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Chapter 306 Pregnancy Symptoms 1

"My love..." I heard a familiar voice calling out by my side, it was my husband’s voice. "It is time to get up and eat." His sweet tone helped me open my heavy eyelids.

"W-What time is it?" I asked groggily, rubbing my eyes, and looking around the room.

I was slowly orienting myself after my heavy nap. When I looked around the room, I remembered that we are checked-in in an inn at a village we passed by in our journey east of Alvannia.

"It is half past eight my love." Regaleon rubbed my cheeks gently. "You had a long nap. I was reluctant to wake you up, looking at your lovely and peaceful sleeping face." He smiled at me.

"I slept that long?" I was a little surprised, but I guess it is to be expected.

I am currently carrying Regaleon’s child in my belly, our child. I have at least learned the first signs of pregnancy symptoms, and that is fatigue and becoming always sleepy. It was clear that I was now experiencing such symptoms.

"You must have been very tired in our journey." Regaleon looked at me worriedly. "At least you had a good nap. It is time to eat now. Tricia had brought our dinner here."

When Regaleon mentioned food, I felt hungry and my stomach made a low grumble. Regaleon and I are the only ones inside the room and so the interior was quiet. The grumbling of my stomach was faintly heard.

"Hehehe." Regaleon chuckled handsomely. I felt quite embarrassed but also irritated.

"you do not need to laugh at me." I scolded my husband and lightly slapped his shoulder with irritation. "I am quite hungry you know, so I cannot help it." I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks.

"I know, I know." Regaleon tried to stop his laughter. "I would not want to be at the receiving end of your irritation because of your hunger, so come here and let us eat."

Regaleon stood up and offered his hand to me. I took it and slowly got up from the bed. We walked over the small table took our respective seats.

At the table were steaming food. It was a regular menu with meat, vegetables, and soup. Just looking at the food made me even hungrier.

Regaleon and I offered a prayer of thanks and started eating. We both ate in silence at first, but after some time I heard noised coming from outside.

"Why do you think it is noisy outside?" I asked Regaleon just to start a conversation while eating.

"Oh, that..." Regaleon replied and took a bite of his food. "Our men are just busy doing the orders I have given."

"Orders?" I looked at him curiously and took a sip of my soup. "This late at night?"

’Should you not let your men at least have a good night’s rest?’ I thought to myself and giggled internally.

Regaleon is a good leader, but sometimes he can be a tyrant towards his men and his enemies.

"It is because some pest came inside the village not too long ago." Regaleon said and drank some water from his glass after.

"Pests you say?" I was curious more and more. "What kind of pests?"

"Pests that needs to be exterminated swiftly or else they would multiply cause a problem for the country." Regaleon said nonchalantly.

I tilted my head, still wondering what kind of pests Regaleon was talking about. He looked quite irritated after taking about those pests.

"Finish your food first, then I will tell you what happened." Regaleon said with a handsome smile. His pearly white teeth flashed beautifully.

I was caught of guard with his beautiful smile and so my curiosity died down.

"O-Okay." I continued eating in peace.

After eating, Regaleon had recounted everything that happened when I was asleep. I was shocked to know that bandits tried to raid this already worn down village.

It was lucky that our group was currently staying here right now. If not, I am afraid that the villagers would have experienced such horror. I have heard how these notorious bandits did their raids, murder and rape were among their crimes.

Regaleon was quick witted to devise a plan in such short time. And to think that all of this happened when I was asleep peacefully.

"And this all happened when I was asleep?" I asked dumbfounded. "I was not even woken up by the noise of the battle." I am a little worried that I was so deep into my sleep that I was not woken up with the faint noise coming from the battle ensuing a while ago.

"Well the location where the battles took place where a little far from here." Regaleon said as a matter of fact. I have an inkling that Regaleon really planned that the battle took place far from where I was.

"But still, some noise could have at least been heard from here." I said while pouting my lips. I felt quite irritated that I was not able to wake up when danger was so close.

My fatigue and tiredness caused me to sleep so deeply. Before, I was quick to wake up with even a faint of noise, but now I was not awoken and continued sleeping. I was already having second thoughts on telling Regaleon of my pregnancy. Staying here out in the open can be dangerous for me and the baby.

’I still have time.’ I thought to myself.

This journey would only take three weeks at maximum to complete. If there are no other problems to hinder us, then I can tell Regaleon about my pregnancy after obtaining the two key fragments we set out to get.

"It is okay." Regaleon patted my head to appease me. "You looked quite exhausted and I planned to finish exterminating the pest before you woke up."

Come to think of it, I took a nap at about five in the afternoon and woke up half past eight in the evening. In just three and a half hours, Regaleon was able to defeat the bandit group that threatened this village. He was quite amazing to accomplish such a thing.

’Well, I think this was easy compared to the battles and wars he has fought.’ I thought.

Regaleon was really such a great person. He was a good leader and tactician, and at another side he is a loving and wonderful husband. I was so proud to be his wife. Now that I am carrying the future heir of the empire, I should be more careful about my body.

’This is something that I must do as his wife and a future mother.’ I thought, stroking my belly gently.

"It is safe outside, correct?" I asked.

"Yes." Regaleon nodded. "I have swept the area clean of any pests." He grinned and I giggled.

"Then can we take a walk outside?" I asked. "I need to burn some of the food we just ate."

I had eaten more than the ordinary servings I usually finish. I guess the saying that pregnant women are eating for two.

"Of course." Regaleon replied. "Come, let us go."

Regaleon and I walked hand in hand. We descended from the second floor of the inn and have gone outside. The area was quite noisy, with people buzzing around. The villagers were also around together with our men.

"Look, it is the young master."

"Yes, he is the one that helped us."

"Thank you, young master for saving us."

"Please accept our humble gift as thanks."

The villagers swarmed around us in an instant. They are offering food, drinks, and travel necessities. I was quite surprised with their warm feelings.

"This must be the young master’s wife."

"They are quite the good looking couple."

"Young madam, please accept this as a humble thanks from us. It is not much, but it will keep you warm on the road."

An old lady wrapped me with such a beautiful scarf. The cloth was so smooth that I liked the feeling of it.

"Now, now, please do not swarm around our young master." Chris was quick to approach with a few of the men. They gently pushed away the villagers that were giving their thanks.

"I am happy to accept this as a token of your appreciation." I replied hastily to the old woman.

I felt that Regaleon and I were being ushered away towards a less crowded area.

"Sorry for that. Were you startled?" Regaleon asked in a worried tone.

"No, I am fine." I smiled as reply.

We walked around the village streets that was quiet. The stars were shining brightly in the night sky. While Regaleon and I were walking hand in hand, I saw Brad from a distance.

"Brad." I called out to him.

"Your majesties." Brad had a broad smile after seeing us. His smile reminded me of Jack’s carefree smile. They were similar to one another.

"Did you get a good nap?" Brad asked with a joyful tone.

"Yes, and to think all of that happened when I was still asleep." I said. Brad and I both giggled.

After some chatting with Brad and laughing with his stories, he now changed into a more serious face and looked at Regaleon.

"Um, your majesty." Brand said with a respectful tone. "May I ask something?"

"Of course." Regaleon replied. Brad might have made a good impression on Regaleon in the fight against the bandits.

"Me and my men would like to serve as your escort in your journey." Brad said solemnly and bowed. "Of course, it is free of charge. Now that the notorious bandits have been annihilated, we have some free time on our hands."

Regaleon was silent for a few second and then replied. "I will be happy to accept your offer. Having a few additional hands is quite a welcome."

Brad looked up with a wide smile on his face. "Thank you, your majesty. Thank you very much. It is such an honor to serve you."

"Then I will be counting on you." Regaleon extended his hand for a handshake.

"Yes, of course." Brad took and they shook hands.

I was happy to see that Regaleon has gained another loyal person to be by his side.

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Chapter 307 Pregnancy Symptoms 2

After we spent the night at the village, we departed before daybreak. Brad and the other mercenaries under his command accompanied us in the journey of searching for the key fragments. It was refreshing to know that we have gained allied in this quest.

Four days have passed by since we departed the village and we were getting nearer to our destination. The location of the first key fragment we are tasked to get was in a place near the ocean. That said, it was lucky that the key fragment was not included in the area where Atlantia have sank to the bottom of the sea.

’But the forbidden magic is found under water.’ I sighed remembering that the forbidden magic also sank into the depths of the sea with Atlantia.

"Let us take a short break." Regaleon said to the group.

I was about to doze off in his arms while riding when he immediately ordered the group to rest.

"Chris, find a good spot to take a rest and where we could have our lunch." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris bowed and swiftly did what he was ordered to do.

In no time, Chris was able to find a good spot with huge trees that can gives us good shade from the harsh sun. In fact, I was feeling quite faint with the heat.

Regaleon slowly got down of the horse and he helped after.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon said in worry.

"I am fine." I lied with a smile. I might be looking horrible seeing Regaleon looking at me with worry.

"Come and seat here." Regaleon took off his cape and laid it down the grassy ground for me to seat on. He helped me down and pressed his palm on my forehead. "You feel a little hot. I will call the medic to look at you." He was about to get up when I grabbed his hand to stop him.

"No!" I said rather forceful. Regaleon looked at me quite confused with my sudden action. "I mean, Anatalia can look into me." I hurriedly made an excuse.

Regaleon sighed and stood up slowly. "Alright. I will go and look for her. William, please watch over her for me please. I also need to have a word with Chris."

"Of course, your majesty." William stepped in and bowed as affirmation.

When Regaleon was away, William looked at me questioningly.

"You do not look quite good, your majesty." William said and sighed. "In your state, this is not the place for you to be."

"I know Will." I replied. "I think I have to tell him rather earlier than planned. I know that my body is quickly changing."

I know my own body quite well. And with the start of the pregnancy syndromes, I am sure that I cannot hide this from Regaleon for too long.

"It is best that you tell his majesty as soon as possible." William looked at me in his big brother persona. "As your best friend, I suggest you tell him right away or this could be an issue in your relationship in the future."

"Thank you Will." I smiled, thanking that I can count on William with this kind of situations.

Not long has past when we saw Anatalia hopping towards us. "You called for me Alicia?" She asked. "You do not look so good." Her eyebrow scrunched after looking at me.

"Yes, well that is why I called for you." I smiled. "Can you do a quick check-up on me?"

"Of course." Anatalia smiled brightly and took my pulse. She looked quite serious when doing so, it was like she became more mature than she looked. ’Well she said she is twenty-five years old already. But she still acts like a twelve-year-old in her gestures.’ I giggled internally.

Anatalia finished feeling my pulse and sighed. "What are you feeling now Alicia?" She asked.

"Well, I feel quite fatigued lately. I also get dizzy, maybe because of the heat." I said.

"How about vomiting?" Anatalia asked.

"Not yet." I shook my head in reply.

"Hmm... it looks like I was wrong with my first assumption on how far you are in your pregnancy." Anatalia said. "You are probably five and going on to six weeks by now."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Well, it means that your pregnancy symptoms will probably kick in and in full blast." Anatalia said. "What you are experiencing now are just the early symptoms. You will probably feel more symptoms in the upcoming days."

Anatalia’s words was like a huge rock coming down on me. It just means that I cannot hold off telling Regaleon about my pregnancy any longer.

"I think it would be best if you tell your partner about the pregnancy." Anatalia said. "You are in the first weeks of pregnancy and is the most crucial parts. You need ample rest to ensure that you will not lose the baby."

’Lose the baby?" I thought to myself. ’ I have been selfish, just because I wanted to be by Regaleon’s side. I neglected the safety of our baby.

I knew that the baby inside of me was strong, but I was still neglectful as a mother to not think of his safety.

"It is okay Alicia." William held my shoulders lightly to comfort me. I looked at him with worry in my eyes. "If you tell his majesty now, I am sure he would go home with you in an instant. The quest for the key fragments will fall in Captain Chris’ capable hands."

William really was my best friend. He clearly knew my intentions even though I have kept it all to myself. He really was such a dependable friend to be with.

"Do not worry, I will also cover for you." Anatalia raised her hand as if she does not want to be left out. "Only the three of us knows this, so we can just tell him that you only knew today."

I giggled looking at Anatalia’s joyful face, even though she knew we would probably lie if we told Regaleon that.

"No." I shook my head. "I will tell him the truth. I do not want to lie to him."

Regaleon and I are husband and wife. At best, I do not want to lie any longer. I will confess to him why I hide my pregnancy. I am afraid that he would get angry, but I am sure we can work on this.

"How is my wife?" Out of the blue, we heard Regaleon’s voice. He just came back from talking with Chris.

"Oh, um well..." Anatalia was looking at me. "It is probably the best if Alicia tells it to you personally. So, I am off." She smiled and quickly walked away.

"I will also take my leave your majesty." William bowed. "You and her majesty need to talk in private." He said straight forwardly.

William silently left us alone. Regaleon was both confused and worried at the same time.

"Is there a problem my love?" Regaleon looked at me worriedly.

"L-Leon, we need to talk." I said with nervousness.

"What is it?" Regaleon said and sat on the ground facing me. He held my hand and solely caressed them. "You can tell me anything."

"Well you see... ummm... its because I..." I was certain I would tell him about the pregnancy now, but my words started to jumble in my mouth.

"Take it slowly my love." Regaleon said as he caressed my cheek. "Take a deep breath and start again."

I took Regaleon’s advice and took a deep breath. After that I looked at Regaleon firmly.

"My love..." I started. "I am pregnant." I told him at last.

The words I was hiding from him for a week was now out of the bag. Regaleon at first was clearly shocked, but then a wide smile formed from his beautiful lips.

"You are pregnant... really?!" Regaleon cannot contain his excitement any longer. I nodded at him in reply. "My god, Alicia... this is the best day of my life." He quickly pulled me into his embrace.

I can feel his happiness brimming out. He was so happy to know that we have conceived a child in such a short time.

"So that is why you did not look good." Regaleon said. "How are you feeling right now? Do you feel sick? I think it would be best if we go back to the capital of Alvannia right away. It is not good for you to be out in the open."

Regaleon’s tone was so excited, I can see he was so happy with the news. I am so guilty not telling him the first time I have known about my pregnancy.

"My love, I have something to confess." I said with a sad smile. "I have made a sin of not telling you about the pregnancy when I knew of it."

Regaleon looked at me with disbelief. "You knew? When?" He asked.

"After the battle with the mermaids." I said with a guilty conscience.

"It was... a week or so ago?" Regaleon said with a disbelieving tone. "That long, why did you not tell me?"

"I am sorry my love." I said and tears were rushing down my eyes, I was feeling such guilt of not telling him. "I was selfish. I do not want to tell you in believing that you would send me back to the capital and you will continue the quest to search for the key fragments. It is my fault, I do not want to part form you even for a second." Tears were overflowing from my eyes nonstop.

Regaleon wiped my tears with his thumb gently. But when I looked at his face, all I could see is hurt. I have hurt my husband.

"Do you not have trust in me?" Regaleon said with a bitter smile. "Do you think I would abandon you knowing that you are carrying my child, our child?" I can clearly see that I have hurt his feelings.

"I am sorry, Leon." I said also hurting. "I am at fault. Please, don’t get mad at me." I pleaded.

Regaleon sighed heavily and looked at me with sad eyes. "My Alicia, I am not mad you. I am just... hurt." His voice cracked. "This feeling of mine... will pass. I just need to take a walk."

Regaleon gave me a kiss in the forehead and stood up. My heart was racing, quickly grabbing his hand, preventing him from leaving. He patted my head and gently took off my hand holding his.

"Do not worry, I will not be long." Regaleon said. "I will call Tricia over to look after you."

I was not able to stop Regaleon from leaving. I knew what he said was true, but I was afraid of being left by him. My heart twisted in pain.

"This is my fault. I have hurt him." I said while clenching my hurting chest.

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Chapter 308 Couple’s First Quarrel 1

(Regaleon’s POV)

The time Alicia told me she was pregnant, it felt like I was on cloud nine. I was so happy and ecstatic, knowing that our love has borne fruit at last.

It was not long since the two of us had been married and we became an official couple. Yes, we did it probably every night after we got married, but to think we would be blessed with a child this early in our marriage made me very happy. We may still be young, but I am sure that with our parent’s guidance we would raise our child with outmost care and love.

Our parents had made mistakes when they started out, but that mistakes can tend to be lessons for us the next generation. I have promised to be a good father to my future children even before I met Alicia. The time I first laid eyes on her, I knew she was the suitable one to be my partner. And as time passed by, my feelings grew into love. I was fortunate to have won her love, I was happy to have her by my side.

But after Alicia mentioned that she kept the pregnancy a secret for about a week, I felt pain in my heart. She had carefully explained why she had done so, and I understood what she meant. But even so, I felt hurt that she has hidden such an important thing to me.

By the way she had explained, it was like she planned to tell me about the pregnancy after the quest for the key fragments was over.

’She was planning to keep from me for so long.’ I thought to myself. Thinking about it just made my heart hurt even more.

While walking, I caught sight of Tricia. I remembered that Alicia needed someone to take care of her in such a crucial time.

"Tricia." I called out to her.

"Yes, your majesty?" Tricia replied.

"Please go to my wife and take care of her." I said. "Do not leaver her side if I or William is not there with her, understand?"

"Yes?" Tricia looked confused with my order. She knew I was protective of my wife, but not this overprotective to not let Alicia be without an escort. "We just knew now that she is carrying our child." I smiled sadly. How I wished that we just knew of it now.

"Her majesty is expecting?!" Tricia’s face beamed with happiness. My first reaction when I knew about her pregnancy might be just like this. "I will be going to her majesty right away." She excused herself and rushed towards where Alicia was.

I sighed deeply and walked aimlessly once again. ’I need to go somewhere no one is around. Somewhere I could gather my thoughts.’

I walked without any destination in particular. My head was filled with thoughts of my wife and the news of her pregnancy.

"This should be a joyous event." I told myself. "But why am I hurting?"

I love my wife, that is the absolute truth. I think I just could not believe that she would keep her pregnancy from me.

"A week." I mumbled.

Alicia knew she was pregnant for a week. She knew she was pregnant with our child after we left the lake. We traveled for a week in horseback and felt the wind and heat of the sun.

"I think deep within me, I knew." I said. "I knew she was pregnant."

After the incident with the sirens, I was more protective of her. I thought that it was because of the danger she faced and how she got hurt. But maybe subconsciously, I knew that she needed outmost care.

Alicia had become overly fatigued in the past week. She was always sleeping in my arms when we were riding. Her complexion was also quite pale, she must have been feeling sick because of her pregnancy and she was dealing with it in our journey.

Thinking of it just made me hurt even more. She knew that she needed outmost care in her condition, but she have neglected to even talk to me about it. I understand that she did not want to part with me, but I would have left the mission to Chris and have gone with her back to the capital.

"Does she not trust me?" I buried my face in the palm of my hands. It really hurt me, with this one secret she kept from me.

"She does trust you." A familiar voice said. "I think it is just the hormones that makes it cloud her judgments." The voice came from Snow, Alicia’s familiar.

"Is that so?" I asked with a smile. She was just beside my foot, grooming herself. I did not even feel her arrival. She was great concealing her presence.

"Of course, I will know. I am familiar, and I am linked to her." Snow said and looked at me with a sharp eye. "And I will say, her mood swings are giving me the jitters. Right now, I can feel that she is in so much emotional pain."

After hearing Snow said that my wife was in pain, my body felt frozen in place. I did not want her to be in danger or in pain that is why I was so protective of her. The time she came back to my side, I have promised myself that I would take care of her and no harm will ever befall her. But now she was in pain, a bit emotionally. Both of us are now hurting.

"I understand that what my master had done was a pretty dumb move. It was not like to keep secrets from you." Snow said. "She is clearly regretting right now for not telling you. I would like to apologize on her behalf as well. But please understand, she is carrying and your child right now. What she needs is you to be by her side to support her, and not anyone else. What she needs right now is you."

Snow’s words struck like lighting, hitting my heart. It was true that Alicia had kept it a secret from me, and now she is clearly regretting it. I should also man up and accept her apology whole heartedly. My wife needs me by her side.

"Thank you Snow." I expressed my outmost gratitude with a smile.

"No worries." Snow said. "This should be your first quarrel as a married couple. Well, maybe the very first quarrel since you two have met, if I am not mistaken. So just go back to her now. It is not good for pregnant women to feel sad and cry."

"Thanks once again." I said and quickly strode back to where my wife was.

"Having my master feel terrible makes me feel terrible as well." I heard Snow said. "I helped you because her mood swings also affect me."

I chuckled hearing Snow’s words. She might spout cold words but her meaning behind it was warm and gentle. I know that she was also worried for Alicia. And because of her link with her, she might be the most worried out of all of us. She knows Alicia the best.

I quickly hurried back to where my wife was taking a rest. I saw her still seating on my cape and crying. Tears have stained her beautiful face and she was still sobbing hard. My heart felt pained seeing her in such pain, a pain I have inflicted on her.

Tricia was right beside her, trying to placate her sobs but to no avail. William was also trying to comfort her, but with no success.

I transitioned into a slow pace and carefully approached them.

"Tricia, William, can you two give us some time alone." I said gently. "I will take it from here.

Tricia and William both looked at me with a look of helplessness. They both tried to pacify my wife’s cries but without any success.

"Yes, your majesty." Tricia stood up and was the first one to leave. William followed not far from her.

When William passed by me and put his hand on my shoulder. He gave me a cold stare and I can feel his grip on my shoulder. "I understand how you are feeling your majesty, but in such a time what she needs is you. She needs you the most so please, do not leave her alone again. Because if you dare... I will take her away from you." He whispered with a clear threat.

I knew William’s threat was not hollow. It carried much weight that I cannot simply ignore. He maybe just a knight in ranking now, but he could have been a strong and wise duke. If I did not appear at Alicia’s birthday banquet that night, and did not steal her first dance, maybe she would have been the Duchess of Cunningham by now.

"I understand." I simple replied to William. "Be at ease, because I will never give you such an opportunity in the future."

’I might have wavered just now, but this will never happened again.’ I promised myself.

"Then go to her." William smiled wholeheartedly and patted my shoulders. "You are the only one that can pacify her." He then left to give Alicia and I space.

I looked at my wife who was still sobbing with her face buried in her palms. I kneeled before her and gently stroke the top of her head.

"My wife, I am here." I said to her with a gentle tone.

Alicia looked up and our eyes met. She was about to cry even more.

"Leon!" Alicia cried out my name and hugged me tightly. "I am sorry. I am so sorry."

Hearing her words melted the hurt and worries I had earlier. This woman in front of me was the one I chose, was the one I dear to me, was the one I loved the most.

I took her trembling body into my arms and embraced her.

"Hush now my love." I said gently and caressed her back to comfort her. "I am here. I will not leave you again, I promise."

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Chapter 309 Couple’s First Quarrel 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

"My wife, I am here." I said to her with a gentle tone.

Alicia looked up and our eyes met. She was about to cry even more.

"Leon!" Alicia cried out my name and hugged me tightly. "I am sorry. I am so sorry."

Hearing her words melted the hurt and worries I had earlier. This woman in front of me was the one I chose, was the one I dear to me, was the one I loved the most.

I took her trembling body into my arms and embraced her.

"Hush now my love." I said gently and caressed her back to comfort her. "I am here. I will not leave you again, I promise."

I can feel her warm body in my arms shivering. I let her cry and until all her sorrows have came out. Her quiet sobs were like small needles piercing my heart slowly and painfully.

After some time, her cries started to die down. She had calmed down and her body stopped shaking. I gently lifter her face to see her face.

"No." Alicia tried to refuse my advances. "I surely look haggard from crying she said.

"To me, you will always be my beautiful wife." I said with affection.

Alicia had let me see her face at least. I gently lifted her chin and saw her eyes swollen with her crying. On her cheeks were still some wet tears. I took out my handkerchief from pocket and gently wiped her tears away.

"See, you are still so beautiful." I said with all honesty. In my eyes, Alicia my wife, was the most beautiful woman in all the world.

"You are clearly teasing me." Alicia smiled at last.

"I am sorry for leaving you my love." I said and planted a kiss at the back of her hand. "I was momentarily blinded from the hurt I was feeling. I should have not left you when you needed me the most. Especially now, in your current condition."

Alicia shook her head. "You did not do anything wrong Leon. It was I that made the wrong decision. Please forgive me, my love." She said with such a remorseful look. "I should have told you the time I knew I was pregnant. You had the right to know. I was... I was just afraid to be parted with you. I do not know why, but that feeling of being separated from you is something I clearly dread about."

Alicia’s words were full of truth. She might have kept the pregnancy a secret but now she is clearly remorseful of what she had did. Maybe it is true, what Snow said. Pregnant women are prone to mood swings. I should be more understanding of her condition, more than ever.

"I understand my love." I kissed her forehead to show how much I trust and love her. "I promise, I will never leave your side. I will stay by your side."

"Thank you, Leon." Alicia rested her face on my chest, something that gave me relief.

I was happy that our issues have been resolved. I am now happy that we have made up.

Alicia pushed me gently away, looking a bit pale. She was holding her mouth looking nauseous.

"My love, are you okay?" I asked in worriment. She shook her head and quickly walked beside a tree just behind us and started throwing up.

I quickly stood by her side and put her hair up. I patted her back to give her some comfort. After she had thrown up, I gave her my handkerchief without any second thought.

"Thank you." Alicia replied graciously. She still looked a bit pale.

"Are you doing alright now?" I asked looking at her worriedly. I touched her cheeks with my palm, trying to gauge her temperature. "It is not good for you to out in the open like this. We should her to the port city and find lodging at once." I said.

"It is okay, they said this is normal in the first trimester of the pregnancy." Alicia replied with a smile.

"It is not okay for me." I said. "I will call Anatalia to look at you once again. She is the one that you want to look after you correct?" I asked.

"Yes." Alicia nodded. "I feel at ease with her."

I guess it is normal for pregnant woman to be at ease with female physician’s rather than male ones. Having Anatalia by Alicia’s side would probably the best course to take.

"Okay, I will be right back." I told her and kissed her forehead. "Sit here and wait for me."


Anatalia gave Alicia a thorough check up. Tricia and William have come back with me and are now standing by.

"It looks like you are over fatigue Alicia." Anatalia said with a serious face. "The crying also did not help in your situation. And you should not have given her something to worry about." She scolded.

"I am sorry." I was remorseful of my actions that made my wife felt this way.

"Hmph, thank the heavens that I am here. I can help you." Anatalia said with a proud face. "I have some herbs that can help you with the nausea and vomiting. But remember, it will only lessen the symptoms, it will not disappear entirely."

Anatalia took some herbs from my bag. She gave it to Tricia who was standing nearby.

"You can brew these herbs like how you brew tea leaves and give it to Alicia." Anatalia said.

"Is this good to be taken by pregnant women?" William asked.

"Do not worry, these herbs do not have any harmful substance that can affect the fetus." Anatalia said with a knowing tone. "In fact, it contains nutrients that will help the fetus grow strong. My kind has used these kinds of herbs many times in pregnancy. Us sirens have the same constitution as human women, so no need to worry." She replied skillfully.

I was relieved to know that we have someone that has knowledge on how to take care of pregnant women.

"It would be best if we can take her to a place where she could relax and feel safe." Anatalia looked at me. "Her body needs to rest. This travelling has made her body over fatigued."

"I understand." I replied. "After you have rested well, we will ride on Tempest so that we can get to the port city in no time.

By horse ride, it would take about four to five hours until we arrive at the port city. But with Tempest, it will only take half an hour to get there.

"We will take Tricia and Anatalia with us to take care of you and your needs." I added. "William, I am sorry if I cannot take you with us because there will be no space left for you."

At the moment, Tempest can only take a number of people along while travelling in the sky. I have chosen Tricia and Anatalia because they can take care of Alicia’s needs. For guard duty, of course I can do it myself. Now that my wife is pregnant, I do not want to leave her side even more.

"I understand your majesty." William said with a solemn face. "What is important right now is to take her majesty to somewhere safe and where she could take full rest."

"Thank you, William." I said graciously.

"I will be riding with Captain Chris and the group in haste to follow you." William said. "I will go right now to inform Chris of your plans."

"Yes." I said and patted William’s shoulders to show my gratitude.

"I am sorry my love." Alicia said. "I have become a burden to you." She said with a frown.

"You are never a burden to me my wife." I sat down beside her and held her hand. "On the contrary, you have me given so much happiness with you carrying our child."

I gently placed my hand over her belly. ’In here is the child that was born between me and Alicia’s love.’ I thought. My lips moved upwards into a gentle smile.

"Hehe, he or she is just a little apple seed now." Alicia said. She placed her hands over my hand that was holding her belly. "That was what I learned from the bridal lessons back in Jennovia."

Hearing Jennovia just let me remember that b*stard of a crown prince and his mother. They let Alicia take bridal lessons, thinking that they will marry her to that son of a b*tch.

"Even if he or she is still little as an apple seed or a grain, I will protect he or she with everything I have." I said with such deep emotions. "I will protect the both of you, I swear."

"I know." Alicia smiled sweetly. "Leon, I want to say sorry once again."

"How many times do you want to apologize?" I smiled teasingly.

"Until you say you forgive me." Alicia said. "I have done something wrong that made you feel hurt, and so I am asking for your forgiveness."

"Even though I told you that you do not need to apologize..." I said but my wife was staring at me persistently. "All right, I give in. I forgive you in one condition."

"And what is that?" Alicia looked at me with anticipation.

"Kiss me." I pointed my lips as for her to know where. Alicia clearly blushed and it made me happy seeing her react this way.

Alicia then took the first step and leaned closer to me. I see her close her eyes when our faces were just inches away. I also closed my eyes and felt the touch of her lips on mine.

What I am feeling right now was such bliss. The love of my life is now carrying the proof of our love.
Chapter 310 Port City of Veluria 1

Like Regaleon had planned, we traveled to the port city of Veluria on the back of Tempest. We are accompanied by Anatalia and Tricia, while the rest of the men in our group will continue in horseback and will probably arrived by late afternoon or early evening. Snow was also with us in her cat form, seating on my lap looking so carefree.

We were high in the sky traveling, for about ten minutes. I was able to see the sea now, meaning we are nearly in the port city.

"It has been a while since I have been in the port city of Veluria." I said.

"So, you have been here in the past?" Regaleon asked.

"Yes, it was a long time ago. Back when I was still young." I replied. "Our whole family came out here to greet and meet with the envoys of the country of Rabansi, a country beyond the seas to the east. It was courtesy because the envoy consists of royal family members from their country."

When I was little, I was able to visit this city with the royal family. As I recall, we travelled all the way from the capital to Veluria because of an important business. If I recall correctly, it was to receive and meet the envoys from the country beyond the seas towards the east. It was a business between the two countries to start trading with one another. It was so important for the royal family to be complete to let the foreigners see the strength and unity of the royal family of Alvannia back then.

"If I am correct, that meeting gave Alvannia such a good trading deal with Rabansi." Regaleon said.

Of course, Regaleon would know of political and business affiliations of Alvannia. Back then the relationship of Grandcrest and Alvannia was strained due to the great might of the former. But after my father got such a good trading partner from a foreign country, the country flourished with produces that were only obtains to trading from the eastern countries.

"Where would we stay once, we are in the city?" I asked curiously.

"I have sent word in advance to the vassal governing the port city of Veluria, Duke Destia." Regaleon replied. "You will need a proper place to rest to recover your energy. Once you are good to go, we can travel back to the capital of Alvannia and we will stay there for your first trimester until we can travel back to Grandcrest."

Anatalia had already told Regaleon the important things about pregnancy. Because the first trimester of pregnancy was the most crucial, I cannot travel long distances. That is why Regaleon planned to go back to the capital of Alvannia first which is the nearest. With Tempest as our mode of transportation, the travel from the port city towards the capital will only take five hours compared to going to the capital of Grandcrest that could take nearly fifteen hours as estimated. Traveling by sky was more efficient than by land that would take at least about a month or so from the capital of Alvannia to Grandcrest.

"So, we will be residing in Duke Destia’s estate." I said. "I recall that he has a son and a daughter. The daughter if I remember correctly, is the same age as me."

"I think you recalled correct." Regaleon said. "I was planning on going inside the port city incognito, but the plan changed when I knew of your pregnancy. I sent a carrier bird at once a few hours before our departure, so I am sure they are already expecting us."

"But Duke Destia is one of the lord vassals, so it is his job to host any of the members royal family that will be visiting." I said. "I remember that we also stayed in their manor the time we visited the port city in the past."

But I did not have any good memories in out stay there. That time I was still young and the black sheep of the royal family. I remember that the daughter of Duke Destia was friends with my stepsisters and she joined them in bullying me. Richard was still too young to take my side back then.

I remember that I was not permitted to leave the estate. My stepbrother and stepsisters were able to go and see the sea up close with father and stepmother, while I remained in the estate being lonely. The only friend I made back then was the duke’s son. He always accompanied me in the estate when my family left me there. He also always rescued me when he saw my stepsisters and his sister bullying me.

’Come to think of it, I do not recall his name.’ I thought. Duke Destia’s family did not attend any social gatherings in the capital, with the reason of his wife’s poor health.

"Duchess Destia died just recently due to her long-time ailing health." Regaleon muttered.

"Oh my, I did not know." I said. I did not hear any news that my aunt did not want me to know when I was in Jennovia. "I am sure to express my condolences when we arrive."

Just after a few minutes, the wide sea was clear before us. The dark blue hue of the waters reminded me of Regaleon’s deep blue eyes. I can also smell the salty air.

"Oh my, the sea!" Anatalia was so excited to see the sea. "It is my first time to see it in all of my life."

It was sad to think that a siren of Anatalia’s age have never seen the sea before. The sea should be the sirens home.

"Once the war is over, why not take the other sirens here." I said to Anatalia with a smile.

"Really, can we?" Anatalia’s eyes were sparkling.

"Of course, you are free to chose where you live." Regaleon was the one to reply. "I promise to protect your kind and I will do so."

"Thank you, thank you." Anatalia said with an exciting tone.

Tempest started top descend slowly. The location of our landing was an open area in Duke Destia’s estate. Their manor was located top of a cliff overlooking the sea, it has a breathtaking view.

"Hold on tight." Tempest gave us a warning before making a landing.

The landing was rough, but we landed on the ground safely. Servants were already standing by near our landing area. They were lined up neatly to greet our arrival. I saw Duke Destia standing at the front with his children beside him. He looked much older than his age, as I know he is just a shy away from my father’s current age.

’He must have grieved greatly with his wife’s passing.’ I thought.

The ducal couple must have a good relationship with one another, knowing how Duke Destia had not attended any social gatherings because of his wife’s poor health.

Our party had come down from Tempest carefully, with Regaleon taking me into his arms. I have the feeling that he was going to carry me all the way towards the estate like this.

"L-Leon, you can put me down now." I said feeling quite embarrassed.

"I am more at ease carrying you in my arms my wife." Regaleon said with a straight face. "What will I do if you trip down and fall. Or if you go bump to things accidently. Or..." He was trailing off, saying reasons that surely will not happen if I was careful.

"Husband, I am pregnant and not clumsy." I looked at him with irritation. He sighed when he saw I was getting angry.

"All right. It is not good for you to be irritable my wife." Regaleon said and gently put me down. "But take my hand and stay close to me." He plated a kiss on my forehead gently and it made me smile.

My feet were now firmly on the ground. Regaleon offered his hand and I took it without any second thoughts.

"Your majesty, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia of Grandcrest." Duke Destia greeted us. "I welcome you to our estate." He and his children respectfully bowed before us.

"Thank you for taking us in with such short notice." Regaleon said and gestured them to rise.

"Of course, your majesty. It is such an honor for the royal couple to grace us with your presence." The duke replied. "It has been a while since I have since her majesty. Back then you were but a small child this little." The duke smiled gently and gestured with his hand my previous height when I last visited.

"It is an honor for you to remember me Duke Destia." I replied curtly. "I am sorry if it is late, but I want to express my condolences to the passing of your wife the duchess. I have only heard of the news not too long ago."

Duke Destia’s smile turned sad with the mention of his wife. "Thank you, your majesty. Oh, by the way, I would like to introduce you to my children. This is Raphael, my eldest.

"It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your majesty." Raphael bowed his head towards Regaleon. "It is nice to see you again, your majesty Queen Alicia." He gave me a sincere smile and bowed.

’Now I remember his name.’ I thought. ’I called him big brother Rap back when we were little.’

"And my youngest here is Deborah." The duke introduced his daughter.

"It is my pleasure to finally meet you your majesty. King Regaleon of Grandcrest." Deborah curtsied in front of my husband. When she looked up, her eyes were fluttering and was hooked on my husband’s face.

I knew this look best. It was a look of lustful adoration towards my husband. It made me irritated looking at how Deborah was using her body language to get Regaleon’s attention.

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