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Chapter 261 The Fight Between a King and a Queen 2
(Regaleon’s POV)

"Are you talking about this?" I took out the pendant under my clothes and let Queen Patricia see it. Her eyes shined as if this pendant was the most valuable treasure there in the entire world. "I am afraid this pendant is not yours queen. This is mine and I will never give this to anyone, especially to you."

Queen Patricia’s greedy eyes burned in fury. "I will take it by force then. Be prepared to die here King Regaleon of Grandcrest!"

Queen Patricia embedded her sword with her magic and it glowed violet. I was able to see her first strike and was able to dodge the blade in time. But I was surprised that there was a fresh scratch on my left cheeks and was bleeding.

’Her attacks are not normal.’ I thought to myself.

As I know so far, Queen Patricia has gravitational magic and can use it at ease. Looking at where I was standing a while ago, a huge slash mark was seen on the ground.

"Your magic may have doubled in power with the use of the pendant, but I won’t be behind." Queen Patricia said. "I am a pure blooded royal of Atlantia and my magic won’t be weak against yours."

The again launched an attack against me, this time I was able to block her sword with mine. The force of our magic clashing against one another created a wave of force that made the surroundings blown away like there was a storm passing.

"For an old lady, you are good." I gave the queen a sarcastic compliment that clearly infuriates her.

"How dare you!" The queen used her magic and thrown it towards me. The ground towards me is breaking apart.

Before it reaches me, I used my earth magic to make a stone wall to break the upcoming attack. The wall I created exceeded my own capabilities. The stone wall was several feet tall compared to what I can do before.

’So this pendant really amplifies my magic to a high degree.’ I thought to myself while looking at the stone wall I created in awe.

But not long I heard the crashing of rocks and breaking of the ground. The stone wall I created was destroyed right in the middle. Debris came flying down that I stepped back to avoid them.

The stone wall I created was still standing but was cut right open at the center. The queen’s magic powers aren’t something to be taken lightly seeing that she was still able to destroy a portion of the stone wall.

The queen emerged from the debris and was glaring daggers at me. This just made me want to taunt her even further.

"It looks like the queen isn’t bragging about her pure roots." I said with a sarcastic tone. "But just hearing the interbreeding within your royal family disgusts me so much. You can say that it was to keep the blood line pure but for other people, it is basically called incest."

"How dare you mock our royal family!" Queen Patricia yelled with fury. "You will die insulting my family!"

The queen raised her hand and aimed right at me. There was a sound of rumbling right under me and I was sure of what she was doing. I moved quickly to get out of where I was standing and when I just barely escapes, the ground under be crumbled and sank. It was like a very powerful force hit the ground and a huge hole was left there.

’That was close.’ I thought to myself.

My tactic was to anger the queen to make lose focus and only aim her attacks towards me. And looking at it, my plan is working quite well.

Just as I was about to land on the ground a strong gust of wind blew its way towards me. I got out of balance just for a second when the queen was right in front of me out of nowhere. Her sword was held high and was about to land towards me.

Good thing I was able to get my balance fast to block the queen’s sword with my own, but the blow felt quite heavy that my muscles in my arms felt like it was tearing apart.

"Ugh." I flinched with the force of the blow.

I knelt to the ground holding my sword to defend and my body felt heavier by the second.

’She is using wind and gravity magic simultaneously.’ I thought. ’I feat for a royal blood like her. But I won’t fall behind.’

I enveloped my body with my fire magic once again and ignited it to explode in my surroundings. I saw the queen with wide eyes before I set the surroundings to explode.


I felt the heaviness of my body leave. I was panting hard after my body was freed and felt relief. My muscles ached from the force just now.

"I can’t be caught by the queen’s magic." I told myself.

Queen Patricia maybe superior using magic compared to me but I have more experience in fighting, this is my advantage.

A layer of dust was left after the explosion I made and was now slowly clearing out. I saw the queen with her dress tattered and had some wounds all over her body, but she was still in one piece.

"She really, is something." I had a smirk on my face.

That explosion could have shredded someone’s body into pieces in that close range, but Queen Patricia got away with wound on her body.

"You think you can kill me with that?" The queen said with seething anger.

"Heh, I was holding back because you are still a woman." I said. "But seeing that you can take something like that, I can fight without holding back."

"You overestimate yourself, you brat!" Queen Patricia sneered in anger.

"Like I said queen, I will let you pay for what you did to my beloved." I looked at her with piercing gaze.

I concentrated my magic into every inch of my body. I can feel my whole body heating up. By then I can see my sword was also glowing red. It was blinding that I can feel so much energy in it. This was all thanks to the pendant that I was wearing. I can feel that my magic powers were magnified even more.

I readied myself to launch an attack. At the other side, I saw the queen was also embedding magic in her sword as well. This clash will be the final one and only one will emerge victorious.

Without any further actions, I launched my attack towards Queen Patricia. Everything in my path burned once I passed, a streak of flames is left in my wake. Queen Patricia was holding her ground, ready to take dodge my attack any minute but of course I will not let her.

With a blink of an eye I was in front of her and my sword was raised.


I slashed my swords towards her and she was able to block it with her own sword that was glowing violet. But her sword was only able to block my attack in mere seconds before it broke into pieces.

The time felt like it slowed down. All my rage and anger were in my sword, intending it to strike the queen’s body. The queen was wide eyed with shock and that was the time when my sword made contact on her body.

A huge slash wound was on the queen’s body, a portion on her face and a long one on her torso. Blood sprayed from her wound after my sword made contact. The queen kneeled on the ground and dropped on her back after.

I gripped my sword hard after seeing her go down in defeat. "You were able to at least absorb the shock of my attack at the last second, I complement you on that." I said while walking towards her.

I was standing at her side and looked down upon her. The queen was still breathing but with difficulty. Blood stained her dress and a slash mark was left on her face. If my attack were successful, the queen’s body would be cut in half by now. But because she was able to use her magic to cushion the blow, she was still alive.

"You tried to survive until the end, but too bad I won’t let you live." I looked at her with a cold gaze.

With everything she has done, to Alicia, this war and all the people affected by it, she is not worthy to live anymore. I raised my sword and pointed the tip directly at her heart.

"Goodbye, Queen Patricia of Jennovia." I held the sword tightly and aimed it towards the queen’s heart.

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Chapter 262 The Escape


(Regaleon’s POV)

"Goodbye, Queen Patricia of Jennovia." I held the sword tightly and aimed it towards the queen’s heart.

But before I was able to plunge my sword to her body, I felt danger behind me. When I looked around a volley of arrows came raining down upon me. I use my sword to block the arrows that was nearly upon me and burn the other upcoming arrows with my fire.

Because of the endless rain of arrows, I was pushed back. That was when I realized that there was a huge distance from me and the queen.

"Tch." I felt irritated. This was the enemy’s true intention, to separate me to where the queen was.

Out of nowhere, I group of knights came to defend the queen. The high priest that took the crown prince away has come back with reinforcements.

"Do you think you can stop me from killing that b*tch?!" I said with anger.

I threw a huge fireball towards them but before it reached the queen’s location, the knights that stood in defense used water magic to block my fire ball.

I was surprised to see that they were able to stop a huge fire ball that I have made. With my power up, it was much bigger than the ones I can conjure normally. When the steam from the extinguished fire ball disappeared, I see at least five knights were the ones that used water magic to block my single fire ball attack.

I smirk learning this advantage. ’So, they are also Atlantians that use magic. They may have numbers on their side but with my power up, I can easily break to their defense.’

I conjure the same size of fire ball from earlier, but I made three at the same time. I can see the surprised expression of the knights from the opposing side.

’This is my limit.’ I thought to myself. I may have a power up using the pendant Alicia gave me, but I can now sense the toll on my body.

I launched the three fire balls their way. The knights scrambled to defend from those three fire balls. A group of knights tried to build an earth wall, while the other group readied their water magic.

The three fire balls reached the earth wall. It was able to block the first fire ball but it broke when the second one came into contact. The next was the water magic users, they tried to extinguish the two fire balls but only succeeded in extinguishing one while the last one reduced in size but still was going to the direction of the queen.

"Protect the queen!" High Priest Hector yelled.

The knights made a line before the queen and tried to block the upcoming fire ball. They were swept away upon impact. When the fire ball was near the location of the queen, I knew it will not successfully reach her, and so I let the fire ball explode.

The explosion was not that big because the fire ball was reduced. But at least the knights that were guarding the queen decreased in number after the explosion.

I was intent on killing the queen here and now. The rage I was feeling will not stop until I do. I held the hilt of my sword tightly, preparing to attack the remaining knights that were standing guard upon the queen.

"Leon..." A sweet voice called my name. This was the voice I have always yearned to hear these past two years. "L-Leon..."

I looked back and saw Dimitri still cradling Alicia where I left them. She had her eyes still closed, but she seemed to be distraught in her sleep.

"Your majesty..." Dimitri shook his said.

I knew what Dimitri was trying to say. If I kept on trying to attack Queen Patricia with so many knights guarding her, more reinforcements will come and we would be in danger, Alicia would be in danger.

I looked at the direction of the enemy queen and grimaced. "Tch..."

I put my sword back on its sheath. "Everybody, fall back!" I ordered my men.

My men who were still fighting heard my ordered and immediately fall back. I walked towards where Dimitri and Alicia were.

"How is she?" I asked once I reached them.

"She is safe, but she is feeling a little cold." Dimitri stepped back gave us some space.

I scooped Alicia gently and carried her into my arms. I can she that she was shivering.

"Leon..." Alicia whispered my name once again.

"I am here my love." I kissed her forehead gently. "You are safe."

Alicia cuddled closer to me and my heart felt warm with her action. I used my magic to warm her body temperature.

"Tempest!" I called.

Not long a huge gush of wind blew around and from above, Tempest’s large phoenix form came down upon us. I carefully climbed on his back with Alicia in my arms.

"You should have told me that you can transform like this." I told Tempest.

’I also did not know until now that I can transform.’ Tempest told me telepathically. ’I just felt a gush of power coming from you and I was able to transform into this form.’

I smiled knowing that the power up that the pendant gave me was also extended to my familiar.

"Then let’s go." I told Tempest.

Tempest’s large wings flapped, and a huge gush of wind was blown on the ground. We were air born in no time.

"Head to the rendezvous point. We will meet the others there and continue east." I ordered.

Tempest flew towards the direction where William and the others were waiting for us. My other men followed us by horse from behind.

Traveling by flying on air was faster than by horse on ground. We arrived at the rendezvous point in only five minutes time.

The men I left was on guard when they saw our arrival. They have not seen Tempest in this kind of form.

"It is me!" I yelled to tell them my presence.

"Your majesty?!" My men lowered their weapons and bowed in my presence.

I came down Tempest with Alicia in my arms.

"Oh my God, my baby." Leticia came running towards us when she saw Alicia unconscious in my arms. "What happened?" She held Alicia’s forehead to see if she was alright.

"She is fine mother in law." I assured her. "She is just sleeping."

"Thank God." She sighed in relief. "But what happened? You are also covered in scratches."

"Your sister Patricia, she..." I was not able to finish my sentence, but Leticia surely knew what I was about to say.

"Oh my God... how could she. My sister..." Leticia was stunned.

"Fortunately, I arrived just in the nick of time." I said. "I am afraid that we need to leave quickly. The other will be arriving soon. William..." I called out to him.

"Yes, your majesty." William walked towards me after my call. He was looking at Alicia worriedly.

"I will be taking mother in law and Alicia with me on Tempest." I told him. "Traveling by air is faster and we need to go to a safer place. Traveling east to Alvannia is much faster than going south to Grandcrest."

"I understand your majesty. We will meet up at the borders of Grandcrest, correct?" William asked.

"Yes, that is correct." I said.

After waiting for a little while, Dimitri’s group arrived.

"We will depart quickly." I ordered. "As planned, we will take the route to the east and we will meet up in a border town in Alvannia. Dimitri, you will go with me on tempest."

"As you command your majesty." Dimitri said.

"As for the others, you will follow Sir William’s orders." I said.

My men scrambled to their horses and prepared to leave. I walked towards William and patted his shoulder.

"Sorry William, I can’t take you. There is not that much space on Tempest, and I chose Dimitri because he can help me protect Alicia and mother in law." I explained.

"Do not worry about me your majesty." William said solemnly. "I know you will keep them safe your majesty."

"Then we will wait for you at the borders, William." I said his name in a more informal speech. I have treated William as a friend rather than one of my knights within these past two years. We have gone thru a lot, all of us have gone thru a lot.

I was about to walk away when I heard William call me by my name softly. "Regaleon..."

I looked back at him waiting for him to talk.

"Please take care of them." William bowed.

"Do not worry, I will." I said confidently.

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Chapter 263 Waking Up and Seeing You
I opened my eyes when I felt the brightness of the sun. I was lying in bed inside a small unfamiliar room. I slowly sat down and felt my body sore and aching.

"W-What happened?" I said to myself.

I was still disoriented and held my head that was feeling an upcoming headache. I inhaled and exhaled, trying to remember what had happened. That was when I remember the arrow that pierced my shoulder.

’Was that real?’ I was frantically remembering.

I remember trying to escape from the Jennovia palace with Jack. But before we were able to escape, a volley of arrows rained from above us. I thought I would die that time but to my surprise, Elizabeth used her body to shield me from the arrows.

"No..." I said. My body was shaking with the memory.

My half sister Elizabeth, just when we were trying to mend our relationship, she died blocking the arrows meant for me. I remember Elizabeth’s body was pierced with numerous arrows and I lost control over my magic powers seeing her breath her last breathe.

I felt my body shiver with the thought. I was hyperventilating just remembering her cold corpse that was cradled in my arms. That was when I remember an arrow pierced my left shoulder. I slowly parted the night gown I was wearing and saw a faint pinkish scar where the arrow hit me.

"It wasn’t a dream." I told myself feeling my emotions in turmoil. "E-Elizabeth... she is dead."

Tears started to stream from my eyes. I felt my body shaking and with it the ground, as if the earth were feeling my pain.


The door to the room I was in opened. I saw the person I have always yearned for these past two year. He looked at me with such worried eyes.

"L-Leon...?" I was in disbelief.

"Lili, my love. I am here." Regaleon came to my bedside with quick strides. He pulled me in his embrace the moment he reached me. "Hush now, my love. You are safe."

"I-It wasn’t a dream." I said. "You came for me." Tears now streamed from my face. "Leon, Elizabeth she... she..." I was not able to say the end of my sentence.

"Hush now my love." Regaleon was trying to comfort me while patting my head. "It is not your fault. She decided her actions on her own."

Regaleon knew What I was thinking. I am blaming myself for the death of my half-sister.

"B-But if not for me, she..." I was sobbing and my words were a little incoherent but Regaleon was calm and comforting me with his caress.

"It is not your fault Lili. Do not blame yourself." Regaleon said with a comforting voice. "I am sure that your sister has done so as means of compensation for the bad things she has done to you in the past."

Regaleon’s words helped me to calm down. My loud sobs died down into sniffing and my body stopped shaking.

When I calmed down, that was when I felt other’s presence inside the room. I saw my mother, Dimitri and William. I felt embarrassed when I saw them looking at me clinging to Regaleon. I tried to hide my face in Regaleon’s chest.

"I think we are not needed here." My mother said playfully. "Now let’s go out and give this couple some space."

I peaked from Regaleon’s shoulder and saw my mother wink towards me. She pushed the two men towards the door.

"Then we will be going your majesties." Dimitri nodded and walked out first.

"I am happy to see you awake and well your highness." William said next. "Please rest a little more and regain your strength." Then he left next.

"Then I will leave my daughter to you your majesty." My mother smiled at us.

"Of course, mother in law" Regaleon smiled at her.

"M-Mother!" I scold her but she just giggles and closed the door. Now Regaleon and I was alone inside the small room.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon asked while caressing my cheeks gently.

"I feel a little sore." I said feeling awkward. It has been a long time since I last saw Regaleon.

Two year has been a long time. Regaleon seemed to mature in that time. He looked more manly and handsome as ever.

’Oh my god Alicia. You haven’t seen the love of your life for two years and all you can do is stare at his manly beauty.’ I scolded myself inwardly. I felt shy thinking of such things.

"What are you thinking of my love." Regaleon said with a warm tone while cupping my cheeks in his broad calloused hands.

"I-I was just thinking how much more handsome you have become these past two year." I said shyly. "You have become an accomplished adult and is now a great king." I averted my eyes from his gaze feeling embarrassed with my thoughts.

"You also have become much more beautiful these past two years." Regaleon smiled warmly.

My heart skipped a beat seeing Regaleon’s smile for the first time these past two years. I have missed his smile that I loved so much.

"Thank you." I felt a blush crept on my cheeks. "By the way, how long was I asleep?" I asked.

I remember William telling he was happy to see me awake. The last time I lost control over my powers, I was asleep for half a year.

"You were out for nearly a week." Regaleon replied. "We arrived in a border village of Alvannia a week ago. We rode on Tempest’s phoenix form with Dimitri and mother in law. The others came to the village after five days of travel by horse."

"M-Mother in law?" I asked in astonishment. "When have you and mother became close?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Well we hit it the first time we met." Regaleon said and chuckled. "Your mother approves of me." His smile was so genuine that it made me smile too.

"That’s good." I said. "I missed you so much Leon." I encircled my arms on his waist and hugged me tight.

"And I missed you too, Lili my love." Regaleon hugged me bug and planted a kiss on my head. "Once your body has recovered, I’ll show you around the village."

"Hmm, okay." I said while my face is rested on his chest. "Do they know that I am their princess?" I looked up and saw him looking at me with gentle eyes but there is something hidden within them.

"We came here in the disguise of an engaged noble couple traveling with your mother and my attendant." Regaleon replied. "So, they do not know that you are their third princess."

"I see." I said and smiled. "I think that’s for the best."

Regaleon looked at me for so long that it made me a little embarrassed.

"L-Leon... what is it?" I asked awkwardly.

Regaleon laid me down on the bed gently while he was hovering on top of me. My heart was thumping really hard by this point.

"L-Leon..." I called out to him again and saw his eyes looking at me intently. That was when I recognized that the hidden meaning behind his gaze was lust.

Regaleon lowered his face and his lips touched mine. The feel of his lips was soft and smooth. How I missed his lips and his touch.

At first Regaleon’s kiss was as light as a feather but then it deepened. I can feel his passion of these past two years within his deep kiss. I felt the longing when our lips touched, and I cannot seem to get enough of it. I felt that he was the same as well. His hands started to touch my body, the heat from his hand made my skin sensitive and yearning.

Minutes have passed once our lips parted. We were both panting heavily, catching our breath. I felt that I was in the clouds after the kiss and my body felt like jelly.

"Lili I am sorry. I am at my limit." Regaleon said hoarsely. "Seeing you like this... I cannot seem to stop myself.

"S-Seeing me like what?" I asked curiously. That was when I saw myself only wearing a thin white night gown. I was embarrassed that I tried to hide my full breast that was protruding the white thin night gown.

My body has matured into a woman these past two years. My breasts have become large as two melons. My once straight body formed curves in the right places. The thin night gown I was waring cannot hide my body underneath.

Regaleon chuckled seeing me try to hide my protruding breasts. "Why are you hiding them? I haven’t seen them for a long time, and they have grown to be like this."

Regaleon gently pushed my arms that were hiding my breast and smiled with content. I felt so shy that I tried not to look at him in the face. By then, I felt his hands at the top of my mounds and squeezed them.

"What are you... ahhh." I soft moan came out from my lips.

"I missed you so much, my Lili." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

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馃敒馃敒馃敒 Chapter 264 My Matured Body R-18馃敒馃敒馃敒
Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

Regaleon gently pulled my arms that were hiding my breast up over my head and smiled with content. I felt so shy that I tried not to look at him on his face. By then, I felt his hands at the top of my mounds and squeezed them.

"What are you... ahhh." I soft moan came out from my lips.

"I missed you so much, my Lili." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

Regaleon’s touch was gentle that it made my skin crawl with pleasure.

"Ahhmm...L-Leon." I felt my body heat with just his touch.

"Your body has matured beautifully." Regaleon said. His face was flushed with desire.

Regaleon at first was massaging my breast gently but then I felt his face came closer and took one of my mounds into his mouth.

"Ahhhh..." A moan escaped my lips once I felt the touch of his lips on my breast. ""

Regaleon’s tongue played with my nipples while his mouth sucked on my breast. I remember this sensation once in our engagement party, when he inhaled the aphrodisiac incense Veronica bought form him.

Regaleon’s hands started to caress me, and the other one started to wonder down my body. His hand started to caress my thighs and in-between.

"Ahhhmm...haaa...L-Leon no..." I tried to resist his advance thinking that this room might have thin walls. "W-What if they hear."

"Don’t worry. Nobody will dare listen to us." Regaleon smirked and then started to suck my other breast. His other hand massage my other breast while the other caressed my inner thighs.

"Ahhhh...Leon...." I moaned with pleasure.

This was not the first time I felt this pleasure, but now felt so different. I felt a more intense longing in my body that I cannot seem to understand.

’Is this because my body has become matured?’ I thought.

Regaleon continued his caress on my body and the pleasure I was feeling is building up. By then I felt his fingers over my private area and pressed on it.

"Ahhhhh...." I felt the longing in my body intensify. I am longing for his touch even more. "L-Leon...haaa..."

"What is it my love?" Regaleon whispered in my ear. The tickling sensation just added to my body’s frustration.

"Ahhh...I can’t u-understand..." I said in between moans.

"What is it, tell me?" Regaleon said.

"Ahhh...hmmmm.... I-I want m-more..." I said with my face flushed.

Regaleon smiled teasingly. "I will insert my fingers. Brace yourself."

After Regaleon’s warning I felt his fingers gently go inside my private part. The sensation in my body intensified.

"Ahhhhhh..." I moaned in ecstasy.

"Do you like that?" Regaleon whispered. "I will move inside. Don’t worry, I will be gently. I promise."

Regaleon then started to move his fingers inside my private part. The sensation made my body shiver, there was a sensation that I cannot understand. All I can say is, that it felt good.

"Ahhh...Leon..." I was moaning with pleasure with his actions. His lips were sucking my earlobe that made my skin crawl and it only added to the sensation my body was feeling.

Regaleon’s lips started to trail from my earlobes towards my neck. He rained kisses there and I felt my body heat up even more. By then Regaleon took out his finger and I felt empty inside. I felt my body longing for his touch.

"Still want more?" Regaleon smiled jokingly and then I felt his finger enter my private part once more, but this time it felt even bigger.

’Two fingers?!’ I thought to myself and was shocked.

Two fingers were now moving inside my private area and the sensation doubled. I can feel the pleasure while Regaleon massage my insides and the same time his lips were raining kisses on my neck and chest.

"Ahhh...L-Leon...." I can feel something building up inside of me. It feels like it wants to come out.

"Let it out my love." Regaleon said. His breath tickled the skin under his lips.

"Ahhh...hmmmm...ahhhh..." I moaned in ecstasy. My body convulsed under Regaleon’s skillful hands.

I was catching my breath while my body started to calm down. I felt Regaleon’s fingers being pulled out from inside of me. He planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Are you alright my love?" Regaleon asked while patting my head.

"Hmmm." I nodded. My body was still coming down from the clouds of ecstasy.

"That’s good." Regaleon smiled. "I am sorry if I pushed your body a little while you are still feeling sore." He said apologetically.

I blinked my eyes with his words.

’That’s right. My body felt soar and ached just a while ago. But why does my body feel rejuvenated after that rigorous activity?’ I thought.

Regaleon smiled looking at my confusion. "Are you thinking why your body ache seemed to have vanished and you feel fresh after what we have just done?" He was asking teasingly. I only nodded shyly.

"It is because of my white magic." Regaleon patted my head. "I only found out that I can use white magic two years ago. White magic is used for healing."

’So that’s why I feel vitalized rather than tired.’ I thought and nodded in understanding after hearing Regaleon’s explanation.

Regaleon pulled the blanket over my body and planted a kiss on my forehead. "You still need to rest even after if I have healed your body." He said. "Your magic powers need to replenish after the outburst a week ago. I will leave you to rest then."

Regaleon stood up and was about to go out when I saw something. I held his hand and stopped him from going out. He looked at me curiously.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon asked.

"T-That..." I pointed towards his bulging trousers. "Doesn’t that hurt?"

I saw Regaleon’s building manhood under his trousers. When I pointed it out, I saw Regaleon blushed red. He covered his mouth and looked away in embarrassment. His ears were as red as a tomato.

"I was to do something with it when I left from here." Regaleon said shyly.

’Was he going to work on it by himself?’ I thought. "Then let me do it." I told him.

"W-What?!" Regaleon’s eyes darted towards me in surprise.

"I said let me help you." I told him once again.

"But I promised..." Regaleon said. "I promised to take your virginity only after marriage."

"I can still help you even without giving my virginity." I also looked down feeling shy.

While I was a hostage inside the Jennovian palace, I was still given proper education similar to those given for wives to be. I thought it was just a custom because I was of marriageable age. I never thought they were grooming me to become Gladiolus’ bride back then.

But thanks to those lessons, at least I knew how to pleasure my husband to be. I gathered my courage and looked at Regaleon.

"Let me." I said with conviction. Regaleon was a little hesitant at first but nodded after.

Last time, Regaleon pleasured himself by rubbing his manhood in between my legs. Now I want to be the one to let him feel pleasure.

I kneeled on bed and carefully reached his trousers. I opened the buttons and pulled it down with his underwear. Regaleon’s manhood sprang out gloriously. It was bigger than the last time I saw it. It made me stop in my tracks.

"You don’t need to do this Lili. I can handle it by myself." Regaleon said while looking down at me.

"No, I can do this." I said with resolution.

’Let us hold it first.’ I told myself.

I held his large manhood with both of my hands. It felt hard and hot by touch. I started to rub him between my hands.

"Hmmm..." I hear Regaleon moan. I looked up and saw his aroused and flushed face and it just made me want to do more.

While rubbing his long shaft, I opened my mouth and inserted the tip inside.

"Ahhh...Lili...hmmm" Regaleon moaned with pleasure.

His moans gave me the courage to become even bolder. While I rub his shaft, I licked the tip. The speed increased by the moment.

" Alicia..." Regaleon held my head and caressed it while I was working on his manhood.

By this time, I took in half of his length inside the mouth. This is the limit of what I can take into my mouth. I sucked him hard while playing with his tip using my tongue.

"Ummm...mmmm..." I was making noises while sucking him in. I never thought I would also be satisfied with what I was doing. Seeing my man wriggle with my touch and caress makes me feel content.

"Ahhh...Alicia...I-I am cumming." Regaleon said. "Please stop if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth."

Hearing him say that just made me work on his manhood even faster. I sucked him faster and harder, making him moan even more.

"Ahhhh...Lili...f*ck. I can’t take it anymore." Regaleon said and he groaned in ecstasy.

I felt hot sticky liquid sprayed into my mouth. I tasted his load and swallowed it in my mouth.

"Oh my God, Lili... spit it out." Regaleon was frantic and shocked with what I just did.

"Too late." I said and smiled at him teasingly. I was about to wipe excess liquid from the corners of my mouth when Regaleon did it for me.

Regaleon sat down on bed and used his thumb to wipe the excess liquid from my mouth.

"You silly girl." Regaleon smiled and pulled me to him.

Our lips met with each other and we shared an intimate kiss. The kiss tasted of him and I was content.

"Haaa..." Regaleon sighed and embraced me. "You really know how to torture me Lili. I need to endure until our wedding night."

Hearing Regaleon yearning for me made me happy but knowing that letting him wait was like torture made me regret a little.

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Chapter 265 Sleeping Beside Him
The entire day I was on bed resting to regain my depleted magic power. Two years ago, when I had the same outburst of my magic, I was unconscious for half a year. It is fortunate I did not need the same amount of time to recuperate and woke up just after a few days.

The day has gone by quick and Regaleon never left my side. We talked about lots of things, we needed to catch up to the two years we were apart. I was lying on bed while he was sitting beside me. Our hands are intertwined with one another all day long that we both did not want to let go.

"Are there any news from Jennovia?" I asked him. "What happened to Jack and Duke Matias’ men that helped steal Queen Patricia’s pendant?"

I was worried to the people that were left in Jennovia. I am sure that Jack did not come with Regaleon’s men because if he did, then he would have also come to see me as soon as I woke up.

"Before escaping, Dimitri saw the injured Jack." Regaleon said. "Jack was able to give the pendant he stole from the queen to Dimitri, but he decided to stay in Jennovia."

"He decided to stay?" I asked in confusion and worry. "But it is dangerous to be left at the enemy’s base."

I became agitated with worry and Regaleon tried to comfort me by patting my head.

"Do not worry Lili. Before Dimitri left, he saw the duke’s men came to help Jack so he left him knowing he would be fine." Regaleon said with a soothing voice and I sighed in relief.

"That is good then." I said in relief. "I wonder how they are doing, Satiana and Jack. Do you have any news?" I asked Regaleon.

"Duke Matias had maintained contact with us and send information of what is going on back in Jennovia." Regaleon replied. "When Dimitri left, the duke’s men helped Jack but the queen’s guards with the high priest came back in the scene and started to engage on battle. They were able to escape from the palace successfully with minimum casualties."

"What?!" I was shocked. "Then that means Duke Matias..."

Regaleon nodded. "Duke Matias is now deemed a traitor by the queen’s faction."

"Oh no." I was worried once more.

I remembered how kind Duke Matias and his daughter were to me. And I cannot but help feel worried about Satiana. Regaleon saw me worrying once more and lightly squeezed my hand.

"Duke Matias was prepared for this." Regaleon said. "He has spread the information about Gladiolus not being the son of the late king of Jennovia. The rumors spread like wildfire and a great faction of the nobles in power demanded for Gladiolus to be stripped of his title and crown prince and Queen Patricia to step down from her position. They asked for Princess Satiana, who is clearly the late king’s daughter to ascend to the throne."

"Oh my, so that is what’s happening in Jennovia right now." I said. "I wonder how Sati is doing?"

Satiana is only fourteen years old. The nobles are pushing her to be queen in such a young age. This position is a great burden on her small shoulders.

"I know you care for your cousin." Regaleon said with a gentle voice and cupped my cheeks. "You have been with her and thought her well. She is now under the care of Duke Matias and as I can see, she will be a befitting queen."

"Hmm I understand." I nodded and smiled at Regaleon. He really knows how to comfort and encourage me with his words. "And I am sure that Jack stayed behind to protect Sati."

"Because of the rumor of the crown prince’s linage, the common people of Jennovia were also in an uproar." Regaleon said. "Because of this a civil war has started inside the Jennovian kingdom."

"A civil war." I repeated Regaleon’s words.

This was my goals since the time I was in Jennovia. I saw how Aunt Patricia only used the Jennovia kingdom and its people for her own agenda. She had left the country to freeze these past twenty years or so and left the people to suffer because of her own revenge.

I was happy to hear that what little work I have done was paid off. My plan was for Regaleon’s sake at first, but it changed when I saw how the people of Jennovia was suffering with my aunt’s revenge. I whole heartedly wanted to help Jennovia gain their freedom from a queen that does not have any compassion and sympathy for them, and only see them as tools for her revenge.

"Why are you smiling?" Regaleon asked while looking at me.

"I’m smiling?" I did not realize it. "Well I guess because it was my plan at first to have internal turmoil for the queen to get distracted and for you to have an upper hand in this war. But while I was doing it, I just realized that I really want to help the Jennovia people to know their queen’s true nature and for them to be free from her clutches."

"So, you were doing it for me?" Regaleon beamed a smile.

"Yes." I replied. "But I also did it for the people of Jennovia as well."

Regaleon lowered his head to mine and plated a kiss on my lips.

"I know that you are a smart and intelligent woman." Regaleon said while looking at me with gentle eyes. "Kind and humble as well. That is why I fall for you deeper every single day. I love you Alicia."

"I love you as well Regaleon." I smiled at him. I was filled with happiness.

I felt content being here beside him. Everything felt in place. I am back in his arms where I truly belong. The loved ones I left in Jennovia are also fighting for their freedom I felt at ease and smiled knowing that the Jack and Satiana are together. They have one another to rely on. I am sure Jack will support and protect Satiana with his life. I giggled with the thought that maybe their feelings would nurture with this kind of happening.

"And why is my princess giggling?" Regaleon asked with a playful smile.

"I am just thinking if I had become a good matchmaker for Jack and my cousin Sati." I giggled.

"Well that is their problem. You have done what you can for them." Regaleon said. "Isn’t it time for you to put your attention your husband to be?" He said teasingly.

"W-What do you mean?" I looked at him with shyness.

Our conversation turned around in an instant.

"I mean this..." Regaleon cupped my chin and pulled my lips to his.

His lips felt soft to touch, his tongue started to explore inside my mouth.

"Hmmm..." I moaned with the sensation and my body felt hot with his touch.

We were both catching our breath when our lips parted. Regaleon’s face was flushed and his eyes were looking at me with longing.

"It’s late. You need to have a good night rest." Regaleon said and kissed my forehead. "Tomorrow, I will take you around to see the village."

I nodded with his words. I would like to go out with Regaleon like normal couple would do. Regaleon got up and was about to walk out when I held his hand, stopping him from walking further.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon asked gently.

I was having internal turmoil. I know that asking him to stay here would not be good, but I felt a pang in my heart separating from him. Regaleon sat down the bedside and caressed my cheek.

"What is it Lili? Tell me." Regaleon asked once more.

"Please don’t go." I said with a weak voice.

Regaleon smiled and sighed. "If that is my princess’ wish then I will abide. You know you can act spoiled with me whenever you like."

Regaleon kissed my forehead and tucked me in bed. He took of his shirt and laid down beside me. Seeing his naked upper body made my face feel hot. His skin was flawless, and his abdominal muscles are carved beautifully. He had some scars on his arms, but it was light unlike the scars on his back.

Regaleon spooned me into his arms and kissed my forehead once more. "Goodnight my love."

"Good night, Leon." I closed my eyes in content.

Feeling his body heat on my let me feel at peace and sleep came in no time.

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