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Chapter 326 Unknown Voic

After dinner, Regaleon and I had a quiet walk hand in hand along the sea shore once again. But because the moon is in its quarter phase, it was not giving off too much light. The huge night pearls that were here a few nights ago were collected and are stored in a safe place.

"Let’s not stray that far." Regaleon said with a calm voice and I nodded in agreement.

We were still near the stairs going up the mansion where the lights were brightly lit. The sea was dyed in darkness because of the little light. All I can hear was the calm waves washing up the shore.

"We still have a few days left to admire the sea. We will be going back to the capital of Alvannia after you have regained your strength." Regaleon said. "Why don’t we fly over the sea on Tempest tomorrow morning?"

"That sounds like a great idea." I said with a huge smile on my face. "It is a shame I cannot swim on the beach for now. But at least I can admire it from above."

Even though Anatalia gave me permission to swim in the beach, Regaleon was against it. The reason was becasue I do not know how to swim. I was not given swimming lessons like my other siblings have. Regaleon was adamant with his decision and told me that we can go back after I have given birth and I have learned how to swim.

"Then let’s go back and rest early." Regaleon whispered in my ear. "We have an early morning tomorrow." He pulled me into his embrace and kisses me on the top of my head.

I was happy that my husband has been pampering me every day, more so now while I was pregnant.


I was in deep slumber when I felt myself being swayed gently. My consciousness is slowly awakening while hearing the gentle waves of the sea.

I open my eyes slowly, and seeing my surroundings in a blur. My body felt like it was floating.

"Are you awake?" A voice unfamiliar but felt familiar said to me.

My consciousness was bolted in attention when I felt that I was not in my room with Regaleon. When I looked around, I can now clearly my surroundings. I was surrounded by water, but surprisingly my body and surroundings were dry. I was inside a dome on the sea bed that is being protected by some kind of barrier, the water cannot penetrate the invisible force filed.

Then I noticed that my body was floating a few feet from the sea bed. I was suprised by the realization and my body swayed frantically then I fell down on my behind.

"Aww..." I groaned feeling a slight pain from my behind, gently holding it to relieve some of the pain.

"Be careful now. We do not want you to miscarry or anything." The voice said with a gentle teasing tone.

I looked around to find the source of the voice. If I am not mistaken, it was the voice that I was hearing since I came here in the Port City of Velutria.

Now, I can here the voice more clearly than ever. I recognized that the voice came from a man. It was also the same voice that I heard when we opened the map contained in the pendants.

My eyes landed on a stone statue of a maiden. She had her hands held to each in a praying position. Looking at the statue more closely, it looked more like a statue marking on a tomb stone with lettering under it.

Standing under the statue of a maiden was a man with long silver hair. I did not feel any danger coming from him, actually I felt warm and safe seeing him. The only thing that is off is that his body is not solid, simply speaking I can see through his body. The man was looking at me with a warm smile.

"Are you a ghost?" I voiced out what I was thinking.

"Hahaha, so that is the first thing you ask me." The man laughed heartedly. "Well it is understandable, me looking like this." He looked at his body himself.

"Who... are you?" I asked cautiously.

"I am someone that you people call as the Almighty One." The man said. "But I prefer it if you call me grandpa. You are technically my grandchild." He smiled warmly.

"So you mean you are that Almighty One?!" I said with a suprised tone.

"Call me grandpa." The man said once again.

"T-Then grandpa..." I relunctantly called him, because even though his really is my great grandfather his looks are just in his early thirties. "If I can ask grandpa, where are we exactly?" I asked while looking around.

"Come closer so that we can talk clearly." Grandpa waved at me. "Do not worry, I won’t bite. I promise." He jokingly said.

I walked over to where he was standing. When I was near him, I see that his body was indeed just a silhouette. I felt like if I try to touch him, my hand will only go through to him.

"You are currently here under the sea, on the sea floor." Grandpa said and then looked up. "Here in front of you is what the Atlantian’s called the forbidden magic."

I processed his words slowly. My earlier speculations of where I was is correct. Just outside the dome from where we were, I can see a shadow of something big swimming around. My head thumped thingking that this might be the creature guarding the forbidden magic.

I looked up at the maiden’s statue and was deep in thought. ’How can this ordinary looking statue be the forbidden magic all has been looking for?’

"This, is where my wife’s body is laid to rest." Grandpa said with a knowing look at the status. He touched the inscription just below the statue, it was written in ancient words.

"So this is... your wife’s grave?" I looked on surprise. "But how did it become the source of forbidden magic?" I asked in curiosity.

"It is because I am also burried here as well. But in secret." Grandpa made a gesture pressing his finger on his nose as if to keep it a secret. "I did not want anyone to know where I was burried because of the fear that my magic can still be used even though my soul has passed. But I guess even after taking such precautions, my immense magic was not able to be hidden for long. It started to leak out and the keys fragments I made as an additional lock was also used with bad intentions." He said with a sad face.

"Then may I ask why I am here grandpa?" I asked.

"I guess you have some clues, correct?" Grandpa said teasingly.

"Then... am I the chosen one?" I asked feeling my heart thumping. I am nervous of what the Almighty One will answer.

"Well, quite close." Grandpa said and took a step closer to me. He touched my stomach ever so lightly, as if the one inside was so precious. "To be precise, this little one is the chosen one. Technically speaking, he would be my reincarnation."

My eyes went wide with shock. Thinking that my child with Regaleon is the chosen one.

"You are here because it is time." Grandpa started to glow brightly. "It is time for me to head to my new body and also the magic that is embedded in my remains will be absorbed in you as well."

The silhouette of the Almithy One started to fade slowly. His hands held mine and slowly lifted them to touch the maiden’s statue. I can feel warmth flowing towards my body.

"It might take a while until you can absorb all of the magic within the statue." Grandpa said.

"But I cannot stay here." I said, feeling my eyes getting heavier every second. "I need... to get back to... Regaleon. I am sure he will... be worried." I tried to fight the drowsiness I am feeling.

"Well that will be a problem." Grandpa said. "That grandson of man is a very overprotective man. He will surely turn the whole continent upside down searching for you."

My hands that were touching the statue felt warm and my body felt light. My eyelids were now closing and my consciousness is starting to fade.

"Do not worry, I will inform him where you are." Grandpa said then I saw a light shooting out of his body going up. "That is the last bit of magic my soul can make. It will contain a message for your husband."

I looked at the light fade away to the distance.

"But to come here, he will need the key fragments." Grandpa said. He was now fading into nothingness. "Even though he does not need to open the forbidden magic anymore, he will need it to get past this barrier. And to come here he also has to get past the one guarding. Well I am sure he can." He smiled at me one last time and faded into a small speck of


The light floated in front of me and then came into my stomach and vanished. My stomach felt warm after, and slowly I have fallen into unconsciousness.

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Chapter 327 She is Missing 1

(Regaleon’s POV)

I woke up in the middle of the night stretching my hand to feel the warmth of my wife. But what I felt was the cold bed sheets beside me.

I sat up on bed and gently rubbed my eyes, scanning the room in search of my wife. But all I saw was an empty room in the darkness of night with only a lamp to give a warm light.

"Lili?" I called out to her but without any reply. "Where could she be?" My heart was starting to race but I tried to calm myself and do not think of anything negative.

I stood up from bed and found my bedroom slippers. I quickly slipped them into my feet and wore my night robe that was hanging at my bed side. I took the lamp and slowly walked towards the bathroom to see if she was inside.

Upon reaching the bathroom door and opening it, I did not see anyone inside. That was when I started to panic.

My heart was thumping even faster. My steps was faster than the normal and walked towards the door and opened it. Outside, I saw the night guards standing by the door.

"Your majesty." The two guards bowed and greeted me.

"Have you seen my wife come out from the room?" I asked in a hurry. The two guards looked confused with my question.

"We have not seen her majesty coming out of the room." One guard replied.

"That is impossible." I said with disbelief. "She is not inside." The two guards were equally surprised with what they heard.

"H-How can that be?" The guard said in disbelief.

"Gather everyone and start a search party." I ordered in a hurry. "I will also ask the duke for help."

I quickly went inside to get a white shirt to wear on top and my pair of shoes. I quickly exited the room and towards Duke Destia’s room.

Once there I quickly told a servant to wake the duke up. Fortunately, his son Raphael was still awake and was passing by the corridor.

"What is the matter your majesty?" Raphael asked. "I heard a commotion outside and thought to see what is happening."

"Sir Raphael, thank goodness you are up." I said with a sigh. "I would like to ask your assistance to search the premise for my wife, she is missing."

"What did you say?!" Raphael was alarmed to hear the news. "Butler, please wake up our servants and knights, and start a search."

"Y-Yes young master." The butler who was about to wake the old duke up, changed his course and headed to the servants and knights quarters.

"Your majesty, please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to find your wife." Raphael said with conviction. "And your majesty, I hope that you will not pin this matter on my sister. She is in her room on house arrest and is not connected in this matter in any way. She has seen the error of her ways and is now reflecting." He bowed his head to ask for mercy and understanding.

"I pray that your sister is really not connected to my wife’s disappearance Sir Raphael." I said giving him a sharp and cold gaze. "Because if she is, she will surely not see the light of day again." I see Raphael shiver with my threat.

I walked away without saying anything and started to search for my wife as well. When I stepped out of the mansion, I see William and Tricia running towards me.

"Your majesty." They said in unison.

"I heard what happened." William said with a face full of worry. "I will be heading out as well to go search."

"Thank you William." I said with gratitude. He walked away in haste.

"I will also look around your majesty." Tricia bowed and was about to walk away when I called out to her.

"Wait Tricia." I said and Tricia looked back at me. "It will be best if you stay here and wait. If ever Alicia comes back here, at least you will be here to welcome her."

Tricia understood my words and nodded.

"Then I will be off." I said and started my own search.

’Tempest...’ I quickly called out to my familiar.

’I am here.’ Tempest replied to me via telepathy. ’What can I do for you?’

’Please help me search for Alicia.’ I said.

’Your wife? Is she missing?’ Tempest asked.

’When I woke up a while ago, she was no where to be found. Her side of the bed was also cold, meaning she had been missing for quite some time.’ I explained. ’I will need your help to scan the vicinity. If ever she have gone by her self of have been abducted, I am she won’t be far.’

’I understand. I will scan the area.’ Tempest said. ’I suggest you go call for her familiar as well. I am sure she will be of help, because the two of them are connected.’

After Tempest’s words, I see him took off from a tree not far from where I was and flew to the sky.

I then tried to take Tempest’s advice and call Alicia’s familiar Snow.

"Snow!" I called in the vicinity of the garden. "Snow, are you here?" I called once again.

As I know, Snow loves taking strolls outside at night. As a car, I always see her sleeping by day in different locations. Cats by nature are carefree and I am not sure where to find her.

"Snow!" I call out once again.

I decided that if I cannot find Snow, then I will head down and search for Alicia at the sea shore where we took our strolls. The night is a little dark with the moon at its quarter phase. If Alicia thought of going on a night stroll outside, then it was a little bit dangerous to go to the shore by now.

But then I thought of the voice she has told me a while ago. I knew that the voice I heard was not something ordinary. It might be something related to the forbidden magic that is near here.

Snow did not come out after I called out to her and so I decided to head down the sea shore. I lighted a fire on the palm of my hand using my magic to light up my way. I walked down the steep stairs down the sandy shore.

The shore was quite except for the calm waves I was hearing.

"Alicia!" I called out to the silent night. "Are you here my love?"

I was getting anxious with every passing minute. Knowing that my wife is missing, I cannot bit help feel nervous, but for some reason I am not feeling frightened. Yes, I am anxious that my wife is nowhere to be found, but I am not afraid that she might be in danger which is odd.

"Alicia!" I call out once again. I am almost near the water’s edge.

"Hey, Regaleon." I heard a voice behind me. It was Anatalia’s.

"Anatalia." I saw her running towards me with something glowing in her arm.

"Thank the heavens I found you." Anatalia said. "This little one, I saw her at a foot of a tree."

I looked at Anatalia’s arms and that she was cradling Snow gently. Snow was sleeping peacefully and was enveloped with a din white glow.

"Is she alright?" I asked worridely. I know how Snow is connected to Alicia as a familiar. What happens to its master can be felt by its familiar.

"She seems to be sleeping peacefully." Anatalia replied. "I examined her and there seems to be nothing wrong, except for she is not waking up whatever I do."

I sighed in relief, knowing that Snow is not in any form of danger. That just means that Alicia is also safe.

"The sea..." Anatalia’s eyes wandered over the sea.

"What is it?" I asked with curiosity. "Is something wrong?" I looked around to see the calm waters.

"The sea is calm... too calm." Anatalia said in a daze while looking out to the sea. She started to walk towards the waters until her feet was submerged. "Something is amiss. Can you see that?" She pointed out to the horizon.

I looked toward where she pointed and saw the dark night. But after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw a faint glow on the horizon. It was not so distinct that you can miss it.

"I will go and see what is happening under the waters." Anatalia gave Snow to me and then proceeded to dive under the waters.

"Be careful." I called out to her but she was already under water. Not long I saw her fish tail swimming away.

"Tempest, I need you." I called out to him. Not long, he was hovering right above me and landed in my outstretched arm.

"What happen to Snow?" Tempest asked looking at the sleeping cat cradled in my other arm.

"She seems to be sleeping but cannot be woken up." I replied. "I need you fly me toward that faint glow." I pointed out.

"To the open sea?" Tempest asked. "Come to think of it, I can sense something not normal over there."

"I have a hunch we need to go there." I told him.

"I feel that we need to stay clear from that place. But if Lady Alicia is there, then I will take you to her." Tempest replied.

Tempest flew up and shifted to his phoenix form. I huge wave of wind blew the sand on the shore and I squinted my eyes to avoid it from entering. Tempest hovered beside me and I braced my body and jumped to mount onto his back. I positioned myself safely on his back with Snow still on my arms sleeping.

"Let’s go Tempest." I ordered.

Tempest flapped his huge wings and we were air born in no time.

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Chapter 328 She is Missing 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

I was a top Tempest when we flew to the open sea in a dim lit night. Because the moon was just a quarter full, the surroundings were dark. Good thing that Tempest’s wings were burning, we can at least see a few feet radius of us.

Our destination was the location of the faint glow. At first the glow was dim that can be ignored. But when Tempest and I were getting closer, the light became distinct.

"I can feel a strong wave of magic where that light is coming from." I said out loud.

"Yes, I can feel it as well." Tempest replied. "I feel something familiar and yet ominous in the vicinity of the light."

"Can you sense any danger?" I asked him.

"There would be danger, provably." Tempest replied without thingking twice.

The strong magic I am sensing from the direction of the light might only be one thing.

"The forbidden magic." I said it out loud. I unconsciously got shivers all over my body after saying its name.

"I am sure that is what it is." Tempest said after hearing my words.

I can sense the magic getting stronger and stronger while we were getting near. The calm sea was now starting to have ferocious waves and currents while we are getting nearer to the spot.

"Hey!" I heard Anatalia. "Hey, Regaleon!" She shouted out loud.

I tried to locate her in the vast darkness of the sea, my eyes searching for where she was. After sometime, I saw a glowing dot on the sea’s surface.

"Tempest, let’s go where the siren is." I told him.

Tempest quickly complied to my request and swoop down. He hovered just above where Anatalia was. I saw her holding a large night pearl, the size of a closed fist. It made me locate her more easily.

"How are you?" I asked. I guessed that swimming near such turbulent current is nearly impossible.

"I am alright, but I am afraid I cannot advance any further from this strong current." Anatalia said.

’As I thought.’ I thought to myself.

"But I was able to ask some creatures in the vicinity of what was happening." Anatalia said.

After her words I was able to see dolphins bon their heads on the sea’s surface. They were making sound like they were talking.

"They said that the current started to get strong and hour or so ago. They said there was like an underwater tornado swirling at the center of the light source." Anatalia explained as if translating. Another dolphin started to make sounds again and Antalia listened. "They said that even before this happened, no marine animal can go near a mile radius from that spot. They said it was guarded by a big and long sea creature that is very mean."

"I understand." I nodded. "Tell them that I am thankful for the information that they have given."

Anatalia nodded and looked back to the group of dolphins and silently conversed to them.

"They said that they accept your appriciation and that the waters near our continet is the most safest and so they are willing to help in anyway." Anatalia said.

I was happy to hear that even the marine animals are happily living near our coasts. Assuring that the seas are safe for humans and marine animals alike is now included to the long list of plans I wish to do once I start my reign as emperor.

Not long the dolphins dived under water once more, leaving me, Tempest and Antalia.

"Anatalia, it would be best if you go back to land and tell the others about what is going on out here." I said. "Tell them not to embark out on sea unless I give a signal. Just wait out on shore for my return. I will survey first the area."

"Okay." Anatalia replied instantly and was about to dove when she thought of something and looked my way. "Um, what kind of signal will you be giving, if I might ask?" She asked curiously.

"Chris will know." I replied short and tapped Tempest, a sign that we need to go up now.

Anatalia closed her eyes when Tempest flapped his wings. Not long, we were high up once again. Anatalia dived back under water and left no trace. We continued on our way towards the light.

"The waters here are becoming more turbulent." Tempest said.

The sea’s surface is in fact on chaos. High waves are being formed. Strong gusts of wind are preventing us from getting any nearer. It was like we are in a storm, and we are trying to go in the center of it.

’Tempest, can you handle the strong winds?’ I conversed using telepathy because the strong winds are preventing us from hearing each other.

’This is a piece of cake.’ Tempest replied with full confidence.

A dim red light emitted out of Tempest’s body and formed a force field around us. It helped block the strong winds that was preventing us from getting near the center.

"The surroundings are like when there is a strong storm." I said whole surveying the area.

"The only difference is, this storm is not moving anywhere." Tempest said.

"Yes, it is just staying in once place." I replied. "As if its protecting anything that is found at the center. There, look."

I pointed to the location where the light was the brightest. Tempest made haste and flew towards the location.

And like any storm, the center was calm and peaceful. The strong winds and huge waves are spiraling around the center. The light that we saw was glowing under the calm water surface.

"I can feel her presence." I said with a sigh of relief. "My wife is under there."

"I belive she is alright." Tempest said. "I can still feel her life force, an effect we had after connecting to one another."

I remembered Alicia telling me that she connected with my familiar at the lake when we battled the sirens. Because of that they formed a bond, not as strong as her bond with her own familiar but something similar.

"I am going in." I said while taking my shirt off.

"What?! Are you insane?" Tempest scolded me. "We still do not know what is in there. Do not do anything that will also put yourself in danger."

"I cannot think of that right now. All that is running in my head is Alicia is in there and I need to rescue her." I said with conviction.

"You fool! If you go head on, what will the others do if you are also in danger." Tempest said. "Haa! I wish Dimitri was here to knock some sense in to you!"

"If Dimitri was here, I am sure he will try and stop me. But he is not, so I will do what I need to do." I said while readying myself to dive under water.

"Don’t do this!" Tempest tried to stop me but in vain.

I jumped from Tempest’s and dived in the water. I felt the cold temperature of the water sting my skin but I paid it no mind and continue diving under. When I looked down, where the light was coming from, I saw a much brighter light zooming toward me. I was startled with the speed and braced myself if ever it was something dangerous.

When the light approached me, I felt myself being swept up. The force was so strong as of someone was pushing me away from my goal. I tried to use my magic but to no avail.

I felt my body being flung up the water surface and high into the air. My body hovered for a split second before it started to come plumeting back down.

"Ahhhhh..." I cannot help but shout with the feeling of falling. I enveloped myself with my fire armor just to be safe. Even thought I am going to fall on water, from this height and velocity it will feel like falling on solid ground.

But then I saw Tempest swooping in to try and catch me. I spread my arms and legs to slow my fall. Thankfully, Tempest was able to catch me in midair.

"That was close." Tempest said. "What just happened?"

"I do not know." I replied in all honesty. I was also shocked with what just happened. It was si fast that my mind is processing the events just now.

"Such a hot blooded person." A voice from behind me said. "You cannot just wait in one place until I come to find you."

I braced myself from an attack of ever the one behind me was an enemy. I slowly turned around to who it was.

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Chapter 329 Reincarnation

(Regaleon’s POV)

"Such a hot blooded person." A voice from behind me said. "You cannot just wait in one place until I come to find you."

I braced myself from an attack of ever the one behind me was an enemy. I slowly turned around to who it was.

My eyes went wide when I saw the person that just spoke. He does not have a solid body and seemed like a mirage. Looking at his physical features, long silver hair and eyes, it is undoubted that he is of Atlantian royal blood line.

"It is nice to see you again, young king of Grandcrest." The man greeted me with a bright smile.

"You... who are you?" I asked out of curiosity. He seemed to be not a threat, but I still kept my guard up just to make sure. I looked around and it was like time had frozen around me. Only me and the man before me are the ones that can move.

"Oh, it is understandable that you do not recognize me." The man replied. "The time I met you, I had the feature of an old man. Now I am in my young form." The man smiled brightly at me once more.

His words puzzled me for a moment, but when I looked at him closely, I remembered the incident the time the fish witch dies. I remember that the soul of the Almighty One came to fetch the fish witch and send her to the after life.

"You... are the Almighty One." I said with wide eyes.

"That is correct. I told you we will see each other again. But I did not expect that it will be this soon." The Almighty One smiled. "You can call me grandpa. You are technically one of my grandchildren."

I raised an eyebrow debating if I could call someone that young looking as grandpa. He looks like he is my age.

"Well I do not have that much time. This image of me that you see now is just a small part of me that I conjured with. My primary soul is now slowly merging with your wife, together with my magic powers." The Almighty One said. "If not for your wife’s worries that you will go out of your mind looking for her, I won’t come out to meet you like this. Well it was a good decision, seeing that you are frantically searching for her now."

"My wife?!" I quickly asked. "Where is she?" I said with a worried look.

"Do not worry. Your wife is now safe at the bottom of the sea, where my body is also laid to rest." The Almighty One replied.

"The forbidden magic?" I had my guess that the forbidden magic had something to do with the Almighty One, and it looks like my guess is correct.

"You are a smart one. Yes, you are correct." The Almighty One said. "The forbidden magic you know of is me and my wifes final resting place, where our bodies were laid to rest so many years ago."

The explains why such great magic power is said to be burried within that forbidden magic. The mad king sought out that frightening magic in the past and the past might repeat itself today it gets into the wrong hands.

"Then why did you say that your soul and magic power is now merging with my wife?" I asked even though I have an idea why. "Does that mean... my wife is the chosen one?" My tone was calm when I asked but my heart was thumping rapidly.

Thinking that such destructive and enormous power will be assimilated in my wife’s body, I cannot fathom how such a burden will be given to her. Not only that, but many would like to covet the powers she will have, namely her aunt and cousin.

"Your guess is near, but not quite." The Almighty One smiled. "The child inside your wife is my reincarnation. His body will house my soul and magic powers."

Hearing the words of the Almighty One still shocked me, even though I had my guesses.

"Are you saying you will be my son?" I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hahaha, your face tells me that the idea of me being your son irks you." The Almighty One laughed.

"Well no offense, but it does." I replied nonchalantly.

"Haha you are very honest, but do not worry...." The Almighty One said. "I will not be your son technically speaking. My soul will be housed in your son’s body, but he will be a different being from me. This consciousness I have right now will fade after my soul have been fully merged within his tiny body that is now inside your wife. Your son will have his own identity different from mine."

"That is a relief to hear." I mumbled low.

"Hey, I heard that." The Almighty One said with an annoyed face. "Well that aside, the merging of my soul and magic powers will take some time. So, your wife will have to stay here for a while until it has been fully assimilated into your baby."

"What?!" I said out loud. "No, she cannot just stay here. She will be out in the open and will be in danger!"

I understand now why Alicia is here, but she cannot just stay here all alone and unguarded. Knowing that Queen Patricia is still out there and is still planning to take the forbidden magic for her own, I cannot just leave Alicia and my child out here and in danger.

"If it is her saftey that you are worried about, then it will not be a problem." The Almighty One said. "A divine beast of mine has been tasked to guard final resting place in turns. The one guarding right now is something similar to your familiar here, one of my four divine beasts."

"Divine beasts?" This is the first time I heard of that term.

"Yes. They were my companions from the east. They traveled with me from the far eastern country and we ended up here in this continent." The Almighty One explained. "These four sacred beast are like me, reincarnating into a new body after their present one expires. Their souls are immortal. I am happy that two of them have met worthy masters, you and your wife."

"You mean that our familiars, Tempest and Snow, are the reincarnations of your divine beasts?" This information is new to me, it is also not written in any ancient books I have read.

"Yes, these beast chose me to become their master a long time ago. And we all decided to leave our country of origin because of some reason." The Almighty One explained. "Vermilion bird, white tiger, black tortoise, and azure dragon. Those are the four divine beasts from my country of origin."

If I am not mistaken, the vermilion bird is Tempest and the white tiger is Snow. So there are still two divine beast I have not yet seen, and the Almighty One said one is guarding my wife right now.

"If I cannot take away my wife from here, then at least let me go there to watch over her." I said.

"That will be a problem without the keys, I am aftaid." The Almighty One replied.

"What do you mean a problem?" I said with an angered tone. "You are the Almighty One right? Then you can just take me down there. And I thought the key is for opening the forbidden magic? It is usless now that the magic from within is being absorbed to my child, correct?"

"Well, you have a point. The key is now useless in opening my resting place, but it now serves as a pass." The Almighty One explained. "I am afraid that the divine beast that is guarding my resting place right now has a gutsy personality. He has taken into heart the very last command I gave to them, and that is to guard my final resting place well."

After the Almighty One’s sentence, surroundings started to slowly move and time started to move once more. By then, a huge pillar of water shot up from the sea. Water sprinkled all over my body, even though Tempest was some meters high above sea level.

"Well, speaking of the devil." The Almighty One said with a surprise. "It looks like he has felt your presence."

"Can’t you just tell this divine beast to let me pass through?" I quarreled with him. "Are you not its master?"

"In this lifetime, this one is masterless as of the moment." The Almighty One said. "And my form right now is just but a projection. Maybe if it was your wife that carries my soul inside her, this one will listen. But I am afraid I cannot do anything to help you right now."

I cannot but help to think this Almighty One is a useless fellow right now. Looking at his form right now, he was fading away slowly.

"It looks like my time is up as well." The Almighty One said and with that time flowed normally around me once more. "I am sorry if I cannot be of help, but if you want to pass the one guarding your wife, then I suggest you get the key to pass by. I bis you farewell and a bright future ahead, my grandson."

And with his last words, he vanished. I clenched my fists thingking thay the Almighty One left me in such a predicament.

"Tsk, he was not helpful at all." I said with irritation.

"Who are you talking to?" Temepst asked with a curious tone.

"No one in particular." I replied. "I was just talking to myself."

After that, more water pillars shot up from the sea. Tempest navigated around, flying cautiosly to evade them.

"Leon, something is coming from below." Tempest said. "I can sense a strong presence and it is coming to the surface!"

After Tempest’s words, something big and long flew out of the water’s surface and nearly bumped into us. Fortunately, Tempest was able to evade the sudden attack.

When the water droplets cleared out, I was able to see the thing that flew out of the water. It was an azure dragon, hovering just in front of us.

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Chapter 330 Azure Dragon 1

(Regaleon’s POV)

A huge pillar of water shot up from the sea below. It was unlike the water pillars that shot up a while ago, this one was much larger.

When all the water have fallen back into the sea, what’s left was some form of creature. Its body is long and covered with scales. If I am not mistaken, this is none other than the divine beast the Almighty One has taked about, the azure dragon.

"Who has come to disturb my master’s return?" The voice of the azure dragon was quite menacing.

"I am here to see my wife." I said holding my ground but I can feel the heavy aura the azure dragon is emitting.

The azure dragon was focused on looking at us. There was silence for a moment, and the tension was getting heavier with each passing second.

’I can feel his menacing aura, Leon.’ Tempest said to me telepathically.

’I know. I can sense it as well.’ I replied via telepathy as well.

I am not sure if the azure dragon right now is a friend or foe. But with the aura he is emitting, Tempest and I cannot let our guard down.

"I see. So you are the husband of the body where my master chose to be born from." The azure dragon replied.

"Yes." I replied, having hope that the divine beast in front of me would at least let me pass thru. "I wish to see my wife and guard her while your master’s soul and magic is being absorbed into her body. The baby inside of her is my child as well."

"Hmm... I see." The asure dragon nodded its head. "But I am afraid I cannot let you pass, even though you are the husband of my master’s host or the father."

I clenched my fits having my hopes shattered instantly.

"If it is guarding you are, I am very capable of doing that. It is actually my job." The azure dragon said. "So just go back to where you came from!!!" He roared out loud. The vibration shook everything in the vicinity, including us. Tempest was pushed some feet away from where we were hovering.

"I think talking to this guy will be in vain." Tempest said. "He won’t give into reasons."

I have expected that much after the Almighty One explained the azure dragon’s behavior just a while ago. But I need to try to at least see my wife.

"At least let me look at her, even for just a split second." I pleaded with the divine beast. "I just want to see her safe and sound."

"Such a persistent person you are." The azure dragon said with a huff. "If you do not have the key to present for the right of passage, you cannot pass thru. If you insist on it, then I do not have any option but to chase you away."

"At least let my master see his wife, even just a glimpse." Tempest was now the one trying to plead.

"I have short patience. If you still insist, then I do not have a choice but to turn you away by force!" The azure dragon said with furt. "Prepare yourselves!"

The azure dragon’s shout shook the vicinity with much force than before. Tempest was not able to hold his position in the air and we were blown away. I held on tight unto his back.

"Leon, brace yourself!" Tempest shouted. "He is coming!"

I held on tight in his back when I felt something ram hard on Tempest’s body. The azure dragon’s long body started to coil around Tempest, like what a snake does with it’s prey.

"Tempest?!" I worried for my familiar’s safety.

I quickly drew out my sword from its sheath and made my way to the nearest body of the dragon. I gained momentum and stabbed the scaly body of the azure dragon wit my sword. But my sword bounced back from were it hit, as if the azure dragon’s body was also made out of hard steel.

’Leon, use your fire armor.’ Tempest said to me telepathically.

I did what he had told me to do and used my magic to envelope my body with my flames, to form my fire armor. After that, I saw Tempest’s body started to emit light, his while body as well is being engulfed in flames.

I was nearly immune to the burning sensation of fire if I concentrate on my magic, even my fire armor coating my body felt just like ordinary armor to me. But with Tempest flames, I can feel the heat even with my fire armor protecting me.

Tempest’s whole body was burning. He was like a hige bird caught on fire. The hot flames burned the azure dragon, and it let go from entangling Tempest’s body.

"Are you alright?" I asked instantly when we were able to breal away. Tempest’s flames has been put out.

"I thought I was going to die there." Tempest replied. "His grip on me was squeezing the life out of me. He is strong."

The azure dragon was flying around in circles before us. I was sure that he was not done yet.

By then we saw water being taken from the sea and formed into floating balls around the azure dragon.

"He is going to attack." Tempest said.

And like Tempest said, the floating water was shaped into spears and flew towards us. Tempest was able to dodge the first two and the next two water spears was just barely some inches away from us. The speed of the water spear was to fast that I can feel the force when it flew inched away from me.

"Ahhh..." I cried out when I felt the force.

It did not hit us directly, but I can still feel the great force by it just passing by even with my fire armor on. What will happen if had it as directly.

"Tempest, dodge his attacks." I commanded.

"No need to tell me." Tempest said. He flew out of the water spears’ path.

’I need to negate his magic spears somehow.’ I thought. And to do that I need to focus my magic powers into the fire balls I will make.

I undo the fire armoe around me to concentrate my magic on the fire balls I am creating. Not long I was able to conjure five big fire balls, the same amount of the remaining water spears.

When the remaining water spears headed towards us, I also navigated my fire balls to clash with them.

The clash between the magic attacks was intense. I tried to maintain the fire balls as much as I could, but the size of them are getting smaller and smaller while seconds pass by. But the water spears are also the same, getting smaller and smaller while simmering away. And after a while, both magic attacks vanished into thin air, negating one another.

"Haahh... haahh..." I panted heavily, feeling the enormous pressure in maintaing the fire balls.

"Not bad human." The azure dragon said. "But unfortunate for you, the sea is my kind of territory. I do not need a large amount of magic in conjuring water attacks."

After what the azure dragon said, water pillars started to burst up from the sea once more. It tried to hit is in every ways possible.

Tempest tried to dodge every water pillar that shoots out but it was too many to handle.

"Watch out, Tempest!" I shouted out, but it was too late. One water pillar hit us from below.

Tempest and I started to fall. I can feel the sensation of plumting from the sky to the ground. Not long I felt my body hit the sea’s surface.

I held my breath once I was under the water. I opened my eyes and see the light glowing from the sea floor.

’That is where Alicia is.’ I thought to myself.

I saw that I can swim the distance while holding my breath. If I saw correctly, there is an air pocket in that dome like force field I can see beyond that faint light.

I kicked my feet and dived towards the bottom. I was determined to get to where my wife is when I saw something big swimming towards me, it was the azure dragon.

’This is one persistent b*stard.’ I cursed him in my thought. ’Well we are similar in that sense.’

I braced myself and tried to swim away from his way but I was still hit by the shoulder. The pain was intense. Knowing that my sword wasn’t able to pierce his body that was as hard as steel, him hitting my body in his speed felt like being hit by a huge boulder.

I knew I need oxygen now that I cannot hold my breath any longer. I quickly swam up and saw the azure dragon circling around to attack me once more. I kicked my feet faster and tried to reach the sea’s surface quickly.

"Haahh..." I breathed in air at once when I reached the surface. But I was not in the clear, knowing that the azure dragon was just in my tail.

Looking around, all I can see was water everywhere. My magic power that was in the affinity of fire is at a disadvantage in this kind of place. My heart was thumping hard inside my chest, thinking of a way to get out of this predicament.

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