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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 156 - 160 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 156 Because of me

Inside the shower, the water ran over Alex's head and body all the way to the floor. The blood that had dried up on his body was being washed away, creating a red stream flowing down. His head was bent as he slammed his hands against the marble wall, cracking some of the expensive tiles.

He was quiet but his body was still burning; burning for revenge, for more blood. He couldn't shake off that image from his head; that sight of Abigail, lying there on the ground, seemingly lifeless.

He slowly pulled his hands off the wall before he looked at them. They were still trembling.

When Alex opened the bathroom door, Zeke immediately gave him the clothes before he walked away. Alex closed the bathroom door again and after a while, Alex stepped out, now wearing a clean white shirt and a pair of loose trousers.

His expression was still dark and hard as steel but when he saw Zeke staring at Abi as he stood beside her, his face turned several shades darker.

His dark aura blazed so strongly that Zeke immediately noticed his deathly glare.

"I'm leaving. Call me if you need anything," he simply said and just like that, Alex was left all alone with Abi.

The room was now enveloped in silence. Alex didn't move from his spot for a long while before he slowly approached her.

He stared down at her sleeping face. She could see small wounds and patches on her forehead and even her hands. He stretched out his hand but he couldn't make himself touch her. How could he touch this person with these dirty hands of his?

The light was blinding. Abigail's brows creased as she slowly opened her eyes. It was so bright.

She spent a long while trying to adjust her eyes to the blinding brightness. Her body felt heavy, as if she had been chained tightly to the bed. She tried to move her hands and was surprised that she could move her arms freely; she wasn't bound after all. But…

"Mmm…" she groaned as she stared at the ceiling. This wasn't her room. Where was she?

Abi slowly rose and was shocked to see that she was attached to an IV drip. She looked around the room with wide eyes. She thought that she must be in a hospital looking at all the medical equipment in the room but the room looked very luxurious. Was this the presidential suite of the hospital? What was she doing here?

The memories from the night before started to play in her mind and she froze. That was right, yesterday… the strangers… the forest… the screams...

Abi suddenly hugged herself, rubbing the goosebumps that appeared on her skin as she shivered. Alex's face immediately appeared in her head so she looked around again despite the fact that she didn't see him the first time she looked around. Where was he?

All Abi could think of was him once his face appeared in her head. If she could just hold him right now, this trembling and fear in her body would immediately be soothed. She just knew it. All she needed right now was him.

Without thinking, Abi climbed out of the bed. She had to see him so that she wouldn't be scared anymore.

But her feet just reached the floor when her eyes widened.

Alex was right there, lying on the floor. His left knee was bent and his eyes were covered with the back of his hand. He didn't even have a blanket or a pillow. He almost looked like a drunk man who passed out on the floor last night.

"A- alex?" she called out softly. What was he doing down there when there was a perfectly fine bed next to her? Could it be that he slept there the entire night?

The man finally moved. He opened his eyes and when their eyes met, he was quick to look away. He sat up before he stood up and walked closer to her. His hair was messy but he still looked breathtaking although she noticed that his eyes looked seemingly empty.

Alex reached out his hand to touch her but he retracted it midway, surprising Abi. He clenched his fist before he put his hands inside his pockets, as if to hide them from her.

"Are you okay?" he asked. His voice was soft but Abi could feel something was off with him.

"Mm. I'm fine." She nodded, her eyes never leaving his face. "You're the one who saved me last night, right?" she asked a while later when Alex didn't speak.

But Alex looked away and said, "no".

Abi's eyes slightly widened upon hearing his answer. She pressed her lips tight before she spoke.

"I heard your voice. And... I saw you," she told him firmly and Alex's gaze flew back to her face. He looked surprised for a moment but after a while, a cold, mocking smile slightly curved on his face.

"So, you saw it all then, huh?" he murmured. He laughed bitterly as his eyes grew dimmer.

Abi subconsciously reached out to touch him but to her surprise, Alex stepped backward away from her. Her hand was left hanging in mid air as she looked at him in shock.

"All of these things are happening to you because of me, Abigail," he suddenly said roughly, angrily. "You should have run away from me before all these things happened to you…" he trailed off and Abi felt like something squeezed her heart.

She shook her head and uttered. "I already told you, I won't run away."

Alex averted his gaze again, slowly shaking his head.

For some reason she couldn't figure out, she felt like Alex was being tormented. Why did she feel as if she wasn't the one who needed him the most right now, but that he was the one who needed her more?

Reaching her hands out again, Abi looked intently at him. "Come here, Alex, let me hold you," she told him. Her voice was as gentle as an angel's. "Please… I want to hold you."

"Abigail, you should be angry with me right now or terrified of me by now!" his voice became a little louder even though he was clearly suppressing himself. "This is the second time that you've been… why are you stil– Stay right there!"

Abi forced herself to stand up. Her knees still felt a little numb but she felt she had to. She ignored his order and continued to get up until he was forced to move closer to put her back on the bed.

"Damn it, Abigail, why are you so –"

Alex couldn't continue his words again because Abi quickly wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. She didn't say a word and just embraced him wordlessly.

When she pulled away, she looked up at his face as she searched for his hands. But Alex lifted them up away from her reach, not letting her touch them.

"Don't touch them, Abigail," he said.

"Why… are they trembling?" Abi asked as she saw them shaking.

"I don't know. But I think they just need to be covered with more blood," he replied, as he looked at Abi intently, probably waiting for her horrified reaction.

But to his surprise, Abi reached out and held them in her hands before she brought them closer to her face.

Chapter 157 Fallen

Abigail brought Alex's hands to her face. She looked up at him intently and before she knew it, she brought his hands to her lips.

Alex froze in shock the instant he felt her soft lips land on the back of his hand. He was utterly dumbstruck. What was she doing? Kissing his hand like that

"Oh look, they stopped shaking!" she suddenly exclaimed, jolting the man back to reality. He looked at his hands and his eyes widened seeing that they had indeed stopped trembling. His lips could only part in disbelief. What was going on? How could just a simple peck like that stop his hands from trembling? This was ridiculous!

"You… do you have magic powers or something?" he muttered, looking at her in disbelief, causing Abi to chuckle.

"How I wish that was true. But maybe I do have a little when it comes to you?" she teased but deep within her she thought back to the many times she wished she had a super power or magic so she could magically cure herself, so she could magically live longer, so she could stay with him until she was grey and wrinkly.

Alex stared at his hands again, pulling it away from her to see if it would start trembling again but it didn't. A half-smile subconsciously formed on his face. He didn't know what was going on with him anymore. When he saw her lying on the ground last night, his world turned dark, so dark that he couldn't breathe. Even though he was supposed to be used to this darkness, to this bleak loneliness, the moment he saw her lying there, seemingly lifeless, he lost himself and he trembled in… fear.

Fear. One of the feelings he had long forgotten or maybe one that he forcefully buried long ago had been awakened by her.

Abi caught his hand again before she pulled him and embraced him once more. It was then that a nurse entered. She saw that Abi had woken up and she left but then came back a few minutes later carrying a tray of food which was good for two. It seemed that Zeke had arranged everything before he left last night.

After setting up the food on the table, the nurse asked if they needed anything else. Abi shook her head and told the nurse that it was okay for her to leave. The nurse politely nodded and left the two alone.

Alex immediately sat on her bedside, facing her, before he quietly opened the small bowl of soup for her.

"Stop staring at me and pay attention to your food," he said casually, not looking into her eyes. Abi was forced to tear her eyes off him and picked up her spoon. She scooped some of the soup and blew on it three times. But instead of putting it inside her mouth, she brought the spoon close to Alex's lips.

A scowl instantly appeared on Alex's face. "You're the one who's injured here, Abigail," he told her,? clearly displeased.

"But you're the one who doesn't look alright," she retorted and Alex looked at her in surprise. He fell silent for a while before he held her wrist, trying to move the spoon back towards her lips.

"I'm fine. I am just thinking about something."

"What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about what I should do with you."

A short silence went by. Abi just stared at him in silence upon hearing his words. What he should do with her? What did he mean by that?

For some reason, Abi felt a little scared. She felt like whatever it was that he was thinking right now was not something she would want to happen. 'Don't tell me he's thinking about ending everything now…' she suddenly thought and Abi felt her heart tremble.

"Abigail, you have to eat." Alex took the spoon from her hand. He scooped up another spoonful, blew on it and held it close to her mouth. "Eat."

But Abi didn't open her lips. She gripped her shirt tightly as she looked at him.

"Y-you're not thinking about breaking up with me now, right?" she told him, straightforwardly. Even though she felt so scared about his answer, she still asked.

Alex halted. Her question obviously surprised him. He dropped his hand and put the spoon back in the bowl.

"If that's what I'm thinking of doing, would you agree?" he asked, his gaze intent.

Abigail shook her head. "No. I won't agree to it," she replied without hesitation.

Alex lifted his hand and was about to caress her cheek but he halted midway and simply asked her, "So you still want to stay with me? Even after all this?"

Abi caught his hand and placed it on her cheek. She looked him straight in the eyes and simply said, "Yes."

"Why? Why do you still want to stay with me despite everything that has happened to you because of me?"

His eyes were genuinely looking for an answer and Abi could see it. Why? She had asked herself those questions before. At first, she thought it was all because she was desperate to fulfil her wishes, but she soon realized it wasn't all because of that. She had fallen in love with him, so deeply that she had started praying every night for a miracle to happen, because she wanted time to love him more. She wanted to love him forever but she would be happy even if it was just for 50 more years.

She didn't know when her feelings started to develop. Was it the moment when he kissed her for the first time? Was it that day when he fulfilled many of her wishes at once? Was it when he became a props man during the play? Or was it when he met her family? Abi didn't know exactly when it started, but the more she thought about all the things that she had experienced with him, her heart filled with so much love that she was afraid it would explode like a time bomb.

She wanted to tell him about this amazing feeling in her chest. She wanted to tell him how much she adored him, how much she loved him but...

What would happen once she said it?
Chapter 158 Ten more days left

Abi stared into Alex's eyes. She was scared. She remembered that night when she first met him. She remembered how that girl had confessed her feelings to him in that cold garage and what was worse was that she remembered how he said 'it's over' after he heard her confession.

However, Abi felt that Alex had changed since that fateful day. He was still cold most of the time but Abi felt that even though he might not have said it out loud, deep inside he cared about her. He never hurt her and he even willingly went so far as to fulfill all the things she requested. Even though he kept saying that he would punish her, his punishments weren't punishments at all. He treated her nicely and his actions showed that he cared about her wellbeing. He was no longer the cold-hearted Alexander Qin she met in that garage. But despite it all, it looked like confessing her feelings to him still scared her more than what she thought. What should she do? Should she tell him?

Abigail's silence made Alex's brows knot.

He sighed as he stared deeply into her eyes. He opened his lips again but before he could speak, a knock drew their attention towards the door.

"Did I disturb you guys? Sorry..." Kai scratched the back of his neck as he looked at them. "I just have something important to tell you right now, Alex."

Alex glanced at him before he retracted his hand from hers.

"Eat now, Abigail," he ordered and he stood up but Abi caught his wrist, stopping him.

"Come back, okay?" she told him, her eyes pleading with him. She seemed scared about something and Alex thought it was her fear for her safety that was making her act that way. Little did he know that she was scared about something completely different.

"I will," he assured her and Abi finally let him go.

The next day, because Abi's wounds were superficial, Alex was allowed to bring Abi back home which made Abi feel relaxed. He didn't leave her side at all which made Abi incredibly happy.

Although her wounds were still pretty fresh, she had recovered some of her strength so she was again feeling quite energetic.

However, Alex seemed a little indifferent. His mind seemed to always be running, calculating almost, and she wondered what it was that he was thinking about. Despite him being by her side, Abi couldn't help but feel uneasy.

It was already dark when Abi went downstairs to look for him. The others weren't home and it seemed like they were not coming back any time soon. She saw Alex sitting by the fireplace, as usual, and she walked over him.

She stood before him, blocking his gaze which was focused on the intense flames.

The man was wearing his usual long grey robe which revealed a portion of his chiseled chest. Just like her, he had just finished taking a shower so his hair was still damp.

His gaze travelled upwards until their eyes met.

Without waiting for him to ask, Abi threw herself into his embrace and sat on his lap. She took his hands and wrapped them around her waist. She badly wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say. Alex had been too quiet lately and she didn't know what to do.

"Uhm… Alex?" she called out his name after a while, turning to look at his face. The moment she turned, their faces were so close that their noses even brushed against each other.

Abi's heart jumped but she didn't pull away. Instead, she planted a gentle kiss on his lips. It really had become so natural for her to do this kind of thing; kissing him whenever she had the chance. She just wanted to distract him from whatever it was that was lingering in his mind.

She pulled away and looked into his eyes. She moved closer again, intending to kiss him deeper this time but Alex gently caught her face and stopped her.

"How many days left in our 31 day deal?" he suddenly asked, causing Abi to blink at him.

Now that he asked, Abi's lips parted upon realizing the answer.

"There's… only 10 more days from tomorrow," she answered quietly. Her voice had become so weak that her words were almost a murmur. That was right, she had forgotten about this.

"How many of your requests still remained unfulfilled?" he asked again and Abi couldn't help but feel nervous. Why was he asking her these things?

"There are still 15 items left."

"So I have 5 debts as of now, huh? Tell me what they are and I'll fulfill them in one go tomorrow."

Abi abruptly changed her position. She straddled him so she could face him properly. Her eyes were wide with surprise as she looked at him.

"What? You're not happy with what I said?" Alex frowned upon seeing her reaction.

"I… I am, but…"


Abi was suddenly tongue tied. Why was it that she felt more scared than happy?

No… she shouldn't be acting like this. She should be thankful right now that Alex was willing to fulfill the remainder of her wishes. She should be happy because it seemed like he wasn't thinking about ending their relationship just yet and was willing to see it through. That was more than enough, right? After ten more days, she was going to leave him so she didn't have the right to act unhappy right now. This was enough. At least she still had ten more days to hold him and love him with everything she had. Ten more days before this beautiful dream would come to an end.

Abi suddenly hugged him tight as she mumbled. "I'm sorry, I was just a little surprised." She tried her best to smile as she hugged him. "I will show you my list later."

After a long while of silence...

"Alex, this little fruit wants to kiss you," she told him as she pulled away and Alex finally smiled.

"What kind of kiss? Is it a peck on the lips again?"


"Then what? Tell me first." It seemed that the usual Alex was finally slowly coming back.

"The deep one?" She blushed but she didn't shy away anymore which made Alex's lips twitch as his smile deepened.

With teasing eyes, he lifted his head and in the next second, her lips landed on his.

Chapter 159 On my own

Abi slowly pushed her tongue inside his mouth. Even though she was still quite a novice, she kissed him so passionately that he couldn't resist wanting more. Her kisses were sweet and warm, so warm that Alex felt his world melting around him.

He responded to her, kissing her back in his own slow pace while his hands stayed still and didn't wander around. He was truly tamed at that moment, almost like a well-behaved little dragon in her arms.

Their kiss deepened but remained slow and gentle. Abi felt her heart fill with overflowing emotions as she kissed him. She then intertwined her tongue with his, and their tongues twirled around as if they were suddenly playing a game, something she never imagined was possible. She became more energised as she played tag with his tongue until she needed to catch a breath. Her face was flushed and she realised that she was quite enjoying herself.

"You learn really fast, little lamb. That was not bad," Alex finally spoke and opened his eyes to look at her.

Abi looked at him and was pleased to hear his praise.

Alex watched the rosy glow that surrounded her and his eyes landed on her puffed up lips. After a few seconds' break, Abi moved to kiss him again but Alex's playful attitude slowly disappeared as he held her shoulders, stopping her advance.

"Stop seducing me, Abigail. You know you're still unwell," he told her strictly, his gaze full of warning.

"S-seduce? I'm not trying to seduce you, Alex." Abi shook her head. "I didn't even lick my lips."

"No, you didn't… but kissing me like that… you might awaken the little monster so don't go any further."

Abi blinked at him and then, she blushed.

"But your little monster is already…" she pressed her lips tight as she hesitantly looked down. Well, she had felt something hard pressing on her down there since she kissed him a while ago.

Alex followed her line of sight and it was then that he realized that he was already rock hard.

"F*ck!" he cursed as he threw his head back and pinch the skin between his brows. This girl was truly changing his body. How could he get a hard on so easily with just a simple kiss before he even realized it?!

"I… It's okay, I will help you with it," Abi offered and Alex smirked at her in disbelief. He half bit his lips sexily as he stared at her but a moment later, he shook his head.

"No, you're still unwell and weak."


"No buts, Abigail. He will calm down on his own once you stop straddling him." Damn! He couldn't believe he was torturing himself again, but this girl had suffered enough because of him. He couldn't possibly tire her again just to relieve his lust… but… but this was her fault too!

Damn it, Alex! Take a hold of yourself!

"R-really? Are you sure?" Abi asked him and she even looked worried as she kept glancing at his bulge. She didn't see his face that night when she had read that book to him in her room but now that she was looking at his face, why did he seem extremely uncomfortable? Was he in pain? "You look like you're in pain."

Heaving a sigh, Alex's hand moved to her waist and he made her kneel on the chair, with him still between her legs. He looked up at her with a serious gaze. She had managed to tame his little brother that night but this time Alex could feel that it wasn't possible. He was too hard, maybe because this was the longest amount of time that he hadn't been relieved since the last time she 'helped' him.

His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he stared at her. It was really taking his everything to stop himself, to just hold himself back. This girl had no idea at all how she was driving him insane!

"Alex… uhm… if… it's really okay with me. If it's just this once, my hand… I think I have enough energy to help you," she told him and Alex closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, his gaze was intense.

"No, the doctor said to let you rest. I'll relieve myself on my own."

Abi's widened at hearing his words. "O-on your own?!"

She looked really surprised and confused. That's right, he remembered that this girl had never touched herself.

"Do you want to see me do it?" he suddenly said. Damn, why did he say that?!

Alex never did that in front of anyone before but the moment those words left his mouth, his member hardened even more, causing him to groan. He cursed again inwardly. The thought of having Abigail watching him as he tried to relieve himself? turned him on so much.

Alex undid the tie of his robe and she felt his hand move. Abi swallowed as she looked down and saw his little brother. W-why did it look like it became even bigger?

Abi immediately looked at his face, her face a dark shade of crimson from embarrassment.

Alex looked serious as he stared at her. His eyes glimmered and he started to sweat. He was utterly alluring and sexy.

He lifted his left hand and rested it just below her ear. "I can't tire you out so all you have to do is kiss me, okay?" he told him in a very seductive, husky voice and Abi could only nod. He slowly pulled her face down with his left hand moving from her shoulders towards her head. As their lips collided Abi felt his other hand start moving below her but she didn't dare look! She just focused on his mouth, kissing him passionately.

They stayed like that for a while until Alex pulled away from their kiss. His breathing became ragged as he licked her face.

"Ah… Abigail. I need you," he groaned, pulling her in again and kissing her again. Then, he pulled away again as he groaned. This time, he threw his head back a little, his hand still moving below him, and Abi had a clear view of his face. Her lips parted as she fell in a daze, watching his face as he closed his eyes in pleasure.

He slowly opened his eyes again and locked his eyes on hers before he suddenly yanked her down, kissed her neck and sucked it hard before he finally exploded.
Chapter 160 Nightmare

Abi couldn't take her eyes off Alex. That look of pain mixed with pleasure and his uninhibited expressions were so intense that Abi was mesmerized. She felt herself get hot just by watching the look on his face.

Alex's hand on her nape moved to her face as he gazed up, still breathing heavily. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers before he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.

Seeing that Abi was in a daze, he couldn't help but smile inwardly. He couldn't believe what he just did and… even worse was that he couldn't get enough of it. He wanted her!

Heaving another deep breath, Alex donned his robe and lifted her up.

"My little brother is fine now. So go and get some rest now," he said as he walked towards the stairs with her in his arms.

After some time, Abi finally came back to her senses and stared at him.

"I didn't know that… you can tame the l-little big monster yourself," she suddenly said and Alex halted in his tracks for a moment.

"I usually can't. Tonight was an exception, probably because you were kissing me," he unexpectedly answered her straightforwardly, causing Abi's cheeks to burn again.

By this time, the man had entered her room and placed her on the bed. He then tucked her in before he left to get cleaned up.

When he came back, Alex immediately asked her about her remaining 15 requests.

Abi peeked at him from her notebook.

"Hmm… let's stay up all night," she said and Alex raised a brow.

"And what would we do to stay up?" he asked. There was hint of mischief in his voice.

"Hmm… anything? Shall we take turns to say what we want to do to keep us awake? Or should we have a movie marathon?"

Alex finally smirked. "Sure, staying up all night would be interesting. I have a lot of ideas that could make us stay awake, all night long. But not tonight, little fruit… you must rest early tonight."

Abi pursed her lips. She scanned at her list and it was too bad because all the remaining things on her list couldn't be done inside a room.

"I… I will tell you the requests tomorrow. Don't worry, we don't need to go anywhere far this time." She smiled and she closed her notebook.

"Fine, now go to sleep."

Abi stared at him for a while until she finally drifted to sleep. Alex didn't leave her room. He simply stood up, turned the light off and walked towards her window. The moon was shining brightly that night.

Alex's eyes were focused on the dark empty space, lost in his thoughts again. He stood there for an immeasurable amount of time, as if he had turned into a motionless statue.

Hours had gone by before he finally moved from his spot. His eyes fell on the girl's bed but as he was about to head over, he suddenly paused, as if something- a passing thought, perhaps - stopped him. The next moment, he silently walked towards the door. He pulled the door open and was about to step out when he heard Abi groaning in her sleep. He scowled as he looked at her.

Seeing that she was moving around, he walked closer and turned on the bedside lamp. He saw her sweating and her brows were creased so tightly.

"Abigail," he called out softly. It was clear that she was having a nightmare.

He stretched out his hand and held her arms as he tried to wake her up.

"Abigail!" he called out again but the girl just thrashed on the bed as she gasped. Alex's heartbeat began to beat wildly in panic. "Abigail, wake up!"

Gladly, the girl's eyes finally opened, her eyes wide as she gasped for air.

"Abigail, are you alright?" he asked, his tone revealing his panic. Abi's eyes slowly moved from the ceiling to Alex. She was dazed for a moment before she suddenly reached out and teared up a little.

Alex hugged her tight. "What's wrong? A nightmare?" he asked softly as he caressed her head, trying to calm her down.

Abi just nodded but her body started to shiver slightly. Alex grip on her tightened. He could tell that she was terrified. What kind of nightmare did she have to make her react like this?

"It's okay, don't be scared. I'm right here," he whispered as he caressed her gently. He didn't really know what to do. He had never coaxed anyone in his life. He used to not even care at all even when someone he knew was dying before his eyes. He used to just watch heartlessly because he didn't feel anything at all. But now, here he was panicking at the slightest thing that happened to this girl.

He forced himself to think and he was glad that he immediately remembered all the things that Abi did to him to calm him down. He remembered how she always calmed him down with her embrace, so he copied her and did the same. He slowly shook his head as he thought about all these things that he was now doing that he never thought he would ever do for anyone, not even for himself.

Abi's shivering frame slowly calmed down as she came back to her senses. She heard Alex's soft voice and felt his gentle caress and the fear in her heart slowly subsided. She never had a nightmare as horrifying as the one she just had. And she didn't know why but it felt so real. This was the first time Alex appeared in her dreams, but it didn't turn out to be a dream; it was a nightmare so terrifying that she was afraid to sleep again. Why did she have such a nightmare? Why did Alex look like that in her dream?

She felt so terrified even though she knew that it was just a nightmare and that it wasn't real.