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Chapter 331 Azure Dragon 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

While I was floating at the water surface, I felt the pressure from under me. In no time, the azure dragon flung me up in mid air and I was about to be swallowed whole in his big mouth.

I was suspended in mid air when I saw the azure dragon opening its mouth wide and baring its sharp teeth. He was about to swallow me from where I was.

I felt my self falling, while the azure dragon was heading my war from under me with his moth wide open. When my body was just at the entrance of his mouth, I stretched my arms and got a hold of one of his fangs. I was able to prevent my self from going straigth into the azure dragon’s mouth and into its throat.

But that was not the end of my predicament. The azure dragon was about to ground me with his big teeth. He was about to close his mouth with me in between, when I was able to hold his lower jaw down with my feet.

"Ahhh, f*ck!" I cursed at the current state I am. I was using all of my strength to prevent myself from being crished and grinded by the azure dragon’s teeth. "Ahhhhhh!!!"

I activated my fire armor once again. Thankfully, I was able to pull out off even with my whole body being wet.

"You are a worthy foe, human." The azure dragon praised me.

"I think my situation is not something praise worthy at all." I gave a sarcastic remark.

I was giving all of my strength just to prevent myself from being crushed in between his jaws. I cannot even conjure any other magic spells with me trying to maintain my fore armor.

When I cannot think of anything to escape my current situation, that was when I saw from afar Tempest charging into my direction.

’I will attack him. Make sure to escape when he is pre occupied with me.’ Tempest told me telepathically.

I braced myself from the incoming attack. Tempest used his claws to directly attack the azure dragon, and this made his attention go to Tempest and loosen up his jaws that is crushing me in between.

This gave me the chance to use all my fire magic and make an explosion from within his mouth.


I was able to get out of the azure dragon’s mouth, and I felt myself falling from the air once again. I braces myself when I saw the water’s surface jusy a few feet away from me.

My body plunged into the sea with a splendid entry. I was under the water again and held my breath. Because it was sudden, I was not able to inhale more air to help me dive under towards where my wife was. So, I swam up to the surface one more to get a mouthful of air.

"Hah... hah..." I inhaled and exhaled heavily. I can feel oxygen filling in my lungs once more.

When I looked up, I saw what seems to be dancing lights in the night sky. Tempest was holding his own against the azure dragon.

Their magic attacks are illuminating the night sky like fire works. Looking at the two, they seemed like a snake and an eagle fighting once another.

’Leon, I guess we should retreat for now.’ Tempest connected to me using telepathy. ’In terms of strength, I am afraid we are even. And your magic is also at a disadvantage in this kind of place. I think this beast will also not back down.’

I contimplated with Tempest words. It is true that we are clearly at a disadvantage now. The sea is the azure dragon’s terrain. Judging by the looks of their battle, Tempest is at a disadvantage. He has been in the sky for quite sometime now and he is starting to get tired.

’I guess we do not have any choice.’ I replied to him telepathically. ’Let’s return for now.’

With my words, Tempest broke from his battle with the azure dragong and swooped in to get me. We dodged some water magic attacks sent to us by the azure dragon, but after we are away on some distance he did not chace us any further.

Tempest and I flew back to land. We left the calm zone and came back the the turbulence around us.

"I am sorry if I was of no use." Tempest said while we were headed back to land.

"You do not need to apologize Tempest." I replied. "We did not expect that the one guarding the place will be that strong."

It was true that we were in a disadvantageous situation. If we were just on land, I was sure that we could win a fight with that divine beast.

"The divine beast still does not have a master." I murmured. "If we were on land, we could have over powered him." That was my analysis.

"He is just like Snow and I, correct?" Tempest said. "Then an Atlantian of royal blood is the only one that can be its master."

Tempest had told me long before that special beasts like Snow and him have a special connection with Atlantian’s of royal blood. Aftertalking to the Almighty One just awhile ago, I knew that they were called divine beasts, and there are four of them in total. And to think that only the blood line of the Almighty One can tame such creatures.

"There are still a few of us with the royal blood of Atlantia left." I said. "It is frightening to think if one of our enemies could tame that divine beast and be recognized as its master."

"I hope not." Tempest replied. "With Snow and Alicia in deep sleep, having to fight that beast on its full capacity and with a master, I am afraid we won’t get out scratch free."

Tempest’s words held a truth I cannot deny. When we faced the azure dragon in its territoty, it was a formidable enemy. But if chooses a master, even if we were on land, beating them will not be an easy task.

"Let is just focus on getting passed him first." I said. "I cannot be calm knowing that Alicia is under there, all alone."


Getting back to shore, I saw my men waiting for me by the beach.

"Your majesty!" They all greeted me in my return.

"I have found my wife." I said with a straight face. "There is no need to go search for her."

"Where is her majesty the queen?" William who was looking so worried, searched for her. But I just shook my head.

"I cannot retrieve her." I replied to him. "Chris, continue tomorrow as planned. We need to retrieve that key fragment as soon as possible."

"As you command, your majesty." Chris bowed his head accepting my order.

"William, you come with me." I said.

I walked back to the duke’s estate with William following me from behind. When I was entering, Duke Destia walked towards me with a worried expression. His son Rapahel was walking by his side.

"Your majesty, I heard what happend to her majesty Queen Alicia. My son here gave me the details." Duke Destia has a worried tone. "I am so sorry for having this happened inside my estate. I will take full responsibilty, Even if you ask for my life as compensation, I will gladly do so. But please spare my children. They have nothing to do with her majesty’s disappearance." The duke knelt down and begged in front of me.

"Father, please do not say such things." Raphael tried to help his father back up. "Deborah is innocent and has nothing to do with her majesty’s disappearance." But the old duke did not budge from his kneeling position.o

"Even so... I have still sinnee for I am a host that was not able to assure her majesty’s safety inside my own estate." The duke said with a gultiy voice. "Your majesty, I deserve to be punished with my negligence."

"Your majesty, I beg you to be lenient with my father." Raphael knelt down in front of me as well. "He is getting old in years and can be negligent at some times. Please have mercy upon him. I am willing to take your punishment."

"What are you saying, you silly child." The duke scolded his son.

"Both of you can stop." I interjected with the father-son conversation. "You two, get up. Your family is not at fault with my wife’s disappearance.

The disappearance of Alicia was magical in origin, but I have no time to get into details and explain it to them. I help the two back up on their feet once more.

"Please be at ease Duke Destia, I have found the true culprit for my wife’s disappearance." I said and patted his shoulder. I see him sigh in relief. "But I will trouble you for a while here in your estate. We will be staying here until I retrieve my wife."

"Yes, of course your majesty." Duke Destia replied. "We will supply you anything that you need. Raphael, please tend to host majesty’s needs."

"Of course father." Raphael replied.

"Then we shall take our leave." I said and continued to walk until I reached our room with William following from behind.

I took a paper and pen and wrote as fast as I could. After writing what I needed to, I folded the letter and handed it to William.

"You are the one I trust the most. Fly on Tempest and search for Dimitri." I told him. "Give him this letter. He would know what to do next." William took the letter and nodded.

"What about you your majesty?" William asked.

"I will go with Chris and his men to retrieve the last key fragment." I replied to him.

I told William everything that happened in the open sea and he understood instantly why I told him to search for Dimitri in haste.

"Please go in haste." I patted his shoulder. "My wife might be safe, but I cannot stay calm with her all alone out there."

"I understand your majesty." William replied.

’Tomorrow, I will get thet key fragment. And just waiting for Dimitiri’s key fragments, I will surely go and see you again m, Alicia my love.’ I thought.

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Chapter 332 The Remaining Key Fragments 1

(Regaleon’s POV)

The sun has yet to rise, darkness still clouded the surroundings. The air is tainted with the saltness of the sea and dawn was just around the corner.

I was standing at the sandy beach while holding Midnight’s reigns. We are preparing to set out and retrieve the remaining key fragments that are missing to complete the key. My men have formed two groups, each one tasked to get the key fragments in a specific location. I will be leading one group whi le the other one will be led by Chris.

"Your majesty. All is set for our journey." Chris said with a solemn face.

"That is good." I replied. "Remember, we are short of time so we will need to retrieve the key fragments as soon as possible."

"I understand your majesty." Chris said while bowing his head as affirmation.

"But make sure to be careful." I ordered specifically. "We might be in haste and time is of the essence, but I do not want anything bad to happen to any of you."

The look of the men before me had a mix of gratitude and determination. This mission we are to head out is something very important. I have briefed them on what happened to Alicia, my wife and their queen. They wholeheartedly want to do their best in this mission to save their beloved queen.

"Then let us move out." I said with an authoritative voice.

"Yes sir!" The men replied in unison.

All of them mounted their horses and proceed to their destination. I also led my group to our own destination. The place where the key fragment that were assigned to us resides was just a few hours by horse from here. It was along the shores of the beach to the south, bordering my own country Grandcrest. The other group’s destination led by Chris, was more inland. It is also a few hours ride from our starting mark.

’I wonder how William is doing the errand I have given him." I thought while starting our journey.

William left last night, as soon as I arrived from the sea. After I told him of what happened, he was very willing to embark on the errand I sent him to do.

The two key fragments were successfully retrieved by Dimitri’s group. They may have had some trouble’s with getting the key fragment in Jennovia’s territory, but he was successful to get it. And the second key fragment in our country of Grandcrest was taken without that many resistance, except for some traps that were set up to guard the key fragments.

’We should be very careful with the traps placed around the key fragments.’ I said to myself.

We were aware of this dangers, thanks to George’s knowledge from the ancient books and also from his own experience. I have already briefed Chris on the precautionary measures to take while dealing with these traps surrounding the key fragments.

Our journey continued while the sun started to rise from the east. My thoughts are with my wife Alicia, who was all alone under the sea. It is a good thing that she is just sound asleep, not knowing the danger I will face while retrieving the key fragment.

’We should been in the journey heading back to the capital of Alvannia by the weekend, if not for this unexpected situation.’ I thought to myself.

Who would have thought that me and Alicia’s child would be the chosen one? If we have gone back sooner in Alvannia, would all of this still happened. I scoffed, thinking that this would have probably happened wherever we would have been.

’To think that our child is the reincarnation of the Almighty One.’ I am still a little surprised that what the term Chose One really meant was the Almighty One’s reincarnation.

Even if I have brought Alicia and my child far away from here, I have no doubt that they would have been brought here by this connection to the forbidden magic none the less. This has been in my mind the whole time in our journey towards our destination.

The sun was high up in the sky when we got to our destination. It was the ruins from the old civilizations many years ago. Nature has claimed back the buildings exterior, with tree roots protruding the walls and tree trunks towering over with luscious green leaves.

"Your majesty, it looks like we are in the right place." Alex, the one that I picked to be the second in command from my group said. "Most of the building are in ruins with trees protruding all over the place. It will be difficult to find an entrance like this."

I surveyed the ruins and what Alex said is true, but we need to find an entrance none the less.

"Have the men form group of threes and search the vicinity." I ordered. "Keep in mind to be careful. We do not know danger lurks around this area."

"As you command your majesty." Alex bowed and set out to tell the men what I have ordered.

I came down from Midnight and tied his reigns on one of the tree branches. I also went on a walk to look around the vicinity.

The place was just beyond the cliff looking out the sea. Judging by the height, the cliff would be a hundred of feet above sea level. It was. A high drop if ever one jumps from here, and at the bottom were sharp rocks protruding the sea’s surface.

"Anyone who jumps from here would have a low chance of survival." I said out loud my own thoughts.

I looked at my right knowing that the south direction was where my country of Grandcrest is. This place was just bordering my own country, and because of this I felt somewhat safe. I looked around to find the something that can be used as an entrance to the interior of the ruins.

"The key fragment is just waiting inside for the taking." I thought impatiently.

I clenched my fist, thinking that the key fragment was just beyond my reach. I shook my head thinking that I cannot hasten things just because I want to get the key fragment as soon as possible.

"No, I cannot just dive in without being careful." I told myself. "My men’s lives are on the line in this mission, I cannot move based on my emotions alone."

In Dimitri’s report, he said that the places where the key fragments were hidden are indeed filled with traps. They were careful in moving forward, but still some of the men were either hurt or injured in the process. We cannot just go inside without taking extra measures and precautions.

While I was surveying the vicinity, I saw Alex’s group heading my way while looking around.

"Your majesty, there is no luck so far in finding any entrance."Alex reported.

"I understand." I replied. "Continue searching. There will surely be something that is bound to be discovered in this ruins. Let us not loose hope."

"Yes sir." Alex replied vigorously.

The sun was still high up in the sky. We still have hours of sunlight to search for an entrance inside this ruins.

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Chapter 333 The Remaining Key Fragments 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

The sun has just set and we still could not find any entrance inside the ruins. The men were tired from searching all afternoon and I let them rest when night fell.

My patience is also getting thin, knowing that my wife Alicia is all alone under the sea. I would like to get the remaining key fragments as fast as I could, before Dimitri and the others get to the port city of Veluria.

’How is Alicia doing?’ I thought to myself while I was pacing back and fort. ’I hope she is doing okay. What if she feels cold while she is all alone down there? I should have made an effort to get pass that azure dragon.’ The feeling of regret is clouding my judgement every single minute that passes by.

"Your majesty..." Alex walked near me with caution. His facial expression is full of worry. "The men has rested enough, we can continue searching once again."

I stopped from my pacing and saw my men looking at me with worried eyes. They saw my anxiousness just now and made me feel embarrassed. I was their leader and captain in this mission, I should not let them see me this down.

"Thank you for worrying about me, but I am alright." I replied while patting Alex’s shoulder and looked at my men. "Thank you for worrying for me, but all of you also need rest. We have searched quite a wide area all afternoon, and I know you feel wary and tired as well." My men looked at me with somber expressions but changed into determined looks.

"Your majesty, we can still go on another round after resting."

"The area of the ruins are wide, we still have some places we have not yet searched."

"You also need rest your majesty. You also have been going all afternoon non stop."

"Leave it to us your majesty, we will surely find something."

"Do not worry your majesty. Have faith in us. We will surely find the entrance to the ruins." Alex said with a determined expression.

"Thank you, all of you." I felt warmth in my heart. My men gave me courage now that I needed it the most. "But rest a little more. The night is also dark with a new moon, so be careful while searching the areas. I will also join you in searching once again after taking a needed rest."

The men brightened up after hearing my words. Some of the men had started to set up camp while the others started fire and cook dinner. We plan on going out in turns in the night, but I still advised that if it is dangerous, it would be better to go back to camp and start searching again in the morning.

The night was dark with only stars illuminating the night sky. Our only source of light is the fire we just started and torches that we placed in the vicinity of the camp. We made sure to secure the perimeter just in case there are wild animals in the area.

"Your majesty, please have something warm to eat." Alex brought me a bowl of warm soup to fill my stomach.

"Thank you Alex." I replied.

"Do not mention it your majesty." Alex smiled awkwardly at my compliment. "It is not much, but at least it can fill our stomachs."

"It’s okay. I am used to camp food since I was young." I smiled politely at him.

"I know your majesty." Alex sat down next to me and started to sip from his bowl. "You also had a rough childhood. But it is thanks to you that we Atlantians, had a place to call home. We are always grateful to you, our savior."

"I have regarded all of you as brethren, then and now." I said with a smile. "I was also someone who was shunned by my half brothers. I have to learn how to fight in order to survive. I just extended a helping hand to all of you, who also had the same experience as mine."

"And because of that, we are ever so grateful to you sire. We will forever be loyal to you, your majesty." Alex said with a smile. "And we will also do everything in our power to help you and our queen. Do not worry your majesty, we will find the entrance of the ruins and get that key fragment and go save the queen. We promise you." He said full with determination.

"Thank you Alex." I said wholeheartedly.

After some time has passed, a group of my men head out to continue the search while the others stayed in the camp. We have decided to set out to patrol in shifts to conserve energy and resources as well.

I was planning on heading out on the next shift after the last group comes back. I have readied my gear before heading out. Because the night was dangerous with beasts lurking out, I sharpened the sword I was carrying. My daggers were also tucked where I can easily get them, at my waist and also at my boots. While I was busy doing these chores, I heard a cry of a beast in the vicinity.


The men in camp heard a lone wolf howling in the night. If it was just one wolf, it will not pose a problem. But wolves always hunt in packs, and a pack of wolves are not something to be ignored.

"Alex, get some of the men ready and head out. I am worried about the ones that are not yet back." I said. "It has been some time since the first group had gone out, they should have returned by now."

"Yes sire." Alex bowed and got the men to prepare in haste.

The group that has prepared was ready to head out and I was also going out with them. But just when we are set to head out, explosions were heard one after another.


"Let us head out to where that explosion came from at once!" I shouted an order. "The ones that are left, be sure to set up a protective barrier."

My gut feeling tells me that something is off. If these were a normal pack of wolves the first group faced, they would not have the need to use magic powers.

"The ones that will come with me, be sure to keep your eyes open and alert." I said.

"Yes, your majesty!" The group of men said in unison.

Me and the group of men together with Alex set out to were the explosions were happening. We moved in haste, knowing that the first group might need our help.

Once we got to the place where the fight is happening, we can see fire had started to spread out. Trees have caught fire and the vicinity was in chaos. Trees were either cut from their trunks or branches, others have been uprooted entirely from the ground. The place was a small battlefield.

"Alex, there they are." I pointed out to the first group that set out.

They were either injured or limping, but all were alive and accounted for. I sighed in relief. We run towards them in haste.

"What happened?" I asked.

I can see some that were soaked with blood. I can see huge claw and bite marks on their bodies, the most serious was one that was missing one leg. I felt anger rush seeing that my men were severely injured. I used my white magic to heal those that were seriously wounded.

"Y-Your majesty..." One of my men that was less injured started to explain. "W-We... we were caught of guard. T-They... they were so huge. They looked like monsters." Fright was evident in his face.

"What were huge? What are you describing as monsters?" Alex asked.

"T-That..." He pointed out in front with fear.

Alex and I looked around to see something that shocked us. Meters away from us were a pack of wolves, but these wolves are not the normal wolves you see. These ones are huge, at least seven to eight feet high. They were snarling at us.

"Atlantian scum!" A voice came out from the largest one at front. It had a black majestic fur. "And I thought they have gotten extinct. Who would have thought a handful of them will come in our territory."

All of us were frozen stiff hearing tangible words coming out from the wolf.

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Chapter 334 Lycans of Ancient Times 1

(Regaleon’s POV)

"Atlantian scum!" A voice came out from the largest one at front. It had a black majestic fur. "And I thought they have gotten extinct. Who would have thought a handful of them will come in our territory."

All of us were frozen stiff hearing tangible words coming out from the wolf.

"Y-Your majesty. T-The wolf... it just talked." Alex said with bewilderment.

"After everything I have witnessed these past few days, I do not know why I am still surprised with this." I said while unsheathing my sword from its scarab. "Sirens, dragons, and now this... talking wolves."

"Who are you calling talking wolves, Atlantian scum?!" A gray wolf snarled ferociously at us. "We are proud lycans. Never associate us with animals."

"Lycans?" I said out loud. ’That name sounds familiar.’ I thought.

"Hush your mouth Grey." The black majestic one which is the biggest of them snarled at the gray one. It whimpered down after hearing the black lycan’s words. "You, the one with black hair. Are you the leader of these Atlantian humans?"

"Yes, I am." I replied without letting my guard down. I can feel the intense pressure coming from the black one.

If these were normal wolves, then the black one who is the biggest must be their leader, the Alpha. All the others are rallying behind him and listens to his words. With him in the lead of the pack of these big creatures, I believe he calls the shots.

"I do not wish to engage in battle with you, or any humans for that matter. And I specifically do not like Atlantians." The black one said. "We are living here in peace, away from human eyes. I suggest you leave our territory peacefully. We will turn a blind eye that your group invaded our territory."

At least they are not entirely hostile, but we cannot just leave this place without finding the key fragment.

"I appreciate your gesture, but if you can at least give us some time to find something we need, then we will gladly get out of your territory." I replied as courteously as possible.

I would like to get past this problem without any violence as much as possible. My men has been injured by them immensely, and engaging them in combat will only add to more casualties that I do not want to have.

"You are clearly mistaken of you think I am asking for a favor, Atlantian." The black one started to snarl, his fur started to stand on his back. "I am not asking you, I am telling you to leave!"

When the black one started to snarl, all the others behind him followed. Me and my men were one hundred percent on guard, our swords all ready to defend in case an attack comes.

"I do not wish to fight also. But we are here to search for something that is very important." I said with my own voice that was filled with authority. "We will not leave until we get the thing we are here for."

I stood my ground with my men on my flanks. I was ready to engaged in battle if that is what is needed to get the key fragment that is hidden here.

"Then I think this talk is over." The black one said. "Get ready to be slaughtered here! AWOOO!!!"

The black ones howl pierced the night, he dashed towards us. The other lycans followed their alpha without any word, they were all racing towards us baring their teeth and fangs.

"All of you, get ready!" I told my men with a loud cry.

These enemies are not the one we normally fight, and so we need to be more vigilant and careful or else we can lose our lives. This situation is similar to the fight with the sirens, fighting something we do not know of.

’Wait, like the sirens.’ I thought. ’Come to think of it the name ’lycans’, I think I have read it in one of the ancient books. It looks like they are one of those ancient monsters the Almighty One fought in ancient times.’

Thinking about this, it answers the question why they loath Atlantians. It is because the human race that the Ancient One gifted magic powers. They were the humans that defeated the ancient monsters that roamed this continent in ancient times.

The lycans were just a few feet before us. Just in time of their leap towards us, I conjured a fire wall that burned the ones that took the first attack. The lycans that were burned whimpered before us in pain, their cries were heard.

"Atlantian scum!" The gray one snarled at us from behind the fire wall.

I see the lycans retreat a few feet from my fire wall, looking at us with angry eyes. The black one was the one to leap first.

"Brace yourselves!" I told my men. They were ready for the lycan’s next attack.

The black lycan was able to leap above my fire wall and the others followed en route. Before the other lycans could also cross the fire wall, I made it more higher and more aggressive that before. Many of the other lycans that came after was burned with my fire wall. They all dropped and whimpered in pain with the sudden attack.

"How dare you?!" The gray lycan leaped in front of me, baring his claws and fangs ready for the kill. But a pillar of rock shot up from the ground hitting the gray wolf straight in his gut.

"Ahhh." The gray lycan groaned in pain. "F*ck!"

I looked beside me and saw that Alex was the one to conjure the rock pillar.

"Thanks Alex." I appreciated his help.

"You are welcome your majesty." Alex replied. "It is my job to see that you are safe." I nodded with his words.

’It is also my job to make sure that my men will make it out alive from here.’ I thought to myself.

I see my men holding their own against these big and ferocious lycans. They can only have a fighting chance because they are Atlantians with magic abilities. If this were ordinary humans, they have no fighting chance against this big beasts.

Like the other ancient monsters written in the ancient books, there is only little known from lycans. But the notable thing I remember is that they move like a pack of wolves. With knowing who their alpha leader is, if I was able to defeat their leader, then maybe I can stop any more violence.

’Maybe like the sirens, we can come to an understanding.’ I thought. ’But, that is if I force them to listen first.’

"Fire armor!" I put my fire armor on, ready to find the alpha leader, the black lycan.

Two lycans were coming right for me. I was ready for their attack.


They leaped at the same time. I swing my sword and slashed one, while the other one I burned with my flames.

I jumped out of their way, leaving them to lay down the ground injured. I quickly ran, searching for the black lycan. One after another, the lesser lycans come at me, and one by one they fall to the ground injured with my attacks.

After some time had passed, I found the black lycan at last. He was engaging battle with three of my men. My men were having a hard time containing the enormous beast, even with using their magic abilities. They were being thrown with the beast’s strong paws, some of them also have teeth marks.

"Alpha!"I called out.

The black lycan stopped after hearing me call. It looked at my direction in an instant.

"I am sure you do not want any of your bretheren to be injured any further than this. I as well do not want my men to get injured." I pointed my sword towards the black lycan alpha leader. "Let us finish this between us, leader against leader. I challenge you!" I said with upmost seriousness.

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Chapter 335 Lycans of Ancient Times 2

(Regaleon’s POV)

"Let us finish this between us, leader against leader. I challenge you!" I said with upmost seriousness.

The black lycan stopped attacking and turned towards me. His eyes was on me, and I felt as if his eyes were boring into my soul. Chills ran down my spine.

’These beasts are not something to look down on.’ thought as I felt the goosebumps all over my body.

I have gone into battle with many enemies. I can say that I am a veteran in the battlefield. But recently, we have been crossing paths with opponents that we only read in ancient books. These creatures have been in hiding since ancient times, but for some reason we have been encountering them even if we do not want to.

’Are these only coincidences, or is this faith.’ I thought to myself. ’The reincarnation of the Almighty One is now undergoing. Are these creatures feeling the presence of the return of the Almighty One?’ This is one of my hypothesis.

"You are quite brave, Atlantian leader." The black lycan said with a menacing tone.

The black lycan walked towards me slowly with its head held high, as if showing his dominance. I can feel his menacing aura emanating from his body. I saw my men shaking after feeling the menacing aura from the black lycan, in fact I can also feel the immense force. But I stood my ground and looked at the black lycan directly into his dark brown eyes. The black lycan stood before me with a towering height, I have to look up to maintain eye contact.

"It is true that we have trespassed your territory, and we are truly sorry about this. But we also cannot back down because we also need to find something important in this place. To stop this fighting, it will be better to finish this fight between us." I said. "Let us make a deal. If I win, you will let us find what we are searching for here. And after that, we will leave this place peacefully."

"Hah... hahahaha!" The black lycan roared in laughter. "I like your courage and boldness Atlantian leader. I will accept your wager, but if I win I will take your life."

"No!" My men shouted in anger.

"How dare you say that to our king?"

"We will never let you lay a hand on his majesty!"

My men flared up with anger hearing the black lycans words, their attention was all on him ready to attack if ever he even take one more step towards me.

"Do not worry. Because I can see that your leader is a compassionate one, something that I rarely see in a human. I will let you, his subordinates leave this place with your lives and body intact. Even if you are all Atlantian scum. I give my word as an Alpha." The black lycan said with a clear voice and authority. "Is that a good wager, Atlantian leader?"

"We will never let you lay a hand on his majesty the king!" Alex said running towards me, his sword in hand and ready to attack the lycan alpha.

"Stop, Alex." I hold a hand towards him in order for him to stop.

"Y-Your majesty?" Alex looked at me with dumbfounded eyes.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley king of Grandcrest, accept your wager, lycan Alpha." I said while I glare into his eyes. The black lycan grinned, brandishing his white sharp teeth.

"Great!" The black lycan said. "Hear me my lycan brethren, I your leader Belgor, accept this Atlantian Regaleon’s challenge. If I fall in this battle, you will give a chance to these Atlantians to search our territory for the thing they are searching for. But if I win, I will take the Atlantian leader’s life, but we will let his men walk away with their lives.


All the lycans howl in unison, accepting their alpha’s command.

"Your majesty, you do not need to do such a thing as battle their leader one on one." Alex said with a worried face. "We are sure that we can win this battle against these beasts."

"Alex, I have confidence in my men’s abilities. I am sure that they can win this fight. But I am also sure that there will be a huge loss in our end as well, and that is not what I want right now. I need all of you accounted for, especially with our greatest enemy that we have yet to face, Patricia." I said with conviction.

Even though Patricia lost the civil war in Jennovia, her threat had just lessened. She still has her army full with Atlantians that follow her blindly. An army of magic users can battle any large human army double their size and win. With them still a threat, Dimitri’s elite army is essential. What I have said to Alex is true, but in my heart I do not want anyone of them to lose their life. I have lost many loyal and talented men in the past, and as much as possible I do not want that to happen if I can help it.

"Do you not have faith in me as your leader, Alex?" I smiled at him.

"O-Of course not, your majesty." Alex was taken aback from my words. "You are the strongest I have ever known in my life."

"That is good to hear." I said and faced the black lycan. "Then watch me win this fight."

I walked forward, just a few feet away from the lycan alpha. He might tower over me, but I will not lose this fight. My men’s life are at stake, and also the key fragment that I need to get to my wife Alicia.

"I am ready lycan alpha, Belgor." I call out his name. I take my stance, holding my sword. My fire armor is still on me.

"Then let us start, Atlantian leader Regaleon." Belgor said. *AWOOO*

His loud howl was heard into the night. He moved first, jumping from where he stood. His jump was pretty high that he literally vanished into the night.

’So he will start with attacking in stealth.’ I thought.

Visibility is really hard in the woods at night, especially with a new moon. But I am at an advantage with my magic in the fire attribute.

"Fire balls." I chanted.

I conjured fire balls the size of closed fists and let them illuminate my surroundings, I let them float around my vicinity. This helped me see the surroundings better. But Belgor was still in hiding. Wolves are good in hunting in stealth and I bet lycans are the same. I need to be very sensitive with my surroundings. All of my senses are on high alert.


My ears caught slight rustling on the trees behind me. My senses tell me that I need to defend from behind. I turned around and followed my intuition, and it did not let me down.

Belgor jumped from behind the trees with his fangs bared. His claws fell first before me, but I used my sword to parry his attack. I was able to push him back and I took a step forward to launch an attack. My sword was able to graze his body, blood oozed out of his wound.

Belgor took a few steps back growling before me, his fur was standing on his back. He started to walk to one side, stalking me. His eyes were glued to me, and mine to him.

I also moved opposite to his direction, making us walk in a kind of circle. I can feel his aura filled with blood lust.

’He will be attacking soon. I need to make a move before that happens.’ I thought.

I made the fire balls that were floating near him fly towards him in fast speed. Belgor was caught by surprise but he was able to jump away in time.


The fire balls made contact on the ground and exploded like bombs because of the speed. Belgor was suspended in the air from his jump and I did not waste time to let the other fire balls fly his way. He was able to twist his body in mid air, evading my fire balls one by one but I did not stop there.

Belgor landed on the ground once more, but I did not stop from letting my fire bombs fall on him. He ran fast and evaded every fire ball bomb I throw his way.


Bomb after bomb exploded on the ground, leaving smoke in their way. Belgor was swiftly running on the terrain while evading my attacks.

"He is good." A smile crept on my face.

I was feeling elated and actually enjoying this fight. I have never thought I would feel this way in battle.

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