to know his ways. She couldn't do it from where she was. She had to go to him. He was surprised by her way of thinking, but it wasn't a bad idea. 

"I am not giving up on her. I am only trusting and respecting her decision." He said. 

She shook her head. "It is a bad decision." 

"It is a logical one." He replied. He couldn't believe he was agreeing with Heaven. He should have been panicking and going crazy. Lock her in somewhere, if he had to. But he let her go. 

He either did the right thing or the near death experience messed with his mind. 

Once he got back home, he smelled Heaven's scent. A smile curved his lips, and he shook his head. She failed at pretending to not care. He looked around to find what she took from him. He knew she took something with her that belonged to him before she left. He owned so many things, so he couldn't tell what she took away, except for herself. 

He didn't own her, but she belonged with him. His other half was missing now. 

Zamiel looked outside the window and up into the sky. It was clear blue, but not as blue as the one he saw in heaven. He remembered his daughter. Micah. She was a grown woman now. He was still in awe of her. Of her beauty, her kindness, and even her wisdom. The words she said to him before he left had stuck with him. She told him to not give up on life easily and to live as long as he could. Heaven could wait, but life only came once. Some people never got the chance to live, like herself, so he shouldn't choose to die when he still could live. 

It pained him to hear those words, but it also opened his eyes. Some people didn't want to live and others never got the chance to live. Some only existed and others lived their lives to the fullest. People couldn't control what happened in their lives, but they could control how they react to the things that happened to them. Maybe that is why he felt so calm now. 

He was also calm, because he knew Gamila and Micah were somewhere safe and they were happy. She had told him that sadness didn't last more than a brief moment in heaven. 

"We are happy and we have everything we need." She assured him. 

Once, they had been his responsibility. It had been his duty and his pleasure to protect and provide for them. But God decided to take back what he had given him. Now, they were under God's protection. They were in heaven. 

But Heaven was on earth and just like his family had been given to him by God, so was Heaven. Now, as long as he or she lived, she was his responsibility. It was his duty to protect her. He couldn't choose to die now, when he had chosen to live once. He chose to live the day he disappeared before Heaven could stab him. 

Because of his daughter, never again would he wish to die. Death would come one day without wishing for it, so he would live. He would live for himself, for his daughter who never got to live long, and for Heaven. 

To die for someone, you only needed to find courage once. But to live for someone, you needed to have courage every day. 

Zamiel watched the sky change color. He had been standing and watching for too long, deeply lost in thoughts. The sun was setting, painting the sky with warm shades of orange and pink. 

When the sun rises again, it would be a new day. A new day to behave differently and cause confusion. He would put his theories to test to see the devil's reaction. Lucifer liked to know everything, to feel like he was in control. It was time to take the control away from him and make him feel like he knew nothing. 

The next day Zamiel went to the castle to meet Lucian. He wasn't surprised to find him with Roshan, but there was another demon present. An ancient demon. Darius Golchin. He was well known in the trading world, but most ancient demons knew of each other. 

Zamiel knew they were discussing Heaven and her grandfather and they included him in the discussion. Roshan agreed with Zamiel to let Heaven go until they found a solution, but Lucian wasn't hopeful. 

"What can we possibly do?" He asked. 

"The devil took without giving. Heaven always says it's give and take." 




"The more I stay at home, the more homeless I look."- Unknown


Lothaire was surprised when he saw Heaven and Irene standing in the garden with their clothes packed. He expected more resistance and didn't think that Heaven would come to him yet. Or to be more correct, he knew she would come, but he didn't expect her family or Zamiel to let her go so easily. 

As expected, Lucian came to him to take his daughter's place, but Lothaire insisted to have Heaven. It was great to be immortal. None of them could do anything. 

And could it get better? It certainly could, even if Irene already came with her granddaughter. He had waited for this moment. Maybe he should have done things this way long before instead of trying to be careful. He couldn't die. So what could consequences do to him? Nothing much that he couldn't recover from or fix. 

No one and nothing could do him anything. 

Once they arrived at his kingdom, to his very own castle, he went to see them. Heaven looked like she came back from the death, and she probably did. She had lost color and weight and as soon as she saw him her eyes gaze darkened and he could see the hostility in them. Not that he expected any less. 

Then he looked at Irene. She was as beautiful as ever, but she looked exhausted. Unlike Heaven, she didn't look at him. It was like she couldn't bear to look at him. As if the sight of him alone repulsed her. 

"Welcome." He said. 

None of them replied. "You both look tired, let me show you to your rooms." He continued. 

Both of them were extremely angry right now, so he didn't bother to converse. He led them to Heaven's room first. They followed him in silence while looking around. He knew his castle had a unique interior. It was dark, mysterious, and sinister. Once they arrived in Heaven's room, he motioned for her to go inside. Irene followed her in. 

"I have a different room for you." He told her. 

"I would like to stay here." She said. 

He nodded. "Alright then. If you need anything…"

"We don't." She cut him off. 

He nodded again. "I'll leave you alone then." He said, and closed the door behind him. 

Lothaire knew that Irene wouldn't forgive him easily after what he did. That was the only reason he had been avoiding to go about it this way in the beginning. But he got impatient. 

Did he regret it? No. 

Unlike Lucian, Irene was easy to manipulate. His son had somehow always managed to see through him, but not Irene. He only needed to play the victim to make her feel guilty, like the last time they met. He only needed to put her in a vulnerable situation where she felt alone, and then he would make her feel cared for. That is all she needed, and that is how he got her first. 

She had been young when she was sent as a bride to the king's castle. She had been at the age where the heart and the self-esteem were vulnerable. Her husband hadn't given her love and attention, and that is when he struck. He gave her all that and more, and she easily fell into his trap. But he couldn't deny that he also fell into his own trap as well. He didn't know when it happened, but he became sure when she died and he grieved for the first time. When had he ever cared if someone died? 

That day he knew she was special to him and he was glad when he discovered that she was alive. It was true that he left his mission at that time, but it was never for her. It was for himself. He was curious and wanted to try to live a normal life. 

Irene had wanted to leave him several times, thinking that her son was separated from her because she was being punished for her wrong deeds, and didn't want to keep going on the same path. And staying with the devil was certainly not the right path to redemption. 

The struggles she went through somehow opened her eyes to what she was doing wrong. It made her mature and learn. Sad thing for him, but he convinced her to stay, saying he left his mission. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the whole truth, either. 

He had finally found his mate. He had no intention of letting her go. 

He went to his throne and sat down. The first few weeks or even months wouldn't be easy, but his daughters were good at doing their jobs. He would even include his sons and grandchildren. 

It was all about changing Heaven's perception of him, his people, and his kingdoms. His children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were good at deceiving just like him. He would make them get closer to her and eventually she would get attached and enjoy being with them. They were good at making themselves relatable. He wouldn't have to do much. 

Once Heaven got along with everyone else, Irene would feel left out. She would join them slowly. She loved to have a family, and one way he had convinced her before was to introduce her to Roshan and Enoch. It made her feel like she was part of a family. 

Meanwhile, Hazel wouldn't be able to live without her daughter. She would come to him, and Lucian would follow his mate. They would all join him. 

But Zamiel was a concern. It looked like the demon had a plan, or he wouldn't let his mate leave so easily. Lothaire wondered what he was planning. He would have to keep an eye on him. 

"Did they arrive?" Hezz came into the throne hall, with Tezz trailing behind. 

"Yes. You can start from tomorrow. Did you inform the others?" He asked. 

"I did. They will be here when needed." Hezz said. 

Tezz smirked, excited. She enjoyed seeing people change for the worse. 

"It won't be easy to change Heaven." He warned them. 

"Of course." Hezz agreed. "She has a mate she needs to go back to." 

"That will make it more fun." Tezz spoke. 

Hezz looked at her sister with a serious expression. "As long as the mark is there, it won't be fun. She will be very protective." 

"Maybe not, but it will fade one day." Tezz said, then turned to her father. "Father, can mates betray their mate?" 

"Yes. Why?"

"Well then, we need to find an irresistible demon for Heaven. Someone with exceptional skills at seducing. Someone to make her feel less lonely." Tezz suggested. 

Hezz chuckled. "I don't think that will work." 

"Not now, but eventually. Don't underestimate lust, my sister. That is the sin all of them fall into at least once."