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Chapter 236 Prima Bella Clothing Store 1
I was riding a carriage with Satiana and Elizabeth to town. Looking outside, we have more knights guarding us as usual. These were the knights Prince Gladiolus has ordered to guard and assist us on our trip to town.

From the beginning of the trip, the inside of the carriage was silent. Being in an enclosed space with both Satiana and I was normal. But now we have Elizabeth with us that made the atmosphere inside a little bit suffocating and awkward.

\"This will be the first time big sis Alicia and Elizabeth to visit the town where the famous garment and jewelry shops are in the country.\" Satiana broke the silence midway of our trip. I smiled knowing that Satiana’s personality isn’t very used to being silent.

\"Yes, it is my first time.\" I smiled at Satiana. \"I heard that the jewels in Jennovia are more dazzling and exquisite, compared to the other countries.\"

As I have known in my history lessons, Jennovia is rich with minerals and valuable stones used for jewelry. It is because the mountain ranges of Jennovia are filled with such stones and minerals and the country flourished because of its mining.

\"Yes, I am sure the two of you would be able to see exquisite and fine jewelry.\" Satiana said. \"Feel free to buy whatever the two you like. My brother said he will pay for all of it.\" She smiled.

I felt awkward hearing that Gladiolus would spend money for me. I never wanted anything from him after what he has done. Even if he showered me with expensive gifts, I would never forgive him.

Elizabeth on the other hand stayed silent. Her eyes were plastered on the window looking outside the scenery. Along the way were trees starting to sprout leaves like spring has arrived. The mountain ranges are visible on the horizon.

After a while the scenery had change and we saw houses and such along the way.

\"We are here.\" Satiana said beaming with joy.

The carriage stopped at the center of the plaza of town. There was the right amount of people walking along the streets. They looked like nobles with their attires.

’I guess this town is like a shopping district for the nobles.’ I thought to myself.

Satiana was first to alight the carriage with me following from behind. As per usual, it was William that escorted me while Satiana is being escorted by Jack. Elizabeth followed us from behind with a knight escorting her.

I looked around the town plaza and there were many shops lined up. Like Satiana said, there were clothing and jewelry stores. But apart from that there were also restaurants, bakeries and such.

’Well this is a town.’ I thought to myself. Even if the town is known for their clothing and jewelry stores, of course there would be other stores present.

\"Where will we go from here?\" Elizabeth asked. This was her first time to talk after the whole trip.

I am a little surprised with Elizabeth’s tone that was humble sounding. I am used to her being so arrogant and bossy that this change feels so not like her.

\"If I may suggest, I know a very famous clothing store here in town.\" Jack interjected. \"It is where her majesty the queen always orders her dresses and attires.\"

I looked at Jack curiously knowing he was up to something. I remembered our conversation a while ago.


\"What we need now is to know how to escape the eyes of the knights your brother assigned to guard us.\" I said.

\"Don’t worry, I got a plan.\" Jack who was behind us said. \"I will be needing William’s help on this.\"

\"Me?\" William looked at Jack with confusion.


Jack looked my way secretly and winked. I was surprised and looked around if anyone saw it but fortunately the knights that were guarding as were surveying the perimeter and Jack’s little action has gone unnoticed. I sighed in relief.

\"Then please lead the way.\" Satiana replied to Jack’s suggestion.

Jack led the way to the clothing store. The store was not that far from the plaza. We walked a few blocks and we arrived at the store in no time.

\"Here we are.\" Jack made a polite gesture and opened the doors to the clothing store.\" This way please, your highnesses.\"

I looked at the signage on top and it read ’Prima Bella’.

*ring,ring* the bells hanging on the door rang.

\"Welcome to Prima Bella clothing store.\" A young woman that looked like the receptionist of the store greeted us with a smile.

The receptionist looked at us and the knights outside and knew instantly who we were.

\"Oh my gosh.\" I heard the receptionist whisper. She held her mouth in surprise but quickly composed herself in no time. \"Welcome your highnesses. This was a bit of surprise. Please forgive my rudeness.\" She bowed sincerely.

\"It’s okay.\" Satiana said with a smile. \"We came without prior notice so it is to be expected.\"

Satiana was really a kind hearted person. I can see that when she becomes queen, her people will benefit. But I am a little worried because her kindness can also be used by scheming people to their advantage.

\"Please wait here and make yourselves comfortable while I get the madam.\" The receptionist said. She walked inside the door that was covered with beautiful curtains.

We three girls took our seat on the comfy looking sofas. After I sat, I realized that the sofa doesn’t only look comfy but also felt as well. I was wondering what material of cloth was used while slowly feeling it with my hands.

’It is comfortable to touch.’ I thought while feeling the texture. The name of this cloth was in the tip of my tongue but I can’t seem to remember what it was called.

\"I can see you like the texture of the velvet sofa.\" A female voice said.

I looked up and saw a woman in her early forties came out from the curtained door with the receptionist and another young woman following from behind.

\"Oh yes, this cloth is called velvet.\" I remembered.

\"It is a pleasure for the princesses of the kingdom to visit my humble shop. My name is Viola, I am happy to be of service.\" Viola curtsied.

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Chapter 237 Prima Bella Clothing Store 2
"I can see you like the texture of the velvet sofa.\" A female voice said.

I looked up and saw a woman in her early forties came out from the curtained door with the receptionist and another young woman following from behind.

\"Oh yes, this cloth is called velvet.\" I remembered.

\"It is a pleasure for the princesses of the kingdom to visit my humble shop. My name is Viola, I am happy to be of service.\" Viola curtsied. \"This is Kristina my receptionist and Katarina my assistant.\"

Both of the girls who looked like sisters curtsied after Viola’s introduction.

\"How may I help you, your highnesses?\" Viola asked.

\"I heard that this shop is the one that designs and makes my mother’s dresses.\" Satiana said.

\"Yes, I am the one that design and make the queen’s regular and formal attires.\" Viola said.

\"Then we would like to see your catalogs. I am planning to have my dress for my coming of age ceremony.\" Satiana said. \"Can it be done in haste?\" She asked politely.

Madam Viola was in thought. \"As I have heard your coming of age ceremony is just a few days away. This will be very hard.\" Viola said and Satiana looked sad with her words. \"But I can make an exemption for your highness. But I am afraid I cannot make you a customized dress in such short time. If it is okay, you can select a dress from my catalog.\" She smiled at Satiana.

\"Yes, of course.\" Satiana said happily. \"I am not that picky in dresses so I can just select something from your catalog.\"

\"It is fortunate that I don’t have any dresses scheduled this week so I can focus on making your dress.\" Madam Viola said. \"How about the other highnesses? Why don’t you look around the store and if there is something you like then I can make it to your measurements after the ceremony.\" She looked at me and Elizabeth.

\"Then if I may.\" I stood up and walked around the store.

The store was full of clothing essentials. There were bolts of fabric with different in one side. While on the other side there were some accessories such as buttons and laces. There were also threads of different colors and sizes.

\"The finished dresses are in here your highness.\" Kristina led the way towards a parallel room.

In the room I saw different kinds of dresses worn by mannequins. The designs were all beautiful and exquisite. This just proves that Madam Viola was really a renowned dress maker.

I touched the dress and the fabric was soft to touch. I imagine that it will be very comfortable to wear this and the design was beautiful as well.

\"I would like to take this, and this and that.\" I heard Elizabeth’s voice from behind.

When I looked around I saw her pointing on different dresses that are to her liking.

\"Would you like to try them on your highness?\" Kristina asked politely.

\"Of course not.\" Elizabeth said flatly. \"Why would I fit these readymade dresses? You take my measurements and make new dresses with these designs. Oh I would like to make it in a different color and add some more accessories and such.\"

\"Y-Yes your highness.\" Kristina felt awkward after Elizabeth’s rumbling.

I sighed knowing that Elizabeth is still the same. Of course you can’t change a behavior that has been there their whole lives.

\"Then I will let my sister take your measurements.\" Kristina said. \"Right this way your highness.\"

Both of them had gone and I was left alone looking at the dresses.

\"I suggest you pick one your highness.\" A girl’s voice from behind said.

I looked around and saw Karolina Matias standing behind me with a smile.

\"Karolina.\" I was surprised seeing her here.

\"Shhh...\" Karolina made a gesture with her finger to keep it quiet. \"This shop is owned by my aunt.\" She smiled.

And there I knew that this was all set up by Duke Matias. Maybe Jack knew about this and specifically led us here in this shop so that Duke Matias and I can meet.

\"Pick many as you want and tell them you want to try them on.\" Karolina winked. She walked to the back door and disappeared.

Kristina came back after. \"Have you decided what you want your highness?\" She asked.

\"Yes.\" I replied. \"I would like this, that, and that one as well.\" All in all I picked five dresses.

\"Would you like to try them on?\" Kristina asked with a polite smile on her face.

\"Yes, I would like to try them on.\" I replied.

\"Then please follow me to the dressing room.\" Kristina said and I nodded in agreement.

I followed her back to the reception area and there I saw Satiana and Madam Viola still talking and looking at the catalog. The knights were split in to two groups. One group was guarding the entrance of the store outside while the other group was inside standing at the side.

Kristina led the way to the curtained door when one knight stopped us in our tracks.

\"Where are you going?\" The knight asked.

\"I was leading the princess towards the dressing room.\" Kristina replied confidently. \"She said she wants to try on the dresses she has picked.\"

The knight looked perplexed. \"I am sorry, but the crown prince has ordered us to not let your highness out of our sights.\" He said to me.

I looked at him with a piercing gaze. \"Am I a prisoner that needs to be watched in every move I take?\" I said coldly. \"Do not forget who you are talking to. I am your future crown princess, the future main wife of your crown prince. If he hears that you have angered me, what do you think will he do to you?\" I said menacingly.

The knight flinched with my words. Of course I was just acting but it was a fact that everyone knew that Gladiolus was marrying me in the future. I need to act the part.

\"I-I am sorry your highness.\" The knight bowed.

\"Do not worry, I will take my personal knight with me to guard the door.\" I said and looked at William.

\"At your service your highness.\" William went along with my act.

\"If you are still not convinced then you can look at the dressing room first sir knight.\" Kristina said.

\"Then I will take up that offer.\" The knight said and gesture to another knight to follow him to inspect the dressing room.

Kristina led us into the curtained door and towards another door which should be the dressing room. She opened the door and gestured the knights to look inside.

\"Please.\" Kristina said.

The two knights went in first and inspected the room. After a while they came out.

\"It is safe your highness.\" The knight from before said.

I nodded and went inside the room with Kristina.

\"Do not worry, I won’t let anybody come in.\" William said with confidence.

’So this was what Jack said when he asked William to help.’ I thought.

I nodded at William and closed the door. Inside was an enclosed room without any windows. Maybe that is why the knights that investigated the room were confident to let me in without anyone guarding me. There were no escape routes here.

Kristina walked towards a big wooden cabinet and pushed it with some force. I was surprised to see that there was a passageway behind the cabinet.

\"Your highness, please follow the stairs. The duke is waiting for you below.\" Kristina said politely.

’So the employees here are with the duke.’ I thought.

\"I will be doing my best to buy you some time to talk with the duke.\" Kristina said. I nodded in gratitude.

Kristina took a candle holder with a candle and lit it up. She gave it to me and I walked inside the dark stairway. The candle I was holding illuminated the small space going down. When I took a few steps I heard the large wooden cabinet was being closed once more. I looked back and the passageway was blocked once again by the wooden cabinet.

I inhaled deeply and continued going down the narrow staircase.

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Chapter 238 Meeting with Duke Matias 1
I followed the staircase down. It was not that far when I reached the end of the staircase and saw a door. I knocked on the door as respect.

*knock knock knock*

\"Please come in.\" The voice of Duke Matias was heard inside.

I opened the door and saw a small room lighted up by a lamp. At the center of the room, were table and three chairs. Duke Matias was seating on one when I saw him and on the other chair was Karolina, Duke Matias’ daughter.

\"Greetings your highness.\" Duke Matias and Karolina said in unison as they stood up and bowed upon seeing me.

\"Greetings to you too Duke Matias.\" I curtsied in return.

\"Please take a seat.\" Duke Matias offered me one of the chairs and I took a seat. \"I am sorry if we have to meet like this princess. With the crown prince return, he has his eyes glued in you and meeting you with many eyes watching would be difficult.\"

\"Yes, I understand duke.\" I said. \"Then what would you like to tell me?\" I asked curiously.

\"The preparations of your escape has been prepared princess.\" Duke Matias said. \"I would like to tell you of the plans so that it will go flawlessly.\"

His words made me happy and a smile broke out from my face. This was the best news I have heard since the past days that I was down.

\"Thank you Duke Matias. This really means a lot to me.\" I said with gratitude. \"I will surely repay your kindness.\" I bowed my head.

\"No need for you to bow princess.\" Duke Matias said and stopped me from bowing.

\"Yes princess, we are doing this from our own good will.\" Karolina said. \"I will also be helping you escape princess. This is also our thanks for taking care of our Princess Satiana.\"

\"That is correct Princess Alicia. If not for you we won’t know the things the queen was planning and also the real linage of our own crown prince.\" Duke Matias said. \"This is the least we can do for you.\"

Actually I also have my own selfish reasons why I helped them. But I am happy that this selfish reason of mine has helped them in the future.

\"If this is all over, let our countries be at peace once more.\" I smiled at them. At least with this I can establish a good diplomatic relationship with the Jennovian country when I become queen.

\"I am happy to hear that your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"Then let’s proceed with our discussion.\"


As we have discussed, Satiana’s coming of age ceremony will be a grand celebration. All the nobles of the country will attend the whole day event. The palace will be crowded with many people commoners and nobles alike. Commoners will be the employees that were employed especially for the said event.

A grand ball will be held by night were all of the noble guests will wear formal attires and masks. As planned, it will be a masquerade ball.

\"This will be the best time to slip out when there are many people on the ball.\" Duke Matias said.

\"The gown you will be using is made by my aunt.\" Karolina said. \"We will make a duplicate of the said gown and I will be replacing you in the ball room once the plan has started.\"

\"You will become my body double?\" I asked in surprise and Karolina nodded in reply.

\"My daughter has the same body built and height as you your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"We will just let her wear a wig. The eye color can’t be change but fortunately the lighting would be dim so it won’t be a problem.\"

I looked at them with worry. Being my body double is good if not spotted. But what if Gladiolus knew that Karolina was not me, what will happen to her.

\"But that’s dangerous.\" I told them both. \"What if the Gladiolus found you out?\" I said full of worry.

\"That is why we must do this your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"For sure the crown prince won’t take his eyes of you. That is why we have to make an opening that will switch the both of you. We also have a plan to buy you as much time as possible to escape.\"

\"Do not worry about me your highness.\" Karolina said. \"I have a plan to be away from his highness the crown prince, but still seen by him.\"

So their plan was to have some distance from Gladiolus while Karolina was pretending to be me. I really don’t like the idea that she will be in harm’s way, but they are serious about this plan.

\"Then I will go with your plan.\" I said and sighed.

\"That’s good.\" Duke Matias said. \"This will be your escape route, please memorize it and then burn it after.\"

Duke Matias gave me a map and the route I will take. It was a detailed map of the hidden underground passageways. Like all palaces and big mansion estates, they have hidden passageways as escape routes if ever there is an emergency.

\"We will give you enough time to escape outside the palace. Once outside, horses would be available for you to use.\" Duke Matias said.

Riding in horseback will be much faster than in a horse carriage. I don’t have any problem in riding in horseback because Regaleon has thought me how to ride when he was my personal knight, but I was not sure about my mother. If by chance that my mother doesn’t know how to ride in horseback, then I would leave her to ride with William.

\"But there is still something that I need to get before escaping.\" I told Duke Matias.

Duke Matias nodded. \"Yes, Jack has told me about the pendant that you need to steal from the queen’s hidden vault. Jack and I planned that he would be the one to steal it with the help of some of my men. I will have some of my men infiltrate the palace with the busy happenings for the ceremony.\"

I have told Jack the detailed layout of the treasure room of the queen. I am sure the he is capable of stealing it himself being that he is the leader of the Crimson Bandit. I cannot feel but worry for him. The path to the hidden treasure room was filled with magic traps and the room itself was one big trap.

\"I know that you are worried for him your highness. But with the short while I was with Mr. Jack, I can see how capable he is.\" Duke Matias said to assure me. I nodded in agreement to his words.

As we were still discussing, one of Duke Matias’ subordinates came inside from the other door.

\"My lord, forgive me for being rude.\" The male subordinate said and bowed. \"I have some important information that you need to know urgently.\"

\"What is it?\" Duke Matias seemed irritated with the sudden intrusion of his subordinate but brushed it off.

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Chapter 239 Meeting with Duke Matias 2
As we were still discussing, one of Duke Matias’ subordinates came inside from the other door.

\"My lord, forgive me for being rude.\" The male subordinate said and bowed. \"I have some important information that you need to know urgently.\"

\"What is it?\" Duke Matias seemed irritated with the sudden intrusion of his subordinate but brushed it off.

The male subordinate came closer to the duke and whispered to his ear. I see Duke Matias nodding and then looked surprise. He waves to his subordinate to go and the subordinate left courteously.

The duke looked at me with a serious face. \"I have word from his majesty King Regaleon for you Princess Alicia.\"

My face brightened up upon hearing Regaleon’s name. \"Tell me, what did he say?\" I said enthusiastically.

\"His majesty King Regaleon is on his way here as we speak.\" Duke Matias said. \"With his group’s current pace, he will be here the day after Satiana’s coming of age ceremony.\"

My eyes brightened with this information. ’My love is just a few days away from me. I will be able to see him once again.’ I thought to myself.

\"I have send word to his majesty. You can wait for him at a meeting place that is in a safe distance from here. Once you have successfully escaped, you and your group will hear there to wait for his majesty’s arrival.\" Duke Matias said.

I can feel great joy just knowing that Regaleon is coming for me. He is a king now and a very busy man. I am happy that he made time to come here and get me himself.

’I hope that this didn’t disrupt his work managing the empire and the war.’ I thought to myself.

After talking a bit more about the escape plan we heard footsteps coming from the staircase. All of us were on edge but when we saw who it was all of us relaxed.

\"Sorry to disturb you my lord and your highness.\" It was Kristina. \"But the knights upstairs are becoming aggressive. I am afraid her highness’ personal knight that is guarding the door will be getting into a fight if the princess does not go back.\"

\"Then I need to head back now.\" I stood up and got ready to go. \"Thank Duke Matias, Karolina. Thank you for everything.\"

\"It is our pleasure Princess Alicia.\" Karolina said.

\"It is us who should be thankful to you.\" Duke Matias replied.

I took the staircase back to the dressing room. Once I got back I can hear the commotion outside.

\"Kristina, please help me get this off.\" I said while taking of my clothes.

\"Of course your highness.\" Kristina helped me to take off my dress and only left my undergarments.


\"What do you think you are doing?!\" William shouted angrily at the knights in front of him.

\"The princess has been inside for quite too long.\" One knight said. \"We just want to see if her highness is safe.\"

\"You can’t just barge in like that when the princess is trying on her clothes.\" William said. \"It is my duty to keep the princess’ dignity safe.\" He held the hilt of his sword ready to pull it out.

\"The crown prince has ordered us to also watch over the princess, now move away.\" The other knight said.

The knights were also holding the hilts of their sword ready to pounce at any moment.

’Let them come in.’ I talked to William telepathically.

’What?!’ William said on his mind as a reply and hissed angrily.

’Don’t worry. Just act like you were pushed back by them.’ I said.

’I don’t know what you are planning, but here goes.’ William said. He was about to draw out his sword but slower than he usually does.

When the other knights saw this, they pounced on William immediately and pushed him against the door. The impact wrecked the door open and I saw William fell on the floor. I was in the action of putting on the dress I chose when the two knights under Gladiolus came inside. I looked at them wide eyes with surprised and screamed on top of my lungs.

\"Aaaaahhhhh.\" I shouted. \"P-Perverts!\" I used the dress I was holding to cover my body that was only wearing under garments.

\"How dare you barge in here?!\" Kristina also put on the act.

\"W-We are sorry...\" The knights said in unison.

William was on his feet in no time and took off his cape to cover my body.

\"Do you know what punishment you will have seeing the princess in her under garments?\" William said with rage. \"For sure your life is on the line from your actions.\"

The two knights kneeled on the ground in fright. \"W-We are sorry your highness.\" One knight said.

\"Have mercy, please spare us.\" The other knight said.

I looked at both men kneeling on the ground with their head bowed down.

\"The crown prince will hear of this disrespectful action of yours.\" I said while coldly staring at the two. \"I will let him punish you two.\"

\"Please spare us your highness.\" The both said in unison.

Footsteps running towards us were heard.

\"What happened here?\" Satiana was the first one to arrive. \"Oh my, big sis!\" She saw me being covered in William’s cape.

\"Detain these two.\" I ordered the other knights that were behind Satiana. \"They barged in the dressing room while I was in my under garments. They should be punished accordingly.\"

\"Yes your highness.\" The other knights detained the two knights that were still kneeling on the ground.

\"Please have mercy. Spare us.\" The disrespectful knights said.

\"I will be asking the crown prince to punish these two with their disrespectful behavior.\" I said coldly.

The knights took them out. At least I have avoided Gladiolus’ subordinates knowing of my secret meeting with Duke Matias.

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Chapter 240 Elizabeth’s Jealousy 1
After the whole ordeal in the Prima Bella Clothing Store was over, the two knights was quickly detained and sent back to the palace. We, on the other hand continued our shopping here in town.

\"Big sis, are you really all right?\" Satiana asked with a worried tone.

\"Do not worry Sati, I am fine. Nothing bad happened and those offenders have been quickly detained.\" I assured her with a smile. \"I am sure your brother will give them the right punishment for offending a princess like me.\"

\"Hmph...\" Elizabeth scoffed. Both Sati and I looked at her but she didn’t say anything after.

\"I have already got all of your measurements. Rest assured that the dresses for the princess’ coming of age ceremony will be done and delivered as scheduled.\" Madam Viola said with a smile. \"Do you have anything else you need?\" She asked.

\"Oh, we are also here to look at jewels and accessories.\" Satiana said.

\"There are many good jewelry and accessory stores in the plaza. Feel free to look over there. I am sure you would find great works that you might be interested with.\" Madam Viola said.

\"Thank you for assisting us Madam Viola.\" I said with complete gratitude.

With Madam Viola’s help, I was able to meet his brother Duke Matias and talk to him about the most important matters. I also got the information that Regaleon was coming here to get me personally. My heart was filled with happiness.

\"Then we will be going Madam Viola.\" Satiana said with a smile and waved goodbye.

\"Please come back some other time. You can also send word if you like me to make your dresses in the future.\" Madam Viola said as a parting word.

\"We will surely come back.\" Satiana said.


Our group walked back to the plaza. Like Madam Viola said, there are many jewelry and accessory stores to choose from.

\"Let’s try this store big sis.\" Satiana said while pulling me.

\"Okay, okay. No need to pull me.\" I giggled with her enthusiasm.

We went in a jewelry store that sells beautiful pieces of jewelry. The crafting of each and every accessory was beautiful and exquisite.

\"I will go and have a look around here big sis.\" Satiana said and walked to the other side of the store. I on the other hand looked at the display cases with jewelry sets on display.

My eyes were caught on a piece of jewelry set, that was made with sapphire stones. The color of the sapphire was the same as Regaleon’s eye color, a deep blue hue.

\"Would you like to see this set your highness?\" A store clerk asked.

\"May I?\" I asked and the clerk nodded. He took out the set out if the display cabinet.

The set consists of a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. I touched the exquisite piece of jewelry and was in awe with the beautiful color of the stones. This just made me yearn for Regaleon more.

\"How much is it?\" I asked the store clerk.

\"This set has a price of five hundred gold coins your highness.\" The store clerk replied.

\"F-Five hundred gold coins?\" I was surprised by the price.

Gold coins are the highest value of money in the continent. For this set having that said amount, it was quite expensive.

\"Why don’t you just buy it?\" I heard Elizabeth’s voice behind me and was surprised with her presence. I was so engrossed with the jewelry set that I didn’t even realize that Elizabeth was behind me.

\"But it is quite expensive.\" I replied to her question.

\"Heh.\" Elizabeth scoffed. \"Didn’t the crown prince of this country promised to pay anything that you want.\" She said mockingly.

It is true that Gladiolus said he will pay for any purchase I make today but looking at this jewelry set, I wouldn’t want him to pay something that reminds me of Regaleon. I wouldn’t want to spend Gladiolus money in any way as much as possible.

\"Let me pay for that big sis.\" Satiana also came. \"Please also pack this with the others I have bought.\" She told the store clerk.

\"Of course your highness.\" The store clerk smiled wide knowing that he had sold a lot for this day. And with the other nobles knowing that the royal family bought their jewelries here, the store would be famous for quite some time.

\"You really don’t need to Sati.\" I told her. \"I just admired it.\"

\"Oh big sis, it’s no big deal.\" Satiana said. \"And I can see how you looked at it. You really liked it, right?\" I nodded as a reply and smiled at her.

\"Hmph.\" I heard Elizabeth scoffed once again and walked away.

\"What’s her problem?\" Satiana asked looking quite irritated. \"She has been scoffing too many times now, hmph.\"

\"Oh don’t mind her.\" I said. \"Have you bought everything that you came here for?\" I asked.

\"Yes, I have bought everything I needed for my attire in my coming of age ceremony.\" Satiana smiled joyfully.

\"I am glad.\" I smiled back at her.


After buying everything we need, we stopped by on a café to eat some snacks and then we departed the town to go back to the palace. Like the trip to the town, the trip back was also silent. Satiana was visibly exhausted and I let her take a nap on my lap. Elizabeth on the other hand was looking at outside the window as usual.

The trip back was much faster than earlier and we were back in the palace. After we got down of the carriage I saw Gladiolus was standing by the entrance to greet us with a smile on his face.

\"It is good that you have returned safely.\" Gladiolus walked towards us. \"I can see you have bought many things in town.\"

Shopping bags and boxes was being brought down from the carriage roof carefully by the servants. Satiana and I have bought some readymade dresses from Madam Viola’s boutique while some of Satiana and Elizabeth’s orders will be delivered by schedule.

\"Yes big brother. I had a great time shopping with my big sisters.\" Satiana walked towards Gladiolus and hugged him merrily. \"Thank you for giving us permission to go shopping. You are the best.\"

\"I am happy that you are happy Sati.\" Gladiolus patted his sister’s head with loving affection.

I can see how close Satiana was to his big brother. It just pains me that our plan would put a crack on their sibling relationship.

\"How about you Alicia, did you buy everything you liked?\" Gladiolus turned to me and asked.

\"Yes. I only bought what I needed.\" I replied flatly.

\"You should have bought some more that you really fancied.\" Gladiolus walked towards me. His arms encircled my waist affectionately that I was frozen in place. \"You are my wife to be. I will buy anything that you want. I will give you anything your heart desires.\"

Gladiolus placed a kiss on my cheek and smiled in content. Deep inside me I felt disgusted by his actions but all I can do is endure.

\"How about you my dear concubine, did you buy everything you need?\" Gladiolus asked Elizabeth while still holding me in his arms.

Elizabeth looked bitter and forced a smile. \"Yes dear husband, I have bought many things I liked.\" She said words of gratitude but her gaze towards me felt piercing.

\"That’s good to hear.\" Gladiolus smiled. \"Dinner is served in the dining room. \"Let us now head there. I am sure all of you are famished.\"

Gladiolus took my hand and escorted me along the way. It was a gesture of a husband escorting his wife. Even though we were not yet married, he did such things anyway. It was like slapping Elizabeth on her face because she is the one who already married to him.

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