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Chapter 241 Elizabeth’s Jealousy 2
"That’s good to hear.\" Gladiolus smiled. \"Dinner is served in the dining room. \"Let us now head there. I am sure all of you are famished.\"

Gladiolus took my hand and escorted me along the way. It was a gesture of a husband escorting his wife. Even though we were not yet married, he did such things anyway. It was like slapping Elizabeth on her face because she is the one who already married to him.

The dinner was eaten in peace, much to my relief. I heard from Gladiolus that the knights from earlier that offended me were punished with fifty lashes of the whip each. It was said that Gladiolus wanted to punish them with death but the high priest opposed to it. Being that the knights were under the queen’s command, she is the only one to give a death penalty. So for now Gladiolus gave them other harsh punishment.

I was lying on bed but wasn’t able to sleep. I was thinking of the coming of age ceremony that will be held just a few days from now. We will be executing our escape plan at the same day as the ceremony is being held.

I was also thinking about the information that Regaleon was coming to get me. I was excited to know that in just a few days time I will be seeing him once again.

I heaved a sigh and sat up in my bed. Sleep won’t be coming anytime soon and so I stood up and got my robe and put it on. I walked towards the door and opened it.

\"Is something matter Alicia?\" It was William that was guarding my door.

\"Why aren’t you resting?\" I asked. \"Isn’t it Jack’s turn to guard?\"

William and Jack had turns in guarding me at night. This was to ensure that both of them can have a good rest every other night.

\"Well Jack is out of the palace right now because of an errand.\" William replied.

\"Is that so?\" I said. \"Well then can you accompany me for a walk? I can’t seem to fall asleep.\" I asked.

\"Of course.\" William smiled and escorted me.

The both of us walked towards the nearest garden to get some fresh air. The weather has improved a lot since I unknowingly affected it with my magic, but the cold is still there.

\"Aren’t you cold?\" William asked worriedly.

\"Don’t worry, this robe is rather thick.\" I said confidently.

The night sky was clear with no clouds covering it. The stars were twinkling while the full moon was shining brightly and illuminating our surroundings.

*sob sob*

I can hear someone crying in a distance. I looked at William and he also heard the same.

\"Let’s go and see who it is.\" I told William but he grabbed my hand.

\"What if it is something dangerous?\" William said and was against searching for the person.

\"Judging by the voice it was coming from a girl.\" I said. \"Don’t worry, I can defend myself. And you are also with me so what is there to be worried about?\" I said proudly.

William sighed and gave in to my request. The both of us walked towards where the sobs are coming from and I saw in between the bushes a hunched figure of a girl. Her long blond hair was flowing freely from her back. She was wearing fine looking robes like mine. Judging from her robe and her hair, there is only one woman that fits this description.

\"Elizabeth?\" I called to her. Hearing her name, she looked back to me. It really was Elizabeth.

\"W-Why are you here?\" Elizabeth asked with embarrassment. Her face was stained with tears and she looked very haggard. \"No, don’t look at me! Get out of here, leave me alone!\" She shouted and continued to cry.

Her crying pulled some strings inside my heart. Seeing Elizabeth like this just made me pity her.

\"Elizabeth, let’s go back. It’s cold out here.\" I said worriedly.

\"No, leave me alone.\" Elizabeth yelled angrily. \"It’s your fault, all your fault.\" She said while sobbing.

My image of Elizabeth that was proud and confident was replaced with the figure in front of me now. She was like a lost kitten, shivering and crying in a corner.

\"Why is it my fault?\" I asked.

\"If not for you I wouldn’t have been here.\" Elizabeth hissed. \"If not for you then William should have been titled duke and I would have been married to him. If not for you, I won’t have to suffer like this in an unwanted marriage. You stole everything from me and Veronica. Why, why do you have everything now?\"

Some of what Elizabeth was true. If not for me William should have inherited his father’s title as duke. I looked at William who was behind me sadly. He shook his head as if ensuring me that his decision was solely his and I should not blame myself for it.

\"I am sorry.\" I said to Elizabeth sincerely. \"I never had the intention of stealing anything from you. I came to your life only wishing for you my step sisters to treat me as family.\"

I squatted down in front of her to see her properly. I didn’t expect that seeing you like this would make me feel sad also.

\"I only wanted the both of you to treat me like a sister. Even if you didn’t love me as you love each other as siblings, at least some respect would have sufficed.\" I said with a sad and heavy heart. I remembered my childhood with them. \"Richard at least loved me as a sibling and grandfather as well treated me like his real granddaughter. And William, he was my very first friend. I was happy to have him by my side but I never stole him from you. Regaleon also, he picked me as his crown princess. I never stole him from Veronica.\"

Tears started to fall from my eyes as well. The hurt I felt in my childhood is resurfacing again now.

\"I have never felt the love of father even once in our childhood. Seeing all of you happy when I was inside my cold courtyard nearly forgotten hurt me the most. How I envied you and Veronica so much because the love I sought for from father was all showered to the both of you. I was never a part of your family, even once in our childhood days.\" I can feel the heartache of my childhood.

\"But that family was ruined by you!\" Elizabeth growled at me in anger.

\"No, I never ruined your family. It is all of your doings.\" I said while tears were flowing. \"Step mother had done a sin against mother and I that banished her from the kingdom. Veronica planned something against me but she was the one stumble on her own plans.\"

\"I...*sob hic*... I know what I did wrong...\" Elizabeth said crying even louder. \"I am sorry!!! Because of my selfishness, all of it has gone back to me....*sob hic*\"

Hearing those words from Elizabeth made me happy. At least she knows what she has done wrong. At last she realized what she did.

\"I forgive you...\" I pulled her into my arms and hugged her.

\"I am sorry Alicia. It is my fault...*sob hic*\" Elizabeth cried even louder. \"I was jealous because of William’s affection towards you. That is why I did all those things. And I was also swayed by mother. I know these aren’t valid reasons but...*hic*... I am really sorry.\"

\"Hush now...\" I patted her. \"I forgive you.\"

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Chapter 242 The Morning of the Big Day 1
The day of Satiana’s coming of age ceremony had finally arrived. These past few days have passed without anything major happening.

Elizabeth and I had a long talk after the event that evening in the garden outside. I cannot say that we have been close but at least her antagonistic feeling towards me has been dissipated.

Gladiolus on the other has been pampering me since he came back. He didn’t kiss me again like the first time we met and I was thankful for that but his closeness towards me is quite uncomfortable.

’No matter. I only have to endure this last day.’ I thought to myself.

Yes this is the day that I can escape my captivity here in Jennovia. Our plans will start tonight at the masquerade ball.

I was still in my room lying on the bed and just woke up. The sun has just risen and it was still early in the morning.

\"Good morning your highness.\" Martha came in my room. \"You have woken up early.\" She said with a smile.

\"Yes, good morning Martha.\" I replied with a smile. \"Today is an important day.\"

\"Yes it is. It’s Princess Satiana’s coming of age ceremony.\" Martha opened the curtains and the sun’s rays if light bathed my room in brightness. \"It will be very busy starting now. It is good to see that the weather is quite nice.\"

I looked outside the window and see the clear blue skies of the early morning. It indicated a good weather for this day.

\"The weather has been nice for these past few months.\" I said while standing up from bed.

\"Yes it is.\" Martha replied. \"These past few months have been good to us commoners. The earth that was once covered in ice is now all thawed up and can be cultivated. My family has started to plants a few fruit trees that can survive in cold weather. Some of the farmer’s sons that were forced to be soldiers in the war for monetary purposes have started to express their feelings of wanting to go home.\"

This news is something good for Duke Matias’ faction. This war is nothing but the queen’s own selfish agenda to seek revenge. The Jennovians were only pulled in this mess because of the queen’s lies. If the queen loses her own soldiers, then ending this war will be achieved sooner rather than later.

\"That is good to hear Martha.\" I smiled. \"Then do you have any plans of going back to your home town?\" I asked earnestly.

\"I would love to but I don’t want to leave you behind your highness.\" Martha replied. \"I am happy serving you as your personal maid. It is an honor to be of service to you.\" I felt happy that Martha’s feelings.

\"But I also miss them so can I ask for a few days off to visit my home town?\" Martha asked and looked at me eagerly with hopeful eyes.

\"Of course you can.\" I smiled at her earnestly. \"Then why not pack your bags now and you can go home after you have helped me get dresses for the masquerade ball later?\"

Martha looked surprised with what I just said. \"But your highness, I have to attend to you even after the ball is over.\"

\"Do not worry about me. There are other maids here in the palace that can serve me. I would like you to go home earlier so that you can come back early as well.\" I said. \"You know that the crown prince is preparing for our wedding in haste. Next week will be our weeding and so I will need you here with me.\"

Of course what I was saying right now was partly lies. It is true that Gladiolus is preparing for our grand wedding next week but I don’t intend to stay here to marry him.

\"Then I will be taking your offer your highness.\" Martha said happily. \"Do not worry; I will come back before your wedding day. I will serve you whole heartedly as our crown princess.\"

It will be good for Martha to go home and be with her family rather than stay here in the palace. I would be leaving today and so she doesn’t have to look after me anymore. And with her family starting to have their own livelihood once again, they won’t have to worry of starving any longer.

I am sure that after my escape, the news about our wedding being cancelled would circulate in the whole country of Jennovia. Duke Matias planned to take this opportunity to expose the queen’s lies. He would tell the truth to the Jennovians including how they abducted me and forced me to marry Gladiolus.

\"The bath has been prepared your highness.\" Martha said. \"After taking a bath, the crown prince asked to have breakfast with you in his quarters.\"

Hearing Martha’s word made me cringed. Since Gladiolus’ return, we have eaten breakfast together with Satiana and Elizabeth. Why would he want to eat breakfast alone with me, and also inside his private quarters?

\"Is there something the matter princess?\" Martha looked at me worriedly. \"You seemed rather pale all of a sudden.\"

\"Oh, it is nothing. I just feel a little dizzy.\" I brushed her off. \"Maybe it’s because I didn’t slept very well last night and I woke up early today. I will be going to take a bath. Maybe it will elevate the dizziness.\"

\"Then let me serve you your highness.\" Martha said.

I stood up and walked towards the bathroom with Martha following me from behind. Just thinking of being alone with him in closed quarters feared me the most.

After bathing, Martha helped me get dressed. Meeting with the crown prince is important to the maids that they have prepared me a beautiful dress with matching accessories.

\"I am ready, let’s go.\" I said and Martha nodded in understanding.

Inside my pocket was the magic crystal that Anna the fortune teller gave me before. With this crystal I knew that Jack was one of the stars from the prophecy, and like the prophecy said Jack had become a very big help to me.

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Chapter 243 The Morning of the Big Day 2
After bathing, Martha helped me get dressed. Meeting with the crown prince is important to the maids that they have prepared me a beautiful dress with matching accessories.

\"I am ready, let’s go.\" I said and Martha nodded in understanding.

Inside my pocket was the magic crystal that Anna the fortune teller gave me before. With this crystal I knew that Jack was one of the stars from the prophecy, and like the prophecy said Jack had become a very big help to me.

I once again remembered the prophecy, the one that I was afraid would happen. And so far that prophecy is really happening. Looking at the crystal, it is glowing yellow in color. I have already known that William was the yellow star in the prophecy, the one who was always beside me, guarding me.

I also know that the blue star was Regaleon. He was doing everything to take me back to his side. I am happy that I will see him again tomorrow, my heart was thumping hard just thinking of meeting him once more. But what I am afraid is that what if my magic will get out of control and will hurt him like what the prophecy has foretold.

I squeezed my eyes shut forcing that thought away from my mind. ’No, I won’t hurt Leon. I can never hurt the person I love the most.’ It was my mantra that I tell myself over and over again.

\"Princess Alicia, are you sure you are fine?\" William asked worriedly. He might have seen my action just now.

\"It’s okay, I am fine.\" I replied with a forced smile.

What I need to focus right now was to get thru this breakfast with Gladiolus safely. It is true that he had been docile these past few days, but that was because I never met him alone. I know that we will be having breakfast in his private quarters but for sure there will be maids to assists us, so that at least made me calm down.

I took the magic crystal with me with a purpose, and that is to harness what little magic it has embedded inside. I can’t use my own magic, but harnessing magic embedded from magic stones and crystals can still be used even with janetite around. This magic crystal if my last line of defense if something goes wrong.

I was walking towards Gladiolus’ private quarters with Martha and William accompanying me. We passed by busy employees decorating the palace for the event today. I can see different kinds of flowers being put into beautiful vases, the curtains on windows are being replaced with ones that looked even grander, and the maids are cleaning every inch of the palace diligently. Everyone we passed by stopped, giving me a respectful bow. Of course the news that I was to be wedded to their crown prince has circulated already. They were looking at me as their future crown princess.

\"Everyone seems to be quite busy today.\" I said. \"I am sure Satiana is also busy preparing for her big day. The coming of age ceremony will be held at the palace ground this afternoon, correct?\" I asked Martha.

\"Yes your highness.\" Martha replied. \"Princess Satiana will be announced to be of age at three in the afternoon. As custom, a senior from the royal family will escort and announce her highness has come of age.\"

\"A senior?\" I asked. \"Because Aunt Patricia is not here yet, it would be Gladiolus to escort her then.\"

The coming of age ceremony here in Jennovia has a different custom. Unlike in Alvannia where I was announced in my grand ball, Satiana will be announced of age at the palaces royal veranda. Nobles that are invited would be seated at the front rows to watch this joyous occasion while the back row will be where the commoners can watch. The palace gates will be open for the commoners in such event. This gave them the chance to meet Satiana who is a part of the royal family.

This was also the day where Satiana can take in official suitors from noble families. Now that she has come of age, young men of nobility can catch a gaze of the now mature princess and can ask for her hand in marriage. Of course that is only asking for a formal engagement, marriage can only be held when the princess turns eighteen years old.

Thinking about this, I was now eighteen years old. I have been here in Jennovia for two years now and that is how long the war has been going on as well. I have never celebrated my seventeenth and eighteenth birthdays here in Jennovia, knowing that I am a prisoner here I don’t have the mood to celebrate my own birthday.

’I also have been engaged to Regaleon for two years now. If I was with him, then I would have been married to him a long time ago.’ I thought to myself. I sighed with the realization.

Thinking of my beloved just made me more excited to see him. ’Just wait a little more Alicia and you could see him once more.’ I thought to myself with a fleeting smile on my face.

Not long we have reached Gladiolus’ private quarters.

\"Princess Alicia has arrived.\" The servant outside announced our arrival.

\"Let her in.\" Gladiolus’s voice from inside said.

The doors were opened by the servants. Inside I saw him sitting in front of the small table arranged for two persons. I flinched seeing him.

\"Don’t worry, I am right outside if you need me.\" William whispered from behind me.

’Thank you.’ I told him telepathically.

But I do not plan on getting him entangled in this. William is posing as a Jennovian knight and he can be punished if he offends Gladiolus.

’No, I have to do this on my own.’ I thought to myself.

We are going to escape tonight so we cannot have any problems. I composed myself and walked inside Gladiolus’ private quarters.

\"Greetings to the future sun of the Jennovian Kingdom.\" I curtsied.

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Chapter 244 Confronting the Crown Prince 1
\"Greetings to the future son of the Jennovian Kingdom.\" I curtsied.

\"Rise, my future moon.\" Gladiolus walked towards me. He took my hand and kissed it affectionately. \"Come, let us eat.\"

Gladiolus escorted me gently to my seat and helped me settle down. After that he took his own seat and waved to the maids to prepare the dishes. Breakfast was laid on the table carefully by the maids and they stood by the side after.

I quietly started to eat my breakfast in peace not looking at Gladiolus as much as possible.

\"The palace is quite lively today.\" Gladiolus started conversing. \"It is Satiana’s coming of age ceremony after all.\" I nodded with his words.

\"I am very grateful to Duke Matias, having him sponsor and arrange this for my little sister.\" Gladiolus continued. \"I was so busy with the war that I wasn’t able to take care of her at all.\"

I looked at Gladiolus and he had a warm and gentle smile talking about her sister. This just made me think of how close they are to each other.

\"You look quite close to your little sister.\" I said flatly.

\"Well yes, she is my one and only sister after all.\" Gladiolus said. \"I love her very much.\"

It seems like his sibling affection for Satiana is genuine. Unfortunately their mother, Queen Patricia doesn’t even see Satiana as her own flesh and blood. \"But your mother doesn’t.\" I scoffed thinking of how their mother hurt Satiana’s feelings since birth.

Gladiolus looked sad when I pointed that out. \"Yes that is true.\" He sighed. \"I think you know what my mother has been thru after the defeat of our home country of Atlantia.\"

\"Your mother has told me.\" I replied.

\"My mother has gone thru hell with the Jennovian king. She was raped and become his sex slave before she was given a title of concubine.\" Gladiolus said. \"I know she had reasons why she didn’t love Satiana as she loves me.\"

Angered boiled inside of me. \"But that doesn’t justify what she is doing now!\" I shouted. \"Satiana is also her won flesh and blood. If she didn’t like her in the first place, then why did she carry Sati for nine months. Why did she even let her live just to suffer in the end?\"

I wanted to at least here from Gladiolus that my aunt had even a bit of love for Satiana. She didn’t abort Satiana when she was in her womb, so at least I have an inkling that my aunt cared for her own daughter.

\"That... was because she was planning on having her as a bride for me.\" Gladiolus said with a low voice.

My eyes went wide with what I heard. So Aunt Patricia only let Satiana because she was to be Gladiolus bride in the future.

’How sick is she?’ I thought to myself.

\"But she is your sister, even if you are only half siblings.\" I said with anger and surprise.

Gladiolus looked at the maids. \"Leave us.\" He ordered.

The maids bowed then left one after the other. Gladiolus and I were the only ones left inside the room.

\"Alicia, you know how our family works right?\" Gladiolus looked at me seriously. \"To keep out blood from the Almighty One pure, we practice inter marriage in the family. My father and mother were whole blooded siblings.\"

Yes I know of this bit of information, but still I can’t but feel sick with the practice of incest. Maybe because I wasn’t a product of incest and I wasn’t brought up to believe that having a pure blood is the royal family of Atlantia’s sacred rite.

\"Even though, it isn’t right.\" I replied.

\"When mother saw Satiana for the first time, she shunned her completely.\" Gladiolus continued. \"My sister doesn’t have the physical features of the royal family of Atlantia and thus knew mother believed that she didn’t have strong magical powers. Looking at it now, mother was correct.\"

It is true that Satiana has low magic power but still she is aunt’s daughter.

\"Mother wanted my wife to have strong magic powers, for us to have powerful offspring. And thus Satiana was out of the question.\" Gladiolus said. \"I was also happy at that time because when I saw my little sister I only felt love for a sibling to her. I cannot see her as my wife in the future.\"

This was the first time I thought that Gladiolus said something right.

\"When mother found Aunt Leticia, she knew of your presence.\" Gladiolus continued. \"At first mother only observed you from a distance. She knew that you were taken in by your father as an ’adoptive daughter’ and mother was not yet sure if you have the qualities to be my wife.\"

\"Aunt knew of my presence inside Alvannia. Did she know how I lived there?\" I asked sarcastically.

\"I only knew of you and your predicament when I was older.\" Gladiolus looked guilty. \"When mother knew that your magic power was quite high, she knew that you were the bride for me.\"

\"But your mother knew!\" I shouted in anger. \"Your mother knew how I lived as a forgotten princess in Alvannia. She had saved my mother but never told me of her presence until I came here. You took me away from my loved ones when I was happy, but when I was sad and hurting you just let me be alone there?\"

\"I...I am sorry.\" Gladiolus looked nervous looking at me this angry. \"If I have known about you earlier, I would have saved you myself.\"

\"That is only an excuse!\" I shouted at him. \"You only see me as a tool for your revenge. You and your mother never looked at me as a family even before!\"

I was letting out all my anger now, after hearing all their excuses and all their lies. I am sure that Aunt Patricia schemed all of this selfishly and never even thought of me and my mother’s feelings.

\"No, Alicia. Please don’t think something like that.\" Gladiolus stood up and walked towards me and kneeled right before me. \"My feelings for you are true. I have never thought of you as some tool or the likes.\"

Gladiolus looked at me with sincere eyes. He was trying to show me that his feelings are sincere and true.

\"The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew for certain that you are the one for me.\" Gladiolus took my hand and pressed it on his cheeks. \"I fell for you at first sight. I then knew why Sati was not meant for me, it was because you are the one for me.\"

I believe that his feelings for me are genuine but what disgust me were his delusions. Why would he think that we are meant for each other? Has his mother injected such thoughts into him?

\"You are mine, and mine alone.\" Gladiolus said with eyes filled with desire. It made my skin crawl.

Then I felt his hand pulled me forcefully to his and it caught me by surprise. His lips locked mine into a kiss.

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Chapter 245 Confronting the Crown Prince 2
"The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew for certain that you are the one for me." Gladiolus took my hand and pressed it on his cheeks. "I fell for you at first sight. I then knew why Sati was not meant for me, it was because you are the one for me."

I believe that his feelings for me are genuine but what disgust me were his delusions. Why would he think that we are meant for each other? Has his mother injected such thoughts into him?

"You are mine, and mine alone." Gladiolus said with eyes filled with desire. It made my skin crawl.

Then I felt his hand pulled me forcefully to his and it caught me by surprise. His lips locked mine into a kiss.

"Hmm...no..mhmm." I tried to push him hard but my strength is nothing compared to his.

Gladiolus’ arms locked around me and I cannot get out. My lips are in his possession and I cannot do anything but to squirm in his embrace.

"Haah..haah..." I took in breaths when Gladiolus let go of my lips. His lips trailed towards my neck. "P-Please no...*sob*...Le-Leon." I unknowingly called for Regaleon’s name.

Gladiolus’ attacks stopped midway. My tears were falling and a sob was breaking out of my lips. When I looked at him, his face was full of rage that froze me in place.

"You.Are.Mine..." Gladiolus sheeted in his anger. He carried me abruptly and took me by surprise.

"No... let go of me..." I tried to punch and kick him but to no avail.

Gladiolus took me to another room and closed the door behind him. He laid me down in bed forcefully.

"W-What are you doing?" Fear had taken over my whole body.

"I will take you here and now." Gladiolus face looked dark, unlike the one that expressed his love for me just a while ago. "You are mine and no one will ever have you other than me."

Gladiolus started taking his clothes off. I took the opportunity to get out of there but I was grabbed by him in an instant.

"Where do you think you are going?" Gladiolus’ eyes looked dark. He held my hand on top of me force fully and tore my dress slowly.

"N-No..." I was frozen in fear and can’t think straight. Gladiolus started kissing me from my neck to my chest.

Then I remembered the magic crystal that I placed inside the secret pocket of my dress. My dress right now was torn by Gladiolus into pieces. My chest now has been exposed to him.

"You look so fine." Gladiolus said looking at me lasciviously. "I wonder how you taste."

Gladiolus’ kisses trailed from my chest to my breast. I endure this disgust hoping that I can find where the magic crystal went.

My eyes were darting left and right while enduring Gladiolus’ touches on my body when I saw the small crystal just on my upper left corner. It must have flown there while Gladiolus tore my dress.

My hands were still being held by Gladiolus’ hand firmly while his lip was abusing my body. I tried my best to pull at least one hand free while openly resisting Gladiolus’ abuse on my body.

"No...please..." I sobbed. I was disgusted with what he was doing to me but still needed to act that I was under his mercy.

"You are mine, and mine alone." Gladiolus said.

I was able to nudge my hand free. I overturned my whole body and tried to reach for the crystal overhead but then Gladiolus pulled me.

"What I feisty kitty, I like it." Gladiolus pinned my body down and trailed kisses on my back. My skin crawled in his actions and disgusts flooded me.

I looked at the small crystal that was in reach. Fortunately Gladiolus was preoccupied with abusing my body and didn’t see the crystal. I outstretched my arms and the crystal was so close.

’Just a little more.’ I thought to myself.

Then I heard Gladiolus opening the zipper of his pants that made me alert even more. With all my force, I kicked him and was able to reach the crystal.

With the crystal at hand I harnessed the little magic inside of it.


A loud explosion was heard. Gladiolus was sent flying and hit the wall hard. I looked around and there was a force field with a dim glow around me.

"*Cough cough*... w-what..." Gladiolus opened his eyes. The room was a mess after the explosion. There was a trail of blood dripping from his forehead.

Footsteps were heard from outside and not long a group of people came inside.

"Your highness, what happened?!" The male servants that were outside were the first one to arrive. They saw Gladiolus who was clearly injured sitting on the floor and they ran to assist him.

"Princess!" William was there in no time and ran towards me. He passed the force field without difficulty. "What happened to you?!" He was seething his anger.

William took off his cloak and hurriedly and covered my exposed body. He looked at Gladiolus and I saw him holding the hilt of his sword. I hurriedly held his hand and shook my head as to tell me to not do anything for now. Our plans would be in danger if something bad happens now.

The maids that saw me in that state tried to go near me but were electrified when they came into contact with the force field around me. That means only the people I trust can come into contact with the force field I made.

"A-Alica... w-what have I done?" Gladiolus was still sitting on the floor as if he was not in his right mind. His forehead was trickling with blood.

William was trembling in fury. He hasn’t let go of his sword’s hilt the whole time and so I held his hand more forcibly which was trembling as well. His look on Gladiolus was full of killing intent.

"What is happening?" A high voice rang inside the room.

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